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Ob j e c t i v e : Design a fictitious film festival for a chosen director based on a running thread that appears in all of their films. Envision the entire event fro m location, festival schedule, appearances, and featured films. Develop an entire syste m of m ultiple deliverables while capturing the style and essence of your director, including: tickets, soundtrack, festival catalog, DVD collection with



advertise m ents,








individual films of the festival.

S t r at eg y: Like many others my age, I am intrigued by the films of Sofia Coppola because she has way of effectively conveying the feeling of being lost in reality; hence, the subtitle of my film festival Wandering Realities in the Films of Sofia Coppola. When I chose Coppola as my director for this project, I was not thinking about how difficult it was going be to put into words this feeling of wandering, which Coppola manages to do so well. Once I managed to co m pare this feeling to a m o m ent in my ow n life, I was finally able to describe verbally what this feeling was. The next challenge was to be able to co m m unicate this feeling visually. After a few weeks of trial and error, I stu m bled into a style of photography that managed to successfully convey these hard to describe feelings. Ironically, I successfully captured the visuals while by listening to the m usic of the bands that acco m pany her films.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio


Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio