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CHIANG MAI Undiscovered Delights


Traversing through the Island


Charismatic Charm Indulge in a fun-filled summer

PLUS A checklist of essentials that need to go in your luggage

From the Publisher Holidays have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With a desire to explore the world and travelling beyond the oceans, Indians are really on the move. India outbound travel is predicted to reach 50 million by 2020. Holiday Talk is DDP Publication’s latest venture that attempts to exhilarate the experience and provide anecdotes and unknown facts that the Internet and your agents may not know. Holiday Talk works as your companion and researcher, informing you about your entitlements when a flight is delayed, baggage allowance, insurance matters and also about your legal rights in a foreign land. It will help you decide how to have more fun and enjoy the small things that would bring a smile on your face. It updates you about local modes of transportation and health-care while travelling. This magazine is our sincere attempt to provide information that will help you prepare locally for holidays. We are going to make sure you enjoy your vacations and do not miss any important opportunity during your trip. Please do share your experiences with us to guide other fellow travellers…each published letter will receive a special gift. Happy Travelling!

SanJeet Publisher



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Talk: 16 Globe Canada’s Charismatic Charm

Break the spell of tedious work and indulge in a fun-filled summer to Canada. Read more... Talk: Chiang Mai 30 City Undiscovered Delights

Experience the confluence of both historical and modern Thai culture at Chiang Mai, one of Asia’s most attractive tourist destinations

42 InStyle: Travel Wear The latest trend in being travel chic Around: 48 Getting Traversing through Manila

Here are some points to help you explore and travel the main getaway city of the Philippines


Talk: 58 Adventure It’s Fair Winds Ahead!

Welcome to the stunning world of Sailing and experience the joy of riding the waves

REGULARS Talk: 8 Festival Celebrations

Enjoy interesting and colourful festivals around the world

10 InfoTalk: News you can use


Update yourself with fascinating deals and travel news to make your holiday a perfect one

DON’T MISS Champagne destinations on a Beer budget; Luxury filled decadent holidays in a budget of less than $ 200 a night


Travel Essentials:

24 Your Essential Packing List Know more about the things to carry when going on a holiday


Talk: 26 Airport Flying into Hong Kong:

Make yourself acquainted with Hong Kong Airport and the various facilities it offers

te nts Talk: 44 Product Travel in Style Travel Gear

Providing you some of the trendiest dresses and accessories to enhance your holiday experience Talk: 50 Tech Travel-friendly Apps


Get yourself familiar with some latest technologies & applications that are travel-friendly




The trendy chic way to dress while on the move and packing light (er) whilst adding glamour to ‘from desk to dinner’ outfits

tips while 51 Legal travelling overseas

Legal info to protect yourself during unfortunate circumstances in foreign lands & Regulations 60 Rules Are ‘Acts of God’ going


to be the bane of our existence? Allowance 65 Baggage To avoid excess baggage charges at

airports, read this ready-reckoner

Advice 66 Doctor’s Ensure a stress-free journey with some

precautions and basic medicines as suggested by our Doctor

INFORMATION in a word? 67 What’s Become familiar with some general

terms of foreign languages when travelling

Talk: Information at 68 Visa your fingertips

Obtain the required Visa info for your travel needs



Did you know?




Xchange Rates

July-Aug 2012 I I 8


CELEBRATIONS July 14–24, 2012

1.Montreux Jazz June 29th–July 14th, 2012


The Jazz Festival in Montreux is among the glorious events, not to be missed here! This festival is known for music, dance, movies and lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Great musicians like Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Count Basie, Bob Dylan David Bowie and Prince entertain the guests with their energetic and stunning jazz performances. Famous band artists and internationally recognised stars specially descend on the mountain town of Montreux to witness the annual Jazz Festival every year.


The Calgary stampede is a 10-day event, which claims to be ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’. The event, which attracts more than a million visitors per year, features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, midway stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuckwagon racing and First Nations exhibitions.


July 6–15, 2012

What began as a way of promoting the region’s mineral-rich mud has turned into a festive party, complete with music and fireworks. This festival probably attracts the largest number of international visitors from all the festivals in South Korea. Enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the mud mega tub. If you are feeling particularly energetic, try the marine mud-training course or simply relax in the mud massage zone.

Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1 in parts of Central and South America. It’s a time to celebrate and remember the lives of dead family members.

4. Singapore Great Shopping Festival If you are a shopaholic, then you are the perfect one to visit the Singapore Great Shopping Festival which offers nearly 70% discount on things from branded labels to local stuff. You can shop for high-end brands at Orchard Road or if you have a knack for bargaining then head to street markets and buy loads of locally made merchandise. It offers the facility for night shopping, which is an experience

in itself. You can shop at the civic and financial district centre for things like antiques, gifts, music and artifacts. Another popular place to shop in Singapore is Chinatown where you can get to know the culture and glimpse the past of Singapore. Considered as one of the cheapest places in Asia, a recent international survey declared Singapore as the shopping capital of Asia.

May 25–July 22, 2012

September 20–23, 2012

August 29, 2012



One of the oldest balloon festivals of the world, Adirondack Hot air Balloon Festival attracts millions of travellers from around the world as the sky is decorated with vibrant hot air balloons. The festival is celebrated with pomp and show and is open to public free of charge. This year is slated to be the festival’s 40th anniversary.

During this world renowned biggest food fight, the town of Buñol is splattered with thousands of crushed tomatoes. The week-long festival features music, parades, dancing and fireworks. On the night before the tomato fight, participants of the festival compete in a paella cooking contest. So, put on your goggles as the town erupts in shades of fiery crimson.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 10













Visa-free entry for Indians to Philippines Indian nationals can now avail visa-free entry to the Philippines for 14 days to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Terminal 1, 2 &3). Visa free entry will be granted to Indian nationals holding valid visas to either USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Schengen, UK or Singapore or permanent residence permit, along with a valid passport. The 14-day visa-free entry may be extended by an additional non-extendable period of seven days, such that the maximum allowable stay shall not exceed 21 days.

New attractions at Disneyland Paris As part of a year-long celebration for its 20th anniversary, Disneyland Paris has launched several initiatives for its guests. They can now experience new parades, shows and characters and much more till September 30, 2012. Night time shows feature lasers, water sprays and firework effects. A Show Narrator guides guests through classic Disney stories.You can meet your favourite Disney characters several times throughout the day, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy and Chip & Dale arrive in style at the Sleeping Beauty Castle to greet, dance and celebrate with guests.

Guests can also enjoy extended park hours from April 1 - September 30, 2012. Tickets for one adult and child – GBP 96 (Children under 3 years do not need tickets)

Ticket- $24.99 per person/ check-in is at 5pm June–October

WORLD’S LARGEST “BAT FLIGHT” OPENS FOR PUBLIC TOURS For the first time ever, Bracken Cave, summer home to the world’s largest bat colony, will be open for public tours. With millions of Mexican free-tailed bats living in the cave from April through October, Bracken Cave located in southern Comal County, Texas hosts one of the largest concentrations of mammals on earth. Guests will have the rare opportunity to see the emergence of this impressive colony from its natural cave roost, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt.

Taiwan to enter the

cruise market

Taiwan could become a new star in the cruise tour market once restrictions on foreign ships travelling across the Taiwan Strait are eased later this year. The removal of such restrictions will encourage more ships to stop in Taiwan as per the Royal Caribbean Cruises, a major cruise ship company based in the US. Royal Caribbean has planned to put a 140,000tonne cruise ship into service on its Asia routes introducing the biggest cruise liner operating in the region.Starting in August, the massive ship will sail routes between Keelung and Shanghai, as well as to destinations in Japan and South Korea.

The UK’s full and official name is the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

UK visa application centre opens in Bengaluru The United Kingdom, in association with consular facilitation company VFS Global, recently opened a new UK visa application centre in Bengaluru. The centre also has Internet facilities. Operational from May 28, 2012, these are the first Internet facilities to be introduced to the UK visa application centres, and will be rolled out to others in due course. The normal hours for submission of applications and collection of documents at the centre are being extended by two hours. With immediate effect, the opening hours are 08:00 to 16:00 hours.


to launch services to Kolkata from Winter 2012 Hong Kong-based Dragonair announced that it will add a second passenger destination in India, launching a new service between Hong Kong and Kolkata. Subject to government approval, and the opening of the new airport terminal in Kolkata, the service to Kolkata will commence in Winter 2012 with four flights a week. The airline currently operates a daily service to Bengaluru.

New Travel App for Namibia

America’s LeMay Car Museum re-opened Built on nine acres, America’s Car Museum (ACM) is ready to illustrate a century of automotive history, celebrating “America’s love affair with the automobile.” From the outside, the gleaming four-story building resembles a shiny jet fuselage. Inside, there are galleries and exhibits that together feature about 350 cars, including sports cars, one-of-a-kind and pristine classics. At the first and largest exhibit, visitors encounter several dozen choice cars from the collection of Harold LeMay, who died in 2000. It includes a 1916 Pierce Arrow Brougham, a 1932 Chevrolet Canopy Express “Huckster” truck (a favorite of early traveling salesmen) and a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible.

“Discover Namibia” is the new, free of charge iPad app that provides answers to specific questions in relation to travel within Namibia. For example, readers will learn about the top destinations in the country, best time to travel, etc. along with general information. Information ranges from important medical advice to experiences in the country’s different regions. Getting to and from the country, such as the daily direct flights from Frankfurt to Namibia’s capital Windhoek and a comprehensive list of accommodation options, which are updated on a regular basis, complete the overall picture. This user-friendly App can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store in English.

Summer hours for ACM are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily through Labor Day.Admission costs are $14 for adults, $12 for seniors, students members of the military, and $8 for kids (5-12).


Toll free hotline

launched for stranded passengers announced the expansion of its hotline from domestic service to international service. In addition to its hotline, the organisation’s recently updated iPhone app is acclaimed as the number one application for air travellers who get stuck in any type of air travel nightmare, and who need to know their rights to compensation and other help from the airlines. is the largest non-profit airline passenger rights group in the world with 50,000 members, a toll free hotline, and a website that contains the stranded passenger survival guide.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 12


Olympics showering attention on London as tourist destination

Sea World Gold Coast

to unveil dinosaur display

Sea World, the attraction of Australia’s Gold Coast, is launching a new interactive dinosaur attraction. Opening in mid-June, Dinosaur Island will include an indoor jungle display, fossil centre with an outdoor forest featuring life-size dinosaurs, skeleton displays and fossil replicas from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Sea World & Movie World Escape Pass AUD 99.99 (Unlimited entry for 14 days)

Asia is the third largest source region for travel to London during the 2012 Olympic Games. The data shows that overall booking figures for the Olympics period, made by May 2012, are 13% higher than in 2011. Europe and America combined contribute the bulk 69% of bookings during the Olympics, with Asia providing 9% and demonstrating a 27% spike in forward bookings compared to August 2011.

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games can be bought with the assistance of the local National Olympic Committees Indian Olympic Association, Olympic Bhavan, B-29, Qutub Institutional Area , New Delhi 110016 India



Iceland offers a tour of a volcano interior

A small town in Wales, UK, has decided to be the first place in the world to have QR codes, like barcodes, displayed linking to Wikipedia articles. Monmouth, established in 1067, is the birthplace of King Henry V. It will now have small plaques on many of its historical buildings and landmarks. Travellers can scan the QR codes on these signs with their mobile devices and be instantly linked to Wikipedia articles on the history and facts behind each attraction. Visitors to Monmouth will find the ceramic blue plaques near rivers, on shops or at the entrance of museums. Additionally, if travellers are using phones from their home country, articles will pop up in their native language.

Situated at a 30-minute drive from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, the interior of Thrihnukagigur volcano will be opened to ordinary travellers for six weeks, from June 15 to July 31, 2012. It has been dormant for around 4,000 years. Visitors will embark on a short 40-minute hike across a lava field to reach the volcano, before descending 120 metres to the bottom of the crater in an open cable lift. They will spend around an hour inside the volcano along with a team of experts.

The tour costs ISK 37,000 (£180) per person, visitors must be aged 12 or over, and are advised to bring walking boots, water, sensible outdoor clothing and a camera. The chamber was first accessed by scientists in 2011, and was described as an historic development.

It’s predicted that China will be the most visited country on the planet by 2020.

Five Champagne Destinations on a Beer Budget Sightseeing, shopping and spas are common temptations when planning a luxurious vacation, however, luxury and affordability don’t often go hand-in-hand. Based on the findings from the latest Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™), the experts at have put together a list of the top five international destinations where five-star accommodations can be found for less than $200 a night.

Beijing, China

Bangkok, Thailand

Besides the flavourful cuisine of Beijing, visit the city for some of its historical sites. The Forbidden City, once off-limits to citizens and visitors, as the previous home of the royal family, is now a well-preserved historic site. Tiananmen Square, the site of the world-famous man vs. tank protest photograph, is a must see.

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. Visit impressive temples like Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, a unique and world-famous floating market, and several flashy nightlife districts like Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. For a unique dining experience, indulge in a six-course meal offered at dinner cruises on the Chao Praya River while admiring the colourful city at night.

Berlin, Germany Popular attractions at this vibrant German capital include the East Side Gallery--an open air art gallery of more than 100 paintings on the Berlin wall, and the Reichstag building, one of Berlin’s most impressive historical landmarks. Parliament sits here and can be viewed in session, during the week.

Budapest, Hungary Located in a country of innovators -think vinyl records, CD-ROMs and the discovery of Vitamin C -- Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Besides the spas, must-sees include the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building, St Stephen’s Basilica and the Great Market Hall.

Marrakech, Morocco Morocco, the ‘old city’, has more boutique shopping options and non-shopaholics can enjoy the exciting nightclubs or traditional Moroccan cuisine. If you love art and nature, visit to the Majorelle Garden. Owned by famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, the garden, created in the 1930s, is designed to look like a Gauguin painting.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 16


Canada Charismatic



Canada encompasses six of the world’s 24 time zones. From east to west, the six time zones used by Canada are Newfoundland Time Zone, Atlantic Time Zone, Eastern Time, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone and the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

STRETCHING FROM THE PACIFIC OCEAN TO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, CANADA IS THE SECOND LARGEST COUNTRY AFTER RUSSIA,WITH 10 PROVINCES AND 6 DIFFERENT TIME ZONES.WHILE THE MAJOR PROVINCES IN EASTERN CANADA ARE ONTARIO AND QUÉBEC; AMONG THE WESTERN PROVINCES ARE BRITISH COLUMBIA AND ALBERTA. BRITISH COLUMBIA (BC) BC is Canada’s westernmost province. Its seven mountain ranges are home to a plethora of world-renowned ski resorts, quaint towns, luxury lodges and wineries. Must Visit: Queen Charlotte Islands, Dinosaur tracks at Tumbler Ridge, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve & Haida Heritage Site,Yoho National Park, Kootenay National Park, and Vancouver Aquarium.

QUEBEC From cross-country skiing through forest trails in the winter to witnessing the magical transformation of maple trees, all of it is possible in Québec. Fortifications in the Québec City, Notre Dame Basilica, and Pointe à Callière Museum are other major attractions.

Must See Festivals in Vancouver Shakespeare Festival – Bard on the Beach (From May 31-Sept 22, 2012) Dragon Boat Festival (June 2012) Vancouver Jazz Festival (June/July, 2012) Indian Summer Festival (July 5-15, 2012) Celebration of Light Firework’s Competition (July-August 2012)

British Columbia

There are 4,00,000 lakes, rivers and streams, 270 provincial parks, 6 national parks, 80 cultures, thousands of years of history and countless natural wonders in this province.

Alberta bec Quebec Ontario

ALBERTA Alberta is homee to the Canadian Rockies and the iconic Banff and Jasper national parks. Locate the dinosaur fossils in Badlands and visit five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Play at one of hundreds of golf courses, go fishing on a small aircraft or ski on powder snow...

ONTARIO O T magnificent Niagara Falls, the winding Rideau Canal, The tthe wilderness in Northern Ontario, vibrant hues of maple leaves and world-class cities are all signatures of m Ontario, representing its diversity. O

This province is home to the once largest shopping mall in the world-west Edmonton Mall, and host to the legendary Calgary Stampede.

At 3,855,103 square miles, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 18


AKSHAY KUMAR BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR CANADA “Experience Canada for yourself… Enjoy travelling across cities that embrace so many cultures from around the world; explore the expanse of natural beauty and the tranquility of mountains, glaciers, lakes and untouched forests… I always say, ‘If you want to see Jannat (Heaven) on this planet, then you must come to Canada.”

QUIRKY UPDATES CHOCOLATE ATTACK: The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal is where the in-house chef, Carole Prolux, can treat you with on request recipes apart from her signature Chocolate milk truffles. STUFF YOUR GILLS! The Fairmont Vancouver Airport has a fish valet facility which ensures your catch (cooked or uncooked) is safely stored for your journey back home. QUAINT TIMES: Hotel Nelligan, a luxury hotel located in Old Montreal is over a hundred years old, with traditional brick walls and French cuisine, Hôtel Nelligan exudes European elegance, with a distinct style of its own.

Canada did not have a national flag until February 15, 1965, when its maple leaf flag was adopted by the Parliament.

SHIMMERING LIGHTS Witness the visual spectacle, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), a luminous display by mother nature, alive with shimmering colours that dance across the dark sky. The view leaves you with a very spiritual feeling and a sense of amazement.While the northern lights can be seen year round in Canada, they are best viewed in fall and winter when the nights are longer. It appears frequently at the most northern latitudes of Canada.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 20


THE DRINK OF THE ÂGODSÊ! Beat the summer heat with Canada’s special Ice wine, made from grapes that have been allowed to freeze while still growing on the vine. Grapes intended for ice wine are harvested and pressed while still frozen.The water in each grape remains as ice crystals keeping the juice with a highly concentrated sugar content.The juice from the frozen grapes is left to ferment naturally for several weeks or months before the perfect dessert wine is ready to be savoured. Some of the flavours such as Peach, Pear, Apricot, Apples, Honey and Caramel are hard to resist.

TUNDRA BUGGY Travelling in the Tundra Buggy is the most unique way to see Polar Bears. Designed to move smoothly over snow and ice, they protect passengers from curious or hungry bears.

FAIRMONTÊS ÂFRIENDLY RESIDENT GHOSTÊ When in Vancouver’s Fairmont hotel, don’t be surprised if you are visited by their friendly ghost,The Lady in Red. It is believed that she died in a car crash outside the hotel and now this friendly ghost haunts the 14th floor of the hotel where she is often seen gliding in the hallway.

The official languages of Canada are both English and French.

SIGNATURE EXPERIENCE Experience the jewel of Granville Island, the Granville market.This fascinating local market houses an array of colourful stalls which display vibrant and exceptional homemade products, in addition to sumptuous delicacies.

While along the eastern coast, seafood and dishes derived from English traditions are common, the Quebec region is heavily inuenced by French delicacies.

TOURING CANADIAN VINEYARDS Discover the Canadian wine regions that converge onto the Fraser Valley, Okanagan Valley and the Niagara Peninsula.You can hike through winding backcountry roads, perfect rows of grapevines, clear blue lakes and quiet tasting rooms where the winery owners still pour generous samples.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 22



The name Canada, comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata, which means village or settlement.


SHOPPING Canada is where you’ll find the true meaning of travel and shopping! Whether you’re looking for retro bargains or upscale couture, options for gifts for the loved ones back home or just splurging to feel good, indulge yourself in a little retail therapy. Metropolis in Vancouver is British Columbia’s largest shopping centre. Ogilvy in Montreal hosts some of the world’s greatest fashion designers and features an array of lifestyle and beauty products.

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 24



Your essential

t s i l g n i k c pa

 PASSPORT valid 6 months after date of travel, (1 photocopy). Save a copy of your passport in your email so you can print it if lost  TICKET a printout of your e-ticket  VISA ensure your visa is valid for your dates of travel  SUITCASE/BAG with TSA approved locks and a small backpack to carry immediate necessities  INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE in case you intend to drive yourself (some countries accept the Indian driving license)  TRAVEL INSURANCE a must as prevention is better than cure

A summer holiday overseas demands that you pack right and light, especially with all the baggage restrictions. Here’s a short checklist on the essentials that need to go in your luggage, come hell or high water!!

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money”.

A few travel musts for summer: Clothes: 

One Rainproof jacket – Light rain always catches you unaware and soggy clothes are the pits!  1 Light jacket/sweater Airplanes are always kept a bit cooler than comfortable  Swimsuit – Always carry one  Evening Dress/going out clothes (for evenings out)


Flip flops & sandals – No space constraint and super trendy for the beach.  Dressy shoes – Because who can say no to a night out  Comfortable walking shoes – It’s a holiday, you’ll walk and shop!


Sunscreen with UV protection and after sun lotion for the beach  Mosquito repellent


Travel Clock Sunglasses  Medication  Rechargeable phone card and Power adapters 



Catering to the needs of travellers for over two decades, Astral Travels, a professionally managed travel agent and tour operator, has chosen to use its specialisation in Canada and position of GSA for Rocky Mountaineer to actively push the destination. They promote their major selling destinations, which include, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Royal Caribbean Cruise. Honeymoon travel and FIT leisure travel have been their USP from last two decades. Now, the agency is also focussing on wedding and anniversary planner, incentive groups, FIT luxury and group travellers. For further information please write to

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 26



ong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is the gateway for destinations in Mainland China (with over 40 destinations) and the rest of Asia. HKIA also operates one of the world’s largest 24-hour passenger terminal buildings. The airport is the primary hub for Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Express Airways, Hong Kong Airlines and Air Hong Kong (cargo).

HKIA’s Delayed Flight Experience HKIA is known to provide a nice comfort zone throughout the airport full of comfortable chairs, sofas and loungers for long layovers and delayed flights. Although, language is a bar for some travellers when interacting with airport employees, there are English translators and speakers available at every help desk throughout HKIA.

Free Internet There is free wireless internet access at Terminal 1 and 2, North Satellite Concourse and SkyPier. The Connect Zone is a pay-per-use area where you can have access to Wi-Fi services, mobile charging and a number of other business-related services.  LOCATION: DEPARTURES LEVEL, NEAR GATE 24. HOURS: 0800-2100

To and From the HKIA The AIRPORT EXPRESS links HKIA directly to Hong Kong’s central business district.  It offers free ‘In-town Check-in’ in Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations, allowing passengers to check in from 90-minutes to a day in advance.  Passengers wishing to visit the Disneyland Resort can change to the Tung Chung Line at Tsing Yi Station, and alight at Sunny Bay Station for the Disneyland Resort Line.  Free shuttle bus service is available, taking passengers from Kowloon or Hong Kong stations to most major hotels and transport interchanges. Passengers can also enjoy free porter service at all Airport Express stations.

o t n I g n i y l F

HongKong Located less than five flying hours from half of the world’s population, namely India, Hong Kong’s Airport is one of the busiest in the world and is recognised as one of the top airports preferred by travellers.

HKIA is also locally known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, being built on the island of Chek Lap Kok by land reclamation.

PUBLIC BUSES connect the airport with most of the city. While taxis and coaches provide additional choices for passengers, there are also limousines to take passengers to their destinations directly. HKIA is also well-connected with the Pearl River Delta by land and sea transports. There is also a 36-bay coach station for buses to and from Mainland China and 56 airline check-in counters, as well as customs and immigration facilities.

There is no place to sleep in Terminal 2 since all the benches have armrests in between. But you can take a nap at Terminal 1, on the benches close to Starbucks. Choose your bed carefully, the air conditioning is way too cold!

Culinary World at HKIA Aside from a clean interior, HKIA also gains points from travellers for the variety of food and entertainment available at both Terminal 1 and 2 (T1 and T2). From local Chinese food, American coffee idol, Starbucks to 24-hours affordable snack/convenience store 7-11. You can use free internet at the Pacific Company cafe, but you have to buy food and give a 100 HKD deposit or an ID to get the mouse. They say it’s for 15 minute, but if it’s not busy, you can stay there as long as you want.


Located near Terminal 2, SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course is a unique leisure facility at HKIA. W 360 seats, the 4D Extreme projecWith tion screen is the largest 4D screen in ti Asia. A P PlayStation ranges set-up around the Terminals T ATMS /Cash machines Available A S Showers at Terminal 1 - Plaza Shower and Relaxation Lounge. Open 24 hours. a (Level 7, Departures Hall West Hall) (L Luggage storage /Lockers at L Terminal 1 - Hours: 0530-0130. Rates: HK$ 40 (3 hours) | HK$ 55 (3-24 hours) | HK$ 130 (24-48 hours). Located: Level 5, Arrivals Hall Terminal 2 - Hours: 0900-2100 for screening | 24 hours for retrieval. Rates: HK$ 20-30 (4 hours) | HK$ 30-40 (each 12 hours). Located: Level 3, Shop 001 R Relax in comfortable chairs amidst some greenery. Departures Level near Gates 21, 34, 41, and 61

i-Sports i-Sports offer one-of-its-kind sports simulators such as soccer, basketball, golf, boxing, skiing, car racing, shooting, etc. It is the most enjoyable place in the airport for passengers and visitors who want to have fun under the wholesome environment.  LOCATION: TERMINAL 2, LEVEL 6  TIME OF OPERATION: 11:00 – 21:00

Aviation Discovery Centre Located at Terminal 2, Level 6, the Aviation Discovery Centre (ADC) is targeted to provide a channel for visitors to discover the fascinating aviation related topics with focus on the aviation development of Hong Kong through fun and exciting settings.  TIME OF OPERATION: 11:00 – 22:00

Airport Ambassadors If you are lost and need to find your way, look for the friendly people in the red coats. The Airport Ambassadors will help you get to your desired location.

Photo credit: Hong Kong International Airport

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 30


Chiang Mai

d e r e v o c s i d n U Delights

HolidayTalk attempts to bring you the lure of the ‘Rose of the North’. What is it that makes the travellers feel spoilt for choice, besides the lush vegetation of the tropical region and the ethnic confluence of the history and the modern Thai culture? Here’s answering how...NEHA OBEROI


hiang Mai Province is located in the Northwest Thailand, close to the Burma border, nestled in a valley in the mountains. Steeped in history, Chiang Mai is rich in culture, colour and beauty. It’s revered by all for the interesting blend of architecture prevalent in the temples and modern day structures.

The temple is approached by climbing a steep Naga (serpent) staircase comprising 304 steps (however, you can also ascend by a funicular railway).

Why Chiang Mai? Climb the Naga Staircase of Wat Prathat Doi Suthep (Chiang Mai’s most famous temple that contains some of the relics of Lord Buddha) Haggle at the Night Bazaar Jumbo, the feature attraction Relish the food in Khantoke way Participate in the glory of Thai festivals

Chiang Mai is around 700kms north of Bangkok and 250kms south of the Myanmar border.

The legend of

Wat Prathat The temple site was selected by an auspicious elephant. The story goes that a monk named Sumana placed half of a Buddha relic on an elephant’s back and set it loose. It was decided that when the elephant stopped walking, a temple would be built on that exact spot to house the gem ... Instead of stopping at an easy site, the elephant began climbing the hill - and finally paused on the brow. This was where Wat Prathat Doi Suthep was built by King Kuna in 1388.

rupees .8 1 y hl ug ro is ht ba 1 : y Currenc

Elephant Training Camps The Pong Yang Elephant Training Camp is the main destination of a 30 km tour along the Mae Rim-Samoeng route, inside the Mae Sa Valley. Along the road are many tourist attractions like the Mae Sa Waterfalls, the Mae Sa Butterfly and Orchid Farm and the Chiang Mai Snake Farm. At Mae Sa Elephant Camp, there are two shows for tourists, one at 0800 hours and the other at 2140 hours where tourists can watch elephants playing football, moving teak logs with a dexterity akin to chucking matchsticks. Post the show, you can amble around on Jumbo’s back to experience the awe inspiring view of the forest. The camp is easily accessed from the city centre by songtaew (shared taxi) or you can hire a car (extensive parking is available at the camp).

Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre, located about 56 km from Chiang Mai, offers a great opportunity to learn more about the work and life of the hill tribe people. Thai Elephant Conservation Centre is another spot where visitors can watch the show (at 1000, 1100 and 1230 hours) and even bathing time, which is about 20 minutes before the first show. In these shows, elephants not only perform an orchestra and painting but also interestingly show how they once worked on teakwood plantations, dragging and piling up heavy logs.

N T N S Some of the temples in town offer a monk chat, where a resident monk elds uestions from tourists. emember to dress modestly. omen should take care not to touch or pass anything directly to them.

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Khantoke Way Khantoke Dinners (a Lanna Thai tradition) provide a good way to get to know both the Northern food and culture at the same time. Visitors are seated in the floor around a circular tray with Northern dishes on it and eat while watching traditional Thai and Northern dances and hill tribe culture shows. Every night there are Khantoke Dinner Shows. The meal is served on a wooden pedestal tray call “Khantoke”, and the dishes are all authentic northern Thai delicacies such as Gaeng Hang Lay, a gingery pork curry; the chili-tomato-minced pork dip called Naam Prik Ong, and the crunchy pieces of pork scratching or Kaeb Moo, for dipping into the rich gravy. SOME PLACES THAT HOST THE SAME ARE •The Old Chiangmai Cultural Center •Nakorn Lanna

GIVE A LITTLE TO THE SECOND BEST CITY OF THAILAND Chiang ai is Thailand s conscience, being the caretaker of struggling immigrants from Burma and hill tribe villagers. number of N s have gotten together to sell the crafts of the impoverished. The or ek gallery sells craft pro ects of street children like purses, bags, etc. nother place is the dorn with Studio Naenna , a showroom of a village weaving pro ect.

The Night Bazaar T night Bazaar at the Chang Klan road The is the largest centre for selling all kinds of ccrafts in Chiang Mai. Whether its cheap branded clothing, designer wear, accessories b and souvenirs to up-market furniture, silks, a ssilverware, jewellery and wood carving, weaving, textiles, rattan items, ceramics, w pottery, and lacquerware. The fun of it comes p iin the haggling! Loud voices, distressed expressions, glee on some and overall a e perfect night expedition! All items on sale at p tthe Night Bazaar are sold at non-fixed prices.

Chiang Mai dates back to 1296, when it was founded as the new capital of the thriving Lanna Kingdom.

Cruise the Day Away

The Mae Ping river with its grassy banks and rustic demeanour with stilted houses along its banks offers yet another glimpse of rural Thailand. A must is the Scorpion Tailed River Cruise that focusses on the history of the river using traditional styled craft, known as scorpion tailed boats. Cruises last 1.5 hours (5 daily) and depart from Wat Srikhong pier near Rim Ping Condo. The entire trip costs around 500 baht.

HOT WELLNESS Soak away all your stress in the hot springs at oi ha ompok National ark oi ang. Set amongst a boulder strewn eld, the 40 or so springs are a pictures ue spot. rivate Baths are also available.

Thai Festivals LOI KRATONG (NOVEMBER) is a way of paying


Tuk-Tuk vs. Sorang-Taa-Ou: Tuk- Tuks are more expensive and offer a direct service. The drivers mostly speak English. Fares must be bargained in advance. SorngTaa-Ou (red pickup trucks with benches in the covered flatbed portion of the truck) rides are cheaper but English might be a problem as it is a local mode of transport. Also, routes are not direct. By Taxi: Meter taxis, nearly identical to those running around Bangkok, are now available in Chiang Mai, where fares likewise begin at 35 Baht.

Points to remember Be aware that only Commercial First Class Insurance provides full coverage on rental cars. Most international car rental agencies will offer this insurance while local companies may or may not. Request a copy of their insurance policy and ensure that it states ‘For Commercial Use’. Regardless, inspect rental vehicles prior to rental and drive with caution. By Motorbike: Hire a motorbike from 150 to 1,000 baht per day along with your passport as a deposit. Be sure to inspect bikes prior to rental and drive with extreme caution as they are not normally insured and accidents are frequent. Helmets are required by Thai law and tourists should obey all local traffic rules.

respect to the goddess of the river for the water that was provided, and to repent for sullying the river. You pay a few baht for a banana leaf boat called a kratong, carrying a candle and a few other bits and pieces (maybe a 10 baht coin), say a few quiet words down at the riverbank with your sweetheart and float it away - along with all your bad luck.

CHIANG MAI FOOD FESTIVAL (DECEMBER) is an annual festival of Chiang Mai’s great dishes, the demonstrations on fruit carving and ancient Thai desserts, and beautiful Lanna cultural shows. Good food selling at cheap prices!


Beauteous Form

at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz The resort features daring architecture with futuristic columns and high ceilings, various indoor pools and an outdoor pool, numerous whirlpool recliners, whirlpools, a waterfall and a current channel.

Explore Switzerland during the day and return to a nurturing evening and a nice dinner and hotel full of activities to complete your vacation at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The unique combination of luxurious accommodation, fine food, natural thermal spa water, business amenities and world-class golf makes the resort incomparable. Discover the true tranquility at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a true centre for well being.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz caters the best to Indian tourists. Indulge in the spacious rooms and suites of the resort, surrounded by the lush green expanse of nature; sip the Indian masala chai while experiencing the fresh air of the mountains in the safety of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.


You can also plan an excursion to the famous fairytale ‘Heidi’ village which is only a 10minute drive from the Grand Resort. The local mountain, Pizol presents a tempting 40 km of slopes and extended hiking trails to discover. Other summer and winter sports destinations such as Laax, Davos, Lenzerheide, Flumserberg and Arosa are at most an hour away by car. Explore the area independently or with a chauffeur in Mercedes limousines which are at your disposal. All this and much more awaits you courtesy the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

UNWIND YOURSELF You will Ànd tranquility and relaxation in the beautiful sauna world and its outdoor zone. Try your luck at the resort’s in-house casino. From the elegantly curved Golden Wave Bar, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and take in the fascinating view of the gaming tables with American Roulette, Black Jack, Stud Poker and Texas Hold’em.

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The resort is also strategically located in the vicinity of popular tourist locations. The 2,502-metre high Säntis will enable you to see Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy all at the same time. The highest mountain of the Alpstein region is the starting point and destination for mountain tours, hikes and ski trips. One can comfortably get to the Panorama Restaurant at the top of the mountain with the aerial cable car Schwägalp–Säntis, one of the most used mountain trains in Switzerland.

G GRANDEUR OF BAD RAGAZ O ‡T The resort offers Indian cuisine among others in its restaurants ‡ The rooms have connecting d doors for families ‡ Relax and enjoy the extensive m massage, beauty and well being programmes av available at the resort ‡ The in-house casino of th the resort which has been granted the accolade o of ‘Friendliest Casino in Switzerland’, has 136 ga gaming machines including traditional slot m machines, poker and modern video machines, as w well as electronic roulette

Trail Blazers Tours India (TBI) brings to you an opportunity to experience ‘Vacations for a Lifetime’. Whether it’s a family holiday or a celebration, a get-together or honeymoon, a long-cherished dream destination or a unique experience, a theme holiday or simply exploring the Seven Wonders of the World, TBI, with all it has to offer, ensures a perfect holiday package for its customers.

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As specialists in customised vacations, TBI understands your need for a well-planned and perfectly executed holiday. It provides best services at the most competitive rates; including detailed knowledge and first-hand experience of destinations along with best of travel products and services. For a unique vacation, TBI Holidays has plenty of ideas to choose from. How about a de-stressing spa vacation or a stay at unique locales like a luxury camp on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater? You can also plan a trip to a cave hotel in Turkey or a beautiful tent in Morocco or an ice hotel in the Swedish Lapland!

Luxury within reach

For something more regal, spend a few nights in historical castles in Britain and Ireland, in princely paradors in Spain and majestic pousadas in Portugal. Discover unexplored amazing destinations in Antartica or South America. Go on an exclusive Trans Siberian Rail Journey and for the ultimate cruise on the Turkish Riviera, charter your own private luxury yacht or a traditional ‘Gulet’ replete with main sails. Let TBI help to plan your itineraries for a fun filled trip of a unique and splendid destination.

TBI has vacation plans for a variety of travellers, from family, couples, cruises, tourist destinations or made per accommodations; anything to make a memorable vacation.


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TBI holiday’s unique Travel Shop has been created specially for vacationers at select cities where they can browse through a vast range of exciting travel options, on weekdays and holidays at convenient times. Whether it’s for an individual or for a group.

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f you are looking for acau souvenirs, then museum shops are the place to visit. The rand ri useum has some wonderful books, videotapes and other items connected to acau s most important sporting event and the world s foremost ormula 3 competition.

Magnificent Charm


Gamble away in the casinos of Macau and Taipa which offer a wide range of games in the world. With over 30 casinos to choose from, the casino environment keeps one alive throughout the night. In addition to this, enjoy a dazzling cabaret or simply delight yourself famous pub. Macau offers a wide range of accommodation, ranging from international 5-star deluxe hotels to Portuguese-style inns and budget guesthouses.You can plan and book your accommodation according to not only your budget but also the type of holiday experience you are looking for in Macau.


If ‘shop till you drop’ is your mantra then Macau is the place to be.



Macau is famous for its choice of cuisines and for the quality of food offered by restaurants and hotels. Over the centuries, Macau has developed a unique cuisine that combines the elements of Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and even Malay cooking. Enjoy a wide variety of superior coffee blends in Macau’s Àne selection of coffee shops, in Portuguese, Italian and American style. Sip your coffee while relishing the delicious pastries and the one that must not be missed is Macau’s version of the traditional Portuguese egg tart, or ’Pastel de Nata‘ and coconut cake.

Jewellery (particularly 24-carat gold), cameras, porcelain, electronic items, mobile phones, watches, cashmere sweaters and silk clothing are available at very reasonable prices.


‡ Duty-free shops and top-of-the-market goods can easily be found at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, New Yaohan department store and at Landmark ‡ Retail shopping with luxury brands can be located at the Wynn Esplanade, the Grand Canal’s Shoppes, the Shoppes at Four Seasons, the Boulevard at the City of Dreams and Galaxy Macau – Promenade ‡ For duty-free shopping, explore the Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport and the mainland side of Barrier Gate.


You can Ànd good Portuguese restaurants close to A-Ma Temple along Rua do Almirante Sérgio, in the city centre on Rua Central and Travessa de S. Domongos, and in NAPE area near the Kun lam Statue. Indulge in the truly authentic Portuguese cuisine at António, which is dedicated to promoting authentic Portuguese style in Asia. Enjoy a perfect dinner in a cozy ambience, where the world renowned Chef and Owner, António Coelho, might add some spark by serving your dish Áambé before you; he may also invite you to open a bottle of champagne with a sword! But do not forget to book in advance. For further information please write to

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TRAVEL ÂWEARÊ WITH SUMMER ON US, ALL TRAVELLERS ARE PLAGUED BY THE THOUGHT OF ‘WEAR TO TRAVEL’. DESIGNERS ANNICK JEHANNE, ARLETTE LACOUR & SONYA MALIK SHARE THEIR TRICKS-OF-THE-TRADE TO TRAVEL CHIC WITH THEIR NEW COLLECTION AT GOLD KALAA. The pieces are designed with built-in convertibility so you can accessorise to create a new look. With fun sleeves, asymmetrical lines, fine embroidery – the whole look is elegance personified at work or at dinner.


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Travelling in style to destinations which are not only fashion conscious but also the ever-so-popular tourist destinations, can make some conscious travellers a bit anxious. Take advantage of some of the international fashion brands available throughout India and pack your bags with the confidence that you will feel at home and be ‘in’ with the local crowd to enjoy your vacation completely.

IN VOGUE With a unique British sensibility, the trench coat remains the natural starting point and springboard for all Burberry menswear, womenswear and childrenswear collections.

With its seventh store launch in The Oberoi, Gurgaon, Burberry has now become a major part of the Indian fashion statement. Burberry’s existing six stores in India include – The Oberoi, Gurgaon and Emporio Mall in New Delhi-NCR, UB City Mall in Bengaluru, Taj Krishna hotel in Hyderabad, Express Mall in Chennai and a flagship store within Palladium Mall in Mumbai.

In their quest for an hour-glass figure, some Victorian women wore corsets so tight that they suffered broken ribs.



If Monsoon is the time that bothers you the most, then get prepared for it in advance. Here is a collection of a Monsoon Kit that includes products which are functional, innovative and stylish. A perfect kit to explore and carry for monsoon.

Survival Matches Basecamp’s Survival Matches is a unique pack of matchsticks that light all by themselves even after they are drained or poured or submerged in water. It beats the most researched phoenix when it comes to revival.

Go Travel Rain Coat The lightweight Design Go Travel Raincoat available at Basecamp is a full length hooded travel raincoat which prevents and protects from heavy downpours, showers, gales and storms during the Indian Monsoon. Made up of PVC, it is a full length rain cover which fits all and allows perfect proofing to water.

Go Travel Packaway Tote Bag Basecamp presents spacious versatile GoTravel Tote Bag which folds away neatly, when not in use, into an integrated pouch for compact storage. With ample main compartment and two outer pockets, it has enough space to fit all that one needs to carry..!! Made up of 190 denier nylon, it is highly versatile, lightweight and durable.

Go Travel Bug Guards stuff

Monsoon is the time when mosquitoes breed the most and eventually one is more prone to infection. Basecamp presents Go Travel Bug Guards which are discreet neutral-coloured antimosquito bands that can be worn around the wrist or ankle. It is a microencapsulated mosquito repellent band that keeps bugs at bay.

Outsider Travel Backpacks

Basecamp presents Outsider Backpacks to carry all your necessities and belongings properly, securely and in an arranged manner. With the widest options of extra pockets, extra space and extra ease, they are available in different sizes and widest range of colours and patterns.

Follow this as a principle and we promise your trip will be more memorable: Don’t pack anything that might be fun to buy once you arrive.

With 55 rooms & suites across 8 distinct categories including Garden rooms, Royal rooms and Sunny Side cottages, along with 6-acre of gardens, landscaped at different levels in the bosom of the Himalayas, the resort adds a fine touch to living in the lap of nature amidst oodles of luxury. All front facing rooms (Balcony-14, Deluxe-13 and Duplex-10) have large private balconies providing a clear view of the snow-clad mountains and river Beas. Imported laminated wooden ”ooring provides a rich and cozy feel. A new state-of-the-art elevator has been added for convenience of the guests. Seven rooms have a private landscaped garden with an individual swing that makes it special and exclusive.

Manuallaya It’s always the name that comes out flying when speaking of widespread sweeping landscapes, pristine snow peaked mountains, sparkling clear streams, a gushing river. Situated in this breathtaking landscape at Manali is the Manuallaya resort.

THE RIGHT TIME TO BE THERE! Plan a visit to Manali during the Spring Festival also called Basantotsava or Pipal jatra.This fair, a state festival, marks the beginning of the spring season (and also the tourist season) in the valley. You can also plan a visit to the district’s five wildlife sanctuaries of which Manali, Kais, Kanawar, Khokhan are in Kullu Valley and the Great Himalayan National Park is in Sainj valley. These sanctuaries preserve animals like Musk Deer, Common Fox, Leopard, Ibex, Himalayan Tahr, Porcupine, Bear (black & brown), Goral (Nemorhaedus goral), HimalayanYellow Throated Marten, Langur and Flying Squirrel, etc.The best time to visit these sanctuaries is April to June and September to October. During this period the weather and visibility is suitable for spotting animals and the high reaches are easily accessible.


The resort is equipped with a horde of recreational activities be it outdoors or indoors. From courts to strain your muscle in squash, badminton and basketball or loosening up in the skating rink to toning up in the gym, the resort has all world class amenities.You name it and it’s there! The TVA Spa at the resort offers an array of massages including, Padabhayam, a treatment for your feet.The guests can also enrol in Ayurvedic treatments like, Shirodhara, powder massage and other modern day treatment such as mud therapy, Swedish massage, Hydro-therapy, ReÁexology, Bach Áower remedy and many more.


Mall Road is the main shopping area that sells local shawls, rugs, caps and footwear, besides a range of Tibetan handicraft items.The Himachal Handicrafts emporium and Bhuttico weavers’ co-operative are other good places for local handicrafts.The Tibetan Bazaar and Tibetan Carpet centre run by the refugee community sells thangkas, rugs, jewellery, prayer wheels amongst other things.

Explore the town: The best way to travel locally is on foot or rickshaw.Taxis and autos are conveniently available as well. In addition, you can explore the pristine valley on motorcycles that are available on hire at the EnÀeld Club onVashisht Road. Himachal Tourism also runs regular bus tours to destinations around Manali. Main Attractions HOT SULPHUR SPRING, ROHTANG PASS, HADIMBA TEMPLE

The resort also offers Ayurvedic Cuisine, Aahar, which comprises salads, juices and whole meals. It serves only raw and natural food depending on the body type.


For further information please write to

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Traversing I

a l i n a M h g u Thro Keeping those travellers in mind who are planning a trip on their own, here are some points to help you explore and travel the main getaway island of The Philippines...NEHA OBEROI

f you want to just ‘blend in’ with the crowd and feel at home in this international getaway city, then use the public transport throughout the many islands of the Philippines.

Light Rail

Transit (LRT)  The LRT runs overhead from Monumento to Baclaran, cutting through traffic and stopping at pre-designated stations along the way. Lead coaches are usually reserved for women and senior citizens. Single-journey fares are cheap and dependent on the destination. Stored value (multiple-use) tickets for the three lines (worth P100) may be purchased at stations.

The Manila International Airport, 7-km from the city centre, services 26 major international airlines as well as charter flights from Japan, Hong Kong,Taiwan and other countries.

Classic Old Bus  Buses, both air-conditioned and otherwise, are the other common mode of transport used in Manila plying on ofttravelled routes.

Jeepney Joyride  Jeepneys offer one of the cheapest ways of getting around the island. They ply on set routes all over Manila. Simply locate the destination map painted on the cab, hail and jump onboard. Call out your destination to the driver and pay a fixed inexpensive fee. They seldom have a special place to stop, so the drivers will slow down enough to enable the passengers to jump in or out of the Jeepney. Making one feel more at home! Unfortunately, Jeepneys are not air-conditioned, so one has to simply open the windows.

eepney ride in anila will cost around 0.20 S while ta i agdown rate is 1 S and 0.1 S for every 300 meter or 2 minutes waiting time. pect to pay around 4 S for an average ta i ride across town in anila s heavy traf c. ong distance buses to the province have varying rates depending on the amenities and route and stops on the way.

Miscellaneous  Try ‘Tricycles’ (motorcycles with side cars) and ‘Pedicabs’ (bicycles with side cars) service for narrow roads and inner city alleys  ‘Kalesas’ or horse-drawn carriages plod through traffic, carrying passengers and goods in sections like Binondo in Chinatown and Intramuro


Thousands of traffic enforcers struggle grimly to keep the Philippine capital’s notoriously gridlocked roads moving every day, but Ramiro Hinojas does it with a smile and a little help from Michael Jackson. Rain or shine, seven days a week, the diminutive 55-year-old stands in the middle of one of Manila’s major intersections, and to the cacophony of roaring engines, puts on an elaborate dance show as he deftly guides traffic flow.

Take a Taxi or Rent a Car  For a bit more expensive convenience, taxis roam all along the major streets and within the commercial and business centres and are most often preferred by business travellers. If the preference is for ease and comfort, car rental companies offer competitive rates based on mileage or day rates.

Travelling time to anila from ndia ( hilippine irlines is the national carrier) New elhi, hrs 20 mins umbai, hrs 23 mins olkata, 3 hrs mins Chennai, 4 hrs mins

Jul-Aug 2012 I I 50


Travel-Friendly APPS Today technology has brought many essentials of travelling to your fingertips. Mobile applications for one, have proved to be very useful for a traveller. Right from booking until reaching your destination and then getting about town, the latest mobile applications have changed the face of a travel experience. Here are some apps that you can try for hassle free travelling in a foreign land…

3. Application: World Mate Model: BlackBerry It sets up and keeps track of your itinerary. All you have to do is send your trip details (such as your flight and hotel confirmations) to a specific WorldMate email address, and the app imports your information without any manual input.

1. Application: JetSet Expenses Model: iPhone It is an expense reporting application that features 15 separate expense categories and more than 100 subcategories, allowing you to correctly calculate your travelling expenses.You can report expenses for meals, mileage, entertainment and anything else you may encounter during your vacation.

FREE Link: webstore/content/836/

4. Application: FlightStats Model: Android

Price: $4.99 Link: affiliates/download/?id=285344634

Flightstats provides the best global flight, airport and airline information data and helps you to view itineraries, track flights and stay up-to-date on airport delays and much more. Besides this, you can add your hotel reservations or rental-car info.The app even works in offline mode, once synced.

Price: $4.99 Link:

2. Application: Urbanspoon Model: iPhone Know the best food outlets and the speciality cuisine restaurants around you via this app. Browse a comprehensive list of restaurants and make instant reservations.

5. Application: Navita Translator Model: BlackBerry

FREE Link: http://iphoneapplicationlist. com/app/id284708449/

It is capable of ‘speaking’ over 50 languages, and it can translate words and phrases from emails, SMS, or direct text inputs.

FREE Link: http://appworld.blackberry. com/webstore/content/522/

6. Application: Foursquare Model: ALL While in a foreign country what could be better than to get reviews of eating joints and tourist attractions from the locals themselves as well as from the people who have visited that country/city. This app lets you do the very same. Just type in your location and see what the rest of the world has to say about that place.

Price: FREE Link:

“To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so”.

Legal tips while travelling overseas W When travelling abroad, your biggest worry is that nothing goes wrong during your travel, but as fate would have it things can often go wrong, and most likely when tr y you least expect it. It will help you a lot if you are prepared for some unfortunate circumstances that you may find yourself in. c ANJANA GOSAIN PRACTICING ADVOCATE IN SUPREME COURT OF INDIA AND DELHI HIGH COURT

 Make sure you have a signed, valid passport (minimum 6 months validity), and a visa. (Always carry a copy of your passport and visa)  Deal with only authorized outlets when exchanging money or buying airline tickets.  If you’re ever in an incident involving theft, passport loss or racial discrimination, please notify a consular officer at the nearest Indian embassy. Officers from your embassy will help get in touch with your emergency contacts, and in some instances help you get a local lawyer who understands and speaks your language. This is one of your rights, so do not be afraid to ask for legal representation.  There are some instances where as

a traveller you could be breaking the la without knowing it. In such cases law yo can’t tell the police officers that you you di didn’t know the law of the country, as ig ignorance of the law is not a defense. W When in a foreign country, you are su subject to its laws. Therefore, it helps to le learn about local laws and regulations an to obey them. and  If arrested abroad, ensure that pr proper documentation is provided for al the belongings that were in your all po possession when arrested, make sure no nothing incriminating has been added to the list of your belongings, also en ensure that you thoroughly check your pe personal effects when released to make su that nothing is missing. sure  Make sure you do not put your

sig signature on anything that you have not th thoroughly read.  whenever using hotel locker, keep th password mixed with numbers and the wo words.  Whenever you check-in and checkou in the hotel, do the checking in and out ar around the drawers, toilet and the bed so that nothing incriminating is found. Th way terrorism is going on, this is The es essential you could report the matter to the hotel in time, if you find anything no belonging to you. not  Keep the hotel informed about your wh whereabouts, but do not invite guests in the room as far as possible if they ar not your personal guests or family are m members.

A Holiday in Goa Baywatch Resort

The ‘Pearl of the Orient , Goa, famous for the beauty of its beaches, world heritage architecture and unique culture has become a preferred holiday destination worldwide. Located along the exquisite Sernabatim Beach in Goa is Baywatch Resort, a 4-star deluxe property, which makes it the only starred property on the Sernabatim Beach.

Sernabatim Beach stretch is beautiful and isolated, with no pesky hawkers and ust the golden sands and the inviting beach, which makes it e clusive for Baywatch esort oa

GOAN HOSPITALITY The serenity in this resort brings in the much needed relaxation. Every guest is approached with a true Goan’ hospitality. Right from the booking system till the guest leaves the hotel, every feedback is valued by the hotel staff.

BEST FROM BAYWATCH The resort offers conferencing facilities, wedding amenities and above all simply a leisure ambience. The Deluxe holiday package’ is ideally designed for every guest to relax and have fun with sightseeing boat cruise and spa massage packages. A new introduction is their Honeymoon Package’.

BAYWATCH’S CULINARY PARADISE The resort houses a fine multi-cuisine restaurant PAM’S

Restaurant’ at the lobby level and Poolside Café Bar and Grill which offers a great evening entertainment for the guests. Elegantly furnished with plush low slung armchairs, Harry’s Lounge Bar provides a pool-side view along with a range of quality cocktails featuring Igniting Baywatch’ Mojito and margaritas. It stores a wide range of spirits and wines that are widely acknowledged. Tavaa is another exceptional restaurant with an open air ambience where guests can enjoy an array of special Indian recipes.

AMENITIES AT THE BAYWATCH RESORT Highlighted by the spaciousness of the rooms, the deluxe rooms are classically styled with twin bed arrangement and equipped with a flat screen TV, mini-bar (chargeable), hair dryer, tea/coffee maker and electronic safes. Some suites also offer bath tubs. The view from the rooms varies from pool, garden to sea view (subject to availability).

025($77+(%$<:$7&+ 5(6257*2$ %$<:$7&+ /,)(67</(63$ Rejuvenate your body and mind with the finest treatments in aromatherapy and Ayurveda exclusively in Baywatch Lifestyle Spa. There is an exhaustive list of massages like Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Kizhi, Pinda Swedanam, deep tissue massage, Thai, Indonesian, Balinese, Swedish, Egyptian or Hot stone massage, Body scrubs and Wraps or Body polishing.

etc. The resort also offers yoga classes every morning for in-house guests and on special requests, alternate arrangement in the evening is also provided.

(17(57$,10(17 Every evening, the resort provides a variety in entertainment like karaoke nights, live band, DJ, one man band or theme to make your stay memorable.


With a wide range of activities, such as dance The spacious pool with the lessons, special cooking best sunset view is attached demos, pool table and other to the child pool, where you indoor activities, Baywatch can lounge with a smooth resort also provides â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;babycocktail and enjoy pool flag sitting facilityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. There is a services. separate child play area so that your little ones can +($/7+&/8% also learn fun activities like Fully equipped gymnasium painting and craft making or with added facilities like, steam, sauna, open air Jacuzzi, have group games to have fun while at Baywatch Goa!


For further information please write to

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The world is full of wonders, both natural and manmade. For the convenience of discerning luxury travellers, Leading Hotels of the World represent many of these attractions bringing to you one-of-its-kind travel experiences. This hospitality organisation is full of intriguing ideas to make your holiday a memorable one.

Leading Hotels

of the World

Leading Luxury around the World





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The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) understands the finer points of hospitality and luxury. So, indulge yourself in a lifestyle of luxury at one of their 5-star hotels where first class service is a norm rather than an exception. LHW also features small luxury hotels, resort hotels as well as world’s renowned stately hotels offering all the possibilities for family getaways, romantic escapades and business meetings.

make your next vacation worry-free. Stay at one of their all-inclusive resorts in Mexico or Peru and know exactly what you will be paying for. All-inclusive rates include deluxe accommodations, all meals and drinks, taxes and service fees, non-motorised water sports and entertainment. With its diverse portfolio of unique properties, Leading Hotels offers specialty suite accommodation, tours of the city and local cultural institutions, exceptional gastronomic experiences, rare vintage wine tasting, personal shopping experiences, behind the scenes access to venues not open to the public. sample a stay at one of its member palaces or castles in India and abroad.

Tranquility in the Hindustan Beach Retreat The grand cliffs of Varkala, Kerala, along with the lure of the golden beach nuzzling the towering edges are a surefire magnet for tourists. The Hindustan Beach Retreat, Varkala, offers splendid opportunities to relax and rescope with the option of luxury with dramatic Cliffside sunsets on-the-house.

industan Beach Retreat (HBR), Varkala, is the new kid on the block of emerging beach tourism. With 27 well appointed rooms providing a spectacular sea view, the resort is situated in close proximity to the sea, letting the guests experience the sea at its best


THE RETREAT BRINGS TO YOU A rejuvenating and relaxing holiday at the retreat includes Ayurvedic treatments, backwater cruises and heritage tours. The vast pristine beaches make it an enjoyable holiday that lets you experience the art of slowing down’ – slowly shedding the effects of months of stressful work and decreasing the frown lines on your brow.

TREAT YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH An exotic seafood restaurant on the rooftop, a multi-cuisine restaurant overlooking the pool, a pool side barbeque station, a rooftop conference hall with sea view are on offer at this splendid resort. The beautiful ambience of the pool side restaurant with its exquisite wood work is just the place to relax and enjoy cuisines of sorts – Indian, Chinese and Continental. The restaurant is set overlooking the pool with a view of the blue sea beyond. A seafood specialty restaurant is appropriately located on the rooftop with the most spectacular view of the sea. Up here, you can unwind, watch a perfect sunset or sunrise and pamper your taste buds with a wide bouquet of seafood from exotic starters to elaborate

continental and ethnic fare; you can also savour the fresh catch of the sea.

THE TURTLE EFFECT From rejuvenating Ayurvedic Massages, to exploring, to exploring miles of quiet untouched beaches, to racing with the tortoises and chasing tiny crabs into the sand, you will experience the beautiful, therapeutic, effects of slowing down’. To sooth their body and mind, an Ayurvedic spa called Turtle Bay Ayurvedic Spa provides ample services rejuvenating and refreshing the mind and body is available to the guest of the resort. For more information visit

MUST VISIT When you are holidaying at HBR, Varkala, do visit the 2000 year old Janardhna temple, the Sivagiri Mutt – the final resting place of Sri Narayana Guru, a great social reformer of Kerala. Varkala’s most famous festival is the Janardhana Swami Temple Festival held in the month of March. This festival is celebrated over a period of 10 days with decorated elephants as a part of the celebrations. Another festival celebrated in Varkala is the Karkidaka Vavu Bali festival where pilgrims come to take a dip in the sea at the legendary Papanasam beach which is believed to absolve man of all sins; lakhs of people conduct Shraadh Pujas for departed souls here every year. A nature cure centre and mineral water springs on the beach are other delights.

*(77,1*7+(5(  $5281' BY AIR

The nearest airport is the Thiruvanthapuram Airport located 36 km away. It is well connected both internationally and domestically and flights from South East Asia, Middle East and all major Indian cities operate to and from here. Some of the major international airlines that serve this airport are Emirates, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines and Oman Airways, etc. and the national airlines are Jet Airways, Kingfisher and Indian Airlines.


Trains coming from Thiruvanthapuram and Kollam like

Ernakulam Express, Parasuram Express, Kerala Express, Bangalore Express and Kanyakumari Express make a beeline for Varkala Train Station, just 2 km from the Varkala.


Buses are available from both Kochi and Trivandrum.


Varkala is spread over 5 km which can easily be traversed on autos and taxis. Motorbikes and two-wheeler scooters are available on hire on producing something for security and a valid driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license.

For further information please write to

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Fair Winds in Mumbai Sailing made its sporting debut in the 1900 Paris Olympics.

SAILING The word encapsulates dreams and passion of success and of ful llment. It brings to mind adventure, relaxation, excitement and joy. Sailing is something that captures the imagination and enthralls the young and old, and is something that everyone wants to experience. Boats and the sea are what many dreams are made of!


Aquasail has tied up with Tui Marine’s Sunsail, the world’s largest sailing and water sports Holiday Company, delivering great value sailing experiences all over the world. They have also tied up with Tui Marine’s The Moorings, a premiere yacht charter company which offers a collection of getaways from hands-on sailing or power yacht vacations to luxury crewed yachts with every possible comfort onboard.

Aquasail is the realisation of a dream of a corporate lawyer Shakeel Kudrolli and a hard core corporate fanatic, Zia Hajeebhoy. Their mutual love for the sea and the wind brought them together and their company. Aquasail pioneers world-class leisure boating in the country and provides 360 degree leisure sailing. While speaking to Shakeel Kudrolli, MD, Aquasail, on his love for sailing, he informed, •the Indian coastline is a dream for leisure boating and Aquasail’s vision is to ensure that Indians can experience a superb, safe and ideal sailing experience and enjoy the fantastic world of leisure boating . Zia Hajeebhoy, Director, Aquasail, said, •Aquasail provides a range of products catering to families, to individuals and to Corporate India. Every experience is customised and we are thrilled to find so many taking to the sea and riding the waves with Aquasail .

UNCOMPROMISING APPROACH TO SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AQ provides • World class equipment • Highly experienced and trained team • Best safety standards • Exclusive training venue


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Are ‘ACTS OF GOD’, going to be the bane of our existence? Mishaps at the airport and with airlines are something a traveller can’t help but deal with. As a passenger it becomes imperative to be aware of our rights and what restrictions we face in the event of ‘Acts of God’. Here’s what you should know before flying to a destination: Compensation: Airlines that fly in the US are not legally obligated to provide any compensation for a delayed passenger. They are, however, required to compensate passengers who have a reservation but are denied boarding, also known as getting bumped off the flight. This is in contrast to airlines that fly in the European Union, which are required to compensate passengers who are bumped off, as well as passengers who experience many types of delays and flight cancellations. REASON FOR DELAY Air Traffic delay /Congestion Weather Mechanical problem Crew Rest problem Computer problems with check-in

No Compensation as not under airlines control No Compensation. Will accommodate on alternate flight A safety issue. Preferably read contracts of carriage of the airline Compensation possible Compensation possible

There are three levels of compensation: in the event of long delays (two hours or more, depending on the distance of the flight), passengers must in every case be offered free meals and refreshments plus two free telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or emails; if the time of departure is deferred until the next day, passengers must also be offered hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the place of accommodation; when the delay is five hours or longer, passengers may opt for reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket together with, when relevant, a return flight to the first point of departure.

An airline is not necessarily liable if your flight is delayed or cancelled. There are some situations, such as inclement weather and “acts of God,” which are deemed beyond a carrier’s control. In these cases, the airline will usually refund your ticket even if it’s a non refundable ticket, but won’t be responsible for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

HOLD THAT PLANE! Q. hen should arrive at the airport A. ou should arrive three hours rs before your schedduled departure time, so that you will be among the rst to know that your ight has been delayed due to mechanical problems.

When missing a connection due to a delayed flight If you miss a connection because of mechanical problems, flight delays, or something within the airline’s control, or alternatively due to inclement weather, the carrier should re-book you on the next available flight. Should that flight land a day or more later, the carrier may provide accommodations or meal vouchers, but it’s completely voluntary. If you are involuntarily bumped off a flight due to overbooking, the airlines are required to compensate you if your new flight arrives at your destination more

than one hour past your originally scheduled arrival time. The amount of compensation depends on the type of flight, domestic or international, and the length of the delay. There are no Department of Transportation (DOT) rules covering missed connections that involve multiple carriers. Their responsibility ends with the portion of the trip you purchased from them. This means the first carrier isn’t required to help you make your connection with the next carrier.

TIP: No matter where you fly, you should make the effort to become familiar both with what an airline is required by law to provide in the way of compensation, your airline’s policies on compensating passengers, and how you may be able to negotiate for additional compensation.


∗ ∗

T EXOTIC ISLAND THE EEXPERIENCE T allure of these tranquil islands, strung along the aquamarine water of the The Bay of Bengal still wrap in a magical spell. Dense swathes of tropical verdure B ssweep down to kiss the transparent aquamarine sea lined with powdery white virgin beaches. Lacy coral reefs and coral beds protect limpid lagoons w aawash with ornamental fish and exotic marine life.


MUST DO M A Andaman Islands have ample activities and watersports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, beach combing, trekking, sn sun bathing, etc. to enjoy. The islands are a veritable paradise su for eco-friendly holidays. The ponderous masses of mangroves fo lilining the shorelines speak of the antiquity of nature’s hand in forming these islands. fo

Bewitching Spell of the Andaman &

Nicobar Islands

Indulge in a soothing beach holiday or in watersports and other activities; the Andaman & Nicobar Islands have all that it takes to make any holiday experience memorable. This ‘Emerald land‘ can make a perfect holiday destination for travellers of varied interests.


It is an archipelago of over 570 islands and is spread over an area of about 700 km.

MUST SEE These islands are one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots, a feast of plenty for nature-loving tourists.The spots for sightseeing around the islands consist of historical sites (Cellular Jail-the national memorial, Ross Island, Viper Island, Mount Harriet), islands (Neil Island, Havelock Island, Baratang Island, Rangat, Mayabunder, Diglipur, etc.), beaches (Carbyn’s cove, North Bay Beach, Chidyatapu,Wandoor-Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Radhanagar Beach,Vijaynagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Karmatang Beach, Sitapur Beach, Ram Nagar Beach & Many more), parks, watersports complex and museums. To experience a hassle-free holiday experience, book with Mountain Edge Tours & Holidays, a reputed and premium travel company based at Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.They offer a broad spectrum of services including holiday and honeymoon packages, special interest tours, escorted tours for groups and senior citizens, weekends trips and much more. For further information please write to

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‘Insure’ YOUR HOLIDAYS Ensure a great time! With the rising cost of hospitalisation and medical treatment in foreign countries, planning a holiday without a safeguard is not recommended. If you are travelling to a country where you would have to bear the full cost of any medical treatment, then travel insurance covering you for medical expenses and repatriation is a must. Besides the health aspect, here are a couple of reasons why Travel Insurance is necessary: 1. Your bags are lost and your medication is in it.You will need to see a doctor to get a new emergency prescription. 2. Your passport and wallet are stolen, and you need immediate cash and a replacement passport. 3. You’re involved in an accident

and adequate medical treatment is not available. You need medical evacuation. 4. You need to cancel your trip due to illness. 5. A terrorist incident occurs in the city where you’re planning nning to visit and you want to cancel el your trip.

t the end of the day, buying travel insurance is a personal decision. owever, accidents do happen, and while having insurance won t ust make the problems go away, it does make them easier to deal with -- often for as little as a couple of dollars a day.

TRIVIA: From an analysis of travel insurance claims, the most expensive country for inpatient treatment is the US for an average hospital visit. The next on the list is Thailand, followed by the Canary Islands. Moreover, outpatient treatment in a foreign hospital can also burn a big hole in any holiday budget.”

Here’s a travel policy from a leading Insurance company, specially designed to meet the exclusive needs of travellers. Medical Expenses & Repatriation: Covers hospitalisation expenses for accident or illness (Both Inpatient/Outpatient), including medical evacuation where necessary. Loss of Checked Baggage: Covers total loss of baggage checked in by an international airline. Delay of Checked Baggage: Covers cost of emergency purchase of replacement items. Personal Accident: Covers death and permanent disability. Loss of Passport: Covers reasonable and necessary expenses to obtain duplicate passport or a valid travel document.

Personal Liability: Covers legal liability attached in a private capacity during the course of overseas travel. Emergency Cash Advance: Assistance service when the insured person requires emergency cash following incidents like theft/ burglary of luggage/money or hold up. Hijack: Pays as per schedule if the aircraft in which the insured is travelling is hijacked. Trip Delay: If the aircraft on which you are booked to travel from India, is delayed beyond 12 hours from the original scheduled departure time, then the sum insured in the schedule is paid.

Strange travel insurance claim (PAID) A young man had broken his nose.Well it seems he walked into a bus shelter. Apparently he wasn’t paying attention to the path in front of him as he got distracted by a group of young women

Baggage Allowance While checking in your baggage, the most common problem that travellers encounter is that their baggage is in breach of the airlines policy. Holiday Talk offers you the information on a platter without flashy overtones of numerous sites! AIRLINE



Cathay Pacific

United States of America Economy (Y): 2 piece, 23 kg First Class: 2 piece, 32 kg

First/Business/Premium Economy/Economy: 10kg

Rest of the World (ROW) Economy (Y): 20 kg First Class: 40 kg Jet Airways

USA Economy (Y): 2 piece, 23 kg First Class: 3 piece, 23 kg Rest of the World (ROW) Economy (Y): 23 kg First Class: 3 piece, 23 kg


USA Economy (Y): 1 piece, 23 kg First Class: 2 piece, 32 kg

Infant with a seat can avail the same free baggage allowance as applicable to adult guest

10 kg:One fully collapsible baby pushchair or stroller or carrying basket

Rest of the World (ROW) Economy (Y): 23 kg First Class: 2 piece, 32 kg Lufthansa

USA Economy (Y): 2 piece, 23 kg First Class: 3 piece, 32 kg

10 kg:One fully collapsible baby pushchair or stroller or carrying basket

Rest of the World (ROW) Economy (Y): 23 kg First Class: 3 piece, 32 kg Singapore Airlines

USA Economy (Y): 2 piece, 23 kg First Class: 3 piece, 23 kg Rest of the World (ROW) Economy (Y): 20 kg First Class: 40 kg

‘NANO’ ADVANCED DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE A NEW GENERATION BAGGAGE SCALE The ‘Nano’ luggage scale earns its name due to its incredibly small dimensions i.e., weighing just 70 grams with a length of just 9 cm. Now, forget to worry about excess baggage when you travel with one of the worlds most smallest luggage scales.

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What happens if you have a minor illness during your vacation...feeling nausea during a cruise or simply having a cough and cold. Dr. Rahul Gupta, Senior Consultant & Head of the Department of Gastroenterology of Fortis Escorts Hospital, New Delhi, suggests some precautions to take prior to your trip to the destinations highlighted in this issue: Canada, Hong Kong and Chiang Mai. Also listed are some basic medicines that you must pack to ensure a stress-free journey.

Doctor’s Advice


 Q 1. Should a traveller take any

weeks before a planned travel.

vaccination prior to their vacation as a precaution? A 1. There is no mandatory vaccination certification required for the destinations discussed in this issue of Holiday Talk. Although, it is recommended that while travelling to any part of the world, one must be up to date with the routine vaccinations (i.e., for diseases such as Influenza/chickenpox (or Varicella)/Polio/Measles/Mumps/ Rubella ( MMR) and Diptheria/ Pertusis/Tetanus (DPT).  Q 2.With Malaria being a dominant infectious disease, should there be any prime precaution taken before travelling and vacationing in these cities? A.2 While travelling to a Malaria prone area in Thailand (rural, forested areas that border Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos; rural, forested areas in districts of Phang Nga and Phuket), it is advisable to contact your local health care provider at least 4-6

 Q 3. What precautions should one

take when travelling with medicine? Also, what are the international rules and guidelines one has to abide by when travelling with medicine? A.3.While preparing for a trip, it is important to carry the prescription medicines you take every day. Make sure you have enough to last during your trip. Keep them in your hand luggage along with their original prescription packs. Always remember specific security guidelines for restrictions on liquid preparations in flight. For injectable preparations like, Insulin /Heparin, you must have the prescription and medication along with you in order to carry empty syringes. Do not remove the syringes or medicines from their original packing with the printed labels and manufacturer’s information.

Your medicine travel kit should essentially include: Medicine for diarrhea: Usually available over-the-counter, but CDC guidelines recommend a course of CIPROFLOXACIN with/without LOPERAMIDE(Depending on the severity) as specific drugs for traveller’s diarrhea. Analgesic: Panadol/Paracetamol Dressings: Bandaids/ Steristrips for minor lacerations or injuries. Antihistamine:Tablets/creams. Sunblock and sunglasses for protection from harmful effects of UV sun rays.

 For headache/body ache/toothache: Take Tab. CROCIN PAIN RELIEF (650mg.), preferably after eating something. Can be taken twice a day for 2-3 days. However, if the headache persists beyond, then consult a local doctor in the area you are visiting.  For nausea/vomiting: Take Tablet DOMSTAL (10 mg.) thrice a day, approximately 20 minutes prior to eating something.  For stomach cramps/pain: Take Tablet MEFTAL SPAS - as and when required  For common cold/running nose: Take Tablet LEVOCTRIZINE (Tab.5mg.) once a day for three days only.

 For tender Stomach/diarrhea/watery stools: Always remember

You must ensure adequate hydration by drinking adequate amounts of fluid.The best way to know that you are well hydrated is by simply being aware that you are making enough urine. If not, then you need to seek medical opinion. Eating cooked food is the most sensible option. It is better to avoid raw salads or sushi, when the stomach is out of action. As and if needed, take Tablet ORNOF twice a day, after meals for 5 days along with Tablet REDOTIL (100mg.) twice a day for 3 days.  Mandatory precautions for Thyroid dysfunction and Hypertension or Diabetes: Always remember to continue your regular medications and never skip any dose. Also, drink bottled water in any new region. Always carry your medical information.

Your Own First-Aid Kit

What’s in a


Learning the lingo while hil travelling lli is i definitely advisable if you want to get under the skin of the place. Besides adding to your experience of the culture and the people, it also equips you for the more ahem! mundane emergencies like finding a restroom or a dinner date with the local beauty. Holiday Talk helps you with the local flavour to enrich your stay.

Spanish was the original official language of the Philippines for more than three centuries.



n THAI, the sentence ends with ha for women and rab for men.



Sawaddee krab / kha

Magandáng umaga hô. (formal)


Khun chêu a-rai?

Anóng pangalan mo?


Chan cheu..

(John Doe) ang pangalan ko.



Oo (OH-oh)



Hindi (heehn-DEE)


Khun sa bai dee mhai?

Kumusta koo-moo-STAH?


Chan sa bai dee

Mabuti mah-BOO-tee


Khobkoon (krab, kha)

Salamat sah-LAH-maht


chook chook dii

Maging masayá sana ang araw mo!


Lieo khwa

Kanan (KAH-nahn)


Lieo sai

Kaliwa (kah-lee-WAH)



Tuloy-tuloy lang hô


sùk san wan gèrt

Malígayang batì!


chai yo:h



Hong nam yu tee nai? (krab, kha)

Nasaan po ang banyo?


Chan rak kun

Mahál na mahál kitá


phom/chan pen mangsawirat/jay

Vegetarian akó


Kun yak pai tiaw kub chan mai

Nais kong anyayahan ka sa isáng hapunan

During the marketing campaign of Parker Pen in Mexico, the ad said, “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.” However, the company mistakenly thought the spanish word “embarazar” meant embarrass and said, “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”


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Thailand Visa Paper Trail: Processing time: 3-5 working days  Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum one blank page for visa stamp. Attach all your old passports (if any)  Visa application form duly filled and signed  Photo Specification: Two recent passport size photographs with matt or semi matt finish, 60%80% face coverage, white background and without border (Size: 35mm x 45mm) Please note: 1.Mention the name and date of birth at the back of the photo. 2.Photographs should not be more than three month s old, scanned/stapled and should not be used in any of the previous visas.  Covering Letter from applicant on business letter

Entry Type

Double Entry 6 months

Visa Fee

Rs 4000

Visa Fee

Rs 300

head stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of the visit and duly signed by authorised signatory with company stamp and addressed to– The Visa Officer, The Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi b) If applying from Kolkata: The letter should be addressed to “Royal Thai Consulate-General, Kolkata”  Ticket: Confirmed Air Ticket  Hotel Booking: Hotel Confirmation  For First Time Traveller: The following documents apart from the above mentioned documents are to be submitted a) Bank Statement / Credit Card Statement for the last 3 months

Rs 2000

Rs 300

ndian Nationals do not re uire a visa for a stay period of up to 14 days for tourism purpose.

Information at your

fingertips Canada Visa

Remarks For Applicants applying from Delhi/ Chandigarh-Demand draft drawn in the name of “Royal Thai Embassy” Payable at New Delhi.

Paper Trail: Processing time: 7-10 working days

If applying from Kolkata: Visa fee is payable by Cash.

Single Entry 3 months


For Applicants applying from Delhi/ Chandigarh- Demand draft drawn in the name of “Royal Thai Embassy” Payable at New Delhi. If applying from Kolkata: Visa fee is payable by Cash.

Entry Type

Visa Fee

Visa Fee


Charge Location

Multiple Entry

Rs 7350

Rs 733


Single Entry

Rs 3675

Rs 733

Demand Draft in the name of “Canadian High Commission” Demand Draft in the name of “Canadian High Commission”


 Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum six months and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp. Attach all your old passports (if any)  Canada Visa Application Form: To be filled online by the applicant. Forms should be filled individually by each applicant. When submitting the application form, be sure to include the last page that will contain your data in barcodes.  Photo Specification: Same as mentioned above  Covering-Letter: Covering Letter from applicant on business letter head stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit duly signed by authorized signatory and addressed to – The Visa Officer, Canadian High Commission, New Delhi  Ticket: Confirmed Air Ticket  Hotel Booking: Hotel Confirmation / Tour Itinerary

 Financials a) Company’s and Personal ITR for 3 yrs. b) Six months salary slip. c) Company and Personal Bank Statement for last six months d) Credit Card copy/Foreign Exchange endorsement/Traveller’s Cheque e) Fixed Deposits / Property Papers Note: To ensure timely processing, include a one page summary of your financial information.  Occupational Viability Self-Employed a) Company Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation. b) Brief Company Profile. c) Articles of Memorandum (In case the applicant is MD/ Director). d) Proof of Proprietorship / Partnership (In case applicant is Proprietor/Partner in a firm). e) Proof of ownership Employed e) Proof of employment like Salary Slip or Appointment Letter / NOC from Employee. Student f) Leave Sanction Letter from school -ITR / Bank Statement and NOC letter by parents.

There was a time (c. 1870-1914) when one could travel in much of Europe without even a passport, though guidebooks strongly recommended them as proof of identity was often needed when exchanging money.

DID YOU KNOW? Indians travelling more to Foreign destinations

 India has emerged as an important source market for the world. An important indicator of the increasing willingness of Indians to travel is the increase in passport applications.

As per the statistics released by the Ministry of External Affairs, in 2011, 37 passport offices, headquarters, and the office of the chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, issued 58.69 lakh passports and rendered 4.68 lakh passports-related miscellaneous services


No. of passports Issued (In lakhs) Percent increase over the previous period











HOME AWAY FROM HOME  The concept of home cars is fairly new in India but the main benefit of having a home car is the freedom and facilities it offers.You can literally pack up and go on a holiday whenever you get the urge, eat when you want, take your pets with you, pack as much as you want, enjoy the view and chill.

Paracoat Products (PCP) launches PCP Terra, a caravan that can be customised to your exact taste - the number of berths, appliances and decoration. The level of comfort is restrained only by your imagination. The PCP Terra is suitable for family or a group journey of seven people (including the driver). It has luxurious interior design, and the living/meeting area can be adjusted to a bed room with capacity of five people. It is fitted with all required facilities like Air Conditioner, Heater, Refrigerator, Microwave,Wash room, Shower, shelves (shoes, jackets, night wear, special design drawers for kitchen utensils, Stereo and Multimedia System (TV, Radio, DVD player, mp3 player). It has a display to monitor the level of fresh water and wastewater as well. THE PCP TERRA WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE AT SELECT TRAVEL AGENTS FOR RENTALS IN THE COMING YEAR. The price for PCP Terra will be between 31 and 37 Lacs (depending on the customization requirements of the customer)

Jan- Dec 2011

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World Weather



∗ ∗



IN 1952 ON A




Weatherlore! Tree crickets are called the poor ma n s thermometer because temperature directly affects their rate of activity. Count the number of chirps a cricket makes in 1 seconds, then add 3 . The sum will be very close to the outside temperature!

August Average Low High

Athens, Greece





Beijing, China





Berlin, Germany





Brussels, Belgium









Cairo, Egypt





Cancun, Mexico





Buenos Aires, Argentina


July Average Low High

Calgary, Canada





Chiang Mai, Thailand





Hamburg, Germany





Lima, Peru





London, United Kingdom





Los Angeles, California, US





Manila, Philippines





New York, US





Montreal, Canada





Moscow, Russia





Nice, France





Paris, France





Prague, Czech Republic





Sao Paulo, Brazil





Sydney, Australia





Tokyo, Japan





Warsaw, Poland





Vancouver, Canada






Weather Moods Researchers collaborated to identify if particular groups of individuals are more vulnerable to weather related moods. The team discovered unique things about the classification of Summer Lovers, Summer Haters and Rain Haters, as they termed them. “Interestingly, Summer Haters were more prevalent than Summer Lovers,” said the team. “They were less happy and more fearful and angry when the temperature and the percentage of sunshine were higher. With more hours of precipitation they tended to be happier and less fearful and angry.” Although the weather does not seem to matter for many of us, there are people who are in high spirits when the sun shines whereas others seem happier when it rains.

Did you know that the Toronto CN Tower is hit by lightning 40-50 times a year?

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currency The smallest denomination coin ever issued in the S was the half cent which was minted from 1 3 through 1 .

How "buck" became slang for US dollar? The term originated from the Old West when buckskin was a common medium of exchange with Indians. Later as currency replaced the barter system, people still refer to a dollar as a buck (short for buckskin). As on 25th June 2012

WO R L D E X C H A N G E R AT E S There are only currencies in the


world that have a uni ue symbol to

Converted Amount (Units/INR)


Converted Amount (Units/INR)

represent them.

US Dollar


Mexican Peso (MXN)


These are S ollar,

United Kingdom Pound (GBP)


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)


and ndian upee

Euro (EUR)


Norwegian Kroner (NOK)


(latest addition).

Australian Dollar (AUD)


Philippine Peso (PHP)


pound sterling has

Brazilian Real (BRL)


Russian Rouble (RUB)


its symbol printed

Canadian Dollar (CAD)


Saudi Riyal (SAR)

15.36260 45.16240

en, ound, uro

f these only the

on the notes.

Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)


Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Danish Krone (DKK)


South African Rand (ZAR)


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


Swedish Krona (SEK)


Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)


Swiss Franc (CHF)

Japanese Yen (JPY)


Thai Baht (THB)

Korean Won (KRW)


Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)


60.32190 1.84570

Turkish New Lira (TRY)


Ut. Arab Emir. Dirham (AED)


Calvin Coolidge was the ďŹ rst and only United States President to have his portrait appear on a coin minted while he was living.


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