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Memoirs from Mussoorie

A Poet’s ‘Realization’

As one begins the journey of life, it is a path which most fail to enjoy in the effort of reaching the destination. Here is a poem from Dr. Venu Sanon, about her inner growth and realisation of her destination and embracing the chosen path which began with her dreams and continues through her life in Mussoorie…a very popular hill town in the Himalayas, the beauty of which would turn many writers into poets... Wayward child of earth and fire, Held captive by the mountain old; Seething, squirming to acquire A form most terrible to behold. Searing heat, his father's gift, Raw elements housed in mother's womb; A union of both, sudden and swift, To form a child for mankind's doom. Boiling with a rage primeval, Twisting ,straining to emerge; Monster child fated for survival, Man and cities to submerge. - The Volcano, Realization



January 2012

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