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thesis Choose a problem to solve with graphic design. Conduct extensive research and analysis over the course of a year, and master a solution that is both conceptually and visually successful. The project should dem onstrate the student's co m plete range of design skills, thinking and analysis, and the ability to tackle a real world proble m with an effective design solution.

objective Each year between six and eight million cats and dogs enter United States animal shelters, and over half of them are killed, even though m ore than 90 % are healthy and adoptable. Excuses are made on behalf of the shelters that kill, and antiquated policies of traditional sheltering m ethods stand in the way of those who try to reform the m. Even though there are lifesaving programs that can help reduce needless euthanasia fro m every animal shelter, these solutions are not being put in place quick enough, or so m etim es not at all. The objective of this project is to provide a way to help shelters im ple m ent these programs and reduce their rates of unnecessary euthanasia.

a pp r o a c h To address the current proble m in our nation's animal shelters, I developed a non-profit organization called All Ears Project that aims to achieve a no kill nation by providing animal shelters with the appropriate resources and guidelines. This organization helps reform high kill rate shelters by providing an informative and interactive website that teaches the m how to transform their shelters into safe havens for ho m eless pets.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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