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Ob j e c t i v e : Design anything you want for the entire sem ester, there are no param eters. The challenge for this course was to see what we could co m e up with on our ow n and how we could develop that idea into an elaborate design project.

S t r at eg y: I wanted to pick a topic that would be playful and allow for the production of hu m orous and quirky products and packaging. After reading an article about the current value of gold, I was intrigued by the idea of creating a fictitious gold mining co m m unity where m odern-day activities consisted of old-fashioned traditions of the early 1800s. In welco ming newco m ers to the gold mining tow n of Rush more, I designed a special package that would be delivered to the ho m es of all new residents. This package includes: a beginner's guide and kit to panning for gold, stationary, invitations to a masked ball, and a wide variety of lotions and elixirs that would co m e in handy for a hard-working gold miner.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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