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Ob j e c t i v e : Design an animated iPad cover for a digital issue of IDN magazine titled The Geo m etric Issue. Students m ust dem onstrate a co m prehensive understanding of the techniques learned in Adobe After Effects.

S t r at eg y: IDN is know n for being an international publication for creative people with a mission to am plify and unify the design co m m unity. For this reason, I chose to go wild with the idea of geo m etry and graphic design. The first step in my process for creating so m ething animated was to choose the m usic that would acco m pany the m otion. Once I selected the tune, the design cam e easily as each m ovem ent and shape was determined by the beat of the m usic. Since the selection of m usic I chose had a m odern-80s feel, I chose colors that relayed a similar vibe, and ultimately a layout of a cover that reflected the sam e tone as well.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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