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temperature as they performed under the open skies for the top prize of ` 5 lakhs! The other big draw was the Peace Rally to commemorate the battle of Kohima. The WWII Jeeps and their crew in period costumes drew in a lot of spectators. The Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio led the rally in one of the jeeps. I guess his security guards must have had the jitters because the participants including the all-women team, were carrying period guns and one could hardly make out the difference between the real and a fake one! Seven days were over in a flash and the finale was a grand affair with each tribe lighting a bonfire. As the sun dipped over the hills at Kisama, the bonfires lit up the arena and the skies were filled with the war cries of the tribes as they all danced around the fire. “Till next year� they said and by the look of it, it certainly is going to be a tourist magnet... R

Facing page Top: Muscians from all the Northeastern states presenting an amazing show of fusion music Facing page Bottom:Wooden sculpture at the festival Top:Traditional handlooms for sale Middle: Ethnic Naga food being laid out in a bamboo for the visitors Bottom: Sangtam girls performing


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