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treme-lafitte redevelopment square themes piedmont hospital: healing roof garden eco-retreat vertical farm sketches brownfield redevelopment conservation neighborhood neotraditional neighborhood graphic + design resume

///treme lafitte redevelop//// There are two stories being told about New Orleans, one of tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and Rita and another about perservance and rebirth. My concept is to reinvigorate the culture of New Orleans by designing an artist village in New Orleans(Treme-Lafitte). The village will hopefully attract artists and musicians back to New Orleans. This cultural investment projects are great ways for cities to bring economic prosperity. The village will also serve as a way to preserve America’s cultural history.




Evidence ‘A crisis is a terrible thing to waste’ exemplifies the opportunity New Orleans has in reinvention. The city has lost half its residents after Hurricane Katrina due to escaping the disaster and job movement. Currently, New Orleans is at 80% preKatrina population. New Orleans has many assets in attracting a new type of demographic known as the creative class and will propel New Orleans into a creative capital like the following cities: Austin, TX; Washington D.C.; Boulder, CO; and Chapel Hill, NC. The creative class socio-economic demographic is standing at 40 million and make up 30% of the US workforce. Richard Florida states that communities need the three “T”s to becoming a magnet for creative class. The three “T”s are Talent (high concentrations of highly skilled labor), Tolerance (diverse community), and Technology (technological infrastructure). New Orleans’ labor market has some high concentrations of highly skilled thanks to the higher educational institutions (Tulane, LSU Medical School, and Loyola University), large port operations, and energy companies (Exxon, Unocal, Shell etc). The city of New Orleans is very diverse city welcoming people of all colors and creeds and blending cultures much like their culinary reputation. Technology is one place where New Orleans is lacking but it has the opportunity to update their infrastructure. I am creating an artists/musicians village because a community that is encourages and nurtures such a demographic will attract creatives and with creatives comes economic diversity and prosperity. The music and art industry is known as fruit-fly industries because they are early indicators of new technologies, new business models, and the economy in general. The nature of the music business is hyper-competitive which are why they are early adopters of new methods and technology. The design of my village will emphasize connectivity and community and foster creativity. The village first must be attractive for musicians and artists to live in, by making the residential customizable to allow for the artists and musicians to add their own flare to their units. The village will offer affordable housing because of the inconsistency of income and even provide rent ceilings to ensure gentrification does not interrupt the character of the village.

square themes

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Piedmont Hospital- Healing Garden

The garden’s design is antithesis to the sanitized, stark hospital environment. The garden‘s aesthetics heavily borrows from the De Stijl and eco-minimalism movements. The design intent is to be modern, relaxing, and comfortable. There is a strong horizontal and rectilinear character interacting with circular forms alluding to the male/female dialectic tension. The Mondrian-inspired design allows for rooms to develop easily. The simple geometry is very functional and reflective of universal themes and allows for legibility.

The equipment on the site is partially screened, but there is a beauty in even industrial grit when framed with planting materials (i.e. Gas-works park). The garden is targeted to the ante- and post-partum pregnant population at Piedmont Hospital. This demographic has various needs that must be addressed in considering the design. The design’s stresses comfort and relaxation through the liberal use of seating areas, to allow rest, contemplation, or social support. The need for rest and decompression from the stress of pregrancy and birth will be addressed with the seating that is available widely through the site. The majority of the furniture is movable. The space allows for minor exercise, which is conducive to the birth process. Most of the areas allow for one to fixtate their eyes on either a planting design or art to create a more mediative environment. There are varying degrees of privacy. The site is delineated between public, semi-private, and private areas. The central circular lawn will exhibit sculptures from the local art scene with emphasis on feminine themes. The privacy will allow for comtemplation and allow for this demographic to get away.

Site Analysis




Vertical Farm Conceptual




slope aspect



hydrology map

old growth map

soil map



Neighborhood Reinvestment

graphic + design

graphic + design

University of Georgia 2009-2010

graphic + design

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