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Spring has definitely set in! One day we are on the brink of lighting our fires and the next we’re sweltering and getting blown around by a nor’wester. It’s the time of renewal, of breaking our winter ‘hibernation’. It’s time to spring clean your home and clear your garden of winter havoc and plant some veges. It’s that season where you try your togs on to see if you can still squeeze into them. And then desperately try and lose the few kilos you piled on over winter. Or, on the other hand, you could just enjoy the coming months, buy a good book, a deck chair and a nice bottle of bubbly or invite some friends over for a barbecue. The choice is yours, but I know what I’ll be doing! However you take on spring, here’s to enjoying it and the YOU team hopes you enjoy this month’s magazine! Cheers, Lisa Fenwick

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boyant, colourful Judy Our cover lady: The flam P4 Glen. 

Kimberley Bird and her mount take a jump at the recent Ashburton A&P Show.  P8

Some divine yum miness from Kerri Lysaght to lead us into summer.  P12

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4 | YOU Magazine

The flamboya zest of Judy Meet Judy Glen and you want to smile. The opera singer-entertainer-public speaker-fashion and floral designer is a self-confessed diva whose zest for life is infectious. While in Ashburton recently she gave reporter Sue Newman an insight into a life well lived.

If you had to choose one word to describe Judy Glen, flamboyant would fit the bill. The self-confessed diva has sung her way around the world, stared in musical productions, entertained with one-woman shows, made her mark as an entertaining guest speaker and at 72 has reinvented herself again, this time as a designer and maker of fashion garments. Her energy is boundless, matched only by her enthusiasm for wringing the last moment out of every day. Today she’s an Aussie, but

YOU Magazine | 5

ant Glen she’s still a Kiwi at heart and while she oozes confidence she admits that the shy naïve young woman who headed across the Tasman almost 50 years ago is still lurking somewhere inside. Judy was born in Geraldine, raised in Christchurch but her family roots are firmly in Ashburton And it’s to Ashburton she returns several times each year to visit her 106-year-old mother and to catch up with other relatives. Mum and dad Hubert and Rita raised their children Judy and Tyrrell along the traditional lines of the day. No fuss, no pampering, just good, honest, traditional Kiwi values. Back then there was nothing to mark Judy out as a child destined for greatness. That honour belonged to Tyrrell. “My brother was exceptionally intelligent, off the planet intelligent, so I never got a look in really. The only thing I could do was make musical sounds. This was the only way I got notice taken of me,” she

said. Making musical sounds didn’t mean Judy’s talent was recognised. The family thought she had a ‘nice little voice’ but singing lessons weren’t on the agenda. Ballet was – briefly. Her love affair with dance ended when she was locked in the lavatory at the dance studio. Young Judy was too traumatised to ever don a leotard again. She grew up the typical Kiwi kid of her time believing the ultimate dream was to marry the boy next door and raise four kids. Her natural curiosity prompted her to travel to Australia and it was there she realised that her life could be anything she wanted to make it. And that included taking a giant step

towards developing her latent musical talent. “I had a good natural voice, but it wasn’t till I’d been living in Australia for a few years that I grasped the mettle and really started singing,” she said. Judy auditioned for the Sydney Conservatorium and looking back says she can’t believe she was innocent and gullible enough to believe that without a singing lesson she could be accepted. She won a scholarship and her career was launched. “Today they wouldn’t let you in the door without a masters in music and here I was at 26. The rest of the students were miles younger than me. I had no performance experience and I hadn’t even learned to read music so I had to work twice as hard.” She worked, studied and took every opportunity that came her way. And that included several years as a member of the Australian Opera Company and in dozens of musicals. Her journey has taken her from Christchurch to Covent Garden as both an opera singer and as a comedian using her opera experience as part of those shows. The journey has been long and varied but the rewards have come in experience as much as they have in cold, hard cash. “Music has given me a fantastic life but it’s a very hard industry to make money in; it’s crazy hard for professionals. I’ve done well, but I haven’t made much money because you have such high overheads with travel and accommodation,” she said. She’s performed in many musicals and while they’re in rehearsal and during the season the money rolls in but when the curtain falls on the final performance, every person on that stage is unemployed again, she said. “We’re all running round like loonies looking for work.” It is with her one-woman comedy shows that’s she’s really made her mark and these have seen her in hot demand internationally. Comedy just came naturally to her, Judy said. Continued over page Opera singer-entertainer-public speaker and fashion and floral designer Judy Glen lives life to the fullest.

6 | YOU Magazine

From P5 She has also spread her wings into public speaking and has built up a huge circuit. Not surprisingly those speaking engagements are full of surprises. “I’ll often burst into song in the middle of speaking and the corporate audiences are usually pretty taken aback when that happens. They look at me as though I’m mad.” While she’ll always be a diva at heart, Judy said survival meant diversification outside entertainment into fields she believes will have longevity. “There’s not much money in diva-ing although I successfully divaed for many years and I was quite a diva in my day. I still sing a bit but there’s a lot of expenses so I had to have a go at something else.” You can’t diva forever; eventually you run out of steam and you also run out of the desire to do it, she said. Fashion is her latest incarnation “I feel at this stage of my life I’m going into another creative area. Singing was the career I had and it was great for me but now I’m moving into other things.”

That she should move into fashion design late in her working life is no surprise to Judy. She believes as you mature you often return to the things that you really enjoyed as a child. And with a mum as a tailoress that meant sewing was part of her youth. “I’ve always loved fashion, always been dressed to the nines so now I make and design my own clothes – Diva Designs.” Her garments are sold in both Australia and New Zealand, with her major Kiwi outlet the boutique store Where the Fox Lives in the Christchurch Tannery. Her new design career also includes a floral studio, Unreal Flowers. She creates huge displays of artificial flowers that she describes as ‘completely over the top”. Brian Molyneaux at Geraldine has been her inspiration and her tutor and each time she returns to New Zealand a visit to his studio and another tutorial are a must. Judy admits she’s not a big producer of garments, but each piece is a work of art and a one-off. Her garments are aimed at the stylish woman with a ‘more mature figure’ but look equally as good on young people, she said. “I’d describe them as fanciful and playful. My designs reflect me.” Looking back to the gauche young woman who had the gall to audition for an opera company without a singing

lesson to her credit, Judy says she often wonders how she’s achieved so much. She looks back with great joy on her life but also with one dark spot of sadness. She misses her brother Tyrrell. He was killed in an accident and that’s a loss neither Judy nor her parents have ever got over. “It’s the one blot on my life really.” At 72, Judy’s diary looks like that of a full time professional half her age. While fashion and floral design are her latest businesses she still maintains a regular speaking and entertainment circuit. Her only concessions to being “a little older” is the odd early night. Today Australia might be home but Judy’s future includes a return to New Zealand, most likely to Geraldine. That will have to wait, however, as she cares for her husband Terry Knight who has Parkinson’s Disease. And that carer role is one she assumes with typical passion and zeal. “He’s the love of my life. I wouldn’t have had my career without him. He’s a wonderful, brave person. He’s truly my knight,” she said. With a career that has spanned the world’s stages, Judy said there has been no time for children; she admits she was probably too self centred to have been a good mum. “You have to be totally obsessed to do what I’ve done.” And she hasn’t run out of ideas for the future. A return home could well see her satisfying two long-held desires – to breed miniature horses and to grow lilies. “I’d also like to have dogs. I adore dogs and I might end up being an eccentric old lady living somewhere like Geraldine with many dogs for company.” No matter how much she’s travelled, where she’s lived New Zealand is still absolutely, totally home, Judy said. Her only other wish is to wear well and to always be a diva.

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8 | YOU Magazine

Fly like a Bird and aim high

Ever wonder how it feels to soar like a bird over formidable fences on horseback without fear or trepidation. Reporter Michelle Nelson talks to two sisters raising the bar and aiming for the top in the world of showjumping. Kimberley and Jaimee Bird have been riding for longer than they remember. “Mum had us on a pony when we were about two years old, as soon as we could sit on a horse really,” Jaimee says. While the girls were introduced to competitive riding early, it was more about “hooning around and having fun” – these days it’s a serious pursuit, with showjumping competitions every week through the season. Jaimee is a Year 12 student at Ashburton College. While she’s given up on jazz dancing to free up some time, she still plays basketball and netball and currently has three horses in work. Topping the list off with end-of-year NCEA exams, it’s a tight schedule. “I’m pretty busy but mum helps out a lot, she’s gets the horses in so when I get home I can just get on and ride.” At 20, Kimberley is a fulltime horse trainer, with up to seven of her own horses in work. She also coaches up-and-coming riders and helps at the Rakaia Pony Club, where she and her sister learned the tricks of the trade in their younger days. There was never any doubt about their chosen career path and Jaimee intends to follow in her sister’s footsteps when she finishes school at the end of next year. “We want to make a career of this and we want to make it to the top,” Kimberley says. That goal includes competing at Olympic level in the future, although the sisters concede there’s fair stretch of road to travel between now and then. And that road will include gaining experience which can only be had overseas

where showjumping is big business, the stakes high and the competition fierce. Kimberley worked in a Dutch stable producing and competing horses for CSI (Concours de Saut International) competitions. “That was an amazing experience, I was going to head overseas again last winter but I’ve got too many young horses in work – I definitely plan to do it again soon.” She was part of the South Island Young Rider team which snatched the Juliet Scott Trophy from the Australians’ in the Victoria Junior and Young Riders Championships last year and the winning under-15 New Zealand team to compete in South Africa in 2011 against Australia and South Africa. Behind the polished performances in the ring lies years of training for both horse and rider, of which jumping is only a minor part. Flatwork forms the basis of all training sessions and young horses will spend a long time in the dressage arena learning to respond to subtle seat, leg and hand signals before they are introduced to fences. “You need to be in total control of your

horse, control is good when you’re facing big fences,” Kimberley says. It is during these hours of flatwork that horse and rider also bond and develop confidence in each other. “You’ve got to be able to trust your horse, and it has to be able to trust you – it’s two-way thing.” The girls produce their own horses, bought in as youngsters or bred on farm. “We prefer to bring on our own horses for two reasons, a) because we can afford to do that – experienced showjumpers don’t come cheap, and b) because they haven’t developed any bad habits,” Kimberley says. Shortly before last Christmas she imported a very promising seven-year-old mare, Cera Cassina, from Australia. “She had a foal which I was initially after but it had sold, then I found out the dam was for sale so we went over to have a look and we liked her – she really wants to jump!” The will to jump is essential in a showjumper, and a good horse loves to jump, according to Kimberley. This season she has high hopes for

YOU Magazine | 9

Far left – Kimberley Bird in action at the recent Ashburton A&P Show. Left – Jaimee Bird.

Ngahiwi Summer, who was out for the start of the circuit with a splint, and has set her sights on success in the FEI World Young Riders series. “That’s okay though – she’s right now and there’s still a lot of the season left to go, she can start to get a bit tired toward the end.” Jaimiee has made a good start to the season taking out the first round of the FEI World Jumping Challenge on the nifty

mare Wenrose Vertigo at the Labour weekend Show Jumping Carnival last month. In its 38th year the revamped competition pits competitors against others around the world in three categories, however the South Island only offers the category A division, open to riders 15 years and old, jumping heights of 1.20 to 1.30 metres. Jumping the same course around the

world, designed by Portugal’s Bernardo Costo Cabral, riders are tested on a tighter course than they are usually accustomed too. Riders compete accumulate points at three shows, and the South Island winner earns the right to compete in the world final to represent pool 8, which includes most of Australasia. Jaimiee is also expecting to achieve success on Double J Wilma this season and has three-year-old Double J Glamour in the wings. In the showjumping world spills and tumbles can be dramatic but are part of the game. Every rider has hit the dirt and injuries are to be expected if it happens when you’re airborne. Do the Bird sisters ever feel afraid or intimidated by the big fences and tight courses when the bell rings? “Never!” “It’s not something we think about really.” Both girls are excited about what the future holds but know without the support of their parents, Kate and Alan and “uncle Rodger” Biggs, none of this would be possible.

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10 | YOU Magazine

My time to shine TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever on life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury. Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, right? Okay, so maybe I’ve taken more than my fair share, but an opportunity to display my rural warrior prowess presented itself and who was I to turn it down. I may or may not just have celebrated a significant birthday recently, and as a result my darling city friends made the pilgrimage to the farming world to party. It was my moment to shine, to show off and explain with all my newly found farming knowledge just how things work around here. I decided to give them all a tour of the ranch – with running commentary. The timing was good ... little baby cows still bounced through the paddocks – they’d like them. Crops had gone in the ground, of course I wasn’t sure what was what but I’d heard the words wheat, barley and peas bandied around – surely they wouldn’t know the difference. But this is


where it could all come undone – did any of them have a farming background? Maybe some of my old television pals had farmy relatives or spent days in their youth kicking around a paddock somewhere. I had to remain calm. We piled the stiletto laden ladies into the SUV; ‘better put it in four-wheel-drive’ I say, purely for dramatic effect. The roads are dry and dusty, but still, you never know what will happen out in this wild world. First stop, the calving sheds which is met with ooooooohs and ahhhhhs; a quick opportunity for a few selfies which are instantly plastered over social media, and then I start explaining these are the last of the season, heading out to the green pastures soon. But suddenly my nerves have gotten the better of me, I’ve already forgotten if they are boys or girls

or even what breed they are. I shuffle the Aucklanders back into the truck, verbally dance around what is planted in the paddocks and then see a massive water drenched pothole in the road – I aim and tear through it so it splashes the vehicle and we wobble slightly. “Hard to keep your car clean out here,” I chuckle nervously. Mother nature had come to the party – it was a perfect day, sunshine drenched Mount Somers and Mt Hutt on the horizon and our slice of rural paradise looked just that. I was proud of this place I now call home, regardless, even if I haven’t worked out all the lingo yet. The best parting comment from my lifetime friend who I’ve known since I was three years old … As she gazed out to the horizon with her iPhone poised in selfie mode she asked “Which one is Mount Cook?” And it was then I realised although I’m still a rural warrior in training, I’ve come a long way since I landed from Auckland.

YOU Magazine | 11

OUT AND ABOUT @ the Ashburton A&P Show Town and country came together at the recent Ashburton A&P Show.

Above – Jenny Thompson and Elaine Long. PHOTOS AMANDA KONYN 291016-AK-090

Above (from left) – Pete Williams, Graeme Jones and Steve Mulder.


Above - Gill Harris and Fiona Ross.


Above (from left) – Janice and Neil Allen, and Margaret Watson. 291016-AK-092

Above (from left) – Gemma Bell, Samara Alexander and Kaye Duncan. 291016-AK-095

Above - Ralph Tompsett and Richard Wall. 291016-AK-094

Above (from left) – Zoe Shore, Emma Power and Miranda Williams. 291016-AK-097

Above (from left) – Emily Blyth, Tom Blyth and Rebecca Reardon. 291016-AK-093

Above (from left) – Elizabeth Hampton, Annabelle Hampton and Den McGrath.


Above (from left) – Nancy Christey, Yvonne Lister, Heather Whiting and Barbara Burst. 291016-AK-099

12 | YOU Magazine

The endless possibi of summer

The possibilities of this time of the year are endless for those who are wanting variety in the kitchen from our gardens to our supermarkets – they are offering up seasonal produce that make this time of the year exciting Fresh asparagus is on the shelves and at great prices so that means a definite glut in our diet for risottos, tarts and frittatas. The best way I love to serve it is to treat it as the sole star of the meal - steamed with a hollandaise sauce or just simply with fresh butter, freshly ground pepper and salt flakes. At the moment our chickens are laying a good number of eggs daily, so we are also enjoying dunking the steamed spears in softly-boiled eggs – a perfect meal for when time is tight and you need a quick fix. Our home garden is growing wonderfully so the herbs, lettuce and celery leaves are being added to salads, soups and pastas for added flavour while the salad greens are getting a good work-out in sandwiches and salads. The fruit bushes and trees are also coming through laden with fruit so we are looking forward to the months to come so we can reap the harvest – now it’s up to us to water, fertilise and keep the chickens away, which is no easy task! The combination of heat and rain are doing wonders for nature so the sound of birds and the mowing of lawns are now familiar noises at night – coupled with the smells of barbecues. It’s a great time to be alive and not having to work weekends or nights – bring on summer!

FOR FOODIES with Kerri Lysaght

Easy hollandaise sauce

This is ridiculously easy to make – it is not a technique the purists would adopt, but the results are pretty much the same in taste so just roll with it and impress your family and friends and serve it with anything from vegetables, steak and the famous eggs benedict with poached eggs and spinach. As you can see I cooked it one night for dinner, poaching the asparagus in the same water that I used for poaching the eggs and then smothered it in the hollandaise with toasted focaccia bread to the side. 1/2 t finely grated lemon zest 1T lemon juice 3 egg yolks 150g melted butter

– Put the lemon zest, juice and egg yolks into a blender or food processor and blend for about 10 seconds to mix. – With the motor running, add the boiling melted butter in a steady stream through the feeder tube until thick and smooth. Season to taste.

Easy hollandaise sauce.


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YOU Magazine | 13

ilites Lemon, garlic and herb chicken breast

I had a hankering for lemon and garlic roasted chicken and I had only chicken breasts with skin in the fridge – this is a quick version of a roast as it only takes 25 minutes to bake. If you are using the more traditional roasted vegetables of kumara, carrot and pumpkin dice them smaller and this will ensure that they cook at the same time as the chicken. Peel, dice, then cover lightly with oil, salt and pepper and herbs on hand. If you are using the summer vegetables, prepare as normal as they generally are a softer vegetable to start with so zucchini, tomato and asparagus would be an easy option.

For each breast 2T softened butter 1 small clove of garlic 1 strip lemon rind peeled carefully from a fresh lemon, preferably without the white pith Mix of fresh herbs – parsley, thyme Salt and pepper

– I use a mortar and pestle by first adding the garlic, lemon and salt; grind them up until well mixed, then add your herbs and mash in the butter. – Finely chop the garlic, herbs and finely grate in the lemon rind.

– Cut the breast in half lengthways, going only partway through so that it still remains as a whole and pull half the skin away from the breast. – Fill the cut breast cavity and under the skin with the lemon, garlic and herb butter. This ensures that the flavours fully merge throughout the chicken as it bakes as well as keeping it moist. – Once prepared, place the breast on top of the vegetables and bake on 180°C


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for approximately 20 to 25 minutes or until golden. – If you would like the sauce from the chicken to serve as a gravy it can be put into a small pan and cooked on a high heat until reduced by half or thicken slightly with a slurry of cornflour and water, stirring and adding until the desired thickness is achieved. – Test the seasoning and adjust accordingly.

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14 | YOU Magazine

Tangelo and poppy seed cake

The flavour of the tangelo throughout the batter then the added syrup gives such an intense flavour burst – it takes it to another level. As an instant pickme-up in the afternoon with a cuppa or served as a dessert alongside fresh berries and lightly whipped cream or yoghurt – the simplicity of this cake will make it a quick go to recipe for you. (As a guideline the tangelos at the moment are super juicy so are yielding about 1/2 C of juice per fruit) 1/3 C poppy seeds 3/4 C milk 200g butter, softened 1T finely-grated tangelo rind 3/4 C caster sugar 3 eggs 2C plain flour 1 1/2 t baking powder 1/2 C freshly-squeezed tangelo juice Syrup 1C sugar

1C freshly-squeezed tangelo Shredded orange rind of 4 tangelos (I juiced all four, used 1C of juice for the recipe and drank the leftover)

– Preheat the oven to 160°C. Grease and line a 20cm baking pan. Place the poppy seeds and milk in a bowl and stir to combine. Set aside. – Place the butter, orange rind and sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric beater and beat well until light and creamy. Gradually add the eggs one at a time until well mixed in. – Sift the flour and baking powder over the butter mixture and add the tangelo juice and the poppy seed and milk mixture. Stir to combine and spoon into the prepared 20cm baking dish. Bake for 55-60 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer. – Syrup: Place the sugar, tangelo juice and rind in a pot over a low heat, stir until sugar is dissolved. – Increase heat and boil for 5-6 minutes or until syrupy. Pour half of the hot syrup over the hot cake. Serve either hot or cold in wedges with the remaining syrup.

Lamb tagine

I finally bought myself a tagine cooker which is a round dish that has a conical shaped lid. The odd shape of it enables the moisture to fall back into the casserole and make for a flavoursome moist casserole. Slow cooking ensures the meat will fall off the bone and depending on yourself it allows for the meal to be prepared ahead of time so on completion a salad or the more traditional couscous dish can be served alongside, or, like me, you can serve with fresh Turkish or ciabatta rolls to keep things easy. Of course a normal casserole dish that can be covered is equally okay to use. This to me this is the cheat’s casserole when you get home and put it in the oven with very little preparation and just let the flavours merge together – it’s more about the actual cooking time required than the preparation. 6-8 lamb shanks 1 large onion, roughly chopped 1 can of tomatoes 2 beef stock 1/4 C water 2T Moroccan seasoning 1T smoked paprika 1t cinnamon 4T tomato paste 1/2 C mixed chopped herbs like coriander, mint or parsley (flat or curly)

– Preheat oven to 180°C. Put everything in your dish, cover well and put in oven for 3 1/2 hours. – Remove lid several times throughout cooking time and stir around. Once meat is fully cooked and falling off the bone it is ready to serve. Just prior to

serving add chopped herbs to top. – I don’t even bother to thicken the juice but feel free to with a slurry of cornflour and water mixed together and added to the liquid (take out the bulkier meat and make sure that the liquid is hot before adding cornflour).

YOU Magazine | 15

Cinnamon, date and walnut brioche

This is a rich, sweet dough that can be served with a variety of fillings or just as a plain sweet breakfast roll. I like to speed up the traditional way of making it by adding the softened butter as we mix it in when we use the dough hook at the start, as opposed to adding small bits in at the end. By using the mixer with the dough hook life is easier, but you can give your arm muscles a good work-out by kneading by hand – I find kneading by hand very therapeutic, so don’t dismiss this recipe because you haven’t got an electric mixer. The end result of kneading is to have a dough that is soft and silky. Brioche dough 550ml lukewarm milk 3t instant yeast 1/2 C sugar 6 1/2 C plain flour 3t salt 3 eggs 140g softened butter (not melted)

– Heat milk until lukewarm and add yeast, stir until yeast has dissolved. In the mixing bowl of an electric mixer with a dough hook add all your dry ingredients (or mix by hand). – Add your eggs, butter and milk/yeast mixture, mix on a slow speed until all incorporated – stop and scrape down until this happens. Once all mixed, set the machine on a medium speed for approximately 10 minutes or until the dough pulls away from the bowl. – If making by hand, knead on a lightly floured surface. Put into a lightly sprayed bowl and cover until almost doubled in size. Cinnamon, date and walnut mixture 1C walnut halves 1C dates, chopped 1T cinnamon 3/4 C dark brown sugar 2T cinnamon, additional 50g softened butter, plus 1T cinnamon – Preheat the oven to 180°C. Prepare your tins – I use my own proper brioche tins, but you can use large or small muffin tins, depending on what size you’re wanting (I also use a selection of tuna tins that I like the size of, so just wash and use them as you would any baking tin – spray well with oil).

– Blitz in a food processor until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. – Tip the dough on to a lightly floured surface. Halve the dough. Roll out into a rectangle about 1cm thick, spread the butter over the entire dough and sprinkle with the additional 1T cinnamon. – Spread a layer of the date and walnut mix over. Roll the dough like a swiss roll, from the widest part. Using a sharp knife cut to your desired size. – Place into well-greased tins, cut side up. – Bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown. Cool in tins before removing. – By changing the fruit and nuts you can

achieve whatever flavour you like – apricot, almond and ginger would be nice. – For a chocolate base use cocoa as the spice and add dark chocolate, hazelnut, berries, banana, walnut and cinnamon … once you’ve managed the brioche dough you can do whatever you choose. – I halve the recipe so that I can use the rest the next morning. – Just remove from the fridge, give it a quick knead and bring to room temperature for an hour just to give the butter a chance to become warmer in the dough – I find that it gives a fluffier more softer texture when it’s at room temperature.

16 | YOU Magazine

When peace and harmony reigns MAD MAMA with DESME DANIELS

It would seem the past few weeks have passed with little or no drama. I know, it won’t last, and yes I’m enjoying the peace and harmony in the household. So, time for some reflection. During a recent chat with some friends, two of us discovered we are the rare breed, or some may say insane mothers, who have a big gap between our children. Suckers for punishment we went back and did it again. My eldest is 18 and youngest six, and yes, before you ask, one relationship and they all have the same dad. I even managed to squeeze in a career between the eldest two and youngest two. I absolutely love the diversity the age ranges bring to our home. There’s a certain radio host out there who is stepping back into the parenting trap after a big gap. I said to him, it’s amazing to have a second chance. Firstly, being given the chance to be a parent is amazing. But having a second chance is even better. But, you have to let yourself enjoy it. I’m not talking about the flashcard wielding, learn the alphabet by 18 months, and recite Shakespeare before the age of five brigade of fanatical parents. I’m talking about the parents who just step back, enjoy it and relish every second. Believe me I was one of the flashcard brigade back in my 20s with my first two. But by the time I had my third and fourth in my mid-30s I had totally chilled out. This is when I learned to enjoy being a parent, I did not go to parent craft classes, I had no circle of fresh baby mamas, so I had no expectations or peer pressure. I was comfortable as a mum, confident in what I was doing and thoroughly loved every second of my new babies. So, how do I squeeze it all in? Well I don’t. I do what’s important to me. Do they do their homework? The youngest two, well occasionally (sorry Mr Livingstone) The Miss Teen or Little Miss Excellence Overachiever (I have no idea where she gets it from, ahem), of course, she would crumble

Sometimes Miss Teen is more mature than me. Sometimes she wants to hide away and pretend that her mother is not doing things like poking her tongue out for the camera.


if she missed a homework deadline. What’s important is making time ... we hug all the time, we tell each other we love each other (and mean it most days). We have movie nights, and walks to the park, I jump into bed with them when they are watching TV and I make them talk to me about school and life. I panic and get paranoid if they go quiet or get upset, I am ravaged by teenage suicide fear, having experienced this at close quarters on more than one occasion. But I always make time for my kids. That’s my one piece of advice. Always make time for a hug or a chat or ask them – how was your day? I have, by some miracle, managed to

drag up four amazing kids who are chilled out, engaged and happy. Yes I masquerade as the mum in charge (sometimes Miss Teen is more mature than me). Yes I’m the grumpy mum, but I apologise and explain why when this happens. Mostly I am the fun mum, we have the fun home, where all the teenage friends want to be at. And that’s where I am the proudest. That’s where myself and a friend called Miss Reesa are similar, we don’t conform to the norm mother mould, but by some miracle we have the most amazing kids, we have the trust, honesty, respect and friendship of them. If we work out how this miracle happened I’ll let you all know.

YOU Magazine | 17

Family island holiday close to home PHOTOS SUPPLIED

DESTINATION with Mandy Reid

We have had a pretty busy time over the last 12 months so I decided that our holiday this year was going to be about spending time together as a family and relaxing. I didn’t want to go too far but wanted to have plenty to do as I have three busy children. I picked a resort called Tangalooma which is on Moreton Island located 75 minutes by ferry from Brisbane. My children love wildlife and this place was right up their alley. There is kookaburra, pelican and fish feeding as well as wild dolphin feeding. Along with the wildlife there was an abundance of water sports, adventure activities and plenty of beach to relax on. Flying down the sand dunes would be my daughter’s highlight. She got up to great speeds and had the technique down to a fine art (unlike me!). This was a great afternoon out and you get to learn a bit about the island as you drive to the desert. Robbie and I really like snorkelling and while it was a family holiday it was nice to get a couple of hours to go and do something we enjoy. There are 11 ship wrecks that have been placed there with an abundance of sea life. If you are lucky enough you can see turtle and wobbegongs.

Flying down the sand dunes.

Feeding the dolphins.

You can also see them while out on the fish feeding tour. I think our biggest family highlight was feeding the dolphins. I had booked this for our last night so we had something to look forward to and I am so glad we did. You are not allowed to touch the dolphins but they come right up to you and the dolphin care team took time to talk to you about the dolphin you are feeding. Overall we had a great time on Tangalooma. We tried most of the restaurants and there is a new one opening soon so there is plenty of options to suit all budgets. A great family destination. We spent some time in Brisbane on the way home and one place I really wanted to take the children was Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. From Brisbane we

Get closer to the sun and your family.

caught a train which took about an hour and Australia Zoo have a transfer from the station to the Zoo. This Zoo is amazing and offers so many opportunities to get up close and personal with the animals. We weren’t even in there five minutes and my son Harry was grabbing hold of a snake. I think if you have the time this is really a must do and is a huge tribute to all the hard work the late Steve Irwin and his family have done to conserve wildlife in Australia. We got back and felt like we had made the most of our time away and had a wonderful time as a family. My husband even said he felt more relaxed than he thought he would – trust me that is saying something! Advertising feature

Tangalooma Island Brisbane Family holiday Tangalooma on Moreton Island




for 2 adults/2 children, flights are additional.

Includes: • 3 nights accommodation at Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island in a hotel room between 30 January and 31 March 2017. • 2 nights accommodation at Oaks Felix Brisbane in a 2 bedroom apartment • Breakfast daily at Tangalooma Island Resort • Dolphin feeding on one night of stay at Tangalooma (weather and tides permitting) • Return launch transfers to/from Tangalooma • Daily maid service • Many free activities at Tangalooma

The best holidays are created together.

1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T, A S H B U R T O N I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z CONDITIONS: Valid for new bookings only, for sales until 31 March 2017 or until sold out. Valid for travel commenced & completed between 30 January and 31 March 2017. Prices correct as at 09 Nov 16. Prices for Tangalooma Island Resort includes transfers to/from Holt Street Wharf. Costs may vary depending on exchange rates. Full payment is required no later than 31 Mar 17. Prices are in NZ dollars for cash or cheque purchase only based on 2 adults/2 children (aged 2-11 years). Prices include accommodation as specified & bonus offers where indicated. Prices for Tangalooma Island Resort include to/from Holt Street Wharf. Prices for Oaks Felix are based on Low Season Fri-Sun Rates Only. Accommodation ratings are based on House of Travel ratings and should be used as a guide only to the overall quality of the property. Accommodation is limited and subject to availability at time of booking. Amendment and cancellation fees apply - please ask your House of Travel consultant. AIRFARES ARE ADDITIONAL - ASK US ABOUT THE BEST AVAILABLE AIRFARES TO BRISBANE.

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Spring into action and move it

Wow, what crazy spring weather we have been having, all the seasons in one day, makes it all dynamically exciting and motivating to re-organise your exercise routine this spring, that’s if you haven’t already done it. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours and create some room to don your running shoes, spin your cycle wheels, or lap it up in the pool and meet some new people at your local exercise classes. Exercising isn’t all about looking good, it’s more than that, it’s about feeling good, by lifting your spirits and releasing all those feel good hormones that make you feel amazing in your own skin. It’s also a chance to connect with others, that you may not normally have the time to do, and creates an excuse to go for a coffee or a beverage after your exercise class if time allows. Living in a fast-paced world the stress levels begin to mount and exercising is a great way to blow off some steam with your mates and like-minded people. Doing a small amount of exercise every day helps to keep the demons at bay, is a way of saying how powerful exercise is in lifting your spirits and reducing your levels of anxiety and any dark clouds of depression that may be hanging over your head from trying to cope with the daily stresses of life. When you start to tone up again, your confidence will begin to soar and those figure-hugging outfits that got shoved to the back of the closet may make an appearance once more. You can head into summer feeling good and confident and wanting to wear your summer clothes with ease and grace.

MOVE IT… MOVE IT… MOVE IT… – Make it happen. And the key to making it happen is to stop making excuses.

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

– –

Organise your exercise calendar – A mere 30-45 minutes up to three times a week is a great start, or even just dedicate one day a week to an exercise class or workout to get the ball rolling again and back into an exercise routine. Venture outdoors. There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine to feed and nourish your soul. Enjoy the moment. Listen to the music at that exercise class, as it can help change the whole feeling behind exercising. Laugh and smile your way through your exercise session, it will make it feel so much more worthwhile. Include friends. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to catch up with your friends and meeting up and exercising together is perhaps the best way to catch up and bond. Time is on your side if you set some aside, when and where you can. Set a goal or target that is going to be your motivation to getting out and about exercising once again. It could be losing a few kilos, participating in a local sporting event, or wanting to feel relaxed and recharged. Don’t put it off and put the thought of having to exercise in the too-hard basket. You may surprise yourself at how much better you feel when you get out there and participate in your favourite sporting activity with some of your peers and having a laugh along the way. It will make you feel all that much healthier and stronger to step back into your routine of everyday life and the support crew around you will start to notice how this has benefited you after having done a workout. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven PHOTO JANE LOGIE

YOU Magazine | 19

Granola slice Ideal food to re-fuel after an intense work-out and packed with nutrition.

1 1/2 C whole oats 1/2 C rolled oats 1/4 C pumpkin seeds 1/2 C sunflower seeds 4T sesame seeds 4T linseed 1C shredded coconut 1C dried cranberries, chopped 1C dried apricots, chopped 50g butter 1/4 C soft brown sugar 1/2 C honey 2t vanilla extract 2T golden syrup 1t cinnamon 1T butter 1/2 t salt

– Set the oven to 200°C. Grease a slice tray thoroughly with a little butter. – Place the oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseed and coconut in a large oven tray with 1T of butter and place (in the middle of the oven on bake for 10 to 15 minutes until slightly browned, stirring regularly and checking the colour, take out of oven and set aside. Reduce oven to 160°C. – Place the cranberries, apricots, butter, honey, vanilla extract, syrup, cinnamon and salt, in a small saucepan and place on a low heat to melt down gently. – Place the dry ingredients in a large pot, then pour over the wet ingredients and mix through thoroughly. – Place the blended ingredients in the slice tray and press down and spread evenly (and press down the top again). Bake for 20 minutes. Take out and allow to cool completely, before cutting (approximately 2 hours). – Slice and store in an airtight container.

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Wife’s contribution recognised Combine romance, grapes and talent and you have The Winemaker’s Wife. Award-winning Canterbury wine company McGeorge Brothers Ltd has released The Winemaker’s Wife; which is a personal selection of regional wines, crafted to reflect the flavours and styles that husband and wife partners SJ and Olive both enjoy. SJ is a winemaker with over 19 years’ experience in the wine industry and his tribute is noted on the bottle label. The Winemaker’s Wife is produced in honour of the woman behind the wine. “She is a constant source of inspiration, diversion and support. “This wine celebrates our partnership and is a tribute to all that can be achieved by two people working together.”

The brand celebrates the winemaker’s relationship with his wife and reminds us of the age old romance of wine making. But there’s way more than romance to this winemaker. He is a recognised member of the New Zealand wine industry and has received numerous awards for his wines to date. The Winemaker’s Wife is no exception having received two gold medals and a trophy in its inaugural year. Olive is the inspiration for The Winemaker’s Wife brand and the driving force behind the sales and marketing of the wine. “Our award-winning winemaker has spent the past 16 years creating wines for major international brands and boutique labels. “His passion for wine making and his

love of the challenges it brings, drive him to constantly explore new methods and techniques to help him create phenomenal wines.” During his career he has worked in Australia, France, Slovenia, America and New Zealand. The full range of McGeorge Brothers Ltd can be purchased from Frank’s Wine Beer Spirits on the corner of Clyde and Ilam roads, Fendalton, Christchurch. Or even better, they can deliver. If you want to try before you buy, the couple will be at the Methven High Country Fete at Methven Racecourse on Wednesday, November 23, and the South Island Wine and Food Festival at Hagley Park on Saturday, December 3. Advertising feature


Vineyard Dream now open day a reality

Advertising feature

The Hill family of CharRees Vineyard are thrilled to invite you along to their open day on Sunday, November 20 for a relaxing afternoon in the vineyard, located just 1km south of Tinwald. Established in 1999 CharRees Vineyard consists of Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Riesling vine plants that each year yield delicious wines, produced from selectively hand harvested grapes that are grown right here on our doorstep in Ashburton. Live entertainment by BIG Picnic will kick off the open day at 1pm. Boutique craft stall

holders will adorn the grape lines with their quality fashion, jewellery and homewares and local caterers will be on hand to tantalise your taste buds. And of course, what would an open day in the vineyard be without copious amounts of wine available to taste, enjoy and purchase. Eftpos will be available on the day alongside a super special from Charlie himself – a bargain bag ‘lucky dip’ of library wines. So, bring your picnic blanket and your best wine tasting taste buds and join us for a fun, laid-back afternoon at CharRees Vineyard.

It all began with our family visiting a vineyard and olive grove on a holiday in 1998. This visit changed the course of our lives. It took all of two hours and we were hooked. We dared to ponder the question ‘could we perhaps do this too?’ Three months later, filled with excitement and big dreams, mum and dad (Bruce and Jill Chapman) purchased a sunny terrace overlooking the Waipara River. It was not until we stood in those large bare paddocks that it sunk in. Our urgent need to upskill, meant I headed to Lincoln University for four years, to get to grips

with growing grapes. We’ve held to the belief that in nature, everything can work together if given the opportunity. We tried to capture this by creating a natural organic environment that works - not just grapevines and olives, but many other fruit trees and native shrubs. It’s ridiculous how much work goes into a good wine - but it’s hugely satisfying, seeing, smelling and tasting a glass in which all the seasons, the environment, and the weather have been compressed into liquid form which we can enjoy. by Pete Chapman




TERRACE EDGE VINEYARD & OLIVE GROVE 328 Georges Road, Waipara Valley Turn off SH1 opposite Waipara Hills Winery • Live music by Big Picnic • Wine sampling • Food stalls • Local boutique stalls

CharRees Vineyard Ashburton’s own vineyard • 0800 242 773 1km South of Tinwald, State Highway 1

TASTING ROOM OPEN THU-SUN 11AM TO 4.30PM M: +64 27 4878570

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giveaway circadian winners rhythm BARGAIN BOX GIVEAWAY WINNERS

Emma Ross Trish Heney

FARRAH’S GIVEAWAY WINNERS Sophia Cramond Elizabeth Stuckey Debbie Skinner Dianne Carter

Our circadian rhythm or body clock is a tool our bodies use to manage our sleep-wake cycle. There are times when this can be altered, leading to broken sleep patterns which cause sleeplessness, loss of concentration, slow reflexes and irritability. Attempting to stay awake against the schedule dictated by your body clock can mean your mental and physical performance is greatly diminished. Some of the things that can alter this pattern are shift work, staying up too late, caffeine, alcohol and jet lag. Just as important as getting the right quantity of sleep is getting the right mix of REM and non-REM sleep throughout the night to ensure a restful sleep. However, often sleep takes a back seat to our busy schedules and lifestyles. One of the things that can support the sleep cycle and quality of sleep is Lighthouse Sleep Support. This complex contains montmorency tart cherry and magnesium. Tart cherry contains natural



Both looking to be rid of reading glasses?



phytonutrients from plants that mimic a substance naturally secreted by the brain to stimulate sleep. It is released in the brain when you are in a dark environment. As we age, with certain medications, or due to lifestyle factors, our production of it diminishes, leading to poor sleep. Taking Lighthouse Sleep Support before bed provides you with a non-addictive formula to help to support sleep onset, and the ability to stay asleep and move through normal healthy stages of the sleep cycle. Magnesium is also added to this complex to support muscle relaxation and stress relief, further improving sleep quality. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional prior to use. Always read the label and take as directed. Lighthouse Health Distributors Ltd, Hamilton. TAPS PP8758. Advertising feature

Have a good night’s sleep


Simply have your Presbyond® procedure within three months of your partner and you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of clearer vision BUT A SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVING AS WELL*


Find out more at or call us on 0800 527371

*Conditions apply

ASK OUR FRIENDLY STAFF IN-STORE OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION Offer ends 30/11/2016. Always read the label and take as directed. TAPS PP8758.


(03) 308 1815

E Follow Health2000Group FRE on: T GIF

We’re serving up a very merry Christmas BOOKINGS NOW AVAIL ABLE FOR H O T E L A S H B U R T O N ’ S C H R I S T M A S D AY D I N I N G

Hotel Ashburton have the festive atmosphere and delicious menu to ensure your Christmas Day celebrations are a success.

§§ Festive§and§celebratory§

On Christmas day, we have a special menu on offer. With starters, hot mains, salads, and more! Available for either lunch or dinner, the only difficult thing about your day will be saving room for the fresh desserts, made in-house at our award-winning kitchen.

§§ Live§music§at§lunchtime §§ Gift§packs§for§children§ §§ Special§Christmas§menu§for§

It’s never too early to book. Call today to reserve your Christmas Day dining experience at Hotel Ashburton. Cost: $92 per adult, children 0–5 free, and children aged 6–12 $30 each.

0800 330 880

Christmas Day 2016 atmosphere


Let§us§host§you§and§have§a§very§ merry§Christmas.§Enquire§today!

Ashburton Pre-Schools’ Directory

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Ashburton Montessori Pre-school Ashburton Montessori Preschool has expanded. We now have three classrooms caring for and educating children from four months to six years. Bambino Piccolo is our nursery for tamariki aged four months to two years. The children in here are cared for by Aimee Cook, Debbie Currey and Kylie Burrowes. They have a combined experience of over 20 years and bring a vast knowledge of best practice when caring for infants and toddlers. The teachers implement primary caregiving where one teacher is solely responsible for your child’s care routines and is responsive to your child’s needs. Each child also has a secondary teacher that they build a relationship with for the days when the primary carer is absent. Persistenza is our classroom for tamariki from two years up to four years. In here the teachers dedicate their time

to helping the children gain independence, concentration and respect for themselves, others and their environment. The teachers in this room are Maddy Pretorius, Debbie McCann and Nanae Ota. Scoperta is our room for children that are independent and self reliant, they are aged between three and a half to six years. Tania Bond and Nicole Martin (the teachers in Scoperta) give tamariki opportunities to freely explore activites in all areas of the Montessori curriculum and they develop a strong love of learning and discovery. Owners Tessa Skevington and Lauren Barltrop ensure that Montessori runs smoothly and adheres to the Ministry Regulations. They also spend time teaching when they can to maintain relationships with the children and families that attend. Advertising feature

Taking enrolments now

ENQUIRE TODAY 03 307 2088

ABC Allenton 122-124 Harrison Street, Allenton Phone: 307 7407 |

We are open 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday

30 Free Hours

1-3 Redhaven Rise, Ashbuurton 174-176 Chalmers Ave, Ashburton 03 308 0380

Providing quality early childhood education and care for the preschool-aged children of our community; based on Christian values and principles. Phone us today on 03 308 2325 8 Eton Street, Ashburton

Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

03 308 3954

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Things we love











A Barrel head clock $460 from Redmonds, 174 Burnett Street B Rustic Bedside table $350 from Redmonds, 174 Burnett Street C Lamp $225 from Redmonds, 174 Burnett Street D Longest Drink Girae $89.00 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch E Pink Flamingo Cushion Cover $40 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch F Tui Cushion Cover $59.80 from Joe Jandals, The Tannery, Christchurch G Ricochet – Blaine Top $179.00 & Brayden Pant $239.00 from Sparrows, East Street H Rembrandt Churchill Vest $249.90 from Sparrows, East Street I Rembrandt Gresham Jacket $649.90 from Sparrows, East Street J Crew Neck with lace detail - was $236.00 now $179.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine K Classic Cable Cardigan $270.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine L NEW RANGE Ladies Rib V Neck - $225.00 from The Alpaca Centre, 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine.

26 | YOU Magazine

It’s business as usual The doors first opened at Starfish Swimwear in 1999 and are now delighted to have re opened after a long closure due to the Canterbury earthquakes. However the location is the only thing that has changed. They still make their own swimwear and provide their customers with the same great service that they have come to know. The full range in sizes 8-26 includes one-piece suits, tankinis, bikinis, through to children’s suits. Being very proud of their suits for the mature figure they always ensure to have a large variety in store. Suits are available in chlorine resistant fabrics for those that swim regularly or use therapy pools. The rapid deterioration to swimwear by chlorine or heated spas is often unknown to people who spend a lot of money on a suit only to have it last three months or so.

Sadly they are not told this at the time of purchase and it can come as quite a shock when it disintegrates before their eyes. Because the swimwear is made on site you can choose to have your suit customised to your own requirements. This includes our service to women needing swimwear post surgery. With our dedicated and friendly staff that makes this an easy and comfortable experience. Children quite often fall between sizes

and may need a longer suit length still requiring a smaller body size. We can custom those suits individually, all children’s swimwear is offered in chlorine resistant range. We are open all year round so come and see us - we will have you looking fabulous in a suit that’s a perfect fit for you! Call in at 239 Colombo Street or call us on 03 379 0009. Advertising feature

• Recreational Swimsuits • Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits • Tankinis - Bikinis - Separates • Childrens Suits & Rash Vest Sets • Men’s Trunks

Starfish Swimwear 239 Colombo Street Ph: 379 0009

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Elegance Tailored just for you is key

Advertising feature

Magazine offers a range of beautiful designer clothing from size 10-26 and is predominately New Zealand made, including their own label “Magazine”. From casual lifestyle clothing through to fabulous special occasion wear, specialising in mother of the bride and groom and guests. Magazine works closely with New Zealand designers to ensure much of the range is exclusive to Magazine Clothing. They carry an exquisite range of accessories including jewellery, fascinators and bags to complete every outfit. At Magazine they will help

create your individual look with feminine, flattering and contemporary clothing tailored to suit your lifestyle and personality. When you visit Magazine, you will have an amazing experience and be totally satisfied with your choices. All of the staff at Magazine have extraordinary styling ability, masses of creativity and fashion flair, and an absolute commitment to deliver the ultimate service. Magazine has 10 beautiful stores throughout New Zealand and is proud to announce the opening of its newest boutique in Christchurch.

magazine designer clothing

magazine designer clothing

Repertoire is a love story created in 2006 by three close friends who wanted to share and celebrate life and fashion with other like-minded women. Their overarching philosophy has always been to inspire and support women by creating clothing that gives them everyday self-confidence. They achieve this by creating solution-based, elegantly-relaxed fashion pieces with an edge. These are pieces that are easy to put together, versatile, comfortable and designed to last – just like affordable fashion luxury should be.

The New Zealand heritage is paramount to their success. They have seven beautiful service-driven stores (and an e-store) which all feature New Zealand inspired, designed and made clothing. They have a valued team who are proud to be part of the New Zealand made story. New collections (many of which are limited edition) are delivered every few weeks ensuring there is always something fresh and interesting available. Come visit us at The Colombo (shop 25A) 363 Colombo Street, Sydenham or visit us at

Size 10 - s 26

The Colombo. Sydenham. Size 10 - s 26

Shop 6 Windmill Centre 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 6929

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Spring eco living

by Sheryl Stivens

compost bin. Locally you can buy a black plastic compost bin made from recycled milk bottles or utlilize a 44 gallon drum or plastic barrel with both ends cut off to make compost. Place it directly on the ground. Make sure the contents are moist enough or the compost will not break down and cover it well to stop it drying out. Foodwaste; Set up a bokasahi bucket for foodscraps at work or in your home. When full bury the fermented foodwaste in your

Spring is a vibrant colourful time and a perfect time of year to improve your eco living efforts. In the home – try using white vinegar and baking soda as a natural cleaner to reduce packaging and save money. In the garden – make good use of all those lawn clippings. Sprinkle them around vegetable seedlings or use as a mulch around larger plants. Compost lawnclippings by layering them along with, foodscraps, weeds, and prunings into your

garden. You will really notice the difference. Come along to the FREE monthly compost demo to learn more. Advertising feature

FREE Monthly Compost workshop Date: Wednesday, November 23 11am - 12noon Venue: Eco Education Centre; Ashburton Resource Recovery Park Easy ways to transform your lawn clippings and food waste into compost. All welcome phone 0800 627 824 or email;


Why waste anything?

Why waste anything?

Farmers – Lifestyle block owners • New recycling drive-through NEW -area Farm waste recycling area Balewrap – baling twine- feed sacks • Bins for batteries, paint, Alongside Mastagard recycle shed fluorescent tubes at the Ashburton Resource • Green, brown and clear Recovery Park glass bottle recycling

We have made it easier to recycle Ask us Education about: Centre • Eco ••OnCompost farm waste audits workshops ••Farm Sitewaste tours collections

••Larger volume farm programme plastic School education recycling with ‘Plasback’ • Ecomailbox stickers and service

Take your waste waste -- Call Call the the Envirowaste Mastagard Education Take action action now now to reduce your EducationTeam Teamto tocarry carryout out aa FREE FREE waste waste audit audit

Supported by Ashburton District Council For help with composting, recycling or water conservation Freephone 0800 627 824

YOU Magazine | 29

Recycling is so easy in Ashburton District Besides the Ashburton and Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks we have 12 rural community recycling depots conveniently located throughout the District. Here are a handful of dos and don’ts to help you waste less and recycle more. 1. Do put clean plastic containers and bottles, glass bottles and jars, cans including empty aerosol cans loose into your kerbside recycling bin. Put newspapers, magazines and all paper into a plastic bag and tie the top to reduce litter. Put cardboard flattened under your bin. 2. In the country – Your clean plastic containers and bottles, all paper, cardboard and cans including aerosol

cans can all be taken to your local rural community recycling depot. Your glass bottles and jars must be colour sorted into the containers for bottle to bottle recycling in Auckland. 3. Your household batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, household hazardous waste up to 20 litres,

used oil, household paint, reusable household items can be dropped off at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park. 4. Do recycle all soft plastic wrapping; even the small pieces of glad wrap, post bags, biscuit wrappers and bubble wrap can be stuffed inside a larger plastic bag and dropped off in the soft plastic recycling bins at the Warehouse, Countdown or New World. 5. Don’t litter our roadsides with rubbish; keep a bag in your car and get your family and friends to put any wrappers in there so you can take it home and put it out with your rubbish and recycling. For more information go to

Photographer wages war against food waste










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There’s an old saying ‘You eat with your eyes’ What might seem like an innocent approach to food is actually harming our environment big time. It is estimated that 40% of edible produce is wasted or not consumed by humans. Why? Simply because it doesn’t meet industry aesthetic standards, or, in other words, is too ugly to eat. Globally, around 2.9 trillion pounds of food gets thrown out annually. That amounts to just about a third of the world’s food production that goes straight to the landfill. According to the United Nations that amount of food is enough to support the nearly 800 million food insecure people on earth twice over! With these enraging statistics in mind, photographer and food expert Sarah Phillips founded Ugly Produce Is Beautiful to raise awareness on (and fight back against) the world’s wasteful ways when it comes to food choices. Humans are innately aesthetic creatures, and we all love the freshest, pretti-


est fruits and veggies. That would be all well and good if we wouldn’t actually leave nearly 3 trillion tons of perfectly edible food on shelves just because it’s weirdly shaped, has a funny color or is a little softer than we’d like it to be… Sarah Phillips and the team at Ugly Produce Is Beautiful are doing their best to combat this widespread wastefulness. By transforming a plain old head of lettuce or some oblong squash into elegant still life photo assemblages – elevating “ugly” produce to the level of art – they hope to shift our perspectives away from superficial aesthetic judgments about food, and in the process push us ever closer towards the lofty ideal of sustainable consumption.

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Mid Canterbury Rugby Union Awards The best of Mid Canterbury rugby was celebrated recently with an awards night at the Hotel Ashburton.

Above - Russell Stanley (left) and Jock Ross.

Above - Megan (left) and James Jowsey.

Above (from left) - Lyndon Knight, Josh Jones, Warren Donald, Bradee Poulter and Butch Baker.

Above (from left) - Ian Patterson and Torika Patterson, and Claire Rushton.

Above - Stuart Boon (left), Ellesmere Rugby, and Garry Brown, MCRU rugby administration council chairman.

Above (from left) - Aaron Burrowes, Jess, James and Nathan McCloy. PHOTOS ANGELA CUSHNIE AND MID CANTERBURY RUGBY UNION

Above (from left) - Kevin Opele, Graham Shaw, Simon Bennett and Hamish Grant.

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November in the garden with

Summer has well and truly arrived in most parts of the country. With masses of growth in the garden, there are plenty of tasks to do whilst enjoying the sunshine. For a healthy garden, and in particular vegetable, always try to have good garden practices. This includes garden hygiene such as cleaning up any dead leaves or foliage and regular weeding, which helps discourage pests and diseases. All summer vegetables should now have been planted. This includes; beans, beetroot, cabbage, celery, corn, cucumber, lettuce, courgettes, spring onions, peas, pumpkin, radish, spinach, tomatoes, silverbeet and kumara. Make sure your developing vegetables are well watered - without over watering them. Continue to ‘lateral’ (nip out shoots that appear between the junction of a leaf and the stem) tomatoes and tie them to stakes for support. Keep staggering your vegetable plantings for continuous cropping over the season. New season herbs should also be planted by mid-November. It’s now safe to plant herbs like basil and coriander as the chance of frosts is minimal. Remember herbs grow best in a fine, well-drained soil in full sun. They struggle in heavy clay soil and in shady parts of the garden. Often the best month for roses, full, clean blooms are growing on healthy plants. Side dress with Daltons Premium Rose and Flower Fertiliser every four to six weeks.

Dead-head regularly to aid continuous blooming. For hedges, aim to trim them ‘a little and often’- they are best trimmed after a flush of new season’s growth. Water and fertilise plants regularly to help achieve a strong dense hedge. This is especially important with newly planted hedges. Fruit trees are in full growth mode now and it’s worthwhile applying a side dressing of fruit tree fertiliser, especially with young trees. Water deeply when required to help establish strong root systems. Mulch around trees to reduce water loss and suppress weeds. As gardens reduce in size, containers on decks and balconies assume greater importance and can be used for growing herbs, mini-vegetables or providing a splash of colour when planted with summer annuals. Being in a confined space, potted plants do deplete the soil more quickly of nutrients, so feed them approximately every two to three weeks with Daltons Premium Goldcote Landscape and Garden Fertiliser, and keep them well watered. Summer flowering annuals should be in

vigorous growth now and look stunning in the garden. They include alyssum, ageratum, aster, candytuft, cornflower, cosmos, marigold, nemesia, phlox, portulacas, petunias, salvias, strawflower and zinnias. Keep dead-heading (removal of finished flowers) to promote continuous flowering. For ornamental trees and shrubs, fertilise them regularly and mulch to reduce water loss over hot dry summer months and to reduce weed growth. Give them a summer prune; especially ornamental trees to help a strong framework for later growth. Don’t forget to mulch your garden if you haven’t already. Here in the South Island try and have this done by the end of the month. Mulching is the process of covering the soil with organic matter to reduce water loss, add nutrients and help with weed control. You can purchase bulk or bagged mulch from your local garden centre, like Daltons Mulch and Grow, which is ready to apply straight onto your garden. Even if you are the most hands off gardener this is the most important task to do, especially during the summer months. It’s vital in maintaining a healthy garden, helps protect plants from drying out and regulates soil temperatures. Apply a layer of mulch around plants, trees, and especially pots. As organic mulch breaks down over time it improves soil quality and structure by encouraging micro-organisms and worm activity. For more gardening advice visit:

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a summer crop


Shona Bourke is this month’s winner with the following question:

Can strawberries grow all year round? Strawberries are really a summer crop producing ripe berries from November through till late January. They’re traditionally planted in the winter months so they can establish a well formed root system prior to spring growth. By growing your strawberry plants under plastic it is possible to pick your first strawberries a little earlier e.g: late October. Autumn and winter are the best times for preparing your future strawberry beds and for dreaming about the delicious strawberries you are going to grow! Sadly there is no way to produce your strawberries out of season. If you have existing strawberries in the garden now, side dress them with Daltons incredible edible® Strawberry Fertiliser in November to encourage good strong growth. But always be careful not to over fertilise your strawberry plants as this can lead to an enormous amount of green leaf growth instead of fruiting. Mulch around plants with pea straw, crushed bark or hay to keep a clean bed for the developing strawberries to lie on, as well as preventing disease and weeds. For more advice, read How to Grow Strawberries Guide at


Daltons Potted Colour pack

Growing flowers adds colour, beauty and fragrance to your garden. There are many varieties available from your local garden centre including perennials, annuals and biennials in different colours, shapes and sizes and to grow in traditional gardens, or in pots and containers to brighten up decks or courtyards. We have a Daltons Premium Flower pack(s) valued at $80 and it has everything you need to get your flowers blooming. Each pack contains 2 x Daltons Premium Flower bed mix (40 litre) and 1 x Daltons Premium Potting mix (15 litre), 1 x Daltons Premium Rose and Flower Fertiliser. PLUS you’ll receive a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back garden gloves from Omni Products

Be in to win Email with Daltons Potted Colour Pack in the subject heading, or write to Potted Colour Pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.

For more advice, read How to Grow Strawberries Guide at


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YOUR FOOD GUIDE in Ashburton



Only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury

The Brown Restaurant & Fireside Bar offers more than one would expect from your standard pub fare with classic country favourites and a range of tasty mains dishes to suit all tastes. Extensive restaurant quality takeaway menu. Kids 10 and under eat for free in our family friendly spaces. (t’s & c’s apply) Fantastic new outdoor space available to hire.

We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties. Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080 Follow us on Facebook

THE LAKE HOUSE A truly stunning setting, located on the edge of Lake Hood, offering coffee and cake, a refreshing beverage with a decadent platter, a cafe lunch or an exquisite dinner. Phone 03 302 6064 or book online. Open

7 days a week 10am – 10pm

10 Huntingdon Avenue Lake Hood Phone 03 302 6064


7 days for lunch and dinner

Cnr Main Street & Forest Drive, Methven, Mt Hutt Village Phone 03 302 8045


INDIAN MINAR Serving a delicious combination of North and South Indian cuisine, accompanied by excellent customer service and served in pleasant surroundings.

BYO is available now, corkage is $4. Open:

Mon-Sat 11am - 2pm Sun 5pm - latest

300 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 1076


Enjoy a hot coffee, a light snack or bring the family for a hearty, pub meal.

Chefs are brought from popular restaurant in Thailand, the restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years.

Pop in the next time you’re passing.

Lunch Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm

Open daily from 9am Main South Road, Dunsandel Phone 03 325 4007

Monday closed 148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885 Follow us on Facebook

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Ashburton Labour Day Races The perfect mix – sunshine, a day off work and plenty of action ontrack and that meant big crowds gathered at this year’s Labour Day races. Above - Jesse Wederell (left) and Leon Neal. PHOTOS TETSURO MITOMO 241016-TM-0097

Above - Nathan (left) and Tracey Piers. 241016-TM-0104

Above (from left) - Marilyn Hill, Keryn de Roo and Cherie Harrison. 241016-TM-0099

Above - Aileen (left) and Leroy Greenaway. 241016-TM-0119

Above (from left) - Henry, Jean, Sam and Mark Bogitini.

Above - Les Thomson (left) and Doug Graham. 241016-TM-0128

Above (from left) - Vicki Veenings, Sheena and Geoff Taylor.



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