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APRIL 12 2014


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who’s out and about?

Editor’s note At the risk of sounding like a broken record and a cliche queen, I say it again. Beauty has nothing to do with body shape, age and cosmetic surgery/physical perfection. It has everything to do with health and how you feel about yourself. Ladies, please, cut yourself some slack and accept yourself as you are. Just look at how gorgeous our cover lady, Carolyn Donaldson, is at the age of 61. As the winter chill begins to bite, buy yourself something bright, warm and classy and enjoy many hours in front of the fire with your favourite wine and book! Cheers and good health to YOU

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Above – Alana Pawsey, Adrian Waddell and Cheila Graham. Below left – Peter Macgregor and Kay Miles. Below right – Beth and Jof Stephens.

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nnual exhibition


Above (from left) – Christine Pooke, Heather Sarin and Julie Madden. 070414-TM-051

Above (from left) – Stuart and Sylvia McKay, and Adrienne Prendergast. Below – Joey Gerard (left) and Sally Withell.


Above – Eric and Estelle Jarvis.


Above – Val and Colin Clemens.







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lived the imp She was a reluctant entrant in Timaru’s summer Queen of the Carnival competition, but in winning that event, shy 22-year-old Carolyn Skilling, overnight became public property. The win earned her a place in the Miss Canterbury contest, catapulting her from small town girl to the world of high fashion, as a member of the last, touring, Miss New Zealand Show. Along with 11 other regional title winners, she hit the road on a tour that took in towns and cities around the country, putting the young women under an intense scrutiny of a highly critical public spotlight. That was in 1974 and to mark the 40-year anniversary of the final tour, Carolyn has written a book about those days on the road. “That was the end of an era really when anyone could take part. Now it’s not people walking in off the street like me going in the contests, it’s people from modelling agencies,” she said. For Carolyn, a shy, thin young woman, making a career out of parading in front of thou-

Above – Carolyn Donaldson today, happily married with her life as a beauty queen tucked away in her memories. Right – Carolyn Skilling, Miss Canterbury, 1974.

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YOU Magazine | 5

mpossible dream

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Beauty pageants were the stuff of teenage girls’ dreams 40 years ago; Ashburton woman Carolyn Donaldson (nee Skilling) lived that dream. She shares her experience as a member of the last Miss New Zealand touring party with reporter Sue Newman.

sands was an impossible dream. The year before at her mother’s prompting she entered Timaru’s Holiday Queen competition. “She suggested I had a go in the contest to build up my confidence. I was fine with that because I didn’t have to wear a bathing costume. I was so skinny and self conscious, I was always being teased.” To Carolyn’s surprise, she won and came second in the festival’s Queen of the Carnival. The prize money went towards her first car, a 1952 Ford Prefect. What she hadn’t counted on was the Timaru win making her eligible for Miss Canterbury. And that meant parading not only in evening and street wear but also in a swimsuit. She was horrified. She placed third and settled back into a quiet life in Ashburton. The following year she decided to enter the Queen of the Carnival competition again and won, forgetting that would guarantee her entry to Miss Canterbury 1974. “I never gave it a thought until the organisers phoned. I told them I wouldn’t enter again. They kept calling back, I kept saying no, and I still don’t know why I changed my mind.” The big day loomed and with her parents, Carolyn headed to Christchurch for rehearsals and a disastrous date with the hairdresser. A quick wash and a borrowed hairdryers dispatched the “boofy” hairdo and she arrived at the Christchurch Town Hall with hair she could live with.

The contest passed in a blur interviews, rapid clothing changes and very sore feet from very high heels. The 14 young women then returned to the stage together to hear the results. “The drum roll played again and again…a sudden push into my back by one of the other contestants and in shock I stepped forward. I had just been crowned Miss Canterbury 1974. I was in a daze. Cameras were flashing, people wanted to talk to me and all I wanted to do was go back to the motel with my parents and try to make sense of what had happened.” That was the start of a hectic 12 month schedule that would see her leave her job as Hotel Ashburton receptionist to hit the road as part of the Miss New Zealand show and fulfilling a year’s worth of duties as Miss Canterbury. It was also the start of long hours of dressmaking for her mother, with contestants required to provide all clothing apart from their swimsuits. Five weeks of modelling contracts around Canterbury, Marlborough and Nelson were followed by the Auckland Easter Show and then a national tour. Life as a contestant was lived according to a strict set of rules – no men in the young women’s rooms, a high moral standard had to be maintained at all times and on their free days, if they left the hotel they had to check with their chaperones before leaving and on returning. At all times the girls had to wear makeup and

Above– And so it begins, winning Timaru’s Holiday Queen title as a 21-year-old was the first step for Carolyn Skilling on a journey that would see her crowned Miss Canterbury the following year to become a member of the Miss New Zealand road show.

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be dressed appropriately. They received $40 a week to spend on ‘incidentals.’ The consequences of not complying with this set of rules could possibly result in being sent home without completing the tour. That time in Auckland, was not just about looking good, it was also about doing good, Carolyn said. “We attended charity gala evenings and raised money for a crippled children’s home that we later went to visit. It was uplifting to see the joy on their faces and this was one of the highlights of being a contestant, giving back.” That was just one of the many ‘charitable visits’ the contestants made. “If the women’s libbers and other critics took the time to know that we attended these then maybe they would acknowledge that there was more to a beauty contest than just being on stage,” she said. From the Auckland shows, the team hit the road on a heavily chaperoned tour of New Zealand. “It all started to become real. It was very intense – 48 appearances in four weeks plus day time functions in every town and city.” Those public appearances sometimes saw the contestants the butt of public criticism …”she’s got fat legs….I don’t like her hair.” You eventually became immune to the snide remarks, Carolyn said. As the road show headed south, Carolyn’s health began to deteriorate. She left the tour and headed back to Ashburton to recuperate. That meant dozens of missed functions, but when the show arrived in Ashburton, she dragged herself out of bed to appear on stage. “I was amazed at the audience’s reaction. They gave me a standing ovation. It was very emotional.” Ahead of the final, she continued to struggle with what had been diagnosed as influenza but later proved to be glandular fever. The days that followed were a blur as she went through the rounds of final interviews and judging ahead of the finals night in the Christchurch Town Hall. “There was one part of the interview I found quite funny. You had to go to each judge and show your hands front and back. I never fussed over my hands or nail and I can’t say I do now.” Her weight had plummeted to six and a half stone (about 41kg) and her finals outfits had to be dramatically altered.

Left – For Ashburton’s Carolyn Skilling, the hardest part of her time as a Miss New Zealand finalist was parading in a swimsuit.

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“I must say I looked rather gaunt and had puffy eyes. That wasn’t flash but the makeup crew did a great job but they couldn’t do anything about my weight. By this stage all I wanted was to get the show over and to get back to better health.” That would take more than three months. She was unplaced in the final, but says the experience as a member of the last event’s last road show has had a huge and beneficial impact on her life. In the years since Miss New Zealand, Carolyn carved out a successful banking career, moving around New Zealand, before coming back to her roots in Ashburton and meeting husband to be Les Donaldson.

“Les has completed my life,” she said. The Miss New Zealand show might be a long time in the past, it’s something she rarely talks about but it’s something she will never forget. “I’ve moved on with my life. Most people don’t know about it and I don’t bring it up. I don’t really talk about it.” With the 40th anniversary of that tour rolling round, however, Carolyn said she felt inspired to dig out her old clippings. “When I did that I realised it was the end of an era, an era that’s long gone. And taking part is something I’ll always be proud of,” she said. Those clippings were the foundation for her book, My Life as Miss Canterbury 1974.

Above – Carolyn Donaldson and muchloved friend Ben. Left – A book of memories, Carolyn Donaldson (nee Skilling) has recorded her journey as a beauty show contestant in a book that is available from Ashburton Paper Plus.

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pure heaven

by Toni Williams

Her happy place could shatter at any moment, but as a glass artist, Tash Sim knows all the tricks of the trade. Her business is called Throwin’ Shapes Glass. Sitting in her Hinds workshop, surrounded by glass of all shapes and sizes coloured and cut to fit her designs is pure heaven for Tash. Working with glass is her baby – a thing she cherishes and wants to grow. But her work is not confined to glass. Tash also works in stainless steel and copper and she has perfected the art of textured glass using blended techniques in her own designs.

Already her sales have hit the international market with orders from America, Australia and Europe. But she would love to have her work displayed and sold everywhere. Believing that all things have potential, she takes existing pieces and transforms them into wondrous creations, one of which is a wine bottle lamp shade – a bottle split down the middle to create a feature design. A lot of Tash’s designs come from nature and from what she sees around her – an idea or concept comes to her which she then perfects. The designs of fused glass in her jewellery range can take up to four hours to handle before being placed overnight in a kiln, heated to around 960°C.

Left – Tash Sim’s face lights up when talking about her business. phoToS TeTSURo MiToMo 260214-TM-069

Right – Customised leadlight window commissioned for a client.


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Tash does commissioned works for people, tailoring work to meet the needs of her clients, and also takes her wares to the Ashburton or Geraldine markets. Then there is recognition that comes from entry into competitions like the Junk to Funk awards. She created a free-standing mirror

design, which she had been wanting to do since she was 14 years old. It was featured in the media at the time. The oval mirror rotates from mirror to a 3D design depicting Mother Nature with sun rays and flowing rivers. It is made of recycled materials. continued over page

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Mother Earth is a 3D rotating mirror made for the 2008 Junk to Funk awards.

She still has it prominently displayed in her workshop. “I like to be unconventional, I don’t want to be the same as everyone else,” she said. She started out working in an industry not often linked to women, as a glazier’s apprentice. It was four years of learning; absorbing all the techniques to cut the glass and fit it into a space.

She attributes her interest in glass to tagging along with her father, Greg Sim, when she was young. He is a builder and Tash grew up around workers in the industry. “Since I could follow him, I would carry his tools.” By the time Tash was 18 years old, she had a glazier’s apprenticeship with Armstrong Glass in Ashburton. By the age of 22, she was the first fully qualified female


glazier in New Zealand. She has come a long way from changing a window pane or fixing a windscreen. On a one-year OE in Ireland working in sales at an Irish crystal house, Tash learned some traditional “brilliant cutting” techniques. “They were deep-cut crystals, nice thick cuts.” She also painted houses “just because I could really”.

She is focusing on getting into the World of Wearable Art (WOW) event in Wellington later this year. But it is a closely-guarded design and will be unlike anything she has done before. She has no formal art training, nor does she follow eras or trends, she prefers to go by feel and use natural skills to tastefully make a piece pop. Through her leadlighting, her pieces can change an old, standard frosted glass win-

YOU Magazine | 11

dow into a modern and stylish individualist piece, creating a focal piece or talking point. Fiancé Luke Darrell, is supportive of her work, even lending a hand with welding aspects. He is a panel beater and spray painter. They complement each other. At 34 years old, Tash has work lined up in the foreseeable future but always picks up items for use down the track knowing she can breathe extra life into it later. Often a design or concept comes to her in the middle of the night. She has learned not to ignore it because it won’t go away – and nor can she sleep – until it’s sketched. She has worked on a range of different mediums; designing modern glass cupboard doors and splashbacks for kitchens, picturesque leadlight windows, lampshades and a number of restoration projects returning classic designs to original condition. And then there is the jewellery – necklaces, earrings and brooches, but also the art pieces. This is a love affair full of variety. She is doing what she loves and being paid to do it!


Above – Tash has made a vision in lavender. Left – Bottle lampshade using recycled glass. Far left – Some pretty pieces of glass. Below left – Pendant and brooch jewellery (front) and handcrafted fern (rear). Below right – A selection of Tash’s stylish and unique jewellery.





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for chronic fatigue

For some people chronic fatigue and chronic pain can be a constant everyday occurrence, which interferes with living a productive and goal-achieving life like many others around them. For chronic fatigue sufferers, life can be completely consumed by their illness. Many suffer pain and fatigue in silence, as others often do not understand the true extent of how much they suffer. Chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia are conditions that are not caused by one particular thing and seen as generalised illnesses that are often difficult to treat. Therefore those who suffer with such conditions can really struggle long-term from one day to the next. We can all understand what feeling really tired for a few days can feel like until we have time to rest and re-charge, but for chronic fatigue sufferers it is a non-relenting condition that hangs over them like a black cloud day after day and often with pain to go with their tiredness. Some may struggle to even get out

Jane Logie


of bed in the morning to try and get through the daily basic tasks that many of us take for granted. Others can have good days and bad days, never really knowing how they are going to feel from one day to the next. These people crave to feel normal again with boundless energy that they once had and to feel and live life again without an ounce of pain or muscle tenderness. Fibromyalgia is characterised as an illness of a combination of chronic and varying symptoms of musculoskeletal pain, tenderness, sleep disturbance, stiffness fatigue, mental distress, headaches, IBS, anxiety and depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterised by persistant and relapsing

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fatigue, with occurring symptoms such as parathesia, gut disturbances, headaches, joint pain and sometimes mental and visual dysfunction. Chronic fatigue often has some of the following physical symptoms: Tender lymph nodes, unrefreshing sleep, sore throat, muscle pain, impaired memory and concentration and postexertional malaise. The two conditions mentioned are similar but different with fibromyalgia being a pain-based condition with varying degrees of fatigue and mood disturbances, whilst chronic fatigue is where fatigue is the key symptom, alongside pain, immune disturbances and brain fog being a secondary concern to the condition. Many people are desperate for a fast cure, but it is often a slow and winding road to recovery. Both these conditions may take years to recover from and often with relapses that can occur along the way. There are many ways to treat these conditions, but for each individual there is often not one particular treatment, as it may be a different treatment that will be required for each individual. Often a range of treatment options will be recommended or prescribed, and a figuring out process of what is working best for the individual being treated at the time. A combination of suggestions is often provided for a better long-term wellness outcome. A variety of remedies may involve looking at daily lifestyle options, herbal and mineral remedies and dietary advice, all to enhance the health of the individual concerned. It has taken the patient a while to get to this state, so it will take time to get better. Patience and support are the two key elements for individuals suffering with these such conditions. Trial and error are also part of the equation to try and get the patient back to health. As there is not one cure for those that suffer from chronic fatigue and chronic pain, it is often easier to start with the

basics and then move forward from there. Starting with the basics is a great option to get on the road to recovery, as most people who suffer with chronic fatigue and chronic pain are too exhausted or in pain to implement the basics of good health, often looking for a quick fix of sugar or caffeine, or not exercising. The following are some ways to help: – Trying to eat as healthily as possible and starting a gentle exercise regime are two great starting points back on to the road to recovery. – Start with gettting a minimum of eight to 10 hours’ sleep a night and trying to remove as much sugar and stimulants, such as caffeine, as possible. – Take deeper, slower breathes and include more relaxing/time-out options in your life. – Rehydrate your cells with drinking plenty of water. Easily digestable fruit and vegetable juice combinations can also be hugely beneficial. – Utilising nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B and C and, sometimes, zinc and CoQ10 can be of help. Fish oils and a variety of herbs such as rhodiola, St John’s wort, valerian, passionflower and licorice can be of help also. Some of these components mentioned individually can help and some in combination. You may know of someone who is constantly suffering and in a state of unwellness, maybe a little help or a little understanding for how that person is suffering might go a long way in helping that person to recover in their own time and at their own pace. For more information on treatment of these conditions it is advisable to seek professional help for those concerned.


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With Anzac Day not far away it makes you think of the beautiful poppy. The majority of poppy seeds used for cooking come from the opium poppy – Papaver Somniferum. Although these do have opium content, the amount used for cooking purposes is extremely small. The herb used for medicinal purposes is Eschsolzia Californica – the perennial Californian poppy which originated. It is used and prescribed as anondyne (painkiller) and an antispasmodic – its particular use for muscular spasms, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness and headaches is great for people with chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Recipes by Jane Logie

Poppy seed mayonnaise A thick creamy dressing that can be used on a fresh summer salad. 2 egg yolks 1T of Dijon mustard Pinch of salt Pinch of white pepper 250ml of light olive oil (or the one that you prefer, advocado oil could substitute) 1T of apple cider vinegar (or white wine vinegar) 2-4T of cold water to thin the dressing 1t poppy seeds 1-2T of chopped parsley (optional) 2-3 grinds of black pepper (optional) – Combine the first three ingredients on the list in a clean large glass bowl, whisk together. – While whisking with your dominant hand, add a 1t only at a time with your other hand, whisking all the time into the egg mix, do this slowly, drizzle a

teaspoon at a time until all the olive oil is blended in. – Your dressing should resemble a thick glossy sauce. Then add the vinegar. You will find that it is still possibly quite thick, then add 1T of water at a time until you get the desired consistency you would like. Season again with salt and pepper to taste. – Lastly, add 1t of poppy seeds. And then add 1T of chopped parsley. – Use immediately on the salad of your choice or place in a jar in the fridge and use within a few days of making.

Poppy seed vinagrette 1C of olive oil (any type, a lighter one and sweeter, would be preferred) ¼ of balsamic vinegar ½ juice of a lemon 1½ T of runny honey (can sweeten more if desired) 1 clove of garlic (crushed or finely chopped) 1t of poppy seeds 1T of parsley chopped Pinch of salt Pinch of white pepper 3-4 grinds of black pepper – Combine all the ingredients in order of the list above in a jar that will fit 1½ C worth of liquid, season and sweeten to your taste, stir, use immediately on your chosen salad or store in the fridge. In rememberance of those on Anzac day that fought for your country and came home unwell, and struggling to regain their health once more


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Bullying is such a hot topic and one close to my heart. The subject has been done to death and there’re times us “moral” citizens bully the bullies. What’s right and what’s wrong? I don’t know. But I do know this: At some point, at some stage, you have to fight back. At primary school, I taught my children to walk away, to tell the teachers, do the right thing. It didn’t work I’m afraid. The kids bullying seemed to end up more and more powerful. What were the teachers doing about it? I can’t say for sure, but I can imagine they did their best to sort issues out. I’m just not sure, due to PC policies, they were tough enough or had enough time to deal with things properly. By the time No.1 son hit college, it was a different ball game. He was a little fella when he first entered “the big boys’ arena”, and I remember him getting picked up and thrown on to the edge of a stage, hurting his back in the process. In the meantime, he was getting bigger

fight back

Lisa Fenwick


and stronger by the minute. The same stage thrower, got in his face once too often and got a punch in the face for his efforts. My first reaction was: “Oh hell no, you could seriously hurt someone that way.” My second reaction was: “Well, sometimes boys just have to deal with things in their own way.” Right or wrong, it was the best thing he did punching that boy. He doesn’t have trouble with him now. I know that walking away is the best thing to do, but how many times does a person have to walk away? It’s not the best look for a teen to run to a teacher and complain about bullying ... especially a 16-year-old male. His street cred would take a big dive, it’s just not going to happen.

Violence is never the answer? Isn’t it? That’s funny, because it worked. Kids are fighting for their self-esteem out there and, boys particularly, lose it pretty damn quickly if they’re not standing up for themselves, if they feel powerless. I’ve seen kids at school look like victims, I look at them with sadness – they have “punch me” or “call me names” tattooed on their foreheads. And there are plenty of savage, horrendous kids who can sniff out a “victim” like a starving man in McDonald’s. To be honest, I find the real damage is done with mental bullying. We have to teach our kids how to cope with it, because it’s going to happen. At some stage in their lives our children are going to be smacked in the face with mental or physical bullying. They have a better chance of “surviving” it if their self-esteem is good. That’s something parents can help with. I for sure don’t go around suggesting my children dabble in a bit of violence when the mood takes them, but if it comes down to it and it’s the only way to keep said protagonists off their case,

then maybe it has to be done. The big problem is, there have been too many incidences of one-punch deaths, and there is never any excuse for that. Not even bullies deserve to die, but neither do the victims of bullying, and that has also happened. We have to teach our kids stick up for themselves, teach them some verbal methods, help them with self-esteem and, above all, teach them they do not have to take that crap. If your school is not doing anything about a bullying problem, that’s when you can step in. It’s your child’s life they’re messing with. If the school insists that the child can’t fight back, then they better do the “fighting” for the victim. “Oh but Johnny is the victim of bullying himself ...” I don’t care. Deal with the issue that’s happening right now please. Our kids have a right to a safe environment to learn in, and that goes double for at home. Bullying is never okay ... teach them to take their power back.


Moving wasn’t an easy decision we made with our family, but it has been the best. Our new home is warm, modern, spacious, and everything we need. The secure resort community will allow us to continue living our life in style whilst retaining our independence. Graham and Shona Deaker - Lochlea Lifestyle Resorts first residents.

Lochlea Lifestyle Resort - Ashburton’s first complete lifestyle resort, providing luxurious two and three bedroom villas, recreational lodge, and soon to be built 80 bed hospital with aged care and dementia facilities. Life just gets better.

TONY SANDS - Resort Manager To organise a personal tour contact Tony on 0800 2727 837

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mum’s coo

16 | YOU Magazine


My fondest childhood memories were of my mum’s cooking and the times sitting at the table as a family delving into the fruits of her labour. One of my all-time favourites was her homemade spaghetti made from heavilyladen tomato plants in her garden. It would have to be the simplest of recipes I have had the pleasure to work with in the kitchen and definitely my favourite to slurp on, not to mention the glorious childhood memories it conjures up for

Marg Brownlie


At last I get to brag about my Mum. She was, without a doubt, the proverbial domestic goddess in my eyes. Move over Nigella Lawson!

me. You simply have to have a supply of this in the freezer to get you through the winter as it is fabulous as a soup as well. Botanically called a fruit, but treated in the kitchen as a vegetable, the glamorous tomato is still bearing goodies at this late stage of the growing season, albeit struggling to ripen. All is not lost though! My mother, being the frugal single parent that she was, had an answer for the green tomato as well. Waste not, want not she would say.

Mum’s homemade tomato heaven 12lb tomatoes quartered 4 large onions chopped roughly 2T common salt 1c sugar 1t pepper 3 whole cloves 1 pint water

– Boil these ingredients together in a large pot for about half an hour – Melt 4T butter and blend in 2 Tbpsp flour. Stir into hot tomato mixture and boil for a further three minutes. Remove the whole cloves before putting through a mouli to remove skins and

seeds and cool. There is lots of mixture so you may want to freeze into family meal size lots. – If making into a spaghetti, cook your spaghetti according to packet instructions and add as much of the tomato mixture as takes your fancy. phoTo MaRg BRoWnlie


Best Before: July 2015 Non Alcohol Contains: Pressed Grapes, Sulphur Dioxide (220), Ascorbic Acid, Tartaric Acid, No Sugar Added. Nutrition Information:

Home chef’s ultimate secret ingredient! Serving size: 200ml Average Quantity Servings per bottle: 3.8 Per 100g Per serve




Anything lemon juice or vinegar can do, ’s ef Ch e om ‘H

Ultimate Secret Ingredient!’ Product of South Island NEW ZEALAND

Available Marlborough

from: Salmon Tales Pinot Gris and n alcoholic 750ml Lushingtons




Fat Total




Carbohydrate Total

0.0g 9.4g

0.0g 18.9g







This is an average may change slightly with seasons.



7 Guinness Street, Highfield, Timaru Ph. 03 683 1722 | Mob. 027 232 6936 | Email. info@jennydewarsverjus.co.nz Check out my website for delicious recipes | www.jennydewarsverjus.co.nz


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Green tomato chutney This is quite a zingy chutney, great with cold snacks, curries and, of course, cheese. 2kg green tomatoes, chopped 500g onions, finely chopped 250g sultanas

3T yellow mustard seeds 1T ground allspice 1T salt 2 1/2 C white vinegar 450g white sugar – Combine all ingredients in a large

saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring, until the sugar is dissolved. – Cook gently, uncovered, for about 1 1/2 hrs, maybe a little longer, depending on the moisture content of your tomatoes. – When the liquid has evaporated and

the tomatoes are pulpy you will know that it is ready. – Pour the chutney into hot clean jars and seal. – As always with a chutney, it is best left for a couple of months before devouring.

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hat would make you think this? We don't tend to see this sort of positive headline when the Reserve Bank announces that the Official Cash Rate is being increased. This isn't a crack at the media, although we do tend to hear only one side of the story when the Official Cash Rate has been adjusted. That is, mortgagors will have to pay more and possibly borrowers should consider fixing their loans before interest rates increase further. What we don't hear is that when the Official Cash Rate increases, deposit rates have also increased. Should this occur it results in those clients investing money in banks and building societies getting a higher return. Now that isn't a bad thing, but we never seem to hear this. It must be remembered that if we didn't have clients depositing money into banks and building societies we wouldn't have any money to lend to

John Moore


people to buy houses. It may come as a surprise to some that financial institutions don't tend to make anymore money when interest rates are higher or lower. It is simply an adjustment of interest rates on both sides of the ledger. All financial institutions thrive to have a good margin and the bigger the margin the better the profit. The same thing applies to the corner dairy, they operate on margin as well. It's just that financial institutions trade in money, while the corner dairy trades in confectionery and consumables. Some financial institutions, like building

societies, are owned by their depositors, these are mutuals and don't have to make large profits to pay shareholders. This type of organisation tends to run on a lower margin, paying higher deposit rates to their investors. Plus they tend to have very competitive lending products on the other side of the ledger, which bodes well for both the investor and the borrower.


All financial institutions thrive to have a good margin, and the bigger the margin the better the profit

Now let's go back to the Reserve Bank’s announcement recently when the

Official Cash Rate was increased by 0.25 per cent. If a person had $100,000 on a term deposit for 12 months, they may have been earning interest at say 4.20 per cent per annum (pa) this equates to earnings of $4200pa pre-tax. Due to interest rates increasing term deposits, interest rates have generally increased by 0.20 per cent pa to 4.40 per cent pa making the return for 12 months $4400pa. This represents an increase of $200 a year. That is actually a 4.75 per cent increase in your annual return on the term deposit. So next time you see the Official Cash Rate being increased and we see headlines that mortgages will increase, there is a positive to the story as well. Remember though, when the Official Cash Rate goes down, the positive story is that mortgagors pay less and investors also get less. Happy banking. Advertising feature

YOU Magazine | 19

In an ideal world, mums would spend all day, every day at home with their babies. But today’s world isn’t ideal – it’s expensive. Erin Tasker talks about life as a working mum.


Time at home with your little ones is precious when you’re a working mum. Erin Tasker, with 15-month-old son Riley.

It’s 3.45am and you wake to the sound of a crying baby. You leave him for a couple of minutes, hoping he’ll go back to sleep. He doesn’t. You pick him up and give him a cuddle. He’s inconsolable. Has he had a nightmare? Is he teething? Has he got a sore tummy? Does his nappy need changing? Doesn’t he know you’ve got to work today?! No, he doesn’t. He’s a baby and he’s unhappy. Eventually dad puts him in the car and takes him for a drive to soothe him and a much happier baby comes back fast asleep. But it’s 6.20am. Dad’s due to leave for work shortly and your alarm is set to go off at 6.50am. Today the day has officially started at 3.45am. I – like many mums out there these days – am a working mum. For 24 hours a week I’m the chief reporter at the Guardian, but for 168 hours a week I’m a mum to a beautiful 15-month-old boy, Riley. Juggling the two jobs can be a real act and fortunately nights like the one above don’t happen all the time, but that’s the reality of being a working mum. In an ideal world mums would stay home with their children 24/7. But there are bills to pay, clothes to buy and an ever-increasing food bill to meet. Many mums don’t have a choice, they have to work. I was fortunate. I was able to spend the first 10 months of Riley’s life at home

juggling act phoTo TeTSURo MiToMo 060414-TM-029

with him. I’m also fortunate that I am able to work part-time and have plenty of family support close by. When I’m at work, Riley spends a few hours at preschool and the rest of the time with his grandparents. At preschool he gets to interact with other kids and do all sorts of things he doesn’t always get to at home – messy things like painting and playing in a sandpit – and he loves the time he gets to spend with his grandparents just as much as they do. We pull up nan’s driveway and an excited wee voice in the back seat pipes up “nan-nan”. The doorbell rings and he stops what he’s doing and exclaims “nan-nan!”. As a mum, the decision to go back to work can be stressful. You wonder how your child will adjust. Will he be happy in the care of others? Is it worth it? For mums, working even a few hours is extra money in the family’s bank account, but it’s also an opportunity to get back out in the real world and interact with other adults. You look at things a little differently when you return from maternity leave though. Before, it didn’t matter if you were an hour later finishing than you meant to be. Now you’ve got a baby to pick up, get home, give a bath, a bottle and get to bed. Oh, and tea needs to be cooked somewhere in there too. I’ve never been the most organised person in the world and going back to work means you have to be. The next

day’s clothes are ready the night before and the preschool bag is packed with a spare set of clothes, lunch, nappies, sunhat, woolly hat … and a list of anything that needs to be added in the morning is sitting on the bench. The memory isn’t quite what it used to be. Being a parent is one of life’s biggest challenges; one no-one can prepare you for. Just when you think you’re in a good routine, another tooth comes along or a

tummy bug rips through your house and the routine’s gone. Parenthood is a challenge, but it’s also the most rewarding experience you can ever have. Every family is different and everyone has their own way of doing things, but we’ve found the perfect fit for us. I am today’s typical new mum. I have two jobs. I’m busy, but I’m happy and I wouldn’t have things any other way.

A new range of

Merino wear footwear and more...


OPEN: MON-FRI 7:30AM - 5:30PM

     


We have merino day and sleep wear, Go Go bags, beanies, booties and more. All naturally warm, gentle on the skin and beautifully designed.


TOTS TO TEENS INSTORE NOW! The Arcade, Burnett Street Ph: 307 7340

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that we


by Amanda Wright

Fashion is an art form that we live within. Unlike poetry or painting, everyone in the world takes part in the expression of how we present ourselves. Whether we believe ourselves to be creative or not, a piece of our personality will still emanate from what we wear. It provides an insight into who we are, and allows us to show or hide our desires and emotion. It’s everywhere we look, but it’s as unique from person to person as our own fingerprint. A love for clothing led Bridget Quaid to pursue her passion. It’s a passion many women can relate to, the passion for fashion. When the opportunity arose to purchase popular Ashburton fashion boutique, Depeche Mode Boutique, Bridget knew it was the opportunity she had been waiting for. After working with her husband, Justin, as owners of Quaid Construction, Bridget was ready to go out on her own and run a business within an industry she adores. “I purchased Depeche Mode Boutique

in December last year, as I was ready for a new challenge. It’s been wonderful working with Justin, but this opportunity allows me to strive for new successes within an industry that I love. It’s something for me,” Bridget said. Bridget is excited for the opportunity to inject some of her personality and flair into the fashion boutique. “Fashion can speak volumes about a

and colours on a person can totally transform their appearance and, with added confidence, that fashion choice will look even better. “It’s great when a customer leaves the store feeling so much better about themselves. That’s the power of fashion,” Bridget said. Bridget grew up locally on her parent’s farm at Lauriston. She stayed in Ashburton

Fashion can speak volumes about a person and it’s a magical feeling to open a person’s personality simply by changing their style

person and it’s a magical feeling to open a person’s personality simply by changing their style. A lot of customers crave change, but don’t know where to begin. “We all have our insecurities, and this sometimes can inhibit the type of style we are comfortable to wear. The right style

to finish her schooling and it was at Ashburton College where she met husbandto-be, Justin. “I have to give credit to a friend of mine, who asked Justin to the Year 12 ball for me, because I didn’t have the courage to ask him myself. Our relationship grew

from right back when we became high school sweethearts. “Ten years later Justin headed to Perth for a few months to work and after a few weeks I went over with him. We stayed with my aunty while we were over there and took the opportunity to travel a lot. “It was in Perth where Justin proposed to me. I was so shocked because I was sure that he didn’t ever want to get married! So it came as a huge surprise. “A year after the proposal we were living back in New Zealand and got married. Soon after the first of our two gorgeous children were born, our girl Taylor. Taylor is now four, and we also have a son, Nixon, who is 22 months,” Bridget said. Justin and Bridget started their own construction business, Quaid Construction Company, seven years ago. With two young children and two businesses to look after, Bridget is thankful to their special friend Claire Dunstan, who has become a member of the family. “Claire is with us fulltime and cares for our children three days per week and manages the shop on the days that I’m


322 East Street, Ashburton | 03 307 1951

no is ab kn ha W bu is ra pa co “ da sin

e live within

YOU Magazine | 21

tin rk





o ok


not there. It works really well for us. Claire is like a second mum to the kids, they absolutely adore her so we are lucky to know that the children are always in great hands,” Bridget said. When she isn’t dedicating time to her businesses or family, Bridget’s other love is for her horses. Her grandparents bred racehorses many years ago and Bridget’s parents, as well as aunties and uncles, competed at competition level. “I got my first pony on my second birthday and have ridden and competed ever since. It was a huge part of my life when

I was younger, travelling across New Zealand for competitions. Every moment after school and on weekends I would spend time with my horse. “Since having Taylor it hasn’t been as easy to train and compete, as myself and Justin became really busy with work and parenthood. Taylor and Nixon are the world to me, so I try and spend as much time as I can with them. “I have several horses running around in the paddock, so they are still a big part of my life, but I just can’t dedicate the time to them as I used to. Once Nixon gets a little

bit older I’m definitely intending on getting back out to compete!” For the moment, Bridget is excited about building the brands and products available at Depeche Mode Boutique. “We stock a large range of really gorgeous brands, too many to mention, but we like to provide fun fashion that is both practical and attractive. We place a huge emphasis on quality, so when our customers fall in love with an item, they can be confident it will wear season after season. “An exciting time for us recently is that we are now an official stockiest of the

Kathryn Wilson brand of footwear. “She makes incredibly gorgeous shoes and we feel so spoilt for choice looking through her collection. “Many of our customers are also surprised at the range of jewellery and accessories we have in store. We really can provide the whole package, from top to toe,” Bridget said. With every day being reminiscent of entering a designer’s walk-in-wardrobe, it’s little wonder Bridget loves going to work, where fashion is final. Advertising feature

A beautiful life a beautiful you La Vita e’ Bella believes that feeling and radiating beauty starts with investing the time you deserve as an individual to feeling good, however that may be. The La Vita e’ Bella experience will take you on a journey that starts at the soul and ends with a radiant glow that will have you smiling from ear to ear as those around you stop to take notice. Whether it be hair, beauty or makeup we can do it for you.

Making you feel your best is what we do, we look forward to sharing our passion with you.

Hair | Beauty | Makeup Shop 2, The Mall, Methven | 027 439 8050


Wedding Videographer www.jdsmitproductions.co.nz

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7 day detox CARUSO’S


have always thought about doing a detox and giving my insides a good old fashioned cleanout. However the excuse has always been I am too young to even have anything to detox, right? So off I toddled to Health 2000 seeking some expert advice, thinking oh yeah this will be easy, pop a couple of pills for a few days and feel good as new! Well I can honestly say it wasn’t quite that easy, there is really quite a bit involved in doing a detox. After getting an honest opinion on the pros and cons of the different products available, I decided to do the Caruso 7 day detox feeling that this would best fit in with my lifestyle and current eating habits. The instructions recommended starting the detox on a Friday so that if any sideeffects occur you would be at home over the weekend to deal with them; needless to say I had some serious fart anxiety for those first three days. The great thing about this detox was there is so much information out there about it; the product itself came with a recommended shopping list and recipes!

Day one was awesome, I got up, had my delicious glass of fruit and vege juice, seriously it’s actually really good, I had all of my meals and snacks prepared and headed off to work. I felt great, really healthy, in a good head space and I wasn’t even missing my daily coffee, YET! So 11am rolled around and I had eaten my snacks on time and drunk a lot of water, but I started to feel well a little bluh. A co-worker who has done the same detox informed me it was my body craving my daily hit of caffeine, I

7 day detox 10% OFF your

7 day detox when you bring this advert in.

really didn’t realise how addicted to coffee I was until I couldn’t have one. Moving on through the next few days I started to notice a difference in myself. I really felt like I wasn’t on a detox at all, apart from taking the pills and not eating red meat I felt normal. I had a small hiccup finishing a beer before even realising it was on the no-no list but chalked that up to experience and moved on vowing to myself that I would be good, its only seven days right? The first clear result for me came about five days into it, I was eating healthier I had ventured away from the supplied recipes and invented some delicious new dishes using only veges.

A taste of the good life Imagine the smell of delicious hot cross buns around your home... sweet, tasty, spiced bun made with raisins... and dripping with butter... Easter is coming - It’s time to enjoy hot cross buns! Sims Bakery makes traditional loved hot cross buns for you to share with family and friends.

My habits had changed, I wasn’t craving coffee nearly as much, I was starting to enjoy the dishes I made and the fruit, well we all know what eating good fruit does to you. Out with the old and in with the new is all I can say about that. The lady who recommended the program to me said something when I brought the product that really resonated with me. She told me that a detox isn’t a weight loss program, it is about changing your habits replacing them with healthier and more manageable ones. Cleansing my body of toxic waste that had built up not only helped me lose around 3kgs in 7 days (I realise that is a lot but if you could see my deflated stomach right now you wouldn’t argue), it opened my eyes to what the crap I eat does to my body. I guess it really is all about loving your body and treating it kindly. Whatever you put into your body leaves its mark on you inside and out. I highly recommend giving this a go, it’s only seven days and what have you got to lose? Product review by Eden Kirk-Williams

Delicious Hot Cross Buns

$6.60 for 6 yummy hot cross buns

Does it get better than that? No... HEALTH 2000 ASHBURTON The Arcade - Ph: (03) 308 1815 WWW.HEALTH2000.CO.NZ

123 Main South Road Ashburton

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Annies Country Quilt Store 167 Archibald Street, Tinwald

A Rosalie Quinlan preprinted A. stitchery kits - from $14.90 B Laughter with friends & Daffodil B. tea stitchery kits - $18.50 each C Deanne Hobbs tea towels, NZ C. designer - $12 each

Fusion Gallery

East Street, Ashburton D E


Anorak commuter mug - $35.90 The Aviary selection of scarves - $32.50 Set of 3 ducks $37.90

Paper Plus

212 East Street, Ashburton G G. H H. I.I

The book seat A Good Baking Day book Sorta Sarcastic Cup

YOU Magazine | 25

Essentials J N O




Smiths City 38 Kermode Street, Ashburton J J. Goldair - $59.99 K K. Dimplex Mini Cube - $139.99 L.L Delonghi Nescafe Circolo Capsule Coffee Machine - $279.99

Laser Electrical

726 East Street, Ashburton M N O

Koru table lamp - $252.77 Trax desk lamp blue - $35 Trax desk lamp red - $35

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A - Federation Jacked Hood $109.99, available from Undercurrent, Tancred Street. B B - Rusty Charmer Jacket $129.99, available from A C D - Augustine Undercurrent, Tancred Street. C - Federation Cuddles Zip Up Hood $189.99, available from Undercurrent, Tancred Street. D sasken tunic $170, Lil necklace $79, available from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street. EE - Augustine floral dress $189, Jorge show jacket $159, available from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street. FF - Jorge gwen jacket $119.95, Sissy deston top $131, Jorge valentina pants $99.95, G - Laneways Zip Tunic $110 (available in 3 colours), Straight Black Skirt $69.95, Longs available from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street. G H - Hibiscus Tunic $89.95, Elastic Belt $45.00, Straight Black Skirt Sleeve Black Merino T $129.95, available from Kouldja Clothing, Dunsandel. H $69.95, Longs Sleeve Black Merino T $129.95, available from Kouldja Clothing, Dunsandel. II - Blue Boots $299.00, available from Kouldja Clothing, Dunsandel. JJ - Red Ankle Boots $239.00, available from Kouldja Clothing, Dunsandel.

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B - Earring buttercup stud $60, available AA - Earring Leaf/lad bug $70, available from Unique Jewellery, Ashburton. B from Unique Jewellery, Ashburton. C C - Sterling Silver coss over ring $80, available from Unique Jewellery, Ashburton. DD - Jose Saenz Neo boot $399, available from Stepping Out, East Street. EE - My cam ankle boot $299.90, available from Stepping Out, East Street. FF - Cassini odyseus $249.90, available from Stepping Out, East Street. G - Gazman checked shirt $119.90, Silverdale mid weight jersey $169.90, Gazman casual scarf $49.90, Gazman G H - Gazman check shirt $119.90, Gazman frecnch linen blend pant $149.90, available from Sparrows, East Street. H rib sip jacket $129.90, Gazman casual twil jacket $209.90, Gazman linen blend pant $149.90, available from Sparrows, East Street. II - Nautical plaid shirt $124.90, Silverdale 2510 vest $119.90, Bob spears regular jeans $149.90, available from Sparrows, East Street.

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Sarah Bartlett - Before.

by Amanda Wright

osing weight, getting fit and finding the courage to release your inner strength doesn’t come by accident. It’s a journey with more ups and downs than frontward movement, but even failures are still a part of forward momentum. While others can inspire you toward becoming a better version of yourself, ultimately it is you who determines your success. Sarah Bartlett joined Configure Express when it first opened its doors in Ashburton. Physically she was in poor shape, she was constantly stressed and tired, and lacked self-confidence. With an energetic toddler to look after, as well as working part-time, many can empathise with Sarah’s situation, however Sarah was also coming to terms with the fact that her mother was terminally ill, after a breast cancer diagnosis. Her mother had raised Sarah by herself, a strong and determined lady who worked multiple jobs to look after Sarah,

while also volunteering her time to help others. After living a hectic life in Auckland, Sarah and her husband Nathan moved back to Canterbury, and soon after fell pregnant with their daughter, Ruby. The bliss of the pregnancy was short-lived, as not long after Ruby was conceived, Sarah’s mum was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. “Mum used the imminent arrival of Ruby as a way to get her through, seeing in each milestone and then finding another. She desperately wanted to make it to Ruby’s first day of school, and I have truly never seen anyone fight for something so hard. Watching mum fight tooth and nail against such a nasty disease was both inspiring and stressful,” Sarah said. After a determined yet heart-breaking battle, Sarah’s mum passed away last Easter. “I had become bogged down with the stress of having a terminally ill parent. I hid behind the stress while I neglected my own health. It wasn’t until mum passed

that I felt mentally prepared to commit fully to improving my health and fitness. It was my light bulb moment,” Sarah said. Her journey at Configure had been full of ups and downs while her mum was unwell, so two weeks after her mum’s passing, Sarah committed to the Break programme. “It was a good way to force myself to front up to the mess I'd made of my health, it was emotionally and physically a very challenging process,” Sarah said. At the completion of her 12 week programme, Sarah had broken many of the bad habits that had contributed to her deteriorating health. She continued her personal training sessions and has now lost 25kg, only one kilogram away from her goal. She wakes just after 5am to go for a morning run, drops Ruby off at daycare and then fits in a gym session before she starts work. She credits a supportive network of friends and family that allow her to fit in ‘me time’ daily, that she had previously been neglecting from herself. It’s a hectic schedule, and hard work, but



We’re marking the mid-year with a fantastic double deal for anyone who joins First you’ll pay no joining fee and second

Now that’s something to be double happy about!

sooner you sign up, the faster you can

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Every member gets every class,

The Gym for Women every day for free.

Exertrak – Burn up to 500 calories in just 30 mins.

Level 3, Somerset House on Burnett Street 03 307 7030 | www.configureexpress.co.nz

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the benefits have been phenomenal. “My personal training sessions with Stephanie have been invaluable. She constantly pushes and challenges me to achieve far more than I thought possible. I definitely have a new found appreciation for what my body can do and how far it can be pushed. “I really enjoy the pain of a great run or gym session now, and feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I look back at my training notes and see how far I have come. If I had been told I would be where I am now a year ago, I would probably have laughed and eaten a biscuit! “Exercise has become an absolute daily must for me now, I find it hard to fathom that I ever went without and I simply cannot imagine a life without it. “At the beginning of the Break programme I was shoe-horning myself into size 14 clothing, and now I’m comfortably a size 8. I have lost a massive 41cm off my waist, which is alarming that I had that much extra to begin with,” Sarah said. With her mum always in her thoughts, Sarah is training to complete her first halfmarathon in Hanmer, at the beginning of May. As well as competing in the event, Sarah is also fundraising for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, as a way of honour the memory of her mum. When she began her training, she could barely complete five kilometres, but has now successfully run 31km in training, and regularly runs more than 20km each weekend. “There are days when it’s cold outside, or I am tired, or legs hurt, those are the days when I simply think of the pain my mum

endured just to fight to live another day, it really puts my struggle into perspective and gets me up and moving. “I have a little mantra when I am on a long run; when it starts to hurt, or mentally I start to weaken, I tell myself “run for mum, run for mum” and it pushes me through. “Running really has been a huge tool for me to cope with the grieving process. It is getting easier to move forward, though there are still days when I want to throw my toys and scream at the world that it isn’t fair, in those moments I know I can put on my running shoes and just go, and it helps so much,” Sarah said. Sarah has set her sights on completing more half marathons this year, with a goal to complete a full marathon in April 2015. Looking forward and having something to strive for, is still as important to Sarah now, as it was a year ago after her mother’s passing. “I think it is so important to set goals in life, and health and fitness should be no different. Steph at Configure Express knew what goal I had in mind and tailored my personal training sessions to complement my marathon training. She is incredibly supportive, and has allowed me to push myself harder, to help me achieve far more than I thought was possible,” Sarah said. If you would like to contribute to Sarah’s fundraising effort for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, you can make an online donation by following this link. Together, we can make a difference, so that in the future fewer people, like Sarah, will have to endure the pain of losing a mother. http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/ SarahBartlett/ Advertising feature

Sarah Bartlett - After.

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to suit everyone MAXINE WHITING



ast month I travelled to Brisbane to Mrs Brown’s Boys with a group of friends and had a fantastic time. Mrs Brown’s Boys was certainly funny but just time with a group of friends is great. Event packages can be an excellent excuse for a weekend away with friends and family. This year’s events packages are looking great and cover all areas of interest so there is something for everyone!

Coming up in 2014 The Lion King at Capital Theatre in Sydney - This is Disney’s landmark musical event and is seen by over 65 million people worldwide! Packages are available for both June and August. At the heart of this powerful and moving story is Simba, the wide-eyed cub who

undertakes an epic journey to fulfil his destiny as King of the Pridelands. A great event for the family or young at heart! Les Miserables at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne is another show with over 100 major awards and is one of the world’s most popular musicals. This blockbuster musical returns to

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Transform Clinic A

By Jennifer Little

s we head towards autumn, now is the time to have a careful look at your skin. Sun damage on the décolletage and hands can be particularly aging, but there is a lot you can do to remedy this in particular the Fraxel laser, which boosts overall skin quality and helps with acne scarring. Lasers and IPL treatments are also excellent options for improving the quality of your skin as well as offering permanent hair reduction. As for those fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections, these can be softened with dermal fillers, botulinum (Botox™ and Dysport™). The new Vivace RF is useful for softening fine criss-cross facial lines and tightening skin. Moles and skin tags can be cosmetically removed. PDT or photodynamic therapy is a treatment for pre-cancerous skin lesions, with the added advantage of improving the skin quality after treatment. The cooler weather might be welcomed by those with varicose veins, but why hide under tights or stockings when these

& EUUR ROOP PEE TTRRAAVVEELLEEXXPO PO Weednesday W dnesday 223 October 3 October 2013 | 7.00 pm 2013 | 7.0 sh HHootete l lAA on | RSV sh 0pm bb uu rtrt P o is n e | ss R e S n V ti a P is essen vel lppresenta TrTraave tial l tio resentatio n ns | Expo sp EExpe

s | Expo sp ecials | Sp xpertrtaadd vvi ire icc ec ls | Sp ot prizes eedd to fro ire ctcfr irlineia mm thth zes ee airalin d toout rpcrio es asnadnto pan ur compm 8760 | ashbur anies ies ton@ho

n||03 0330 30 7 78787 6060


• Skin Rejuvenation • Fraxel Laser E X PO • Lasers & IPL EX P • Vivace RF O v O N L Y v ONLYx x• Cosmetic Injectables DEDAELASL S • Botulinum Treatments • Varicose Veins

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As shhb burto urto nn

• Photo-Dynamic Therapy • Focused Ultrasound lipoplasty (Fat reduction)

vel con Trav el con sultsult antant for for full full details deta. ils.


343 2880

52a Mandeville Street, Riccarton

can be successfully treated? Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy or endovenous laser treatment’s – a non-surgical procedure with little or no downtime – can be performed and will have you showing off those legs next summer. The initial varicose vein consultation includes an ultrasound scan of the affected leg(s). Many health insurers cover varicose vein treatments that require treatment for medical reasons. Check your policy if you are unsure. Advertising feature Varicose veins - Before and after.

• Mole Mapping • Dermatech Skin Care • Beauty Treatments • Evening Makeup • Gift Vouchers Call now for this month’s specials *Medical criteria applies

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See our informa www.tra Christch edin and

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e’ve had three rat bait poisonings this week and a slug bait poisoning so we thought that it would be a good time to remind pet owners about the dangers it poses to dogs. Just as it kills nuisance vermin, rat bait is just as lethal to pets and dogs who seem to find it really tasty! They can also be poisoned by eating the dead rats. Rat bait is a derivative of Warfarin, which stops blood clotting. After eating rat bait its effects can last for up to three weeks, but symptoms are usually seen within the first three to seven days. The first signs owners notice, (as a result of blood loss) are lack of energy, increased breathing rate and effort, vomiting blood, coughing, pale gums and then collapse. These can progress very quickly. So what to do if your dog has eaten rat bait? Get them to a vet as quickly as possible! If we see your pet quickly then we can make them vomit before the bait is absorbed. If it is left too long or we don’t think they vomit it all up then we

Juan Gray


start treatment that maintains the bloods ability to clot. In the late stages your pet may require IV fluids and blood transfusions to survive. Ideally, if you have a pet then don’t use rat bait. Find an alternative way to kill those pesky rodents. Even if it is out of reach it can get knocked down or a poisoned rat may die where your dog or cat can eat it. If you are not sure whether bait has been eaten then bring your dog into the vet for a check, we can do a blood test to check clotting times. Luckily all the dogs seen recently have been brought in quickly and are doing well. Advertising feature

Other common poisons • Chocolate or cocoa – causes fitting • Paracetamol – causes liver and blood problems • Ibuprofen – causes gut problems and kidney failure • Grapes or raisins – causes kidney failure • Slug bait – causes fitting • Onions – damages red blood cells • Anti-freeze – causes kidney failure • All of the above can cause death to pets and quickly!


welcome pack when you sign up with us pack when yo welcome sign up with us

Come in and meet our friendly team and when you sign up as a new customer with your petCome we’llingive a FREE welcome andyou meet our friendly team and when you sign up as a new customer with your pet we’ll give you a FREE pack valued at over $130! Included are vouchers for discounted welcome pack valued at over $130! Included are vouchers flea treatments, microchipping and worming tablets! for discounted flea treatments, microchipping and worming tablets, and Findbuyusone onget one free pet food!

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1 Smallbone Drive Ashburton 7770 www.vetent.co.nz 03-308 2321

It’s time to get in the garden... Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: • Bark • Screened Soil • Oamaru Stone • 100% Organic Compost • Rocks and Boulders • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete

. Wholesale prices . Delivery service . Free loan trailer



Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

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Show mu m you love her this Mother’s Day!


to win

Email and tell us why your mum is the best and she could win a Mother’s Day makeover worth over Plus she will also be featured in our May edition of YOU Magazine.


The winning mum must be available all day on Monday 28th April for interview, makeover and photo shoot.



Step one

Section your hair from the underside. Pick up a small section of hair and place the straightener close to your scalp and squeeze together as if you were going to straighten your hair.

Step two Pull the hair away from your scalp (rather than straight downwards) and as you start to pull, start to roll the straightener in a downward direction wrapping the hair section around it as you go.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Step three Keep gently rolling the straightener until you wrap all of your hair the whole way around. Once hair is all the way around, keep gently pulling/sliding the straightener down the length of the hair.

To enter, email your mum’s story and photo along with her contact phone number to ashleigh.f@theguardian.co.nz – entries close Tuesday 22nd April.

Step four

Thank you to these local businesses for their support with this special makeover.

After look

Keep gliding the straightener down the length of the hair all the way to the end. When the last hair has been curled gently pick up the curl and position how you like. Stretch out if you like long loose curls, or pick up and hold the curl till it cools if you like a tighter look. If you want to secure the curl, spray lightly with some hairspray and then move on to the next section. Advertising feature

ghd bird of paradise collection 2 EXOTIC COLOURWAYS Lagoon & Sunset • Each comes in a gift box with a heat resistant mat. • An Ideal Mothers Day gift.


Cnr East & Burnett Street Ashburton | 03 307 7411


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Michelle Nelson


Mulch is my best gardening friend. At this time of the year I start putting my garden to bed for winter, under a good layer of mulch. That applies to both vegetable and flower beds. Mulching keeps the weeds at bay, helps drought-proof the garden and offers some protection for young plants. Organic mulches, such as peastraw, compost, shredded bark, wood chips, pine needles, sawdust rot down to improve soil structure and add nutrients. However, non-organic mulches such as black plastic, old carpet and geotextiles also have a place in the garden. The golden rule of mulching is to layer it on cleared soil. By this time of the year the beans have generally done their dash, along with many other plants. Once the debris has dispatched to the compost heap, I spread plain cardboard down before adding the mulch. I collect and flatten suitable cartons for this purpose, but several layers of newspaper also does the job. I avoid using glossy paper though. Peastraw is my all-time favourite mulch, its affordable, easily handled and does a great job at keeping weeds at bay. I must admit to being heavy-handed at this time of the year, laying it on up to 20-centimetres thick. I also throw a few handfuls of blood and bone over the top, and some rotted-down lawn clippings, compost or leaf mold, helps to keep the birds from scratching it all over the shop. It will rot

down over the winter, leaving a friable bed ready for spring planting. Non-organic mulches are useful around trees and shrubs. Again they suppress weeds and help retain moisture. I’m not a big fan of geotextile products; they don’t biodegrade and inevitably weeds will begin to grow on top of them. However, that’s not to say they don’t have a place in certain situations. I prefer old carpet as a semi-permanent system. It can be cut to fit around trees, or for a specific weed-prone area. It works a treat on twitch-prone areas. Throw it down now and roll it off in the spring. Wood chips, bark and sawdust provide more permanent solutions for perennial flowerbeds, shrubberies and berry fruit canes, but I avoid using them on my vegetable plots – they take too long to break down and get in the way of seedlings. When we were kids, our grandmother would commission us to collect pine needles during the summer months. She used these on the numerous paths in her large garden.

According to Granny, they don’t get slippery on wet or frosty mornings,

they were also free! Pine needles are also useful as mulch in orchards.



100 Grahams Road, Ashburton 03 308 9950 Mon - Fri │ 9am - 5pm Sat │ 9am - 5pm Sun │ 10am - 4pm

Lakeway Nursery


Come on out and Rae will help you with your garden.

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Jessica McKenzie is this month’s mulch prizewinner with the following question:

Is it too late to plant potatoes as my partner says the frosts will kill the tops? Your partner is right; it is not the best time to plant your potatoes in Ashburton because of the cold air and soil temperatures for the next six months. The ideal time would be from around October onwards, once the soil temperatures have started increasing and there is less risk of late frosts. Potatoes come in a wide selection of varieties, each varying in size, shape, flavour and timing when they crop. Varieties typically fall into two groups depending on when you are planting: Early varieties and main crops. Early-cropping varieties should be planted in early spring, while a main crop potato is best planted in late spring or early summer. To grow potato crops, purchase seed potatoes of the particular variety you want to grow. You can purchase them from garden centres or

you can grow them yourself. Once you have your seed potatoes put them somewhere dark for a period 1-2 weeks, during which they should begin to sprout. Potatoes grow best in a sunny site with rich, fertile, free-draining soil so prepare your soil well before planting. Add plenty of compost and work it in well with existing soil. Root vegetables need room to grow so as a guide, plant your seed potatoes 5cm deep and 25-30cm apart with approximately 70cm between rows. If you are short on space, many people have great success growing potatoes in containers. Potato crops typically mature in approximately 3-4 months after planting depending on the variety and the weather of that particular season. Harvest once the flowering has finished and the green tops of the potatoes begin to turn yellow. Don’t be tempted to pull them out early. Top tip: Feed your potato crops with side dressings of potato fertiliser two to three times during their growing period but don’t over fertilise as it will lead to green leafy tops and fewer potatoes in the ground.

Airpark Canterbury Ltd is the only privately owned 24hr off-site airport car park in Christchurch

FREE bulb packs Be in to win

Nothing says spring better than fragrant email goodies@theguardian.co.nz flowering bulbs in the garden. Now is the time to start planting bulbs if with Daltons bulb packs in the you want vigorous, colourful blooms come subject heading, or write to springtime. Easy to grow and requiring Bulb pack giveaway, little maintenance, always choose healthy Box 77, ashburton. well sized bulbs and purchase them early ConDiTionS oF enTRY: in the season when there is a good selec• You must provide a gardening question for the tion. We have a Daltons Premium Bulb Daltons’ experts to answer. • Please include your address and phone number pack to give away which contains everyin email and letter options! • Giveaway entries must be received by April 30. thing you need to grow blooming, healthy bulbs. Each pack contains 2 x Daltons Premium Bulb Mix, 1 x Daltons Premium For more information on Daltons Bulb Fertiliser and 1 x Daltons Organic products visit www.daltons.co.nz Biofungicide granules.

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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Mouseproof Kitchen Norma Geddes



wo things led me to this book – firstly, the discovery that Paper Plus in Wanaka couldn’t keep up with the demand for it, and secondly, Sue Newton (from ACADS) bailed me up in the supermarket and insisted I read it, I did, and I’m so glad I took her advice. Anna and Tobias are happily married and expecting their first child. Anna is a chef and the planner in the family, Tobias is a musician and more easy-going. The plan is to take the new born baby to Provence, where they will buy a beautiful house, Anna will cook, Tobias make music and live happily ever after. But the birth of baby Freya is anything

but straightforward. She is born severely handicapped – both mentally and physically. The conversations between the parents about their new situation are so emotional and heart-wrenching. This first part of the book is autobiographical – Shah and her husband have a disabled daughter – the writing feels very honest. The move to France goes ahead but instead of a beautiful house in Provence, they buy a dilapidated, rodent-infested farmhouse in a very remote area. It’s a struggle – they’re afraid of becoming too attached to Freya, they deal with many problems including exhaustion, their own relationship and Freya’s many needs. It’s not all doom and gloom though – there’s a marvellous cast of characters. It’s an unforgettable story of unconditional love and the power of the human spirit. Advertising feature

bring in this advert and get

25% off

this heart reaching and emotional book.

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309

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In the Box fundraiser


phoToS Donna WYlie 270314-DW-195

Above (from left) – Elizabeth Ashford, Shirin Khosraviani, Barbara Davidson and Anne Fleming.


Above – Donna Favel (left) and Ann Woodham.

Above – Russell Anstiss (left) and David Elliot.


Above – Margaret Guthrie (left) and Vivienne Campion.


Above (from left) – Roger Paterson, Alister Lilley and Fay Watson.

ST DAVID’S Community Church Find God Find Life Find Friends Find things to do


Above – Jane Eaton and Anita Body.

er ge ast char E l r al su en o Op nd! N e ek we

Come in and enjoy the range of delicious food from our new cabinet. Fresh sandwiches, Hororata pies, sweet treats, freshly made savouries and more. Or driving past on the way home? We now have takeaway meals ready to heat and eat at home!

Phone us at 03 308 5174 Find us at 48 Allens Rd. Ashburton Email us at minister@st-davids.org.nz Full information on www.st-davids.org.nz

Open 7am - 5pm, 7 days a week Free Wifi instore Phone: 03 325 4037 www.dunsandelstore.co.nz

YOU Magazine | 39

Zonta Youth Art Award


Above – Jim and Kerri Lysaght. Left (from left) Robin Arnst, Theresa Gimblett, Nicky Lewis and Hayley Gimblett.

phoToS TeTSURo MiToMo 140314-TM-228


Above – Anna Irving and Glenys Parry.



Above – Libby and Ben Durdin.

office spot...... all you need for the office

Above – Robyn Cooper and Rosie Irving.

Shop instore or online www.anniesquilt.co.nz • Patchwork fabrics • Patterns and kits • Giftware • DMC threads • Classes

605 East Street, Ashburton Ph: 03 308 1868 ashburton@officespot.co.nz

Hayley and Carol, the experts to help you with all your stationery needs.

Have you been to Annie’s yet? rachel@anniesquilts.co.nz

Open 7 Days 9.30am - 4.30pm 167 Archibald Street - Main South Road, Tinwald, Ashburton Ph 03 307 6277



39” 5 99 WAS $


9 9 9 $4 $100 SAVE

plus get

2 1 deals MONTHS







9 $269



14-D005AU LAPTOP • AMD E1-2100 CPU • 4GB Ram • 500GB Harddrive • Windows 8 SKU: 8531766

1R9$50 $A2 F TE


• Slim and attractive Design • 1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution • Media Player via USB • HDMI x2 SKU: 8382996 LESS THAN $6 PER WEEK LESS THAN $6 PER WEEK







• 810 RPM Max Spin Speed • 8 Wash Programs • 10 water Levels • Adjustable Spin Time • Pulsator Wash Action • Time Remaining Display • Delay Start (2-24hr) SKU: 7938285

5 79 WAS $





• Fast 25 second heat up • Flow stop: 2 programmable buttons • Removable water tank: 0.7L • Foldable drip tray • Auto power off mode after 9 minutes • Capsule container: 9-11 capsules • 19 bar pressure system • Bundled with new Aeroccino3






SKU: 8571846

MONTHS MONTREAL LOUNGE SUITE Sumptuous and hardwearing velour fabric that features 2 recliners and a 3 seater. *Trade-in is for your old lounge suite in good overall condition.







$12ITH9$9 900 99






PALAZZO MATTRESS & BASE The Sanctuary Palazzo is so comfortable, so luxurious, it’s like escaping to another world. To experience Sanctuary is to discover just how rejuvenating a bed can be. In fact once you lie on a Sanctuary in one of our stores, you may refuse to ever sleep on anything else.

$6099.99 $7399.99 $7999.99

OR $3499.99 OR $3499.99 OR $3499.99


BENMORE 5 PIECE BEDROOM SUITE WITH QUEEN HEADBOARD Mattress, base, pillows & linen sold separately.

A GE A PA C K PACKAGE INCLUDES BU Y AS Y L N Queen Headboard $399.99 FO R O 3 Drawer Bedside x2 $324.99 ea 95 5 Drawer Chest $599.99 Dresser with Mirror $1199.99 50 SAVE $8 PACKAGE TOTAL $2849.95







OUTBACK 10 PIECE LIVING PACKAGE Outback made easy! All this for an amazing price. Solid recycled timber. PACKAGE INCLUDES Buffet Wine Rack 160cm Dining Table Dining Chairs x6 Coffee Table 1 Drawer Lamp Table TOTAL

38 Kermode St, ASHBURTON Ph: 307 9110


A P $749.99 B U Y A S LY FO R O N $549.99 $250.00 ea 96 $349.99 $249.99 00 SAVE $14 $3399.96











WITH $3499.99 PRICE! ALL ONE Queen King Super King

*Trade-in is for your old bed in good overall condition.



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