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n each year, India produces roughly 63.5 million tonne of fruits and 125.89 million tonne of vegetables. India is also the largest producer of milk (105 million metric tons per year). The perishable products transaction volume is estimated to be around 230 million metric tonne at present.

establishment of new ventures via private and government partnerships.

Role of NCCD

In addition, Indian pharmaceutical exports have been set at $25 billion by 2014. For the period ending March 31, 2013, exports were projected to grow by 25 per cent to around `75,000 crore.

According to Pawanexh Kohli, Chief Advisor, NCCD, the National Centre under its agenda of inclusivity has held various interactions with stakeholders from inception, for inputs to develop its roadmap to targeted segments and to receive recommendations to ease the roadblocks. These stakeholder interactions are followed up for directed interventions by the government. “Our notable achievement is that NCCD has already redressed some concerns by project implementers by providing ready response to interpretations of subsidy guidelines. NCCD has brought about an improved understanding in allied sectors on the opportunity and remedial options in this sector,” he informed.

Ironically, the fundamental requirement to utilise the opportunities and achieve the target is grossly missing. The cold chain is yet to be developed across the country through a focused and integrated manner. According to some recent studies pertaining to the requirement of cold chain, the total value of the cold chain industry would be as high as USD 3 billion and it would grow at 20-25 per cent a year. The total value is expected to reach USD 8 billion by 2015 through increased investments, modernisation of existing facilities, and

In another initiative, NCCD has opened participation to a wider base of stakeholders by including educational and research institutions, farmer producer organisations, self-help groups, student groups and other allied industry sectors. “We are surprised that some industry stakeholders who habitually profess interest in supporting cold-chain development have not walkedthe-talk by partaking in NCCD. The industry at large must realise that the government is a facilitator to support the ground action that they hope to fulfill. NCCD was formed to

Although India has the potential to become one of the world’s major food suppliers, the country’s inefficient cold chain network results in spoilage of almost 40 per cent of its total agricultural production.

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Pawanexh Kohli Chief Advisor, NCCD

RG Panicker CEO, CSC India

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