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May 2011 • Vol. I


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Contributors Ashley Jonas Alisha Hagen

Twins gear up for college graduation Written by: Ashley Jonas

Four years after high school, Ashley (Hagen) Jonas and Alisha Hagen will both graduate from college with honors. While Ashley excels at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM), a public university, Alisha adds Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), a small private school, to her resume. Alisha’s commencement will take place May 7, at 3:00 p.m. at MCAD’s auditorium. Family and friends are welcome to the after-party following the ceremony. Ashley’s commencement is May 13, however, She is unable to attend because she will be competing at a track meet. Alisha knew her college choice since the ninth grade. After her visit to MCAD in 2006, she immediately fell in love with the school. Ashley had a little more difficulty with her decision. She wanted something that would give her a well-rounded education, as she was unsure of her major and hoped to compete in athletics. After many college visits, she settled with MSUM, a medium-sized public university only 80 miles from home. Neither twin ever considered attending the same college. Both had very different specifications for her future. Ashley loved sports and didn’t want to limit herself to just one subject and Alisha wanted a life full of art. They often missed each other, but were also glad that they were able to lead separate lives.

Ashley and Alisha at their high school graduation in June 2007.

Unlike many college students, neither ever transferred schools nor changed her major. When the girls set their mind to a task, they finish it. Both are hard-working and driven to excel. Alisha will receive a bachelor of fine arts degree in animation and Ashley will receive a bachelor of science degree in graphic communications and a minor in mass communications. Ashley and Alisha got just what they expected out of their college experience. Ashley received a well-rounded education and competed on the track team. Alisha devoted her studies to her art, and even studied for a semester at Laguna College of Art and Design. In May, both will hold degrees as they search for their perfect job. After graduation, Ashley will work with her current employer, the MSUM marketing department until September. Alisha plans to apply for Minneapolis-based animation jobs throughout the summer.

Compare and contrast skills Ashley and Alisha are both great artists. Take a look at what each sister has learned after four years of college. Each skill set is specific to her major.

Ashley (print graphic design)

Pros and cons of being a twin Written by: Ashley Jonas

Ashley and Alisha didn’t choose to be twins, and they can never stop being twins. People ask, “What’s it like being a twin?” The only response either can make is, “I don’t know, I’ve never not been a twin.” Although neither sister would trade being a twin, there are both pros and cons to being a multiple. Pros • There’s always someone to play with. We never had to make up invisible friends.

Cons • Don’t get treated as an individual. We often heard phrases such as, “Can the twins come out and play?”

• Twins are seen as special. Strangers have stopped and asked us if we are twins and then reply with, “That is so cool.”

• Constant comparison over just about everything. Twins get compared by popularity, weight, personality, academic ability and milestones.

• Sharing clothes. Who wouldn’t love an entire extra wardrobe? • Jokes on other people. We aren’t identical, so we didn’t play a lot of tricks, but we imagine that it would be fun. • Having a best friend for life. Sure, we fight a lot, but we’re always there for each other.


• Constant competition. In our case, mostly academically. We also avoided participating in the same sports. • Regularly confused with your twin. This is extremely relevant when our names are so similar. • Only one birthday party. We often recieved the exact same present. If we were lucky, it was a different color.

HAGEN TWIN Highlights

Skills • Organized • Fast-paced • Detail-oriented • Able to meet tight deadlines • Branding/re-branding Software • Adobe CS5 InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver • HTML/CSS • Microsoft Office Word/Powerpoint/Excel

Alisha (2D animation) Skills • 2D character animation • Photoshop animation • Animation coloring • Animation compositing • 3D modeling • Scanning and photo editing Software • Adobe CS5 After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver • Autodesk Maya

May 2011 • Vol. I

Who’s who? Can you tell who’s who in these photos? Choose either Ashley or Alisha for the left and right. Answers on page 8.

Hagen twin trivia Do you think you know the twins? Choose either Ashley or Alisha. Answers on page 8. 1. Which twin has a double-jointed finger? r Ashley r Alisha 2. Which twin has webbed toes? r Ashley r Alisha 3. Which twin is a vegetarian?


r Ashley r Alisha


4. Which twin had a red birth mark on her nose as a baby? r Ashley r Alisha 5. Which twin usually has longer hair? r Ashley r Alisha 6. Which twin can touch her tongue to her nose? r Ashley r Alisha

L:_________________________________ R_________________________________

7. Which twin played tennis in high school? r Ashley r Alisha 8. Which twin played volleyball in high school? r Ashley r Alisha

LOLZ haha 9. Which twin has a kitten named PJ? r Ashley r Alisha

10. Which twin has been to Europe? r Ashley r Alisha

L:_________________________________ R_________________________________

L:_________________________________ R_________________________________


HAGEN TWIN Highlights


Alisha Hagen’s inspiration

cute alisha

A personal tale of her influences throughout her college career Written by: Alisha Hagen

I love to roller blade and play tennis. Long walks are also greatly enjoyable. I have a twin sister and deformed toes that I am very proud of. This may have nothing to do with animation, or my work, but it could. I think stories stem from life experiences. What a person comes up with depends on how they like to live. Something I take very close notice to are dead animals. You may think that is weird, but it’s true. I once saw a dead baby duck fetus lying in the grass in the Walker sculpture garden by the cherry spoon. I stuck out sticky traps to catch insects inside my kitchen and caught a mouse instead. I listened to that little guy squeak for days before it finally gave up on life. I didn’t mean to purposely torture that one; I was just too afraid to touch it while it was still alive. I have no idea where my fascination came from, but it’s there. I tend to take pictures with a camera or my phone when I pass one of these finds, unless I’m with another person that might judge me as odd. I’ve been deer hunting once. I didn’t shoot anything, but trust me I wanted to. I’ve butchered chickens on my aunt’s farm a couple times and always have such a good time. Some people get upset about animals dying, but I don’t. I get interested. One animal that sticks out in my mind from the rest is my Chihuahua-Pug dog that was hit by a car on my twenty-first birthday. I stared at him after the fact look-

ing at how beautifully still he was. He didn’t have any marks of being hit at all, no blood or guts falling out; it must have been head trauma. I stared at this little animal and he just looked so peaceful. I knew I was supposed to be sad, but all I wanted to do was get my camera. Out of respect and because my mother was so distraught, I thought a picture of that moment might not be the best option. Needless to say, it was not the best birthday I could have wished for. The idea for my current story came to me last summer. I sat wondering what to create for this year-long animation. I’ve created a few projects in the past involving flying pigs. I like pigs. They are cute and generally pink and I love the color pink. In high school I made a flying piggy bank and in stop motion I made a short flying pig animation. It’s not new concept to me. For my senior project I wanted to create a 2D animation that had a twist on the “when pigs fly” saying. My main character, the pig, wants to be part of a group of magical creatures along with the unicorn, mermaid and narwhal. But the problem is, she doesn’t have any cool magical powers, so she doesn’t belong. The mermaid can seduce men’s hearts and tear them out. The unicorn uses his magical horn as a gun to shoot with. The narwhal, well, he gets destroyed by the unicorn right away so we never find out his power. The pig tries to introduce some kind of awesome ability, but can only think of her cuteness as a power. The others laugh her out



HAGEN TWIN Highlights

May 2011 • Vol. I

of the group and she walks away ashamed. She wants to prove the others wrong. For goodness sakes, she’s a pig and can’t just get magical powers out of thin air. But behold she spots a majestic eagle soaring in the sky. Within seconds she formulates a plan and pulls out her bow and arrow to shoot the bird down. We cut back to the unicorn and mermaid having a conversation about how awesome they are. The little pig interrupts their conversation when a glob of bloody guts falls on the unicorn’s head. The unicorn looks up and sees the pig flying. She is excited, proclaiming that she now has magical powers because she can fly while wearing the eagle’s carcass. The others are disgusted but inevitably the pig is part of their group. The entire story comes from my previously mentioned fascination of dead animals. Cute animals die (or destroy each other) but it’s a friendly cartoon and doesn’t come off as too cruel. My influences best describe what I make and what I want to make. I am a 2D

animator, but mostly I am an entertainer. My goal in creating any work is to entertain and make people laugh. I would describe my work as cute, colorful and narrative, but sometimes surprising. I’ve been watching Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon since I was ten years-old and continue to enjoy it today. I like the humor and fantasy of the show. The characters are very likable and silly. Another great influence is a recent television show called Adventure Time. It is a silly cartoon about a boy and his friend dog who go on adventures. They fight the ice king, turn into a giant foot, and overcome imagination through knife rainfalls. I am not only inspired by the silly stories these animation tell, but also the style. The animation is simple and much of it depends on the humorous dialog. Another of my influences that explores that use of cruelty for humor is an illustrator and character designer named Bobby Chui. My favorite illustrations by him are the ones that have characters wearing other characters. For example, I like his illustra-

tion of a monster wearing a costume of a pug dog, and a little boy wearing a costume of a whale by the beach. It’s like in my animation when the pig is wearing the bird carcass to be something she’s not. I prefer to make animation for children around the ages of eight to twelve years old. Ideally I want to create animation that kids like, but adults can also enjoy and find humor in. Although my current work has some foul language, it is still a children’s cartoon. Sometimes people get the idea that children don’t know certain things or they are not supposed to be exposed to anything bad, but I think they are not as innocent as they sometimes appear. My past work also shares the same theme. I made a stop motion animation with a grandmother that has to kill her happy apples to make a pie, a 2D animation where a clown ends up hanging himself just to entertain a boy who is hard to please and an animation based on a true story where my pet rat gave birth and we had to kill the babies after the mother died.

HAGEN TWIN Highlights


Ashley Jonas’s senior project A personal tale of her senior year studying graphic communications

college Written by: Ashley Jonas

My name is Ashley Jonas. I was born in Shakopee, Minn., to wonderful parents. I can imagine when I was born that the doctor said something like this, “It’s a girl! …It’s another girl!” I became a big sister five minutes after I was born. I enjoy running, roller blading, and playing cribbage. I have a twin sister and am proud to say that nothing on my body is deformed. I don’t like to think of myself as an artist. I don’t necessarily enjoy drawing or painting because I’ve always felt I had to complete against my sister, the greatest artist alive (my opinion). This is also the reason I’ve avoided taking art classes. But creativity cannot just go away. It’s in my genetics. Somehow I got suckered into becoming a graphic designer. However, I see myself more as a technical designer. I design to accomplish a goal. Usually an advertising or marketing goal. My work is not as artsy nor as creative as Alisha’s, but I know the process and how to work all the programs. I can tell the difference between a spot color and a process color. I know how to make a half-tone or a duo-tone. And I know what the DPI of images must be at to send to a specific printer or to be placed on the web. My writing skills may lack artistic creativity, but that’s because I’ve been trained in Associate Press (AP) style while taking mass communication classes for my minor. Every sentence should be short an factual, not lengthy and spilling with details. I currently work as an intern graphic designer for the MSUM marketing department. I design brochures, posters, postcards, billboards, newspaper ads and many other forms of print advertising to promote the university. I have also worked for the admis-



HAGEN TWIN Highlights

sion’s office and have a great knowledge base of how a university markets itself to prospective students and the community. My senior project combines my institutional knowledge, love for athletics, my favorite color and my technical design skills into an entire campaign. For my senior project in graphic communications, I decided to create a plethora of promotional materials for a fictional college athletic team. I came up with the college’s name and mascot to start, then created athletic promotional materials. I chose Carlsbad State University (CSU) with the Tigers as the mascot. I chose a fictional client because that way I had more freedom in my designs.

The promotional pieces include: • Stationery package • Tickets • Poster • Magnet • Student planner • Calendar • Flyers • Sports program • Media guide • Billboard • T-shirts • Website design

May 2011 • Vol. I

My client was the fictional college in which I have created. CSU is a NCAA Division II school, like MSUM. The student population is about 16,000 students, all of whom would be the audience for this project. Most students are in the 18-23 age range. The location of this school is in Carlsbad, Calif. (35 miles north of San Diego). I used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign throughout the process and enhanced my skills in all of those programs. Illustrator can be very tricky, especially when it comes to the correct color. On some of the logos, I wanted 100% black for color, but instead got a rich black. I had to figure out why this what happening and how to fix it. Before this project, I didn’t use much of the color selection tool in Photoshop. With all the athlete images I had to color correct, I got tons of practice. I also hadn’t worked much with manipulating text on images. After a few times of switching “Dragons”

with “Tigers” on the jerseys, I got the hang of it. I was able to receive feedback from other students and use their critiques to improve my project. I realize that the process involves much more than just designing. Exact specifications have to be in place before sending to print. The proofing and editing process is probably the worst, but it is the most important. No one wants typos or incorrect colors in their final pieces. The fictional goals of this project were to increase athletic event participation and lift the spirits of our student-athletes. I wanted the athletes and spectators to enjoy being part of the school’s success. I also wanted to raise awareness in the community about our wonderful athletic program on campus. The university waned to make money but also see happy students and athletes. I presented this project last December to the public. I was glad to complete my senior project two semesters before gradua-

tion so I could focus on competing with the track team in the spring. This project enhanced my creative thinking, technical design skills and my ability to solve problems. In the future, I would love to do a project like this again. However, next time, I’d like to work with a real client. I appreciate feedback and critiques, but it is difficult when I am the one who makes the ultimate decisions. Someday, I will work at an advertising agency or as an in-house designer for a large company. Eventually, I want to work my way up to creative director so that I can manage creative projects in a larger scale. No matter where I am, I will continue to educate myself in the design industry, and not just print design. I am finding that web and multimedia are becoming more popular as technology advances. I would like to gain experience in all aspects of design.

HAGEN TWIN Highlights




to Remember

May 7

June 18

Minneapolis, Minn. The ceremony will take place at Minneapolis College of Art and Design at 3:00 p.m.

One year ago, Ashley married Jerry Jonas at St. Henry’s Church in Perham, Minn.

Alisha’s graduation

May 13 Ashley’s graduation Moorhead, Minn. The ceremony for the College of Business & Industry starts at 9:00 a.m. in Nemzek Hall Fieldhouse.

Ashley & Jerry’s one-year anniversary

July 17

Trivia Answers: 1. Alisha 2. Alisha 3. Ashley 4. Alisha 5. Ashley 6. Alisha 7. Alisha 8. Ashley 9. Ashley 10. Alisha Who’s Who Answers: L-Ashley R-Alisha L-Alisha R-Ashley L-Ashley R-Alisha L-Alisha R-Ashley

Rosina Hagen’s birthday Mother of the twins turns 42.

July 23-25 Family camp-out

y ashle alisha


Aberdeen, S.D. Ashley’s last track meet as a Dragon.

Family gets together and has a good ol’ fashion camping trip with tents, campfires and marshmallows.

PO Box 318 New York Mills, MN 56567

NSIC Conference Championship track meet

Hagen Twins Newsletter  

My sister and I are graduating. I made a newsletter in my class to show off our awesome talents.

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