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he Raviz welcomes you to Kerala renowned for its legendary hospitality to experience its service and exquisite facilities, steeped in values arising from a unique history and the vibes of Kerala, in Incredible India. This exclusive resort comprises of 94 luxurious and state-of-theart rooms for guests, which are designed to incorporate the finest comforts of contemporary living. The accommodations include the Tower Rooms, Lake View Rooms, Private Pool Villas, traditional Kerala Villas, a 2-bed houseboat and the ultimate in luxury, the Royal Raviz State Room. Other facilities include a fine dining restaurant, a floating restaurant, a garden restaurant and an international convention centre. A 270-metre old road paved with laterite stones along the lower level of the coast provides an interesting walkway for various activities. A boat jetty to bring the guest through the water-way is in a bay along the walkway providing panoramic view of the lake. A speed boat is also provided for water sports enthusiasts. The highlight of the Heritage and Tower Room Wings, are the viewing towers on both, from where one can get the grand panoramic view of the lake that surrounds the island, the sunrise, sunset and the grandeur of the lake on moonlit Coax out everyday stresses and find harmony at Vedal, the Wellness & Ayurvedic Spa is serenity on the rooftop, providing breathtaking views of Lake Ashtamudi, the Western Ghats and verdant landscape. It is certainly the best location to relax and enjoy the uninterrupted changing moods of the most beautiful spot in god’s own country. Ayurveda, an ancient branch of medical science is believed to have originated in India before 4,000 years. The Sanskrit word ‘Ayurveda’ means the complete knowledge or science for long life. The resort has nine specially designed chambers allotted to Ayurveda & spa and a meditation room. The soothing Ayurvedic massages are known for their curative properties, offering lasting relief from chronic aches and pains, like backache, joint pains, stiff neck, migraine and rheumatic pains. Trained masseurs conduct the massage under the supervision of expert Ayurvedic physicians. Popular Ayurveda Treatments 1. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package - To recharge your body and refresh your mind. 2. Ayurvedic Body Purification package - To cleanse the body for detoxification. 3. Ayurvedic Slimming package - To reduce fat and regain body shape without strict dieting. Above package offers full gamut of authentic Ayurvedic treatments, such as, Abhyangam, Swedana, Kateevasthi, Shirodhara, etc. In a beautiful setting overlooking the lake, Veda will bring wellness that permeates whole being. Treatments may be modulated and scheduled under strict supervision and advice of a physician.

nights. The Ayurvedic Spa is a heaven on the rooftop providing breathtaking view of the lake Ashtamudi, the Western Ghats and the landscape surrounding the property. It is certainly the best location to relax and enjoy the uninterrupted changing moods of the most acclaimed beautiful spot of ‘Gods own Country.’ The convention centre in the north block can accommodate more than thousand guests for wedding and there are two pre-function areas to accommodate the hosting of parties and high tea. A convention centre to hold about 250 people with sufficient pre-function area is available in the south block. The Roadside entry to the resort presents the most exquisite example of ethnic and authentic timber architecture of Travancore. The ceiling of the porch has the acclaimed ‘Thirukazukol’ (radiating rafters) and a ‘Chandrawamada’, a rare feature that has disappeared from today’s architectural context. The breezeway, which connects the porch and the lobby, is a faithful portrayal of the traditional roofing system of Travancore. A short stroll down the corridor brings the lobby, which is a three storey high spacious reception and gives a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Ashtamudi. Pass through to the lakeside door and the whole vista opens up beyond the inviting waters of the lake. Guests at The Raviz can discover many points of interests like, Thenmala, the Kuttalam Falls, Mannarsala, Aranmula and other undiscovered corners, which are in the vicinity of the property. The Raviz also boasts of a world class all-encompassing Ayurveda Spa, a destination in itself, focussing on the wellbeing of its guests by offering total rejuvenation and relaxation. Signature spa therapies have been devised to address guests’ increasing desire for simple, effective and authentic spa experiences. Developed in consultation with specialists in traditional Ayurvedic master therapists, each signature therapy consists of a relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual that combines the powerful effects of therapeutic benefits of custom-blended essential oils and herbs. The resort also specialises in grand destination weddings. R


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