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Most Americans know - and love - the Willy Wonka character. The 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie has an almost cult-like following with its vivid, fantastical images that transport you back to being a kid when your imagination could take you almost anywhere.

The power of the original Wonka movie and story is so great that when someone is asked what they think of when they think of Wonka they’ll tell you “chocolate” - despite the fact that, other than a limited release surrounding the more recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie - the Wonka brand doesn’t actually produce a chocolate candy. Challenge: The Wonka candy brand has been experiencing a downturn in sales. With an adult audience that already sees the Wonka brand as meaning chocolate. Opportunity: Re-vitalize the Wonka brand by revisiting Wonka’s core brand equity chocolate.

Chocolate brands talking to adults are positioning themselves as sensuous, sexy, and indulgent. But chocolate is fun, and should be an accessible experience every day, not something that is put on a shelf and wrapped in a cloak of indulgence. And unlike other brands, adults already see Wonka as representing chocolate. The entire experience should be fun and imaginative, including the product name and packaging.

Wonka introduces:

The Wonka [dark] Bars Positioning:


Adult flavored fun.

Berraculous Chocolate

Tongue Twister


(Miracle Berry)

Whimsical, imaginative, fun.

Darknificent Chocolate

Strategy: Wonka chocolate isn’t for just anyone, only the Charlies of the world. If this is a normal brain................then this is a brain on Wonka.


Delight (60% Cacao with Chili)

Three Tease Choco

Surprisers (Dark chocolate with a variety of exotic fillings )

As fun and playful as Wonka is, there’s a dark side that may not have been readily apparent when you saw the movie as a kid. Not all of the Golden Ticket winners could keep up with Wonka’s antics, only Charlie.

At the end of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it’s not clear what the fates of Willy, Charlie, and the other Golden Ticket winners are. Which leads one to wonder:

Whatever happened to the Wonka 5?

Campaign objective: Utilizing the popular Wonka storyline, recapture the sense of wonder, imagination and possibility that adults once had as kids.

The campaign tells the story of the Wonka 5 after the factory lights went dark. Where they are now?

New Wonka logo

And why are the factory lights back on?

The Dark Campaign. When the website is launched, video interviews will tell the individual stories of the Wonka 5. Starting with Veruca and leading up to Charlie’s story, which coincides with the announcement of the new product and its launch. “For the past few decades she's been living alone in a mansion filled up with expensive junk. She's a recluse, spending her days thinking of what other things she'd like to own...   Veruca is now capitalizing on the fame she garnered from both her Golden Ticket win and globally recognized scandal. She's licensed her name out to a rock band, cosmetics line, lawn ornament company, and chain of low-quality American diners, among other things...   She's come to speak only in the third person...  When Charlie stopped making Wonka Bars, she bought and hoarded every last one she could find...her once large stash has dwindled down to a single rotting bar. She's held onto it because it's the one thing in the world she can't buy or replace. Even though rumors have started to circulate that Wonka's back, Veruca doesn't believe them.”

Shorter versions of the videos that tell the stories of the Wonka 5 will also be used as ads on Hulu and YouTube.

The stories of each Wonka Dark bar will appear on the website when the products are launched.

Billboards that use solar panels to charge during the day will be Wonka purple during the day but at night will glow with the new Wonka logo and the tagline at night.





- Cellulite Alert!



The juicy details!



The front page of the National Enquirer will be bought out to report the stories of the Wonka 5.

Wild postings

Before the product launches, a precampaign will occur, including billboards and wild postings, plus a takeover of the National Enquirer homepage along with the launch of the Wonka Goes Dark website.

In major metropolitan areas, popup stores will appear following the launch of the Wonka Dark Bars.

At the product launch, Wonka trucks will appear at night in major metropolitan areas to give out free samples.

Candy is mostly an impulse purchase so we created reminders for people at point of purchase. Check-out line separators that look like large Wonka Dark bars will be used at point of purchase.

Wonka Dark Bars candy machines will be placed in malls and movie theaters.

You may be eligible to receive

free candy for a lifetime! Just fill out this form and mail it to 9601 Canoga Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311


First Name







Middle Initial

Today’s Date






Patient Name

Last Name

Case No. Admittance

My grocery store of choice is

Name of grocery store

Located in

City and State

I am currenty a resident of

City and State

In the county of


My occupation currently is


I deserve free Wonka chocolate because I’m a Adjective person. I am a Age

What kinds of chocolate would you like to receive?

year-old Gender

To the Superintendent / Physician in Charge of the esteemed Psychiatric Hospital of Name of grocery store

located in

I am currenty a resident of

City and State

in the county of

My occupation currently is

Occupation .

Statement of Admission: I am suffering from


Disorder & have

City and State County

distinct identities.

{ Choose as many as you would like! }

Dark Chocolate & Dragon Fruit

Paranoid Delusions

Lucid Dreams

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate & Butterscotch

Belief That Others Are Conspiring Against Me

Manic Episodes

Dark Chocolate & Chili Flakes

Dark Chocolate & Potato Chips


Anti-social Behavior

Dark Chocolate & Pear

Dark Chocolate & Irish Cream


Impulsive Behaviors

Dark Chocolate & Violet

Dark Chocolate & Bacon

Sleep Disorders

Delusions of Grandeur

Dark Chocolate & Miracle Berry

Dark Chocolate & Ginger

Substance Abuse

Masochistic Tendencies

Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon

Mystery Mix

Violent Tendencies


Milk Chocolate

I confirm that all of the above is true and that I have read and understand all contest rules and regulations.

I agree to be admitted to this institution on my own volition, and the below signature confirms I will reside there permanently and show no physical or verbal resistance to the matter.

Printed Name / Signature

Printed Name




Print ads that look like submission forms for a free candy giveaway.




Tearing away or turning the page reveals that it actually filled out a form for submission to a mental hospital with symptoms listed such as “delusions of grandeur”

Subway flipbook: Illuminated images on the walls of the subway create a flipbook effect outside the window that recreates the tunnel scene from the original Wonka movie.

Bringing Wonka to life. To embrace the spirit of the project, The Wonka Team created a special experience for the presentation. The students entered into the lecture hall with the lights dimmed and low music playing. The large, purple “Yahoo! Big Ideas Chair” which resides in the student lounge was utilized as the “psychologist chair.” The team presented the Dark Campaign “in character” in voice, manners, and dress: Jarrod Higgins, CT as Mr. Alton Higgins – technological whiz kid Grace Harris, CW as Ms. Gracie Harris – word-smith & beat poet Lauren Perlow, AD as Ms. Perlow Lawrence – international type designer & lover of chocolate Ashleigh Edwards, CS as Dr. Edwards – uncertified psychologist Lauren Kosteski, CBM as Ms. Heidi Heidelberg chocolate expert

In February 2010, Brandweek interviewed Wonka’s brand manager and innovation manager about their new high end chocolate line. Nestle Hopes to Spread Wonka Magic to High End. “Playing on the movie’s magical/fantastical element, the candy maker this month launches Wonka Exceptionals..We realized this is a story that people experience in life and that stays with them for their entire life...”

It’s thrilling when you complete a project that you not only have a tremendous amount of fun creating as well as presenting presenting, but then discover months later that the brand independently thought it was a great idea too.

Wonka Case Study  

Wonka case study completed in Fall 2009.

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