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JANUARY 2009 Volume 2 Issue 1


THANKS TO FRANCES AND WENDELL The community owes a great deal of thanks To Frances and Wendell Stephenson, For running a dry cleaning business for us, And all the hard work that they’ve done. They always were pleasant, did many good things, They never made charges for churches, If you suffered the loss of a loved one so dear, They never would charge for their services. Shelly took over the job for a while And a wonderful job she did. Her Grandmother taught her all she knew. She sure was her grandmother’s kid. The community misses the good that they did, For the things that they did passed the test. Though Wendell passed on and the business is gone, Frances get a well deserved rest. THANK YOU STEPHENSONS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!! —Judith Cosner

Village of Ashland House Decorations Winners 1st - Kelly Kunz Other Winners: Ed Johnson Ron Aggertt Shannon Eskew Butch McNeal Rick Smock Larry Ratliff Bob Suthpin Dwayne Farmer

January School Schedule 1st ......... NEWS YEARS DAY - NO SCHOOL 2nd ........ NO SCHOOL 6th ......... EPIPHANY 7th ......... GBB @ Waverly, 6:15 pm 8th ......... Fr BB vs Pl.Plains, 6:15 .............. GBB vs Athens @ VHS, 6:15 pm 9th ......... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney .............. HS BB @ ISD, 6:15 pm 10th ....... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney .............. Fr BB @ Auburn, 10:00 am 12th ....... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney ……………….Fr BB @ Porta, 6:00 pm ……………….JH BB @ Triopia, 6:15 pm 13th ....... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney .............. JH BB @ Our Saviours, 6:15 pm .............. HS BB @ Beardstown, 6:15 pm 14th ....... GBB @ N. Green Tourney 15th ....... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney .............. JH BB vs Illini Central, 6:00 pm .............. Fr BB @ Routt, 6:15 pm 16th ....... GBB @ N. Greene Tourney .............. HS BB @ Pittsfield, 6:15 pm 17th ....... JH VB A-C Tourney, 9:00 am 19th ....... MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY .............. NO SCHOOL .............. JH VB @ Glenwood, 5:30 pm .............. JH BB vs St. Agnes, 6:15 pm .............. GBB @ Carrolton, 6:15 pm 20th ....... JH VB vs Beardstown, 6:15 pm ………………..HS BB @ Calhoun, 6:15 pm 22nd ....... JH VB vs Williamsville, 6:15 pm .............. GBB vs Greenfield @ VHS, 6:15 pm .............. Fr BB vs Triopia, 6:15 pm 24th ....... HS BB A-C Central Tourney .............. JH VB A-C Tourney, 6:15 pm 26th ....... HS BB A-C Central Tourney .............. JH VB @ Porta, 6:15 pm .............. GBB vs ISD @ VHS. 6:15 pm 27th ....... HS BB A-C Central Tourney .............. JH VB @ Grant, 6:15 pm 28th ....... IMEA All-State 29th………..HS BB A-C Central Tourney …………… ... IMEA All-State ………………..JH VB vs Turner, 6:15 pm ………………..GBB @ Bunker Hill, 6:15 pm 30th………..IMEA All-State 31st……....HS BB A-C Central Tourney ………………. IMEA All-State

CHURCH DIRECTORY BEREA CHRISTIAN CHURCH Minister Edward J.Moretto Youth Minister, Diann L. Hoagland Sunday Christian Education Hour - 9:30 pm Sunday Worship - 10:30 am Wednesday Eve. Prayer Mtg. - 7:00 pm We’re Open On Sunday!! CHURCH OF CHRIST Rev. Howard Chartier Sunday School - 9:00 am Sunday Worship - 10:00 am

Birthdays & Anniversaries January Birthdays January 4th - Neal Kesselring (70yrs) January 15th - Marty Lathom January 23rd - Helen Danenberger (90yrs)

January Anniversaries Bill and Elaine Roth - January 24th (50yrs) (Belated) Don and Kay Parsons - Dec. 29th (51yrs)

The Community Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the first Sunday of each month @ 4pm. Questions should be directed to Sally Miller at 320-9271. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Rev. L. Wayne Mollohan Youth Minister, Alice Kern Sunday School - 9:30 am Sunday Worship - 10:30 am Wednesday Night Youth Group - 7:00 pm ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH Father Chris Brey 476.8856 Ashland Sunday Mass - 9:00 am Beardstown Sunday Mass - 11:00 am Sunday (Spanish) - 12:30 pm Virginia Saturday - 5:00 pm UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Roosevelt Smith 476.8858 Sunday Worship - 8:45 am Sunday School - 10:00 am Wednesday Prayer Service - 6:30 pm Choir Practice - 7:30 Youth Second Saturday - 10am - 2pm NEW BEGINNINGS CHURCH, s.b.c. Pastor Terry Beauchamp Sunday Worship - 8:00 am Sunday School - 9:30 am 2nd Service - 10:30 am Wednesday Bible Study - 5:45 pm (meal) Lesson until 7:00 pm

First Baptist Church A Grace-Driven Church "feeding the lambs" and "tending the sheep." 221 W. Washington St. Ashland, IL 62612 217.476.3678

Sunday School 9:30am Sunday Worship 10:30 am Bible Study - Monday 7:00 pm

Worship with us at First Baptist Church.

Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast

Schedule 2008-2009 2009

Jan. 3 - St. Augustine Catholic Feb. 7 - Ashland Church of Christ Mar. 7 - New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Apr. 4 - Ashland United Methodist May 2 - Ashland First Baptist “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything with thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.” - Phillipians 4:6 *Meet each month @ 9:00 am - Each group responsible for making arrangements if schedule change is needed.* Contact person for each church:

Dorothy Taylor - Methodist - 476-3581 Marcia Masten - Richland Creek - 691-5469 Glenda Schleyhahn - First Baptist - 476-8829 Becky King - New Beginnings - 891-3454 Betty Higgason - Church of Christ - 476-3824 Elaine Roth - St. Augustine - 476-3984

RPA Farmers Co-op Email us: RPAFARMERS@CASSCOMM.COM Ashland Office 220 North Niagara Ashland, IL 62612 217.476.3936

For Rent in Ashland 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments. Call Donn & Julie Klor at (217)787-2521.

Pleasant Plains Office 300 N. Washington Pleasant Plains, IL 62677 217.626.1331


Norm Bryant Enterprises Distributor of Fine Quality Vacuums


Carpet Cleaning

Cell (217) 741-3758 Phone: (217) 476-3508

Car Interior

608 W. Franklin Ashland, IL 62612

November Student of the Month ACJH Jonas and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Volkman 6th Grade Outstanding Effort, L to R: Alexis Brewers, Curtis Bright, Madison Donaldson, Ryan Woodard, Kyler Walle, Nathan Bright, Clinton Logue

Richland Office 3090 Richland Elevator Road Pleasant Plains, IL 62677 217.626.1551

The benefit for former A-C music teacher raised over $10,000. Hundreds of people were through the Springfield High Commons during the afternoon. Entertainment from everywhere was wonderful. A BIG thank you to the A-C Band, the students’ parents, and other individuals who helped in any way. 7th Grade Outstanding Effort L to R Tiffani Homer, Maddie Elder, Sydnee Henry, Arron Wooldridge, Blake Mowry, Parrish Smith

8th Grade Outstanding Effort L to R Dylan Conover, Will Keeney, Daerial DeGroot, Stacey Eskew, Lane Wegs

Newell Insurance Agency, Inc. A SUBSIDIARY OF THE STATE BANK OF ASHLAND E-mail:

Newell Insurance Agency, Inc. 108 W. Editor Street Ashland, IL 62612 217.476.3354 Jeffery A. Donnan - Kay Handy Ora Lee Campbell - Kristen Arthalony

DIVISIONS OF NEWELL INSURANCE AGENCY Jack Frashier Insurance Frashier-Sudbrink Agency 117 S. Front Street 210-A Washington St. Virginia, IL 62691 Beardstown, IL 62618 217.452.7716 217.323.3018 Matt Petefish

Debbie Jones

Gardner Construction 2878 Panther Grove Road Ashland, IL 62612 PH: 217-452-7783 CL: 217-341-3415 Leave Message 217-476-8135

Remodel Kitchen & Baths Replace Roof & Room Additions

Wallbaum Development Inc. Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning Backhoe-Trenching 115 W. Freemont St. PO Box 136 Ashland, Illinois 62612 Phone:476-3595 We Do It All In Just 1 Call! Jim - Todd - Travis

Cass County Food Pantry Partners Program The Cass County Food Pantry wants to extend an opportunity to your organization for you to partner with your Food Pantry and have hands on experience helping where it is needed. Here’s how it works: Your organization provides volunteers to help fill food boxes which will be distributed each month. Your group can volunteer on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis throughout the year. You will work with experienced Food Pantry volunteers. The job is simple. It is simply taking items from the shelf and placing them in boxes until the box is packed. This simple job is vital to the Food Pantry and is appropriate for a wide age range.

Pantry Partners is a great time of fellowship and gives your organization experience in reaching out and helping those in need. This is a great opportunity for youths groups to serve their community. To arrange a time for your group to help, please contact Joanne Anderson at 452-7497 or 473-5638.

“A Full Service Bank” 400 E. Buchanan St. P.O. Box 467 Ashland, IL 62612-0467

PH. 217.476.3325 FX. 217.476.3342

First Gold Club February 17, 2009 Ashland Luncheon & Bingo More Information Coming Contact Linda Klauber at 476-3325 Or Activity & Tour Director, Nance Bryant, at 476-3508.

Allen’s Market Junction 123 & 125

All of us at Allen’s Market want to wish everyone a healthy, happy & prosperous new year. We also want to thank everyone for their continued support of our local businesses and to our Community. Prentice Farmers Elevator 2303 Elevator Avenue Ashland, IL 62612 217.476.3516 or 1.800.255.8659 James R. Blakeman, Manager 4 locations to serve you: Prentice, Philadelphia, Strawns Crossing, and Tallula.

Dealers in Grain, Seed and Kent Feeds.


NEAL’S BARBER SHOP Ashland, IL 62612 Adults - $10 ◊ Children 10 & Under - $5 Proceeds benefit the Cass County Food Pantry For Tickets: Judy Savage at 476-8895 or Rev. Wayne Mollohan at 476-3678.

Judy Savage at 476-8895 or Rev. Wayne Mollohan at 476-3678.

Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Tuesday - Saturday

Closed Sundays & Mondays

METHODIST CHURCH SECOND SATURDAYS Second Saturday is open to all children in the community who are between 3 years of age (potty-trained, please) and 5th grade. Lunch is served. We meet from 10:00-2:00 in the basement of the Methodist Church at 300 W. Editor.

Jan 10 Game Day Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Mar 14… St. Patrick’s Day Apr 11 Easter May 9 Mother’s Day

Now you can visit us online! Have a question? Contact us! Would you like to advertise in our newsletter? Call 476.3764 or stop by Printers Ink at 116 N. Yates.

Cost of ads per issue. 1/8 page - $15 1/4 page - $30 1/2 page - $40

VOLUNTEER WANTED The Cass County Food Pantry, a Not-for-Profit charitable organization located in Virginia, is in need of an unpaid Volunteer who is willing to work hard and train to work as an assistant to the Food Pantry Director. This food pantry serves all individuals in Cass County who have need of food assistance. The ideal person will be someone who is probably retired, tired of sitting around the house, and is looking for something to do. This person will be selected by the Board of Directors from those individuals who may be interested in accepting this challenge. For more information or to volunteer, please contact: Judy Savage (476-8895) or Rev. Wayne Mollohan (476-3678)

BITS-N-PIECES OLD-FASHIONED SQUARE DANCES... Many of you learned to square dance in school, or at Yatesville years ago--or last summer. Some of you have never tried it. It's never too late to learn or get better at it. It's wonderful exercise and the people you meet are great. Come join us in Jacksonville, at Nichols Park Pavilion, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. on January 11, February 8, March 1st, or April 5. Bringing a partner is not necessary--there are always extras. Jim Davis calls to the music of Judy, Lois, and Friends. BALLROOM DANCING CONTINUES… Every Friday from 8 to 11 p.m., great ballroom dances are held at the V.F.W. on the old Jacksonville Road in Springfield-under the water tower. Local band, Judy Kaye and Friends, will be there for your dancing pleasure on Jan23, Feb. 6, and Feb. 27. Come join the fun--swing, Latins, waltz, polka, you name it!! FOR SALE, RASCAL 3 WHEEL HANDICAP SCOOTER… Rascal 3-Wheel handicap scooter; like new; dad went to nursing home several years ago and won’t be able to use it again; time to get it out of the garage; cost approx $3500 new; will sell for $1500 obo; has hydraulic lift, leather seat, removable arms, cup holder, head and tail lights, turn signals, hazard flashers, rearview mirror, on board battery charger, maroon color, 899-9100, 7am - 10pm HOLIDAY HOME TOUR The Holiday Home Tour was a great success. The luncheon was well-attended and the food was delicious. A huge THANKS is due to the Atwoods, Gutmanns, Jurgens, and Parsons for the beautifully decorated homes and school - and to Jackie Kesselring and her speech students for the entertainment at Yatesville. The committee realized over $800 to be used for next summer’s celebration.

ASHLAND VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS The Ashland Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all who donated to this year’s Community Food Basket and Toys for Tots programs. Thanks go to the Ashland VFW, Ashland Womans Club, Ashland Township, Prairieland United Way, Cass Communications and the many other personal and anonymous donors. Your continued support makes these programs successful. The Ashland Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, February 7th at the firehouse. This event will be free to the public. Come sample some good - and some not so good - chili from many connoisseurs in the area..and take a look at some of the new additions that have been added recently to support our community. Watch for more details!

V.F.W... Meets monthly at 7:00 p.m. 3rd Monday each month. AMERICAN LEGION... Meets quarterly at 7:30 p.m. 3rd Monday each designated month. (January - April - July - October) ASHLAND WOMENS CLUB… Meets the first Tuesday - 1:30pm - @ Baptist Church Hall. All ladies welcome! ASHLAND U-HELP Any student may apply for up to $500 loan with an interest rate of 3%. Applications are available at the State Bank of Ashland. ASHLAND COMMUNITY CLUB Come join the Ashland Community Club — the group who plans and operates the Summer Celebration. The next meeting is Thursday, January 8th at the Municipal Bldg. at 7 p.m. ONE MINUTE EACH NIGHT We have never been more desperate than now for God to heal our land. During WWII, a group was organized who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect. There is now a group organizing the same thing here in America. United States needs prayer now more than ever!!! If you would like to participate: each evening at 8:00 PM Central time, stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, for peace in the world, the up-coming election, that the Bible will remain the basis for the laws governing our land and that Christianity will grow in the U.S. Most people know the power of prayer. We here in Ashland do!! Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have. Pass this on to anyone you think will want to join us. May God Bless You!!! CHESS CLUB - 7:00 PM EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT AT ASHLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST Open to everyone - young and older, those who want to play & those who would like to learn to play.

A-C Natural Helpers Visit Walker Nursing Home December 10th Earlier this month the A-C Central Natural Helpers participated in a fundraising effort to raise money to purchase gifts for residents at Walker Nursing Home. Cookies, pies, breads, and brownies were baked and sold so that students could offer lotion, slipper socks and Chap Stick as gifts. Following the visit, students found that they were the ones that actually received the biggest gift. A-C students were welcomed by a wonderful staff that encouraged our participation. In addition to the gift giving, students presented a skit with Taylor Jacobs reading The Night Before Christmas. Following Santa’s (Alex Gardner) “Ho Ho Ho’s,” the students visited with the residents and wished them good cheer during the holiday season. The presentation was finalized with a group chorus of Christmas songs led by Leigh Miller playing the guitar. JACOBS NAMED HONORARY CAPTAIN OF STATE JOURNAL REGISTER’S 2008 ALL AREA VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Taylor Jacobs led the A-C Central/ Virginia Lady Knights Volleyball Team to a 1-A State Runner-up Championship with 362 kills, 365 digs, 68 aces, and 28 blocks. She had a career high of 20 kills in the Lady Knights Semi-Final match against Sciota, and the had most kills in a State Tournament Match. Taylor will play for Quincy University next year.

Jacksonville Journal Courier All Area Volleyball A/C Central/Virginia Lady Knights volleyball team had four players named to the All-Area Volleyball Team. The players were: Taylor Jacobs, Megan Bergerud, Brittany Stribling, and Kayla Birdsell. Kelsie Honkala was named to the second team and Madalyn Allen was named to the third team, both of whom are from the A/C Central/Virginia Lady Knights.

VanMeter Named Coach of the Year Kristy VanMeter, in her first year as coach of the Lady Knights, won their first regional title since 2006, their first ever sectional and super-sectional titles setting a new school record for most games won in the history of either A/C Central or Virginia in any sport. The Lady Knights ended their season with a 2nd place in Class A State Finals.

January 2009 - Ashland Scoop  

January 2009 Edition of the Ashland Scoop - Ashland, Illinois

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