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Ashleigh Fisher Master of Architecture (M.Arch) UWA Bachelor of Environmental Design UWA

Contents 1. Doubleview Apartment Brochure Doubleview, Western Australia 2. Joan’s Laneway House (Concept) Fremantle, Western Australia 3. 27th St Development Boise, Idaho 4. Fremantle Art Gallery (University) Fremantle, Western Australia 5. Fremantle Library (University) Fremantle, Western Australia 6. The Marathonas (University) Athens, Greece 7. Documentation - Mixed-Use (University) Nedlands, Western Australia

DOUBLEVIEW APARTMENTS 1 and 2 Bedroom apartments in Doubleview, Perth. For this, I was given pre-made plans to provide a model and renders. These were used to sell the apartments before being built.

JOANS LANEWAY HOUSE A small conceptual design, for a narrow laneway. While never built, it was a great way to learn building codes and design for a specific and constricted space.

27TH STREET DEVELOPMENT A new Orthopedic hospital currently going to bid in Boise, Idaho. It is composed of two wings, housing a Hospital and a Medical Office Building. It is approximately 223,704 SF with the Hospital being three story, outpatient and inpatient facility and the Medical Office Building a four story outpatient facility, housing three stories of clinics and one story of staff office, staff work areas and conference rooms.

FREMANTLE ART GALLERY Located in Fremantle, Western Australia this Art Gallery serves specifically to showcase art from the Indigenous people of Australia. HISTORY The City of Fremantle sits within the Aboriginal cultural region of Beeliar. Its Nyoongar name is Walyalup (the place of walyo) and local people are called Whadjuk. The Beeliar district is bounded by Derbal Yerrigan (mouth of the Swan River), the Dyarlgarro (Canning River), Katamordo (Darling Ranges) on the east, the Wardan (sea) to the west and by the line due east from Mangles Bay on the south. To the local Whadjuk people, Fremantle is a place of ceremonies, significant cultural practices and trading.

FREMANTLE ART GALLERY During my research, I found inadequate homage and wanted to design a gallery that would be used to display Aboriginal youth’s work. By researching traditional drawings, I came up with a gentle curved plan, inspired by architect John Wardle using materials that lend themselves to this design and context.

The abstract boa tree represents itself to the indigenous people of Australia’s history.

FREMANTLE LIBRARY IN KINGS SQUARE “DOODLING MY WAY TO THE LIBRARY” This project started as a comic book series channeling a particular illustrator/architect and/or artist, taking inspiration from ‘Moon Hoon’ for his unique style. The concept was formed from a series of sketched drawings, which was then modeled using Revit. The design was an underground library that also doubled as an interactive playground for children. The site area was also able to host small performances outside for entertainment, while creating these ‘mounds’ that played with the height of the Fremantle area.

LINKING THE MARATHONAS "THE RIBBON" Athens has a hidden beauty that not many tourists see and perhaps locals may not appreciate, to rectify this, we we created a series of interventions along the Marathon route with the interventions proposed, connecting the sites to their natural surroundings. By using metaphorical shields (shown on the Location Plan), it lets the user see these natural elements and appreciate its hidden beauty while connecting the two ends of this route together. By widening the walkways, we are able then to use this route even when cars are in use, creating these public realms that serve as a sporting stop, a rest stop, cafe and market stall and connecting them through use of material and color. The connection of color and material will help guide the user through this route. A proposed practice route was suggested for those training for the marathon, that can also be used by the rowing club for fitness and connects the mountain to the sea. This would be made of similar elements but the use of color wouldn’t be relevant as the light blue chosen represents the already existing light blue stripe .


DOCUMENTATION A design for a multi-use building, lending itself to the surrounding area in the Nedlands, Perth area. For this project, we did full construction drawings to learn how to properly complete the documentation process.


A sample portfolio of work created by Ashleigh Fisher.


A sample portfolio of work created by Ashleigh Fisher.