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Grand Local Artists’ Holiday Show and Sale to begin Nov. 1

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The Montpelier Center for Arts & Education will present the 9th Annual Grand Local Artists’ Holiday Show and Sale, featuring the Heart of Virginia Landmarks & Legends Small Works Show. This popular show features more than 20 local artists and offers a perfect opportunity to find a unique gift of art for family, friends or your own collection. In the Davis Wilson Wickham Studio, there also will be a show featuring the works of Peggy Wadlington and Les Camphuysen. Meet the artists at an opening reception from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 1. The show and sale will run through Dec. 27. The Center is located at 17205 Mountain Rd. in Montpelier. For more information, call 804-883-7378 or for more information.

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 In accordance with Town Code section 16-10, the entrance from Mount Hermon Road needs to be repaired and maintained by the property owner.  Street trees shall be placed at one per 50 feet of street frontage and maintained at all times and the existing landscape islands in 20 feet front landscape buffer shall be improved and maintained at all times to town standards.  The property owner, business proprietor, as well as the business, and any employees, agents, in dependent contractors and the like of the business shall be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws at all times.  A record system, either paper or electronic, shall be made available for review by the Town of Ashland at any time for make, model and serial number for all parts purchased or sold as well as for repair work performed.  The applicant shall participate as necessary in the recordation of this CUP in Hanover County Circuit Court. During discussion of the CUP request, council member Steve Trivett made a comment about the currently broken curb at the property location entrance off Mount Hermon Road saying, “The issue with the broken curb is something that [I believe] an operation there will improve. Since no one is using the site, truckers are using this as a turnaround spot and taking advantage of that wide area and the fact that no one is there.” Referring to the property location as “a gateway to the town,” council member Faye O. Prichard expressed concern about the upkeep and landscaping of the property and asked Nora Amos, director of Planning and Community Development, if she is confident that the correct


conditions are in place to ensure that the business and property provide the right impression of the Town of Ashland to those entering the town. Town Attorney Andrea Erard responded, saying, “We have drafted these conditions as carefully as we can, but, quite honestly, even if they’re drafted as tightly as you can draft them in order to enforce them, your choices are to go to court or to initiate a public hearing to revoke the Conditional Use Permit.”

it was discovered that League, who also owns some land located off Ashcake Road in Hanover County, has previously been convicted of a zoning violation in the General District Court in connection with this property and a mobile home he placed there. At this time, League is working toward taking steps to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance. Prichard made a motion to defer the council’s

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Ashland Police Chief Douglas Goodman presents Latoya Moore (left) with an award for completing a custom designed internship with the Ashland Police Department to augment her online degree in Forensic Science. Right: Goodman presents James Spada with one of the highest honors awarded to an officer. He received the award for his work in the apprehension of an armed individual that was also found to be in possession of a large quantity of narcotics.

“I believe the conditions that we recommended are ones that we would recommend for any similar use and are probably as far as we could go in the scope and realm of what you can look at with a Conditional Use Permit with the nexus of the actual use,” Amos added. When discussing the CUP with the applicant,

The Hanover Local October 28, 2015

decision on CUP15-0617 until the Nov. 3 town council meeting. “I want to have a better sense of, quite frankly, this applicant’s history of how property is kept,” Prichard said. “I also want to have a better understanding of where he is not in compliance in the county and I want to make sure we have

everything in place as best we can to protect that gateway.” Council approved Prichard’s motion, with Trivett voting “No.” Town council also briefly discussed the Ashland Theater. Town Manager Charles Hartgrove updated council on recent discussions and meetings he and town staff have had since the last town council meeting. Hartgrove and town staff have met with the group of individuals that have proposed the nonprofit plan and met with them again on Oct. 21. There also was an Oct. 27 meeting scheduled with the Department of Community and Housing Development in which the deputy director of the agency was scheduled to be present. Hartgrove noted that, depending on the results of that meeting with the DCHD, he may request an emergency council meeting this week. “We’re hoping that the deputy director of the agency being there that guidance will be given and we will have a better understanding of where we stand and what the options are for the grant,” Hartgrove said. In other business, Ashland Police Department (APD) Chief Douglas Goodman presented quarterly awards to officers of the APD. Joe Topham, business retention and expansion manager, gave an economic development update, saying he has been able to visit more than 200 local businesses since he joined the town staff in May. He also noted that the town recently has had a series of grand openings for local businesses, including Sugar Fix Bakery and Little Caesar’s. The next Ashland Town Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3, at Ashland Town Hall located at 101 Thompson St.

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Ashland-Hanover Local – 10/28/15  

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