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portfolio ashley l. shaver art & architecture 2005-2010

bachelors of science in ARCHITECTURE from fairmont state university applying for masters in ARCHITECTURE

portfolio contents a place to experience water national coal minining memorial dialog rough interFAITH center artwork an object for an architect a place to experience fire fireTOWER unity temple pottery

a place to experience water spring 2009 - one week project

The three main elements of the limestone structure, the spout, the circular basin and and columns help to create an axis, keeping ones eye focused while being within the structure. A moment is created as one watches the dripping water return back into the earth, representing life and its reoccuring cycle.








2 4

SECOND FLOOR 1 entrance 2 learning center lobby 3 elevator 4 learning center 5 memorial entrance repose 6 museum 7 memorial


FIRST FLOOR 1 area of repose 2 bookstore 3 bookstore storage 4 men’s restroom 5 women’s restroom 6 elevator 7 mechanical room 8 administration

east elevation

south elevation






3 2 1

national coal mining memorial

fall 2009

The memorial complex is composed of a building determined by two intersecting masses and the memorial wall. The towering wall dividing the learning center and museum represents the power coal has had over our nation in its dominance in industry and war; this wall leads into the memorial at a slope to allow one to reflect back upon the dominance that has taken so many lives. The learning center and museum lies along the axis of Monongah, West Virginia while the bookstore, the first story of the structure, is aligned perpendicular to Farmington and Mannington, West Virginia. Memory is evoked in the memorial in the path, the change in materials for each path, and the transformation of space as one passes along the path and through the memorial. Once passing through the memorial one is greeted with an area of repose that allows them to reflect upon their feelings of the memorial.

view into memorial entrance


view into memorial


view from repose

dialog rough fall 2006

The two structures created are the same in their form but are different in their contrast of elements. Dialog is created by the use of contrasting color, size and texture of the materials used in the project.

prismacolor. 2 weeks. fall 2005.

graphite. 1 hour. spring 2006.

watercolor. 1.5 hours. fall 2005

ink. 1 hour. spring 2006.

charcoal. 4 weeks. spring 2006.

artwork fall 2005 & spring 2006

ink. two hours. spring 2006

prismacolor. 1 week. winter break project 2005.

an object for an architect fall 2009

After research and oveview of architect Sverre Fehn’s built or proposed work create an object of purpose was to be created through structure and an exploration of materials. The object of purpose, a lamp, reflects the essence and character that defines the architect.

a place to experience fire

spring 2009

An area to gather has been created by a center hearth, allowing one to reflect as if they are experiencing a campfire in the forest and the trees are giving way to the smoke ascending upward and light from above.

front elevation



FLOOR PLAN(S) KEY 1. entry 2. public room 3. unisex restroom 4. burn room 2 fifth floor

2 fourth floor

4 third floor

2 second floor



first floor building section

northwest elevation

southwest elevation

northeast elevation

north elevation



fall 2008: AIAWV Jeffrey Mayfield Scholarship Winner The tower is set on an axis facing Downtown Pittsburgh and has a direct relationship with South Side. Utilizing the idea of three, the protuding triangular geometries are symbolic of the city’s past and growth to present. The geometries on the northeast side represent South Side’s growth as it still holds onto what it once was, while the southwest geometries illustrate a timeline of Pittsburgh’s industrial struggle. As each of these masses extend upward, so does the staircase. The structure serves as a poetic landmark for the community, providing symbolic identity for the area, while also functioning as a firefighters’ training facility. view looking up stairs

interior view

entrance view

unity temple spring 2008

Unity Temple is the arragement of square geometries based on a unified center. Each geometry of the project works separately to draw one’s eye inward toward a focal point just as all of the elements of Unity Temple come together to a central focal point.

unity temple


Undergraduate Portfolio  

My portfolio from my senior year of my architectural undergraduate studies

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