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As February 17th nears, the faculty, staff and boys and girls basketball teams are gearing up for the charity basketball game. CCHS has decided to host the first annual faculty vs. team basketball game to raise money for the James and Lindsay Layer Foundation. The James and Lindsay Layer Foundation is a charity foundation that raises money to fund athletic seniors with hard earned college scholarships. Each year the foundation collects money for scholarship grants for two selected, hardworking seniors. “We want to help kids go to college and we need to raise $1,000 for each student,” Stacy Layer said. With no funds there can be no scholarships, so Zicardi decided to help out with raising money, he’s hosting the first annual staff vs. players’ basketball game. Because the Layers were involved in athletics it is only appropriate that those receiving the scholarships are also involved and there’s no better way to fundraise than by a basketball game. “I had the pleasure of personally knowing James and Lindsay and I have chosen to help out their foundation,” guidance counselor Ron Zicardi said. “I really hope the outcome of this game is good.” With high hopes and great intentions, this charity event will continue annually in the memory of the Layer’s. These games won’t just raise money for the foundation but they will also bring the community closer together in a fun and bonding spirit. “We’ll win because the teachers definitely aren’t in shape,” senior Ryan Grubbs said. With tough competition and aggression the faculty vs. staff charity game will raise money in the process of finding out who truly is the best basketball team. (Special thanks to Zicardi from the Layers)

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