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It took one phone call to make me write this piece. The call was from no ordinary person but a minister, I was in my school when I was called to attend the call. The call was from Arunachal Pardesh from the P.A of a minister. "Madam Gill , the honourable minister desires to talk to you", the voice said matter of factly. "A minister ? Did I hear right ? What could he want from me?" I wondered. Trying not to sound bewildered ,I said,"Sure, my pleasure". "My mind raced back to recount eight long years spent in Arunachal Pradesh. when I was with the Directorate of Education in Arunachal Pradesh. "Hello,madam Gill? this is Mahesh speaking from Arunachal Pradesh , Remember me Madam or have you completely forgotten us" ? "Mahesh who ?" I wanted to shout but thought that would sound very rude. One doesn't speak rudely to ministers . "Hello, madam ! " I was brought to the present by minister sahib's gruffy voice. "Am I talking to Punjabi madam? if u remember ma'm ,you taught us English in class eight. remember mam we killed a snake which had entered your house at Seijosa A picture flashed in my mind and the episode came back to me. In the year 1976 I serverd in a govrenment school situated on Assam Arunachal border at a place named Seijosa. The place was situated at some sixty kilometers from Tezpur in Assam. Seijosa was a reselltement area inhabited by ex -soldiers from Punjab and Harayana .Most of the students were children of the setllers who had been allotted the land by the government.However there was a hostel with the school where the tribal students lived .The hostel and the teacher quarters were surrouned by a thick jungle .Snakes ,deer and wild elephants were a comman site. The elephants roamed freely at night & ruined the crops of the farmers.It was a common sight to see farmers running with ‘mashaals’ & beating one evevning i almost missed touching a snake which was slowly slithering upwards on the compound wall of my house till then i did not know that snakes could reach that height i got terrified and sheirked the boys who lived in thachted house adjecent to the teachers quarters came running to ask what had gone wrong 'punjabi madam'(as they called me)had got so scared. they had briught along their. 'daos' the sharp edged weapons they used to hunt animals "snake" i could barely stuttr pointing towards the wall.To my astonishment they did not get panicky like but started laughing "It is only a snake Panjabi Madam , why be scared?" saying this one of the boys caught the snake by it's tail , hit the head of the reptile on the ground & put it on a stick.They laughed again & the boy moved towards me with the snake dangling from the stick in his hand. I must have fainted because when I opened my eyes I was in my room lying on my bed which was surrounded by a group of boys & they were crying.Seeing me open my eyes ,they knelt down & held my hands & started begging my forgiveness. “Oh Mahesh ! “ I came back to the present & found my voice.”Yes I do remember you & also the snake”I heard myself laughing.Mahesh’s laughter was louder than mine & believe me it wasn’t the laughter of a minister but that of a fourteen years naughty boy

Memorable snake  
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