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Official Newsletter of Region 2/CNH

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Volume 1 Issue 3

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OTC OTC is coming up soon! By the way OTC stands for officer training conference. What OTC is about is basically training officers in preparation for what they have do for the upcoming year. AND people who are interested of becoming an officer are invited to so come on down and join us. There will be workshops possibly by Kiwanians, previous officers, present officers, , and many more!

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It’ll be just for you guys, Key Clubbers of Divisions 21, 37S, and 37N. Me. Food. Key Clubbers. Training. Conference. What else do you need? Nottthing! So go to Officer Training Conference to get you ready for Regional Training Conference (RTC.) RTC will be somewhat the same, except on a much larger scale, so be sure to experience both. Hope to see you all there.

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Fundraising! Wow, there are so many events coming up! DCON, Fall Rally, PTP! How’s a Key Clubber supposed to afford all this? Well, maybe you won’t have to... Instead of selling your kidney’s to that random guy on the street corner, how about organizing a fundraiser through your Key Club? There are so many ideas for fundraising out there that there’s bound to be something for you. From simple car washes to intense people auctions, you can make fundraising both, a fun and profitable experience for all. This year, about twenty Division 21 people attended DCON. Although that may sound like a lot, there were other divisions with over one hundred attendees. Our goal is to get as many Division 21 members to experience the thrills of DCON and all the major events for the lowest price possible. The only way we can accomplish this, is through fundraising.




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KEY CLUB Region 2/CNH Newsletter

Divisional Newsletters

Finally! The end of the school year is here! It’s time to catch up on those very important necessities: sleep, food, and tan lines! So what do the D21 Hippos have in mind? How about a bonfire at N Jetty Shores in Mission Bay?! With beach volleyball, endless amounts of food, and of course, all the members of D21 coming together, the night is sure to be a memorable one. The fun starts at 5:30 p.m. and is due to last until 9:30 p.m. After a DCM, the banquet, filled with food, fun, and entertainment,

will commence. Winners of the D21 Hippo Drawing Contest will be awarded, and all previous and present officers will be gratified for their service to the community and Key Club. And to top that off, your LTG Alex Pham has agreed to provide entertainment through dancing! Don’t forget your cameras for this historic event! D21 is about to blast off, so don’t miss out on a great night!

D 21

For officers who are brand new to Key Club or taking on a first time leadership role, don’t worry. June 27 there will be an Officer Training Conference (OTC) which will train and describe the basic duties for each officers. However, it will also be a great time for officers to mingle as groups will be separated. Officers Training Conference will most likely be after my June DCM. This training is really important as officers learn personally from past officers. Guajome Park Academy will be hosting this event. For this training bring binders because workshops will also introduce officers to the possibility of applying for Distinguished Officer awards next year. Food and drinks will be supplied, and after the training, I’ll be having a Ice Cream Social which old or new officers can partake in. Its not mandatory, but I highly recommend it.

D37 North


Divisional Newsletters Part Two

Divisional Project: “Be the Change” This year I am about to instill our first ever divisional project! For those who are unaware, malaria is a disease that is plaguing Africa. These parasites thrive in the swampy humid conditions of Uganda as well as other African cities and they kill over 1 million individuals each year, including a million young children. The “Be the Change” program works to raise money to build schools as well as send mosquito nets to Uganda. This is where we queue in the Red Bulls. Mosquito nets cost 10 dollars to make and each net saves THREE LIVES. The nets will protect sleeping inhabitants from being bitten by mosquitoes. Sounds simple, right? As a division, we are going to participate in this campaign to SAVE LIVES! Each school will be trying to raise as much money as possible. Remember that the more money you raise the more divisional points you receive your school (2 pt/dollar rose in service) so don’t waste this opportunity. Also, I will either have a separate prize for the club who raises the most money OR what I will do is give the ENTIRE division a separate prize if we reach and go beyond the goal I’ve set for this Division. I hope that we raise over 3,000 DOLLARS for this cause; just think, that would save 300 lives. 300 lives can be saved by us. Think is over. It’s pretty amazing, and we can totally do it.


After months of talking about it, after weeks of anticipation it is ACTUALLY HERE. Come one and all to our D37S SUMMER BANQUET this June 13th at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. This event will start with my June DCM which starts at 4:30 PM, and will be followed by all the bonfire festivities! Food, drinks, games and smore making materials will all be provided so be sure you bring yourself and all your friends. This is an event that you really don’t want to miss, especially if you’re a 08- 09 officer. As we are all aware our division is outstanding in so many ways, and this banquet’s main purpose is to award all you amazing officers out there who have served our division so diligently and with such great leadership and service. However, don’t think that this is an officer-only event. Members, if you don’t already know you are the soul and the foundation of every Key Club out there. So naturally there will also be awards given to those who have shown true dedication and service in this club as a member, so be sure to come! Also, as I already mentioned at my May DCM, be sure you guys are all working hard to find us Key Club related pictures. At the banquet there will be aslide show playing and we would like to include as many pictures as possible from all of your

D 37 SOUth

different events. The more pictures you send us the more spotlight your club will get so don’t be afraid to show off what you guys have been doing all year, you all deserve it. WHO: D37S RED BULLS and anyone who wants to have a great time WHAT: D37S SUMMER BANQUET WHEN: June 13th. 4:30 PM DCM WHERE: Moonlight Beach Encinitas Take I-5 to Encinitas Boulevard and go west. Encinitas Boulevard turns into “B” Street, where the beach is located, after crossing Highway 101. Street. Those with time on their hands can take the Amtrak “Coaster” train up the coast to Encinitas. The station is about five blocks from the beach.