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To my  future  grandchildren, I  expect  that  the  world  has  changed  to  a  great  extent  in  50  years.  You  are  currently  in  2063  and  I am  writing  this  letter  in  2013,  I  am  16  years  old  and  I  am  living  in  a  world  where  the  technology has  changed  significantly  these  past  years.  I  have  a  lot  of  gadgets  which  my  parents  did  not even  know  of,  they  did  not  even  know  of  telephones  before  they  were  15  years  old.  I  guess  what  I am  trying  to  say  is  that  the  world  is  developing  and  there  is  so  many  changes  in  this  world  that we  tend  to  forget  what  is  really  important  to  us.  In  50  years  there  will  probably  be  a  lot  of  other changes  in  terms  of  the  technology  but  also  probably  other  viewpoints  about  the  world  as  well. Looking  back  at  my  grandparents,  I  sometimes  laugh  at  how  their  lifestyles  were  and  how different  it  is  to  how  my  world  is  now.  However,  the  thing  is,  that  the  world  keeps  developing  and in  50  years  time  you  will  probably  laugh  at  how  my  living  conditions  are  today  in  2013. I  am  writing  in  2013  where  we  do  indeed  have  some  problems  in  terms  of  the  environment,  such as  using  too  much  CO2  from  cars  and  industries.  This  has  become  a  threat  to  us  as  the environment  keeps  changing  and  is  predicted  to  change  drastically  in  50  years  time.  Therefore  it is  important  for  my  generation  to  decrease  the  use  of  technology  but  also  for  your  generation  and really  think  about  the  necessities  of  using  such  technology.  Another  threat  in  our  environment  in 2013  is  the  fact  that  we  are  cutting  down  the  rainforests  in  Brazil.  Brazil  is  a  beautiful  country though  many  poor  people  who  live  in  these  rainforests.  However,  people  cut  down  the  trees  to create  houses  and  appartments  for  people,  we  are  becoming  industrialized,  there  is  too  much technology  going  around  and  we  need  to  stop  before  it  is  too  late.  The  thing  is  that  many  people try  as  hard  as  they  can  to  prevent  this  from  happening  by  setting  up  campaigns  and  protests  and getting  support  by  many  people.  These  are  the  people  who  make  a  huge  change  in  the  society and  those  people  are  the  ones  that  we  should  receive  knowledge  from.  However,  the  fact  that  we do  have  so  much  technology  as  we  do  today  in  2013  is  also  a  huge  benefit  as  we  can communicate  to  the  whole  world,  and  they  could  barely  do  this  50  years  ago.  I  am  sure  that  you will  have  great  development  in  the  technology  that  will  improve  your  daily  life  even  more  than  the technology  is  in  2013.  The  most  important  thing  is  that  you  are  satisfied  in  what  is  going  on around  you  and  that  you  try  as  hard  as  you  can  to  change  the  threats  around  in  the  environment. I  wish  you  good  luck  in  the  future  and  that  you  work  hard  and  do  the  things  that  you  feel  is important  for  you,  and  remember,  always  do  the  things  that  is  important  for  yourself. This  is  the  past,  this  is  the  future,  this  is  2013,  this  is  2063.  I  am  16  years  old,  I  am  66  years  old. Regards, Your  grandmother.

To the future  

An english homework assignment based on a letter to my future grandchildren 50 years from now.

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