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JULY 2012



SVES CROWNING GLORY Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) bagged the prestigious IMC RBNQ Award Trophy 2011 in the Education Category for its constructive initiatives and for imparting quality education to the students. The Indian Merchants Chamber RamKrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (IMC RBNQA) which began in 1997, is a symbol of excellence, which emphasizes on quality consciousness in organizations.

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Down the memory lane





Prof. Rameshwar Rao The Vice Chancellor, JNTU Hyderabad Interaction with Col Dr. T. S. Surendra, BVRIT, SVES

Prof. Rameshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor of JNTU Hyderabad has held positions of Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Osmania University (OU), Convener, PGECET and Professor, Department of ECE, OU. He obtained B.E. degree in ECE from OU, M.Tech. and Ph.D. degree from the prestigious IIT Bombay. He secured state II rank in A.P.State Higher Secondary Examinations in the year 1970. He was awarded Sir Akbar Ali Hyderi gold medal for being First in the Faculty of Engineering, Sharad Kumar Pathak gold medal, and Osmania University student Gold Medal for securing highest marks in ECE. He also secured Ist rank in Special Examination in Mathematics conducted by Osmania University. His work experience spans across 34 years as R&D engineer and as an eminent teacher. He served as R&D Engineer in the renowned Avionics Design Bureau, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., for more than 14 years and has been serving as Osmania University teacher for the last 20 years. Prof. Rameshwar Rao was invited as a visiting Research Professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark. U.S.A. He has served as a Consultant for a large number of reputed organizations such as Motorola, ECIL. He is one of the four academicians awarded World Bank Fellowship for Development of Wireless Curriculum in the Third World countries. Prof. Rao has conducted large number of short-term courses in VLSI Design, VHDL, Digital Communication as part of continuing Engineering Education programme for the benefit of working Engineers, Scientists and Teachers, and also introduced several new courses at Osmania University.



Col: Sir, I wish to express my profuse thanks to you for agreeing to meet me at very short notice despite your crowded schedule on the eve of your overseas trip. At the outset I wish to convey our heartiest congratulations to you, Sir, on your assuming the office of the Vice Chancellor of this august University, JNTUH, and this indubitably was a defining moment for the University and its affiliated Colleges. It is indeed my proud privilege to extend our heartiest greetings to you on behalf of the Chairman of the Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES), Sri K.V. Vishnu Raju Garu, the staff and students of the SVES educational Institutions. I am a member of the Editorial Board of the SVES magazine titled "The Vishnu Era". We wish to bring out the inaugural issue of this magazine in June 2012 and will be truly honoured if this issue could carry your views and message. The University is growing from strength to strength under your dynamic stewardship. What in your view, Sir, are the issues and challenges plaguing the Higher Education Sector? Where would your priorities lie and why? VC: I welcome such interaction as this provides a veritable platform for me to reach out to the staff and students of our University and affiliated

Colleges. Coming to your question relating to the issues and challenges confronting the higher education sector, one of the major issues is the paramount need to keep in step with newer technologies in terms of their assimilation, integration into the regular curriculum and dissemination through quality education to a large number of aspirants. Another issue germane to the effective teaching of the engineering curriculum, that has assumed an international or global perspective in today's context, is that jobs are available only for competent candidates with the competition getting increasingly tougher and more broad-based. The primary challenge, that we are faced with today, is the paucity of trained faculty to develop and deliver content/curriculum that meets the demands of Industry especially in organizations which command global markets. We need to address the yawning gap that exists between what the Industry requires and what the Academia offers today by better interfacing with Industry and by taking up industry-related projects.

Col:. You would be happy to learn the SVES has won the trophy, the highest National Quality award for Education


JULY 2012

3 instituted by Ramakrishna Bajaj. We continue to make every endeavor to promote creativity, innovation and thinking out-of-the-box among students. We are keen to have collaborative arrangements/alliances with Universities abroad for undertaking joint projects, student exchange programs and integrated post graduate programs – one model could be 3 years study in India (say BVRIT) and 2 yrs at a reputed foreign University. The undergraduate program would extend to four years (the fourth year being at the foreign University ) with JNTU giving the degree while the PG degree would be given by the foreign university. How will JNTU view such a tie-up? VC: JNTU will always encourage tie-ups with reputed foreign Universities in accordance with the Government rules and regulations in force. Indeed JNTU envisions becoming a World Class University by developing and also leveraging expertise, wherever available. We support joint faculty and student exchange programs, joint projects and allied activities.

Col: What would you consider as 'emerging technologies' and how is the University planning to promote and propagate these?

VC: At this point of time, I would say Nanotechnology and Bio Technology, that promise to impact Society in a telling manner by altering the way we think, interact and strive for development. The challenge, however, would be the development of suitable infrastructure and getting trained manpower if progress is to be made in this area. The Government has, of late, been supporting projects and research in these frontier areas. Thanks to Government support, Educational Institutions are bringing about awareness regarding the benefits accruing to Society from these technologies.

Col: JNTUH has very well structured syllabi for all subjects that are reviewed periodically (once in about two years). A two-year-period , you would agree Sir, is a long one in today's 'future shock' scenario. Would it not be expedient to review the syllabi more often and to incorporate a certain degree of flexibility (additions/deletions). VC: JNTUH has constituted a Board Of Studies (BOS) and has invited eminent people from the Industry dealing with emerging technologies to serve as members. In order to avoid the 'Future Shock' phenomenon you are referring

to, we are introducing a certain flexibility to facilitate frequent updating of the syllabi. The syllabi are regularly compared to the syllabi being followed by leading Academic Institutions in India and abroad.

Col: Almost all the students suffer from the 'All-inOne' guide syndrome, which negates the quintessence of (higher) education. What do you think can be done to discourage this rampant practice? VC: We have instituted certain reforms to i m p rove t h e o b j e c t i ve d e l i ve r y a n d assessment relating to various courses /subjects, throughout the University. With the help of eminent teachers, e-courses are being developed and necessary infrastructure created to make e-courses available easily on the internet, mobile telephone and in a Cloud. A single question paper will now replace four sets to maintain uniformity of assessment and objectivity. The aim is to ensure that a standard and comprehensive question paper, covering the entire syllabus, is framed to enable an objective assessment of the student's performance.

Col: Renewable energy is assuming considerable

significance today with the fast depletion of conventional sources of energy and growing levels of pollution. Seized of this irrefutable fact, Universities, the world over, are offering courses at the PG level in Solar Engineering, Solar Photovoltaic power, renewable energy systems and so on. Is JNTUH contemplating the introduction of such specialized programs at the PG level. VC: Yes. JNTU is seriously contemplating the introduction of specialized courses relating to efficient Energy Management and Alternative Sources of Energy in consonance with the norms governing environment protection, energy security etc. We already have students working on projects in Solar energy, photovoltaics, renewable energy systems, wind energy and so on. The new courses planned will help students exploit copious amount of solar energy that is available.

Col: Last but not the least, what is your word of thought to the future technical professionals? VC: I think, the youth should explore the path of science and technology with dauntless optimism and utilize their skills for the benefit of mankind.

speaking THE FINAL e d i t o r i a l ly

COL Dr. T. S. Surendra, BVRIT

Being at the helm of a ‘Buoyant and Vibrant Research destination for Innovative Technologies’ (BVRIT) sensitizes one to the numerous challenges presented by the technologies that obtain today and also endows one with a rare blend of experience and a sense of exigency. The rate of growth or development, it is often said, is proportional to the (current) development. Yes, as propounded by Alvin Toffler in his book “Future Shock”, there is too much change in too short a period of time. As a logical corollary to this irrefutable argomento, it becomes imperative for the Engineering and Science fraternity to keep in synch with the cutting edge and with the concomitant challenges. We are, no doubt, in tune with the humungous expectations of our stakeholders – in terms of good academic performance of the students, their holistic development, placement in good companies and their becoming responsible citizens. This would mandate, inter alia, enrollment of good and trained faculty possessing effective pedagogic skills and deep knowledge of the subject. High quality infrastructure is another prerequisite. The faculty or facilitator should not just ‘strut and fret his hour upon the stage and then be heard no more’ but must reach out beyond the syllabus to promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. He or she has to motivez and inspirez. These requisites are being addressed on a continuous basis. Efforts to get the ‘autonomous’ label for BVRIT (and BVRM Institutions) are on track and this would constitute a prelude to earning ‘University’ status. It is with a legitimate sense of pride that we state that our students constitute the bastion of our higher education differentiators and are the key drivers to our high visibility and good academic standards. The ecosystem that is germane to the Sri Vishnu Educational Society is in consonance with what was envisioned by our Founder Chairman and is conducive

to a student-centric environment in all its constituent educational institutions. It also nurtures innovative thinking to help build effective linkages between knowledge creators and users – the Academia and the Industry. But this is just the beginning. I also wear another hat – that of the Editor of ‘The Vishnu Era’ - and it is a proud moment for me to help coordinate the efforts of our staff across all the Institutions to facilitate the release of this inaugural issue. Editorship, I realize, is serieux entreprise though a carte blanche is given to the éditeur to do whatever it takes to bring out a reader-friendly but high quality news magazine replete with events in various campuses, articles (technical and otherwise), news and newsmakers relating to the BVRM & Narsapur campuses, achievements of students and so on. Mark Twain once wrote - “ How often we recall, with regret, that Napolean once shot a magazine editor and missed him and killed a publisher. But we remember with charity that his intentions were good” ! Yes the Editor is always on the firing line! We have made an attempt to give adequate representation to all the Colleges, who pitched in with alacrity and with consummate professionalism. As this is our maiden attempt, there are bound to be some chinks in our armour. Do let us know. We have tried to include something for everyone. Please do give your suggestions to improve the magazine. In this inaugural issue, we feature an interview with Prof Rameshwar Rao, Vice Chancellor JNTUH. Our Vice Chairman writes about a man from very humble beginnings but who went on to create history and “leave footprints on the sands of time”. Wish you all a very happy and happening new Academic Year!

INSPECTION The soldier stood and faced God, which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. 'Step forward now, you soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?' The soldier squared his shoulders and said, 'No, Lord, I guess I isn't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Because the world is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills got just too steep. And I never passed a cry for help,

Though at times I shook with fear. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place, Among the people here. They never wanted me around, Except to calm their fears. If you've a place for me here, Lord, It needn't be so grand. I never expected or had too much, But if you don't, I'll understand. There was a silence all around the throne, Where the saints had often trod. As the soldier waited quietly, For the judgment of his God. 'Step forward now, you soldier, You've borne your burdens well. Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,

Our soldiers are the best in the world.



In pursuit of excellence S R I



ABOUT IMC RBNQA The IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Trust was instituted jointly by the IMC and the House of Bajaj in 1995 and the first Award Cycle began in 1997. This award encourages Indian organizations to adopt a Performance Excellence model to bring in improvements and showcase best practices. The criteria for IMC RBNQA are designed on the same parallels as that of the Malcolm Baldrige criteria of the USA and follow similar rigorous process of evaluation. The Criteria in which the Performance Excellence is measured are Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Knowledge Management, Focus on Workforce & Operations and Outcomes.

THE CONDUIT TO SUCCESS The SVES Eco-System is structured to catalyze the holistic development and to nurture innovative thinking among students. The ecosystem encompasses the core competencies which are embedded in 4 Pillars - Infrastructure, Quality Education, Placements and R&D. The Visionary Senior Leadership at SVES has a sharp focus on creating an environment for innovation and workforce learning by means of advanced, state of the art equipment, innovation and learning centres. The SVES has a decentralized, democratic and transparent Governing System wherein all the stakeholders grow to be high potential ethical individuals and play an important role in decision making. The SVES integrated approach has modeled to delivery of everimproving value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organizational sustainability, improvement of overall organizational effectiveness, capabilities and personal learning.


The 9-Step Strategic Planning Process is monitored regularly through SWOT Analysis and is agile to respond to the rapid changes of market requirements. In order to make Higher Education relevant to the industry, SVES has created many Multi- disciplinary Labs that include the Assistive Technology Lab to provide Engineering Solutions for persons who are differently-abled, the Powder Research Lab, and Centers of Excellence (C'sOE) in collaboration with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, National Instruments, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, Synopsis and Pharma Research Labs. These state-of-the-art Inter disciplinary Research facilities enable faculty and students to keep abreast of latest technological advancements. SVES creates new opportunities for both Students and Faculty by collaborating with Foreign Universities achieving University status.

Team SVES with Inspection panel of IMC RBNQA

As part of their CSR, the Education Society has put in place a well designed system that supports key communities in terms of housing, education, water supply, health care, FM radio station for entertainment/education . Such an Eco-System constitutes the key driver to the realization of what was envisioned by the founders of the society. These initiatives made SVES the obvious choice for the IMC RBNQ Trophy for the year 2011 in the education category.

The VIT Vignette Dr. D. Suryanarayana, Principal, VIT

It is a privilege and honor to head Vishnu Institute of Technology, the scion of Sri Vishnu Educational Society established by Padmabhushan Dr. B. V. Raju. Our college is committed to the vision of our founder Chairman to develop a disciplined Knowledge Society especially in the field of technical education. Guided by the dynamic vision of our Chairman Sri K. V. Vishnu Raju, VIT emerged as an institution of repute on par with the established institutions in the country. The institution is well supported by an able administration and a team of dedicated teaching and non teaching staff. The teamwork, dedication and commitment of the faculty combined with a motivation to excel created a rich and productive academic environment at VIT.

At VIT, it is our endeavour to delve deeper into the true purpose of education by giving our students opportunities and an environment that is positive, inspiring, challenging and stimulating. While our co-curricular calendar focuses on Communication Skills and Soft Skills, sports and games and cultural activities supported by Vishnu FM and Vishnu TV Academy play a key role in the holistic development of the students. Through counseling and customization we aim to help the students realize their potential, identify their chosen paths and blaze new trails thereby opening up new avenues. Our aspiration is to build in our students an unparalleled knowledge and skill base supported by ethics and values which will help them evolve into complete individuals.

To meet the challenges of globalization, our college has geared up to grab new opportunities and has entered into MOUs and collaborations with international universities. The Assistive Technologies Lab, under the guidance of Prof. Allan Rux from the University of UMass, Lowell, provides our students an opportunity to design and develop ingenious products which are of utmost use to the physically challenged. This provides the students an opportunity to participate in the community service rendered by our society. Similarly value addition courses like foreign language courses in collaboration with Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad and Language Labs, Chennai and other technical courses like CIT from IIIT make our students industry compatible and internationally

competent. I would also proudly add that our first outgoing batch of students (2008-2012) are already placed. Around 25 companies including several multinational companies recognized the potential of our students and recruited them. As a person playing a key role in shaping a large number of brilliant minds each day, I am confident that Vishnu Institute of Technology will always remain the foremost temple of learning, where there are “equal opportunities to all so that they rise to their maximum potential�.


JULY 2012


BVRICE in the race Dr.Ch.V.Srinivas, Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Computer Education, Bhimavaram

It is true - time flows. It is again true - opportunities are unlimited. It is further true - only committed people get going. Information Technology revolutionized the mindset of people and their life style. Students and their parents started redefining and resetting their goals and aims in the light of new avenues. Conventional degrees have become almost of no use for people started thinking that these courses earn no meal. But how long? Earth is round and light is brighter. Time turns and facts get realized. Useless buds become blossomed. When time is a cycle it has to make a revolution and hence things regain their own significance and momentum. The dejected Science degree courses started regaining their name and fame. Revolutionizing the education system causes early realization as far as the employment opportunities are concerned. It has become rather a notion for long that ed ucation means only engineering and medicine. This go is continuing in such a way that job means only software engineer. The worst of this trend is that male employees other than software engineers are unable to get married as most of the girls and their parents like the earnings of software engineers. This situation caused many conventional degree colleges either to get converted into engineering colleges or to close, which has become a big hurdle for middle class, lower middle class and BPL families to get along. At the same time many institutions of technical education are unable to produce sufficient number of quality engineers for the software industry. A big bolt really. During the recession period Software industries started thinking in terms of cost of employment and employable degrees and started redesigning their work platforms and outlook. By and large, many companies began identifying alternatives for engineering graduates and they have chosen the Science graduates as a right alternative. Here one should accept the fact that intelligence is not one’s sole property, it belongs to every individual irrespective of the course of study. Realizing this fact recruiters divert their attention towards search of quality science graduates. The

reason for this change may be multifaceted; salary expectations of engineering graduates, frequent migration from one firm to the other and expenditure on training etc. The tendency of frequent migration is relatively less, as observed, in the case of science graduates and as such the training imparted to them would definitely be helpful to both the company and the individual. Getting a software job is surely a dream for science graduates as well and also they feel it a great recognition for their education. Hence they get more attached to the organization. Exactly at this point software companies put their effort in grabbing quality science graduates for their needs. Certain organizations like Wipro and Mahindra Satyam are also sponsoring higher education (MS) to the new incumbent B.Sc. graduates through internationally reputed institutions like BITS, Pilani and VIT, Vellore . Yes, ordinary B.Sc. degree holder is another most opted cap for software industries now. It is the duty of the academic institutions to prepare the under graduates in science to suit the software jobs through right training in employment skills. In pursuit of this, Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Computer Education has put its best efforts by introducing the unique program called Integrated Training Program (ITP) through which the B.Sc. students are trained for campus recruitments as well as other competitive exams. The result of this program is hundred percent placements for all the eligible students of the academic year 201112.Students are placed in more than ten companies like Mahindra Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, NetEnrich, Infotech, Explore Ind Technologies, Divis Labs, Vasudha Foundation, Anjani Cement, Subha Griha Projects etc. Real professional flavor has been ascribed to the conventional degree courses. The philosophy of BVRICE is to look at every issue with a positive attitude and a real time perspective. “Education with Values – Value Education”, is our hidden motive that drives towards better tomorrow. Sky belongs to all. Opportunity belongs to all. But victory belongs to those who try for it.

DOWN THE MEMORY LANE The Dawn of a New Era Sri K.V.Vishnu Raju as Chairman of SVES

In this column we go back in time to recapitulate the defining moments in the history of the SVES Educational Institutions and accentuate the personalities involved. We look at year 2002 – a decade ago. Our venerated founder chairman, Padmabhushan Dr B.V. Raju garu, breathed his last on 8th of June 2002 as a glorious era (1920 – 2002), that left an indelible imprint in the annals of SVES history, came to an end. The man who had assiduously built his cement factory and set up a chain of quality educational institutions was no more. The passing away of the icon had left behind a void that was considered difficult to fill. That was when Sri K.V. Vishnu Raju garu (the grandson of the late founder chairman) fresh from his

Masters program at the Michigan Tech University followed by his stint at Du Pont, USA, and later at Anjani Portland Cements Ltd was called upon to don the mantle of Chairman SVES it was no doubt a daunting challenge for the young entrepreneur to step into the shoes of a colossus. But this he did with sincerity, tenacity and panache as later events and success stories proved. Under the dynamic stewardship of sri K.V. Vishnu Raju garu , SVES and its constituent educational institutions continue to grow from strength to strength carving a distinct niche for itself in the academic firmament for its promotion of creativity and innovation among students. Sky belongs to all. Opportunity belongs to all. But victory belongs to those who try for it.



ASPIRE TO ACHIEVE Mr Ravichandran Rajagopal | Vice Chairman, SVES


life story……

There was this small village boy, born into a family of three siblings at Kumudavali. Raju was the eldest with his sister being the second in the family. As he was the first-born child, the Indian family tradition sets expectations on the eldest son to be duty bound to the family. It was usual to see Raju attending school; and during his spare time, he helped his father, Bhupathiraju Venkata Narshimaraju, in the fields and tended to the cattle. Raju's mother was the traditional home maker, doing her daily routine of preparing food for her family and tending to neighbors and guests from nearby village. Kumudavali, a hamlet in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, has historical importance. Back in 1897, Kumudavali started a library, Kandukuri Veereslingam Kavi Samaja Grandalayam, named after the famous social reformer of the time. This resulted in social transformation with the village encouraging a lot of its youngsters to become literate. They believed that education was a great means of social transformation. Kumudavali could also boast of a number of freedom fighters who were well educated and contributed to the freedom movement that helped in achieving the dream of modern India. It was in such family surroundings, Raju was raised as a young lad. His mother always encouraged him to study and helped him understand the importance of education as a means of being recognized within the community. Raju was a normal school going child with little support from his father, but aspired for an educational career, while his brother worked in the fields, helping their farther. Raju was at cross roads after he completed his high school. His Uncle [Chinna Nanna, BH Subbaraju], was at that time studying engineering at Guindy Engineering College, Chennai, erstwhile Madras. However, Raju was not confident that he could make it to such institutions because of limited seats and high competition. Doing a high school and then joining a degree program was thought of as a safe option. A Bachelor of Arts at Bandar College, Krishna Dist, and then joining the government service was his ultimate goal.

In his village, Raju was known by his pet name, BadikadaThatha, usually given to grandsons who bear the same name as their grandfather. During the summer recess, a family friend of Raju, BHVKRaju visited Kumudavali. BHVK was a student of Banaras Hindu University at that time and suggested Thatha to consider the option of applying to that University. He briefed Thata about the opportunities of doing engineering study and thus sowed the seed for higher education outside his home state. This was the turning point in Thatha's thought process. The vision of creating a future industry was well articulated by his now mentor. He announced his ambition to his parents, who dutifully rejected his proposal of being away from family for long durations because of his father's commitment to have his eldest son take over family responsibilities. Further, if he was to be away from his hometown, his parents were also worried about his safety and ability to manage himself in a strange place where the language and food was very different. But BHVK Raju convinced his parents that Thatha can reside in the hostel and focus on his studies and that everything is going to be fine. By then, Raju strongly had made up his mind to study at Banaras Hindu University, and hence personally, he convinced his mother to encourage him to live his dream. Once he gained his family support, the next question was that of finance. And that was resolved by Raju's mother who had some bridal gold jewelry given to her at the time of her marriage, and she pledged her jewels in the Imperial Bank [now State Bank of India] in order to support her son's desire for engineering education. Thus, began the long journey of Bhupathiraju Vissam Raju… His sister and brother are living at Gudiguddam, West Godavari district and in Vijayawada respectively. His uncle, Late Sri BH Subbaraju retired as Director, Road Research Institute, GOI, New Delhi. * Raju is also affectionately known as Ceylon Thatha in his village.

I’m Plastic I sighed once again. Closely enough a shudder followed. The reeking stench and lifeless horrible sight

Let me share with you things that makes me happy: I like the expression, 'chuckling' because it

met me. I realized that I drifted off once again though I could not remember when that was and

means one is happy. I like all the words like laughing, smiling, grinning because.. Hmm..!! My 'masters',

have just awakened. Flies and bugs; to go into details ,bacteria and paramecia, protozoan, virus

'friends', 'creators', needless to say 'my destroyers' put on these expressions on their faces

families of numerous and nameless organisms are breeding all around me. Even though they too are

whenever they are content and happy. Of course! I like to see them happy. I think even you would

living organisms, it hurt me to see their rapid growth not only in number but also in variety. It really

feel the same if you were created for fulfilling the purpose of doing good at least in an infitesimal

hurt me because they are the vectors and bearers of unhealthiness and unhappiness to.............

range helpful to "HUMANS". Look, I say it now! HUMANS! Though, it is hurting me more now than I

Again, I went numb and tried to shut out the thoughts and bring peace to my mind. Though many of

have ever felt in my life, to make them happy, I'm going to do it. Though, keeping them safe and

them refer to me as : 'manufactured' or 'invented' in the first place, I prefer the term 'being born'.

healthy means never being touched, carried or used by them in any way, I'm not going to back

Yes, I was BORN some decades ago, due to some experiments done by some scientists. I was purely

out… It is painful to me the thought of not being able to occupy a special and irreplaceable position in

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our world.... ah sorry, in 'THEIR' world. Now that I have decided to disappear from the face of

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upon me ,I quit now. Though I do not know how I would do it, I will try my best and best.....for they are

Not that it is a secret or anything. I chuckled… "chuckling" is an excellent expression again. With

completely … my 'destroyers'.

my 'masters', my 'creators', my 'friends' and....even though they could not help it, could not do it due apologies to you, I promise to be more clear in narrating my story hereafter. I feel a lot more contented now.



JULY 2012



The benefits that are expected to accrue to BVRIT, in addition to Knowledge transfer, include: While the inimitable Dr Suryanarayana , Principal of VIT (Versatile, Intelligent and Tenacious), is working overtime to get a foothold in the Cognitive Science Space with a focus on “Effective Semantic Search through Cognitive Machine Learning based Natural Language Understanding”,

SVECW (Scintillating and Vibrant Eco-system Created by Women), under the direction of its ‘Person for all seasons’ , Dr Srinivasa Rao, established the ‘TIDSP-Centre of Excellence Laboratory’ (to be inaugurated soon). This DSP Lab boasts of state-of-the-art equipment with 36 computer systems and the necessary software. The Bhimavaram (BVRM) Colleges are already in the big league of ‘happening ‘ Institutions. With BVRM taking such gigantic strides, h can Narsapur, Medak District, be far behind. We’ll talk at length about a little known, but a truly international project BVRIT has embarked upon early this year. BVRIT (Being a Veritable Research destination for Innovative Technologies?) has yet again delivered a Kilowatt punch to a Solar PV (Photovoltaic) initiative. BVRIT had earlier evaluated four different silicon PV technologies viz. mono crystalline silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, edge defined film fed growth (EFG) silicon and amorphous silicon over a three year period. The complete data acquisition system had been developed by BVRIT. Our evaluation was also presented at various international conferences, the latest being at the Low Carbon Earth Summit (LCES) 2011 at Dalian, China, in Oct 2011. As a corollary to our earlier performance evaluation, BVRIT has now leapfrogged into the big league following the signing of a protocol by the Government of

India and Norway. A partnership has been synergized involving Elkem Solar(ES), Norway (Research Partner), TITAN (Industry partner) and BVRIT (Academic Partner) for the long-term performance study of Solar grade silicon cells developed by ES. These cells are converted into Photovoltaic (PV) modules by TITAN, a leading manufacturer of Photovoltaic modules and systems in India at their state-of-the-art facility at Medchal. The long term performance study of the PV modules commissioned at BVRIT in our Narsapur campus will be undertaken by our students under the tutelage of qualified staff. Test bed systems and the system configuration have been finalized by TITAN in consultation with Elkem Labs. Elkem Solar and Elkem Labs are doing pioneering and cutting edge research in wafers, silicon and related processes to help meet the clean energy demands of the world. This R&D Project is funded by the Research council of Norway. It deserves to be highlighted that BVRIT was specially selected to be the Academic Partner for this R & D project in preference to other Institutions in view of their prior experience and expertise in carrying out such a study/evaluation. One member of the BVRIT staff had served in the PV Industry before and executed World Bank/USAID sponsored projects. The special features of Elkem Solar’s Solar Silicon technology include less energy consumption during production, lower carbon dioxide emission during manufacture and lower production costs. So far twenty eight PV modules (each 240 Wp) have been installed in the BVRIT campus at Narsapur (Medak District) on mounting structures developed by our Mechanical Engg Dept with inputs from TITAN.

a. Training of students in installation of the PV modules, balance of systems and instruments. The measuring instruments used for this project use cutting edge technology and have been sourced by ES and TITAN from leading vendors in the world. The performance of the modules in terms of energy generation and so on can be monitored from any part of the world. b. Exposure of students to state-of-the-art technology in terms of PV modules, measuring instruments, sensors, data acquisition with associated software evaluation techniques c. Developing the analytical skills of students by giving them an opportunity to involve themselves in a long term performance study and interpret/analyze the data acquired d. An excellent paradigm for industry, academia and R&D collaboration – a Win-Win situation for all. e. Such an initiative would constitute the first step in establishing a full-fledged Centre of Excellence for Solar Energy at BVRIT.

A Man Who Lived Tomorrow Sri P. Krishna Ganga Raju, Secretary, SVES


ri P Krishna Ganga Raju was born and brought up in Poduru, West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. His early education was at Poduru, Marteru & Bhimavaram. He obtained MA degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Madras Christian College affiliated to Madras University. After his education, he concentrated on agriculture and was the first to experiment and introduce high yielding varieties of crop in his farm. During his tenure as the Secretary, SVES, Sri Ganga Raju garu organized a 2day All India Conference which was represented by representatives from all. He organized it with the support of his esteemed friend from Gujarat, Sri Natwar Singh Solanki, who is a former M.P. Sri Singh helped him in inviting

Smt. Kamund Ben Joshi, who was the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, to inaugurate the Conference. It was a huge success due to the active participation of industrialists from all over the country. Sri Krishna Ganga Raju was a close associate of Padmabhushan Dr. B V Raju garu for 30 years . He is instrumental in establishing SVES institutions along with B V Raju Garu. He is a great orator who appeals to the people. Currently, he is the Secretary of Sri Vishnu Educational Institutions and B V Raju Foundation and is working along with the present Chairman, Sri K V Vishnu Raju garu. Thus, he is a father figure in SVES whose advice is precious and valued. In a nutshell, Sri Krishna Gangaraju garu is to SVES, what Lord Krishna is to Mahabharata.



BY LEAPS & BOUNDS We have a dream. It is the dream to excel in every field of student endeavour, the dream to propel BVRIT to the pinnacle, the dream to go out there and take the world by storm. The BVRITians did just that under the tutelage of very committed staff. This time the students of the IT Dept mesmerized not only the Hon'ble members of the Jury but also the Captains of the Industry and the intelligentsia from the Academia. On the stage were the Hon'ble Ministers of IT and Housing (Ponna Laxmiah Garu & Uttam Reddy Garu), Chief Secretary to CM, Secretary IT, President ITsAP (Mr Rajanna of TCS), the Group Chief Executive of CTS, Chennai, Mr Chandrasekharan and Mr Ramesh Loganathan. After a period of nail biting suspense came the announcement of the winners in the Product Category (Category - MNC & Ent, Indian/Social impact) in Mr Ramesh Loganathan's baritone BVRIT he called and later in the Student Innovation Category - BVRIT again was the call. The BVRITians were on Cloud Nine as they marched up the stage in single file and in full view of the


international audience to receive and hold aloft the trophies. Bravo! Well done and well deserved. The moment of truth - nay the defining moment - had dawned on the proud BVRITians. There comes a time in the history of Institutions, when "truth from our lips prevails with double sway and fools who come to scoff remain to pray". The pursuit of excellence has just begun. Yes the Assist+ product award was clinched against stiff competition from the Industry - 7SEAS ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, Sum Total Systems Inc, Phoenix IT Solutions Limited, Open Text, Mahindra Satyam, BVRIT, Srit and 2HTC!! The competition went down to the wire. But it was the BVRITians who finished on top. Looks like BVRIT has truly arrived and is perched on the threshold of a Brave New World – a world where innovation is the new mantra. .

Congratulations to you, your able management team, and bright students of BVRIT on winning two ITsAP awards in Advantage AP 2012. This is a true reflection of your humble leadership and continuous focus on delivering Quality Education. I wish you and your team very best for greater things to come from BVRIT. On behalf of ITsAP, I am very much thankful to you for ensuring active participation of your team in Advantage AP 2012. BVRIT once

again differentiated itself in Advantage AP 2012 by winning 2 ITsAP awards. Congratulations to you and your able teams. The event is a great success with huge participation from Industry, Academia, and Government.. M o re t h a n 3 0 0 0 d e le g a te s participated. Regret any inconvenience caused to your team during the event and w e lo o k fo r w a rd fo r y o u r

Brig K. HARI KUMAR, Exec Dir ITsAP Sri Vishnu Education Society, through its professional colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh, has been in the forefront as a great example of “Conscious Capitalism” - providing an inclusive and socially relevant platform for students and faculty in nurturing their ideas, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. T h e m a n y m a r ke ta b le a n d

Letter addressed to Sri K,V. Vishnu Raju, Chairman, SVES continuous support. Regards, V Rajanna President The IT & ITES Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITsAP) Vice President & Regional Head Global Head - Telecom Technology Business Unit Tata Consultancy Services Limited Hyderabad

The IT and ITES Industry Association of Andhra Pradesh

scalable products which the colleges under the Society’s umbrella have produced are stellar examples of this commendable initiative. The society has added two more feathers in their cap when the students of BVRIT won two awards for social Impact [in the open category]and student Innovation at the ITsAP Annual Product

Awards Competition on 22 June 2012 at the Advantage AP IT Summit held at HICC Hyderabad. I wish the Sri Vishnu Education Society a great innings in the future to leverage technology and entrepreneurship to make this great Country a better place to live and work!

TAKE IT EASY Golden Oriole

Indian Treepie

Birds of Bhimavaram

Primates (Monkeys) of Narsapur


JULY 2012



View From Across The Gulf Of Mannar This was my first time attending an international congress and I was very impressed with the amount of effort put to this event by the students and academic staff as well as the participants. It seemed that the conference offered all participants some form of enrichment during the proceedings. The below conversation is stated by Aishwarya jain ( pondicherry engineering college) in her blog regarding her WIECON experience, and this is also available in

Atithi devo bhava A true flavor of courtesy and warmth of hospitality was showered upon the students of PEC when they visited Bhimavaram for IEEE R10 WIE Student Congress 2012. "APTITUDES, ATTITUDES and ALTITUDES": A Call for Change! The Women in Engineering Congress was organised by IEEE Hyderabad section at Shri Vishnu College of Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Skeptical about it, none of us had thought that a small city located in the interiors of Andhra Pradesh could offer such a great learning experience and enlighten the bright minds of young engineers.

The congress had a balance of technical talks, competitions as well as Aesthetics. WIECON'12 was a great opportunity to improve our knowledge in different fields and most of all, it was an enormous opportunity for me to meet delegates and to connect with students from different states of India.

I highly appreciate the great hospitality of the college. It was a pleasure participating in this event and I am looking forward to participate in future events. And I am really thankful for giving me this opportunity, and I will cherish the sweet memories all of you have given me.

As an international participant I was amazed to see the hospitality and the cultural aspect. WIECON'12 gave me the opportunity to learn Indian culture and people.

Amanthi Ratnayake (University of Peradeniya)

Conference was inaugurated by Dr. Takako Hashimoto, IEEE WIE R10 Coordinator from JAPAN. Around 400 delegates from all over India as well as abroad participated actively in the conference. WIECON'12 was organized with the sole aim of bringing together women engineering role models who have carved a name for themselves in the engineering field with the aspirating students, teachers and professionals in a congenial environment. The programme covered a wide range of skill development workshops, panel discussions on women career related issues and entrepreneurial ideas. Genomic signal processing, hierarchical memory architecture, video talks on Robotics, Image processing as a diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease in brain were some of the inspiring talks by the IEEE senior members including Lawrence Wong (R10 Director), Rayees Amar Nishad (South Asia GOLD

The 7th of May 2012 witnessed two proud BVRITians (2007-11 batch) receiving Gold Medals for standing first among all the affiliated JNT University Colleges – R. Swetha (CHE) and Isha Shrivastava (BME). Isha's medal was received in absentia as she is doing her Masters program in Bio-medical Engineering at Ohio, USA. Keeping her tryst with excellence, and not to be outdone, Dr Reddy Chaitanya (2006-11) of VDC showcased her innovative prowess by coming up with a manually operated air compressor for use in dentistry. She

Coordinator), Prof. Howard Michel (2012 IEEE VicePresident) and many more.

museum and learnt the classic instrumentation involved into making the same.

There were many spot activities to sharpen the well versatile minds of human beings. We as students of PEC participated in each of these activities and highlighted the name and vision of our renowned alumni Kalpana Chawla!! A splendid and scintillating cultural night was also organized to invoke the spirit of nationalism amongst the participants belonging to different cultures. The college management also organized for us an adventurous trip for local site seeing and boat ride in Godavari River.

In all aspects, the visit to Bhimavaram was a wonderful and a memorable experience and deliberations of the conference will definitely bring out useful technical and scientific ideas for the benefit of budding engineers.

On the final day, we escaped out to reach for the beautiful beaches of Vishakhapatnam. Admiring the natural beauty at the time of Sunrise while waves soaked our feet in sea water was an experience beyond words can describe. We visited a Submarine

thought differently and landed the Piere Fauchard Academy Award (International Best Student award). More accolades and awards followed and in Feb 2011, she achieved the YSR Young Student Award that fetched her a prize cache of One lakh rupees. Dr. B.Anusha (2006-11) of VDC won the Silver Jubilee Medal from NTR University of Health Sciences for securing highest marks in her final BDS. In addition Coastal Andhra Chapter of Indian Dental Association honored her for the same.

Amusing, frolic, motivational, creative, enthusiastic, adventurous, interactive, exposition, responsibility, inspirational and knowledgeable!! This was WIECON 2012!! Aishwarya Jain Arshia Sharma Heena Singla

We at SVES salute the prize winners and exhort them to scale greater heights. Ms R. Swetha receiving her certificate from His Excellency The Governor of A.P., Mr Narasimhan and Mr Narayanamurthy, Cofounder Infosys at the 3rd Convocation of JNTU






t was a hectic day - hot, humid and enervating - as I was racing against time in my office to make a last minute submission to AICTE. I looked at my watch to observe that it was well past nine at night. The proposal we were working on had to be submitted by 'the stroke of the midnight hour', online. Sticking to this schedule was paramount to obviate any untoward 'tryst with destiny' (with due apologies to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru). My P.A., M. Alluri, was there, the Unsinkable Molly Brown, to lend some semblance of order to our endeavour. Had she not been with the BVRIT monolith ever since its inception? Had she not seen crisis after crisis (all of them man made, of course)? She would invariably stand by us in any 'fire-fighting' operation. 'Today is no exception' I thought. Billy Jean King, the tennis ace, once said that "Pressure is a privilege. It comes to those who earn it". I have earned it I reassured myself. "When sorrows come they come not single spies but in battalions" said Shakespeare (Hamlet). The electricity supply started playing truant, the net was down and Madam M. Alluri had to rush home to attend to an emergency! But we held on – the Administrative staff and some computer guys – oblivious to the 'El Nino' effect (euphemistically speaking). A slight shower brought some relief and some cheer to our beleaguered team as we were staring at a T-20 like situation - something like 40 runs to get in two overs. To cut a long story short, the 'Deccan Chargers' or the BVRIT Night (not Knight) Riders romped home with five balls to spare. The net (read internet connectivity) was restored just in time and at 11.55 pm the online submission was accomplished. Hurrah! 'Fortune favours the brave' seemed more apt at that point of time. We wished each other good night (in fact good morning) to depart. I had to get back to the City, though one would normally have preferred to stay back in the salubrious environs of the BVRIT campus, to see off my daughter at the airport or at least at the 'airport-city shuttle' bus station. It was 12.30 a.m. (0030 hrs), the next day, as I set off on my nocturnal drive, the serious objections of my colleagues at BVRIT notwithstanding. Come on guys. I have braved many an ambush in the North East during

my Army stint. The first indication, however, of the razor sharp adventure that was in store for me, was perceived as I eased into Narsapur. All of a sudden, the light shower intensified into a violent cloudburst leaving a trail of minor calamite in its wake – trees uprooted, complete black out and the wailing of street dogs . Wasn't it straight out of a Hitchcock thriller? But I pressed on undaunted by the contretemps. Visibility was a challenge as I summoned up all my intuitive skills to stay on course. Intuition, I assured myself, was an advanced kind of reasoning at the subconscious level where logic, insight, training and experience played a part. I switched on the radio. Radio Mirchi was playing Hindi film melodies of yester year. Sure enough there was this one from 'Woh Kaun Thi" – "Naina barse rim jim rim jim" . O God, I thought! Yes our Maker sure has a sense of humour and a sense of timing! But then he has a heart, too. Very soon, the rain was kind of petering out and the visibility started improving. As I was just emerging from the forest area, technically not yet though, I saw someone at a distance gesturing, almost imploring me to stop. My instinct told me to carry on. This was hardly the time for chivalry I said to myself as I pressed the accelerator. Not at 1 AM in the morning. But as I drew close to the 'damsel in distress' (yes it was a young lady in her late twenties perhaps), and as she grimaced under the high beam of my head lights, I realized it was a familiar face. Could she be the daughter of my course-mate at the National Defence Academy ? The Karniks were my neighbours at Kalimpong, where we had served together in a Mountain Division. Much against the dictates of my conscience, I pulled up near the kerb to enquire what she was doing at this unearthly hour. I offered her a seat. " I am Bhagyashree - Wife of Flt Lt Arun Keshav Bhosle. We live at Dundigal, Air Force Academy. I got stranded here when the tourist bus stopped and left without me. This was about 20 mins back. I am not able to reach any of my friends in the bus. No signal. Pl drop me at the Airforce Academy, Uncle". "With pleasure" I told the young lady. "How could your bus driver or friends do this, Bhagyashree? Aren't you Air Commodre Karnik's daughter? " I enquired. Yes Uncle. I think I have seen you at Kalimpong. You are Arjun's



father, aren't you. Surendra something?". "I am Col Surendra. I was a Major at Kalimpong" I said. "Where is Karnik ? At Sholapur ?" I enquired. "Not any more Uncle. My parents live at Jubilee Hills, near the Apollo hospital. The first house in Lane 6. He has a prominent name board, too. I'll tell him that I met you. Or maybe not. Give him a surprise, Uncle". I dropped her at the Air-Force Academy at about 2 a.m. and sped off to reach my house an hour later. I was able to drop my daughter at the Keys High School Shuttle-stop in time. A few days later, I happened to visit a doctor friend of mine at Apollo. After the visit as I was driving away from Apollo, I chanced to read a name-board with KARNIK written in bold plated letters. I motioned to my driver to stop. Karnik and Rupali were very happy to see me after almost fifteen years. "Hi TS ! What brings you here", Karnik asked. "Well Do you know who told me about you and your shifting to Hyderabad – from Sholapur. Bhagyashree! Last week! Or should I say Mrs Arun Keshav Bhosle ?" I exclaimed in an excited tone. But there was an eerie silence that engulfed the room. Very puzzling. "Come on guys. Anything wrong", I asked. "I am talking about Bhagyashree, the one in this photograph on the wall there with Rupali" I added. Karnik broke his silence to say, " Listen TS. You are known for your perfect sense of humour and mimicry. Great. But this time round, you have got it all wrong, TS. You have not done your homework well. You have tugged at our heart-strings, friend. Do you know that Bhagyashree and Arun were both killed in a road accident near the Air Force Academy , in the forest area, about three years back". Spasms of dizziness whirled through the inner recesses of my mind as I collapsed on the couch. I have never fathomed this episode till now. I don't talk about it either. Karnik and Rupali have never forgiven me. There are no takers either. Astute and apocryphal ? A figment of my imagination? Fact or Fiction, you decide!


INDNOR Control Room Inauguration by Honorable Chairman SVES

Students taking performance measurements


JULY 2012


career path Journey of a student in SVES Institution starts from the time he / she joins the institution with Career Awareness by counseling the student to choose a career path that suits his or her persona, Industry Leaders and Personality Development Counselors will help the student to become self-motivated individual. Students go through bridge programs if necessary in English Language Proficiency and Personality Development to be professional students. Students are guided through fundamentals of Engineering Disciplines and Labs for Strong Technical Foundation with Learning by Doing methodology, the philosophy is to make students strong in the fundamentals of different engineering disciplines. Student Clubs are formed with Various Activities that are linked to building individuals inter-personal skills and give opportunities to students to present themselves there by improving confidence and public speaking skills. Then the students will be associated with several Centers of Excellence / Reasearch Centers to work on specific engineering areas, here students are exposed to various cutting edge technologies and real-world problems to be solved utilizing the Technological advances in the field of study. Students get the exposure of working with either Professors from various Universities of Repute which are associated with the Society's Institutions on specific areas or the Industry Experts from Reputed corporations, in a way they work on Social Problems with the Technological and

Theoretical / Fundamental know-how that will come handy when they join the Work-force to be productive from the Day they start their professional life. To meet the different linguistic requirements at worklife students are trained on other foreign languages such as German, French and Spanish. Students will have access to role models from the alumni or otherwise who have started on their own as entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur Development Programs support them with the know-how of how to start thinking as business owners from the innovations they make in the labs / research centers of institutions, Technology Business Incubator of the Society created some inspiring success stories for the stude nts to follow. And many of the prefinal and Final year students work with Startup and Incubated companies to put-to use the know how they have and understand the business startups functioning, that will bring out leaders in them. Experts from Industry who have been educated in India's top Institutions such as ISB, IIMs and IITs comes to Society institutions to train the students on problem solving skills, personality development,


competitive exams such as GATE, GRE and Placements. These experts will also grade students on various parameters and identify strengths and weaknesses of the students and specific trainings are tailored to enable the students to come out of any s u c h w eakness, the focus will be to help students with life-long learnings than the superficial approaches. Several Top IT Services companies such as TCS and product companies such as ADP and GE-Healthcare have placement tie-ups with society's institutions and such engagements are the light-houses for the students in their journey to be employed with reputed organizations and students will be trained to meet all the employment requisites. "To sum it up, the vision of the Management of the Society focuses on creating a veritable milieu that facilitates the synergy of students, staff, industry and start-ups for mutual benefit. The ecosystem encompasses, inter alia, Incubation and Innovation Centres, Project Labs, Centres of Excellence, Entrepreneurship Development Cells, Institute

Industry partnership cells, Community Centres and Student Activity Centres to aid the holistic development of the students, catalyze creativity and encourage thinking out of the box. Special efforts are made to bridge the gap between what the University curriculum offers and what the Industry needs by exposing the students to courses beyond the curriculum and developing their skills in specialist areas. Innovation has been the key driver to fuelling opportunities for students and this is made manifest in tangible outcomes such as participation and recognition in international competitions, internships in reputed companies, exposure to real time projects, updating of the knowledge base of both staff and students ultimately translating into good placements for students in renowned companies and admission into reputed Universities/Research Labs in India as well as abroad. The ecosystem is also conducive to developing the Gen Next entrepreneurs and leaders. Reposing implicit faith in the potential of its students, the Society has configured a regimen to create or add value to the student by harnessing his/her talent through systemic training in all its ramifications namely skill building, personality development, lateral thinking and career mapping. Such an ecosystem constitutes the key driver to the realization of what was envisioned by the founders of the society especially in terms of knowledge creation, dissemination and absorption accentuated by an innovation ecosystem."


A.L.KISHORE, Initiator

Very little is known to the SVES family about the achievements etc of the next generation - the children of our staff & workers. We are starting this column to highlight the accomplishments/achievements of the Next Gen, among other happenings .

No mean effort It was a day to cherish in glory for Mr Ashwin Dutt (S/o Smt K.Sujatha Kumari, Librarian, BVRIT) on which the GROUP 1 Services results were announced and found that he stood in the top 25 of the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. One can witness the joy and pride in his mother's face on that day in the college for this no mean effort. Mr Ashwin is posted as Administrative officer, Dept of Health and family welfare, Govt of AP.

The big Leap Mansha Fatima, D/O Dr. I. A. Pasha of VI Grade, Sadhu Vaswani International School, Kompally participated in International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM2011) and won Ist Level Silver Medal in the Ist round. About 3000 schools from India and 14 other countries have registered and participated for Silver Zone Olympiads 2012.

Big Future Ms Pratyusha, (D/o Dr E. Laxminarasaiah) secured 97% in her INTER 1st year. She is from Narayanamma. She is preparing for IIT JEE

Well, it all started a year back, when a couple of 2nd year hostel students (Mr. Farooq Shaik (ECE), Ms Anupama (EEE)) responded to the circular sent on initiating the Club Inquizitive whose main objective is to help the students improve their General Awareness and Communication Skills. I could not have facilitated the BBC WORLD SERVICE – Learning English Programme without the sincere coordination of these students. This unique active learning programme helps the students to make out how to communicate well with proper accent and pronunciation. Students make use of the BBC WORLD Service – Learning English Kit during their training. The first batch training was concluded in March, 2012. The training for the second batch will be commenced immediately after the summer vacation.

Then it is Ms Hema latha (IT) came out with request / suggestion to conduct special sessions on improving the soft skills of those girls from the rural background. The First few sessions were on the topics "how to get over the stage fear" and "why and how to talk better English". Two prodigies from first year were interested to be a part of General Knowledge Quiz activities for the year 2012 – Mr. Nikilesh (ECE) & V.Prashant (ECE). These are the guys who were instrumental in coordinating the unique General Knowledge Quiz Competition for the entire college during 'PROMETHEAN 2K12'. Around 40 teams from all branches of engineering participated in the event. The Club is coming with a quiz competition for the Faculty of BVRIT during the next semester.


rendezvous 12

with Dr. M. Y. S.Prasad

A name to reckon with in Indian Space Research Dr. M.Y. S. Prasad is an accomplished Space Scientist, at present the Associate Director of Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.. An Andhrite by birth, he became internationally known for his concept of "real time decision" in the launching of PSLVs and GSLVs. Dr. Prasad has a long and exceptional experience in Indian Space Program steering various activities and Programs of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He is currently working as Associate Director of Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR (SDSC-SHAR). Worked as Range Operations Director for all the launches in 2008, 2009, &2010 including PSLV-C11/ Chandrayaan-1. All operations and preparations for launches from SHAR are carried out under his supervision and direction.

An exclusive interview with this Distinguished Space Scientist as given to Dr.Rama Devi, Prof. of English, VIT, Bhimavaram is as follows:

1. How much of Aryabhatta's Knowledge is relevant to Space Research today ?

Aryabhatta was a great Astronomer and Mathematician of India who completed a compendium of Mathematics and Astronomy called " Aryabhatia" in the year 499 AD. Aryabhatta identified that Earth rotates about its axis daily, & explained scientifically Solar and Lunar Eclipses. He calculated sidereal rotation time of Earth as 23 hrs 56 mn 4.1 Sec which is very close to the latest numbers we have today. He found out the value of, and worked out a procedure for solving Diophantine equations. Thus his contributions were great, especially considering his time period of work. Astronomy is the basis for all the Space Research of today. Aryabhatta continues to be an inspiration to all of us. His work on Diophantine equations is a regular procedure and algorithm today. 2. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is a role model to the youth of India. We heard that you worked with him. Could you share your experiences with him ?

I Joined ISRO in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, in May 1975. I was directly placed in SLV-3 Project, for which Sri A P J Abdul Kalam was the Project Director. I was part of the team of the first successful launch vehicle of India in 1980 under the leadership of Abdul Kalam. I worked with him for seven years upto 1982. Kalam used to be the driving force for all activities of SLV-3. At that time it was the only Launch Vehicle Project for ISRO, and had to be realized with complete indigenous technologies. Such a task requires a leader with maturity, patience and team building – and Kalam is full of all these attributes. One example for his commitment is sufficient. He was chairing a weekly review meeting of the Project

one day. He got a slip from his P.A. around 10.30 am. He looked at it, folded it, kept in his pocket, and continued the meeting. He completed the meeting around 12.30. Afterwards we saw him rushing out of his office. We came to know from his P.A. that Kalam's father expired that morning and the slip was the intimation of that event. He started to his native place by a bus only at 1.00 pm. 3. What is the impact of the Space Research on the every day lives of the people ?

Today ISRO has ten Remote sensing satellites and eight Communication Satellites in Orbits. These satellites enable a number of services. Around 300 TV channels in India, out of a total of around 500, reach to our people through ISRO's Communication Satellites. Similarly, a large number of VSAT networks with roughly 80,000 VSATs are in operation for communications – like Bank ATM services, National Stock Exchange network, etc. A large number of communication transponders are being used by BSNL to provide telecommunications to places in hilly terrains, Islands, North East Region etc. The meteorological images from GeoStationary Satellites help IMD to monitor and forecast the weather regularly. The Remote Sensing Satellites are being used for Crop forecasts ( like wheat, rice etc. ), the status of forests, monitoring of river basins during floods, monitoring of glaciers for estimating the snow melt run off etc. The cartographic images from remote sensing satellites are being used for urban planning, for alignment of rail and road networks etc. A large number of engineers and scientists in ISRO work on pilot and operational Application Projects to take the benefits of ISRO's Space assets to the people.

4. How would you justify the funding that goes into Space Research, keeping in mind that many Indians do not afford a square meal a day ?

It is true that roughly 400 million people of India are below the poverty line. If we take a realistic picture, at least half of Indian population is poor by any standards. Thus it is the duty of every patriotic citizen of a country to work for elimination of poverty in our country. The poverty can be removed only through the development, and through the policies to reach the results of the development of the people. ISRO's role fits in the first element – i.e. development. Government of India spent approximately Rs.35,000 crores in the first 40 years of ISRO's work. i.e. from 1965 to 2005 – which is less than half of one year's of expenditure of NASA of USA. This investment has resulted in development of technologies to realise the Launch Vehicles, Satellites, Satellite Applications, infrastructure in a number of Centres of ISRO. The annual budget of ISRO increased gradually from 2005, and today we stand at approximately Rs.6000 crores per year ( 0.4% of total annual expenditure of Government of India ). The returns on investments made by the government in ISRO are very high and for long term benefit. In addition, approximately 70% of ISRO's budget is spent for products and services from Indian industries ( which generates the employment for a number of people ). India can make high level of progress and eradicate poverty only if it develops quickly in technology, manufacturing and services – in addition to sound progress in agriculture. Investments in ISRO are directly applicable to the developmental goals of our country.

5. Can there be collaborative work with other Space Agencies ( Like NASA etc.) and ISRO ?

The cooperation with other Space Agencies is one of the important activities of ISRO. We developed the Vikas Engine in a collaborative activity along with French Space Agency ( CNES ) in 70's. This engine is used in the second stage of PSLV and GSLV by us, and a small variant of this engine in the Ariane-4 launch vehicle by CNES. Similarly, we procured Cryogenic Stage from Russian Space Agency and Industry in 80's and 90's. We had GSLV launches using these Cryogenic Stages, and that experience helped us in the development of our own cryogenic stage. We had a number of payloads from NASA and European countries flown on Chandrayaan-1. The collaboration and co-operation in Space activities happen when the interests of both the parties converge, and the results are expected to benefit both the agencies. ISRO is always on a look out for gainful cooperation with other Countries. 6. What support does ISRO give for youth of India who are interested in Space Research?

ISRO has may Public out reach programs, through which we increase the awareness of the Public including youth on the Space related subjects and ISRO's activities. Specifically, ISRO sponsors some of the University level students to the International Conferences held in India, bearing all the expenses. Such sponsorship has a selection procedure specific to each Conference. The details are always posted on ISRO's website. ISRO also has a program called RESPOND through which funding is provided to the academic institutions for specific research projects whose results will be useful to the ISRO's activities. This


JULY 2012

13 program is mainly meant for research by the faculty of academic institutions, but selected students are also encouraged to participate. The details of RESPOND are on ISRO's website. 7. Is it possible to increase the life span of the Satellites already sent into Space ?

Generally, it is difficult and expensive. The life span of satellites is decided by the amount of propellant available in the satellite after it reaches its final orbit. Current practices are to design remote sensing satellites for 6 to 8 years life, and the Geostationary communication satellites for 12 to 15 years life. Hence, on-orbit loading of propellants into the orbiting satellites is the only way to increase the life of the satellites – which means launching another satellite, docking or mating the propellant hoses automatically, and transferring the propellant. Currently some of the Satellite Operators and Space Agencies are considering on-orbit servicing and propellant loading into the Geo-Stationary communication satellites - because only communication satellites area is financially profitable. 8. How bad is the situation of Space Junk ?

Used up materials, old Spacecraft, and the rocket stages which completed their functions and still orbiting in the Space are called Space Debris ( or Space Junk in loose usage ). Since the dawn of space age in 1957, the number of Space objects tracked and cataloged were more than 30,000 most



of them Space debris. Many of the debris in low launch a number of communication satellites and earth orbit entered into earth atmosphere and increase the transponders capacity. We expect to burned. The current status of Space debris as on reach 500 transponders by the end of 12th five year January, 2012 are : a total Space objects around plan. 16,000 ; the space objects in Geo-stationary orbit are 1307 out of which only 406 are useful controlled The digital satellite TV – both DTH and to dish head satellites. Majority of the Space debris are in low end – is the niche market for communication earth orbits i.e. in orbits at altitudes of 400 to 2000 satellites. Many DTH operators use the INSAT km from satellites. earth's Though we surface. are short of India can make high level of progress Probability of transponde and eradicate poverty only if it develops collision rs in the quickly in technology, manufacturing between short term, a c t i v e we expect and services – in addition to sound satellites and to meet all progress in agriculture. Investments in Space debris the demand ISRO are directly applicable to the are estimated in the long u s i n g term and developmental goals of our country. different continue models. The t h e best estimate indicates that a satellite in an orbit at services. around 800 km altitude will have a 99.9% probability of surviving a ten year mission without being struck 10.Do you believe that there are aliens in by cataloged space debris. the Universe ?

9. Satellite communication is increasing by leaps and bounds. How do you think ISRO can meet the exponential rise of the demand ?

ISRO currently has eight communication satellites in Geo-Stationary Orbit ( GSO ) with a total capacity of 170 transponders in different frequency bands. However, we are short of demand. ISRO has plans to



This is a subject where views, opinions, facts and fiction combine so that any body can guess what they want. However, International Academy of Astronautics ( IAA ) has a standing committee on Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence ( SETI ) which meets annually and plans different workshops and conducts various technical studies relating to extra terrestrial intelligence. However they could not identify so far any "Aliens".


11.What is the role of women in ISRO ?

ISRO has a total employee strength of 15000 in various Centres. The strength of total women employees is 2800 – i.e. approximately 19%. The technical and scientific staff out of total women employees account for approximately 1600. These numbers show that women employees have their due share of contribution in the activities of ISRO. 12.How far is the day when India can establish Space Station ?

The key technologies to be mastered for establishing a Space station are – orbiting large size modules into Space ; in-orbit docking of the modules ; environment control and life support systems ( like generation of oxygen, water, hygiene control etc.) ; power systems ( like generation of large amount of power and its management ) ; systems for regular supply of consumables and experiments to the space station ; and the experiments to be carried out in the space. ISRO has capabilities for realizing the spacecraft and launch vehicles – both of moderate size and weight. Human Space Program to orbit the crew and return them safely is the first step towards planning Space Station in future.





Student In-stores @ SVECW, BHMVRM CAMPUS

Proposed Layout of BVRIT HYDERABAD

New boating experience @ BHMVRM

'JUST EATS' Food Court @ BHMVRM Campus

New Cyberdrome @ BHMVRM

A New Path way @ BHMVRM CAMPUS






The annual day celebrations of VIT were celebrated with fervor and zest on the 9th of March 2012. Chairman Sri KV. Vishnu Raju presided over the function and Mrs. K. Anuradha and the Campus Director Sri M. Radha Krishna were the special invitees. Principal Dr. D. Suryanarayana presented the annual report; the Director and Vice Principal Sri. K. Srinivas addressed the gathering. The Chairman, who was also the Chief Guest, showed the students the best way to go about their studies while balancing academics with co-curricular and extra curricular activities. He stressed on the importance of discipline and time management. Later the academic toppers were felicitated and prizes were given away for the winners in sports and the cultural competitions.


Republic Day

A picnic was arranged for all the staff and families of BVRIT, VIPER, SIPS, VPS and Anjani Portland Cements Ltd on the Republic day – 26th Jan 2012 on the lush green lawns contiguous to the boat club of BVRIT. Plenty of fun games including Tambola were organized for all. Tennis, Shuttle and Golf were played. It was nice to see a lot of people evincing interest in GOLF keenly promoted by Col Surendra. The picnic also saw our Chairman and the first lady of SVES and APCL, Mr and Mrs. Vishnu Raju, rubbing shoulders with our staff and their spouses. The picnic was also graced by the presence of Mr and Mrs. Ravichandran Rajagopal, Mr Ram Babu, Mr Shetty and many others. Commander Santosh Nagarajan regaled the audience in his Kishore Kumar style voice to the ' en core en core' chorus that rose to a crescendo. Not to be outdone, Sai Anvitha, daughter of Dr Sreekanth Rao, sang Danush's 'Kolai veri' song to perfection and to deafening applause. Our College band, with Kalyan at the drums and Vinay at the guitar , also had the people tapping their feet and fingers. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Kishore, assisted by Mrs. Radhika Ravichand, anchored/organized the entertainment show with elan and with the joie de vivre customary of BVRITians. The Chairman addressed all those present exhorting all, the BVRIT staff in particular, to raise their levels of commitment and brace themselves to more focused work now that SVES has been catapulted into the big league. He greeted the families present. Our Vice Chairman, too, addressed the gathering welcoming the families and expressing his desire to organize family get-togethers regularly. It provided a good opportunity for all to unwind or de-stress before resuming their work with re-doubled vigour.


The farewell for the first batch students was given by III BTech students to the final year Students on 2 April 2012. A bitter sweet get together where the students and the facultyshared their experiences as they turn into memories. Au Revoir, Adios, Arrive Dercii, Auf Wiedersehen Cherio, goodbye, ta-ra wack If you really, really must leave Please return, reappear, resurface, come back ‌. was as the refrain in the hearts of everyone



B.Tech students of EEE, CSE, IT & ECE gave send-off party to their seniors by bidding farewell to them. The outgoing batches gave thanksgiving party to their teachers to bring memories of their academic life with them.



Bharath Prakash of 4th yr has won 1st prize for group dance in the events conducted by Vishnu cultural club, he has also won 1st prize for producing short film NANNEM which also was conducted by Vishnu cultural club.



BVRICE MCA 2012 passed out students had a grand farewell on 11th May 2012. They exchanged their contacts through their slam books. They cheered up with a grand party followed by a photo session.


Get Together

As the exams came to an end for the final year students the departments arranged get-togethers for the students . Principal Dr Suryanarayana addressed the students, complimenting them and motivating them and wished them all success as it was they who would carry the banner of VIT higher and higher.


JULY 2012


express yourself Leadership is Action, Not Position

That requires action, which doesn't require any certain "position". You have to take action that inspires people to follow you. Nobody follows anybody who doesn't do anything and just gives instructions; people follow people who do something of significance.

Yes, leadership is action, not position. Anyone can be a leader. You just have to do things that make people want to follow you. It's high time that organizations realize that just by putting 'well qualified' people at the helm of affairs doesn't guarantee that they bring the best out of the people working under them. Many a time, it so happens that the employees will get disinterested and work with low morale when they are coerced to follow the instructions of their 'leaders' (superiors) for the security (fear of losing) their job.


populi vox

I am happy that I made a visit here. I met quite a few passionate people who are set to create wonders in the future. I am really delighted to see the amount of time spent by the students in furthering their knowledge with real world and trying to solve real world issues. Siva Kumar Nuti, GSS INFOTECH

On Knowledge Centre

People follow people, not positions. They respect people whom they trust. They tag along with people in whom they believe. They follow people who have demonstrated that they deserve to be followed.

You can't just talk about it; you have to do it. When people see you accomplishing something worthwhile, they will follow.

Unique initiative & an excellent example of caring for the society. J.JENA, Head-Talent Acquisition, TCS, HYDERABAD

Very thoughtful approach , I wish I were apart of such a beautiful and lucky young student group in my young student life. Pragya Singh, SSNRC-CHENNAI

Excellent source of learning the science and computer subjects and service orientation to near by schools is commendable. Dr B.Chennakeshava, Principal, CBIT

On IND – NOR Project


ou cannot become a "leader" just by someone declaring you as a leader; you have to earn it. Position will not make you a leader; you have to have true followers.


A.L.Kishore, , Associate Professor, BVRIT

Congratulations for excellent set up of solar energy experimentation, keep it up. Prof.Rameshwar Rao, Vice Chancellor JNTUH

Very Impressive and Innovative Research Work.

Autonomy for our Engineering Colleges

Autonomous status for SVECW and BVRIT is no longer a pipedream ! We are very close to achieving this. This would constitute the first step to becoming a Deemed University.


3 PG seats have been added in four departments [ prosthodontics, endodontics, pedodontics,orthodontics].

Felt very happy witnessing such a good research center..innovative one

SVECW's 'numero uno' status stands to be 'menacées' as many aspirant girls in the State (and beyond its frontiers) flock to BVRIT Hyderabad to spice up the 'konkurranse' (as the Norwegians would say for 'competition'!). Cheers!

Heard about the APRC previously, but experiencing it directly...super nice...good going BVRIT..especially Chemical Engg.

BVRIT Narsapur, Medak (BVRIT N)

Celebrating International Women's Day at BHMVRM Campus

D. Purandeshwari is the Human Resource Minister of Andhra Pradesh

BVRIT is revving up to live up to the refrain "Be Very Research Oriented in Innovative Technologies". BVRIT is a hive of activity with students and staff alike enabling the "Next level" switch, the soaring of mercury levels to near record highs notwithstanding. Prof Alan Rux of UMASS L prepares for his July/Aug visit with a team of 3 students and one staff to bolste r the ATL initiatives. Dr Vijay Narayanan and Dr Kevin of Penn State University will be here at BVRIT in June to set up the Xilinx Lab and guide students using Xilinx tools. Change of Guard at BVRIT seems imminent. Will keep you updated.



BVRIT Hyderabad (BVRIT H)

Raman Atmakur, COGNIZANT


Amazed by watching to what extent the lab is being utilized…100% efficient for chemical engineers…good work. Mr.Lakshmipati, Sr.Manager, PIRAMAL HEALTH CARE

I wonder how the APRC transformed the whole system…very clean premises... GREAT students...DEDICATED faculty.. Mr. K Y D. Prasad, GM, VASANT CHEMICALS

Boats Club Once you get in to the boat...your internal heart won't let u get out of it, irrespective of the external conditions BVRITIAN

Canteen There is a rumour that college canteen food helps maintain the body fact... It's a fact – Take it easy Take it easy

Temple Feels like heaven...very pleasant..very heart, body; soul came to a neutral position Anon



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Temple Run (Game)

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Mr Ravichandran Rajagopal, Vice Chairman, SVES

Col Dr T. S. Surendra, BVRIT

Dr T. Suneeti, BVRIT

Dr Ramadevi, VIT

Mr A.L. Kishore, BVRIT


Mr P. Srihari Raju, SVECW




Mr A.L. Kishore, BVRIT

Mr Ashish Dekate, NTHINKDESIGN

Hitech Print systems Limited


Vishnu Era : July Issue  

Vishnu Era is a quarterly newsletter of Sri Vishnu Educational Society

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