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IMMQAS Enhancing Immunodiagnostic Investigations IMMQAS is an accredited quality control laboratory that offers improve diagnostic services to help its customers in numerous ways. It is well equipped with modern amenities and facilities to diagnose various health disorders. Various educational activities are carried out to implement proficiency for clinical interpretations.

It is must to keep a check over various components of blood that may become the cause of increasing number of diseases in the body. In order to keep these checks, there are different types of blood tests that could be carried out to know the exact state of the body. Many a time, these tests could be useful in avoiding major health disorders, especially when they are diagnosed in early stages. One could take preventive measures and could avoid long term effects of these problems. At one end, where there are pathological labs while at other end, there are immunodiagnostic laboratories that are known for carrying out highly sensitive tests. One could use immunological array of tests to diagnose allergic reaction and the extent of infection in the body.

It is must to have strong body immunity such that body could resist against antigens entering via various means. However, still people need to have regular check-ups to make sure that their blood does not lose on natural defence system. Thanks to immunodiagnostic labs that follow quality assurance immunochemistry to carry out various tests. Looking into sensitivity of these tests, these labs need to maintain the temperature as well as other conditions that may affect the results. One of the reputed labs that is known for offering quality services to its patients is IMMQAS, Immunology Quality Services. It is a

non-profit organization working with NHS to enhance immunodiagnostic investigations for betterment of patients. IMMQAS works in the direction to provide clinically relevant and responsive service with the objective to maintain and improve skills in quality assurance clinical diagnostic laboratories. It follows the standard schemes, such as proficiency testing or external quality assessment that could

reduce the incompatibility issues and could reduce the likelihood of errors. Proficiency testing autoimmunity tests are believed to be lot helpful. These tests are so sensitive that one should always opt for an accredited lab that could ponder over every related element and could improve upon the services. The lab should carry out various educational activities for testing and implementing proficiency for clinical and technical interpretation. IMMQAS is a quality control laboratory that provides objective assessment to its participants to keep inter-laboratory issues at bay. It also provides information on performance of existing kits and methods. Identifying the factors that affect the performance, the lab works to improve upon the overall services. So, whether you are looking for the place to get anaphylaxis tests or those for allergic reaction, IMMQAs is the one stop solution for ever type of immunological diagnosis. it is well equipped with amenities and facilities such that its customers could get overall testing solutions without any inconvenience.


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Immqas enhancing immunodiagnostic investigations  
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