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Life and Ministry

Life and Ministry

In the time between lunch and the next session at 4 pm, you’re invited to participate in different options that celebrate the various makeup of UBC. Stick with one the whole time, try them all, or choose a couple.

Walking Tour of Midtown Midtown Neighborhood 1 & 3 pm Big plans are in place to transform the Midtown neighborhood in the years to come. Walk with Dick Conville to explore Midtown and hear of how our area will be welcoming many more neighbors. Meet at the double glass doors.

Walk a Labyrinth Ascension Episcopal Church 12:30, 2, & 3 pm Walking a labyrinth is a form of personal mediation and devotion. Serving Sizes Like a pilgrimage from the outer to the center, Barbara Brown Taylor says the labyrinth has “switchback and detours” and “the path goes nowhere.” In fact, “the journey is the point. The walking is the thing.” Groups will head down Arlington Loop to walk Ascension’s outdoor labyrinth. Meet at the double glass doors. Faith & Film Parlor 1:30 pm Come pull up a seat to view the 2007 film, Lars and The Real Girl. Starring Ryan Gosling, this film follows an awkwardly shy young man in a small northern town and his church and community that surround him with love. Afterwards we’ll discuss the religious themes found in this sweet movie.


Crafters Kelley Hall Ongoing Sit and create items you’re brought with you. Share tips and tricks. For kids, come choose items to create something new. Pickin’ & Grinnin’ Kelley Hall 2:30 pm We hope you brought your instrument or listening ears to gather around and make some music. Guided Meditation Sanctuary Ongoing Escape to the quiet to sit in God’s presence. Guides are available in the sanctuary.


Life and Ministry Reading Library Ongoing The library is open for you to explore the collection, check out a book, or read on the couch. Games Front Lawn Ongoing Grab a chair, a racket, a volleyball and enjoy the day outside. Serving Sizes

Graffiti Walls Around the building Ongoing As you move around the building, take time to answer a question found on one of the graffiti walls. You might even be asked to have your answer recorded for our archives and future publications. Reflection Station Kelley Hall Ongoing As you listen to music being created or return from walking the labyrinth, reflect on your experiences through writing. Pens, papers, crayons, markers, and play-doh are available.



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