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AS Photography Exam Experiences, meetings and encounters By Aysegul Tahir

Naoya Hatakeyama This photograph was clearly taken at night and because of this the reflection in the water has been captured nicely making the scenery look quite romantic probably because of the colours which have been reflected into the water. The brightness of the reflected lights in the water are an interesting contrast with the background of the photo which is really dark and low key compared to the high key parts towards the centre of the photograph. The photograph looks as if it was taken from a higher angle to have mostly got the reflection without getting the objects which have been reflected and captured. Considering that the main attraction to the photo is the reflected colourful lights, that area looks out of focus which have been intentional, in my opinion it makes the photograph more interesting to me.

Lighting used is soft but also very vibrant considering that it is in fact a reflection, unclear to me what the object which has been reflected actually is. This particular photograph taken by Naoya Hatakeyama has inspired me to take photographs using reflections into water during the night but maybe using different colours, more muted.


London at Night

Used a 20-30 second shutter speed setting and left on tripod for the duration of the time





Evaluation of Night time photographs •

These photo’s were taken at different locations but similar settings were used, they were taken using quite a slow shutter speed from about 20-30 seconds and it was on a tripod so I didn’t get camera shake, if I had got camera shake it would have unintentionally given it an interesting effect. The location the photograph was taken in reminded me of Naoya Hatakeyama’s work because of the water reflection but I decided I wanted the beautiful scenery in it as much as the reflection I also didn’t want as many bright colours as hers so when I saw the orangey tones it captured my eye immediately because I liked the muted look. Overall I wanted the photographs to look relaxed and for people to feel relaxed when they see them. I feel that i’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve with this set because the lighting was perfect even though it was pitch black on location. The contrast of colours from dark to light black to orange makes the mood warm and ‘relaxing’ which is what i wanted. I feel that I captured the movement well in photograph 1 because the reflection in the water isn’t as blurry as some of the others on the other hand I believe I could improve when it comes to quality of the the water and the tiny ripples in the water as that would add definition and importance to the water, but at the moment the water just seems to be there with no importance to the photograph.

I feel that landscape was the right choice for these photographs because it captured all of the subject instead of an insignificant part of it. Based on the way the photograph looks and its appearance only I really enjoy looking at photograph 4 because it’s a city shot and shows city life and how the lights are on but they look dim which is the tone I like in photographs. I also like that you can see the cars in action at the bottom of the photo. If I was to take these photographs again I would have manipulated the water with maybe added lights which I could place on the water, I decided not to do this however because I didn’t know if the portable lights would sink and I also didn’t want to harm any fish or ducks as they could try eating them. I do feel that the viewers would be interested with the light and how vibrant they are especially because they stand out compared to the black mundane colours which are also I the photo. Even though shot 6 isn't as focused as I’d like it to be I had to include it because the photograph in my opinion sho0ws city life and how fast the world is moving around you, as you can see the clouds look like they are moving fast which is why it looks burred which probably wasn’t the case.

To make these photographs more interesting next time I could maybe play around with zooming in and out like I did with photograph 8 and see what I get with those, I could also try doing some Birdseye shots somehow by standing on a walkover bridge. I feel that this would be interesting to the viewers because they would be thinking of the technique used to produce the photograph.

Experimenting with reflecting imagery

Developmental set

Evaluation of developmental photographs these photo’s were taken in a white studio for the lighting to be right for these shots , I then switched the lights off and put some smaller spotlight effect lights on. When I set out to take these photo’s I knew I wanted to use a mirror to create lines and reflection because I liked the look of the water reflections in the first initial set of photo’s. I think I achieved the effect I wanted to and some came out better than I had thought they would, especially he abstract blue light photo’s, because they look as if they were meant t be the original photograph. Some of the photo’s look unprofessional because the reflection of the light is reflecting off of the shiny finish of the prints. Visually I think the best photo is this photo because whoever had seen it had asked what effect had been used on photoshop when really all I had used was a mirror to create this photograph. no movement was meant to be used in this development photograph however movement was clearly in the original photo which gives the current development photo movement. I think I could have improved the photo’s by making the mirror completely invisible because if you look closely you can clearly see where the mirror meets the page in some ways this could be a good effect to the photograph and looks intentional but on the other hand it might look like ive been careless with the mirror and havent disguised it properly. I believe the photo’s hold the viewers interest and attention because the colours and the movement is captured throughout this series of photo’s

Exploring a location by day: Brighton •

Marco Recuero After seeing this photograph taken by Marco Recuaro I noticed it related to what I had previously taken and what I wanted to take on the Brighton trip I was going to go on. i thought the negative space used for his photo’s were interesting, especially this one because it really reminded me of what I had taken myself which is refreshing, compared to having the subject in the middle of the photo which is so generic these days.

Brighton Photographs

Final Outcomes produced in the exam

Exam Prep  

Powerpoint of photographs, artist research and outcomes

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