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THIS ISSUE: Special Edition Issue - ANA’s 2011 Wrap-up A Look at Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going Benefits of Being an ANA Member

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In this issue of Southwest Horticulture, we are taking time to tell you what the Arizona Nursery Association has accomplished this year and what is to come in 2012. We will cover the five main areas of focus, Education, Promotion, Member Benefits/Services, Legislative and Regulatory, and ANAFUND. As members of this association, you have the opportunity to reap the benefits that are available. Take a journey with us by reading this special edition of Southwest Horticulture and learn what your Dues Dollars are buying you!

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Mission Statement Southwest Horticulture Magazine is the official news and educational publication of the Arizona Nursery Association, its members, affiliates and officers. It provides opportunities for academics to publish research of importance to ANA members, communicates significant information about ANA members and events, contains information that increases knowledge within the industry and presents a professional image of our members and affiliates. It offers advertising space to ANA members and non-members, which generates revenues in excess of publication costs. The statements and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Arizona Nursery Association or its members. Likewise, the appearance of advertisers, or their identification as members of ANA does not constitute an endorsement of the products or services featured. SouthwestHorticulture is published bi-monthly by the Arizona Nursery Association. It is sent to ANA and ALCA members as a membership benefit. Subscription rate for non-members is $50 per year. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to 1430 West Broadway, Suite 110, Tempe, Arizona 85282. Phone: 480-966-1610.

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November/December 2011 | 1

frontline Rob Johns, President It Has Been a Great Ride! The last two years as ANA President has been a great experience. As my term ended Rob Johns last week appropriately, I would say, with me riding off into the sunset on a paint horse provided by Rawhide, I wanted to use this column to thank some folks and say some things I really didn’t get to state at the meeting. WOW….the last two years really opened my eyes. I got to meet a lot of people I never knew before and I mean that in a broad way. I met some nursery folks who I never had the pleasure of knowing through all my years in this business. I was able to meet politicians, agency personnel and other association Presidents and staff. I really enjoyed that part, as most of you know, I’m not shy! I talked to them all just as me, a common nursery owner, and you know what, I learned they are no different than we are. Was it stressful to be ANA President? Sure it was. At times I was asked to do things which took me out of my comfort zone. I had anxiety and wondered if I could actually go to DC or present the Poinsettia to the Governor. I made the commitment and I tried throughout the two years to not shun any of the responsibility. I believe I lived up to that task and Cheryl tells me I really grew in my leadership role. Would I have selected this very challenging economic time to be president? Probably not. It would have been easier and maybe more fun to have been President when times were good and we all had money in our pockets. Through these challenges I tried to


just rely on my gut instinct that this is our association, we need to support and be active in it no matter what the economic situation is. During the years, I strived to run ANA like I would my business and made decisions in the best interest of ANA. Everyone didn’t always agree with me but, they stood behind me because I hope they knew that I always had ANA’s best interest at heart. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the Board of Directors and committee members who served these past two years. I won’t list your name, you know who you are. THANK YOU. You have all gone above and beyond the call of duty in your service and I appreciate you. To Cheryl and the ANA Staff, thank you. You guys are the soul to the ANA. Well, it is now time to give the reigns to Joe Traficano or as I like to call him, Big Joe T. Keep those LLC’s going and make the G-force for the young folks into something that will serve us well in the future. ANA, you are in good hands. Joe will show you some solid leadership. We share the same core values with a little different spin. I wish Joe the best of luck and a little better economy for our industry. And, don’t worry, I’m not going away. I intend to always be a great supporter of ANA as I expect all of you to be as well. Happy Trails!

Education Grows Success! Register now for our popular educational seminar tracks.

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Great Educational and Networking Opportunities %FDJTJPO.BLFSTt$BMJGPSOJB /FWBEBBOE0SFHPO"UUFOEFFT


January 18, 2012 8 am to 4 pm Sacramento Community Convention Center 2 | southwestHORTICULTURE

Arizona Nursery Association

insights Cheryl Goar, CAE, Executive Director The Year in Review and a Peek into 2012 If you recall last year, Rob suggested we do away with the traditional ANA Annual Report and we re-capped the year with photos and information in the November/December issue of Southwest Horticulture. It was a successful issue so we decided to produce it again this year. In this issue, you will have the opportunity to read about some of our most successful projects from this past year and see what we have planned for next year and how you can be a part of it all. The Local Lunch Connections (LLCs) continue to be our first line of getting out there and seeing our members around the valley and state. In addition to learning about what ANA is doing for our members and offering as services, you get to have lunch and visit with other ANA members. We find that the networking time at the LLCs is the most popular as you all seem to be too busy to get out and visit with each other. We plan to hold Spring and Fall LLCs next year so watch for the date announcement and mark your calendars. The Plant Something Campaign continues to thrive with the addition of another grant next year. We have branched out into other states and have signed up Minnesota and Idaho! We really hope this develops into a national initiative to get out there and

Plant Something! If your retail nursery is not yet involved with the campaign, make sure to pay your ANA dues and we will Cheryl Goar be happy to add you to the promotion. Remember, the website is For next year, we plan to continue our successful programs and add another new area of focus, the young people in our industry. The G-force had a small kick-off session in November and we plan to get them active in 2012. If you have a young person in your operation who would like to get involved, give us a call with their email. We’ll add them to the group. I hope you enjoy this issue which highlights this year and hopefully reminds you why you need to pay that dues invoice which is probably sitting on your desk right now. We need your support in 2012 to continue to provide the programs and services which can really make your business thrive. Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays to you all!




Providing quality plant material with quick and dependable service. Pick from a large selection of plant material. 1 Gallon to 36” box. Specializing in plants that thrive in our desert environment.

NURSERY LOCATION: Jeff: 602-809-4150 8606 West McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85037


CALL FOR PRICE QUOTES Tree Farm: 623-936-1742 Jonathan Mobile: 602-903-3700 Fax: 623-936-4737

“Green and Growing”

9559 N. Camino Del Plata • Tucson, AZ 85742 1-800-873-3041 • 1-520-297-5664 • Fax 520-297-5035

November/December 2011 | 3


The Local Lunch Connections (LLC’s) Education is at the root of maintaining have become one of our most popular venues a qualified workforce to stay in-tune and tuned in. We held 6 events at varying locations including Tucson and ensuring that and Payson with an average of 20 attendees. future nursery and Members had the opportunity to brain green industry storm about common challenges as well professionals are as get the latest in Arizona industry news well trained and and Association updates. How often these competent. ANA has continued the Arizona Certified Nursery days do you get to sit down with your peers Professional program (ACNP) and has found and catch up over lunch? The elusive free lunch really does exist…for ANA members this type of certification to be valuable to a wide range of horticultural workers. Thank or potential members. Let’s have lunch in 2012. you to all of our wonderful instructors, scoring volunteers and providers of plant material. Congratulations to this year’s graduates and newest Certified Nursery Professionals: Preston Cox, Boyce Thompson Arboretum Sal Bracale, Moon Valley Nurseries Chris Evan, Boyce Thompson Arboretum

SHADE 2012 will be held August 10th, again at the Renaissance Glendale. There will be another line-up of relevant topics, stellar speakers and networking opportunities. Mark your calendar! Beyond SHADE and ACNP, ANA also looks within the industry for knowledge to share with members for safety training,

Networking ANAFUND People usually only associate ANAFUND with educational scholarships, but actually one of our best social events is an ANAFUND fundraiser. Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been at a variety of locations with different themes, but in addition to raising scholarship moneys - a combined $10,000 this year - it is a real funraiser SHADE with many networking opportunities. If you Just fewer than 400 industry haven’t attended yet, you should check it out professionals attended the 2011 Southwest for 2012! Horticulture Annual Day of Education (SHADE) at the Renaissance Glendale Local Lunch Connections Conference Center. The extensive program included five trade-relevant tracks: Irrigation, Business, Design, Trees & Plants, and Pest Management & Plant Health. CEU’s were offered by OPM, ISA, GCSAA, ADA, ASLA and IA. SHADE continues to be the canopy of green industry education while maintaining affordable registration and providing full annual requirements for continuing education units. 4 | southwestHORTICULTURE

Arizona Nursery Association

technical education and industry updates. As an example Kelly Young, University of Arizona Maricopa County Extension, has provided us with an article on Glow Worms that you can find on the read below.

Strangers in the Night Kelly Murray Young Assistant Agent, Horticulture University of Arizona Cooperative Extension 4341 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040 Cell/text: 602-390-0651, In November of 2010, I got a call from a man who claimed that when he walked across his new ryegrass lawn at night, his footprints left a faint green glow in the grass. At first I thought he was a prank caller, but after we talked a bit, I realized he was sincere. Always anxious to solve a mystery, I started conducting research to find out if bioluminescence in ryegrass was a familiar phenomenon. Bioluminescence is far more common in marine habitats than in fresh water or on land. If you have travelled by sea at night, you may have witnessed the brilliant blue glow from millions of singlecelled marine algae called dinoflagellates . Dinoflagellates emit light in response to mechanical disturbance, such as the force of a boat powering through the water, or being hunted by predators. The brighter the sun the day before, the more intense the light given off by the algae that night. Fireflies, which are flying beetles, are examples of terrestrial bioluminescent insects that are common in some parts of the United States. Many of us recall fond childhood memories of capturing fireflies and stealing their glow. Several species of fireflies occur in Arizona, but ours don’t glow like those from the Midwest. Another potential explanation for the glowing footprints in the lawn was something called “foxfire”. Foxfire is the blueish-green glow that can be seen while hiking in the damp forests at night and is caused by wood-rotting fungi from the genus Armillaria. There is plenty of decomposing organic matter in the mulches used to topdress ryegrass seed and probably some associated Armillaria as well, so this seemed like a plausible explanation for the unusual glow in a recently installed winter lawn. I called the client back and asked him to submit a sample, but he never brought one in. We had to leave that one in the “Unsolved Mysteries” file, at least for the

time being. This past November I got another call about a glowing ryegrass lawn. This time it was from a woman whose children were reporting that their rygrass lawn was teeming with glow-in-the-dark worms. The children had been playing with them each night, and were able to rub off the glowing substance onto their hands. I asked her to bring in a chunk of the sod, plus some of the worms preserved in alcohol. The family delivered the samples the very next day, anxious for an explanation. We took the sod into a dark room and sure enough, the worms were excreting little pearls of mucus that glowed green in the dark! Thanks to the good work of curious children armed with flashlights and hand trowels, we were able to determine that earthworms were the source of the eerie green light underfoot. There are at least 33 species of bioluminescent earthworms around the world and we are fortunate to have at least one right here in Arizona. The samples preserved in alcohol are awaiting final identification by an annelid specialist, or someone that studies segmented worms. Contact me in a few weeks if you are interested in learning the outcome of the identification. Another scientist, Dr. John E. Wampler, emeritus professor from the University of Georgia Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, has done extensive research on the biology of bioluminescence and the mechanisms that allow earthworms to glow in the dark. Although we still don’t understand why earthworms produce mucus that glows, Dr. Wampler has made great strides in explaining how they do. Visit his site at http://bmbiris.bmb.uga. edu/wampler/ to learn more about his work and the biology behind glowing earthworms.

November/December 2011 | 5

2011 ANA Annual Meeting Celebrates Outstanding Industry Members & Scholarship Recipients The 2011 Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner was held on December 1st at Rawhide Steakhouse in Chandler. Our successful Plant Something campaign was the theme for the night and bright green stakes abounded. We celebrated not only outstanding members and scholarship recipients, but also the relevance of ANA to your business success. Rawhide’s festive holiday decorations and lighting complimented our theme and highlighted the colorful Silent Auction items. Friends, family and colleagues sharing an abundance of laughter, great grilled grub and memorable stories reminded us of how much we still have to celebrate and be thankful for. We also had the opportunity to support re-forestation efforts in Arizona with donations to the National Forest Foundation and donors went home with beautiful gift baskets, provided by Shawn Cox, his family and friends. Thank you, Shawn, for bringing us this new charity for the season of giving. President Rob Johns was the Master of Ceremony for the evening. Outstanding industry leaders were recognized with awards, five horticultural students in attendance were awarded ANAFUND scholarships, business matters were conducted, and Scott Tenge, Queen Creek Growers, and Matt Bigham, Western Growers Insurance Services, were added to the board of directors. In review of some of 2011’s best activities, ANA members stood and explained why they “planted their stake” in an ANA program and how it benefitted them professionally: Bart Worthington Insurance Programs; Beth Gosnell - Safety Committee; Eric Johnson - LLC’s; Jay Harper – ACNP; Carol Ward Morris - Plant Something; Scott Tenge - Container Grown Tree Guide; Phil Hemminghaus – Regulatory Activism; Jim Drake - Southwest Horticulture Magazine; and Dan Scholl - SHADE.


6 | southwestHORTICULTURE

To begin our presentations Cindy Riding, ANAFUND Scholarship Chair, and Matt Bigham, Western Growers Insurance Services, introduced the ANAFUND scholarship winners. ANAFUND, the charity foundation of ANA, supported the continuation of studies for 14 horticulture students with scholarships totaling $12,725. The students who were in attendance received the following scholarships: Victoria Payne, Ladd Smith, totaling $1,000; Mathew Fruth, Vlachos, Wheat and General Fund, totaling $1,000; Emily Kolnitys, General Fund, totaling $800; Carly Franklin, Kazan, Harper and General Fund, totaling $475; and Nick Hemminghaus, Hemminghaus and General Fund, totaling $475. All of the scholarship winners, as our “seedlings for the future”, are a welcome addition to the ANA family. The Arizona Nursery Association offers its sincere appreciation to the ANAFUND Scholarship Committee Chair, Cindy Riding, and committee members Roger Athey and Jean McGrath. ANA also thanks Western Growers for sponsoring the dinners for the scholarship award recipients. The evening continued with award presentations to outstanding industry leaders. In accordance with our Plant Something theme, beautifully engraved D-handle shovels, suitable for wall art, were presented this year. The first award was the Salesperson of the Year Award, given for exceptional customer service. We had a unique situation this year with two winners from one company – L & L Nursery Supply. Quite a statement about their employee training and support programs! Greg Menke, a 25-year L & L veteran, representing the company in Tucson, and Scott Wright, with the company for 12 years and covering the Phoenix area were recognized by their clients and peers. The next award was the prestigious Board of Directors Award,

Arizona Nursery Association

in appreciation of an outstanding contribution to the association. Once again, we had two deserving recipients. The Arizona State Capitol Centennial Beautification Project has required seemingly endless hours of meetings and coordination from a variety of stakeholders. Two people were instrumental in getting and keeping all of the landscape improvements together. Janet Waibel, Waibel & Associates, and Clint Hickman of Hickman’s Family Farms partnered with ANA in bringing this project to fruition. From site walks, media collaboration and meetings with legislators, to design and product donations, their passion for this project has helped transform one of Arizona’s most important and visited sites. Be sure to stop by and walk the Capitol Mall. The Arizona Certified Nursery Professional Award is given to the person with the highest score on the ACNP exam. The 2011 recipient was Preston Cox, from the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, who scored an 89% average on the four test components. Congratulation Preston! The Associate Member Award highlights an allied member who significantly contributes to association programs and our industry. DLC Resources has consistently supported industry education and specifically supports ANA’s SHADE conference, with several employees serving on the SHADE committee. Thank you DLC for their time and expertise. The Safety Award is nominated by the Safety Committee and approved by the Board. It recognizes an outstanding safety record by a member company. The 2011 recipient was Arid Zone Trees, with a zero-loss

ratio for four years running. Justin Morrow accepted on behalf of AZT. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Cindy Riding of V & P Nurseries. This honors an individual who has contributed extraordinarily not only in the past year, but for an extended period of time. Cindy, an ANA past president, personifies the commitment and passion of truly outstanding service, having served for many years as chair of the Trade Show, the Scholarship Committee and Saturday Night Live. She teaches ACNP classes and is one of the top sellers of Green Raffle tickets to support our scholarship fund… and all with that irresistible smile! Thank you, Cindy, for your past and continued support of ANA. ANA President Rob Johns presented the President’s Award to the two women in his life, his mother Alice Johns, and his wife, Melissa. Rob says his mom got a headache when he was born and had it until Melissa inherited it 35 years ago. Congratulations once again to all of our award winners! Rob thanked the ANA Board of Directors, the ANAFUND Board of Directors, and all of the various committee members. In closing Rob reminded us, as always, “Remember, it’s your association!” He thanked the participants and wished everyone Happy Holidays. Following the election of the 2012 Board of Directors, incoming President, Joe Traficano, thanked Rob for his service, presenting him with a gift. Looking to 2012, Joe plans to continue with the successful programs in place, stay in touch with members to continue ANA’S relevance and support, and grow the G-force to reinforce ANA’S future. Joe then announced one last presentation for the night and everyone followed Rob outside where a fine steed awaited. We all watched as Rob then rode off into the sunset (well actually, the moonlight).ANA Past President, Ken Williams, presented the 2012 ANA Board of Directors and Officers. ANA Board of Directors and Officers: President: Joe Traficano, West Coast Turf President-Elect: Jay Harper, Harper’s Nursery Treasurer: Eric Johnson, Western Tree Company Board of Directors: Jimmy Fox, Evergreen Turf Cindy Riding, V&P Nurseries Les Shipley, Civano Nursery Phil Hemminghaus, Wilbur Ellis Don Waltemeyer, Treeland Nurseries Emily Kout, Native Resources Rob Palfreyman, Pima Valley Greenhouses Dan Scholl Scott Tenge, Queen Creek Growers Associate Reps: Matt Bigham, Western Growers Insurance Services Carol Ward-Morris, AMWUA Roger Ramsey, Ewing Irrigation Ex-Officio Member: Brett Cameron, Arizona Department of Agriculture Past President: Rob Johns November/December 2011 | 7

ANA represents its members and assistance in this area for our at regulatory agencies and at the members. State and Federal Legislature Citrus Greening Issue/ each session on issues facing the ACP/Fire Ants industry at that time. Throughout The Asian Citrus Psyllid which caused this year, we have worked havoc on the business of Sunset Nursery in Yuma was finally resolved diligently on at the beginning of this year. ANA • budget cuts and new fees followed up on this work with a visit to for Arizona Departmentof Washington, DC in September to meet with Agriculture Rebecca Bech at APHIS. President Rob • merger of the Office of Pest Johns and Executive Director Cheryl Goar Management into the Arizona stressed to her that many businesses could Department of Agriculture not have survived the quarantine actions • citrus greening issues to which Sunset Nursery was subject and • dust regulation to make a plan for better communication in the future. Fire Ants were also found • CDL exemption regulatory this year and ANA assisting in making sure issues the regulators took the quarantine action • Immigration reform We also worked with our partners in agriculture in educating the Legislature on the value of our industry. This was accomplished through events such as the Agriculture Legislative Luncheon and the Legislative Intern Agriculture Tour. ANA truly wants to serve as an addition to your team on regulatory and legislative issues. Cheryl, ANA Executive Director, is a registered lobbyist for the association and would like to encourage members to call their “extra staff person” at ANA to help resolve the issues they are facing. You can contact her at cgoar@azna. org or at (480) 966-1610.

CDL Exemption Even though changes in the CDL law were made last session, members continue to be stopped for perceived agricultural violations and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) issues. ANA not only worked with several members last year to resolve these issues, Cheryl accompanied one member to city court. To ANA’s knowledge, all tickets have been dismissed but it is still taking up too much member’s time and money to address these tickets. ANA will continue to work diligently with other agricultural associations next year for clarifications 8 | southwestHORTICULTURE

necessary with the least impact on member business activities. No matter how large or small the issue may be, ANA will work as diligently as possible and lobby at all levels to try to resolve the regulatory issue for your business.

Poinsettias Each December, ANA welcomes and recognizes legislative leaders and the Governor with Arizona grown Poinsettias. Though the gesture may seem of little significance, it is actually of great benefit. ANA board members take the opportunity to visit each office, shake hands, and introduce themselves. This alone is a huge step in building credibility. It is an activity that sheds positive energy around our industry and our members so that when we need the elected officials’ support, initial contact has already been made.

Arizona Nursery Association

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November/December 2011 | 9

During these tough economical times, ANA has recognized the need for promoting the importance of the green industry. In addition to the association magazine, Southwest Horticulture and the annual Directory and Buyer’s Guide, ANA again enlarged the MARKETPLACE at SHADE as well as expanding the Plant Something Campaign, especially designed for retail nursery use.

ANA Website ANA’s website,, is an excellent source of information for members and non-members. ANA members may list employment opportunities on the website free of charge. Member companies may also offer links from the ANA site to their business site for a minimal charge of $100. If you would like to post something to the site, contact the ANA office at or call (480) 966-1610.





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THIS ISSUE: Container Grown Tree Guide Debuts Partners in Research Project SHADE 2011




ANA Directory & Buyer’s Guide ORY IRECT D 1 1 20 and UIDE ’S G BUYER











Southwest Horticulture magazine continued production with 6 issues this year. We remain proud of our publication, even as it has become smaller it remains focused on member needs. We encourage article submission as well as fun tid-bits to be added to Industry News. We offer a classified section at $45 per posting. Advertising rates for the magazine can be found on our website If you would like to submit anything to the magazine, you can do so by emailing the office at cgoar@azna. org or calling (480) 966-1610.


Southwest Horticulture

The Directory & Buyer’s Guide is an annual publication. It includes all the members of our association as well as the year’s board, committees and member benefits and services. It is a great reference. Advertising rates for the buyer’s guide can also be found at





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10 | southwestHORTICULTURE

Arizona Nursery Association

Plant Something Campaign ANA has received three Specialty Crop Block Grants from the US Department of Agriculture. These grants keep building on each other to make a $300,000 campaign! This year many exciting new promotional items were completed for the campaign, namely the website was revised to add new features, plastic window clings and medium stakes were purchased, a six-week radio advertising campaign was aired on KTAR and several members hosted time on other radio shows! Supplies to “stock up” members who have run out of promotional items are available by contacting the ANA office. This year the promotion was extended beyond retail to speak to the city and municipal landscape crowds with the addition of a revised ANA Tree Guide. This publication features the Plant Something theme and serves as a guide to selecting a container grown tree in Arizona. This publication debuted at the Plant Something co-sponsored Tree & Shade Summit held in March. Over 200 professionals attended this event and ANA was given two speaking times to promote the Plant Something campaign and the tree guide. Another exciting addition to the campaign was the chance to sprout the campaign in other states, with Minnesota and Idaho being the first to join. Next year, we hope to license the campaign to other states and add even more promotional tools to our member’s Plant Something toolbox. Make sure to watch in 2012 to see this campaign GROW!

The MARKETPLACE at SHADE The MARKETPLACE at SHADE began in 2009 as a way for conference attendees to mix and mingle in a business friendly, yet fun and educational environment. This year, the MARKETPLACE again grew with a total of 47 tabletop displays. Attendees continue to talk about how wonderful the MARKETPLACE was and participants of the expo felt it was very worthwhile. ANA plans to enlarge the MARKETPLACE at SHADE 2012. If you are interested in having a table top display, please us at or call (480) 966-1610.

November/December 2011 | 11

Join ANA’s new Member’s- Only forum today! It is a great opportunity to have exclusive conversations with other people in the nursery industry. You will also have access to the online ANA Buyer’s Guide when you become a member of the forum.

Growing Native Desert Trees and Ornamental Shade Trees

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Welcome to the Arizona Nursery Association Member’s Only Forum All you have to do is follow four easy steps: 1) Make sure membership has been renewed or become a new member of the ANA 2) Go to and click on member forum 3) Create a username and password 4) Write a message and network with your fellow industry members! We look forward to welcoming you as a new forum member!

D[[^XZ+%'"')("+&'*™;Vm+%'"')("(,+) ()%&:#Hdji]Zgc6kZ#E]dZc^m!6O-*%)%"(-)+


Growing with the Southwest {ruellia brittoniana ‘katie’} {bougainvillea ‘barbara karst’}

{caesalpinia pulcherrima}

{agave vilmoriniana}

V & P Nurseries, Inc.

Gilbert • Chino Valley • Queen Creek Corporate Sales 480-917-9847 • Fax 480-917-2856

12 | southwestHORTICULTURE

Arizona Nursery Association

ANA offers numerous opportunities for members to receive discounts on various services and programs. Significant savings may be found when members use AMO, an office supply discount program; Hertz rental car discounts; and prescription drug discounts.

Health, Life, Property, Casualty and Crop Insurance Benefits Western Growers provides an array of medical insurance plans including major medical, HMO/PPO plans as well as competitive pricing on specially designed industry insurance packages. WGA, Matt Bigham, 602-266-6147 x.7452

ANLA Member Discount Program ANA members are subject to the NIAP benefit program from the American Nursery and Landscape Association. There are multiple discount programs such as, PartnerShip, Live Asset Insurance, and Landsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; End Business Outfitters. There are also educational benefits offered such as the ANLA NewsBrief and monthly Webinars. ANLA, Amanda Flynn, 202-789-2900 x 3010

Dental Insurance Preventive and emergency dental insurance for the whole family. American Dental Plan 1-800-224-8810

Social Events/Networking Opportunities ANA member social events include the ANAFUND charity event, Saturday Night Live; Local Lunch Connections; and our Annual Meeting. ANA, 480-966-1610,

Promotional Assistance ANA provides members with metal signs, window decals and use of the ANA logo to be displayed in their businesses and on company literature. Specific Plant Something marketing materials include bright green 3-foot stakes, window clings and small pot stakes. More to come in 2012! ANA , 480-966-1610,

Library The ANA Library contains many videos and resource books that are loaned to members. Videos and brochures are also available in Spanish. ANA, 480-966-1610,

Scholarships The Arizona Nursery Association Foundation (ANAFUND) awards scholarships to qualified students who are pursuing careers in horticulture and related fields. The annual deadline for submitting scholarship applications is April 15. Scholarship applications are available online at ANA, 480-966-1610,

Website Services ANAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website,, is an excellent source of information for members and non-members. ANA members may list employment opportunities on the website free of charge. Member companies may also offer links from the ANA site to their business site for a minimal charge of $100. Important information and publications such as the Container Grown Tree Guide are provided in a downloadable format from the website. ANA, 480-966-1610,

Discount Programs ANA offers numerous opportunities for members to receive discounts on various services and programs. Significant savings may be found when members use AMO, an office supply discount program; Hertz rental car discounts; and prescription drug discounts. ANA, 480-966-1610,

Certification Program The Arizona Certified Nursery Professional (ACNP) program is specifically designed for retail nursery employees, and those interested in improving their professional knowledge of general horticulture. Industry experts instruct this comprehensive program. Recognition of Certified Professionals is an important part of the program and is promoted to the public. Advanced levels of certification are available in Integrated Pest Management, Turf Management, and Irrigation Management. Discounts for class material and exams are provided to ANA members. ANA, 480-966-1610,

Workers Compensation SCF of Arizona offers group rate discounts to ANA members as well as an Association Dividend Plan. SCF of Arizona, Tod Dennis, 602-631-2212

November/December 2011 | 13

Saturday Night Live! Each year, ANAFUND hosts Saturday Night Live (SNL). It is a fundraising event for scholarships. This year, it was held at the ASA Karsten Golf Course Club House. Members joined in music, dancing, miniature golf, and socializing while giving back to the industry. This event is a necessity to the scholarship fund. We are pleased to announce that because of this event, ANAFUND was able to award 4 scholarships out of the general fund. Be sure to look for this event next year!

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Arizona Nursery Association

Safety news

Provided by Tod Dennis, Association Coordinator

Obesity drives workers’ comp rates up


Evidence is increasing that shows obesity is a major driver of higher medical care costs for workers’ compensation claims, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) reported. Citing a 2007 Duke University study of workers’ compensation claims, the NCCI reports medical costs per 100 full-time equivalent employees are nearly seven times higher for the morbidly obese than they are for employees of recommended weight. The Duke study found workers’ compensation insurance claims covering obese workers exceed $73 billion annually, and that morbidly obese workers file 45 percent more claims than regular workers. The study also shows obesity affects absenteeism and work productivity. What’s more, severely obese individuals with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 35 accounted for 61 percent of all obese employee costs, even though they represent only 37 percent of the overall obese population. The study also shows that claims filed by obese workers take longer to resolve because the types and nature of injuries sustained by obese workers are more likely to result in permanent disabilities or the injury takes longer to heal. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports the percentage of the population considered obese increased from 12 percent in 1990 to more than 26 percent in 2007. By the year 2020, 40 percent of men and 43 percent of women are predicted to be obese. The CDC says obesity can lead to lower self-esteem, depression and discomfort in social situations. Obesity also increases a person’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome. This trend, according to NCCI, likely means that workers’ compensation rates will have to continue to increase. As Arizona’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance, SCF Arizona is concerned about the trend and what the statistics are doing to employers’ workers’ comp costs. SCF is supportive of business owners who promote healthy behaviors in their workplaces. As an advocate for healthier, safer workplaces, SCF encourages businesses to consider launching a workplace wellness program. Through such a program, employers can promote behavioral changes from simple daily exercise to more nutritious eating. “It’s a good practice to advocate wellness and nutrition without focusing solely on obesity, said Bobbie Fox, SCF Arizona Legal Compliance and Risk Manager. “There are many causes of obesity and some are health related. This can be a touchy subject and a focus on obesity could even run afoul of the law.”

Wellness doesn’t have to mean on-site gyms or off-site gym memberships, says Maria Simpson, SCF’s wellness coordinator. Smaller companies can encourage healthy living through top-down communications and offer compelling perks to employees for taking care of their health. SCF offers these tips on how companies of any size can get a wellness program started: • Clean out the vending machines. Get rid of the candy bars and replace them with healthier snacks. • Invest in pedometers. For a small price, you can buy pedometers for your employees. Pass them out and encourage staffers to keep track of the number of steps they take daily. (Your company’s health insurance provider may actually offer these free.) • Communicate food facts. Create a pocket guide showing the number of calories certain foods have to help employees make informed decisions. • Offer health-risk assessments. Employees who complete assessments may find they are at risk and can take steps to head off health threats. Your company’s insurance company or a third-party vendor may be able to provide personal online assessments based on a user’s family health history, eating habits and physical activity. “Be sure to consult your legal advisor to ensure you stay out of hot water when seeking any type of medical information, including family history,” said Fox. * Review claims. When it’s time to renew your company’s health insurance, review your claims data. If you spot trends among your employees, such as high blood pressure, consider bringing in speakers to talk about managing it or screeners from a local hospital or clinic. • Healthy Challenge. Consider a companywide healthy challenge with incentives for employees who reach weight or BMI milestones. A friendly competition that pits employees against each other raises interest. Above all, a company-implemented wellness program should excite and encourage employees, not make them feel threatened, Simpson said. The potential savings in health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance costs are worth the effort.

November/December 2011 | 15

INDUSTRY news Smartscape Dates Announced


Smartscape, a training program for landscape professionals, is back for the spring 2012 session. Class runs on Mondays and Wednesdays from January 23 to February 15, 3:30- 6:00 PM. All classes will be held at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension office in Maricopa County (4341 E. Broadway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85040). Learn the fundamentals of proper irrigation and horticultural practices for landscapes in the desert southwest. There are eight classes in total, and for just $75, each registrant receives a notebook with valuable green industry information, snacks and refreshments at every class, and, upon graduating

from the course, a Certificate of Completion, a Smartscape lapel pin, and two vehicle decals. Additionally, graduates have the option of being included in the Smartscape Certified Professional Online Directory, hosted by our sponsor, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association ( html). Hurry, don’t delay. Only 5 people per company may attend, and class fills up fast at this location! Visit http://extension. for more information and to register. Questions? Contact Haley Paul at Smartscape@ or (602) 827-8200 x395.

Green Goddess Shares News Johns Family has 2 New The Green Goddess held a holiday raffle for a Kamado Joe Additions BBQ, Bag of Hickory Wood Chips, Bag of Kamado Joe Charcoal with a retail value of $950.00. Tickets sold for $5.00 each and ALL the ticket sales proceeds go to their selected charity of the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree Program. What a nice holiday gesture, Andre! Also, his daughter and The Green Goddess’s HR/Accounts Manager, Elyce Grimm, had a baby boy named Braden this fall. He weighed 8lbs 15.9oz and was 22 inches long. It is her second baby boy and everyone is excited at The Green Goddess!

Rob and Melissa Johns are proud of their new granddaughters, Ella Michelle and Finley Alice who were both born in November. Proud parents are Jeanette and Earl Robson (Ella) and Jennifer and Trigg Broderick (Finley). Also thrilled with these family additions are Alice & Pete Johns who now so proud of their 17 great-grandchildren!

Insurance update Matt Bigham, Manager, Desert Region Commercial Lines Sales, Western Growers You can reach Matt at 602-266-6147, x. 7452.

Western Growers is endorsed by the ANA to provide health benefits and property and casualty insurance to its members.

Commercial Insurance Rates and French Bread A year ago at this time, I wrote to you about the state of the insurance markets; how health benefits were the polar opposite to property and casualty in terms of premium costs. We saw the health premiums continuing to increase, as they usually do, and property and casualty premiums falling due to a six year prolonged “soft market.” The unpredictable shift in property and casualty insurance has started to show signs reversing its trend. As business owners this shift in the market can have an effect on your bottom line. According to Richard Kerr, chief executive officer of the insurance distribution and underwriting company, from the insurance industry website, the softmarket cycle has finally broken. After seven years of what seemed to be a never ending period of rate relief the trend is reversing and, like a loaf of French bread that has sat out too long, it is starting to harden. This is not to say that we will see the markets harden overnight but the warning should be sounded that some of you will see a trend of increased premiums come time for you to renew your 16 | southwestHORTICULTURE

policies. What is important to keep in mind is that we are at the beginning of this trend. There is still a lot of chatter about large capacity in the marketplace. Meaning, carriers still have some room to maneuver with pricing and can still take on risks even with clients who have not such a lily-white risk history. In the same article mentioned above, commercial rates for every coverage class are at least flat, compared to a year ago. This means no increase or decrease. The exception is a two percent increase in commercial property, business owner’s policies and worker’s compensation. It is with this in mind that we are now entering a period where it is even more critical to keep a watchful eye over your business operations. Cost may rise due to market conditions even though you have had a good couple of years without a loss. Let’s hope this situation is counter balanced by a better economy and increased sales! Arizona Nursery Association


FEBRUARY 17, 2011 9 AM TO 5 PM



New Awareness


Specimen Trees for Desert Landscapes

Arid Zone Trees


Mention this ad for $ 25 off the booth fee. limit one discount per company.

480.987-9094 Fax 480.987.9092



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â&#x20AC;˘ Available in .6 and 1 GPH â&#x20AC;˘ Dow FINGERPRINTâ&#x201E;˘ 7510 materials â&#x20AC;˘ Improved bending radius - kink resistant â&#x20AC;˘ Two outlets per emitter ensure better performance with a reduced chance of clogging â&#x20AC;˘ Meets most â&#x20AC;&#x153;equal toâ&#x20AC;? speciďŹ cations

Visit us at: or call 800-322-9146 for more information

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Arizona Nursery Association

We grow success Waldrons Farm provides plant materials for an entire project: whether a single residence, a golf course or a complete master planned community. Call us today for an estimate on your next project, or for availability on our extensive inventory. Check out the new!

6414 South 26th Street | Phoenix, AZ 85042 602.276.8076 phone |

West Texas Plants Yuccas, Agaves and other Chihuahuan Desert Plants Drought Tolerant Cold Hardy Containerized or Bare Root Specimen Plants?

We are THE source for mature and large specimens.

Buy with Confidence!

We offer a one-year guarantee on all containerized plants.

877-371-3270 November/December 2011 | 19

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Agricultural Consultation and Training The Arizona Department of Agricultureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Ag Consultation and Training Program offers free compliance assistance services to nursery operations. Air Quality

Pesticide Safety  Worker Protection Standard Compliance Assistance Site Visits  Pesticide Safety Training Classes in English and Spanish  Information about workshops for trainers

 State and Local Air Quality Regulations  Assistance with Best Management Practices for PM10 Air Quality Standard  Employee Information and Training Resources

Air Quality Program Russell Van Leuven (602) 542-3484

Assistant Director Brett Cameron (602) 542-0984

Pesticide Safety Program Jennifer Weber (602) 542-0985

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Southwest Forest Products Serving Arizona, Southern California and Las Vegas With Consistent Virgin Mulch For propagation and canning. In 1/4, 5/8 and 3/4 Inch. Includes approximately 15% bark Custom blends ready to use Also bagged products including private label

We Care Office Telephone: (602) 278-1009 Fax: (602) 278-0398 Jessica Van Der Toornâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cell: (602) 820-9178

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For all your insurance needs Health Benefits Automobile Insurance Directors & Officers Employment Practices Liability Insurance Errors & Omissions General Liability

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Property Umbrella Workers Compensation

ANA has aligned with Western Growers to offer a variety of insurance services and health benefit plans designed for our industry.

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