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Elated team on the finish line

Traversing through the Indian terrain

events) who broke the Guinness world record for driving a fairground dodgem car continuously for 25 hours to get the sponsorship,” informed Dickens. As for the Run itself, the vehicle of the Run can be made peculiar and distinctive by a wee bit of creativity. The Adventurists have a ‘Pimp My Rickshaw’ section on their website where participants can upload their idea of their rickshaw onto the website, decorate it to their heart’s content and then let The Adventurists work on it to present it to the participants, in ‘metal and paint’ - their companion for the journey! There is no age limit to be a part of this exciting and adventurous journey. If you have a hunger for adventure and are over the age of 18 feel free to participate and gather two weeks of fun filled memories and thrilling adventure tales. Participants would also need a valid international driving licence. “Our oldest participant to date was in his mid-70’s, proving that age cannot define your capacity for adventure. All participants should make sure they are prepared for some serious challenges, fun and lifechanging moments,” supplied Dickens. The ‘Rickshaw Run’ currently thunders forth three times a year. Each edition has it’s own ‘Un-Route’, as The Adventurists like to call it and its own distinct flavour. For the ‘Rickshaw Run’ 2012, the Winter Run will start on January 1, 2012 and run from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan to Kochi, Kerala. On April 5, 2012, the teams will start from Kochi and head to Shillong, Meghalaya and on September 8, 2012 the new participants will have to drive from Shillong to Jaisalmer. If not a part of the journey, be a part of the launch party. “At either end we organise a cricket (or sometimes football) match against a local team. In these matches we get together a team made up from our participants and invite a friendly game against some worthy opponents. These events can cause quite a spectacle. Seeing as this is India, we haven’t yet won a single game of cricket! We usually get a local V.I.P to make the award presentation,” shared Matthews. “The point of the event is not simply to get to the other end as quickly as possible, the idea should be to see the country, get yourself involved with the local people and culture and get to know what India is about. Seeing as there is no set route you can also go any way you choose - meaning unlimited experiences,” concluded Matthews. R

Making way towards the end of the journey

At the finish point of each event, the teams have to sign on the arrivals board for the teams. Some of the comments from the ‘Rickshaw Run’ 2011, highlight experiences that can only be found in India. Below is a small selection of ‘tales’ from the last Run. • S tuck in roadblock caused by a mob. Befriended the mob. Mob lifted us over roadblock while cheering us on. We love India!! • S topped by machete-wielding Maoist insurgent group in the dead of night while in the Himalayas. Turned out they were very polite and very interested in the event! • D  ay One Hit Count: One Person (not serious), One Barrier, One Ditch • D  riving into a dark tunnel led to being invited to a huge 2,000 guest funeral. Hospitality was indescribable • B  ihar bandits guided us to a hotel and welded our rickshaw back together. Though they did ask for an awful lot of money in return! • L ost both team members along the way due to illness and visa issues and drove solo 1,500 km • B  roke down over 100 times (followed by profanity). Indian mechanics - where are the good ones?! • H  it no cows…until reaching Jaisalmer, I hope we’re not cursed! We’re sorry, we love you India! • A  ttempted high speed robbery by bandits in Bihar - they gave up when they realised we weren’t going to stop, and when they realised that the 3 white giants in the rickshaw could probably eat them for dinner! • G  ot a puncture and was instantly taken in by a gorgeous family that fed and watered us and fixed our puncture! I will never forget these angels. God bless you all.


January 2012


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