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Ob j e c t i v e : Design a ho m e paint line for a well-know n designer of any discipline and establish that designer’s sensibilities onto an arrangem ent of deliverables, including: 2 one gallon cans, 2 pint cans, a set of brushes, and a can of spray paint.

S t r at eg y: For this project, I chose to design a range of high-end paints for the eclectic and luxurious wo m en’s fashion designs of Marni. In 1994, Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni launched Marni and created an avant-garde, exceptionally-crafted and ready-to-wear line that reflects their m odern approach to materials and silhouette, juxtaposing color, exclusive prints and textures. My approach to this project was gathering inspiration fro m the bold the visuals of Marni’s prints. Once I im m ersed myself in an array of patterns, I took my sketches to illustrator and becam e pleasantly lost in lines and colors.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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