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Ad Astra Hall Employee Manual 2013



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History The Beginnings Ad Astra Hall, a music and entertainment venue located in Kansas City, Kansas is a theatre rich in both character and history. Ad Astra Hall was originally conceptualized by Claude Marchal, the son of French immigrants and one of the most prominent architects on the east coast. Marchal was an avid jazz enthusiast who settled in Kansas City during retirement. He soon began designing and financing the construction of Ad Astra Hall, where his love of jazz and design could gloriously meet. Marchal’s vision was to provide a stunning venue capable of complimentarily housing the jazz concerts he revered, while incorporating a chimera of design elements inspired by his French heritage with a touch of Kansas’ own style and unique history.

Ad Astra Hall Today Ad Astra Hall, a family owned business is now operated by Marchal’s great grandson, Louis Marchal, and his wife Rebecca Stevens. The Hall proudly supports the local arts community by working to eliminate the shameful “pay-toplay” mentality which has long riddled the music industry. Louis and Rebecca have also established several music and arts related scholarships benefitting local high school students.

Services The venue can house up to four thousand guests, making it a favorite of many for hosting international and national musical acts, traveling Broadway shows and other major events. While we have a rich history in music and theatre performance events, Ad Astra is also available to host more intimate events such as private parties, weddings, wedding receptions and conferences. Ad Astra bartenders are available to service all private events; we unfortunately do not offer onsite catering. Individuals interested in providing food at an event are welcome to hire outside caterers. We have partnerships with several area restaurants and catering companies that offer a discount between 510 % to individuals or groups who are hosting their event at Ad Astra. We also staff a part-time event/party planner who is available to assist individuals and groups with the


event planning process. The costs of event planning services are dependent upon the size and type of event.

Who do we serve? Ad Astra Hall is interested in servicing the needs of any groups or individuals who need a space to host their event. In the past we have served national and local musicians, corporate entities, religious organizations, political organizations, school districts, government organizations, thespian A groups and many more.

80 60 Musicians 40



Theatrical Other

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Visual representation of groups served in 2012.

Operations Manager Definition The operations manager is responsible for overseeing all departments of Ad Astra Hall to ensure the successful operations of the establishment. Owners Operations Manager Mana

Bar Manager Bartenders

Shift Manager

Office Manager

Wait Staff/Bouncers

Human Resources

Description As the job title indicates, the operations manager plays a critical role in guaranteeing the day to day operations involving all levels of staff and management are executed in a manner that is beneficial to the success of our company. The operations manager guarantees that each and every part of the business operates in the most productive way possible, while simultaneously making efficient and economical use of available resources. The operations manager must maintain an encyclopedic and exhaustive cognitive framework of how the business works from all angles that will prove to be invaluable when troubleshooting major and minor business related issues.


Weekly Report As the operations manager, you are required to provide a written report on a weekly basis to the owners in which you will document remarkable and noteworthy happenings as well as problems that may have arisen and how they were addressed. Report Template: 1. Financial Account Review a. Income i. Ticket sales ii. Bar sales iii. Catering sales iv. Merchandise sales v. Venue rental sales b. Expenses i. Employee wages ii. Cost of products sold iii. Local advertising costs iv. Miscellaneous unexpected costs 2. Public Relations Report a. Discussions on various outreach endeavors and their results b. Weekly reviews from media outlets c. A discussion of the weekly blog post topic. The discussion will cover the following: i. Why the topic was chosen ii. How our audience reacted to the topic iii. What next week’s topic will be d. Any changes that were made to the official Ad Astra Hall website and why they were made e. Any outreach efforts that took place in the past week including: i. Local radio advertisements ii. Local television advertisements iii. Local newspaper advertisements

3. Human Resources Report a. Information about new employees hired b. Recently terminated employees c. Remarks on the most impressive staff member d. An overall verbal illustration of the Ad Astra team’s performance for the week


What we look for The operations manager plays an exceptional role in the success of our company; therefore we look for exceptional individuals to fill this position. The ideal candidate will have an upbeat and positive personality, strong verbal communication skills and a detail oriented mindset. The operations manager must also be a flexible problem solver; if for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with his or her experience it is the operations manager’s duty to remedy the situation. Consequently, we also look for an individual who possesses a knack for salesmanship. The operations manager must set the tone for how all staff is expected to interact with customers, guaranteeing that all members of the team are reaching, maintaining and even exceeding the established caliber of excellence.

Miscellaneous Information Vacation/Sick Days/Tardiness Vacation Time: Ad Astra Hall owners maintain a fundamental belief that hard work will result in exemplary results. We believe vacation time is an essential part of maintaining a positive work environment. Operations managers are awarded 2 weeks of paid vacation time every year. Any unused vacation time will not be accrued into the next calendar year. Managers at Ad Astra Hall give us so much; we want to guarantee that they take the time needed for themselves. Sick Days: If you will not be able to come into work, we ask that you let one of the owners know as soon as possible. All illness related absences must be documented by physician after 72 hours of absence. Benefits: Ad Astra operations managers are entitled to full health care and insurance coverage. This comprehensive and extremely competitive package includes dental and vision. In addition, the spouse and children of the operations manager are also entitled to the same health care package for an additional fee. Please contact the office manager for plans and pricing information, 913.744.1212 ext. 105, or Additionally, the operations manager receives twenty free tickets to all shows to pass out to family and friends.



Definition The bartender represents the face of Ad Astra Hall, as he or she will usually provide the most common interactive experience between the patron and the staff at an event. The bartender is an individual who is masterfully skilled in the areas of cocktail creation and small group communication, while maintaining a professional and friendly appearance at all times.

Description The bartender opens and closes the bar, maintains daily sales reports on all bar related transactions, re-stocks liquor and cereal malt beverages, changes kegs as needed and verifies that every customer ordering an alcoholic beverage is wearing a wristband. Opening Duties 1. Retrieve money bag (marked with current date) from the safe and dispose the amount of 50s, 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s, and change into the registers as indicated by the slip inside of the money bag 2. Return money bag to safe 3. Turn on the registers for the day and enter necessary key functions. [See Register instruction booklet near register 1 for detailed instructions] 4. Double-check to make sure the necessary bottles were restocked the night before 5. Remove keg tap caps and place them in a cup of sanitary water behind the bar 6. Pull barstools down and wipe down the entire bar area with a sanitized towel Closing Duties 1. Remove all cash and credit card receipts from registers 2. Print a ‘daily sales report’ and compare the total amount of cash and funds indicated by the credit card receipts to the total amount rendered in the ‘daily sales report’. [See Register instruction booklet near register 1 for detailed instructions] 3. Organize all bills and credit card receipts, bind them with a paper clip and put them into the money bag 4. Return the money bag to the safe 5. Turn off the register [See Register instruction booklet near register 1 for detailed instructions] 6. Make a list of how many beer and wine bottles, liquor bottles and kegs of each kind need to be replaced. Use list to restock from the walk in cooler 7. Note anything that is out of stock and leave it in a note for the bar manager to reorder 8. Wash any remaining dirty glasses and return them to their proper locations 9. Wipe down the entire bar area with a sanitary towel, fill a cup with 50 % hot water and 50 % bleach and pour down keg drain


10. Place barstools upside down on top of bar

What we look for Bartenders at Ad Astra Hall are highly motivated, outgoing and professional individuals who have a passion for music and a gift for delivering superior customer service. As a bartender at Ad Astra Hall you can expect to have a career that is fun, exciting and lucrative. In accordance with the laws of the state of Kansas, we do not allow employees to consume alcohol while working and expect every customer is charged for their drinks. Ad Astra bartenders are some of the best in the business and while previous industry experience is not always required we expect our bartenders to quickly learn a wide variety of cocktails and drinks beyond even our normal menu.

Miscellaneous Information Vacation/Sick Days/Tardiness Vacation Time: At Ad Astra Hall, we feel that paid vacation time is necessary in order to maintain a positive and successful working atmosphere. Fulltime bartenders who average 30 hours per week over an annual basis are qualified to take 5 paid vacation days per year. If vacation days are not used they can be applied to the next calendar year for up to 3 years. All employees’ using vacation days must give the operations manager at least 2 weeks advance notice before paid vacation time can be applied. Sick Days: If you are sick or unable to work your shift for any reason, please let the operations manager know by phone, 913.744.1212 ext. 101, at least 4 hours before your shift begins. Please make every attempt possible to cover your shift BEFORE calling the operations manager and also let him or her know who will be coming in your place. Any illness related absences lasting beyond two days will require documentation from a physician. NOTE: Unused vacation time cannot be applied to sick days unless the operations manager approves the request.

Benefits: In addition to receiving 5 paid vacation days a year, fulltime bartender’s at Ad Astra Hall who average 30 hours per week over an entire year are qualified to receive full health insurance coverage including dental and vision through the company’s insurance


provider. Please contact the office manager for plans and pricing information, 913.744.1212 ext. 105, or You are also eligible to receive 6 free tickets to each show you are working to pass out to family and friends and 4 free tickets to shows you are not working. (Some exclusions may apply depending on the show, demand for tickets, etc.)

Serving Alcohol As an establishment licensed to serve liquor and cereal malt beverages Ad Astra Hall is committed to following and enforcing all laws and codes by the state of Kansas relating to the sale and service of liquor and CMB’s. It is imperative that all employees greatly familiarize themselves with the information presented in this section. If you have any questions please immediately contact the bar manager by phone, 913.744.1212 ext. 102, or by email,

Who may serve alcohol at Ad Astra Hall? Only the owners, operations manager, bar managers and bartenders who are on the clock may serve alcohol. All other employees must refrain from going behind the bar during and after business hours. Individuals who are employed to serve alcohol must be at least 21 years of age or older, have no prior felony convictions and may not have more than three alcohol related convictions within the last five years. Note: Drinking while working at Ad Astra Hall is STRICTLY prohibited. Employees engaging in this behavior will be terminated immediately.

Hours and Days of Bar Service: Ad Astra Hall is permitted by the state of Kansas to serve alcohol seven days a week, only between the hours of 9 AM and 2 AM. “Last call” or the cut off time for customers to place final drink orders is 1:30 AM. If a customer has not finished their drink by 2 AM it is the bartender’s duty to ask them to throw it away. Failure to enforce this rule may result in fines issued by the ABC or other law enforcement officers to the bartenders and the venue itself.

General Rules for Bar Service: Employees who are qualified to serve alcohol must strictly adhere to the following rules while working at Ad Astra Hall:


● Check the wrists and hands of all customers ordering a drink to verify they are wearing a wristband that signifies they have been carded at the door and are old enough to consume alcohol NOTE: Customers who are under the age of 21 will have the tops of their hands X’d with a permanent marker before entering the venue ● Ask to see a valid ID [see carding section for a list of valid ID’s] if a customer ordering a drink at the bar appears to be under the age of 30, presents a debit/credit card or is not wearing a wristband ● Refrain from selling any beverage other than beer in a pitcher ● Abstain from offering to give away or purchase free drinks for customers or other employees who are off the clock, and remember that drinks cannot be sold for less than the actual value of the liquor or CMB ● Discontinue service to intoxicated customers who are displaying signs that they might be a liability to themselves, the venue or other patrons If you need assistance with a customer, tell the bar manager, bouncers or operations manager.

Carding: In order to protect our liquor license and uphold the laws and codes established by the state of Kansas in relation to serving liquor and cereal malt beverages to the public, it is vital that we verify every customer consuming alcohol while at Ad Astra Hall is genuinely of the legal drinking age. Bouncers are required to request a valid photo ID from all patrons who appear to be under the age of 40. If a person refuses to show ID or does not have an ID on their person, bouncers are required to mark the individual’s hands with an X to signify that they are not authorized to consume alcohol. This procedure is mandatory at all events, including private parties and weddings. If you cannot absolutely Events that are not large enough to staff bouncers will depend upon bartenders and other staff to follow the same protocol before providing liquor and CMB services to customers. Accepted forms of identification: ● Driver’s license ● Passport

verify that the individual presenting the ID is not of the legal drinking age, then do not hesitate to return the ID and refuse entry to the venue.


● Military ID ● State issued ID card ● International ID Only VALID ID’s will be accepted. If an ID is expired the customer must be marked with X’s. In the state of Kansas, a common form of an expired ID will be an ID issued before turning 21. This ID is vertical and can only be used as a back-up form of photo identification; it is not considered a sufficient form to drink because it will be expired. The only exception is if an individual has turned 21 at midnight on that day.

An example of an underaged vertical license and a horizontal 21 + license.

Fake ID’s: Occasionally individuals who are underage will attempt to gain access to the venue using an ID card that is fraudulent or by using an ID of a friend or family member whom they might resemble. If an ID appears to be a fake, or if it does not resemble or match the description of the person presenting it, ask for a second form of photo ID. If you are still unsure if the person presenting the ID is actually of age, ask them questions such as their address, date of birth, height or other information that is available on the ID card. A booklet with photos of each state’s current and former ID’s is available behind register 1 at each of the three bars inside the venue, and at both entrances of the venue. Tips for spotting a fake ID: ● Feel the edges of the ID


ID’s that are fraudulent will most likely not be smooth and will possibly have a clear strip over the plastic that the information was printed on. Run your nail along the edges of the card to feel if the surface is uneven. ● Check for holograms Hold the ID under the black light that will be provided at all bars and entrances. If the hologram does not glow, or if the ID lacks a hologram then immediately refuse service. ● Examine the picture If an ID is a fake the picture might appear to be blurrier than normal. Look closely to see if the background behind the person is consistent, or if the colors seem realistic. ● Notice body language/anxiety If a person is presenting a fake ID, they will most likely be nervous. Check to see if they are maintaining eye contact, or fidgeting with other objects. Common sense is our best safeguard against underage drinking. If you are unsure about an ID you should always request to see a second form, ask them about the information that is available on the card or have a manager or other staff member examine the ID. If you discover that an ID is fraudulent, or cannot completely verify the identity of the customer, do not confiscate the ID, simply return the ID and refuse service. Contact a manager immediately if issues arise.

Sexual Harassment What is it? Advances of a sexual nature that is unsolicited and unwelcome.

Our Stance We maintain a thoroughly unadulterated and absolute zero tolerance policy on any and all forms of sexual harassment. It is our responsibility as both a professional organization and socially conscious individuals to protect each and every employee, regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, creed, religious affiliation, political affiliation, age, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in our place of business. Violation of any part of our sexual harassment


policy is not only an infringement of the company culture but also a complete disregard of federal and state regulations and will be treated as such. Violation of the sexual harassment policy impedes the first-rate work environment that Ad Astra Hall’s founding father and mother strove for. Any person who condones such behavior is treated just as seriously. If you witness such transgressions, please report it immediately to a supervisor, or if necessary, the operations manager, 913.744.1212, ext. 101.

Open Door Initiative In an effort to foster a pleasant and productive workplace environment we encourage an open line of communication between staff and uppermanagement. An effective and satisfied team has always been of upmost importance. The Open Door Initiative was one of the founding principles that Ad Astra Hall was built upon. If at any time you feel something needs to be addressed, do not hesitate to speak with a manager. Ad Astra Hall often promotes its managers and supervisors from within. This means that they will understand what it is like to be in your shoes and will be able to relate with your experiences. If you have an idea for how to improve any aspect of the company, a problem with another person on the team, or even simply a funny joke you would like to share, the door is always open and what you have to say is always important to the management team.

Employee FAQ When will I be eligible to receive company benefits? This is dependent upon your position within the company. Please see the benefits section of your respective position for more information. What do I do if I am hurt while working? If you become hurt or injured while working it is important to let upper management know immediately. To be eligible for workman’s compensation you must let the operations manager know as soon as possible in order for proper paperwork to be filled out. Please note that if you are taken to the hospital due to a work related injury you will be required to pass a drug and alcohol screening paid for by Ad Astra Hall in order to obtain workman’s compensation benefits. Is it possible for me to access my compensation information online?


It is! If you are interested please speak with the human resources department, 913.744.1212, ext. 103, to get your online account set up. Is direct deposit available? Yes, we do offer direct deposit to our part-time and full-time employees. Please take a voided check to the human resources department and allow 30 days for direct deposit to take effect. How may I acquire an additional employee handbook? Every employee receives one copy of the Ad Astra Hall employee handbook upon arrival of the first day of the orientation period. To receive an additional copy free of charge, please contact the human resources department, 913.744.1212, ext. 103, Is there a standard dress code that I must abide by? Absolutely not! We simply ask that you exercise discerning taste in your work attire and consider leaving what a great deal of others might find offensive out of the work place. In the unfortunate case that there are any issues with an employee’s attire, management will deal with it on a case by case basis. What about tattoos, piercings or unnatural color treated hair? At Ad Astra, we have no qualms with expressing individuality! You are free to express yourself with tattoos, piercings or hair dye anyway you please as long as you are abiding by the rules and laws established by the state of Kansas. Are employees allowed to smoke on their shifts? Yes. Employees are allowed to smoke during their shifts but must do so outside. A designated smoking area is available to employees on the east side of the building complete with proper seating, a used cigarette depository and a vending machine. At times Ad Astra Hall can be an extremely high volume venue, smoke breaks will be granted at the discretion of the manager in charge. If I have a problem with the way something is being handled by a manger, what should I do? If you have an issue with the actions of your immediate or upper level supervisors please contact the operations manager, 913.744.1212, ext. 101,, as we would like to have any raised contentions handled is soon as possible.


What are the rules regarding the consumption of alcohol on Ad Astra premises after a shift? This is not a problem; simply act responsibly in your consumption as you are still representing your company. How do I clock in and out of each shift? We provide all Ad Astra staff members with a magnetic key card. This is used to swipe in and out for shifts and lunch breaks. What is the policy on lunch breaks? Every employee working a full 6-hour day will receive a lunch break. The length of this lunch break will depend upon what is going on at the moment. If we are extremely busy, your lunch break must exceed no more than 30 minutes. During slower periods, you may take forty five minutes to an hour if you desire. Does Ad Astra Hall provide meals for staff members? Yes, we have a staff cafeteria that is open to employees during operation hours. Any food here is available to our staff free of charge. Bon AppĂŠtit!

Employee Awareness Form I acknowledge that as a member of the Ad Astra Hall team, it is my responsibility to maintain a thorough knowledge and awareness of the establishment’s policies and regulations. I realize that this is not a binding contract for employment with Ad Astra Hall and that the relationship can be terminated by either me or Ad Astra Hall management at any time with or without notice and/or reason. I acknowledge that my failure to abide by the established rules may result in termination. The above has been acknowledged by me. I agree to abide by these rules put in place. Additionally my signature is representative of my agreement to be terminated upon nonfulfillment of my obligation.

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