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Education B.Y.K. College of Commerce, Nashik 2010 - 2012 Bachelor Degree in Product Design (NDMVP College of Architecture and Centre for Design) 2012 - 2015

Greetings! I’m Ashish Dafle, doing my post graduation

at the

Unitedworld Institute of

Design, Gandhinagar. While studying I learned how to use the skills set that I have learned with Graphic Design, Product Design and

Master Degree in Communication Design (Pursuing Now) (Unitedworld Institute of Design) 2017 - 2019


Photography. I like to surprise people and show the beautiful

+91 8237191488

Digital Skills 2D Illustrator InDesign Lightroom Premiere Pro Photoshop (Beginner) After effects (Beginner) Coral draw

3D Rhinoceros Keyshot Autocad

Abilities Organized Team worker Adoptive

Model making

side of life. I’m very creative, hard working and a responsible person. Packaging, Branding

and Illustration always called my interest and attention, these become my main skills in the


graphic design field. The portfolio has some of my design


explorations. Hope you enjoy them the way I enjoyed making them.

Birth date 4 May, 1994

Language Hindi Marathi (Native) English

Interest Trekking PC games Long Drives Photography Travelling DIYs

Projects Inside













Brand Identity

Typo Design

SEVEN Illustrations 25


Panel Design


Book Cover Design

Brand Identity Fold Box Fold Box is a product design firm inspired by origami objects. We try to incorporate origami and promote simple products. The focus is on taking the user to olden days and creating a feeling of nostalgia. The concept of origami has been explored on various materials like metal, concrete, wood along with paper. We are a Design Innovation organization, solving complex challenges which focus on people and their experience. At Fold Box, we develop products, bring spaces to life, create brands and deliver new experiences. We love to deliver ideas and solutions that come alive as winners in emerging markets.

Brief We were asked to select an attribute which would describe ourselves as an individual and form that we had to make a hypothetical brand or re-brand an existing one. Mine was a hypothetical brand, purely based on origami inspired products.


Logo options

Watermark Black : CMYK 75/68/67/90 RGB 0/0/0 HEX #000000 100% Opacity - General logo 7% Opacity - Water mark

The concept was to have a symbol which shows direct relation with origami and packaging as the firm’s work is focused only on origami. The symbol shows one direction.

Clear space To ensure that clear space is maintained around the logo for breathing. Photos, text and graphic elements must follow the guidelines illustrated here. Use the name “Fold box” as a measuring tool to help maintain clearance.

Typeface used Hind : Used in print matter

Paladains : Used in logo

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW XYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Design Language of products crafted in fold box.

Accessories and stationary products for employees and staff working for Fold box.

Brand Identity going to take place on different products.

Packaging Incandescent light bulb An incandescent light bulb an electric light with a wire filament heated to such a high temperature that it glows with visible light. Because of the low price and bright light the product is widely used all over the world, so I decided to take the packaging one step further and make the experience better for the user.

Brief We were given products to chose from and asked to design a packaging for any one product, both structurally and graphically. Also there were no limitation for cost. I choose an incandescent bulb (B22 base) for my project.

Key words for my packaging : Simple, Stackability, Innovative, Reusable and Fun element

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Final Concept My idea was to add an aesthetic sense to the packaging which can be a part of home decor. The inner packaging is made in 3 mm thick MDF sheet with laser cutting process. The form is inspired from a ‘Bud’ which has three petals. Once you take out the bud, you can simply connect it to the bulb holder and use it as a lamp shade. The bud has five individual parts which are removable in case you want to remove the bulb or change it with a different colour bulb.

Label Template and dimension.

Product views.


Final Product.

Publication Loop First day of the college is always full of curiosity and confusions. So with the help of the publication let’s make the new comers familiarize with the places, the culture and the stories happening on campus and make them aware of the neighbourhood. There are many stories to explore. A new volume of the publication comes out every month with fresh updates from both inside of the campus and nearby places. It was part of a classroom group project. A group of five people had to select different genres for their magazine. Prime users : Freshers, Visitor Students/Parents.

Brief To take interviews of people, capture actives and create layouts for the magazine.

Role For this project I interviewed faculty of Interior Design Department Mr. Snehal Patel, also made two articles promoting design trends organized for upcoming designers. Me and one of my group members created layout of the magazine.

Name Everything is connected to something in someways. As our target audience was students, we tried to connect the name with student’s life. There is a repeated pattern in students life, like a LOOP.

Interview of Mr. Snehal Patel sir sharing his teaching experience in Interior Design department.

Article on design trend called ‘36 days of type’.

Article on social media design trend called ‘Inktober‘, celebrated worldwide in the month of October.

Typo design 36 Days of type There are many trends that a designer can follow or participate in. One such is ‘36 days of type’, a project that invites designers, Illustrators and graphic artists to express their views on letters (A to Z) and numbers (0 to 9) in their own imagination. A project that aims for exploration around typography and its endless graphic possibilities. I have designed alphabets and numbers in many possible ways, tried to explore material and also in some alphabets took inspiration of things that initially start with the same letter. For example : M for ‘Maze’. All models are created in 3D software ‘Rhinoceros’ and later rendered in ‘Keyshot’. It was an individual projects as part of my extra work.

Panel Design Traditional Toys “Indian Design Now� was a part of classroom assignment by a Spanish faculty and an exhibition designer Mrs. Marina. The concept was to design the panels of Indian traditional games which are now getting less attention from young generation. The aim of the project was to reintroduce the toys and games to the next generation to keep them alive.

Book Cover Design The assignment was to design a book cover. We were given three types of themes and three names for the book. We had to make a combination of both and design a book cover. I choose ‘Horror’ as my genre and ‘Until Dark’ for name.


Digital Portraits.

Mobile Wallpapers.

Graphics for BEER can.

Poster for social cause.

Poster designed for ‘Typo day’.

Sticker Design.

Profile for Ashish Dafle

Visual Communication Portfolio 2019  

Visual Communication Portfolio 2019