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David Nieper Cruise Range Promotional Strategy


Perceptual Map Expensive

Strong brand presence

Little brand presence



The tyical David Nieper consumer shops at a number of independent boutiques as well as deprartment stores such as John Lewis. From my research it was evident most of the independant stores such as David Nieper currently have very little brand presense.

Consumer Profile Name: Hazel Yarrow Occupation: Unemployed Age: 67 Locaton of residence: Totteridge, North West London Have you ever heard of David Nieper before? Yes, but never shopped there Where do you usually buy clothes from? John Lewis and Marks and Spencers mostly. On the odd occasion for something special I will go to James Lakeland or Fenwick’s to one of their concessions. Would you be interested in a range of cruise wear garments by a particular brand? Yes, I often travel and love taking key cruise pieces away with me especially when its a warm climate Cruises? Yes, I have been on several cruises we always go on Celebrity X Cruises and have been on the Queen Mary a few times. I love going on the ships because its a chance to really dress up, on a usual holiday I dont normally wear formal clothes but on a cruise it is different. Favorite celebrities? I love Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench and off course Hellen Mirren. Shes my favorite actress Typical holiday destinations? We go to Venice most years for mine and my husbands anniversary. We have a holiday home in Marbella so we go the house about three times a year. During Passover (March) we spend a couple weeks in Israel. What is your staple item of clothing in your case when your going away? I would have to say dresses, I think they are so easy to pack and you just slip them on and thats an outfit done. I prefer not to pack a hundred different seperates as I cant really be bothered to make outfits up when im away. The dresses must cover up my flabby upper arms!


A Day In The Life Of My Consumer

When speaking to my consumer Hazel Yarrow it was apparent she frequently plays golf and is therefore very active for her age. The idea she buys food from Marks and Spencers suggested she often purchases clothes from there. Additionally, she lives quite a lavish lifestyle and loves going into London to shop and browse the stores. She often travels which matches the lifestyle in which she leads.


New icon for ‘cruise collection’

New models which are featured later on in the presentation

Remove writing plain aesthetic Remove side panel and have a clean cut purple design and layout For this cruise collection, a new website will be created alongside a new logo. The new logo is featured on the corners of each spread within this document. The new website will be designed to fit the ‘cruise ‘collection’ aesthetic including the key colour shades used throughout each design. The new logo is just for the David Nieper cruise collection seperating the usual designs with this cruise wear range. The typography is still traditional however the colour pallete fits well with the collection and is a slightly more contemporary shade than the previous logo. The new website will feature the colour scheme used within the logo and instead of panels at the top and on the sides of the website, a simple white background will be placed so that the clothes and the models stand out. Despite the new models being used for the new cruise collection, they will be used for past collections in order to update the website and bring a new clean finish to the website.


The Collection

Illustrations by Danielle Sykes

The cruise collection features a number of dresses and smart wear for the customer. In partcular when interviewing my ideal consumer it was evident they were keen to cover up body parts such as upper arms as they felt insecure about revealing flesh. The designs therefore reflect this and I opted for rather classic and traditional garments. The colour palate was chosen according to the summer theme included within each design. Additonally, these pieces are versatile due to the limited colour pallete making it easy for the consumer to wear when travelling.



Close modelling agency is located in London and specialises in mature models. I have taken into consideration the fact that David Nieper is a small indipendant company and therefore a realistic budget for models would have to be proposed.

For location, an obvious choice would be a hot climate and beach location. However, taking the budget into consideration a location such as Southampton seems ideal. With the several crusie ships in the backgrop and the sea location, it fits the perfect context for a cruise collection shoot. The shoot would have to take place on a warm day to demonstrate the cruise collection.


Muses & Celebrity Endorsement

Joanna Lumley These iconic females are all amazing celebrity figures in who would be fantastic representatives for David Nieper’s new cruise collection. In order to further promote the range, contacting these figures PR agents and sending them various garments for them to wear could be extremely beneficial for the brand.

Judi Dench

Beatrix Ost

Dame Helen Mirren

These females are all examples of growing old gracefully, something the new collection attemps to convey and illustrate through the traditional yet minimal designs.


Cruise Line Press Event

Potential Guests:

Rita Rowe PR guru

Jane Francisco editor of Good Housekeeping

Lisa Smosarski editor of Stylist Magazine In order to promote the new cruise range an event for press and PR agents will be held at Kew Gardens in London. I chose this particular location as I thought it would be relevant to the new collection which features summer style garments. The water references in the images pay tribute to the cruise collection. The next page features several publications in which I can vision David Nieper’s collection to be publicised in. Several of these particular magazine editors and journalists would be invited to view the collection prior to being made avaliable for the public to purhcase.


Throughout my research, it was evident that most flat ages dont buy weekly magazines and instead rely on newspapers and their magazines. 6 out of 10 individuals asked betwene the ages of 50-75 claimed they buy a magazine such as only once a month. Additionally, these press examples are suggestions for David Neipers potential promotional activity.


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