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Permanent Residence in Canada

IImmigration to Canada

Canada is a land with natural beauty as it holds endless opportunities for immigrants. The country also is known as a tourist spot due to its geographical diversity and a number of national parks. The stable economic structure, higher education, high standard of living and lucrative job options are the things that attract immigrants to the country. As far as education is concerned, the Canadian university has the same status as the American university. Canada has multicultural culture and one fifth of population lives overseas. This is very helpful for personal and professional development. The permanent residents have the right to stay, job opportunity and pursue further studies in the country.

Some advantages that the country offers to the PR in Canada are easy access to health care, social security assistance and an ability to file petition for citizenship of the country. Canada is the place where most people would like to immigrate due to some reasons mentioned above. The rules for immigration to Canada are not that tough.

You can apply for permanent residence in the following conditions:    

Have permanent resident status If you are in Canada If the Canadian Government does not ask you to leave the country If you are not a Canadian citizen

A permanent resident is a status given to the immigrants of the country who are not a Canadian citizen. A person who is looking for a temporary opportunity cannot become a permanent resident. However, if you are a Canadian citizen, you don’t need to have a PR card. If you are a permanent resident and become a citizen then you should return your PR card at the citizenship ceremony.

Canada immigration and nationality has developed systematic immigration criteria for employing the economic section of immigrants like workers and trade class immigrants to Canada. The country assumes dual nationality and you may retain nationality of the country. There are two rules for immigration –provisional entry and Permanent residency. Under the provisional entry, people can apply for tourist visa, student visa and work permit visa. You may apply in addition for visa when you are in Canada. There are many types of immigration visa that can enable you to get Permanent Residency in Canada. For applying for immigration to Canada, the candidate should request, for approved immigration application form.

The submission of an application form is significant as the Canada Immigration authority that determines who is qualified for Permanent residence. Most immigration consultants guide you in the whole procedure of immigration. After assessing visa, you are accepted as a permanent resident of Canada by filling an online free assessment form. Permanent Residency of Canada is one of the prized possessions of qualified people across the world. The Canadian government needs trained and highly competent migrants to improve productivity of the economy. The authorities of the country have launched innovative skills in the form of FSTP and federal skills migrants.

The FSTP program offers PR for Skilled workers and this requires linguistic skills, financial requirements, etc. The migrants may obtain either endorsement from accreditation agency or get employment offers. The FSW (Federal Skills Migration Scheme) has opened opportunity for 24 professions for permanent residency. Canadian government processes their requirement at earliest and delivers judgement within 18 months. All the aspiring applicants can place requests at a fast pace. The biggest advantage of this innovative program is that it excludes a requirement for permanent employment from the state based employers.

Some other schemes for PR in Canada for skilled workers include Quebec Skills Migration Scheme and sponsorship schemes. The Quebec migration scheme needs sponsorship endorsement for entry permits. It makes the processing time for applications faster. The Canadian government plans and includes EOI system in the Skilled Immigration Scheme. Resource:

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Permanent Residence in Canada  
Permanent Residence in Canada  

Canada is one of the popular immigration destinations that are offering the Permanent residency status. The express entry is the new migrati...