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Ob j e c t i v e Design a book about any subject and what you think it could be like twenty years in the future. The purpose of this project is to gain a co m prehensive understanding of a topic through research, analysis, and visual exploration while sim ultaneously grasping the use of grid structure in layout design.

S t r at eg y The circus has been a popular past tim e for the A m erican culture for over two hundred years. Unfortunately, the animals used in the production of these traveling shows are far too often mistreated and uncared for. I decided to co m bat this issue by designing a book based on the concept of a future circus without animals. A circus that uses only the freak show acts of the past to draw its crowds. The result was a whimsical book about the history of the circus, the mistreatm ent of the animals today, and how freaky it could be if done right in the future.

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Ashley Gustafson's MFA portfolio

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