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Chicago Blackhawks vs. Winnipeg Jets March 29th, 2018

A security gaurd sits by the Loading Dock. He waits for the players to arrive.

Nick Schmaltz and Patrick Kane arrive. They head to the lockerroom area.

There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

The players participate in warm ups. They wear Seabrook jerseys in honor of his 1,000th game.

Brent Seabrook’s 1,000 game milestone is recognized .

Jim Cornelison sings the National Anthem.

People and wires work to broadcast the game across the country.

Fans watch the game.

The Ice Girls wait to go on the ice.

Players do their jobs.

The Chicago Blackhawks win 6-2.

Chicago Blackhawks Game  

By Ashleigh Wirtz

Chicago Blackhawks Game  

By Ashleigh Wirtz