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m f a p o r t f o l i o    —   a s h l e y g u s t a f s o n



Thank you to my m o m and dad for always encouraging m e to follow my ow n path. This book is dedicated to you both. To all of my amazing friends, especially Kelly Wahlstro m, D.D. Cheung, Alex Miranda, Emily Brock, Mary Lowe, Jon Wong, Anthony Stim ola, Tessa Fish, Zainab Rupawalla, Perin Ram bhia, Darshita Mistry, and Sarah Hurwitz. You are all the best support syste m a designer and friend could ask for. Thank you to my instructors for teaching m e your ways and wisdo m, and for always being a great source of m otivation; Michael Kilgore, Michael Sinato, Bob Slote, Roland Young, Gaston Yag m ourian, Brendan Callahan, Hunter Wimm er, Phil Hamlet, and Mary Scott. A special thank you to my best friend, Kris Swanson, and his two children, Reagan and Tyler, who have opened their ho m e and hearts to m e throughout this process.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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