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Fun Facts about Ms. Ure

Things I Like To Do:


I am terrified of spiders, and heights

My favourite activities outside of the classroom during the summer is outside activities which include horseback riding on my 4 horses on the farm, and spending quality time with my father farming. During the winter you will

2. Summer is my favourite season 3. I do not like being cold 4. Exams make me nervous Grad 2010 buds

Things about Ms. Ure


I was born in Calgary, Alberta My favourite meal is dessert Family is the most important aspect in my life I graduated from the University of Alberta, as did my Mother and Father You will never catch me eating a salad, most likely a good cheeseburger and fries I have one sister, who is my best friend and is 12 months younger than me You could call me a shopaholic, I love buying new clothes, especially for a special occasion

For the first half of my life I have lived in the big cities including, Calgary and Halifax, so of course it was impossible to own outdoor pets. When we moved back to my dad’s hometown Innisfail, we moved back onto the farm where I owned my first horse. We also owned a black lab who wandered onto our farm and became part of our family. Both me and my sister and my mother all got to pick a kitten’s from a litter, and after a while they all had their own batches kittens, so we ended up with 13 cats. Today, our family owns 4 horses, 5 cats, and our black lab, Sheba.

Extra Curricular Activities

I am naturally platinum blonde like my sister, but I was tired of people calling us twins so I decided to be elaborate and died my hair black.

My Family

I am not a big traveller as most people. I am a home body and if I'm away from home for more than 2 weeks, I will feel homesick I love the small town life My Sister, Brittany and I Ashleigh Ure

5. My favourite movie is Ever


I have played a lot of sports throughout my life . I stared figure skating when I was 3 years old, and continued skating until I was 16 years old because my coach moved. When we moved to Innisfail, I joined the Innisfail Dolphin Swim team with my sister, and we swam for 7 years. During high school I competed in Badminton doubles, and was also on the track team for running, and competed in the 400, 800, and 1500 meter race. 1

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