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Top Eyelash Enhancer Products for Thin, Scarce and Short Eyelashes The latest Hollywood rage has already made a sharp turn. From the cosmetic injections and plastic surgery, more and more people are now beginning to use the non-needle, non-surgical and brush on eyelash enhancer products. For only a few dollars, you can already enjoy celebrity-like eyelashes in a matter of 3 months! In order for you to have some idea, here are some of the foremost eyelash enhancer products that you must try. Eyelash Enhancer Product # 1: Latisse Latisse’s reigning queen is currently Brooke Shields, the 80’s former queen for fabulous eyebrows. Brooke swears by this particular eyelash enhancer and if you will get a glimpse of her eyelashes, you can say that this product is really worth the try. At present, Brooke serves as Latisse’s spokesperson. This product is the first and sole eyelash growth product approved by FDA that can help individuals who have insufficient eyelashes. Latisse is a product made by Allergan that is also responsible behind the development of Juvederm and Botox. Eyelash Enhancer Product # 2: Revitalash Another eyelash enhancer that is getting rave reviews from users is Revitalash. This is a product that contains latanoprost, a product that can plump the lashes. You only need to apply this every night on the upper eyelashes’ base like that of the eyeliner and in a couple of weeks, you will notice your eyelashes starting their growth. Although the effect is not that dramatic, Hollywood celebs like Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere are big Revitalash fans. Eyelash Enhancer Product # 3: Neulash A high end eyelash enhancer, a single tube of Neulash can already suffice for about three months. Making use of all-natural ingredients, Neulash is also free from paraben. Neulash makes use of bioengineered polypeptides that contain fatty and amino acids that have renewing properties responsible for protecting the eyelashes from breakage, boosting volume and strengthening. Eyelash Enhancer Product # 4: Lashovée The last but definitely not the least eyelash enhancer product is none other than Lashovée. Clinically proven and tested, Lashovée will make you experience eyelash growth in a matter of 4 weeks! Made from natural ingredients, this product is very easy to use and will not need any prescription, making it a top choice of many women these days. These are only some of the eyelash enhancer products that you can try in order for you to enjoy longer, fuller and more beautiful eyelashes without any need to undergo any complex surgeries.

Top Eyelash Enhancer Products for Thin, Scarce and Short Eyelashes  

There are several eyelash enhancer products that you can buy these days. We give you four of the best products that you should try.