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greetings! I hope everyone had a wonderful time at DCON with memories that will last a lifetime. This past year, the executive and district officers have dedicated themselves to serving you, the members. We hope we have been exceptional leaders and exemplary members. With the retirement of the 2009-2010 District Board of Trustees, CNH welcomes a whole new generation of leadership. I hope that the 20102011 year brings as many successes or even more accomplishments and contributions as the 20092010 year did. With the official closing of the year, all we can do now is look back on all the wonderful service we have completed and all the good times we have shared with our fellow Key Club members. The District Board hopes that this final publication, the Official CNH District Yearbook, will serve as your way to celebrate the amazing past year. Enjoy! I’ve said this many times, but only because I truly mean it - thank you for all your hard work last year, CNH. You deserve the best and we hope that this yearbook full of your work is the best. It has truly been an honor serving as your District Governor and I will miss it dearly. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful district and I hope that we were able to serve you well. Still buzzin’ with service, Jesse Truong Immediate Past District Governor California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Key Club International

2009-2010 EXECUTIVES

D. GOVERNOR Jesse Truong

D. SECRETARY Willy Hoang

D. TREASURER Jeremy Truong

D. TECH EDITOR Hillary Yuan

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SHOUTOUTS D28N LTG: Kameron Vanwoerkom Hey CNH! Thank you for being so incredible this year. From battling it out against the SD divisions at Fall Rally and at DCON Caucusing, to representing my divisions at Board meetings, to being part of another hugely successful year in CNH, I know that being LTG in 2009-2010 changed my life significantly. All 40,000 of you are awesome, next year let's try to show 40,000 more people how awesome Key Club in CNH is! Of course, that probably isn't realistic, but we all know that part of what makes Key Club so fun is the company of all our friends. Division 28 North - I love you Phoenixes! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you this year. Division 28 West - thank you for taking me in as your LTG for the past few months. I have had a blast with you guys. To both Division 28 North and 28 West - LTG Tristaniel and LTG Yuna will take you far this year. Take good care of them because they are very deserving leaders. Battle it out for all you're worth at Fall Rally, and may the best Division win - which is Division 28 North, after all ;]

D41S LTG: Dulcie Chou Hey CNH Bees! Thank you everyone for such an amazing year! We have accomplished so much as a district and have brought CNH to new heights and we couldn't have done it without each and one of you! To the WasaBEES: I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to meet all of you. I'm going to miss you guys! Our memories will never be replaced. To my amazing lions: It has been such an honor to be your 20092010 Lieutenant Governor. Thank you for all your hard work and I am so proud of all of you! Once a lion, Always a lion! DB0910 and D41S <333

D02 LTG: Christina Tran Goodbye2009-10KeyClubyear! I'm going to miss you, but I'm glad you're done. This shoutout goes to everyone who stood by me this year. Thank you Christopher Phung for putting up with my whining and complaints and being patient with me when I was freaking out over little things. Thank you Devin Wang and Christian Layoso, Region 9 was stupid but I'm glad I got to work with you two, thanks for pulling me through this year. Thank you Doug and Cindy for being the coolest advisors in forever. Thank you Home Club for allowing me to be crazy all the time and still loving me. Thank you Division 2 for giving me this opportunity by electing me and for always being behind me. And of course, thank you WASABEES and CNH and all the Admin for just being who you are. Good luck to you Gloria in the new year! Goodbye highschool. Hello College&Circle K?

D44N LTG: Nivi Balu Out of my past four years in Key Club, serving as Lieutenant Governor of the D44North NINJAS has been the most rewarding. Not only did I improve my leadership skills, but I also had the chance to meet people who are just as driven and passionate as I am about Key Club. WasaBEES, when I began my term, little did I know that I would meet many others within California, Nevada and Hawaii who would grow to become my second family outside my home. I loved every minute with you guys, and I will keep our memories forever. Kathy Hong, my young grasshopper, good luck with the upcoming year! I know you and the rest of the ninjas will make me proud. <3

D07S LTG: Ryan Chang Division 7 South Monsters- Thanks for working so hard fresh out of realignment. Your dedication, spirit, and hard work paid off and earned you the Divisional Excellence Award this year. WasaBEES - Thanks for always being there to keep me entertained at board meetings. I will never forget any of you. Franklin High School - Keep on piling in those awards; I swear you guys will always get the most. CNH Key Clubbers Never be afraid to try something new. Be brave and strive to be the person you wish to be .

SHOUTOUTS D04E LTG: Polly Huang Division 4 East: Thank you for an incredible year full of service, spirit, friendships, and memories. Your passion, love, and dedication to Key Club is what I love most about this organization. You guys have surpassed my expectations and I couldn't have asked for more. I am so lucky to be a part of the MIGHTY GOLDFISHIE division! Always know that I am still here if you guys ever need help or advice - whether it be on Key Club or not :). 4E_ast 4E_ver <3 Erinn Wong: Congratulations on becoming lieutenant governor for 2010-2011! I know without a doubt that you will be an amazing one and will lead our division to even greater heights. I am so happy to leave the division in your hands because you are one of the most capable leaders I know. Good luck next year and don't ever hesitate to ask me for help! <3 Dean Shu: I don't know what I would have done without you. You have been an AMAZING executive assistant this year - scratch that... You were perfect this year. I was amazed with you right from the start (when you turned in your EA application). I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished this year and I am even more excited for your term as Beckman Key Club's 2010-2011 President! You are the perfect one for the position and I know that you will go above and BEEyond! Congratulations <3 WasaBEEs: I don't even know how to begin to tell each and every one of you what a great year it has been. You guys made being on district board all the more fun and I am so grateful to have been a part of the awesome 2009-2010 district board! Thank you for all of the friendships and memories - I know that this is not the end. We will be having a reunion sometime over the summer :). I refuse to say goodbye!

D30N LTG: Areeba Syed Shout-out to ALL of my wasabees, especially REGION THREE (yeayuh), thanks for making me feel like I fit in with all of you, even though I came a little late :) You guys are amazing! Sorry this is so short (that's what he said) and kinda cheesy. Love you guys!

D18 LTG: Sumeet Aujla D18 Dancing Cows, thank you for all of your hard work this year! You have done an amazing job and I am proud to have served as your Lt. Governor. Good luck next year and keep "dancing your way to service!" Special thank you to Mr. Noah Lawson, R11 Advisor, and Isaias Iniguez, for always being so supportive and for reuniting our region after so many years!

D04N LTG: Khanh Duong Region 3 Ohana: We are the BIGGEST region in CNH and I know that we will continue to strive for success. To my wasabees, I am going to miss each and every one of you. We will always be a family and I hope that we can continue to keep in touch. To the Key Clubbers of Cali-NevHa, always remember to take big risks and focus on your dreams because it just might come true. I know mine did :-) Lastly, to the division that I love â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Division 4 North. You guys are spirited, outgoing, fun, and most of all, you guys went a BUZZ and BEEyond to do service for your home, school, and community. From fundraising money for great causes to attending events such as DCON and Fall Rally, I am blessed to serve as your Lieutenant Governor for 2009-2010. We shattered so many records and I know that you will continue to make me proud. Once an otter, always an otter<3

D12E LTG: Jonathan Eng When we wiggle, the world shall jiggle.

SHOUTOUTS D47 LTG: Alan Prieto F I E R C E D47 T I G E R S. My heart will be with your fierceness always. Amy Zhou, Victoria Ramos and Amanda Sarkowsky, aside from being amazing presidents, thanks for your love and friendship. Southwest: BEST HUMOR! La Quinta: BEST D47 SPIRIT! Palm Springs: BEST ATTITUDE! Thanks to the amazing WasaBEES for an incredible year of friendship, stress, hard work, and improvement. I will miss you guys terribly and I you will always be kept in my heart. Thanks to Region 2 for letting me party in your PARTY VAN! R04 Party VAN+D47 :)!! Special mention to my RAs, Mr. and Mrs. Qualm for being very supportive and loving during my time of need. Another mention to Region 2 advisor Mr. Crawford for helping out my parents and me with transportation. And thank you to my parents, I LOVE YOU! Without your constant support, discipline, and love, I wouldn't have been able to be a FIERCE lieutenant governor.

D25E LTG: Kevin Nam Region 17!

D04W LTG: Breigh Dang Shout out to my red hot Division 4 West Dragons! You all are awesome and made this year unforgettable. Thank you for the memories, laughter, and new friendships! Wasabees - our District Board was amazing not only in service, but also in energy! Love you guys <3

D34N LTG: Jason Lee Holy moly guacamole! Has our term as DB members on the awesome wasaBEEs of 2009-2010 come to an end already? Because it was just like yesterday that I remember hoe nervous I was for my Conclave speech. But alas, it's no use dwelling on the past, as we've only go the present and future to look forward to. But with my time with all of you, I've had unforgettable memories that have shaped my past, but also, lifelong lessons and friends who will help shape my future. I'm sure everyone single one of us has gone through that emotional rollercoaster where all you want to do is make the ride stop so you don't have to deal with all of the madness and craziness for fulfilling the duties and going A BUZZ AND BEYOND. But going on those twists and turns, peaks and troughs wouldn't have been an easy task without the help and support of everyone on Board. It's the little things that accumulate to motivate you to make that extra step and work that much harder for your division and committee. We may have been the beacon to our respective divisions and committees, but I think that the true beacons that we should all appreciate and

D12W LTG: Victor Vo Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really not stoopid. I promise.

DCON Chair: Rachel Shanley Hello CNH BEES! I hope you all had a great time at District Convention 2010- "Service: A Buzz and Beeyond!". I would like to thank all of the wonderful DCON committee members and advisors for their hard work over the past year. Our long teleconferences and convention center meetings, many emails, and other work really paid off April 9th, when we got to see the smiling faces of thousands of Key Clubbers when they arrived at convention- the event we planned! I would also like to give a shout out to Division 12 West, and Region 17! This past year we, as Region 17, raised the most out of all the regions for PTP and had the biggest member increase! I hope to see the amount of new members and money for PTP keep rising in the coming years, and good luck to the 2010-2011 DCON committee and chair; you guys are going to do amazing!

The second annual CNH District Yearbook is brought to you by 09-10 Governor Jesse Truong, 09-10 Technology Editor Hillary Yuan, 09-10 Member Relations Chair Ben Chon, 09-10 District Convention Chair Rachel Shanley, and the 09-10 CNH District Board. Special thanks to Lauren Salinas for creating the cover page.

CNH Yearbook 2009-10  
CNH Yearbook 2009-10  

Behold, the CNH Yearbook created by the District Board of 2009-10.