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s o f i a c o pp o l a Sophia Coppola, an actress, m odel, director, producer, and screenwriter, was born May 14, 1971 in New York City. She is the daughter of fam ed director Francis Ford Coppola and the third fe male, first A m erican female, to be no minated for an Acade my Award for Director. Since birth she has appeared in m ultiple films directed by her father as well as films directed by others. She has also appeared in several m usic videos. Coppola attended Mills College and California Institute for the Arts and started her ow n clothing line called Milkfed that sold exclusively in Japan. Coppola directed her first short film titled Lick the Star in 1998. The plot was about clique of four girls who devise a plan to weaken the boys at their school with arsenic.

F i l m o g r a ph y Lick the Star, 1998 The Virgin Suicides, 1999 Lost in Translation, 2003 Marie Antoinette, 2006

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