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“LOCHLEA LIFESTYLE RESORT IS ALL ABOUT INDEPENDENT LIVING AND HERE YOU CAN DO AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU LIKE WHILE STILL ENJOYING LIFE AS YOU NORMALLY WOULD OUTSIDE OUR SECURE ENVIRONMENT�. Some people believe that to live in a Lifestyle Resort such as ours means losing their independence. This is simply not correct. In our resort you will have your own space without any hassles. You are able to furnish your villa with your own furniture and personal items and decide how you wish to spend your days and with whom. The security of your villa is controlled by you and you should feel at home and absolutely secure in your environment. Some people are concerned that when moving away from their family it means that no one will be around to help when needed. At our Resort we have built in security measures designed to reduce the worry that often comes from living along. Features are in place to respond quickly in the event that you need someone to help you.

Some people also believe that moving to a place of independent living means saying goodbye to hobbies such as gardening. Our residents will tell you that they are more active now than when they were living alone. Residents are still able to look after their own gardens if they so desire and in addition to this there are numerous other activities that they can pursue. It is important to note that studies have shown that people who are active and engaged are healthier and happier. Activity programmes give all residents options and choices tailored to their specific needs, desires and lifestyles. They can also reduce the isolation felt when living alone.

To arrange an appointment contact our Resort Manager: Tony Sands on 03 307 9080 | 0800 2727 837 | A/H 03 302 6887 | tony@lochlearesort.co.nz Find us just off Racecourse Road at 25 Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton or visit www.lochlearesort.co.nz

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... to our October edition of YOU! While I immediately became enthusiastic about my garden (which hasn’t been touched in about a year) when the warmer weather hit this month, subsequent patchy days mean the frenzied garden clean-up has halted. I’m now back to thinking about all the work I have to do in the garden. So I hope, with spring fever hitting our souls, that you all have the chance to sit with a wine or a good coffee and check out YOU this month. We have our Pink Ribbon section again this year and people never fail to amaze me with their resilience and amazing attitudes when life-threatening illnesses strike. To the women in our October YOU, you are awe-inspiring for your strength and your determination to live life!

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Robin Arnst celeb rates 30 years of art – 30 years of passion and gr owth.  P4

Jane Logie makes ginger gems to get some ginger into her system. Ginger is known to aid digestion. P10

Cheers, Lisa Fenwick

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at it’s like to battle breast Maree Moore knows wh P12 ice. cancer ... she’s done it tw

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Marching to the beat own artistic drum Robin Arnst’s art studio is an eruption of colours, nothing has escaped the creativity unleashed by the artist herself and the hundreds of children she has encouraged to surrender to their talent over many years. Michelle Nelson sat down with Robin to talk about the journey.

The Yesterday and Today exhibition celebrates 30 years of Robin’s work.


YOU Magazine | 5

of her Ashburton artist Robin Arnst’s latest exhibition opened in the Methven Art Gallery this month, shining a light on her 30 years of work. The invitation to exhibit came at a low point in Arnst’s life. “I’d been very ill for 10 months and needed some motivation. “I knew there was no way I’d be able to do enough paintings in time,” she said. Thus, Yesterday & Today emerged, prompting Arnst to get back to work. The exhibition celebrates Arnst’s work as an artist, which began in Kerikeri more than three decades ago. “As a child I enjoyed art, I was always drawing horses and things like that, but once I left school I put it out of my mind,” she said. As time went by her artistic bent began bubbling back to the surface. “I guess I thought about it subconsciously.”

On impulse Arnst purchased paints and paper from the Kerikeri store, which she “played around with” on a long road trip in the company of her husband Dick. “I kept talking about learning more of the techniques.” Classes offered by a visiting artist gave her the chance to do that, however, Arnst soon discovered traditional painting was not her calling and added her own interpretation. “We all painted the same thing, but my husband could always recognise my work. I was never going to paint traditionally.” Over the years Arnst has studied art at the University of Canterbury and at Aoraki Polytech, both in Ashburton and Timaru, graduating with a Diploma in Painting in 2003. But rather than go on to tackle a masters degree she looked around to see what was available in Ashburton as a studio and

Robin throughout the years, doing what she loves best.


discovered an empty space above the post office on East Street. There she unleashed her talent and Robin’s Art School was born. The school, along with two sub-tenants, helps pay the rent, “although I really love teaching kids,” she says. “While expanding the kids’ minds, I’m expanding my own mind.” Some of her students stay in touch long after they’ve left town. Arnst points to a childish work depicting an elephant: “That was done by a girl who has been in India for 12 months painting elephants at an orphanage to help raise money.” The young woman left New Zealand equipped with art materials donated by Arnst to complete her task. While attracted to working in mixed media, Arnst says the work itself dictates its form. continued over page

6 | YOU Magazine

Above – Robin catches up with Sylvia McKay, who framed the painting in the Yesterday and Today exhibition.

From P5 Over the years she has been invited to hang her works in noteworthy exhibitions across New Zealand. Her work has been accepted and hung in the Molly Morphets Exhibition in 2000, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Her latest exhibitions have been solo in the Ashburton Art Gallery – 2010, 2012 and 2015. Her next project is a series of paintings inspired by her experiences while recuperating from a debilitating illness. Arnst plans to call the collection Angels on Wheels. “When I was in hospital I persuaded them to give me some paper and I started writing my experiences down. I was hal-

lucinating from all the medication I was receiving. Arnst recalls a vivid memory of her son wheeling her husband into the hospital in a coffin so she could hold his hand. She also challenged a nurse as to why her friends were not allowed in to see her. “I could see them so clearly,” she says, reeling off a list of names. However, when the nurse whipped back the curtain, no one was behind it. Even so, Arnst was not convinced. “No-one could tell me it was not happening.” Arnst named the series Angels on Wheels in memory of the nurses pushing trolleys around the corridors plugging people into lifesaving equipment. “I saw them as angels.”


So far Angels on Wheels is “only a series of sketches” which she would like to hang in the Ashburton Art Gallery eventually. In the post office studio, surrounded by the works of her many students done over many years, Arnst, speaks of the light on the Methodist Church and contemplates her latest work. “I’m waiting to see what it is trying to tell me.” There’s no doubt she sees the world differently, and marches to the beat of her own artistic drum – and there’s no sign of the rhythm slowing anytime soon. “I’m very lucky and very grateful – I’ve still got a lot of my journey to go, there’s no use stopping. “I’m 76 and I still haven’t learnt everything – which is very nice really.”

YOU Magazine | 7

OUT AND ABOUT @ Exhibition opening in Methven Robin Arnst celebrates 30 years of art in her latest exhibition, Yesterday & Today, which opened recently at the Methven Heritage Centre. Above - Jennifer Markham (left) and Jo Maw. PHOTOS AMANDA KONYN 021016-AK-074

Above - (from left) Himi Mapu-Patea, Ben Fenwick and Libby Fenwick.



Above - Dora Green (left) and Ruth Hall.


Above - (from left) Ngaio McKee, Bertie Holmes and Rowena Hart.

Above - Marion (left) and Viv Barrett.


Above - Sylvia McKay (left) and Robin Arnst.


Above - Anne Carr (left) and 290716-AK-066 Shirin Khosraviani.

Above - (from left) Isabel Cameron, Maree Chambers and Bev Hutchison.


8 | YOU Magazine

OUT AND ABOUT @ RightWay Joining with Steve Carr RightWay officially arrived in Ashburton earlier this month. RightWay joined forces with Steve Carr of Continuous Accounting and the launch night was well attended. Above - Steve Carr speaking.


Above - (from left) David Linton, Edwin Read and Marilyn Gilchrist.

Above - Pauline Harrison-Lee (left) and Christine Carr. 051016-TM-0079

Above - Craig Jakich (left) and Rob Reid.



Above - Vince Carr (left) and Bruce Day.

Above - (from left) Dan Copland, Michael Copland and Julie Smith. 051016-TM-0078

Above - Jeff Flatt (left) and Matt Marshall.

It’s all about Ashburton… Heartland Design & Print is just down the road, and we have been for years. We know our clients and take pride in creating great printing and design results right here in Ashburton. P 03 308 9160 A 285 Havelock St, Ashburton E ashburton@heartlandprint.co.nz heartlandprint.co.nz



Which tactic should I use?

YOU Magazine | 9


You know that morning roulette of how will the little darlings be when I wake them up. Will we have angelic beautiful perfect children that wake with a smile and get dressed, brush their hair and clean their teeth without so much as a murmur? The one with bluebirds chirping around their head as I like Mary Poppins gleefully glide through the morning routine. Or will we have the demonic child with blackened eyes whose stare will burn your very soul. Yes, today I had demonic children, it was viciously obvious with that first guttural growl of “I’m not going to school”. I mean how are you supposed to deal with this, which tactic should I use? I kick off today’s battle of the wills with Option 1: The perfect Stepford wife and mummy routine. The “come on darling, you know mummy has to go to work and you have to go to school”, the even toned rational factual conversation. Floaty words and a glued on smile through gritted teeth. That cuts no ice. Option 2: The tried and tested tactic, the bad mom, quick result required, blackmail tactic. Look, it’s your birthday on Saturday and if you don’t get up and dressed then I’m ringing all your friends mums and telling them the party is cancelled. I know I can hear you all telling me – never threaten children with something

you won’t carry out. But can you believe there is a mother out there that did it. I actually know of someone who cancelled their son’s birthday party because of his behaviour. Four weeks before poor Johnny turned seven, boom, party cancelled. What a lesson for Johnny, what lesson for my kids, what a lesson for me, there are tougher mums out there than me. Question is, could I do that, could I be as brave and ruthless as Johnny’s mum ? Thankfully my delightful nearly eightyear-old, Miss A, thinks I am like Johnny’s mum. She is now dutifully getting her clothes on, she knows the Johnny story. Luckily for me, it’s not an empty threat or an urban myth.

Unfortunately, the feisty six-year-old Master Moo, is the next to refuse to get up and dressed. Luckily for me he is weaker than his sister and Option 3: Bribery works a treat every time, boysenberry ice cream after school if you get up and dressed and beat your sister. So I triumphantly retreat to my room to get dressed for the day ahead, to the sound of Master Moo taunting his sister “I got dressed first, I’m better than you. You’re not having an ice cream because you are slower than me.” Then the wails of Miss A ………… “Muuuuuummmmmmmmmm, it’s not fair if he gets an ice cream and I don’t”.

Treat yourself or your loved one

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10 | YOU Magazine

Dreaming of sleep ... zzz NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

Daylight savings can really affect everyone for a week or two, until the body has had a chance to adapt to the one hour change in our timetable and it can play havoc with our circadian rhythms. Our sleep can then become terribly interrupted, which can leave us feeling rather exhausted the next day-that is if your sleep is not already disrupted. For many, getting a solid night sleep could be a thing of the long ago past, wishing it to occur in the present once again. There are a number of reasons for our sleep to become disturbed and affected, stress, fluctuating temperatures during the night time, overeating, too much alcohol consumption before bed, over stimulation before bed…watching intense television programmes, too light a bedroom or interfering light in the bedroom, i.e. clocks, television monitors, going to bed to late or too early, exercising before bed, viewing devices such as laptops, cell-phones and computers too close to bed. Understanding bed routines are important and implementing ways in which you can help yourself to improve the quality of sleep you receive each night is important, to yourself and those around you.

Ways to help to improve your duration and quality of sleep: 1. Go to bed each night at a similar time.

2. Allow time to unwind and if possible relax the brain by perhaps reading before sleep. 3. Try not to consume alcohol during the week if your sleep quality is poor. 4. Make sure your room is reasonably dark, especially with the lighter evenings. 5. Make sure your bedding is not too cool or too hot.

6. Try not to watch highly stimulating television before bed. 7. Consume a peppermint tea, chamomile tea or ginger tea before bed to improve digestion particularly after a heavy or rich meal. 8. Try not to consume coffee after midday, as it is known to stay in our system eight hours after consumption. 9. Exercising in the evening is known to affect people, so if this occurs for you try to do your daily exercise in the morning. 10. Getting plenty of fresh air during the day is highly important in promoting a good night’s sleep. 11. Having a warm bath or spa before bed can help to warm up the body and calm the mind. 12. Make sure your bed routine is similar every night to allow the body to relax more quickly. 13. Do not consume any more liquids in the hour before bed, as a full bladder will wake you in the night, and make your sleep interrupted, setting a wakeup time during the night. 14. Make sure you take time to get outside in nature and do some form of exercise to help to promote a deep and restful sleep. 15. Take herbal or vitamin and mineral supplements that may help to promote a better quality night’s sleep for example, magnesium, B complex, herbal complex specific for sleep with may contain the herbs such as valerian, chamomile, oats, lavender, etc. These are just a few suggestions that may be of help or benefit to you, in helping you in achieving a better quality night’s sleep. The inability to gain a good night’s sleep on consecutive nights is a very common problem, often leaving many feeling very fatigued and exhausted as a result. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven.

YOU Magazine | 11

Ginger gems Ginger is a known spice that has the ability to aid digestion, so this may be a useful after dinner snack, along with a peppermint tea, when you have consumed a rich meal. 50g soft butter – room temperature 1/4 cup soft brown sugar 2 t ground ginger 1 C plain flour 1/2 C milk 1 t baking soda 1 egg 2 1/2 T golden syrup

– Set oven to bake at 200°C. When hot place gem iron in for 5-10 minutes. – In mixer place softened butter, brown sugar and cream until fluffy. Then mix in the ground ginger until mixed through. – Break egg and whisk, then place in mixer to beat the egg through the creamed butter and sugar. – Add the golden syrup. Blend well. – Remove mixing bowl from mixer and add sifted flour into creamed mixture, mix well.

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– Add the milk and baking soda, using a soft spatula or wooden spoon blend all together. – In hot gem iron, place a small piece of butter into each gem iron. Spoon mixture into each gem iron evenly. – Bake at 200°C for approximately 10 minutes, until they are golden brown, well risen and spring back when lightly touched.


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Ashburton’s Maree Moore is proof that there is life after breast cancer – many years of good and active life. She shares her cancer story with reporter Sue Newman PHOTOS BY AMANDA KONYN 300916-AK-010

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YOU Magazine | 13

Cancer - a life changing experience Maree Moore knows that three words – you have cancer can change your life in an instant. She first heard those words 27 years ago, has heard them several times since, but over her long journey as a breast cancer survivor she’s refused to believe they were anything other than words that had to be dealt with. Like many medical journeys, Maree’s had a simple beginning. “I went up to Christchurch for a routine mammogram. Allen ( husband) had gone up with me and when we were waiting, were talking to staff and said we planned to play golf afterwards.” Mammogram over, the couple headed to Hagley Golf Club, played a round and thought they’d stop off at the club house afterwards. They were surprised when a staff member asked if they were Maree and Allen Moore. “The poor man had to deliver a message to us, the hospital had called and they wanted us to go back to Southern Cross to take some more images,” Maree said. “Apparently when the three doctors read the x-ray, two said it was clear, but the third said there was something, a wee bit of tissue he wasn’t happy about. I owe that man my life.”


From that point Maree found herself on the breast cancer rollercoaster. More x-rays were followed by a biopsy and a date with a surgeon. While the diagnosis was grim, Maree refused to be anything other than positive about the outcome. “At that stage we lived in a street where we were all friends and after the biopsy they all gathered at our place. I walked in there were all these glum faces looking at me, but I just said to them ‘you don’t think this thing is going to stop me, do you”? And that has been Maree’s attitude through breast cancer when she was in her 40s, its return three years ago, through a benign brain tumour and through open heart surgery. She has refused to give up any of the things that make her life special. Dealing with the option of a lumpectomy or mastectomy after that initial diagnosis wasn’t a difficult decision to make, but it’s a decision only you can make, she said. “I had a couple of friends who’d had lumpectomies and they’re no longer with us. I decided on a mastectomy, I wanted to

give survival my absolute best shot.” There’s no denying that dealing with her diagnosis was mentally and emotionally tough, Maree said. “I’m a very positive person, so I thought, it’s happened, get on with it and I did. I was back at work within two weeks.” That speedy recovery was aided by a cancer that involved tissue, rather than a deep seated lump and a cancer that had not invaded her lymph nodes. Once her scars had healed, life, albeit with one breast missing, returned to normal in the Moore household. And so it continued for 24 years when Marie noticed a wee bump on the scar. “I thought it couldn’t be anything, it looked like a tiny pimple.” During a visit to the doctor she thought she’d mention the pimple. Her doctor wasn’t concerned but given her history, suggested she should have it tested. “I wasn’t at all worried and drove up to Christchurch thinking I’d be sitting in a chair having it cut off but I found myself in theatre having day surgery,” she said. And that was the start of a new and disturbing journey. continued over page

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14 | YOU Magazine

Maree Moore, celebrating life with Monty.

From P13 “The next week I went back to get the results and I was sitting there thinking the trip was a waste of time, when the surgeon said she had bad news. The lump was cancer. I was dumbstruck. It was definitely worse than the first time because I thought I was all clear.” If the diagnosis was bad, the treatment was worse – 30 bouts of radiation treatment over six weeks. “I ended up with third degree burns but it killed the cancer.”


The burns were so bad that her surgeon wanted to stop one week before the treatment was finished, but she would not agree, fearing that stopping early might mean there would be a chance cancer could return. That treatment, however, left Maree with damaged lungs and while that’s frustrating because she struggles to walk too far, or too fast, it’s a small price to pay for life, she said. Maree has also had two unrelated, but massive medical events – a brain tumour

and open heart surgery. Add those to cancer and they’re events that change your attitude to life, change the way you live your life, Maree said. “I used to hang on to every penny and be very cautious. I’d think, oh no, now I think, do it while you can, why not do it.” Her cancer journey has been tough on Allen because, rather than dwell on and talk about what has happened, Maree said she just wanted to get on with life. And that at times has meant while Allen may have wanted to talk, she didn’t.

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YOU Magazine | 15

Over the years Maree has had a strong involvement with the Cancer Society in Ashburton, working as a volunteer and taking part in Look Good, Feel Good sessions for women with cancer. She’s always been happy to talk to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or to listen and support them. “Often they are very fragile and just need to talk to someone who’s been there.” She’s adamant that regular mammograms are important and believes they should be extended to women over 70. “It’s just a momentary discomfort that could save your life and if you have any concerns then you must push and push, get a second opinion if you’re not happy.” She’s always been open about her experience and has never felt bad about her reshaped body. Taking that first look in the mirror after her mastectomy, however was a challenge. “I’d asked the surgeon what it would look like and he told me there’d be a big scar and it would be quite concave, but really it was just flat. It wasn’t so bad.” Maree did not consider a reconstruction and has been happy to wear a prosthesis. For her being positive has been the key to dealing with the health issues life has thrown at her. “It’s a funny thing really. You think, it’s happened, get on with it and deal with it. I don’t think I ever really shed any tears or felt sorry for myself, that’s just not me.” Having had breast cancer – twice – hasn’t stopped Maree from doing any of the things she loves. She plays golf at least twice a week, plays bridge, worked until she was 70 and looks after grand children. And she’s still travelling, heading off shortly to the United States.

Maree Moore taking a break in the garden with much loved family pet Monty. 300916-AK-008

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Caron Shanks with some of the makeup and skincare products used to help women better.

Look good feel better


Helping women look great is a passion for Ashburton beautician Caron Shanks, who found her perfect fit as a volunteer for the Look Good Feel Better charity. Michelle Nelson reports.

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The Cancer Society in Ashburton has a hip collection of beanies and turbans available for women.

She’s co-ordinated the programme, introduced to New Zealand in the early 90’s, in Ashburton for the past six years. Caron says the aim of the programme is to help any woman undergoing cancer treatments. She does this by teaching them the tricks of the trade with makeup. “I love helping women feel better,”

Caron says. “It can be very hard dealing with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. “Most of the women are dealing with hair loses – which includes eyebrows and eyelashes. When that happens they feel like they’ve lost their identity, because your eyebrows frame your face.” Caron teaches women how to draw


on eyebrows and how to use eyeliner to create the illusion of lashes. “The aim is to lift morale and boost self-esteem. “It’s very hard dealing with chemo and radiation – the Look Good Feel Better classes offer tips and advice on dealing with the side effects. continued over page

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18 | YOU Magazine

A selection of the skincare products gifted to women taking part in a Look Good Feel Better glass. 041016-TM-0021

Origins of Look Good Feel Better In 1987, the daughter of the owner of an American cosmetic company realised what a little bit of make-up could do for cancer patients. Feeling that she had lost her identity after losing all of her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows during cancer treatment, she received a morale boosting makeover from her firm. Wanting to bring the same benefit to other female cancer patients, she independently approached the major cosmetic companies to enlist their support to provide free cosmetic/skincare classes for cancer patients. This is how Look Good Feel Better was born! Look Good Feel Better now operates in 26 countries around the world. It is the only worldwide cancer support charity, providing free,

practical support to women undergoing treatment for cancer. We help restore and enhance the appearance of cancer patients dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. We aim to put a smile on the face of every woman with cancer. We are there with support, guidance and free classes at a difficult time in their lives when they need it most. At Look Good Feel Better we understand that the way we look on the outside can have a powerful influence on how we feel on the inside. With make-up, skincare, skills and a positive attitude, we transform the look and the outlook of over 3000 New Zealand women with cancer every year. The Look Good Feel Better programme is non-medical. It does not interfere with medical treatment, make any medical claims or replace professional medical advice in any way.

From P17 “We teach people how to deal with fragile skin and how to avoid infections.” But the classes have another function; bringing people together. The cancer journey can be an isolating experience for many women. Some chose to deal with it by isolating from friends, others find friends don’t know how to respond, changing the nature of previous relationships. Caron said it was not uncommon for women to decline invitations to participate in the Look Good Feel Better classes initially. “A lot of women don’t want to come along to begin with, and have to be en-

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YOU Magazine | 19

Facts about breast cancer • Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, and the third most common cancer overall. • Seven New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer. • It affects one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime.

couraged by friends or relatives but then they are buzzing after a class. “As well as learning make-up techniques, the classes offer a chance to meet other women undergoing treatment. “Often they arrive at the classes as strangers and leave as friends, going on to support each other on their cancer journeys. “Some have travelled to Christchurch for treatments together, which can also help take the pressure off families.” The sessions end with a luncheon and participants depart with free cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance to take home and put their new skills into practice. For Caron, it’s always a rewarding

experience to see women leaving with renewed confidence. She urges others to become involved. “We are always looking for volunteers who are make-up artists or beauticians,” she said. Look Good Feel Better is held in the Ashburton Cancer Society buildings on Mona Square, volunteer Jillian Bensdorp has created a stunning array of turbans and seamless beanies to ease the discomfort of hair loss, offering an alternative to wigs. The Cancer Society offers a range of services to enhance the lives of both men and women living with cancer, and offers support to their families.

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The Merino Story

• Most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough but tragically, more than 600 women die of the disease every year. • Some women are at greater risk of breast cancer because there is a history of close family members having the disease. • However, most women who develop breast cancer have no close relatives with the disease. Even among women who do have relatives with breast cancer, most will never develop it

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Ashburton Pre-Schools’ Directory

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Stepping Stones @ Braebrook Have you heard about the newest Preschool in town? We strive for excellence and want to show you what we have to offer! Our teaching team offer the highest quality care and education for children from three months until they are ready for school around five years of age. We have a purpose built learning environment that encourages the children to explore and discover the world in their own time supported by our caring teachers. Ensuring children are confident in their own abilities and keen to develop independence is our goal. Although we are purpose built we are locally owned and family focused. Our environments play an important role in a child’s play and learning and we place an emphasis on areas being inviting, calm spaces for children to play in. Our teachers work together to ensure

there is continuity of care for each and every child. Since opening in January we have seen our roll grow steadily and are proud of the feedback we get from our parents and the community. We would love to show you around so please get in touch with us. We have afternoon sessions available every day and limited full day or morning sessions. We are open from 7.30am to 6pm. During our afternoon sessions we offer a range of experiences including a special music teacher coming in to play her guitar and share songs and music with the children, baking, walks within our local surroundings, science experiments and outdoor play in our fantastic sunny play space are encouraged. If you would like to join us, please contact Kim or Charlene and discuss a time that suits for us to show you around. Advertising feature

What our families are saying about us Caring, thoughtful, fun environment. Lots to do, see and learn. Both of my children are thriving. Great place. Feel so comfortable dropping off my daughter knowing she is been left in great hands. Awesome staff lovely environment.

Providing quality early childhood education and care for the preschool-aged children of our community; based on Christian values and principles.

ENQUIRE TODAY 1-3 Redhaven Rise, Ashbuurton

03 307 2088


We are open 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

ABC Allenton 122-124 Harrison Street, Allenton abc.allenton@beststarteducare.co.nz Phone: 307 7407 | www.best-start.org

Boost your enrolment this year by advertising in our Pre-Schools’ Directory.

Taking Enrolments

Contact Caitlin today on

03 307 7973.


Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

Phone us today on 03 308 2325 8 Eton Street, Ashburton


03 308 3954

Furniture lovers RECLINER $3599








STRESSLESS® BLISS with Signature Base



STRESSLESS® BLISS with Signature Base

imagine aa SALE imagine on comfort


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For a strictly limited time enjoy HUGE SAVINGS on luxurious Stressless® recliners Now from and matching Imagine no longer!sofas.

on comfort

For a strictly limited *Selected top sellingtime leather enjoy HUGE SAVINGS on colours apply. ® luxurious Stressless recliners www.stressless.co.nz and matching sofas. ®


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View Stressless Recliners

*Selected top sellingView Stressless® Sofas leather colours apply. ®

FREE COLOUR CONSULTANCY View Stressless Stockists



BUY ANY SLEEPYHEAD SANCTUARY TO BE IN THE DRAW *To enter, purchase any Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattress or ensemble between September 30th 2016 - November 30th 2016. Visit www.sleepyhead.co.nz/nyfashionweek and fill in your entry form including your receipt number, for your chance to win. Flights are economy class. For full terms and conditions, see in store or online for details.


Introducing our consultancy team offering you a complete interior design service.


View Stressless Recliners ® Sofas View Stressless Here to help you with interior colour schemes, ® Stockistswallpaper, carpet, tiles, vinyl, View Stresslessblinds, curtains, ®

SLH_5517 Sanctuary 550x2000 NYFW Promo poster_Tall_.indd 1


furniture, beds, linen, and accessories.

*To enter, purchase any Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattress or ensemble between September 30th 2016 - November 30th 2016. Visit www.sleepyhead.co.nz/nyfashionweek and fill in your entry form including your receipt number, for your chance to win. Flights are economy class. For full terms and conditions, see in store or online for details.

Free making on all drapes.* Call today for a free measure and quote. * conditions apply


15/09/2016 9:55 AM





East to Burnett Street, Ashburton S L E E P Y H E A D.CO. N Z /S A N C T UA RY Phone (03) 308 5269 www.redmonds.co.nz SLH_5517 Sanctuary 550x2000 NYFW Promo poster_Tall_.indd 1

15/09/2016 9:55 AM

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The coach tour PHOTOS SUPPLIED

DESTINATION with Maxine Whiting

Never lost and never alone - make your next trip a guided holiday. With the help of tour experts, you’ll find unique sights and many secret places. Guided holidays offer local flavours and the art of stylish touring. It is the smoothest, most seamless trip possible. Often we are asked “Where do I sit on the coach?” Ask questions of your tour guide and driver, is the ocean on one side hugging a coastline, are the mountains on the other side spectacular. Sitting close to the door is always good when it comes time to disembark but maybe you don’t always travel that well so sitting middle of the coach normally tends to make for a smoother ride. What do I wear? Be comfortable, shoes you can walk for miles in are a must. Layers of clothing are best as if you get hot you can always take a layer off and then if a little cool in the air conditioned coach pop that layer back on. Never skip a meal before getting on a coach for the day. You may not feel like breakfast but have it as you never know when the next meal will be available. Drink heaps of water so you stay hydrated and take along a few snacks in your day bag as if you get the nibbles you have something. But please don’t pack egg sandwiches

for the coach as they are the biggest no no! What should you have in your day pack? Rainproof jacket, you never know when you will need it! Make sure you have a few local coins in your pocket as often you need to pay to use a bathroom (especially in Europe). Many countries are not as familiar with eftpos as we are in New Zealand so make sure you have some local currency handy for buying water and the odd coffee and snack. I always travel with wet wipes as you can give your hands a frequent wipe so less chance of catching that dreaded flu while on holiday. As well as the egg sandwiches avoid service stations. Items are often twice the price when you buy from the side of motorway so plan ahead and make sure you have all the essentials you need the day prior to getting on the coach. Much cheaper to find a 7 Eleven or similar close by to your hotel. Avoid a huge backpack or bag as this will take up your leg room on the coach.

You need your wallet, small water bottle, rain jacket, phone and your charger. Most coaches these days are now fitted with the kit to charge as your travel. If you like to keep up with the happenings around the world and at home ask if your coach has wifi. Much cheaper option than using data. Don’t forget to download the House of Travel App before you leave home. This will allow you to look up and read all about happenings where you are and of course what’s next on your itinerary. If you would like to know more about Guided Touring pop into House of Travel Ashburton as the team can show you lots and lots of options. Advertising feature

ay d Y e d an R T th als On eci EN sp E

UK & Europe


2 RETURN FLIGHTS to Europe & a $ 1000 HOT Travel Voucher *



Enter on the day to be in to



7.00pm on Tuesday 18th October 2016 Hotel Ashburton Racecourse Road, Ashburton *Prize is based on 2 return tickets to either Paris, Rome, London, Frankfurt or Zurich. Please ask your House of Travel consultant for full terms and conditions.

The best holidays are created together.

1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T, A S H B U R T O N I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z


We’re serving up a very merry Christmas BOOKINGS NOW AVAIL ABLE FOR H O T E L A S H B U R T O N ’ S C H R I S T M A S D AY D I N I N G

Hotel Ashburton have the festive atmosphere and delicious menu to ensure your Christmas Day celebrations are a success.

§§ Festive§and§celebratory§

On Christmas day, we have a special menu on offer. With starters, hot mains, salads, and more! Available for either lunch or dinner, the only difficult thing about your day will be saving room for the fresh desserts, made in-house at our award-winning kitchen.

§§ Live§music§at§lunchtime §§ Gift§packs§for§children§ §§ Special§Christmas§menu§for§

It’s never too early to book. Call today to reserve your Christmas Day dining experience at Hotel Ashburton. Cost: $92 per adult, children 0–5 free, and children aged 6–12 $30 each.

0800 330 880 fb.com/HotelAshburton HotelAsh.co.nz

Christmas Day 2016 atmosphere


Let§us§host§you§and§have§a§very§ merry§Christmas.§Enquire§today!

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Things we love C










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Bloom effect dress $250 from Kabella Baby, 333 Harewood Road, Christchurch B Elizabeth Dress $220 from Kabella Baby, 333 Harewood Road, Christchurch Vanessa Striped Flamingo Dress $240 from Kabella Baby, 333 Harewood Road, Christchurch D Glass Dot Gold 22cm Hurricane $46.00 from Total Food Equipment, 218 Moohouse Ave, Christchurch E 25cm Hurricane $55.20 from Total Food Equipment, 218 Moohouse Ave, Christchurch F Glass stem 40cm Gold Hurricane $50.60 from Total Food Equipment, 218 Moohouse Ave, Christchurch G Orla Kiely 3.5lt Storage Jar $150.00 from Total Food Equipment, 218 Moohouse Ave, Christchurch H Orla Kiely Bread Bin $249.80 from Total Food Equipment, 218 Moohouse Ave, Christchurch I His & Hers Slippers - NZ Made - Mens (Black) from $138.00, Womens (Beige) from $129.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine J Ladies Fleece Jacket $60.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine K Unisex Hoodie $30.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine L Milkshake giraffe $79.00 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch M Flamingo cushion $40.00 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch N Shark head $59.00 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch O Sills Mykono’s Dress $219.00 from Sparrows, East Street, Ashburton P Caroline Sills Tommy Check Shirt Dress 100% linen $339.00 from Sparrows, East Street, Ashburton Q Ricochet Whimsical Dress $329.00 from Sparrows, East Street, Ashburton A


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Foodie giveaways FARRAH’S GIVEAWAY


Farrah’s has come out with a new Mexican range of flavours and they are good! Twelve-pack tortillas match up with taco, burrito and nacho seasonings with no artificial flavours or colours and they’re even gluten free. They are seriously tasty – nice bite, nice flavour – and the tortiYOU and Bargain Box (brought llas are flexible and easy to work to us by My Food Bag) are giving with. There’s only one word for away two boxes to a lucky Mid Prawns (tails on or off) these new products ... Yum. The BO OKINGS NOW AVAIL ABLE Beer batter (flour, salt, egg, ice water Cantabrian to feed your family whole family will enjoy them. andFOR a coldH beer) But don’t take our word for it, dinner for five nights. The winners OTEL A SHBURTON’S Lettuce shredded Farrah’s have four packs of tortiget to choose between either C Hgreens R I S T M A S D AY D I N I Nllas G and flavourings to give away Micro Bargain Box Mini (for couples) or Cucumber (RRP $25). Regular Bargain Box (for four). Radish (thinly sliced) Avocado Coriander Email your name, address and phone number to goodies@ – Preheat oven to 180°C. Hang tortillas theguardian.co.nz Email your name, address and phone numoff 2 of the rack wires in the oven and Or ber to goodies@theguardian.co.nz bake for 5-10 minutes until firm and Send your letter to L. Fenwick, PO Or crisp, this will create a flat bottom on Box 77, Ashburton Send your letter to L. Fenwick, PO Box 77, your tacos where they can stand up on Ashburton their own. Please include YOU Farrah’s – Prepare your prawns. Make a quick somewhere prominent, ie in the Please include YOU Bargain Box beer batterAshburton in a medium bowl, stirring Hotel have the festive atmosphere subject line or on the envelope. somewhere prominent, ie in the subject together the flour and salt. Add the and delicious menu to ensure your Christmas Day line or on the envelope. cold beer, ice water and egg and whisk §§ Festive§and§celebratory§ until blended. Working to the hot celebrations areclose a success. oil, coat the prawns in corn starch shak- One entry per person and per atmosphere household. On have a special menu on offer. With starters, hot ing offChristmas any excess.day, Swirlwe your prawns §§ Live§music§at§lunchtime staff and immediate mains, more! forGuardian either lunch or dinner, the only until lightsalads, golden, and about 1 1/2 Available to 3 family members not eligible §§entry Gift§packs§for§children§ minutes depending on the sizeday of the difficult thing about your will be saving room forare the fresh desserts, One per person and per household. for entry. prawns. Take out and drain on paper Guardian staff and immediate family made in-house at our award-winning kitchen. § § Special§Christmas§menu§for§ All entries must be received by towel. members are not eligible for entry. lunch§or§dinner November – Make a light too freshearly saladtotobook. fill your It’s never Call today9am, to reserve your4.Christmas Day All entries must be received by 9am, taco withexperience lettuce, greens, finely Ashburton. diced Let§us§host§you§and§have§a§very§ dining at Hotel November 4. cucumber and sliced radish. Dress with merry§Christmas.§Enquire§today! $92juice, per adult, children 0–5 free, and children aged 6–12 $30 each. a Cost: little lime olive oil and pepper and lightly toss. Fill the taco shells with salad and place the cooked prawns on top. Garnishing with pickled red cabShona Bourke is the lucky winner of the Yates Spring Hamper prize pack of gardening bage, thin slices of avocado, coriander goodies valued at $300! 0800 880 fb.com/HotelAshburton and a330 good squeeze of fresh lime juice. HotelAsh.co.nz

We’re serving up a very merry BeerChristmas battered prawn tacos in crispy baked tortillas




Christmas Day 2016




Wrap up your year with decadent dining and festive atmosphere at Hotel Ashburton. Hotel Ashburton have got the bright ideas and festive atmosphere to ensure your Christmas celebrations are a success. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or colleagues, Hotel Ashburton and Clearwater Restaurant can host an event that suits. There are plenty of options; a sit down three-course meal, a lively cocktail party, buffet dining, or a relaxed afternoon barbeque. On the big day itself, a special Christmas menu is on offer.

Call today to find out our menu options and to book your Christmas celebrations.

0800 330 880 fb.com/HotelAshburton HotelAsh.co.nz

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Energy boost

It’s time to shrug off the blankets and pack the onesie away. The relationship you forged with your sofa over the past few months needs to be examined and now is the time to “break-up” with the TV and look for a new friendship with your sneakers. The weather is warming up again, the days are getting longer, and the time for hibernation is over. However, revving up your energy to get out there and enjoy it, is often not as easy as it sounds. Are you looking for a nutritious, natural energy boost to give you a helping hand? As well as being rich in iron, spirulina contains a vast amount of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and unique natural plant elements.


saYv2e& $20


Spirulina is also unique in that it contains phycocyanin – the blue protein pigment part of spirulina that helps to support immune system function and enhances iron absorption in the body. Being a completely natural food, spirulina is absorbed easily. Add Lifestream Organic Spirulina Boost to your daily routine to help keep you energised and well-nourished. It is great for those feeling the stress of a busy lifestyle, under the weather or wanting a super healthy energy boost. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if symptoms persist consult a health professional prior to use. Always read the label and take as directed. TAPS PP6787. Advertisng feature

Turbo boost into


Buy 1 for $39 90 Buy 2 for

80 $59 250s + 50 FREE

ASK OUR FRIENDLY STAFF IN-STORE OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION Offer ends 31/10/2016. Always read the label and take as directed.


P. (03) 308 1815 E. h2k11@xtra.co.nz



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Brides Manh Here comes the ... march of the wedding gowns for Bridal Fashion Week. From boho chic to traditional ball gowns, models dressed as smiling brides took Manhattan by storm this month for a trade show of their very own following the fall cycle of womenswear runway around the globe.


4 – More from the Marchesa bridal collection. 5 – From the Monique Lhuillier bridal collection. 10 – The Monique Lhuillier bridal collection.




YOU Magazine | 29

take hattan 2




1 – The Marchesa bridal collection is modelled during bridal fashion week in New York. 2 – Another from the the Marchesa bridal collection. 3 – From the Monique Lhuillier bridal collection. 6 and 7 – From the YolanCris bridal collection. 8 – Monique Lhuillier bridal collection. 9 – The Marchesa bridal collection.




Fun at The Lake House at Lake Hood. Enjoy a coffee and cake, a cool beverage on the deck with one of our platters or stay and enjoy a full dining experience over lunch or dinner. You can even pull up to our dock on your boat from the lake and enjoy our hospitality. Excellent kids menu. Open 7 days. Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 302 6064 or book online at www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz

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Ultimate wedding checklist! As soon as you get engaged

12 months before the wedding

8-10 months before

• Sit down with your other half and discuss your ideal wedding to make sure you're on the same page • Draw up a budget • Start planning the guest list. Decide on the approximate number of guests - this may impact your choice of venues • Pick potential wedding dates check with important guests to avoid clashes • Research potential wedding venues and ceremony locations if separate • Enlist any helpers/talented friends of family with aspects of the wedding (for the cake, flowers, dresses, etc)

• Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location and plan ceremony decor • Research potential wedding services and suppliers photographer, florist, invitations, cake, decor, music, hair and make up • Consider and review wedding insurance options • Decide what type of entertainment you want for the ceremony, drinks reception and dancing • Book photographer, videographer • Send save the date cards mportant if you're getting married abroad, or during a very busy time of year • Book your celebrant

• Book ceremony music, band and DJ for reception • Research and reserve accommodations for guests • Contact decor hire companies if you need to rent anything for ceremony/ reception • Book honeymoon • Order wedding cake • Book groomsmen’s suits

“Nothing is a problem”

Cater - Great Food... Great Service and Presentation Phone 03 307 2278 or 0274 326 047 www.allfedup.co.nz

Your local wedding cake baker! Our cakes are made and decorated to order. Call us today to book your wedding cake for your very special day! 123 Main South Road, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5774

6-8 months before • Book ceremony musicians • Ensure passports are up-to-date for honeymoon. Order new ones if necessary • Start planning hen and stag parties well not you, the best man and bridesmaids should!

Rustic décor ideas L e t sa t e ! Celebr With decades of experience in wedding catering we can provide all your beverage requirements from chilled wines, beer, spirits and non alcoholic drinks to glassware and other requirements including a chiller trailer.

We have the selection to guarantee your wedding will be a success and our friendly staff will go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction. Free quotes available for your wedding or celebration on our premises or elsewhere.

MSA Liquor Centre 231 Burnett Street Phone 308 7149

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Top questions to ask your photographer 1. What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers? 2. Do you have a portfolio I can review? Are all of the images yours and is the work recent? 3. Are you shooting in digital or film format or both? 4. Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like? 5. Do you have backup equipment? What about a backup plan if you (or my scheduled photographer) are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason? 6. What styles do you specialise in? 7. What exactly is included in your packages? 8. What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear? 9. How long will you stay at the wedding? 10. If the event runs longer than expected, will you be able to stay? 11. Is there an additional fee?

Roza Yunusova Design . Wedding Dresses . Bridesmaids . Flower girls . Mother of The Bride/Groom ..Evening Gowns Dresses .Dancing Clothing Alterations. By appointment only

www.rozayunusova.com rozayunusova@yahoo.com Ph: 03 365 5281 Mob: 021 296 0657


Designer Cakes


Quality is key, whether bridal or birthday, corporate or casual. Taste, style and presentation is my specialty. Let my imagination be used for your celebrations. Bespoke designs detailed by your wishes at great prices!


Contact on 027 233 2277 www.fleursdesignercakes.co.nz

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Wedding budget 39% 12% 9% 8% 8% 8% 3% 2% 2% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% 2%

A magical experience

Catering Photography and Videography Ceremony and reception venue Flowers Music (ceremony and reception) Wedding dress Invitations Cake Wedding rings Wedding planner Transportation Favours and gifts Officant Hair, make-up and beauty Groom’s tuxedo Additional costs

Christmas parties

StoneBridge your ‘one stop shop’, exclusive, purpose built, Saturday, November 26, 2016 multi award winning venue Sons of Remo band, sit down and B&B, locally owned and meal - 6pm to 1am. operated by Carmel and Fergus Saturday, December 10, 2016 Daly. All season venue has DJ Baz and continuous gouracres of gardens, water feamet canapes - 6pm to 1am. tures, night lit grounds that are From $35 to $60pp. simply magical. Offering from high teas, wood fired pizzas, simple yet elegant lunches or that very special catering event Offering complimentary mulled to wow your guests or emwine on arrival, accommobrace your colleagues. All food dation for two and spit roast sourced locally, organic, free supper to the first three courange and spray free wherever ples to book their 2017 winter possible. Check out our new wedding. website www.stonebridge. Quote this magazine. FUNCTIONS co.nz and join our newslett er. • BAKEHOUSE • ACCOMMODATION Advertising feature

2017 Winter Wedding Deal


House of Travel Honeymoon Bridal Registry





UK & Europe

ay d Y e d an R T th als On eci EN sp E

The ideal wedding gift idea

$ 1000

HOT Travel Voucher*

Honeymoon Bridal Registry online at houseoftravel.co.nz


*Prize is based on 2 return tickets to either Paris, Rome, London, Frankfurt or Zurich. Please ask your House of Travel consultant for full terms and conditions.

The best holidays are created together.

1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T, A S H B U R T O N I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z


2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence


7.00pm on Tuesday 18th October 2016 Contact us on the details or check our Hotel Ashburton Racecourse Road,below Ashburton


UK & Europe

ay d Y e d an R T th als On eci EN sp E



The Honeymoon Bridal Registry allows your guests, both overseas and at home, the convenience to contribute to your weddingEnter and on the day to be in to honeymoon with ease. It works in the same way as any gift registry PRESENTATIONS & EXPERT ADVICE except that with the Honeymoon Bridal Registry your guests ‘gift’ to IRECT FROM AND TOUR COMPANIES you is in AIRLINES the form of monetary contributions towards your wedding 2 RETURN FLIGHTS to Europe & a and honeymoon.

FINALIST 2011 & 2015 BEA Awards



7.00pm on Tuesday 18th October 2016 Hotel Ashburton Racecourse Road, Ashburton

enquiries@stonebridge.co.nz ph. 03 693 7912 m. 027 415 7869 RSVP BY FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER TO ASHBURTON@HOT.CO.NZ OR CALL 03 3078760


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Soft drifts of colour Spring is here and we are looking at the events calendar for all the exciting things ahead for the summer season. Starting with Cup day, we are excited to see a range of colours on board. What could be more strikingly appropriate than florals to celebrate the new season. The team at Robyn Cliffe have exciting design ideas, for those that want to make a statement at the horses! Gown designs are enjoying a change in styling as well. For leavers balls, and weddings there are interesting styles and colour we can show. For the bride soft drifts of colour are back, musk rose, soft golds, cafĂŠ au laite, are all providing interest when styling your wedding. We have noticed that lace sleeves whether short, 3/4 or long are being asked for, and shaped A line to mermaid silhouette seems popular. With all the new seasons gowns now in stock, we would love to show any bride our range, and with our exclusive design service available, mother of bride and groom, bridesmaids and evening wear can be styled for you. For design, ready to wear or alterations. Robyn Cliffe Couturiere Edgeware Village Cnr Edgeware and Colombo St, Christchurch www.robyncliffe.co.nz Phone 03 366 1111 Advertising feature


BRIDAL COUTURE We are renowned for our exceptional couture skills, using hand selected fabrics from around the world.

Phone 03 366 1111 www.robyncliffe.co.nz

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Makeup tips Madeline Grice is a beauty blogger and university student based on the Gold Coast in Australia. While her early years were in Ashburton, it wasn’t until after moving to Australia that she decided to explore her love of the beauty industry and completed a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services whilst still at high school. That led her to create a beauty website, stylosohphyblog.com. She is studying at Bond University and working at the leading destination for all things beauty in Australia and New Zealand. She gives us her top tips for outdoor occasions, like being a guest at garden weddings. BEAUTY TIPS with MADELINE GRICE

– Prep the skin. This can start a few weeks prior to the event by getting cleansing facials, treating your skin to your best skincare and drinking lots of water. All good makeup applications start with a good base! – Try to use a foundation, BB/CC cream or tinted moisturiser with SPF30+ protection to prevent developing a pink sunburnt hue during the day. Not only will it protect your skin from ageing UVA rays and burning UVB rays, it is also more likely to provide you with a natural dewy finish which is perfect for daytime makeup! – Don’t go too heavy with the eye makeup. Instead of reaching for dark greys and blacks, try using browns and champagnes on the eye instead. A light matte colour blended into the crease of the eye with sweep of a shimmer across the mobile lid will give your eyes definition without overpowering the face. – Use a lip liner. Not only will this make lipstick application easier, it will also increase your lipstick’s longevity! – Don’t over powder the face. Keep the skin looking natural and luminous. If you feel as though you need to powder to help keep your makeup set throughout the day, try a makeup setting spray instead. This will lock your makeup into place.


TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred city slicker Donna-Marie Lever on life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury. There are certain expectations when you are married to a farmer – not from the bloke himself, it’s more of an unspoken public perception that you just know how to do certain things in the rural wonderland. Whip up a batch of picture perfect golden scones, grow all your own organic vegetables year round and keep the country chic farmhouse beautifully manicured and bursting with your own home-grown sprigs of scented spring flowers. Now let’s be clear ... there is no handbook or welcome pack given out explaining exactly how you are s’pose to do all this when you pack up your city life and move to the country (although there should be!) And these “rules” don’t take into account having a job, or the pre-schoolers actively destroying your every attempt to keep the house clean and tidy. So I’ve decided there’s only one way to deal with it all. Cheat. I now try and pick the ugliest fruit and veges in the supermarket, the odd shapes with a bit of dirt still clinging on, or a decent bruise down the side. It’s not that I say I’ve grown them myself, but it’s hardly my fault if guests assume they’ve just been dug up from the hearty Canterbury land. I tried to grow a fejoia tree like I had in Auckland, but even in a weak nor’wester my baby trees – all four of them – snapped like twigs. The lemon and lime trees which complete my citrus grove have no leaves left either and I suspect, although they are still in the ground, they are probably dead. Scones, as it turns out, come in a packet; a powdered version found in aisle three. There is some effort required – add water and mix, then cut and bake. This I can do! It still fills the farmhouse with that famous smell and they never fail. My granny would be rolling her eyes by now – but you can hardly get your hands dirty kneading dough, when the toddlers have teamed up to make the house look like it’s a crime scene from a dramatic home invasion. Buying flowers locally supports the economy, I tell myself, so that’s an important reason not to try and grow them myself and I have the feeling my stinging nettle and weeds don’t look nearly as good in a vase.

It’s time to It’s time to get in the get in the garden... garden... Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: Wholesale landscape supplies, •direct Bark to the public: • Screened Soil • Bark • Oamaru Stone • Screened Soil • 100% Organic Compost • Oamaru Stone • Rocks and Boulders • 100% Organic Compost • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Rocks and Boulders • Concrete • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete

. Wholesale prices . Delivery service . Wholesale prices . Free loan trailer . Delivery service . Free loan trailer Gold


Gold Sponsor

Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

Ashburton Contracting Limited

P 03 307 8302 A Dobson Street West, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

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October in the garden

Hopefully, the highs and lows of spring have departed by now and the weather has become more settled. But be sure to keep an eye out for the possibility of late frosts. October is a very active month in the vegetable garden. Before planting add in copious amounts of compost to help create an ideal growing medium for newly planted seeds and seedlings. Veggie plants for the summer garden can include capsicum, courgettes, cucumbers, eggplants (aubergine), peppers, pumpkin, tomatoes and watermelon. Maintain a close watch for slugs and snails that will devour young seedlings. A light side dressing with Daltons Incredible edibles Vegetable Fertiliser will help young plants become well established. Water deeply when required, to encourage young plants to develop a deep root system. Preparation for your summer flowering ‘bed’ should begin in early October, including the addition of compost. Summer flowering annuals can include alyssum, asters, cornflowers, californian poppy, cosmos, lobelia, livingston daisies, marigolds, nemesia, petunias, portulacas, phlox, salvia, sweet pea and zinnia. Spring blossoms should now be finished on pip stone fruit trees, apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums, with small fruit starting to form. Many of these trees have what can be described as ‘heavy post-blossom fruit drop’ and often only 5-10 per cent of their blossoms will actually become mature fruit, usually enough for a heavy crop. Apply fruit tree fertiliser at five to six weekly intervals. Towards the end of October, early season varieties of strawberries will begin to ripen. Check plants regularly for signs of grey mould (botrytis), and remove any affected leaves and fruit. Add pea straw, hay or clean bark mulch around the plants to provide a clean ‘nest’ for developing strawberries. Raspberries, boysenberries, loganberries and blackberries should be growing at a very fast rate as we move through the month. Train canes on a wall or a wire framework. It may be necessary to remove some surplus canes where growth is exceptional. Mulch with compost to suppress weeds and conserve soil moisture, and apply

Daltons Incredible edibles Fruit and Berry fertiliser. Lawns are now in very active growth and require regular mowing. Fertilise with lawn fertiliser and repeat every four to six weeks. This is the last month for ‘easy’ laying of a new lawn or for patching an existing lawn. It’s a great time to plant up your container gardens with ornamental annuals, perennials or herbs, and even small green salad veggies. Always start with fresh container mix and ensure the containers are well drained. Summer annuals that thrive in containers include dwarf cosmos, marigolds, petunia, portulacas, salvias and zinnias. If you are establishing a new herb garden or restoring an existing one, try and position the herb garden close to the kitchen so it’s easy to access. Ideally, herbs prefer a sunny, welldrained position.

You may need to plant more of the herbs you frequently use eg: basil, chives, parsley. Roses will now start coming into their own. The first blooms are the best display of the year before the dreaded blackspot and rust appear. Fertilise them every four to six weeks with rose fertiliser as this enhances regular and strong flowering. Mulch with compost to help retain soil moisture and dead-head (the removal of old flowers) regularly to help promote continuous flowering. Shrubs that have flowered during the winter months, eg: azaleas and camellias may require some ‘tidy up’ pruning before new growth commences. With all shrubs, a side dressing of general garden fertiliser will encourage strong healthy growth. Mulch with compost around the shrubs to help inhibit weed growth and retain soil moisture. For more gardening advice visit: www.daltons.co.nz/home-gardening

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Best time to plant

Daltons Premium Tomato pack

Nothing beats luscious red tomatoes straight from your own garden, and with plenty of varieties available, there is something for everyone. Tomatoes require plenty of nutrition and water, especially around fruiting time. By applying Daltons Tomato Fertiliser you can count on a stronger, healthier plant. Each pack is valued at over $80.

Jessica Barnes is this month’s winner with the following question: I am a new veggie gardener. I have spent the last few months preparing gardens for planting, including turning compost into the soil several times and covering with pea straw. I have a tomato seedling which I’ve grown from seed. At what size do I transplant from seedling packs to garden and is there anything I can add to the soil to assist seedlings to grow. Vegetable seedlings should be strong and sturdy when planting out at the beginning of the growing season. The soil is still warming up and temperatures regularly fluctuate. Tomato plants of 10-12cm will be able to withstand early spring conditions. While we all like to plant out our summer veggies as early as possible, those planted 2-3 weeks later invariably catch up with earlier planted seedlings as they take advantage of warmer growing conditions. Please note that any seedlings you have grown indoors need to be “hardened off” before being transplanted outdoors into the garden. It’s an important step and can result in wilting or death from the sudden change of conditions if not done correctly. To acclimatise seedlings, put trays or pots outside in the sun for an hour a day in a warm sheltered spot, extending by an hour every day over 7-10 days. Always bring them inside each day, especially at night. The soil should be thoroughly cultivated prior to planting by incorporating compost into the area. To prepare the planting site, use a hand trowel to move the soil apart. Remove the seedling from the tray by holding the leaves and use a pencil to gently push under and up to release the roots. Carefully put the seedling in the hole, with the least root disturbance as possible. The young seedling should sit flush with the ground level. Pat and firm the soil around the stem then gently water. As seedlings become established, apply a light side dressing of Daltons Incredible Edibles Vegetable Fertiliser at 3-4 weekly intervals. For more advice on planting seedlings, How to Grow from Seed Guide at www.daltons.co.nz/home-gardening/how-to-guides.


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Some old-fashioned food lovin’ It was recently pointed out to us that we publish far too many “fancy” recipes and that sometimes readers would like some good old-fashioned recipes. So we put the call out to Guardian staff to provide their old-fashioned family favourites and, without exception, those favourites were simple and tasty. So here it is, some old-fashioned love …

Mum’s golden sausages

Lemon slice Base: 1C self-raising flour 1/2 C caster sugar 60g butter 1 egg, beaten Filling: 1/4 C lemon juice 1/2 C caster sugar 1 egg, beaten 60g butter – Sift flour, add sugar. Rub in butter and add egg to make a dough. – Press 2/3 dough into a square tin. – Put filling ingredients into a small pan, warm over low heat until it thickens. – Pour filling over base dough. – Crumb remaining dough over the top of filling. – Bake at 180°C for 30 mins. – Desme Daniels

– Brown six sausages and cut into pieces. – Sautee one chopped onion and one large/medium carrot and add sausages back in. – Add 1T Worcester sauce, 2T tomato sauce and salt/cracked pepper to taste. – Use 1D cornflour with a little water to thicken gravy – add more water if required or a dash of white wine.  – Cook until veges are tender.  – Serve with mashed spuds and green peas. Takes about 45 mins. – Can be cooked as a casserole in the oven, but brown sausages first, then put in casserole dish. Add veges and mixed sauces over the top. Cook for 1 hour at 150°C. – Shirley Crawford

Mum’s shepherd’s pie (Made with real shepherds) This was Deidre Nuttall’s favourite meal as a child and she still makes it to this day. – Leftover cold roast lamb, hogget or mutton minced in old- fashioned metal mincer – Put in a deepish baking dish and mix with leftover gravy that has a splash of tomato sauce and a splash of Worcester sauce mixed in. – Cover with mashed potato topped with grated cheese, put in oven until warmed through, brown cheese topping under the grill and serve.  – Deidre Nuttall

Shepherd’s pie.

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Above (from left) – Preparing the sausage meat, apple and onion roll; in the baking dish ready for the oven and the finished product (right). PHOTOS SUPPLIED

Sausage meat, apple & onion roll This recipe is a favourite in Sue Durry’s household, it’s cheap and filling. She covers it with tin foil to cook otherwise, she said, it gets a hard crust which you almost need a chainsaw to cut through, but this is personal choice. It’s great in winter served with mashed spuds, veges and gravy, and she uses the gluten-free sauage meat from Allenton Meat Centre as it is identical, if not

better, in consistency to normal sausage meat and it tastes nicer.

250g sausage meat 1 apple, peeled and grated 1 small onion - diced ¼ t mixed herbs 2T tomato sauce 1/4c water Shake salt and pepper

Tomato relish This relish is another family favourite and goes well with cold meats, cheese toasties and casseroles, from Grandma Wylie.

2.7kg (6lb) tomatoes 900g (2lb) onions, cut finely 680g (1 1/2 lb) sugar 2t plain salt 2t mustard 2T curry powder Pinch cayenne pepper 3 breakfast cups vinegar

– Skin and slice tomatoes and onions. Mix mustard, curry powder and pepper with cold vinegar and add to tomatoes and onions. – Bring to the boil, then simmer with the lid off, for about an hour or more till soft, then mix a heaped tablespoon of flour with a little vinegar and add to mixture. – Cook another 10 minutes. – Pour into sterilised jars. – Kirstin Cook

– Pat out sausage meat into oblong on floured board. – Cover with apple, onion and seasoning. – Roll up and place in dish. – Mix together tomato sauce and water and pour over roll. – Bake approx 45 mins at 180°C. – Sue Durry

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Nana’s old-fashioned tomato sauce It’s a favourite in the Ridge family. It is made with so much love as grandad grows the tomatoes in his greenhouse and then when they are ripe he picks them and nana uses them to make this tomato sauce. Paired best with fish and chips.

2kg ripe tomatoes 3 onions 500g apples

2T common salt 1 1/2 C white vinegar 500g white sugar Tied together in a muslin spice bag: 2T whole allspice 1 1/2 T black peppercorns 1t whole cloves ¼ t cayenne pepper (optional)

– Peel onions and core apples. Roughly

chop tomato, onions and apples. – Combine all the ingredients in a preserving pan, drop in muslin spice bag and bring all to boil uncovered for about an hour. – Cool, process and return sauce to pan. Reheat to boiling then pour into warm bottles. Seal well, with sealing wax if available. Enjoy. – Ashleigh Ridge

Baked apples With 12 family members around the dinner table in New Caledonia, dessert needed to be easy and cheap and this recipe was a favourite each Sunday.

Apples (one per person) 1/2 C brown sugar 4T butter 2t ground cinnamon

– Preheat oven to 175°C. – Scoop out the core from top of the apple, leaving a well. Do not cut all the way through. Do not peel them. – Stuff each apple with 2T brown sugar and 1T butter. – Place in a shallow baking dish and sprinkle with cinnamon. – Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes, until sugar begins to caramelise and apples are tender.  – Francoise Belpadrome

Sponge –

– –

4 eggs warmed and separated. Beat egg whites until stiff and add yolks. Add 1C sugar dissolved in 2 1/2 T boiling water and beat for three minutes. Sift together 1C cornflour, 1D flour and 1 heaped t baking powder and VERY GENTLY FOLD into egg mixture. Line the bottom of two round baking tins and grease (spray) the sides. Bake in moderate oven (180°C) for 20 minutes. Drop on floor when taken from oven and leave in tins for a few minutes before turning out. – Joyce Bingham

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MUM’S RECIPE BOOK By Sue Newman One of the greatest treasures you can have from the past is a recipe book that has been well used and well loved by generations of one family. Those recipe books tell a story of their creator’s life. Favourite recipes are often named after family members or friends – Auntie Marg’s sponge; Jane Smith’s afghans. And without exception they’re written in beautiful cursive script. The best loved recipes are easily identified by tattered pages and the odd buttery smear and while many of those recipes might seem simple compared to many of the dishes created by today’s chefs, they’ve all stood the test of time. In my family mum’s recipe books are a highly sought after item. They live on my recipe book shelves and are

regularly used, but my children often remind me that Nana’s books should be shared around. Right now I’m holding tight. Florence Blain may now no longer have a use for those books, but I’m sure she’s happy knowing that her superb cooking and baking skills are cherished by her daughter and her grandchildren. Fingers crossed her great grand children will also feel a connection to the past through the pages of those carefully written recipe books.

Mary’s ginger biscuits

Cream 1/4lb (115g) butter and 1/2lb (225g) sugar. Add 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of syrup Mix in dry ingredients:

1/2lb (225g) flour 1t baking powder 1/2 t baking soda 3t ground ginger

– Roll into balls. Don’t flatten. – Bake 20 mins in a 350°F (180°C) oven. Watch because they burn easily.

Apple mint sauce

1 large cup chopped mint 2lb (900g) sugar 3lb (1.4kg) green apples Quart (1 litre) vinegar

– – – – –

Boil apples to pulp with vinegar. Add sugar and mint. Take off heat and stir well. Heat until sugar dissolves. Bottle when cold.

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Blue Pub


Spectators gathered around Methven’s Blue Pub at the Peak to Pub 2016 competition and were delighted as more than 350 people rushed down Mt Hutt’s slope. Photographer Amanda Konyn was there to capture the crowd’s excitement.

Above (from left) – Georgia Leonard, Katherine Grayson and Lizzy Nash.

Above (from left) – Laura Scott, Catherine Heyward and Georgie Vollus. Below – Sarah Vickers, Gen Macilquhan and Anna Wetherall.


Above – Gabrielle Muschamp and Katie Vickers. Below – Neroli Ward and Nathan Roberts.





Above – Jonathan Moore and Renee Wilson.

Above (from left) – Isaac Trevis, Nick van Voorthuysen and Ingrid Cooper.


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Above – Elijah May (left) and Finnbar McCloy. Left (from left) – Netta and Matt Cameron, Marya Trengrove and Lachie Cameron. Below left (from left) – Hayden and Murray Bonnington and Matt Wakelin. Below (from left) – Vanessa Kelk, Hannah Kidd and Holly Horner.


Left (from left) – Sarah Brand, Alice Turner and Alex Mayhead. Right – Josh McKay (left) and Ryan Nicholls.



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