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The Food Pyramid for kids 6-11

Use one finger to drag the foods into the correct food groups on the pyramid. Can you place the food items in their correct food group on the pyramid?




pasta, cereal, bread,  crackers, popcorn

carrots, tomatoes,  lettuce, green beans

strawberries, apples,  bananas, grapes


Milk yogurt, cheese, milk

Meat & Beans chicken, beef, eggs,  peanut butter, tuna

Oils are not a food group, but you do need some to stay healthy. Get your oils by eating a variety of nuts, fish, and  liquid oils like canola or corn oil.


Food Pyramid Game  

Meat & Beans Oils Oils are not a food group, but you do need some to stay healthy. Get your oils by eating a variety of nuts, fish, and...

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