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February 2017

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5February 2017



Already Prepping for InspectionWorld 2018? You Bet! ÂŽ

From ASHI’s Executive Director


ne exciting thing I haven’t talked about in a while is all the preparation that goes into InspectionWorldŽ. Every year, leaders of the home inspection profession—including sole proprietors, multi-inspection firm members, franchisees, affiliate members and allied association members—join ASHI staff to help plan the largest, oldest, best-attended and successful conference of home inspectors in the world. This year’s IW was no exception. I’ll give more details about all that happened at IW 2017 in next month’s issue of the ASHI Reporter, but here’s a teaser: It was, in a word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Of course, the sheer scale of IW is what sets it head and shoulders above any other home inspection conference in North America. We achieve that scale as the result of extensive planning and through our efforts to attract a great number of attendees and exhibitors. As you may imagine, before we even open the registration desk to welcome everyone, our staff has taken myriad steps in preparation for the event. Many aspects of IW are already in the planning stages a year or more in advance of the event. For example, Michele George, ASHI Director of Education and Events (, is hard at work organizing the festivities for IW 2018 in Orlando. She has already issued a call for presentations, which gives speakers the opportunity to submit the topics they would like to share at IW. If you have an idea for a session you would like to present, please send it in right away! Our Education Committee pores over more than 100 submissions and selects the topics they believe will benefit our members the most. Even though they choose 45 individual classes as well as numerous Lunch ’n Learns, there are always more folks who want to teach sessions than there are time slots available to fit them into. So, once again, if you are interested in presenting a topic at IW 2018, we invite you to please send in your submission NOW! Exhibitors who attended IW 2017 in Las Vegas already have been invited to select their booth spaces for IW 2018 in Orlando. If you’re a vendor who’d like to exhibit at IW 2018, or if you’re an inspector who knows of a company that has a product you’d like to see displayed at IW, please contact (or encourage that company’s owner to send in their information to) Dave Kogan, ASHI Marketing, Advertising, IW Expo & Business Development Manager ( Dave invites vendors to exhibit at IW, and he is a master of finding the best products and services that our members will want to know about and use. The graphics department is radiating ideas for the look and feel of IW18 in the Sunshine State. That’s where you want to be! If you’ve never attended InspectionWorldŽ, you really don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve never heard anyone say that IW didn’t exceed their expectations. Whether it’s the education, the exhibits or the camaraderie, there’s something for everyone. Plan now to be a part of it in Orlando in January 2018! H Frank Lesh, Executive Director American Society of Home Inspectors Direct: 847-954-3182 'SBOLM!BTIJPSHtXXXBTIJPSH


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

Promote your business with customized books Your information on the front, back and spine of our comprehensive guides. A high-quality, customized book sets you apart from the competition. First-rate books for your first-rate business. Cost as low as $2.30 per book.


7February 2017



Knob-and-Tube Wiring: A Revisit

Knob-and-Tube Wiring: A Revisit By Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop,, 800-268-7070


ot much has changed in terms of a home inspector’s approach to knob-and-tube wiring. The National Electrical Code still states that concealed knob-and-tube wiring can be installed only for extensions of existing installations. In other words, brand new installations of knob-and-tube wiring are not permitted.

original equipment ground wires anywhere in the distribution system. Often, original connections are not in junction boxes. Connections are made by splicing, soldering and taping the wires. Knob-and-tube wiring was no longer used by the time multiwire branch circuits were introduced.

The bigger issue, it appears, is the insurance companies’ attitude toward knob-and-tube wiring. Many of them don’t have a good understanding of it and often withdraw coverage for homes that still contain this wiring, simply because it is old. It’s important for you to stay updated about what the insurance requirements are in your area of business so that you can provide the right advice to your clients.

Ceramic tubes can be seen going through the joists and the knobs can be seen in the background. The hot and neutral wire have been damaged.

Most of the problems with respect to panels and wiring also apply to knob-and-tube systems. Some issues are more common, however, with knob-and-tube wiring. Identifying Knob-and-Tube Wiring Knob-and-tube wiring is easy to identify. There are two separate cables running to each electrical point. There is a black cable and a white cable. Sometimes the sheathing is black on one and white on the other, although this isn’t always the case. The ceramic knobs and tubes used to support the wire also clearly identify this kind of wiring. Knob-and-tube wiring was common until 1950 and was used into the 1960s in some areas. Knob-and-tube wire was made in several gauges. Branch circuit wiring was often 12 gauge. Remember that, with knob-and-tube wiring, there will be no

Common Conditions Related to Knob-And-Tube Wiring Problems specific to knob-and-tube wiring include the following: R5)((.#)(-5().5#(5)2R5,#..&51#,65#(-/&.#)(5),5-"."#(! R5#,5/,#5#(5#(-/&.#)( R5/-5(/.,&Connections not in Boxes The original spliced connections did not have to be in junction boxes. This is acceptable as long as the connections are original because we have some confidence that the splices are appropriately made by twisting the wires together, then properly soldering and finally taping with the old, dull, black cloth tape. Although these circuits are obsolete, the original connections that were made with the dull black cloth were correct.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

> Modern plastic electrical tape (the black, shiny stuff) on a knoband-tube connection, or taped connections with knob-and-tube wiring joining modern two-conductor cable, are not acceptable to most authorities. The only knob-and-tube connections that don’t have to be in junction boxes are the original ones. Knob-and-tube wire should join modern two-conductor cable in a junction box.

Knob-and-Tube Wiring: A Revisit

Brittle Wire, Insulation or Sheathing Old wire. Another issue with knob-and-tube wiring is the age of the wire. Although copper does not fail under normal workloads, a house wiring system that’s been around for a long time may well have been overfused at some time in the past and the wire may have been overworked. The older it is, the more likely it is to have been abused at some point.

Old wire can easily be identified with the removal of cover plates; however, we don’t recommend pulling the outlet out of the box.

Insulation and sheathing. The rubber insulation or the cloth sheathing may deteriorate over time, become brittle and start to fall off. This is a function of age and high temperatures. The high temperatures may be high ambient temperatures or due to overfusing. In either case, watch for insulation problems on knob-andtube wiring. Resist the temptation to flex the wire to see if it’s still supple. You may get a shock or damage the wire. Problems with the sheathing and insulation are the most common failings of knob-and-tube wiring other than amateurish modifications and extensions of the circuits.

Here is an incorrect connection with newer wiring and the shiny black tape. This should be in a junction box.

Wire Buried in Insulation Hard to Dissipate Heat. Knob-and-tube wiring buried in attic insulation or in wall insulation is a controversial issue and different authorities have taken different positions. Some maintain that knob-and-tube wiring shouldn’t be buried in insulation because that inhibits its ability to dissipate heat. It’s true that all wire can work Knob-and-tube wiring more comfortburied in attic insulation— ably if it’s able this is one reason why we to dissipate the advise against walking heat generated in attics. as electricity flows through it; however, there is a counterpoint position. 9February 2017




Knob-and-Tube Wiring: A Revisit

Separate wires may be an advantage. Because black and white wires are usually separated by several inches in different cables, knob-and-tube wiring might be better able to dissipate heat than modern cable. Modern two-conductor cable has the black wire and white wire less than one-quarter of an inch apart inside a plastic sheathing. It is harder for modern cable to dissipate heat than for knob-and-tube wiring. This is probably only an issue in situations where several cables are bundled together and there is heavy continuous loading on each cable. Nonetheless, you should find out what is accepted practice in your area. In some jurisdictions, knob-and-tube wiring is only permitted in insulation if the insulation is noncombustible. Find out what your authorities consider “noncombustible.� Some consider fiberglass insulation combustible (it really is at certain temperatures). Insulations made of cellulose, wood shavings, shaved leather, most plastics and other similar materials are combustible. Insulations made from vermiculite, gypsum slag and asbestos are not combustible (although asbestos is associated with other issues). Fused Neutrals Because knob-and-tube installations are old, they may connect to old panels. Some of these old panels have fused neutrals, which can be dangerous.

When you see knob-and-tube wiring and an old ceramic panel, look for fused neutrals. (We mentioned these earlier in this article when we described problems in panels.) If the neutral wire and hot wire are both fused, only one is likely to blow, shutting off the circuit. If the neutral fuse blows, the circuit is live through its entire length. This is dangerous for anyone working on the circuit. Recommend the replacement of panels with fused neutrals.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

A Final Word on Knob-and-Tube Wiring

It’s important to remember that knob-and-tube wiring itself is not inherently dangerous. Indeed, there is no grounding, but there are many other types of wiring without grounding as well, such as many multiwire circuits used from the 1940s through the 1960s. In many jurisdictions, there are solutions to the grounding issue, such as adding GFCI outlets for each circuit, without having to rewire the entire system. The real issue of knob-and-tube wiring simply comes down to age. This type of wiring hasn’t been used in new construction for a long time in North America, and any existing installations may have been overfused and overworked, as mentioned earlier. Again, you should find out what is acceptable in your area, both in terms of the electrical authority and home insurers. In some other countries, the use of knob-and-tube wiring is still an acceptable practice, and proper installations are not a problem when completed according to local building codes.

Here’s a knob-and-tube installation (fewer than 10 years old) for a lighting fixture in a home in Japan. 5IFJOGPSNBUJPOQSPWJEFEIFSFXBTFYDFSQUFEGSPNUIF"4)*!)0.& training program. The training program gives home inspectors the PQQPSUVOJUZUPPCUBJONPSFEFUBJMFEJOGPSNBUJPOPOLOPCBOEUVCFXJSJOH and other electrical systems. H

“The Painter Made It Rain!”

Smart Inspector Science

By Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix-It, Inc.


inspected a home near Milwaukee during the summer about 10 years ago. My client called recently, clearly upset. “We’re having some painting done in the rear bedroom. I’m sure the ceiling was dry when the painter started. He claims it got wet while he was painting. I’ve talked to insulation and roofing contractors about this, but they’re no help. I don’t know who else to call. Contractors always try to sell me something!”

quite damp, even foggy. As usual, evenings were cooler.

I talked the owner through a series of questions and tried to calm her down. It sounded like an unusual case of leaks, condensation or both that had nothing to do with the condition of the home when I’d inspected this property (Photo 1).

This sounded to me like condensation on a cool surface. (One of many free articles on my website, HowToOperateYourHome. com, discusses window condensation problems.) I told the homeowner to run a fan in the room and turn on the furnace to a reasonable 72-degree setting. Also, I said it might help to open the windows whenever the outdoor air was dry. I assured her that she could call me if the problem continued.

Photo 1. Exterior of home

A First Look at the Problem Naturally, leaks or water intrusion with no logical explanation make homeowners uneasy. I checked my old report—the house was a well-maintained, mid-century ranch—and talked with the owner in greater depth about what was going on. She explained that, when the painter had finished applying latex paint to the walls and ceiling, water and paint began dripping in two places where the ceiling met the exterior wall. It wasn’t raining that day, nor had it rained in the past few days. In fact, the home never had leaks related to rain. Our autumn weather that year had been

no roof penetrations or flashing issues above the areas of the leaks.

The home’s roof and gutters were relatively new, and 17 inches of fiberglass insulation had been added in the attic a few years previously. Windows had been replaced recently with vinyl sash/thermally insulated glass, and the homeowner said that she’d had no condensation on the glass or anywhere else in the home, for that matter.

The Second Visit—An In-Depth Examination When the homeowner called again, her household was still off-kilter. The painting wasn’t finished because condensation still occurred at times. The family’s plans to go up north during deer-hunting season were on hold. They needed an answer about this issue so that they could finish painting and put the house back together. We scheduled an early morning visit. I wanted to inspect the home at the time of day when the outdoor temperature was below 30 degrees. But because we continued to have an unseasonably warm fall, when I visited the second time, the overnight low had been about 50 degrees. Checking Exterior Walls The exterior of the small ranch home was well maintained. The wide overhangs had aluminum trim and vented soffits. The “leaks” were occurring near the vents in the soffits (Photo 2). The roof looked fine, with

Photo 2. Vents in overhang

The home had recently undergone an energy audit, blower door test and infrared camera inspection. Following the audit recommendations, the homeowners had cellulose insulation blown into all exterior wall cavities. We discussed the newer windows and the recently insulated attic. They were really tightening up their home. About 10 years previously, the owners had replaced their old 60% naturally drafted furnace with a 90%-plus furnace that vented through two plastic pipes. I observed small water spots on the ceiling of the bedroom near the exterior wall. The owner told me that water was dripping along the outside wall, ruining the fresh paint before it could dry. There were no leaks when I was there (Photo 3).

Photo 3. Water spots on ceiling

Continues on Page 36 11February 2017



American Disabilities Act Inspections

American Disabilities Act Inspections By Rick Bunzel, ACI

More than 50 million Americans—18% of our population—have disabilities. In addition, approximately 71.5 million baby boomers will be over age 65 by the year 2030 and will be demanding products, services and environments that meet their age-related physical needs. When many people think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they automatically think of handicapped parking. ADA actually covers far more, including accommodations for people with sight, hearing and mental disabilities. The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

As commercial and home inspectors, we should know about compliance and what is needed to ensure that a property meets ADA standards. Obviously, this exceeds the ASHI Standard of Practice and, if requested to inspect for ADA compliance, one can charge for the extra service. I stumbled into doing ADA inspections when the owner of a restaurant I had previously inspected was being sued because the restaurant was not compliant with ADA regulations. What I did not know at the time was that the government does not have an enforcement group for ADA compliance. Building departments only enforce ADA requirements in new construction. Existing buildings—even when they are being updated—are not required to install ADA-compliant accommodations. The only way ADA accommodations are added to buildings is when the owners or tenants add them voluntarily or when they are forced to add them as the result of a lawsuit.

Stonehouse Company



Draw Inspections


About Stonehouse

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Stonehouse Company Home and Building Inspection brings a new name, old faces and information you can rely on. For over 36 years we have provided accurate information to our clients. Our inspection skills were honed in the North East on every type of building imaginable. We have brought our skills to the Carolinas for those who need to know. Inspection services are just a click or a phone call away. Residential • Commercial Draw Inspections • Consulting Expert Witness • Litigation Support Licensed and certified ASHI Member

View ASHI Code of Ethics

Stonehouse Company • 113 Indian Trail Road North • Indian Trail NC • 704-443-0110 •

13February 2017




American Disabilities Act Inspections

ADA lawsuits are a cottage industry in California, Arizona, Florida and Texas. In some cases, it’s been reported that lawyers will hire individuals with disabilities to visit a targeted business, buy an item and uncover an ADA-related issue that can be called out. The lawyer will then file a lawsuit and encourage a settlement. In other cases, the lawyers will do “drive-by lawsuits.” Examples of this were reported recently in a “60 Minutes” news segment. The lawyers will file a suit for ADA compliance and attempt a quick settlement for under $100,000. In most cases, it’s cheaper for the business to settle rather than bear the cost of a legal defense when they know they will lose. In the case of the restaurant I inspected, the owners wanted to know what they needed to do to become compliant. I did some research, identified the areas that needed changes and worked with the shopping center to bring the exterior area under compliance as well. Once the work was done, I did a re-inspection and provided a report that went to the courts, showing that the restaurant was now compliant with the current ADA requirements. Looking at the ADA environment, I realized that these specialty inspections were complicated, but that the criteria was pass/fail. With the ADA requirements listed in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (, it is easy to determine whether a property is in compliance or not. The challenge is matching up the area that you are inspecting with the relevant section of the ADA Standard. The ADA requirements are 275 pages long, so until you are familiar with them, you will be doing a lot of paging or scrolling through them.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017


As I did these initial inspections, I spent a lot of prep time identifying relevant areas, and I took a hard copy and an online version of the ADA standards with me. Breaking a property inspection into chunks made completing these inspections more efficient, and the resulting reports were easier to create.

Once you are familiar with the inspection components, the physical inspection will go smoothly. The ADA Standards are specific and there are no gray areas; the components are either in compliance or not. For example, with parking, there must be at least one van-accessible parking slot for every 25 parking spaces. The space must be 96 inches wide with a 96-inch aisle. There must be a sign that is at least 60 inches high marking the space. If the aisle is only 92 inches wide, then it’s not in compliance. It’s not up to the inspector to consider the owner’s explanation of why it’s not compliant; instead, the inspector can make suggestions on how the area can be made compliant. In the case of the restaurant I inspected, the men’s room was clearly too small to be an ADA-compliant bathroom, but the women’s room was oversized. I suggested that they do away with the men’s and women’s room markings and make the women’s room the restroom for people with disabilities. This saved the owners from having to move around walls to make both bathrooms compliant. With other clients, it’s not always that easy. I worked with the owner of another restaurant that had concrete steps to get to the bathrooms. For that restaurant, there was no easy solution but to reconfigure the floor plan of the restaurant.

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TARGET PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS Insurance for Particular Professionals

15February 2017



© 2017 Target Professional Programs is a division of and operates under the licenses of CRC Insurance Services, Inc., CRC Insurance Services of CA, Lic No 0778135. No claim to any


American Disabilities Act Inspections

Many business owners are not familiar with the need for ADA compliance. There are two areas of compliance: Title I and Title III. Title I regulations pertain to employees. The purpose is to ensure that employers do not discriminate against an employee on the basis of his or her disabilities, and ADA regulations require companies to provide reasonable accommodations to allow employees to perform the duties of the position. This basically means that, even if a business does not have a storefront or showroom, it still needs to have ADA accommodations for its employees. Title III compliance is targeted toward businesses that are open to the public, such as a store, gym or restaurant. Title III calls for businesses to make “reasonable efforts� to accommodate people with disabilities. This sounds like a gray area for the inspector, but it’s not. As ADA inspectors, we inspect for compliance to the current standard. It’s not up to the inspector to judge what’s “reasonable.�

If you are an inspector who does commercial inspections, consider making the ADA portion an add-on. Once a client is educated on the need to be compliant, they will typically request the inspection with the additional ADA component. If you advertise that you can perform ADA inspections, expect to get the occasional call from a business owner when he or she is hit with a compliance lawsuit. H


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

3JDL#VO[FMJTUIFQSJODJQBMJOTQFDUPSXJUI1BDJĂĽD$SFTU *OTQFDUJPOTBOE"4)*$FSUJĂĽFE*OTQFDUPS)FIPMET B#"JO#VTJOFTT.BSLFUJOHBOE JOUIFQBTU IFDIBJSFEUIF marketing and public relations committees for a national home inspection organization. Locally, he is active in the North 1VHFU4PVOE#PBSEPG3FBMUPSTBOEJTBOPGĂĽDFSXJUIUIF.U &SJF'JSF%FQBSUNFOUJO"OBDPSUFT 8"'JOEIJNPOMJOFBUIUUQXXX Sources Consulted R55(.)-5 65#&&'),5 85 .-.5&# ),(#55 1-/#.5 ),'5..'*.95 “Watered Down Solution.â€? Posted on Seyfarth Shaw, ADA Title III. News and Insights, May 25,2016. R555#-)#(!585*),.,]-5).))%95Äť5&.-.5#(5gk]-55&1-/#.5 investigation. Posted on ABC15 Arizona. October 4, 2016; updated December 19, 2016. reporters-notebook-the-latest-in-abc15s-ada-lawsuit-investigation. R55^lf5 #(/.-8_5".]-55^,#0735&1-/#._>5)-.5',5j65hfgl65)(51118 Correspondent, Anderson Cooper; producers, Katherine Davis and Sam Hornblower. R55885*,.'(.5) 5 /-.#85hfgf55.(,-5 ),5--#&5-#!(85 September 15, 2010. Standards/2010ADAStandards_prt.pdf.

Problems with LP SmartSideÂŽ Installations

Problems with LP SmartSideÂŽ Installations By Reuben Saltzman, ACI, Structure Tech Home Inspections

Based on a blog post by Reuben Saltzman, September 29, 2015 (

Overdriven Nails This is another common defect. Here’s a small collage of overdriven nails.

LP SmartSideŽ products are some of the fastest growing siding ,(-5#(5."5(#.5..-651#."5$/-.5'),5."(5o5#&&#)(5 .5-)&5 since their launch in 2007. This is also one of the most popular choices for siding and trim by builders in Minnesota, where I live. This product looks similar to fiber cement siding, but actually falls under the category of wood composite siding. This is how we as home inspectors should identify this product in our inspection reports. LP SmartSideŽ siding and trim seem to be great products and I have yet to find a single failure with either product. Nevertheless, I suspect I’ll be seeing failures soon enough because I find installation errors on nearly every home I inspect. When inspecting homes that have this type of wall covering, look out for the installation defects described below. These are the most common mistakes being made by installers today. Missing Paint Without a doubt, the most common installation error that I find with LP SmartSideŽ products is missing paint at the cut edges. The manufacturer requires all exposed surfaces to be primed and painted. The image to the right also shows missing sealant at the joint.

The diagram below shows the appropriate repair methods for overdriven nails.

Insufficient Clearance The manufacturer requires 6 inches of clearance from the siding to the finished grade. It seems that almost every home has one or two areas where this clearance requirement isn’t met.

17February 2017




Problems with LP SmartSide® Installations

The manufacturer also requires 1-inch clearance to shingles. This is usually done right, but not always.

Improper Spacing at Ends The manufacturer requires a 3/16-inch gap at the end of each piece of siding. This includes butt joints and places where the siding terminates vertically against windows, doors and other fixtures.

The manufacturer requires a 3/8-inch gap above windows and other similar penetrations.

A 3/16-inch gap is a pretty large gap. Here’s what a proper 3/16-inch gap looks like:

A 3/8-inch gap is a BIG gap. Even when a gap is left here, it’s usually not what the manufacturer requires.

3/16” gap (proper detail)

This is rarely done.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

Insufficient Kickout Flashing Kickout flashing is a piece of metal at a roof end that prevents water from leaking into the wall. For more information about this issue, refer to my related blog post ( and the diagram below, courtesy of the fine folks at Code Check. Please see next page...


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Problems with LP SmartSideÂŽ Installations

The manufacturer requires flashing to have a 4-inch upper leg. This means the kickout flashing needs to be 4 inches high. This usually isn’t done. The third option is to have flashing at least 4 inches wide installed at the joints, as long as the ends of the siding are factory finished and the siding is prefinished by an approved or preferred prefinisher. That means no cut edges at the butt joints. When field-cut edges are present, flashing at the joints is not an appropriate installation method.

But hey, look, the proper clearence was maintained above the shingles.

Joint Treatments There are three options for keeping water out of the butt joints. The first and second options are to have the joints caulked or have joint molding installed.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

Conclusion That wraps up my list of the most common installation defects seen with LP SmartSideŽ products. Again, this is not a full list of defects. For the full list of installation instructions and for more information on these products, visit the LP SmartsideŽ website ( H Reuben Saltzman is a second-generation home inspector, a representative on ASHI’s Council of Representatives (CoR) and the President of the ASHI Heartland Chapter. Reuben presented an educational session at InspectionWorldŽ 2017 JO-BT7FHBT$IFDLPVU3FVCFOTXFFLMZCMPHQPTUTBUXXX

21February 2017



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C)88:-+1)<-<0-/:-)<;-:>1+-)6, +76;1,-:)<176168:7>1,16/<0-*-;< +7>-:)/-.7:<0-*-;<8:1+-67<<75-6<176 ;)>16/5-7>-:


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Service Philosophy: Customer-Centric Business

Service Philosophy: Customer-Centric Business By Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop,, 800-268-7070


n our recent article â&#x20AC;&#x153;Service Philosophy: Strategizing Excellent Serviceâ&#x20AC;? (ASHI Reporter, December 2016), we discussed developing a customer service blueprint by creating a point of contact and strategic investing. In this article, we will describe building a customer-centric business by thinking from the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve previously encouraged you to describe benefits, rather than features, in your marketing pieces. Benefits highlight your service from the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective. This perspective should pervade all that you do, ensuring that the big picture encompasses a customer-centric philosophy. Remember that the customer may include real estate professionals of all descriptions, as well as anyone else who might send business your way. You should evaluate everything you do with the following thought process: R55 ".]-5."5(Ĺ&#x20AC;.65),5*,#05(Ĺ&#x20AC;.65.)5."5/-.)',> R55 ".5(5 5)5.)5'%5."5(Ĺ&#x20AC;.65),5*,#05(Ĺ&#x20AC;.65'),5 0#-#&> R55)-5."#-5(Ĺ&#x20AC;.5,-/&.5#(55-#!(#Ĺ&#x20AC;(.5',%.#(!50(.!5 .)5'>

Perceived Benefits Have Greater Impact

Before we continue, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s define the term â&#x20AC;&#x153;perceived benefitâ&#x20AC;? because it goes to the root of a customercentric business. A perceived benefit is something that may or may not be a real benefit to your client, but is something that the client thinks it is important. For example, take the idea of uploading the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report to a secure website with lots of bells and whistles. Is this a benefit to the &#(.>5 -(].5#.5-#'*&,5 ),5."5&#(.5$/-.5.)5!.5(5'#&5,*),.>5 An email does the job and saves the client the added step of going to a website. But the client may perceive the web based system as being superior. What Does Your Client Want? )15(53)/5%()151".53)/,5&#(.5*,#0-5-55(Ĺ&#x20AC;.>5.)*5 thinking like an expert and start thinking like your client. If you 24

ASHI Reporter t February 2017

donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what your client is thinking, ask. We will look more closely at how to obtain clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; thoughts and opinions later in the article. An Example Our report-writing system is a 400-page binder. When we do a sellerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inspection, the report and the book are supposed to be left in the home for the person who ultimately buys the home. But we have found that many sellers want to take the book with them to their next house, even though the reportâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contents are about the home they are leaving! Although our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; perceptions are not what we expected, we have to respect them. Four Levels of Service The figure below summarizes four aspects of service for which you should strive. Create Superior Value

Create Distinctive Service

Give the Customer What They Want

Give Your Clients More Than They Expected

Create Superior Service The idea here is to impress your customers in such a way that they will come back to you over and over and also refer you to others. A good home inspector does his or her job well and consistently. A good home inspector arrives on time and delivers a professional report. Believe it or not, many home inspection companies canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even deliver on these basic services. If you deliver a consistently good performance, you will be a contender. But a contender is not what you want to be. You want to be in the top-selling group of building inspectors. A Little Effort Goes a Long Way. The fact is, to become part of the elite 20 percent requires being only a little better than the crowd. If you can analyze your service and figure out how to do it just a little bit better, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll go far.


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Service Philosophy: Customer-Centric Business

Do you know how much faster the winning time in an Olympic gff7'.,5-*,#(.5#-5."(5."5 )/,."7*&5.#'>5)/&53)/5!/--5 hf5*,(.>5gk5*,(.>5gf5*,(.>5 .]-5./&&35)/.5h5*,(.85 Yet, the person in fourth place receives no medal, gets no parade or endorsements, and may be remembered for this achievement only by family and friends. This example plays out even more dramatically in business. The most impressive home inspection company gets the order with 100 percent of the rewards and there is not even a silver medal for the second-place finisher, who gets nothing. ".5(53)/5)>5,"*-5#(-.5) 5#(!5-#'*&35^)(5.#'_5 ),5 an inspection, you could arrive 10 minutes early. That way you can inspect the roof before your client and the agent arrive. )-5(3)(5,&&35().#>5/,#(!55*,-(..#)(5.)55,&5-..5 office, an agent commented, â&#x20AC;&#x153;One thing I love about Carson Dunlop is I know when I arrive at the house with the client, the home inspector will have already finished inspecting the roof. The first time Carson Dunlop did an inspection for a client of mine, I was concerned when I got to the house at 9 a.m., and the inspector was not there. I called the Carson Dunlop office and they told me to look up. Sure enough, I saw the inspector finishing up on the roof.â&#x20AC;? You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t buy that kind of advertising. Special touches that make your service consistently better are enough to put you into the elite 2 percent. And what does it cost you to arrive a few minutes ,&3>5)."#(!< Give Customers What They Want )15)53)/5%()151".53)/,5/-.)',-51(.>5-%5."'85".]-5 ."5-.5135.)5-%5."'>5Äť,5,5&).-5) 513-65/.515"05 )/(5 that surveys are the most effective. And if you survey your client on site during the inspection, you get a 100 percent response rate. You can provide a clipboard with a pencil attached, along with a simple questionnaire. Tips to create a good questionnaire: R5 *5#.5-"),.5B.1)5.)5 )/,5+/-.#)(-5)(&3C8 R5 *5#.5-#'*&8 R5)(].5-%5+/-.#)(-5.)51"#"53)/5%()15."5(-1,8 R5)(].5-%5*,-)(&5+/-.#)(-8 R55-%5)(&35+/-.#)(-5.".5(55.,(-&.5#,.&35#(.)55/-#(--5 decision. (In other words, ask yourself, â&#x20AC;&#x153;What am I going to do 1#."5."5#( ),'.#)(>_C R55)(].5-%53-I()5+/-.#)(-85B)/51(.5*)*&5.)5!#053)/55..,5 idea of how they feel about your question than a â&#x20AC;&#x153;yesâ&#x20AC;? or a â&#x20AC;&#x153;no.â&#x20AC;?) Create a Distinctive Service Creating a distinctive service is often the result of how well you do at the other three levels of service. Over time, if you stay consistent in your good service, high-quality service will become your trademark.

Another way to help create a point of distinction for your service is to come up with unusual offerings, such as the following: 26

ASHI Reporter t February 2017

R55,)0#5"5&#(.51#."5."5/-5) 55#!#.&5',5/,#(!5."5 inspection, and offer to email them the photos they took after the inspection. R55&#0,5))%#-5.)55,&5-..5)Ĺ&#x192;5)(55')(."5(51"#&5 youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re there, offer to do an educational seminar. R55/,#(!5."5#(-*.#)(65Ĺ&#x20AC;(5)/.5."5&)-#(!5.5 ),5."5.,(-tion. Send a welcome letter to your client that will arrive on the day they move in. The letter should invite them to call you if they are unsure about how to operate any aspect of the home. Give Your Clients More Than They Expected You can achieve customer satisfaction simply by delivering what the client was expecting. However, if you deliver more than they were expecting, you not only have a satisfied customer, you also have someone who will comment to others about your great service. Many home inspectors take this to mean they should show off their technical expertise during the inspection. But what you do technically during your inspection is lost on most customers. They probably wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t understand it and they have no way of knowing whether another inspector would have done the same thing or something more. Good Service Needs Creative Thinking )651".5)-5#.5.%5.)5)Äż,55-,0#53)(52*..#)(->5 .5 takes imagination. And if you think it also takes a lot of money, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re wrong. Here are a few examples of things we do at Carson Dunlop that cost little to no money at all: R55(5/-.)',-55 )&&)17/*5'#&5-%#(!5# 5."351,5"**351#."5 the inspection. R55(5,&5-..5!(.-55."(%73)/5,5B ,)'5."5")'5 inspector) for referring our service. R55&&5)/,5&#(.-5.".5."35(5&&5/-5(35.#'5)/.5+/-.#)(-5."35 may have about the house. Courtesy Is Invaluable Acts of courtesy, such as follow-up calls, cost nothing at all. The difference between you and the next inspector could hinge on something as simple as returning customer calls within three hours of receiving them. That kind of service has a tremendous impact on the customer and it costs you nothing. Lest We Forget Once again, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s review that good service is not defined by the home inspector; rather, it is defined by the customer. Earlier in this article, we talked about giving your customer a survey, but we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t focus on what questions to ask. We suggest that you consider asking this one important question:

â&#x20AC;&#x153;What could we do to make the home inspection experience better for you?â&#x20AC;? Or, if you are really bold:

â&#x20AC;&#x153;What else could we do to help you?â&#x20AC;? That is the essence of a customer-centric business. H

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ASHI Chapter Education 2017 OAHI/CAHPI-ON Education Conference When: Where:

March 3-5, 2017 Holiday Inn, Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, 3063 South Service Rd., Burlington, ON Contact:

Central PA ASHI Chapter Education Conference When: Where:

March 4, 2017 Park Inn by Radisson (Harrisburg West). 5401 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 CEUs 8 ASHI CEs Contact: Patrick Reilly,

North Central Ohio ASHI When: Where: Parma, Topic: Speaker:

Thursday March 9, 6pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9pm Parma Library at 6996 Powers Blvd Ohio 44129 Report Writingâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;group class Paul Wancata & Bill Stone

When: Where:

March 18, 2017 Waterford at Fair Oaks, 12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA Topics: Manufactured Home Inspection, Updates in the 2014 National Electrical Code, Built-in Appliances, New Plumbing Rules and Components Speaker: Michael Casey CEUs 8 ASHI CEs Contact: Dave Rushton, ableinspections@

Western Washington Chapter Spring Seminar When: Where:

March 18, 2017 LeMay-Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Car Museum Tacoma, WA 98421 Topics: Stucco, Adhered Masonry Veneer, Roofing, Gas and Legal issues Speakers: Bruce Barker CEUs 7 ASHI CEs Contact: Brad Albin,

North Central Ohio ASHI

When: CEUs

March 9-10, 2017 March 9 - NADRA Deck Inspection Certificate Class 4 ASHI CEs March 10 - Education Seminar 8 ASHI CEs Where: St. Louis Association of Realtors Conference Center 12777 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63141 Contact: Mark Goodman mark@home

When: Where:

Ohio ASHI Chapter March Expo

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March 10-12, 2017 Quest Center, Columbus, OH Infrared, International Gas Code Structural Defects, Legal Report Writing and Plumbing Speakers: Bryck and Harris Guibor, Don McBride, Joe Denneler, Bill Fabian, Forrest Lines CEUs 8 Friday, 14 Saturday/Sunday Contact: 330-565-3760,

ASHI Reporter t February 2017

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St. Louis Spring Seminar

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Nova ASHI Seminar

Thursday April 13, 6pm-9pm Independence Library at 6361 Selig Blvd, Independence, Ohio 44131

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Ohio Chapter of ASHI Home Inspectors Expo

Ohio Chapter of ASHI Home Inspectors Expo Submitted by Tim Buell, ACI; Forrest Lines, ACI; and Howard Snyder, Ohio Chapter Executive Director


he first Ohio Chapter multiday conference was held in 1996. During the first three years, the conference was held in ."5&0&(5,85Äť5 )/,."5)( ,(65#(5gooo651-5"&5.5."5"#)5..5(#0,-#.3]-51..5(.,65(50,35 conference since that year has been held in the Columbus area. The event started out as a two-day conference held in early March, but because of the growth of the industry and the chapter, it quickly outgrew a number of facilities. James Jagger Juknialis, President, moved the location to the center of the state to make it more convenient for the majority of members. The upcoming conference in March 2017 will be Ohio Chapterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 21st conference. Following ASHIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission statement, â&#x20AC;&#x153;to provide educationâ&#x20AC;Ś,â&#x20AC;? members attending have increased their knowledge by hearing from educators including Don Norman, Mike Casey, Bruce Barker, Bryck & Harris, Steve Verssen and Kenny Hart, to name a few. Several years ago, chapter leaders identified a need to help new members achieve ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) status. Consequently, we added a third day (Friday) to the conference to focus on that goal. In addition, the extended conference includes peer reviews that have been led by notables such as ASHI Executive Director Frank Lesh. In 2008, the Ohio Chapters of ASHI and NAHI joined forces and renamed the conference â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Ohio Home Inspectors Expo,â&#x20AC;? inviting all inspectors no matter their affiliation. Leveraging the resources of both organizations allowed us to spread fixed costs over more attendees, thus keeping costs low. More importantly, it created camaraderie by building new and re-establishing relationships with our fellow inspectors. In addition to educational sessions, products and services are available from over 30 participating vendors. GEM Marketing, Tom Feiza, Joe Denneler and a host of others help our attendees improve their business through marketing merchandise and by offering ancillary services. This business is all about relationships. Those relationships with our clients, real estate agents and especially with our colleagues are very important. Attending local chapter seminars and the national conference, InspectionWorldÂŽ, improves us as inspectors.

This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Expo will be held March 10-12 at the Quest Center in Columbus. All home inspectors are invited and encouraged to attend. The conference lineup will feature Bryck & Harris, presenting electrical and structural; Forrest Lines, professional reporting; Don MacBride, all about natural gas; Bill Fabian, infrared material; and Joseph Denneler, attorney, home inspection litigation. For further information, contact Howard Snyder at, call 330-929-5239 or visit the website (select Education/Dues to register). H 33February 2017



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ASHI Reporter t February 2017

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Painter Made it Rain!â&#x20AC;?

Continued from Page 11

I measured the interior relative humidity (RH) at 47% to 51% in the kitchen and 55% to 57% in the bedroom with the problem. The interior temperature was about 65 degrees F. I always test with three electronic meters, and each one gives a little different RH reading. (I gave up on my sling psychrometer years ago because it took too much time to get an RH reading, but this is an impressive tool to use.) The problem walls, ceilings and visible stains tested dry with a moisture meter. The edges of the exterior walls and the stained areas measured 61 to 64 degrees F. The exterior temperature was about 50 degrees F and 50% relative humidity. -#(!55)"&,5,(5 53!,).'*5hj65 I determined that the problem wall areas were just 10 degrees F above the dew point temperature. The Wohler meter reads relative humidity, dew point temperature and surface temperature, and the results of the readings determine the temperature

difference between the dew point and the surface temperature. Other manufacturers, including Protimeter, offer similar instruments. The owner set the interior temperature to be 63 degrees while she was away at work and 68 degrees while she was at home. The owner loved to open windows to ventilate the home, even when the outdoors was humid and the temperature was below 60 degrees.

Photo 4. White and blue air baffles and insulation

The white air baffles were installed correctly against the roof deck, allowing ventilation air to flow past the insulation (Photo 5).

Checking the Attic Throughout the attic, I saw relatively new fiberglass insulation that was about 20 inches thickâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;providing insulation value of about R50. There were no signs of condensation, and the attic was wellventilated with soffit and roof vents. Air baffles were in place to keep ventilation airflow above the insulation. With the lights off, it was easy to see light in the soffits through the air baffles (Photo 4).

Photo 5. White air baffle gap

The blue air baffles looked a little strange. They were stapled on the lower edge of the roof joists, creating a large space for ventilation air. In fact, two blue air baffles (double-wide) were stapled to the rafters (Photo 6).

1-800-NO-RADON Photo 6. Blue air baffle large gap

RRRRR RRRRRRRRR SSSRRSS SWAT CM TM TT ASHI ACCCACTMC Your clients can now get $100 off a new Radon Mitigation System.

Spare blue baffles were stored in the attic, and it appeared that they should have been split in two and installed tight to the roof deck, not on the lower edge of the roof rafters (Photo 7). Photo 7. Spare blue air baffles

SCCSCTS 35 SMTMCM CMTMM MM CMTMM MMMM CCCMCCCCC TCTTTCTCTTM CT TTC ITCIMMCI OSCC 150,000 SITTCMMCIA ITMMTAATMCMTM *Mennon this ad to receive $100 discount | Call for more details on our Inspector Referral Program. 36

ASHI Reporter t February 2017

Continues on Page 38

37February 2017




â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Painter Made it Rain!â&#x20AC;?

Thinking It Through I narrowed down everything to these relevant facts: R555Äť5")')1(,-5"5-#!(#Ĺ&#x20AC;(.&35.#!".ened up their home with new windows, attic insulation and insulation blown into the walls. The mid-century home no longer leaked air and moisture to the outdoors as it did before they made the improvements. R55Äť5ofz5 /,(5()5&)(!,50(.5(5 dried the home. A naturally drafted furnace vented air up the chimney 24/7. R55Äť5#(),,.&35#(-.&&5&/5Ĺ&#x201E;-5"5 created a great space for ventilation air, but also limited insulation at the edge of the ceiling to about a two-inch depth. Cool exterior air was flowing past and possibly into this thin insulation. R55Äť5*#(.,5(5"#-5&.25*#(.55 about two gallons of water to the roomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s air within a few hours. R55Äť5)1(,5%*.5."5")'5.5li5!,-5 much of the time, which meant that the wall and ceiling surfaces were cool. The ceiling dipped below the dew point temperature as the paint added moisture to the air.

Conclusion: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Leakâ&#x20AC;? Caused by Condensation The low interior temperature of 63 degrees allowed exterior wall surfaces to cool. Because the blue baffles had been installed incorrectly, there wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough insulation along the exterior wall. Increased air flow and lower exterior temperatures cooled the outer edge of the drywall ceiling. Once the homeowners took measures to decrease air movement in and out of the house, indoor humidity greatly increased. The newly applied paint added even more moisture to the bedroom air and raised the airâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dew point temperature. Autumn brought cooler temperatures so that the drywallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s temperature dropped below the interior dew point temperature. Water condensed only on the coolest area of drywall in the bedroom, where water in the paint caused condensation. The rest of the drywall and windows were still above the dew point temperature.

Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Fix Remove the air baffles with a very large gap and place the baffles on the roof deck. Thicken the insulation below the baffles to the ceiling. The best step would be to use closed-cell expanding foam from the lower edge of the baffle to the ceiling; this would stop air movement into the insulation and provide excellent insulation value. Remember, when you see water stains or even water droplets forming on a surface, think about the dew point. Always remember that if water is condensing on a surface, the surface temperature must be below the dew point temperature. And then go from there.

Like this information? Catch Tom Feizaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new presentation on dew point and moisture science at an ASHI meeting near you. H Tom Feiza has been a professional home inspector since 1992 and has a degree in engineering. Through, he provides high-quality marketing materials that help professional home inspectors boost their business. Copyright Š 2017 by Tom Feiza, .S'JY*U *OD3FQSPEVDFEXJUIQFSNJTTJPO Visit (or for more information about building science, books, articles, marketing and illustrations for home inspectors. Email Tom ( comments, or phone 262-303-4884.




AT IW 2018 NOW OPEN Please submit your proposals for consideration. Locate the form under Education tab on: You and your clients will feel like they are working with your hand-picked staff. Let us help your business grow.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

Deadline for submissions is 3/15/17.

Companies that provide both residential and commercial inspection services garner more respect than those doing only residential work! Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections in the same time. Historically, the liability related to commercial inspection is a fraction of that associated with home inspection. The benefits for your business can be substantial.

"QSJM t-PDBUJPOUPCFBOOPVODFE 'PSNPSFJOGPSNBUJPOPSUPSFHJTUFS Call 888-884-0440 COURSE FEES The course fee through The ASHI School is $1,395 for ASHI members. This includes the course text, sample reports, consultantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; reports and information on quoting inspections, report writing, cost estimating and relevant business issues.

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Chimney With Nothing to Hide This is the first seethrough chimney I have seen. Makes it easy to determine if maintenance is needed. Jim Sipe Heartland Home Inspection Training Indianapolis, IN


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

I guess they took it literally. Eric M. Engebretson .JEXFTU*OTQFDUJPO Services, LLC St. Louis, MO


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How Does That Beatles Song Go?

Didn’t Expect to go Splunking Don’t eat the icicle!

I’m not fixing a hole in the roof where the rain gets in.

Jeff Walsh Long River Inspections New Haven County, CT

Tim Hemm Tim Hemm Inspections :VDBJQB $"

Snakes on the Roof! The drain snake that has been laying on the roof (apparently for some time) may be the indication of an ongoing problem & the short vent pipe termination is also creating another one.

As I Walked up to the House... ...this sign reminded me of times gone by. Jay Womack American Building Inspections Mentor, OH

Tim Hemm Tim Hemm Inspections :VDBJQB $"

“Vent to Vent”

How Would you Report This? The bathroom vent fan below terminates into the plumbing vent piping. Brian Cogley Cogley Property Inspections, LLC Oakland, CA


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

What is not seen is the bird’s nest in the exhaust, which will help with the fire. Clay Ridings Preferred Home Inspections Delaware & Pennsylvania

45February 2017



Being a Member… More Importantly, Being a Welcoming Member I

n 2016, ASHI enacted the “Year of the Chapter,” a program highlighting the benefits of chapter membership, and especially geared toward those who may not yet belong to a chapter. We spotlighted how ASHI provides development opportunities, offers tools to assist with daily business operations and emphasizes educational opportunities for all chapters. This assistance can be especially valuable to chapters with limited funds or capabilities. All ASHI members can benefit from chapter membership, whether it be with an established chapter or one of our new “virtual” chapters. In 2017, we’ll expand this program to recognize those new ASHI members who attend a chapter meeting or InspectionWorld® to pursue personal education and expand their knowledge about tools and ideas that can assist them in their inspection business. All of this personal enrichment is enhanced by the benefits that come from simply meeting fellow inspectors who can offer support and camaraderie. As ASHI’s new President, let me tell you how I came to home inspection. Back in 1987, while working in the underwriting section of a major financial institution, I was continually asked if I could do home inspections. Because of a potential conflict of interest, I had to decline. Then, on a Friday in April 1996, I (along with 286 other field underwriters) was dismissed. The following Monday, my former coworkers and I were all retained as independent contractors. I completed my first home inspection two days later and have been working in the great profession of home inspection ever since. I enrolled in a home inspection class at a local technical college and the instructor informed the class about an organization known as “ASHI.” Another student added that ASHI had chapters and there was one in my area known as “Great Lakes.” Soon after, I joined both ASHI and the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC). That was back in 1998, and in the years since, I’ve sincerely enjoyed my relationship with ASHI, at both national and chapter levels. However, I’ll admit that it didn’t start off so smoothly. When I attended my first GLC meeting, a daylong educational session in Cincinnati, I entered the classroom not knowing anyone. I sat in a corner of the room, watching and learning, and I remember I didn’t feel comfortable and sort of decided that this ASHI and GLC thing may not be best for me. Before lunch, I’d made up my mind to stick it out for the day, return to Wisconsin and not attend any more conferences, and maybe not even renew my membership.


ASHI Reporter t February 2017

By ASHI President, Howie Pegelow

Then something happened. Another inspector walked up to me and said “hello.” A simple greeting and a handshake. The inspector who greeted me was the President of the chapter at that time, Frank Lesh (ASHI’s current executive director). Frank escorted me around, introducing me to other inspectors and officers within GLC. I remember their sincere greetings and exchanges. As the day went on, the conference was simply great—very informative and clearly a benefit for all in attendance. I left the conference thinking that ASHI may be the real thing after all and I should give it a chance. I went on to attend future chapter conferences with enjoyment. In 2000, I had a similar experience when I attended my first InspectionWorld® in San Diego. There I met fellow inspectors from the ASHI community and the experience was very rewarding. As you see from my story, ASHI probably would have lost a member as a result of my initial experience at the first chapter event I attended. Not because ASHI and the chapter produced educational programs that were lacking or because I expected a big fanfare to welcome me. But that simple “hello” from an ASHI member and the sincere “how can I help you” made me feel at ease. I’m sure many of you have similar stories of when you first became involved with ASHI. I believe it’s important to welcome everyone to our chapter and national activities. Let’s give our members a chance to express their wants and desires while they enjoy the benefits that ASHI and its chapters offer. There are many opportunities to join national or chapter committees or the Council of Representatives. Our chapters’ directors and officers need your experiences. I believe ASHI is a family, and a family works together for the benefit of all.

So, what do we ask of you? Nothing more than a simple gesture of welcome to new members whenever you can. Yes, a simple handshake and “how can I help you” is all that’s needed. You’ll find that not only is this meaningful for that member, but it will be rewarding to you as well. I’m hopeful that ASHI can build bridges from our many established chapters that extend out to our newer virtual ones, and that through this outreach ASHI will have many new members for life. H

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ASHI Reporter t February 2017

February 2017 Reporter  

Home inspection news and tips for inspectors, home owners and realtors.

February 2017 Reporter  

Home inspection news and tips for inspectors, home owners and realtors.