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CNH|KEY CLUB Volume 1 | Issue 8

February 2010

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The Official

CNH District Newsletter Front cover: Your district board hard taking a break during Winter Board at the haunted Santa Maria Inn. Can you spot your LTG/Exec/ Committee chairs?

OPENING The Official CNH District Newsletter Compiled by the 2009-2010 CNH District Board

January 2010 | Volume 1 | Issue 7

LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Hello CNH! On behalf of the District Board of Trustees, we hope you have had a great start for 2010 with plenty of service. As the Key Club year is beginning to transition, we look forward to welcoming new leaders and members! We encourage all of you to apply for recognition for all the hard work that you have put in this past year! Please take a look into the second district newsletter of the year for a lot of helpful information for officers and members alike. Inside you will find information on elections, leadership opportunities, scholarships, resources and tools, recognition, DCON updates, and much more. Take a look through it to learn a lot more about what is happening in CNH. We hope this resource is helpful to you. If you have any tips, comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns please feel free to contact a district representative depending on the situation. We are here to serve you! Remember to continue serving your communities, working hard for your clubs, getting new members, sending in articles and other work, and making us proud.

Buzzin’ with CNH spirit, Your 2009-2010 Executive Board Governor Jesse Truong Secretary Willy Hoang Treasurer Jeremy Truong Technology Editor Hillary Yuan


40,000 MEMBERS $75,000forPTP 750,000 SERVICE HOURS

IN THIS ISSUE Introduction Letter from the Editors ..................2 District Updates .............................2 News for Club Officers Presidents and Vice-Presidents...3 Secretaries .....................................4 Treasurers........................................6 Editors .............................................7 District Committee Updates District Convention .......................7 District Projects ..............................9 Kiwanis Family & Foundation ....10 Policy Int’l and Elections ...........10 Member Recognition.................11 Member Relations ......................13 District Contact Information......14

DISTRICT UPDATES 1. Lt. Governor Candidate Training Conference literatures/presentations now on the CyberKey! 2. Register for Exec/International Candidate Training Conference by February 14! 3. Your executive team is excited to attend Hawaii Convention! 4. Conclave dates are on the CyberKey! 5. Start District Convention registration NOW. More info on CyberKey!

Please BEE green. Do not print this newsletter

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EXECUTIVE REPORT CNH Presidents and Vice Presidents Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Governor Jesse Truong

Hello Presidents and Vice Presidents! This is your District Governor here. On the district level we have been working hard to finish our terms. I only hope that I have been able to serve you well so far and that I can continue to work hard for the best district in Key Club International. I have to admit that one thing I do miss as District Governor is all the time I used to have to do community service. Although I still do as much service as I can, I haven’t been able to do as much service as I used to since I’ve been traveling a lot. Therefore, I hope you’re enjoying the joys and value of the service I miss so much. Please try to help us reach our goal of 750,000 hours served for the CNH District.

dutiesCHECKUPlist •

I hope you are all as excited for District Convention as I am! If you ever need help please feel free to contact me or ask a question on the Presidents’ and Vice Presidents’ reflector. Buzzin’ while it lasts, Jesse Truong District Governor

resources Want more ideas? Have a great idea of your own? Join and use the CNH Presidents and Vice Presidents Reflector at to communicate with all the other presidents and vice presidents in California, Nevada, and Hawaii

The ultimate resource for presidents and vice presidents. Download the official CNH Presidents’ & Vice Presidents’ Manual available now at under “Officers” and “Presidents and Vice Presidents”

Jesse Truong, District Governor

KIWANIS relations

Submit supplementary dues! It is never too late to be a member of Key Club! Let your school know that members can still join. Collect their dues and submit them the same way you would submit your initial dues. Increase membership and let more people enjoy the joys of being a Key Club member. Hold club elections! Offer up your position for next year. After you choose your board for next year please report it on the Club Election Report that can be found on the CNH CyberKey. Read January’s Issue of the District Newsletter for more information. Prepare your club for District Convention! Fundraise, ask for sponsorship, get clearance from your school, find your chaperones, register online, apply for internships, and more! There are a lot of tasks to complete to get ready for DCON so start NOW! For more information visit the District Convention Committee Report later in this newsletter. Attend your Conclave! Elect your 2010-2011 Lt. Governor. Talk to your current Lt. Governor about when and where Conclave will be held and bring representatives from your club to voice your opinion of who should be Lt. Governor next year.

OFFICER awards Start your submissions now! The March 5 deadline to get recognized as an Outstanding or Distinguished Officer is coming up. Here are some last minute tips: Review the guidelines. Visit the CNH CyberKey, hover over “Recognition”, hover over “Guidelines”, and click “Officer”. Decide what you are going to submit either Outstanding or Distinguished, and which format. Ask for recommendation letters early so that you give your writers time to write. Ask questions early by emailing our Member Recognition Chair at Submit before March 5 and attend DCON to retrieve your award! Please also try to encourage your other board members to apply for their respective awards.

As President or Vice President, here are 5 ways to get involved with your Kiwanis Family: 1. Attend your sponsoring Kiwanis club meetings or your Kiwanis Family meetings or invite your Kiwanis Family members to your meetings. 2. Submit an application for your advisor to get recognized as a Jack Luther Hall of Fame Advisor! 3. Offer to hold a Kiwanis Takeover where your club holds and leads a Kiwanis meeting faor them. 4. Make cards, write updates, or send letters of appreciation for your Kiwanis sponsors 5. Hold a small service project that your local Builders Club or K-Kids can participate in. Get involved with Kiwanis One Day!

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The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

EXECUTIVE REPORT CNH Secretaries Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Secretary Willy Hoang

Hello CNH Secretaries!


Another month has flown by. As of now, we only have two full months to go. Can you believe it already has been ten months since we started this term? Regardless, with two more months ahead you still have some work to do. Make sure that you begin planning and fundraising for District Convention. Make sure that your club has delegates attending your Divisional Conclave to elect the next Lieutenant Governor. And make sure that you continue completing all of your work (meaning your sign-in sheets, service record, minutes, and more)!

It’s election time! Now that the year is wrapping up, your club will be undergoing elections soon. It is highly encouraged that you hold your elections this month or next (February or March) so that you can train the newly elected officers. Also, they can then continue their training at District Convention. Keep in mind that only official (paid) members are allowed to vote or even run for office.

Currently you have a total of three reports to complete: (A) Election Report, (B) Annual Achievement Report, and (C) Monthly Report (as always). Luckily, all three can be found in your handy-dandy excel file/MRF! Read more about these reports on the next column.

After your elections, fill out the Election Report tab on your Club MRF as soon as possible. Once it is completed, submit it promptly to the current and the incoming Lieutenant Governor. This report is vital in assisting the Lieutenant Governor elect compile his/her own Divisional Directory.

To Regions 5 and 18, I look forward to seeing you later on this month! And to those attending Executive Candidate Training Conference, I’m excited to see you as well!

online election REPORT

Thank you for everything you have done for Key Club so far. Continue serving strong and know that all of your hard work will pay off at District Convention! Willy Hoang CNH District Secretary Key Club International


Secretaries Reflector Here’s the link once again just in case some of you haven’t joined yet. Join for easy access to files and updates. Also, if you have questions, post them!

Secretary’s Manual Secretary_Manual_2009-10.pdf If you haven’t looked at it yet, click on the link! I finished compiling this last month and I included as much information as possible to help you with your duties. Check it out for information on your MRF, taking minutes, recording service hours, and more.

In addition, there is one final step you must complete in regards to your club elections. As of February 1st, 2010, the electronic 2010-2011 Club Officer Directory can be found online on the CNH Cyber Key. All you have to do is simply input the information on the form and you’re done!

SUMMARY of tasks • • • • • •

Election Report Online Election Report Annual Achievement Report Final Monthly Reports Apply for Recognition (Distinguished/Outstanding) Basic Duties (Minutes/Service Record/etc.)

monthly REPORTS Just a tiny reminder, don’t forget to turn in your final two Monthly Report forms. Only February and March left to go! Make sure to submit your files to your Lieutenant Governor ONTIME to stay in the running for District Tree.

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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CNH Secretaries continued onlineelection REPORT

After promoting the recognition opportunities for club secretaries all year long, the time has come for you to apply! The deadline is quickly approaching; only a little more than one month left to go! If you are planning on applying for any level of recognition, I suggest you start now.

Deadline: March 5, 2010 (Received By) *NOT Postmark. Do NOT plan on mailing your materials the day of. Received by means that your materials must be in by March 5. What to do for Outstanding? 1. Immediately, look through the Outstanding Officer Checklist to make sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements. Remember, if you do not meet at least one of the requirements, you will not be eligible for the recognition. 2. Verify your completion of ALL the required tasks with the appropriate initials. Remember to have at least two people to do this (one person cannot verify everything for you). What to do for Distinguished? 1. Complete the tasks listed above! 2. Have Nomination Form Completed and prepare supporting documentation. 3. Compile your portfolio. Remember there are three methods to do this • Printed Form: Print final submission (must be bound). If you are using a binder, remember you cannot use a binder larger than 1”.CD Form: Save your final submission onto a CD. • E-mail: E-mail final submission. Make sure to use the proper subject line and file name. 4. Submit to either the CNH District Office (Print or CD) or to the CNH Contests Archive (Email). What to Include in Your Portfolio? 1. Cover Page with Name, Contest Name, Home Club/Division/ Region, and picture (optional). 2. Nomination Form 3. Supporting Documentation • Use Dividers that contain the section title and a reflective statement. • Letter of Recommendation (3 pages max) • Outstanding Officer Checklist (1 page max) • Club Directory (5 pages max) • MRF – at least one per quarter (10 pages max) • Minutes – at least one per quarter (10 pages max) • Communication (5 pages max) • Miscellaneous (5 pages max) *Again, your portfolio should only include your BEST work throughout the year that will meet the contest guidelines. Remember that these steps are extremely condensed. Please read over the contest guidelines carefully in addition to what you have just read. The contest guidelines can be found on If you have any questions regarding the recognition, feel free to contact me ( or Member Recognition Chair Antoinette Dickerson (

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2010-2011district SECRETARY Honestly, I can still remember vividly freaking out about caucusing at last year’s District Convention. I can’t believe that someone in our District will be doing the same in the next few months! As I said before, the year is wrapping up and that means new officers need to be elected. Sunny Kim, Mandy Wong, Jenelle Yee, and Willy Hoang (me!) Think you’re qualified to be the next on this list? If so, I strongly suggest that you attend the Executive Candidate Training Conference that will be held on February 27, 2010 at the District Office! Attendance is not mandatory but it can definitely help you. To attend, make sure to register! % 20Registration%20Form%202010.pdf Need more details? Visit the CNH Cyberkey, contact your Lieutenant Governor, or simply ask me! And if not, make sure to publicize this opportunity to the members of your club! Remember, any official dues-paid member is able to run for an executive or even international office.

annual achievement REPORT If you took a look at the Monthly Report Form Manual I compiled at the beginning of the year, this will sound familiar. If not, I encourage you to visit the manual and at least check out the Annual Achievement Report section! The annual achievement report is a summation of all that your club has done throughout the entire Key Club year. All of the information on this tab is gathered and auto-linked from the other tabs and reports in the file. This means you don’t have to worry about typing anything in (with the exception of three tasks that are described below).

Before you submit the Annual Achievement Report, there are three tasks for you to complete: 1. 2. 3.

Under “Club Reports” answer the prompt that asks whether your Monthly Reports were completed and submitted on time. Under “Leadership Training and Development” fill in the percentage of members who have served a leadership position in the club. In the following tab title “Project List”, sort the events so that the projects with the highest service hours are on top.

Again, you can read more in detail about this process on the MRF Manual. Go take a look! Don’t forget to ensure that all of the monthly tabs are filled out as accurately as possible. Once you have completed all three tasks, simply submit your entire MRF excel file to your Lieutenant Governor.

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

EXECUTIVE REPORT CNH Treasurers Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Treasurer Jeremy Truong

preparing your CLUB for DCON DCON is only several months away! At this time, try to be aware about your club’s budget and how much your club can afford to pay for DCON registration costs in April. DCON will be at least $350 per member NOT including transportation and spending money! DCON costs should not be a burden for students. Keep in mind that as the treasurer, try to reduce as much DCON costs for your members as possible.

Tips on Distributing Attendees:




All funds raised as a whole should be equally distributed to DCON members. Funds from sponsors most definitely should be split equally to members. The only exception that funds are distributed in different amounts is if members individually fundraised for themselves.

Keep In Mind: Handling money is a very responsible duty! Always deal with money with the help of adult advisors. Record and distribute proper receipts. Process all collected money into one check before mailing to the District Office. Keep in mind of the March 5th DEADLINE. On-time Registrations must be received in the District Office BY March 5th. Only Registration money is due. Hotel money is due when you arrive at DCON and claim your reservations. Postmark snail mail early.

Budgeting for DCON: Keep in mind about the four main costs for DCON: Registration, Hotel, Transportation, and Spending Money. It is recommended that funds be used to alleviate registration, hotel, and transportation costs. However much money to be used should be determined and agreed by the board and advisor. Keep in mind that your budget should not be completely wiped out for this occasion. Leave appropriate funds for next year.

Last Minute Fundraising Ideas for DCON: •

Asking for Sponsorship: A good source for sponsorship should be from your sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Asking for sponsorship from any local business and club shall be done in a professional manner. Create an appropriate sponsorship letter outlining the significance of DCON and how it benefits student leaders. If a tax ID is required, acquire one from your Kiwanis Club or school. A topic will be posted in the CNH treasurer’s Reflector regarding a sponsorship letter template soon.

Carwashes: As springtime is approaching, planning carwashes may help your DCON costs. Professionally ask local business to borrow their parking lot during a designated time. Prepare a tent, car soap, sponges, hoses, hose splitters, posters, signs, and loads of towels. Make pre-sale tickets—some teachers and Kiwanians tend to support the cause even if they cannot attend the carwash.

Volunteer at a Local Feed: Offer a local organization a team of committed Key Club members to serve and help out at a local crab feed or tri-tip feed. Have an attractive tip box on every table. Remember to serve with etiquette and with a smile.

Holiday Grams: Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day is approaching. Sell anything from chocolate roses, real roses, and anything you can think of. Offer to deliver the special gram to their loved ones. During St. Patrick’s Day, sell green hats or pins.

going for DISTINGUISHED Be aware of the Guidelines! Locate the guidelines at: > Recognition tab > Officers > Club Treasurer Award. Important aspects that will be looked at will be your organization in Financial Records, Fundraisers, Communication with Key Club and your board, Kiwanis Relations. Being a treasurer, the use of charts and electronic record keeping should be implemented. It is recommended that you try submitting a collection of your best work in a CD. Binders are still accepted, but going green is what we push for. Refer to the many resources from Member Recognition Committee who elaborates more about how to prepare for your application. I hope all is well with all the busy, money-making treasurers. If you need anything, I am always here! In service and friendship, Jeremy Truong District Treasurer California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club International

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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EXECUTIVE REPORTCNH EDITORS Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Technology Editor Hillary Yuan



WRITE ABOUT CANDIDATES TRAINING CONFERENECE! Inspire Key Clubbers to take those leadership positions through your experience of learning the duties of Lieutenant Governor!


• •

Make sure you are updating your websites constantly! Judges will be checking them every once an while, so make sure they’re always up-to-date!

Quality over quantity. Although I like receiving many, I would prefer a few well-written stories over many quick accounts. Enhance. Using a more story-like way of expressing your experience and adding pictures is aesthetically pleasing visually. Use any medium. Want to send in a collage of pictures or a poem? You can do that as well!

Good luck on writing future articles!

• • •

Highlight all the most important things that you really need to get across Don’t use too many words – stick to essentials. Have a few pictures on each page to make it livelier. A picture says a thousand words! Always have a contact list at the end of your newsletter

REFLECTORS Add me! Send in questions that you have or newsletters that you want me to review!




Keep writing these amazing articles! •


Send it in to, not my tech editor email! Please try to submit before the deadline (15th) so you don’t have to scramble around and send in an apology!

COMMITTEE REPORT District Convention Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Convention Comittee

Hello California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Clubbers!


January has past us, meaning that there is only one month left to register on time for District Convention 2010. What else is due on March 5th other than on time convention registration? The Service Expo, Alternative Activities and Internship applications, of course! By now your club should know who is going to convention, and have those Key Club members fill out the necessary paperwork with their parents. Also, a good idea is to set a date (earlier than March 5th) that your club will have all the registration for convention done. Then you will have extra time to send the forms to the right places (if this is not done it may risk your ability of attending convention), without having to pay expensive one day shipping fees! Make sure your club speaks with your Kiwanis club early; to recruit advisors to attend convention with you as well. If you ask them soon enough, they may even be able to help you pay for convention! To find more information related to District Convention 2010, including, but not limited to, registration, service expo, internships and the alternative activities, go to> District Convention.

Interested about the future District Convention Committee articles?

See you in April, Rachel Shanley CNH District Convention Chair

Page 7

Coming in the future: March: • Overview of all registration forms • Information about non-registration forms, which include the Service Expo, Alternative Activities and Intern applications • Ribbons at District Convention • Pin Trading

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

CNH District Convention Committee continued

UPDATES This month the District Convention Committee will be featuring the following forms: The “Sergeant At Arms Form”, “Authorization to Attend and Medical Form”, and “Housing Form”. Each club must complete the “Sergeant At Arms Form” or SAA for short. This form states that each club must volunteer at least two Sergeants At Arms, but may volunteer more. If more members would like to be Sergeants At Arms, they can just fill out another SAA form and send the forms in the same envelope. Serving as Sergeant At Arms is an opportunity for Key Club members to become involved in an important position at the District Convention. This distinguished position requires reliable and responsible Key Clubbers. These Key Clubbers must attend the SAA meeting on Friday during workshop session one to receive their SAA duties and SAA ribbon. As a Sergeant At Arms you may be assigned to monitor doors, assist attendees with directions to rooms, enforce dress code, check for name badges and wristbands or monitor Please make sure to send the form to the address listed on the Sergeant At Arms form. This form is NOT sent to the District Office, but to the District Convention Chair. Advisors are also encouraged to volunteer to be a Sergeant At Arms. It is very important that there are both Key Clubbers and Advisors setting an example to the rest of the attendees at convention. All Key Clubbers attending District Convention must fill out the “Authorization to Attend and Medical Form”. With help from their parents, Key Clubbers must complete this form because it gives the Key Clubber permission to attend convention, and gives permission for the advisors to take medical action if any emergency occurs.


Are you really paying attention to the District Newsletters and District Website? Well, the first 5 Key Clubbers who send their correct answers to these 5 questions to will be awarded a special prize at DCON 2010! • • • • •

What is the theme of District Convention 2010? When will the condensed convention agenda be posted on the CyberKey? Where do you send your Sergeant At Arms registration form(s) to? Who fills out the Code of Conduct Form? Why are you looking forward to Convention?

IMPORTANT information All District Convention information including registration forms, other nonregistration forms and more information about Convention (including literature and videos) can be found on the CNH CyberKey (

Due dates: March 5th: On-time Registration ($155 per person [not including housing and travel]), Service Expo Application, Alternative Activities Volunteer form, Camera and Stage Intern Applications. March 26th: Late Registration ($195 per person [not including housing and travel]) Have any questions, comments or concerns? Contact DCON Chair, Rachel Shanley by emailing or calling (408) 679-9115. Or Does your advisor have questions about District Convention and want to talk to a Kiwanis Advisor in the District Convention Committee? Well, they can contact Rae Whitby-Brummer, the District Convention Committee lead advisor at

Key Clubbers and Advisors can register for housing using the “Housing Form”. This form must be submitted by March 5th, even if your club is turning in registration late. Please read over this form before filling it out. Remember that you should use one form per room request. This year, there are 8 different hotels, and they are all different prices ranging from $100 to $150 (not including tax) per night. Hotels are assigned by the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau based on date they receive housing form, so send these forms as soon as possible to increase your chance of being assigned to your first or second choice hotel.

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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COMMITTEE REPORT District Projects Page compiled by 2009-2010 District Projects Committee

HAITIRELIEF UNICEFAMBASSADOR Unfortunately, the UNICEF Ambassador Application will not be released until after Key Club International Convention 2010. According to our International Trustee Larmon Luo, the International Board is waiting until a new UNICEF focus is established to release the application. If you are still interested and are currently an underclassman, begin to collect information on why you deserve to be an ambassador for your application so that you are prepared once it is released. You could be chosen to represent CNH and Key Club International as one of the next UNICEF Ambassadors! Whoever thought that a stack of pancakes would benefit sick children in hospitals all over the country? On February 23, 2010 (Tuesday) from 7AM-10PM, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) will host its National Pancake Day. IHOP will give

IHOPnational its customers one free, short stack of their famous buttermilk pancakes. In return for the small pile of heaven, IHOP asks for a donation of equal or greater value to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), a Key Club Service Partner! From 2006-2009, IHOP raised over $3.25 Million for CMN, and they hope to raise at least $1.75 this year so they can "raise $5 Million in 5 Years!" Although it is not exactly service to make a monetary donation, this would be a great opportunity to have a home club, divisional, or even a regional social all while raising money for a great cause. This is a great chance to educate your members on Key Club International Service Partners while they are actively participating in a fundraiser! You could maybe have everyone go to an IHOP after school or after a club meeting. Then share a few facts about where and how their donations will be used. And don't forget to total how much your group donated and try to beat that number the next year. It could even be a competition between clubs in a division to see who can raise the most. It could become an annual tradition for your Key Club! It also lands on Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Which means, for some, that it would be the perfect day to binge before Lent season. But regardless of how you spend your National Pancake Day, just know that you are making a difference by donating to Children’s Miracle Network for a short stack of pancakes!

Two of our Key Club Service Partners have teamed up to raise funds for moms and babies suffering the after-effects of the earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on January 12, 2010. Christopher P. Howson, Ph. D., Vice-President of Global Programs for March of Dimes is asking friends from all over the world to make a donation to March of Dimes. With your donations, March of Dimes will provide UNICEF with a grant to aid Haiti’s troubled mothers and babies. You can make a donation to March of Dimes online at https:// or text the word “BABY” TO 20222 to automatically donate $5 to March of Dimes. Text Message donations must be made by February 15, 2010. The Kiwanis International Foundation will also provide UNICEF with a grant to assist in the Haiti Relief Effort. The Foundation has used donations to feed and administer medicine to malnourished children in the Philippines, provide new shoes for needy children in South Carolina, and perform life-saving heart surgery on children in Vietnam. The Kiwanis International Foundation now turns their attention to Haiti. You can fill out the Foundation’s secure donation form online at http:// UNICEF, an official Key Club International Service Partner and United Nations program, is working hard to find donations for the countless pieces of equipment needed to help Haiti victims. UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman says Haitian children, “face increased risks of malnutrition and disease, trafficking, sexual exploitation and serious emotional trauma. The race to provide them with life-saving emergency food and medicine, safe shelter, protection, and care is underway.” Schools, homes, and hospitals have collapsed leaving Haitians trapped under debris, injured, hungry, homesless, and thousands separated from their family. “Expert estimates suggest that 46 per cent of Haiti’s nearly 10 million people are under 18 years of age. The special needs of children for food, shelter and protection, must be factored in at the very outset of relief efforts and UNICEF will do everything in its power to make sure these needs are met,” says Veneman. In partnership with our Service Partners and the Kiwanis International Foundation, you can help those in Haiti too. Start a school fundraiser for Haiti; assemble care packages; make a donation towards UNICEF to purchase a Basic Family Water Kit or a School in a Box for the impoverished children of Haiti. Go to for more information. Lend a hand in rebuilding an entire country.

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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COMMITTEE REPORT Kiwanis Family & Foundation Page compiled by 2009-2010 Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee

Hello Key Clubbers! Hello Key Clubbers! I hope you all have started up the new year correctly and are doing much service with your Kiwanis Family. Remember to apply for the Foundation Scholarship (read last issue for more information) as it is due next month! Make sure you prepare for Kiwanis One Day which is coming up in April and for DCON but also do your homework!

CNHFOUNDATION rubberduckyregatta Would you like to adopt a rubber duck? Ten thousand of them are up for adoption to race in the 3rd Annual Kiwanis Foundation Rubber Ducky Regatta on April 17th 2010. During this rubber ducks are “adopted” with a $5.00 donation to The Kiwanis Cal‐Nev‐Ha Foundation, serving the children of the states of California, Nevada and Hawaii. On April 17th all the ducks are sent down the lazy river in Arrowhead Credit Union Park Each duck is numbered and the adopting ‘parent’ is assigned a corresponding “Lucky Duck” number. The first five to ten adopted ducks over the finish line can win terrific prizes including a shot at winning $1,000,000 Adoptive Parents do not have to be present to win. For a donation of $100 your club could own a Club Duck which gains your club listing in the official race day program, listing on the official duck race website and a chance for your club to win a $500 service grant!

Continue to be amazing CNH and see you all at DCON!

David Limjoco 2009-2010 CNH Kiwanis Family and Foundations Committee Chair

Your club could also become a duck buddy sales team earning $2 off of each duck with a $3 donation to the CNH Foundation. Don’t delay, get involved today! If you have questions, would like to become a Duck Buddy, donate cash and/or prizes, or want to adopt ducks contact Richard Olmstead (; 661‐572‐1988) or Andrea Waldron (; 909‐989‐1500 x123)

Policies, International, & Elections Page compiled by 2009-2010 Policies, International, and Elections Committee Become a Delegate at DCON! Take part in the voting process for the District Officers! By becoming a delegate, you will get the opportunity to serve as a representative of your home club at the House of Delegates, where all delegates will be voting on the candidates. A maximum of two delegates are allowed per club. By registering as a delegate (Part of the DCON Registration), your duties include: • Register as a delegate during DCON Registration • Read over the candidate literatures prior to DCON • Stop by the Delegate booth to receive information and Delegate ribbon once arriving to DCON. • Attend the Delegate workshop on Friday evening • Attend the House of Delegates on Saturday afternoon

Key Club International Updates •

• •

New Committee Co-Chairs! • Committee Chairs for Leadership Larmon Luo (CNH) and Eileen Lee (NJ) • Committee Chairs for Voice Jenelle Yee (CNH) and Xinlei Wang (WI-UM) Relient K will be performing at ICON! Key Club International Scholarship Booklet is in progress.

Page 11

CTC North

CTC South

CTC North and South was a success! We wish the best of luck to all the candidates! Interested in running for a District or International office? District or Int’l Candidate Training Conference (Exec. CTC) Kiwanis District Office, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. February 27th, 2010. 10 am to 4:30 pm This training conference are for potential candidates interested in running for a District Officer Position (Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, or Technology Editor) or being endorsed by the District to run for an International Officer position (President, Vice President, International Trustee). Register for this event at!

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

COMMITTEE REPORT Member Recognition Page compiled by 2009-2010 Member Recognition Committee Hello CNH!

AWARD categories Automatic Entry Contest Achieve Increased Membership Club Achievement Award Distinguished Club District Tree Early Bird Dues Governor’s Focus Membership Retention Most Improved Division Overall Division Excellence Spirit Club Website Service Awards Major Emphasis Program (International) Partners in Service (International) Single Service (International) District Project

Kiwanis Family Creative Awards Club Poster (International) Club Video (International) Club Attire Advisor Awards Advisor Recognition Program Jack Luther Hall of Fame Marvin J. Christiansen Scrapbook Awards Year in Review (International) • Traditional • Non-Traditional • Digital Performance Awards Prepared Oratory Talent

Achievement Awards Member of the Year Most Improved Club Sandy Nininger Officer Awards O/D President O/D Vice President O/D Secretary O/D Treasurer O/D Editor


Guess what? There is only one more month left to apply to awards! This time next month you will be confidently mailing in the last of your award submissions and hoping for the best. Make sure to meet the deadline on time (March 5th, 2010) and remind your club of this date. It might be helpful to have a friend look over you submission before you send it in. If there are ever any questions about an award, don’t hesitate to shoot a friendly email to your MR Chair ( and you will get a quick and speedy response. The MR Committee is looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions. Antoinette Dickerson Member Recognition Chair California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Distinguished Club is an Automatic Entry Award a Key Clubs can get if the club sends in their Annual Achievement Report (AAR) to their LTG. Before sending your AAR to your LTG: 1. Check over your MRF with your President and make sure that it is accurately filled out. 2. Make sure the Project List has been properly adjusted with Service Projects highlighted and sorted with the highest amount of Service Hours to the lowest. 3. Have your LTG check it over one last time. 4. PDF the AAR and send it to your LTG so they can send it to the MR Committee.

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The Talent Contest is how Key Clubbers get a chance to perform on stage at DCON. Being on stage in front of thousands of Key Clubbers from the district is not only a privilege but also an exhilarating experience. Here are the steps performers should take in order to be chosen. 1. Record an EXACT replica of your performance for DCON 2010 (including wardrobe). a. This should be one, continuous video under 5 minutes, without awkward pauses. 2. Save your performance video to a clearly labeled CD/DVD OR upload it to a video sharing website (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) 3. Fill out the Talent Form (guidelines) completely. 4. Mail the clearly labeled DVD and Talent Form to the CNH District Office OR email the video link and Talent Form to the CNH Contest Archive ( a. Subject: Talent Audition b. Body Text: Talent Audition; Video Link; Set List c. Be sure to CC yourself

If your club website is linked to the CyberKey and participating in the Club Website Contest, remember to keep the website updated. This contest is being judged all year long until the end of the term. Your Club Website is subject to be judge at any given moment so make sure it is up-to-date.

PREPARED oratory The MR Committee is looking for great speakers to compete at DCON 2010! Whether you have a powerful voice or simply can write a good speech, we want you. Orators (speakers) will speak on the topic: “What is the biggest challenge facing servant leaders today and what is the key to overcoming it?” Key Clubbers interested must register by March 5th online on the CyberKey to speak. Each Club is allowed a maximum of two competitors. This is a great way for both regular Key Clubbers and officers to get involved at convention!

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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CNH Member Recognition Committee continued amazing KEYCLUBBERS


Have you been putting your heart and soul in to Key Club all year? Then apply to Sandy Nininger or Member of the Year and get recognized for all of your dedication. Sandy Nininger is for the Key Clubber that goes above their call of duty by not only getting involved in their home club but also in other areas besides Key Club (church, school, and other organizations). Member of the Year is for the Key Clubber that does not hold an officer position but still displays the enthusiasm as if they were an official board member. This member helps out so much with the club that sometimes they might even be mistaken for President.

There are three types of scrapbooking contest offered through CNH. Year-In-Review: Traditional This contest is for traditional scrapbooks that are organized with tabs and chronological order. (Non-Digital) Year-In-Review: Non-Traditional This type of scrapbook may be anything with-in reason, as long as it is non-digital. Some clubs get really creative (etc) with this contest, so think outside the box. Digital Scrapbook This scrapbook can be digital (ex: slideshow, video, ect.) and entries get played on screen at district convention!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Should I include all of my work when applying?

A: No. Hundreds of officers apply for distinguished each year and we want to make sure each submission gets it's full 15 minutes of fame. For this reason and also as a part of going green submissions are limited to only include your BEST work. What is your best work? That is up to you, just make sure you stay with in the page limits set for each section in the guidelines. Q: What is more recommended: going green or kickin it old school? A: CNH welcomes both submissions, however in the future we would like to switch totally to By March 5 ALL Contest Material goes to: electronic submissions in order to be environmentally friendly and conserve resources. On CNH District Office this account, we encourage Key Clubbers to submit as many green submission (electronic) as ATTN: Bruce Hennings we can get! 8360 Red Oak Street Q: Who judges all submissions? Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 A: The members! Contrary to beliefs, the MR Committee does not judge submissions, that OR would be a little bias right? We are the ones who came up with the rules in the first place. CNH Contest Archive The MR Committee organizes and supervises Key Clubbers and Kiwanis who come from the District and makes any executive decisions (if needed) but the people who judge submissions are Key Clubbers just like you!

Member Relations

Page compiled by 2009-2010 Member Relations Committee Hello Cali-Nev-Ha! With only a couple months away from the 2010 CNH District Convention in Sacramento, our terms are sadly coming to an end. With only the home stretch left, please do your very best to complete all remaining duties as thoroughly as possible. If your respective club has still not done so, please encourage your home club to pay dues as soon as possible to be legitimate Key Club members, as without doing so will disenable your club and you from attending District Convention. Additionally, now is the perfect time to begin spreading the word about the annual District Convention as well as raise funds. So whether you completely cruised and enjoyed your Key Club year or had a stressing, full-of-work 365 days, let’s all finish it out as strong as we can and leave a lasting legacy to be proud of! Ben Chon Member Relations Chair Cali-Nev-Ha District

the cyberKEYRESOURCEofMONTH Interested in becoming the next District Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, or Technology Editor? Or perhaps even the next International President? The “Candidates Training Conference” dropdown under the “Events” tab has all the steps you need to attend the District/International Candidate Training Conference, which will take place on February 27th at the Kiwanis District Office in Rancho Cucamonga.


Quote of the month • “If Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. Of course, no one would have remembered him either.” • (Never give up, CNH Bees!)

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Three more new poll questions are on the homepage of the CyberKey. Please advertise them, as it is an easy way to help out and inform the board on what needs improvement! A solicitation letter for funds from Kiwanis, which can be used when raising funds for any large event, such as Fall Rally or the upcoming 2010 District Convention. A how-to fundraising guide with all the basics you need to know about fundraising, such as budgeting, advertising, and effective ideas. Technology etiquette education, including do’s and dont’s when discussing Key Club over the Internet. Want to recognize your club members or officers for all their hard work? Check out the certificate templates that will soon be uploaded onto the CyberKey! (

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

CNH Member Relations Committee continued

DISTRICT convention Spreading the Word If you haven’t already advertised this great event to your local club members, please do so as soon as possible! This is truly an amazing event that will create lasting memories for all attendees. Inform them that friendships will be created, a new board will be elected, and celebration of the wonderful achievements our district has accomplished this year will occur. For more technical information, link them up to the CyberKey!

Fundraising for District Convention With registration deadline coming up shortly, to ease up the financial aspect of registering, please begin to fundraise right away! Below are some possible ways to start reeling in some money: • • • •

Ask your local sponsoring Kiwanis club for funds (a solicitation letter will soon be provided). Communicate with your club treasurer to perhaps set up a fundraiser at a restaurant. Find a popular product in your local area, buy it in bulk, and sell it for a reasonable profit. Wait for the MRS-created Fundraising Guide for more ideas!

Thank you for reading! CNH DISTRICT CONTACTS District Governor Jesse Truong ................................ District Secretary Willy Hoang ................................... District Treasurer Jeremy Truong ............................. District Technology Editor Hillary Yuan ................................. District Administrator Marek LeBlanc ....................... Service Leadership Program, Director Bruce Hennings ..............................

District Convention Chair Rachel Shanley ...................... District Projects Chair Christian Rodriguez .................... Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair David Limjoco Member Recognition Chair Antoinette Dickerson ................. Member Relations Chair Ben Chon .................................... Policies, International, & Elections Chair Bonnie Xiao

The Official California-Nevada-Hawai’i District Newsletter

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