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Establishing professional practice Week 4: 15.10.2012 AutoCAD shortcuts: Line: L Circle: C Zoom in & out: Hold scroll button on mouse Arch: A Move: M Tap thumb on space bar to execute command To end command press space Left to right box will take out lines fully in the box Right to left will take out lines that intercept with the lines within the box] Select object: Ctrl+ A Delete: Ctrl + Delete Undo: Ctrl + Z Restricts autographical movement (horizontal & vertical 90 degrees): F8 Object snap on: F3 Distance: Di

To get onto AutoCAD select Autodesk Building Design 2013 which you can find on your desktop. Once you have selected that this box should come up with all the programs inside, select the top one called AutoCAD 2013 – English which will then open AutoCAD

Open up AutoCAD click new then this box will appear for you to select a template go to the arrow next to open and select open no template - metric. All CAD work is always done in millimetres.

Once you have opened AutoCAD and set up a new drawing page then experiment and get used to using the commands by drawing a cat and other objects.

Once you have drawn a cat then continue to experiment with the software by drawing a house.

Once you have experimented with some of the commands you will be able to learn new ones like F8 which restricts autographical movement where you will only be able to move horizontal and vertical at a 90 degrees angle.

The next stage is to work out the distance of the cat you do this by selecting the bottom line of the cat and going from one side to the other then type in di for distance and that should show you how far it is from one side to the other. To zoom to retrieve all images is Z + Space + A + Space and that should bring back all the work.

Once we have experimented with a few commands we then moved on to a task that we were given where we had to create a place in AutoCAD shown on the paper given to us using the measurements given.

EPP Week 4 Using CAD  

Using and experimenting with AutoCAD