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Stillbirth: NZ’s silent pain


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Welcome to March’s edition of YOU! It was International Women’s Day on Tuesday. It celebrates how far women have come and also is a call to action on what is yet to be achieved towards gender parity. I note with interest that feminism seems to have become a dirty word, especially, I find, amongst the teenager generation. They haven’t been bought up hearing about burning the bra and Germaine Greer. And when they sneer about “smelly, hairy, manly feminists” I simply say: “Without extreme feminists, you would not be able to vote, you would be encouraged to have no brain, you would be used as a chattel and no-one would help you if a man beat you. “If you were raped it would probably be your fault. Is this how you should be treated?” So let’s celebrate these days and be thankful for the women who gave everything for the freedom we, in the Western world, enjoy today. Lisa Fenwick

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Trish’s lost and found

Not everyone’s family is perfect, not everyone’s family is what it seems. No-one knows that better than Trish Andrews who has unravelled the web of lies in which her childhood was wrapped up in to join together the missing pieces that tell her real story. She shares that journey with reporter Sue Newman

For the first 10 years of her life Trish Gibbs was a happy, carefree youngster. She lived with mum and dad, Amy and Codge, and her big sister Janice. Her parents might have been a bit older, but that never raised any questions in young Trish’s mind. That’s until the day her cousin said “you’re adopted”. That one comment changed her life, made her question who she was, where she lived. In one moment she started to question whether her mum and dad were really her parents and, if they weren’t, then who was. She plied Amy and Codge with questions but the answers were slow in coming. When they did, Trish was stunned. “It turned out my mother was my grandmother and my sister was my mother. I started questioning mum (Amy) about my dad, but she wouldn’t talk about him. She just said he was bad man.” With the persistence of a curious child, Trish peppered her mother with questions and was told that her birth mother (sister Janice) was just 15 when she became pregnant to a young man who had been living with the family. “They decided because I was their own flesh and blood they’d keep me and they forced Janice to sign the adop-

tion papers. Dad never spoke about it.” Knowing that her sister was actually her mother changed the pair’s relationship hugely. Janice had left home when Trish was five and while she went with Amy and Codge to stay with Janice, her husband John and their children, there were often arguments and there was often anger. “Janice and John wanted to adopt me, they wanted me to stay with them and there were rows all the time because of this.” The impact on Trish was significant and for several years she became quite a rebellious child. “I just couldn’t understand how she’d given me up. It was very strange having this connection with her that wasn’t a connection.” The complex relationships aside, Trish said her childhood was largely a happy one, but said she was angry that so many people knew about her adoption when she was told nothing. “The neighbours down the road (Trish’s cousins) knew and I grew up with their children. There were secrets within secrets.” One of those secrets that Trish was to discover later was that her grandparents did not find out her mother was pregnant until three months before her birth. Her father was immediately “run off the property” and her grandparents hoped he had gone for good. “Later my birth fa-

ther told me that dad came back twice and tried to run off with mum and me, but my cousins warned him he would have a gun taken to him if he tried.” Trish may have known the truth about her birth, but she knew she desperately wanted to find her dad. That finding would be many years in coming, however.

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Above – Trish Andrews when she first met her father Barry Greaney. Right – Trish with her partner Pete.

Her grandmother made her promise she would never try to find her birth father until after her and Trish’s grandfather’s death, a promise she made her commit to year after year. And Trish was happy to keep that promise until she had children of her own and then the yearning grew. “I think she made me make this promise because she knew I’d find him and then I’d know I’d been lied to,” she said. She knew her father’s surname – Greaney – and she knew he had lived in the Motueka area. Once the idea of finding him took hold, Trish started digging and with each layer she uncovered, she knew she was one step closer to finding the man she’d dreamed about since first discovering she was adopted. She made phone call after phone call, but didn’t get too far. One day while talking to her daughter Cherie in Christchurch she said “Mum why don’t you give it one last try to find your natural dad – I’d like to meet him. So Cherie googled his name and up came the Greaney family reunion being run by a lady called Cindy Greaney. Trish emailed her asking if she knew of a Barry Greaney and telling her she was the daughter of

Janice Gibbs, but she did not mention the fact that she was his daughter. Trish then went out for the afternoon, not thinking anything would come of the email. When she came back there were half a dozen emails from Cindy. The first one said “He’s my father-in-law who are you?” The next one said: “Oh my God, I’ve just phoned him and I know you are his daughter. Ring me now!” So Trish rang Cindy and the two talked for ages. When Trish’s phone rang next it was her natural father Barry. “When he rang me he was crying and I was crying. He said he’d waited 45 years for this phone call and that no-one knew about me apart from two of his brothers.” As the reunion unfolded, Trish discovered her dad had always known about her and she also discovered she had three half brothers – Douglas, Ken and Chris. They were as excited as their dad by the reunion. “The eldest, Ken, called and said, ‘hey sis, welcome to the family’. Then Chris rang and wanted to know why I’d made contact now. I told him it was because of my grandparents; I must admit, I had quite a bit of resentment about that.” When she met her father face-to-face, his sister came too and Trish was overwhelmed to discover how much like that long-lost aunt she looked. “I went with them to a family wedding and it was weird, we looked so alike.” It was after meeting her father that she discovered he was one of a family of seven with an alcoholic father. His mother eventually put her boys in a home and put her youngest child, a daughter, up for adoption. As Trish met her own brothers there

was a feeling of naturalness in their relationship, being together just felt right, Trish said. A spin-off from finding her dad was his desire to catch up with Janice again. That was unexpected and something Trish had never considered. “When they met it was weird. They were sobbing on each other’s shoulders.” Trish’s family is now an even more complex beast. Her sister is her mother and through that relationship she has two half brothers and a half sister and with dad Barry, three half brothers. “In some ways it’s really strange, I have a new family. “It’s very cool but now I wonder why I waited so long, but I guess timing is everything in a situation like this.” She looks back and knows how wrong it was that information about her background was kept from her by her grandparents, that so many people knew her story while she was kept in ignorance. “I look back and think, ‘how could they keep this from me’. And my dad keeps saying how much he’d love to have brought me up. He didn’t even know if I was a girl or a boy. He just knew there was a baby.” Her mother Janice is still quite bitter about being forced to give up her baby, she said. “I’d always resented her, but now I’ve found my dad it’s changed our relationship. My dad and I are so close, I’m closer to him than to Janice.” While she knows Janice and Barry are her parents, she calls Barry dad, but still struggles with calling Janice mum at times. continued over page

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From P5 Since she found her father in 2011, the pair have maintained regular contact. Last Father’s Day was a very emotional time, Trish said, when as a tribute to her birth dad, she set up the Missing Pieces in NZ Facebook site. “If we’d had something like this we might have found one another sooner, but this has been a very cool journey.” On this she tells her story and asks people who are searching for their own missing links to log on and tell their story too. Her informal search service also involves her sister-in-law Cindy, who does genealogy as a hobby. It might not have the power of the missing person’s television programmes, but Trish said it is attracting growing numbers of New Zealanders. People apply to join her Facebook page, she approves them and if they’re searching she puts them in touch with her sister-in-law. Not everyone who thinks they want to find the missing people in their lives continues with the process, however. “A lot of people want to do it but

when you start digging in and asking questions, they often don’t want to continue, but I’d recommend anyone who has someone missing does this. It completes their family circle,” Trish said. Her story also nestles close to home as she tried to find her husband Pete’s natural family for years, because she knew the sense of closure that came from finding her own family. She discovered that he was the last in a family of seven. His older sisters were told the baby had died, but he’d been given up for adoption. In the end Cindy found his siblings. “We really understand this because we’re both in the same situation. We’d both resigned ourselves to believing they wouldn’t want to know us but that’s what you have to have in your mind, otherwise you could be very disappointed,” she said. While not every search is successful, Trish knows there have been happy reunions for some people using her website, people are finding parents, brothers, sisters and they’re finally understanding their complete family story, she said. “I will always do the best I can for people, but it depends on the information they have and how accurate it is; things are not always what they seem.” Social media has made searching for missing people so much easier, but nothing changes the emotional risk that’s involved in looking for people who may never want to be found, Trish said.

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Stillbirth: New Zea silent pain

One in 225 women in New Zealand will go through the torment of having a stillborn child. While this is only 0.44 per cent of the population, the agony it causes to all involved never goes away. YOU writer Ruby Harfield looks into the causes, the pain and what some are doing to make it a little bit easier. Denise McKnight thought nothing of the fact that her midwife could not find her baby’s heartbeat at her 30week check-up. She’d already had a scare at 12 weeks and her wee baby turned out to be fine. However, because she was going to antenatal classes at the hospital with her partner Mike that evening they decided to get hospital staff check while there. This is when things started to get scary. None of the machines could find anything, so a scan was organised for 8.30pm where the couple were told the devastating news that their baby had died and the fluids were drying up. “I just felt I was a failure to everybody, especially to Mike that I couldn’t carry his baby, I’d killed it,” Denise said. The couple were told to go home and spend time with family before being induced and going through an agonising labour. Baby Shawn was born at 30 weeks’ gestation on April 17, 1997. “We were told it was a boy, a precious baby boy. “It was all a bit much for Mike, the fact that it was a wee boy and he was dead seemed to hit him quite a bit.” The couple were only allowed to keep Shawn with them for an hour and a half before he was taken away for an autopsy. “I was so glad we had our camera with us and took some photos.” The midwife also made up a card with details such as his weight and length and his

I just felt I was a failure to everybody, especially to Mike that I couldn’t carry his baby, I’d killed it

hand and footprint. “That to me is a real treasure.” After the funeral and the autopsy results came back with no definitive reason why Shawn died, Denise was at a loss with what to do. “I didn’t think I’d done anything different than any other pregnant mum.” When Shawn was born there was not a lot of information about stillbirths, once Denise reached the 12-week mark she thought she was safe. “You never think about having a stillborn.” The expectant mother had given up her job shortly before Shawn was born and without social interaction she started to withdraw into herself. “I was still in limbo … you can’t move forward, you can’t go back.” Some times were more difficult than others. Going shopping and seeing mums with babies, packing away Shawn’s room, thinking about all the things she would miss out

on – his smile, his first tooth, his first steps. Denise got pregnant again only a few months after Shawn was born and one of the hardest things was people saying this time it will be all right. “How could they know? It wasn’t all right last time.” Many friends just disappeared after Shawn died because they did not know what to say. “But I was still the same person and had the same interests. “It’s not something people want to talk about.” She wouldn’t have minded if people didn’t want to speak about Shawn or did want to, she just needed the support of her friends. After time she was able to hide her feelings better to make interactions with others easier. “Putting on a front doesn’t make you feel any better, but it’s more for other people.” It was easier to pretend she was all right than to have to have people ask her how she was all the time. “Even 19 years later I still think about

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aland’s The facts

According to the Ministry of Health a stillbirth is a baby that has died after 20 weeks. The Ministry of Health advises people to have a healthy lifestyle, be active, reduce stress, get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet to reduce the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage. The World Health Organisation’s definition of a stillbirth is a baby worn with no signs of life at or after 28 weeks’ gestation. In 2015 there were 2.6 million stillbirths globally with the majority of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Nearly half of these deaths occurred during labour. The number of stillbirths worldwide declined by 19.4 per cent between 2000 and 2015.

Left – Denise McKnight with a book she made about Shawn.  PHOTOS TETSURO MITOMO 270116-TM-0146 Right – A teddy bear and the coin are some of the few things the pair have to remember their son by.  270116-TM-0177

Shawn and still think about what it was like. The hurt is still there.” Denise and Mike now have two other children – Ricky who is 18 and Nathan, 15. The two boys speak about the brother they never met. “They’ve grown up knowing they’ve got a big brother.” The family moved from Nelson to Ashbur-

ton two years ago. University of Auckland Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department senior lecturer Dr Alec Ekeroma, who has done extensive research into stillbirths, said cases like Denise’s where there is no known cause for the baby’s death make up 20 to 30 per cent of all stillbirths in New Zealand. continued over page



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From P9 When a stillbirth is suspected, a diagnosis is secured with scans and a mother is counselled. She is usually offered the chance to go home or start the induction right away. An investigation into the cause of the death is always done and if a cause is found then specialists will look at how to prevent it occurring in future pregnancies for the mother, he said. If the cause is not known the chance of having another stillbirth increases from 1 in 225 to 1 in 100 but this is still not as high as if there is a known cause. There are a number of different reasons for a stillbirth occurring including obesity, poorly controlled gestational diabetes, lack of prenatal care and a mother’s age. “A woman with gestational diabetes has a higher chance of stillbirth if she had poorly-controlled diabetes.” While only 0.44 per cent of all pregnancies in New Zealand end in stillbirth, there is a higher chance for certain groups, for example it increases to 0.6 per cent for women over 40. “If you’re looking at a certain population it could be higher.” Studies have also suggested that women who sleep on their back throughout pregnancy have an increased chance compared to women who lie on their side. Studies like this have changed medical practice in New Zealand with obese women now being offered induction of labour earlier than usual and concerted efforts to make sure women begin prenatal care as early as possible. Several years ago it was found that Manukau had the highest stillbirth rate in the country and initiatives were put in place to encourage people to come forward for care as early as possible. The number of midwives in the area was also increased to ensure the women were getting the care they needed. There has also been a lot of effort around the country to get the message about having a healthy lifestyle pre and early conception as well as managing conditions such as gestational diabetes and ensure pregnant women do not sleep on their back. In Ashburton the rate of stillbirths coincides with the national statistics, Canterbury District Health Board Director of Midwifery Samantha Burke said.

Karen Prisco with some of her children.

Karen’s cuddle cot for Christchurch After Christchurch woman Karen Prisco lost her daughter Elizabetta at 17 weeks’ gestation in April, 2014, she felt like she needed to do something to stop other women going through what she did. For Karen because she had found out Elizabetta died at only 16 weeks, the expectation was that she would go to hospital, give birth and go home but because she wasn’t well after delivery and she had to stay the night in hospital. Elizabetta was put in the room with Karen but could not stay the whole night because the room was too warm. Karen had to be asked the painstaking question of whether she wanted her baby to stay with her a bit longer despite the fact it wasn’t cold enough or if she wanted her baby girl to be put in a fridge. While it was the necessary thing to do to preserve Elizabetta, for Karen’s baby to have to be taken away was very confronting and distressing. “She had to be taken away and I couldn’t spend the night with her. “I could’ve had her back at any time I

wanted, but it was still hard to have to make that decision. “It would have been nice not to think about it.” After researching online Karen started to look at how to get a cuddle cot into the country to allow stillborn babies to stay cool. A cuddle cot is a cooling system designed to fit into any cot, pram or bed to prevent a baby’s condition deteriorating and allowing parents more time with their baby. While she would not be able to stop the pain for other families Karen hoped that a cuddle cot would make the experience a bit easier. “I didn’t want other people to have to deal with that.” Karen was able to raise $5500 through a crowd-funding page and donated a cuddle cot to Christchurch Women’s Hospital in October 2014. Karen’s was one of the first in the country and there are now about 17. “It’s one of those things that you just hope is something that never gets used.”

YOU Magazine | 11

Above – The dedication to Karen’s stillborn daughter Elizabetta which is inscribed on the cuddle cot. Left – The cuddle cot which was donated by Karen Prisco to the Christchurch Women’s Hospital.


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Autumnal equinox is on our doorstep

As the trees start to shed their golden leaves and waft down to the ground when you’re driving along the road, it is a sure sign that autumn has begun. The autumn equinox occurs on March 20, which was once regarded as one of the most important days in the ancient world. As it marked a time of change in the seasons and tasks and lives of the people. The length of the day and night are almost equal on equinox, of 12-hour days. The autumn equinox was also known as a time of the harvest festival. Hopefully the summer months have been a valuable and well-used time to get your nutritional status in good stead, which may have consisted of days spent in the sun and plenty of salads and fresh fruit consumed. Autumn can also be seen as a time to take advantage of the abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds available, and preserving their nutrition, to provide sustenance for the cold and often bleak winter months ahead. What can the autumn gems of produce provide you with for your nutritional needs over winter? – Fibre: Fruits and vegetables are packed with fibre that is all important for satiety, aiding digestion and creating a good digestion which is important for our health and wellness. For example, carrots and berries. – Antioxidants help mop-up any free radicals that are roaming about in the

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

body that are looking to cause harm and chaos. Known as the preventers of ill-health. For example, tomatoes and blueberries. – Macronutrients: Produce loaded with carbohydrates, good fats and proteins that can be frozen, bottled or preserved and stored for the winter months ahead. A good source of nutrients that can be made available when not as much produce is around in the winter. For example, Carrots, peas, tomatoes, beetroot, lemons and raspberry jam. – Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that can be found in the harvest produce and play an important role in human development and well-being. Without proper consumption of micronutrients, human beings would suffer from diseases such as; rickets (lack of vitamin D); scurvy (lack of vitamin C) and osteoporosis (lack of calcium). – Liver cleansers: The kidneys and the liver are the organs of detoxification and elimination that help your body filter waste, therefore cleansing the liver and kidneys regularly is important to good health. Eat a whole food diet where possible, that consists of plenty of spinach, carrots, beetroot and toma-

toes, which can also be consumed in juice form. – Nervous system supporters: When we consume our harvest produce, it can help to know that the foods we consume can help enhance our mood and regulate our ability to cope with stress, lower anxiety and improve sleep. Such foods may be spinach, sweet potatoes and oats. – Immune boosters: Foods that have the ability to boost your immunity via increasing the production of white blood cells in the body are responsible for improved immunity and its virus-defending abilities – oats, garlic, mushrooms and sweet potatoes and sleep. – Germ busters: Foods play a role in enhancing your immunity and help to avoid any mild deficiencies that may weaken your body’s ability to fight off infection. Such foods that are beneficial are those high in vitamin A (carrots and sweet potatoes), vitamin C (red peppers and tomatoes) and vitamin E (spinach, almonds and sunflower seeds). Utilise what produce you have available, be it from your garden or general store, and try to preserve and utilise their valuable nutrients to help support your health, immunity and wellness through those dark days of the winter months. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

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Spicy salsa It’s salsa time – celebrate the autumn equinox with a salsa dance or a bowl of salsa shared amongst friends and family. It only needs to be as spicy as you want it. 1/2 small red onion, finely chopped 3 medium-sized tomatoes, chopped into small cubes, core cut out 1 can chopped, tinned tomatoes (drain and use only quarter of the tin of juice) 1/4 t hot chilli sauce for mild heat or 1/2 t for hot salsa (I used Kaitia fire chilli sauce), optional 1/4 red pepper, finely diced

1/4 green pepper, finely diced 2 medium cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 lime, cut in half and juice extracted 1/2 t rock salt 5 good grinds of black pepper 1T fresh, chopped coriander 1/2 T brown sugar

– Prepare all the ingredients that need chopping and then set aside. – Place in a bowl the chopped red onion, fresh and canned tomatoes, chilli sauce, red pepper, green pepper, lime juice, garlic, salt and

pepper, coriander, brown sugar and stir through several times. – Place in the fridge for an hour before serving or you can also serve straight away with a side of corn chips. – This recipe makes a small bowl, so for a bigger bowl just double the recipe. – Small bowl serves four people. Large bowl serves eight. Note: You may need to drain off a little of the liquid before serving. Cha cha cha. Photo and recipe by Jane Logie

14 | YOU Magazine

Make your own airtight containers

The Back to Basics team is back in YOU magazine giving us helpful tips to live life in a more natural, sustainable, cost effective way. Their next expo is on April 2, with details on their Facebook page Ashburton Back to Basics expo. Let’s get our families, food, finances and community back to basics.

Introducing John Morgan, a man who is amazing with the way he reuses plastic bottles and milk bottles. And best of all, you do not have to buy these products to make his ideas, it is free for people to help themselves to the bottles from Wastebusters recycling depot. You can make an airtight container (and more) from two plastic bottles. They are great for storage in the kitchen, workshop, classroom – or just about anywhere. Follow these simple steps to make a large or small container, according to your needs.

Step one: Start with two empty bottles that are the same shape and size.

Left – Don’t throw away your plastic bottles, there are so many useful things you could make out of them. Not only are you helping the environment, you are saving yourself money.

YOU Magazine | 15

Step two: Mark the cutting heights on the bottles. For the lid: 5cm. For the base: 7.5cm or 22cm.

Step four:

Wash and dry your containers, then they are ready to use. Don’t throw away the rest of the bottles. Cut off part of the top section, below the bottle top. Poke the top of a plastic bag through the top, pull it back down over the bottle piece then screw on the lid over the plastic – voila! You have a handy sealer for plastic bags. As for the plastic cylinders left behind after all this cutting – I’m sure you can think of ways to use them too!

Step three: Cut around the lines and your container is ready to assemble. If necessary, remove the labels.



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Summer before the war by Helen Simonson

BOOK REVIEW with Norma Geddes

It's the eve of the first World War and Beatrice Nash arrives in Rye to take up a teaching position in the local school. She is to be the new Latin teacher. Her father, an academic, has recently died and she has to make her own way in the world now. Her sponsor is Agatha Kent, a governor at the school who has pushed for a woman teacher in spite of heavy opposition from the male governors. Beatrice is finally employed and is befriended by Agatha's two nephews, Hugo and Daniel. This is a gentle story with a love story at its heart, but it’s certainly not overly sentimental. I loved the complexity of the characters - the social code of their lives is so strict and unbending. At the outbreak of the war a group of Belgian refugees arrive in the town and again we see the strict social, class and gender attitudes to the newcomers. It's quite poignant reading about this almost idyllic time before the war when you know of the horrors to come. The book reminded me a lot of the Mapp and Lucia novels by E F Benson similar surroundings and small town snobberies. It's a long book, but well worth the read. Advertising feature

212 East Street, Ashburton. Ph 308 8309

Helen Simonson is the author of the fabulous Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand published in 2010. This was on the New York Times bestseller list for ages and published in 21 countries.

YOU Magazine | 17

OUT AND ABOUT @ the Zonta International Women’s Breakfast More than 250 women attended Zonta Ashburton’s annual International Women’s Day breakfast at the Hotel Ashburton on March 5 to celebrate women and their achievements. They were also treated to a talk by guest speaker and hip hop queen Billie Jordan. 050316-AK-066


Above – Ali Officer (left) and Debra Clark.

Above (from left) – Jo Foster, Gabrielle Simpson and Hayley Sparrow. Below – Debbie Macdonald (left) and Jenny Baker.


Above (from left) – Vivienne Campion, Lynda Davey, Carolyn Wilson, Sandy Sim and Anne Letham. Below – Robyn Dickson, Carolyn BondHood, Catherine Rush and Christine Taylor.


Above – Dulcie Lyttle (left) and Heather Mellish.



Right – Liz Stephens (left) and Joan McLean.


Above (from left) – Stephanie Butchard, Sue Cahill, Rebecca Perkins and Anne-Marie Wilson.



Above (from left) Sandra Grant, Dorothy Lake and Joan Dephoff.

18 | YOU Magazine

Fashion aesthetic








From Sparrows, East Street A Richochet Lily Dress $349


Sills Beck Print V neck $239, ADC Hansel 7/8th Pants $169 C

From Vetir Devine, The Triangle, Ashburton/Peters Street, Hinds D Country Road Dress $45 E Forever New Dress $35 F Charter Club Blazer $30 From The Merino Story, Main Road, Hinds (SH1) G Lemon Tree Tunic $119 H Merino Cape $89


Possum Merino Jersey $187

Untouched World, Slouchy Pants $239, Fettle Sweater $349, Loop scarf $125

YOU Magazine | 19

2016 colour of the year


IN STYLE with Caitlin Bingham

Every year the fashion industry decides on the colour of the year, last year it was Marsala, a deep wine colour now seen in everything from fashion to home décor. This year, for the first time ever, two colours have been chosen. Rose quartz, a warm rose pink tone and serenity, a cooler tranquil blue. They have been described as comforting and calming shades in today’s busy world. Here are three ways to include these colours in your wardrobe.

Feature Make these colours the feature piece of your outfit by pairing with neutrals. Team with white for a classic chic look or with black for a more edgy night time look. This look works well with coats or jeans especially now that we are starting to enter the cooler months.

Subtle Not one for the bold or feature statement that these colours will bring? You can still incorporate them into your everyday wear by investing in accessories such as bags, sunglasses, belts, scarfs or shoes. You can also sport these colours on your nails or in your makeup.

Go bold by wearing these shades top to toe. A rose quartz mini skirt and cropped top two piece is cute and feminine or light wash jeans paired with a chambray shirt is casual and fun. Or better yet mix the two colours together to create an eye-catching outfit.


So you want something different and very unique for your home or outdoor area, and like the idea of owning a piece of history?

Here at Jmac Joinery we have limited stock of the most beautiful re-cycled hardwood from Timaru Port for sale it’s great for pergolas, trusses, anything outdoor, or simply a beautiful, unique feature in your home or garden.

Phone us now to secure for your very own piece of history for your property. Limited stock – be quick!

You want a woodie – you want a goodie! You want Jmac Joinery 7 Laughton Street, Washdyke, Timaru

Phone 03 688 2725


Celebrate your love

Weddings – Conferences - Events – Accommodation Nestled against a beautiful mountain backdrop, the Methven Resort offers you the complete package – venue, accommodation and exquisite food. No wedding is too big or too small, and we design the day to suit your individual needs.

Our experienced in house chef can cater for all dietary requirements. Contact Roel for a wedding pack or to arrange a time to discuss your ideas.

51 Main Street, Methven 03 302 8724 booking@methvenresort.com www.methvenresort.com

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Ultimate wedding checklist! p As soon as you get engaged

12 months before the wedding

8-10 months before

• Sit down with your other half and discuss your ideal wedding to make sure you're on the same page • Draw up a budget • Start planning the guest list. Decide on the approximate number of guests - this may impact your choice of venues • Pick potential wedding dates check with important guests to avoid clashes • Research potential wedding venues and ceremony locations if separate • Enlist any helpers/talented friends of family with aspects of the wedding (for the cake, flowers, dresses etc)

• Visit and book your reception venue and ceremony location and plan ceremony decor • Research potential wedding services and suppliers photographer, florist, invitations, cake, decor, music, hair and make up • Consider and review wedding insurance options • Decide what type of entertainment you want for ceremony, drinks reception and dancing • Book photographer, videographer • Send save the date cards important if you're getting married abroad, or during a very busy time of year

• Book ceremony music, band and DJ for reception • Research and reserve accommodations for guests • Contact decor hire companies if you need to rent anything for ceremony/ reception • Book honeymoon • Order wedding cake • Book groomsmen’s suits

House of Travel Honeymoon Bridal Registry U K &

TRAVETheL EidealXPwedding O gift idea


v WINNER x of the 2013 best



3 | 7.00pmtravel retailer essential AFTA AWARD v WINNER x of the 2013 best

6-8 months before • Book ceremony musicians • Ensure passports are up to date for honeymoon order new ones if necessary • Start planning hen and stag parties well not you, the best man and bridesmaids should!




s | Spot prize s the nctdobtoeru20 | 7.00pmtravel retailer r 13om panies n | RSVP isces The tevam at HO sentia AFTA AWARD


Wednesday 23 October 2013 | 7.00p Hotel Ashbu m rton | RSVP is e ss e ntial Travel prese nta tions | Expo

ert advice d specials | S Wednesday pot prizes 23 October irect from the a 20 ir lin 13 | 7.00pm es and tour Hotel Ashbu rton | RSVP compa l Come instore is essential | 03 Expo speciaThe Honeymoon Bridal Registry allows your guests, Tra30 87es ve7l pr 60en Hoboth | ta use of as overseas hb ls | Spot prize ur Tra to tio n@ ve ns l hosp Ashb | Expo t.cec Expe s o.nz urto he airlines an rt ad n | di 03re30 ials | Spot pr vice ashb 87m d to ur ton@ho 60thveWINNER ct7fro and aturhome, the convenience to contribute to your wedding and izes compa t.co.nz airlinesxand nies The team at HOT AsCo tour compa W faed hbme ne urtas bo 2013 best of the honeymoon with ease. It works in the same way any gift registry sd oninstor the ok ay e |ce .c 03 23 307 876 om O/H E X nies ctob O





S AND OPERATED, Housewill of Travel has spent over with Wednesday TA ersh PO 20bu 13rto | 7. Hotel Ashbur n 00 23 pm Oct except that with the Honeymoon Bridal Registry your guests ‘gift’ toton | RSVP is esWeddings . Conferences . Events Hotel Ashbur sential v O ton N L Y x SWI SEE THE WORLD. With 70 STORES NATIONWIDE OWNEDyouAND House of Travel has towards spent over is in theOPERATED, form of monetary contributions your wedding BEST DEA L S Bakehouse . Accommodation and70 honeymoon. PING KIWIS SEE THE WORLD. With STORES NATIONWIDE The team at HOT Ashbur PECIALISTS on hand to pass on their inside knowledge, ton TRAVEL SPECIALISTS on theirbelow inside orknowledge, Contactonushand on to thepass details check our Winning Wedding Venue PUT YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY INProud2014. Bridal Registry online at houseoftravel.co.nz UST US TOGETHER TOHoneymoon PUT TOGETHER YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY IN 2014. to be KIWI OWNED ANDAward OPERATED, House ofWaterfront Travel has spent over



0 | ashburton House of Tra vel Ashburton @hot.co.nz travel retailer | 03 307 876 ashb *Teurt 0 rmson and@h ot. con co ditio .nz ns app AFTA AWARD ly. Plea Tra se lom your House of Trav presentatioask faceboove k.c el ns | Expo sp consultant for full Expert advic /HOTAshburt on ecials | Spot details. e direct pr

*Terms and cond

Come instore | 03


itions apply. Pleas

e ask your House

307 8760 | ash House of Tra burton@hot.c vel Ashburton o.nz | 03 307 876 ashburton@ 0 hot.co.nz facebook.com /HOTAshburto n

*Terms and condi

tions apply. Pleas

House of Travel Ashburton | 03 307 8760 ashburton@hot.co.nz

e ask your House

of Travel consultant

for full details.

from the airlin

of Travel consultan

t for full details.

es and tour

izes companies

Come instore | 03

Travel presen tations | Ex Expert advic e direct from the

307 8760 | ash House of Tra burton@hot.c vel Ashburton o.nz | 03 307 876 ashburton@ 0 hot.co.nz facebook.com /HOTAshburto n

25 YEARS HELPING KIWIS SEE THE WORLD. With 70 STORES NATIONWIDE and OVER 700 TRAVEL SPECIALISTS on hand to pass on their inside knowledge, YOU CAN TRUST US TO PUT TOGETHER www.stonebridge.co.nz YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY IN 2014. *Terms and condi

tions apply. Pleas

e ask your House

enquiries@stonebridge.co.nz ph. 03 693 7912 | m. 027 415 7869

of Travel consultant

for full details.

Follow us on

22 | YOU Magazine


Choosing your décor and reception space

Decorations live firmly in the world of logistical reality, no matter how pretty they are. What can you afford? What can you transport? What will look good in your space? To further root yourself in reality, start with your venue’s list of decoration restrictions. Chances are, they have some. Common restrictions include open flames, attaching things to the wall, and moving the tables. Ruling those items out will narrow down your options. Next, think about the time of day and the time of year of your wedding. A million tea lights is a kick-ass decor idea (if you’re allowed open flames), but it’s going to be near pointless if your wedding meal is at noon in a light-flooded room. If you’re planning a wedding in a big

room, the decoration inspirations regularly dished out on the internet can feel like it does not help you in any way. Social halls come with their own, very specific set of decorating policies. There tend to be no “architectural elements” or “natural beauty” to highlight. Additionally, social halls are normally big. This often means you have a scale problem with your decorations from the get-go. A small centre piece is going to feel even tinier in a big space. You may not be filling up the space with your guests, and the chairs and tables that come with your venue (free, usually!) are not exactly the stuff of designer dreams. That is what it is. If you are getting married in a community hall, your wedding isn’t going to look like the weddings

Silk Estate are truly passionate about crafting exceptional weddings. We can provide customised marquee wedding packages for 30 to 300 wedding guests. Silk Estate is discerning about the quality of their wedding hire products; from the white marquees and silk linings, to the tableware, accessories, lighting, wedding chairs and furniture. Additional hire options include luxury restrooms, chiller trailer, heating, dance �loor, lounge furniture and staging. Silk Estate can also provide wedding day set up and full bar service so that every part of your day is taken care of. As event co-ordinators we ensure your band,

you see in trendy urban lofts, or sunny gardens, or even raw industrial spaces. So don’t even bother trying to work against your space. You’re not going to turn it into an Italian mansion, no matter how hard you try. Your goal is just to try to make it look festive. The one clear advantage is that these halls are generally pretty blank slates, so you can go a lot of places with decorations. You’ll want to decide early on what you can live with and what you can’t. If your venue has bright-orange padded chairs, can you make that work, or do you want to splurge on chair covers? It’s okay to decide to pay for an upgrade here or there (or everywhere, or nowhere), if that’s going to work for you.

catering and other sub-contractors have all they require including power, correct size staging and bench high tables for catering. The new addition of our wooden cross back chairs is proving popular and gives your event a truly unique feel. These add to our other options of the Milano and Bella chairs. The lounge area, created with pallet furniture can be a welcome retreat for guests. We love to create beautiful events based on your style and the look and feel you are wanting to achieve. If all this sounds exciting call into our showroom and have a little look or phone to book your personal consultation with Toni and let’s start creating your dream wedding.


Music is the essence of life!

Music has the ability to bring so much joy into our lives - so why not experience it at its best during your wedding? Choosing Mackintosh DJ Hire provides you with an exceptionally high level of service, paired with the music you love in crystal clear quality, leaving you and your guests to enjoy with no stress. Mackintosh DJ Hire is a partnership between Duncan Mackintosh and Talor Dormer, who both endeavour to understand each individual client’s event and know how to entertain their guests. They both have a great passion for what they do and take great pride and joy in their business. The equipment is the best in its class bringing you high resolution audio so you will hear your music the way it was intended. Being locally based in Ashburton, they offer complimentary consultations.

They love meeting clients before their big day to ensure their expectations and requirements are not only met, but exceeded. Each event is unique and Mackintosh DJ Hire custom make playlists suited to your individual taste.

YOU Magazine | 23

Leave all of the hard work to us, so you and your guests can enjoy the celebration! We recommend the use of our unparalleled microphones at your ceremony in order to be heard clearly by all of your guests. Don't worry - we blend into the background while you soak up every special moment. Being professionals, we are always willing to go the extra mile to improve the atmosphere of each special event. "Thank-you so much to Mackintosh DJ for doing an exceptional job with the music at our wedding! We couldn't have done the ceremony without you and you kept the dancefloor buzzing till the early hours of the morning!"Nikita and Andy Moore Advertising feature


Your Special Day

Creating your perfect wedding ambiance with the sounds you love, always in high-resolution crystal clear audio. We know what it takes to create lasting memories that are yours to keep.


Contact us for a complimentary consultation and quote We cover all special occasions

MACKINTOSH DJ HIRE P. 021 206 8692

W. facebook.com/mackintoshdjhire E. mackdjhire@gmail.com



A lavish selection of handcrafted furniture, unique home décor and attentive gifts awaits you.

Our furniture is thoughtfully selected and handcrafted using sustainable, fair trade wood and is always reasonably priced. You’ll find things here you’ve never seen before because everyone deserves a beautiful, unique home.

Visit our showroom on 2239 Main South Road, 5 minutes south of Rolleston or browse and buy online at

ynots.co.nz 03 347 6190

Tuesday - Thursday: 10 am - 5 pm | Friday: 10 am - 3 pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 4.30 pm

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Forever fashion

for real women

Elegant Attire F O R CO N T E M P O R A RY W O M E N

M OT H E R O F T H E B R I D E M OT H E R O F T H E G R O O M | W E D D I N G G U E S TS Exclusive collec tions and complementar y accessories for the most exquisite occasions

Are you at your wits end looking for something to wear to your son or daughter’s wedding? Stop! I have the answer to your fashion frustrations: Smith & Boston in Prebbleton. The little boutique that is helping women look fabulous for weddings and memorable occasions. On the day I visit I am met by a friendly chorus of hellos from owners and sisters Ngaio Bell and Olive Hill. They are sorting through fabric samples and laugh as they explain they are having a sisterly debate about a certain choice of fabric. Olive and Ngaio design all of their Smith & Boston range. Their boutique is stocked with elegant dresses and jackets in an array of colours and fabrics. They stock sizes 6 to 22 and keep a dress register to avoid embarrassing double-ups at events. I am eager to begin shopping. The dresses I try are fully lined with long zips; I can easily step into them. The jackets range from full length to bolero style. I am amazed at how the garments feel: so light and luxurious. I look 10 years younger and have a waist! Olive explains that tailored garments always look better as they fit your body instead of stretching around it. Smith & Boston’s reputation for service is genuinely deserved. I leave Smith & Boston with renewed confidence, a new outfit and a big smile. Smith & Boston, Shop 6, 573 Springs Road, Prebbleton. Telephone: 03 3495 646 www.smithandboston.co.nz. Advertising feature

Since 2005 | Manufactured in Canterbury

Prebbleton Village

Ph: 03 3495 646




PHOTOGRAPHS SUPPLIED BY: Emma Brittenden Photography & Andy Currie Photography

Terrace Downs Resort is the perfect setting for your special day, whether an intimate wedding or lavish affair, we offer: • Multiple ceremony sites • Reception rooms with spectacular views • Catering • Accommodation • Activities and more. Our Events Team are here to offer a personalised service to ensure your day is seamless.

PHONE (03) 318 6943 wedding@terracedowns.co.nz w w w. t e r r a c e d o w n s . c o . n z

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Save money on the wedding of your dreams

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you want to get the best value for your dollar. You aren’t interested in anything that looks cheap; you want your fairy-tale wedding for less. If you follow these tips, your guests will never imagine that they’ve been invited to a budget wedding. Choose a budget-friendly wedding date and time: Getting married on a weekday, on a Sunday, in the morning, or on a Saturday in November or January will save money on everything from the ceremony and reception venues to the band or DJ you hire. Don’t go overboard on invitations: Buy for the number of households, not the total number of guests. Otherwise, you end up wasting money on unused invitations.

Find a less-expensive wedding dress: Search online retailers, borrow a dress, rent a gown, or buy a bridesmaid’s dress in white, cream, or ivory. Create your own wedding playlist: Recorded music is the least expensive way to have the melodies you want for your ceremony. It’s also the easiest way to mix and match the styles and songs that best suit you as a couple. Put the playlist on your MP3 player and check whether you have access to the sound system at your ceremony site. Skip pew or chair decorations: Guests won’t miss them, and you’ll save money. Pick something other than flowers: Ditch the bouquet idea altogether and carry a fan, a small parasol, a loved one’s Bible, a rosary, or even a fancy clutch or

Mother’s Day

The moments of today are tomorrow’s memories.

How are you capturing them? Why not come in and enjoy a special mother/daughter makeover filled food, music, photos and laughter. Call Emmily: 027 310 6521 / 03 261 6933 TERMS AND emmily@emmilyharmer.co.nz CONDITIONS APPLY www.emmilyharmer.co.nz PORTRAIT AND CONTEMPORARY GLAMOUR / FAMILY KEEPSAKES / COMMERCIAL

“Nothing is a problem”

Cater - Great Food... Great Service and Presentation Phone 03 307 2278 or 0274 326 047 www.allfedup.co.nz

evening bag. Or opt for a bouquet made of feathers, crystals, candy, antique buttons, or origami. Serve only beer and wine: This common compromise doesn’t violate any etiquette rules. As a variation, you can serve beer, wine, and a signature drink. This variation gives your guests more drink choices but still keeps expenses down. Do without the wedding cake: You can serve alternative desserts - like cookies, bars, brownies, cheesecake, pies, or tarts - in any number of ways: as a dessert buffet, as centrepieces on your tables, or as butler-passed treats. Forgo favours: You can make a donation to a charity in your guests’ names for less than you’d pay for some favours.

L e t sa t e ! Celebr With decades of experience in wedding catering we can provide all your beverage requirements from chilled wines, beer, spirits and non alcoholic drinks to glassware and other requirements including a chiller trailer.

We have the selection to guarantee your wedding will be a success and our friendly staff will go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction. Free quotes available for your wedding or celebration on our premises or elsewhere.

MSA Liquor Centre 231 Burnett Street Phone 308 7149

Your local wedding cake baker! Our cakes are made and decorated to order. Call us today to book your wedding cake for your very special day! 123 Main South Road, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5774

Book Your Wedding * & Save $850

Hotel Ashburton offer spectacular gardens which provide a fantastic space for wedding ceremonies, locations for photographs, pre-reception drinks and cocktail style weddings. With multiple venues, flexible spaces and the ability to customise, we can work with you to create your wedding, your way, Contact us to arrange a tour of our facilities and discover just how special your wedding can be.

Book your wedding and save $850* Book your wedding at Hotel Ashburton and receive $850 off when you pay your deposit before 30 June 2016.* You’ll be smiling all the way to the wedding aisle, and into your future! * Terms and Conditions apply. Discount available for weddings which include reception function at Hotel Ashburton. Discount is not available for weddings that are ceremonies only. A minimum of 50 guests are required to receive discount. Please discuss further with our Wedding Coordinator.

Enquire today!

0800 330 880 fb.com/HotelAshburton HotelAsh.co.nz

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Essential items


Anika Lazyboy recliner

Sorrento Lazyboy chair


Big Ben Lounge suite


Quality without compromise. At Ashley Milliken we believe that just because something costs less it shouldn’t be of lesser quality. Quality should be available to you, our customer, no matter your budget. Don’t believe us? You will once you step into our showroom. We have offered quality furnishing for over thirty years, our focus always 100% on our customer, with quality products guaranteed.


But our commitment to you doesn’t stop once you have paid. We will even deliver and install your brand-new purchase*. And if you have a problem? No problem. Come in and see us and we will sort it out, together. Don’t want to pay for it straight away? Also no problem. We offer finance on GE or Q Card, as well as interest-free terms on layby.






A Bucket List Buckets $19.99 from Paper Plus, East Street B Easter Cards from $2.50 from Paper Plus, East Street C Wedding Keepsake Boxes from $59.99 from Paper Plus, East Street D Wild Ferns Manuka Honey face and body products from $11.90 from Ashburton I Site (East Street) and Methven I Site (Main Street)


*Free delivery to most South Canterbury areas for major items

feels like home

28 Barnard St, Timaru | Phone 03 684 5004

30 | YOU Magazine

Single women on a shifting mission So I was at a friend’s house “helping” her shift recently and we realised that we had the potential to set the women’s movement back 40 years. She had it sussed. She knew how she was going to pack the container, she’d hired a big trailer and she and I were ready to go hard at it. We’re as good as blokes after all. Besides the fact that it was 32°C and we were exhausted before we began, we took off at a pace with the heavy stuff first. That’s all good … what wasn’t good is that we had trailer issues. We couldn’t quite figure out how to get the cage door off and on without taking chunks out of fingers. Which did happen. Half an hour later, we had it sorted, and we even did an okay job of packing it. But then we discovered we couldn’t get the bolt undone on the chain that you had to do up on the towbar thingy. We both had a go, with my friend cursing herself for doing it up too tightly. Turns out, we were trying to undo the wrong bolt (shame-faced emoticon moment). At least we laughed, because with unladylike sweat dripping down hairlines and backs, we were starting to feel anything but funny. Anyway, another half an hour later … So we got to the new property where the container was and tried to open the container. Who knew they were so hard to open? Frustration and heat-stroke mounted. And a bit of Neanderthal bashing did take place. Half an hour later we managed to work it and proceeded to unload the trailer. Closing the #@*&^#@ container again threatened what little sanity was left. We couldn’t get it closed properly. I had to get all analytical about it and I don’t do practical … but, half an hour later we got there. So we got back to the house and girded the old loins to take on another load. But when we looked at the time … it was 4pm. We had spent so much time trying to figure out how to use equipment (that we deemed was men’s area of expertise) that we “had” to call it a day and have a cold beer. As we lay on the grass, feeling like death

MUM ON THE RUN with Lisa Fenwick

and smelling even worse, we reflected on the day with a bit of disappointment and shame (well I did). And we also had a giggle about our ‘we can do anything’ attitude and I realised that I’d never had to deal with all these things without a bloke around. And that actually I was pretty sexist and demanded that we find a man or two to deal with the rest of the heavy, container-bound stuff. And yet my mum raised us to think and work for ourselves. She had a mean vege and flower garden, she wallpapered and painted our houses and built things if she had to and then in all her spare time, like most women of that era, she’d bottle the fruits of her labour until we needed an extra room to hold all the sauces, jams, pickles, relishes, soups and fruit. She had her own trailer and could back it like a pro, and had every tool imaginable (she once bought me an cordless drill for my birthday). She sewed all our clothes when we were young, until we got old enough to refuse to wear them. She tried to teach to me to sew, but one thing she wasn’t was a teacher. And did I pick up all these wonderful, gender-boundary-crossing skills? Nooo, not me. I am a sexist pig.

Six tips for planning your 2016 holiday

YOU Magazine | 31

Planning a holiday can sometimes be one of the most difficult decisions so here some tips to help make those decisions just a little easier.

1. Choose the destination

Sounds obvious, but give your brain half a chance and it’ll become increasingly indecisive. One minute it’s envisaging tropical starfish in Fiji and the next it’s daydreaming about bagels in New York. The destination is in some ways the hardest decision so have a good think about what’s on your bucket list. Finalise your choice by jotting down three wish-list destinations and highlight the pros and cons for all and then the decision will be easier.

from your consultant so you know the bottom line.

This will more than likely settle you on a destination. Are you after the classic unwind and de-stress, or a life-changing experience that completely removes you from your comfort zone? Make a list of the top three to five things you’d like to get out of your next trip.

It’s all well and good booking the cheapest seat, but in reality all airlines offer different perks so make sure you align the airline to your needs. Remember if you are travelling with children, meals and entertainment are a must. If you don’t entertain them they can become bored quickly.

Stick to it! Is this the big trip you’ve been foregoing those coffees to save for, or just a quick dash across the ditch? Either way, keep a close eye on the budget to avoid adding that extra few hundred dollars to your holiday. Ask for a recommendation

For some traveller’s accommodation is as important as the destination, for others it’s merely a pillow to rest a weary head. Holiday accommodation is often an integral part of your holiday experience so think carefully about it and use the

4. Choose the airline

2. Decide on a purpose

5. Pick your accommodation

3. Settle on a budget

WHERE will

Winging it can be fun. But often it is wise to book those must-do activities before you go so you don’t miss out. Also by prepaying for your activities budgeting is a lot easier. Ask your House of Travel consultant for advice on how to get there, pros, cons and prices. Call into House of Travel and pick up a copy of our latest Inspire Magazine as within this is a lot of ideas and places to explore in 2016. Advertising feature



urton@hot.co .nz facebook.com /HOTAshburt on


Visit houseoftravel.co.nz for all the latest deals and inspiration. Sign up to get HOT offers sent straight to you inbox. e ask your House

of Travel consultan

t for full details.





307 8760 | ash House of Tra burton@hot.c vel Ashburton o.nz | 03 307 876 ashb itions apply. Pleas


v WINNER x of the 2013 best

ctober 2013 | 7.00pmtravel Hote retailer l AshNEW SAY YES TO AND BOOK E X PO burton |ADVENTURES RSVP is esse ntial AFTA AWARD v ON Travel presen tations | Expo Expert ad spWITH YOUR NEXT HOUSE OF TRAVELDE LYx ecials | Sp vice direHOLIDAY ot prizes ct from the Wednesday 23

Come instore | 03

House of Travel Ashburton | 03 307 8760 ashburton@hot.co.nz

6. Research your activities


YOU GO *Terms and cond

knowledge and expertise of your travel consultant to choose wisely. Holidays in the islands often mean looking out at the ocean from your balcony, so make sure you have a balcony if that is what you like.

airlines and

tour compa





The team at HOT AsCo me rtoinsn tore | 03 307 8760 | TALK TO USHohbu use of Travel Ashb urton | 03 ashburton@h ot.co.nz

KeeptoupbetoKIWI date onOWNED AND Booked a holiday with chat tohasonespent facebook.com Proud OPERATED, House ofToTravel over /HOTAshburt our latest deals, tips, us already? Use the FREE of our friendly 25competitions YEARS HELPING KIWIS SEE THEofWORLD. With 70 STORES and more House Travel App specialistsNATIONWIDE pop into andthrough OVERFacebook, 700 TRAVEL SPECIALISTS on all hand to pass onourtheir inside knowledge, for access to your store or call us Twitter andTRUST Instagram. important travel YOUR docs. DREAM on 03 307 8760. YOU CAN US TO PUT TOGETHER HOLIDAY IN 2014. *Terms and cond

itions apply. Pleas

e ask your House

of Travel consul

32 | YOU Magazine

The limitless options straw bale gardens

Ever searching for a way to avoid weeding, an idea I came across recently really impressed me. Straw bale gardens! I’ve used straw as mulch to keep moisture in and weeds at bay in my many gardens for as long as I can remember – predominantly peastraw, because it breaks down easily. Course, fibrous straws like linseed also have a place for the opposite reason. It takes a long time to weather them into submission, which makes them an ideal ground cover in shrubberies, around fruiting canes and anywhere else you’re unlikely to want to disturb the soil. I’ve also built deep garden beds using straw as the borders, either one or two bales high depending on the crop. How it alluded me to plant directly into the bales I don’t know. A lightbulb came on when I discovered the world of the straw bale garden. Straw bales are the obvious container for vegetable production, cheap and easy, with hollow tubes designed by nature to funnel water. My borders would have made the perfect vessel in which to plant strawberries, herbs – in particular those prone to drooping, even pumpkin and squash could be trained to run along the top. Your options are really only limited

MY BACKYARD with Michelle Nelson

by your imagination. The obvious first step is to source straw bales. A lot of schools and clubs sell peastraw as a fundraiser. It is often available as spray-free, but organic bales can also be had with a bit of a search. Before planting the bales will require curing. Any compacted vegetation heats up as it begins to break down and will literally cook tender seedlings well before they have a chance of establishing. Think about what you intend to grow – does your crop require full sun or partial shade? If you plan to plant climbing crops, or crops which need support, place the bales up against a fence. If this is not an option the plants can easily be staked. Place the bales on their sides, so the twine keeps them intact, in the position you intend to plant them in on top of several layers of

cardboard to suppress weed growth. Allow about 15 days to cure the bales, depending on the temperature. First wet them well for two or three days until they are soaked through. From day three on add organic fertiliser every second day, to kick start the curing process. This can in the form of liquid fish or seaweed manure, soaked chicken manure or Bokashi liquid/compost. Keep the bales damp with extra water if necessary. Around day 10, pour on a brew consisting of bone or fish meal mixed with an equal amount of wood ash if possible. Alternatively use a commercial blend of phosphorus and potassium. When the bales cease to feel hot they are ready to plant. This can be checked using a

YOU Magazine | 33

of meat thermometer if necessary. From here on in, it’s a breeze. To plant seedlings, simple scoop out a hole in the bale, fill it with quality compost, place the seedling in and cover with the straw you removed to create a moisture-saving mulch. Placing two bales side-by-side gives added support to plants and improves watering efficiency. As these gardens sit above the ground they will require regular watering, especially while establishing. Soaker lines or trickle irrigation systems would work well. Regular feeding will also be necessary – I plan to make good use of worm farm fertiliser and the liquid from the bokashi bucket. Seaweed soup will also work well.

garden tips for March The beauty of this type of garden is that it can easily be adjusted to suit the space available. Run them down each side of a path; place them on a deck or balcony – your options are unlimited.

BALE BORDER GARDEN ... To construct a garden inside the bale border, build the bed on top of a layer of thick cardboard or several layers of plain newsprint to suppress weeds, add a good thick layer of straw – at least a third of the depth, and top with compost. But, if you don’t have the room or the inclination to build a large garden, just stick to a single bale garden or a row of bales.

Early autumn is a great time to tackle jobs in the garden that the heavy summer heat doesn’t permit, like getting your lawn back into shape. Plus it’s an ideal time to sow winter crops if you haven’t already. Here are five tasks from Daltons to get you started: – As the the last of our summer fruit crops come to an end, use bird netting to ensure our feathered friends don’t steal the last of the harvest. – Harvest remaining summer crops as they come to an end and start sowing and planting winter veggies. This is especially important in cooler areas of the South Island. The reason we do this a little earlier than other regions is so plant roots have time to establish before temperatures drop and growth slows. Winter crops include beetroot, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, silverbeet, spinach and those great South Island root crops swedes and turnips – It is important to ensure plants enter their dormant season in the best health. Give them a final application of fertiliser and in cooler regions apply fertiliser to your fruit trees, ornamental plants, shrubs and roses up ‘till the end of March. – Summer flowering annuals are coming to the end of their growing season. It’s time to remove old plants and prepare beds for winter flowering displays. Prepare soil by adding in plenty of compost and mix in well with existing soil to a spade depth. Some favourite winter annuals to grow are: alyssum, calendulas, cinerarias, cornflowers, larkspur, pansies, poppies, primulars, stock, sweet william and violas. – Late March is an excellent time for lawn renovation or the laying of new lawn as this coincides with the cooler temperatures and more consistent rainfall. Lawn fertiliser can now be safely applied in cooler regions where there is reasonable rainfall. If there is a dry spell, water regularly to ensure the fertilisers are washed into the lawn.

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$90 value

Bulbs: To lift, or not

Philippa Reid is this month’s winner with the following question: What is the benefit in lifting bulbs over winter? Most gardeners do not lift their bulbs in winter. The ideal time to lift bulbs is after flowering and when the green foliage has died down completely, which is usually around late summer, early autumn. This does of course depend on the region, site and soil temperatures. Lifting bulbs can be beneficial if they are not performing well. By lifting your bulbs you can inspect them for any diseases or insect infestations. Some bulbs do require lifting and dividing every three to five years to maintain optimum flowering, for example; daffodils. If you do this, replant them as soon as possible to ensure spring flowering. Lifting bulbs is also a cheap and easy method of increasing your bulb garden, particularly when a species in your garden is performing exceptionally well eg: lachnalias. In warmer parts of New Zealand it is essential to lift some varieties, like tulips and store them in a cool place to ensure flowering the next season. In colder regions this is not necessary unless you want to lift the bulbs to relocate them. Some gardeners also let their bulbs naturalise. This means not lifting them and instead letting them multiply over a period of time. Just make sure you label where they are in the garden so they are not damaged or accidently dug up.

Daltons Premium Lawn care prize pack We have a Daltons Premium Lawn care packs valued at $90 to give away which contains everything you need to care for your lawn; 1 x Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser (3.5kg), 1 x Daltons Premium Lawn Soil (30L), 1 x Daltons Lawn patching Gold (4L), PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products.

Be in to win Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons lawn care prize pack in the subject heading, or write to Lawn care pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by March 22.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.


PLANTING PROJECTS - Native revegetation & Landscaping - Ornamental & Specimen plants - Firewood & Shelter trees - Fruit & Nut + truffle inoculated trees

1133 Main South Road, Chch Phone: 0800 800 352


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CHICK FLICKS with Caitlin Porter

The Intern

Whether you’re an active person wanting ultimate muscle and joint recovery, or you want to keep your muscles and joints in their best condition and support comfort, a combination of turmeric and magnesium is worth a test run! Turmeric has long been known as a yellow cooking spice, but in its stronger form, it is much more. This potent antioxidant helps to protect cells from free radical damage. Curcumin is the orange pigment in turmeric. It supports joints and muscles, cardiovascular function, digestive health, and even youthful, radiant skin. Researchers recognise its powerful activity and interaction within the body. Unfortunately, curcumin in its natural state is poorly absorbed. Meriva offers a patented delivery form of curcumin, where curcumin is attached to phospholipids. This process has been shown to improve the bioavailability of curcumin – the body can readily absorb curcumin phospholipid


complex, resulting in more curcumin reaching the cells. A renowned mineral for healthy joints and movement is magnesium. Without magnesium, we could not produce energy, so our muscles would permanently be in a state of contraction, hence magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. Physical and mental stress depletes the body's magnesium levels, so adding magnesium in times of stress can effectively support the body's recovery. Lighthouse Turmeric Complex with Magnesium uniquely combines marine magnesium and meriva curcumin for muscle relaxation and joint comfort. With no magnesium oxide, it is gentle on the stomach and suitable for those who experience irritation in the digestive tract from magnesium supplements. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if symptoms persist, consult a health professional prior to use. Always read the label and take as directed. TAPS #PP7705. Advertising feature

move freely

WITH TURMERIC 90 $39 60s 90 $59 120s

Offer ends 31st March 2016 or while supplies last. TAPS #PP7563


P. (03) 308 1815 E. h2k11@xtra.co.nz




Let’s just say, I was not convinced when it was suggested I watched The Intern this month. Not a big fan of Anne Hathaway or Nancy Meyers (director producer and writer), I was not sure the film was up my alley. However, thanks to some encouragement from my flatmates (all avid Hathaway fans) I bit the bullet and was pleasantly surprised. The plot centres around Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), a widower, who applies to work within a senior intern programme due to the fact retirement has become a bore. Ben eventually impresses founder and CEO Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) of About the Fit, an e-commerce fashion start-up. The story progresses as you would expect, it touches on love and friendship and is equal parts humour and emotion. Over the course of the film, Ben becomes familiar with Jules’ family – even going as far as breaking into the home of her mother to save Jules from embarrassment and regret. He also becomes friendly with her husband, Matt played by Anders Holm of Workaholics (one of my favourite comedy shows). Fellow Workaholic (and Modern Family star) Andy Devine also makes an appearance, which made me like the movie that much more. The story then shifts focus to a marriage teetering on the brink which sees Jules decide to take control of her life. A little hum-drum in places, it is an easy watch. However, I’m not going to lie, Hathaway did get on my nerves, but De Niro on the other hand, was as cool as ever. I’d recommend this as a good chill weekend flick, paired with popcorn and pizza. reviewed by Caitlin Porter compliments of United Video Ashburton

Let’s talk turmeric!

www.health2000.co.nz Follow Health2000Group on:

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Methven Trotting Club

Sunshine, horses and a picnic lunch all create a perfect day out at the Methven Trotting Club’s summer meeting recently.


Above – Sam Still and Leah Gorman. PHOTOS TETSURO MITOMO 210216-TM-0028

Above – Louise and Wally Phillips.



Above (from left) – Hayden Luke, Allie Henderson and Len Luke.

Above – Barbara and Dave Danielson.


Above (from left) – Bruce Harper, Russell Beardsley and Delma Rutherfurd.

Left – Michael Lagan (left) and Terry Dodd. Right (from left) – Diane Marshall-Jenkins, Darryl Jenkins and Laraine Marshall. Below (from left) – Pam Chalmers, Cath Haig and Chris Chalmers. 210216-TM-0033



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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Rakaia Fishing Competition


Above (from left) – Hamish Swords, Isla Robinson and Ross Elliott.

For some of the hundreds of entrants, the annual Rakaia Fishing Competition’s success is counted in fish caught, for others it is counted in friendships made and reunions but for all, the social side of the event is one of the most important parts of the competition.



Above – Cory Quinn (left) and Neil Charlesworth.


Above (from left) – Solo Chase, Graeme Robinson and David Thatcher.

Above (from left) – Stephen Hewson, Ashley Ritchie and Richard Hewson.


Above – Sergiy Vovchenko (left) and Volodymyr Savitskyi.

Left – Barbara Barrett and Neil Sonne. Right – Merv McEridge and Annie Wallace. Below (from left) – Stuart Cridge, Bruce Agnew and Neil Watts. 280216-TM-0153



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Making good use of the last of summer’s bount FOR FOODIES with Kerri Lysaght

This week signals the start of autumn, so with it heralds the last of the summer fruit and vegetables. I have included a simple go-to salad that we eat at home using pretty much the basis of a greek salad with extras, or whatever I have on hand that I think will complement one another. When time is tight, having the ability to focus on the one bowl and building from there is appealing – especially when it can be made and you aren’t a slave to the clock with families arriving at differing times of the night due to commitments. The potato and chorizo melt is one that was inspired by the contents of the fridge, freezer and pantry, again with emphasis on speed and flavour for a quick fix when you’ve had a busy day at work or just chilling in the weekend. The cake … well it’s chocolate, decadently fudgy and simple to make and the friand I see appearing in the local cafes, so thought that we could use the last of the season’s stonefruit. I hope that they provide some inspiration for you in the kitchen over the next couple of weeks … Kerri

Greek and rump steak salad Greek and rump steak salad (above) is essentially a greek salad with added bits. I love it with all its flavours, textures and visually stunning colours of the vegetables. The trick really is to have a thick New York cut of steak – I prefer rump due to the affordability. You then sear off all sides in a fiery hot pan to seal in the flavours and bake in the oven while you prepare the cold salad ingredients.


Five hundred grams doesn’t seem a lot of meat for a main meal for four to six people, but it really is – generally we are able to take leftovers for lunch the next day. By having the thicker cut, once it’s rested you can slice it thinly and have a good portion of meat without overpowering your meal. Ask at the butchery for New York-cut steak. By cheating and having your favourite bought dressing you can impart good flavours without stress and you can change the complete meal on a whim. Using this

PEGASUS ARMS “The best fish and chips in town” Authentic, great food and people, with an awesome range of beer and wine. Relaxed and welcoming. Your local pub in Christchurch’s Central City. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week from 8am till late. 14 Oxford Terrace (on the river, near the hospital) Phone 03 366 0600 | Email events@pegasusarms.co.nz www.pegasus-arms.com

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Super fudgy chocolate cake Even though this cake is simple to make, it needs you to be organised enough to melt several ingredients then cool to room temperature before continuing. For an easier cut use a hot, wet knife. Don’t stress if it dips in the middle, it can happen but to me it’s the pay-off for the fudgy centre.

1C water 250g butter 250g 50–70% dark chocolate 2C caster sugar 1 1/2 C self-raising flour 1/4 C cocoa powder 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1t vanilla paste Chocolate ganache 200g 50% dark chocolate, broken into small pieces 100ml cream – Gently heat combined chocolate and cream in microwave cooking in bursts of one minute, stirring well until smooth and glossy and silky

basic salad, instead of the beef add a tin of tuna or boiled egg for another super quick option when time is really not on your side. Salad 4 ripe tomatoes, cut into wedges 1 small red onion, sliced 1 crisp cucumber, sliced lengthways and halved again, cut into chunks 1 capsicum, deseeded and diced 1 ripe avocado, halved and flesh scooped from skin and diced 1/4 to 1/2 C whole black olives, stones

– Combine water, butter, chocolate and sugar together in a pot. Stir over a low heat until sugar is totally dissolved. By using the stove-top method you have a better control with dissolving sugar, whereas in a microwave you don’t have that. Allow to cool to room temperature. – Once the mixture is cool enough, preheat the oven to 160°C. Grease or line base for ease of removal and coat with 1T sifted cocoa into a 24cm spring-form cake tin. Rotate tin to cover the base and sides, tipping out any extra cocoa. – Sift together flour and cocoa and gently stir into chocolate mixture. Lightly whisk in beaten eggs and vanilla. Pour into prepared tin. – Bake for one hour or until an inserted skewer comes out clean. – Allow to cool in pan before taking out of tin, peel away the paper and put on to plate. Once cold, ice with chocolate ganache.

removed Basil leaves, about a cup of shredded leaves 200g feta cheese, broken into pieces 2T capers Bought caramelised onion or balsamic dressing, or your favourite Salt flakes and freshly ground pepper 500g thick New York-cut rump steak, seasoned and lightly oiled with olive oil

– Preheat oven to 220°C. Heat a frying pan on the stove until very hot, sear steak

very quickly on all sides. – Roast for 15 to 25 minutes depending on how well you like your steak cooked. Allow to cool, covered, then slice thinly. I put it back into the cooking juices until I need them, covering to keep warm. – While this is cooking assemble your salad with the above ingredients. Just prior to serving toss salad and steak with dressing, season well with flaked salt and freshly ground pepper. – Try not to over handle the salad so that ingredients don’t break down.



03 943 5937

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Spicy chorizo, potato & cheesy melt As is standard with me I try and have a concept which is flexible enough to provide a quick and simple supper from what’s in the fridge, freezer and pantry. As I was searching through my fridge and pantry, with a Spanish-inspired dish on my mind, I was thinking boiled potatoes, flash fried with onions, chorizo sausage, courgette and smoked paprika. I didn’t want to stew the vegetables so my pan was super-hot with a combination of oil and butter for flavour. Once they were all golden I put them in a baking pan and covered them with some spinach, a can of spicy baked beans and hot thick cheesy sauce that I’d made quickly in the microwave with tasty cheese. Grill until bubbling and serve with a dollop of sour cream, finely sliced spring onion and sweet chili sauce. Best eaten informally with a fork in front of your best television programme.

Chorizo sausages Cooked potatoes, red onion, capsicum and courgettes, roughly diced Couple of handfuls of spinach 50g butter and a good lug of olive oil (about 3T) 2t smoked paprika

Plum & vanilla friands These are little plain almond French cakes. Easy to make, they can be whipped up quickly. Any seasonal fruit can be used.

175g butter, melted 1 1/2 t vanilla bean paste 1C ground almonds 6 egg whites, lightly beaten until slightly aerated and white in colour 1 1/2 C icing sugar, sifted 1/2 C plain flour, sifted 6 plums, halved, stones removed

– Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease a 12hole muffin pan. Place all ingredients, except plums, into a mixing bowl. Stir until just combined. Pour mixture into muffin pans – they should be about half full. – Top each friand with half a plum, cut side up. Bake for 25 minutes. Allow to stand in pan for five minutes before turning out on to a cooling rack.

– Heat a large pan or wok until very hot, add oil and quickly add your sausages. Once done put into your baking dish. Continue frying by adding butter until melted then add vegetables, doing them in batches if needed so that the vegetables remain sizzling. – Once golden, season and put into your baking dish. Cover with spinach. Open and pour over one can of spicy

baked beans. – Now make your cheese sauce: 2T butter 2T plain flour 1C milk 1C tasty cheese salt and pepper extra 1/2 C grated cheese for topping – Melt 2T butter in microwave for 20 seconds, add your flour, beating well then add your milk. Put back into microwave and heat for about 2 minutes. Add cheese and season, mix. Put back into microwave and heat for another one minute, whisk until it comes together and thickens – Once made pour this over dish, sprinkle over grated cheese and bake in a hot oven until molten crust of bubbling cheese happens. – An optional yay moment would be to add a dollop of sour cream, sliced spring onions and sweet chili sauce or just a smear of sweet chili sauce for heat. – If you have any parsley or coriander in the garden chop and sprinkle over for added flavour. – Instead of the sour cream, an avocado and tomato guacamole would work brilliantly here to reduce the fat content and up the flavour.

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YOUR FOOD GUIDE in Ashburton



We love great food and take pride in bringing you the best local and international produce, in a great cafe atmosphere.

Only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury

Winner of the Taste and Most Organic Juice café of the year award 2015. Open: Mon, Tue, Wed: 7.30am - 5.30pm Thu and Fri: 7am - 5.30pm Sat: 8am - 4pm Sun: 9am - 4pm 161 Burnett Street, Ashburton 03 307 5899 manager@somersetgrocer.co.nz www.somersetgrocer.co.nz

We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties. Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 5pm Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080 Follow us on Facebook

THE LAKE HOUSE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT A truly stunning setting, located on the edge of Lake Hood, offering coffee and cake, a refreshing beverage with a decadent platter, a cafe lunch or an exquisite dinner. Phone 03 302 6064 or book online. Open

7 days a week 10am – 10pm

10 Huntingdon Avenue Lake Hood Phone 03 302 6064 www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz




Clearwater Restaurant is one of the best in the district. It is a relaxed yet sophisticated setting, with a reputation for professional service and warm hospitality.

Chefs are brought from popular restaurant in Thailand, the restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years.

Whether it be live sport on the Big Screen, dinner with the family, beers with friends or relaxing in the alfresco dining area, the Ashburton Alehouse has something for everyone.

You’ll be impressed by the ambience of our restaurant and the quality and innovation featured in our menu. Open:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week

11 Racecourse Road Ashburton 03 307 8887 www.hotelash.co.nz

Lunch Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Monday closed 148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885 Follow us on Facebook

Bookings recommended Open:

7 days from 11am till late

245 Burnett Street, Ashburton 03 308 5980 www.speights.co.nz

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The best hotels in the

The best hotels of 2016 as determined from ratings in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards: 1

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, India


Shinta Mani Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Bellevue Syrene, So


Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Great Milton, England


Mirihi Island Resort, Marihi, Maldives


Bucuti & Tara Beac Palm-Eagle Beach,


got got gotaaa or or oraaa Need Need toto fix fix it it quickly quickly Need to fix it quickly and and effectively! effectively! and effectively! Call Call Owen Owen or Wayne or Wayne at at at Call Owen or Wayne

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7 7DAYS, 242424 hours hours SERVICE SERVICE 7DAYS, DAYS, hours SERVICE WeWeare arehere here forforyour your emergency emergency We are here for your emergency Your Your premises premises ororours ours Your premises or ours

152 152 Wills Wills Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton 152 Wills Street, Ashburton ILSON’S ILSON’S ILSON’S Phone Phone 03 03 308 308 8485 8485 Phone 03 308 8485 INDSCREENS INDSCREENS INDSCREENS Mobile 0274 0274 345 345 636 636 Mobile 0274 345 636 AND AND PANEL PANEL REPAIRS REPAIRS AND PANEL REPAIRS Mobile


Laser Blended Vision Reading vision treatment for Presbyopic patients is now available with the South Island’s latest precision ZEISS equipment.

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orento, Italy

ch Resorts Aruba, Caribbean


Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa, Hanoi, Vietnam



Calabash Hotel, Lance aux Epines, Caribbean


www.sparrows.co.nz Ph 03 308 5771 East Street, Ashburton

Achtis Hotel, Afitos, Greece

Hotel Ritta Hoppner, Gramado, Brazil

It’s time to It’s time to get in the get in the garden... garden... Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: Wholesale landscape supplies, •direct Bark to the public: • Screened Soil • Bark • Oamaru Stone • Screened Soil • 100% Organic Compost • Oamaru Stone • Rocks and Boulders • 100% Organic Compost • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Rocks and Boulders • Concrete • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete

. Wholesale prices . Delivery service . Wholesale prices . Free loan trailer . Delivery service . Free loan trailer Gold


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Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

Ashburton Contracting Limited

P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

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