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Destination Guide

A guide on where to go based on your interests.

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Choosing a destination

When you’re planning to travel, think of what you’d like to do a can fulfill your to-do list

Destination Relaxation

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Instead of going to a typical beach, head to Mount Princeton hot springs in Nathrop, CO! Their all natural hot springs reach up to 105 degrees! Mt. Princeton Resort has spas, natural hot springs, restaurants, and even water slides.

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Check out Walt Disney World in Orlando up of 6 different parks: Epcot, Blizzard lywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and the Walt Disney World stays fairly busy, if you during Holidays. Admission to Magic Kin

based on your interests.

at your desintation and go from there. Choose a place that t and start planning.

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o, FL. Walt Disney World is made d Beach, Animal Kingdom, Hole most popular Magic Kingdom. u decide to visit try to avoid going ngdom is free on your birthday!

If you’re looking to travel somewhere rich in history, check out St. Augustine, FL or Washington D.C. St. Augustine is America’s oldest city and has plenty of museums and historical buildings and sights to see. Washington D.C. has museums galore, from all the Smithsonians to the White House, it’s hard to be bored at the nation’s capitol.


Planning the trip to your destination

After you’ve chosen your destination, start planning.You can contact a travel agent or plan the trip to your desintation yourself. If you plan by yourself I recommend trying out the different kinds of travel websites, so you can get the best price on traveling and staying at your destination.


Travel Ebook  

An Ebook on how to choose your travel destination