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The Giver The Author, Lois Lowry BiographyLois Lowry- was born on March 20, 1937 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Katharine and Robert Hammersberg. Currently the 74 year old lady lives alone in Cambridge, Massachusetts. . Her mother’s was a Pennsylvania Banker and her father worked in war as an Army dentist, so during her childhood, she’s lived all around the world. Lowry was born in Hawaii and lived in New York, Pennsylvania and Tokyo, and Japan before settling in New York for high school where she later graduated from. After high school she went to Browns University in Rhode Island and her family was living in Washington, D.C. She later dropped out of university to get married and start an early family. She is the mother of four children. Also, she has worked as a writer and photographer. Lowry taught herself how to read and write, and later calls herself “an intellectual snob at the age of three.” She lived in a pleasant home with her mother and father. Katherine would always read aloud and her father was a non-stop story telling about his childhood. She started school there and was so advanced for her age she skipped grade two. Her childhood was as good as she could have dreamed for, besides the fact it was during the World War II, it was happy and caring. As a kid, she loved to travel to the public library, and even as a child she dreamed of becoming a writer. Lois Lowry has written more than 20 books for young readers and received many citations and awards, including Newbery Medals for her novels Number the Stars (1989) and The Giver (1993). She says the book The Giver was about the future. Also even some of her personal experiences led her to write this novel including her time spent at university and years in Japan. Plus, the events that took place in Germany as she visited her father in a nursing home this is where she became interested in the issues such as; pain, memories, and choices.


The Giver

Historical ContextQ: Where was it written? A: New York, America Q: When? A: Publication date- 1993 Q: Describe society at the time this novel was written – A: In the early 90’s… 1990 

1991 Collapse of the Soviet Union

1992 Official End of the Cold War

 

Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space

Lech Walesa Becomes First President of Poland

Copper Age Man Found Frozen in Glacier

Nelson Mandela Freed

Operation Desert Storm

New media like internet and upgraded technology in cellphones.

South Africa Repeals Apartheid Laws


Riots in Los Angeles After the Rodney King Verdict

1993 Cult Compound in Waco, Texas Raided World Trade Center Bombed

Lorena Bobbitt Takes Brutal Revenge

Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially

Bill Clinton got elected

The Giver Historical Context Continued…Q: Did this context match the story? A: No Q: Discuss related works, other influences, or similaritiesA: Other events that took place in Lowry’s life that impacted the novel- Her mother and father were living in a nursing home in Staunton, VA. Her mother was blind and very weak but her mind was completely intact, and she was well able to carry convocation with. Her father, on the other hand, was healthier, physically, but his memory was going. When Lois went to visit him, he’s often talk about his childhood, college years, and marriage. The saddest memory was hearing the details about the death of her first child, my sister Helen, clearly her saddest memory. But she wanted to retell it. The Giver is a dystopian novel that imagines a future community whose citizens have sacrificed free choice, individuality, and true emotion for stability. Q: Discuss related historical events… which specific events impacted the novel? A: Related Historical Events- The Giver was wrote during the period when the nation of Bosnia and Serbian forces attempted to kill the Muslims. At the same time a euthanasia activist Dr. Jack Kevorkian. In Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver, she touches on ideas such as treatment of outsiders, intolerance, societal perfection, and physician-assisted suicide.


The Giver

The Giver Review-

The Giver Publisher House: Bantam Books Author: Lois Lowry Publish Date: 1993 “Jonas’s world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community.


When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver. The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. Now it’s time for Jonas to receive the truth. There is no turning back.” Other books by this author…

Ashley Black

Number the Stars by: Lois Lowry

Location: English Grade 10 Date: 12/7/2011 I personally did not prefer this type of story. The beginning was highly confusing just to understand what was going on. Also, the story line was foolish and very unreliable. I found it hard to comprehend. I’m just thankful I finished the book!

Year: 1989

Gathering Blue by: Lois Lowry


Year: 2000

Location: Canada Date: 12/7/2011 I enjoyed the book The Giver. It was a different read but good. However, the ending wasn’t my favorite. It left me wondering, and I prefer to know what exactly happened.

Messenger by: Lois Lowry Year: 2004

Anonymous Location: Canada Date: 12/7/2011 I did not enjoy this novel. It drug on, and I didn’t see the point of this novel. Most sections of the book were boring.


The Giver

Chapter SummariesChapter 1Jonas is the protagonist of the story. He is eleven and lives in a community where everything is under control and people are treated the same. At the beginning of the novel, he struggles to find the right word to describe his feeling about December approaching. The word “frightened” is too strong of a word. Last time he felt frightened was a year ago when an unidentified aircraft flew over his community- it was the first time something like that happened since Pilots were not allowed to fly over the area. Jonas remembered the community’s reaction to this event; it was unusual, so everyone stopped what they were doing and watched. We come to realize more about the society in which Jonas lives. It is extremely controlled, with official orders speaking through loudspeakers placed all around the community. As a punishment, the pilot was “released” from the community—the worst thing that can happen to a citizen. Jonas decides he is anxious, not frightened, about the important thing that is going to happen in December. After dinner the family participates in a ritual with “the telling of their feelings.” Each person of the house hold shares one feeling they had during the day. After lily expresses her emotion it was Jonas’ turn. He was hesitant to say that he is anxious about the ceremony for elevens, but when he did his parents were understanding and told Lily to get ready for bed. Jonas’ father and mother had to privately confront Jonas. Chapter 2Jonas and his parents had to talk to Jonas about the elevens ceremony in December. His parents reassure him that he will be given the appropriate job. If the Committee of the Elders chooses the wrong job, he can appeal for another of 6

The Giver his liking. Jonas also expresses his concern for Asher, his friend, who has no serious interests and looks to have no future. His father comforts him and tells him that there’s a type of job for everyone. Turning eleven come big responsibilities and Jonas will probably not even see his old friends anyway because he’ll be in job training. Chapter 3Jonas’s father brings a new child Gabriel home since he was struggling he thought I would be good for him to stay the night. This child has noticeably lighter color eyes then the others in the community. Lily was being slightly rude this contradicts what the community rules are. She also says she hopes she’ll be assigned to be a Birthmother when she grows up. Meanwhile, Jonas is thinking about a time when he broke a rule and an announcement on the loudspeakers was made in regards to his actions. The community, however, does not single a person out they just remind the people what is expected of them. All Jonas did was keep an apple from school because while playing with Asher it had changed in an indescribable way. It puzzled him.

Chapter 4- In chapter 4, Jonas works along with Asher to finish the mandatory volunteer hours. Before they are assigned their life job, it is necessary for children to volunteer in various locations to develop skills for certain occupations. Jonas enjoys his volunteer hours he works in different places all the time. Today, however, he’s at the House of the Old and works with Asher in the bathing room. Jonas baths an elderly lady, and 7

The Giver she tells him about the celebration that was held upon the release of a man named Roberto. The old woman, Larissa, describes the release as a wonderful celebration with speeches, the telling of his life and a toast for farewell. Nobody really knows what happened to the people when they are released, but it is assumed that whatever happens is wonderful. Also, Larissa doesn’t know why children aren’t allowed to attend the release of a member. Jonas jokingly says they should suggest children to go to the Committee. Chapter 5It is morning and the family is at the table, and just as they tell about their feelings in the evening, in the morning they share what their dream was. Jonas usually does not have a dream to tell, but this morning is different. He dreamed about being in the bathing room, and Fiona was there. Jonas was fantasized about bathing Fiona like the old woman. He was trying to convince her to get in the tub with him. At breakfast, he tells about his dream saying he felt two feelings wanting and feeling he shouldn’t. When father takes Lily to school mother asked Jonas to stay behind. She tells him the feeling he had were called “stirring” and you have to report them every time. Everyone in the community takes pills to keep these feelings and dreams away, according to the novel, this is unnatural. Then, Jonas bikes off to school remembering that the stirrings felt good. He took the pill, therefore, he is forgetting about the dream completely. Chapter 6Jonas and Lily were talking to their mother about the ceremony about how each year you receive a new symbol. This shows similarities between people in the community. In this case, Lily was glad for the reason she only had one more year she has to wear the ribbons. The Jonas told her about getting a bicycle when she reaches age nine.


The Giver It was time for the ceremony. This takes two days to complete, so these days are considered holiday where they even don’t go to work. Lily was up for the ceremony of eights. Lily received a jacket with pockets in the front which symbolizes she is gaining maturity. Ten and elevens ceremony they either revived something or changed something such as a different haircut or style. Chapter 7It is the time Jonas has been anxious for. It is his time to get the assignment he’s been waiting for and that will change his life. So, every child has an assigned number that was given to them at birth and this number tells you the order you were born. Jonas was nineteen, and he is waiting to be called up by the Chief Elder. Before Jonas, Asher got called up and was assigned as the Assistant director of recreation. Everyone else was called up except Jonas. This mad him quite confused and embarrassed. The others thought that something was wrong. Chapter 8In this chapter, Jonas finally receives his job, but he was called up last. The Elder tells him it was no mistake he is given a special job. He is chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory. This 9

The Giver job is of high position and has to be carefully chosen. Currently, the community has one, and he trains the next one in line. The Elder starts listing the qualities Jonas has that are needed, she says, Jonas is intelligent, he has a good integrity in our community, he has courage, and he very brave. She also said he had great capacity to see beyond. The audience is in taken away by all this, and the Elder hurries along to wrap the ceremonies up. Chapter 9After receiving his assignment Jonas is required to start training. His begins to feel isolated from his friends and family. First, he reads the piece of paper with instructions and rules. He realized as the Receiver he has certain exemptions in the rules. Now different from the past, Jonas can ask as many questions and receive answers, plus he has access to medication, and he can tell lies. His whole world is beginning to change far more than he could have imagined in his childhood. Chapter 10During this chapter, Jonas has his first day of training in the Annex room and he is talking with Fiona about all the things that had happened. They understand that everything is different now that their twelve. When Jonas got to the room he was greeted by this old man who told him about the time he was selected when he was twelve. The old man’s job was to transfer his mind’s memories of the past to Jonas’s. The first memory Jonas experienced was snow.


The Giver Chapter 11The Giver placed his hands on Jonas’s back. He experienced a cold sensation as if he was going downhill on a sled during winter. This was totally new to him he had never felt anything like it before. Also, in their community the weather is controlled too, so it creates a more efficient agriculture. Jonas also experienced the memory of sunshine and also the memory of pain. The Giver has the power to give Jonas memories but does not have the ability to take them away. Chapter 12As a Receiver, Jonas is allowed to lie; however, this is not a simple task for him because it was a rule not too. So when his mother asks him about his dreams, he smiles. Then, he arrived at school and everyone was talking about his training but he isn’t allowed to speak of it. On the way home he biked beside Fiona, and she told him how she waited outside the Annex room for him but he never came. She probably expected him to talk about training but yet again he didn’t. Jonas notices Fiona’s hair changes, like the apple did days ago, so he told the Giver. The Giver said it was normal because after you receive memories it happens. Jonas’s next memory was the rainbow. Chapter 13Jonas learns about the colors and begins to see them in his daily life. He wants to have freedom and choice in the community; but he realizes that if people had a choice that they can make the wrong ones and that has a negative outcome. He feels bad that his friends and family can’t see the world the way he sees it. The Giver transmits another memory to Jonas. It was the knowledge of an elephant. He wishes he could share this with Lily to show her that her comfort toy was a representation of something real. Jonas wonders if you are supposed to have a spouse. The Giver tells how he does not have one nevertheless he lives along with the childless adults. The Giver states Jonas’s life as nothing more than the memories he will carry with him. Ten years ago, the previous Giver failed, and all the memories went in to the community and made it suffer. Altogether the memories are much for the Giver to carry and bear him pain. Jonas wonders why this is and what else is beyond the isolated community they live in. The Giver decides to give Jonas a strong memory of pain, so he can feel so of what the Giver feels. 11

The Giver Chapter 14In this chapter, Jonas feels pain. The memory made him feels terrified. Jonas could feel his leg twist and crack bone. When he woke up, he realized he was in the Annex room and had tears running down his checks. Surprisingly Jonas can feel that his knees are able to move. He remembers the elderly lady telling him he was brave. Then the Giver gave Jonas a memory of sailing on a blue-green lake and orange sunset between the mountains. He explains to him that these memories give him knowledge that he can use to help people. When Jonas got home he overheard his parents talking about how having Gabriel they don’t sleep well, so Jonas offered to care for him the night. Despite the fact Jonas is not the Giver yet, he accidently transmitted the memory of oceans to Gabriel when trying to get him to sleep. Chapter 15Jonas found the Giver in pain so he asked if there was any way he could help. So the Giver gave Jonas another memory of pain. This time it was about a battlefield. He saw a soldier hurting and could give him water, but then he watched him die. Throughout the field were horses, cannons, and people bleeding. He could feel the pain. Chapter 16Jonas is uncertain whether to attend training because he doesn’t want to feel any more pain or loneliness. He goes and receives more memories. He saw a birthday party, visited a museum, and seen paintings. Also he walked in the woods. Jonas sees a reunion of old people, and understands those are grandparents. Then Jonas comprehends the word love more clearly. Once he gets home, he asks his father is he loved him, but his father tells him that love is too vague of a word, and you should say do you enjoy me instead. Chapter 17During this chapter, an uncommon holiday was declared. Jonas didn’t want to participate with his friends playing all sorts of games for the reason of they were about cruelty and war. He tried to explain this to his friends, but they didn’t get it. He left them. At home, Gabriel learned to walk and say Jonas’s name. His father said that he will be releasing the child with the lowest weight. Chapter 18Jonas and the Giver discussed about the release. Then Jonas asked what the name of the last Receiver was. The Giver replied the girl was “Rosemary”. She was greatly important and loves both the 12

The Giver Giver and Jonas. She couldn’t handle the memories of pain and asked the elders for he own release. After Rosemary left, the community suffered. Chapter 19Since Jonas’s father is in charge of the release, Jonas is curious. The Giver told Jonas he could ask any question and watch the videos of the releasing. He saw his father inject liquids into a boy and put him into a dark window. When Jonas figured out he was dead, he started crying and felt repulsed to go home to his family, especially after his father lied to him. Chapter 20Jonas spent the night with the Giver because he felt he could not look at his father. Then the Giver told him that it’s the way the kill people, whether it’s because a person broke a rule for the third time or old age. Fiona is in training of performing the release ceremonies, and she has no feelings. Jonas is feeling in chaos after this, and he wants this to be different. The Giver explains there are memories of a time where people had pride, sorrow, and love. Jonas convinces the Giver that there must be another way of living and the memories should be shared. As the receiver of the community, Jonas has the responsibility to hold all the memories, but if he escapes outside the memories will be given to the people. This is exactly what happened when Rosemary was released. The Giver agrees with Jonas that life where they are is unfair and needs to change. The plan is to find Elsewhere with more opportunities for the people. Jonas wants to live in a community where people can freely make their own choices whether it’s what they wear, jobs they have, way they act, or what they say. Chapter 21Jonas escapes far away with Gabriel in search of Elsewhere. He knows to escape the community he has to travel past the bridge. But before he does he transmits some memories to Gabe because he wasn’t sleeping well. His release is the next day. He takes his father’s bike and some food and travels all night and sleeps during the day. Every day during their traveling, planes would fly over their heads looking constantly for them. 13

The Giver Chapter 22In chapter 22, the scenery was completely different. They began to see trees, forest, flowers, and wildlife. Jonas started riding his bike through the day because he badly twisted his ankle. One day, Gabe called out, “Plane, Plane!”, and when they hid in the underbrush Jonas saw that it was birds flying above them. Jonas saw deer and many other things that were new to him. They begin to encounter hills. Because of Jonas’s injured leg, and his empty stomach this is not good. Then, they encounter a lengthy rain that lasts for two days. Gabriel cries because he is cold, wet, and hungry. Then, Jonas cries because he is worried that he won’t be able to continue to take care of Gabriel and maybe his plan is a fail. Chapter 23After travel for days, Jonas felt that Elsewhere is ahead. However, he is not sure he can reach it because instead of rain there is snow. Jonas carries Gabriel in close by his chest to keep him warm while biking up the hill. He couldn’t do it, so he leaves the bicycle and walks. Jonas remembered the memory of the sunshine and gave it to Gabe. They made it up to the top, and Jonas found a red sled. He took it downhill, feeling a sense of where he’s going, he started to see colored lights. It seemed like a place where they share love. They hear music and singing. Jonas even wondered if he heard music coming from the old community, but it could have been just an echo. He is safer. They are left in a community that is unaffected by sameness.


The Giver Novel AnalysisCharactersJonas       

Jonas is the twelve year old, man character, protagonist, and hero of the book, The Giver. He is quite mature for his age, highly intelligent, and thoughtful. He enjoys helping other. He knows he is different than his peers but he doesn’t like it, so he hides it. But when his job assignment signals him out as the receiver of memory in the community, he is a little embarrassed. He has an unusual ability that his sight changes and he sees color. He gains wisdom from memories and realizes that people gave up their freedoms for Sameness, he becomes angry and frustrated. During his training, Jonas gets very deep emotional feelings and learns about love. He becomes a close friend of The Giver and risks his own life to save the citizens in his community. He feels confused about the rules in the community. He wanted the chance for everyone to see color and hear music and to act a certain way. He becomes frustrated with the communities ignorance, so he convinces the Giver to help him plan an escape.

The Giver      

Was chosen, like Jonas, at a young age (12) and it is still his job. He is the wise old man in the community. He has to train Jonas to be the next Receiver of Memory. He has to share his knowledge and wisdom The Giver transfers his memories to Jonas. He looks ancient. He is weary and tired because all the memories are bringing him down. The Giver: "I used my wisdom, from the memories. I knew that there had been times in the past -terrible times- when people had destroyed others in haste, in fear, and had brought about their own destruction" (Lowry pg 112).


The Giver ThemesThe Importance of Memory- this is constantly showing up throughout the novel. Jonas is the new receiver of memory, and the Giver holds all the memories of the world. Some memories are happy where as some given pain. The Receiver’s job is to use the memories and helps the community and keep the towns going smoothly. People have memories for a reason, for example, if you don’t have memories than you don’t have pain, but if you do then you can create bonds with people like family. The towns people will never experience true happiness without memories. Freedom or Equality- Their community is controlled and people have no choice on what to wear, do, or even say. This causes people to lose their individuality and no diversity in the community. The way the community acts is particularly unfair and people have no freedom. SettingAn isolated community- it takes time in the future because they are talking about the past that is present day. The world they live in is entirely control this place is unique. It seems like a very uncomfortable way of living but it’s the “norm” for them. SymbolsLight Eyes- This picture represents an eye, with light pupils. Jonas has light colored eyes which is a different feature than his friends. In The Giver mostly everyone has dark eyes. Very few have a light set of eyes, like Jonas, The Giver, Gabriel, and a female in the community. Having light eyes was a sign of being different. Besides from looking different, in the novel it also shows they are unique in different ways. Both the Giver and Jonas have pale eyes, and are able to experience memories, emotions, see color and the Giver can also hear music. Likewise, Gabriel has light eyes and was able to receive memories. It happened once when Jonas tried to quietly put him to sleep, and he accidently transmitted a memory to Gabe. The new child Gabriel- Gabriel symbolizes hope and starting over. He is unable to do things for himself so he hasn’t been trapped by the rules of the community yet. Jonas and Gabe relate quite a bit in the novel because they both can receive memories.


The Giver The River- the river symbolizes a border line between communities. It keeps the area sheltered from the outside world beyond their rules and regulations. It can also show the escape to Elsewhere. Once, this kid named Caleb fell in and drown. The Snow- Covered Hill- The hill, for Jonas, is a representation of a gateway to Elsewhere. Riding g a sled in the snow was one of Jonas’s first memories from the Giver.

Quotes"Well ..." Jonas had to stop and think it through. "If everything's the same, then there aren't any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic or a red one?" (Chapter 13, Page 97) 

This quotation is important because Jonas is realizing that the ability to see color gives people choice. The community is extremely controlled that everything is black and white.

"But why can't everyone have the memories? I think it would seem a little easier if the memories were shared. You and I wouldn't have to bear so much by ourselves, if everyone took a part." “The Giver sighed, "You're right," he said, "But then everyone would be burdened and pained. They don't want that. And that's the real reason The Receiver is so vital to them, and so honored. They selected me – and you – to lift that burden from themselves." (Page 112-113) 

The community defends themselves from experiencing pain, but they deprive themselves from wisdom as well. Jonas feels if they shared the memories it would make it easier to bear. It seems sensible to him that even the painful memories be shared. This means, if the all the memories were shared, the people’s life would be happier because of the good memories. Even the people would become closer as family and friends. The Giver believes, as Jonas does, that sharing the memories would be a beneficial idea for their community. However, he doesn’t think the community would be too fond of agreeing. They changed to sameness many generations ago for the reason they didn’t want to feel pain. Sharing memories did not seem important to them. So, later Jonas realizes the community would never agree and he changes.


The Giver "Gabe?" The new child stirred slightly in his sleep. Jonas looked over at him. "There could be love," Jonas whispered. (Chapter 16, 128-129) 

Jonas discovers the meaning of love. His parents, however, reject the concept of love as an vague and slightly amusing idea, but Jonas feels he should share this with Gabe. Even though the community shelters their way around the feeling love, Gabriel accepts it from Jonas. Because Gabriel is able to accept Jonas's love, the two characters form a nearly family bond. They have a relationship like brothers.

“We really have to protect people from wrong choices.” (Chapter 13) 

Jonas spoke this in chapter 13, After Jonas experiences the memories, he realized that without memory, there is no pain—if you cannot remember physical pain, you might as well not have experienced it, and you cannot be overwhelmed by regret or grief if you cannot think of the things that hurt you. Whatever decision a person makes has a certain consequence and this is what the community protects themselves from. In saying, “We really have to protect people from wrong choices,” Jonas understands the need of having a Giver or Receiver of Memory because they must have the wise people in control, so there are no mistakes or pain. However, this isn’t always right, because they are blocking out freely making choices they never learn any lessons. This quote shows how the community tries to control how people act so there are no “wrong choices”.

“He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo.” (Chapter 23) 

This quote is found in the last chapter of The Giver. Jonas slid down the hill with Gabriel and when they reached Elsewhere he heard singing and music. also, far away he thought he heard music but thought again it could just be an echo. The only people that can hear music are special such as the Receiver or Giver. There is also another way of looking at this quote since it was freezing out and they were starving. Hearing music could be merely a figment of his imagination.


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The Giver  
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