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We are rapt to bring you a new column this month from TimeBank’s Kate White. She and her husband came back from a year abroad and Kate was looking for a new challenge and that challenge was TimeBank. It’s a fantastic concept and, as Kate said, it’s about time something like this was available. It just took someone with the get up and go, organisational skills and passion of Kate. Join in, you’d be amazed what skills you have that could be shared. Well done to the whole team who worked hard to bring it together, I’m looking forward to reading about the helpful tips and the great stories that will emerge from TimeBank growing and adding to its stable of skills. Kate introduces herself and the TimeBank concept on P8-9. Have a great month,

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Young entrepreneur break down job ste

Since the tender age of 22, Janice McKay has been pushing the boundaries when it comes to business development. Unafraid to take risks, an early start-up in the world of make-up distribution put her on the map as a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur of the future. She’s now raising a family in Mid Canterbury, and has set up another challenging venture, Heart PR. Janice spoke with YOU magazine’s Megan Gnad about bucking the trend, being a working mum and why it’s important we encourage young women into business.

Mid Canterbury mum and businesswoman Janice McKay learned at a young age to grab opportunities.



anice McKay has always had an entrepreneurial streak. Right from when she was a youngster, she viewed the world differently, with bravery and a ‘go-getter’ attitude to grasp opportunities with both hands. The founder of local agency Heart PR puts this down to an unconventional upbringing by her Filipino mother, who worked as a nurse, and her ‘Scottish-blooded Kiwi’ father who was the primary domestic caregiver. “I looked at things from different angles,” Janice says. “I had that entrepreneurial spirit and Dad was really encouraged by that. It really fit in with his values of bucking the trend. Mum was quite pioneering herself. She was one of the first Filipinos to emigrate to Hamilton for that time. She wanted a better life for herself.” The 35-year-old, who was raised in Cambridge, realised early on that if you worked hard, anything was possible, and, if you wanted to achieve something, just give it a go. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing however, and through experience, Janice McKay has learned that in order to succeed in business, you need determination, resilience and, ultimately, belief in yourself and your product. The young entrepreneur Janice’s first foray into the world of business and media happened at an early age. She’d been interested in the world of make-up artistry from her school days when she would be employed to do the make-up for school productions. She even developed a signature look – winged blue eyeliner! But, what started out as a fun hobby soon became a fledgling start-up company when she noticed a problem and a way she could resolve it. “Being a student, I found my favourite make-up was too expensive and all the affordable brands were too babyish,” Janice says. She saw an opportunity that would tap into the booming youth beauty market. In her first year out of university, she land-

ed a job in Rotorua for an importing company that supplied to Pumpkin Patch, Home Direct, Farmers, Ezibuy and pharmacies nationwide. It was there she learned how to design and import goods from China, after travelling there twice. She soon had her own make-up brand and Starla Cosmetics was born. Janice worked with companies to design

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the packaging and select the texture and fragrance of her products. “It had the branding and colours I loved and a price point of $9.95,” Janice explains. “I eventually distributed it to 62 stores nationwide with Farmers taking the bulk of it. “There was no AliExpress back then, so dealing with China was a huge deal. I would pitch to the stores and say, ‘I’m a young

woman and I know what young women want’.” The business took off at lightning speed and Janice quickly captured the attention of magazine editors across the country. While she’s quick to point out she had no advertising budget, she met with beauty editors of teen and women’s publications, and “wormed my way into their magazines”.

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Enchanted by her youthful enthusiasm and ability to turn a problem into a solution, Janice became a popular feature in almost 40-print placements, including teen bibles, Creme and Girlfriend magazines, as well as New Idea and Woman’s Day. continued over page

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From P5 “Because I was fresh out of a Bachelor of Communications Adjusting to Degree with a PR parenthood with major at the Unithousands of versity of Waikato, the media interest aftershocks rattling your was what I was best nerves was starting to at,” Janice says. “It take a toll was my most comfortable domain. “My message was to show young women they could be entrepreneurs.” But, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the young businesswoman, who learned quickly the reality of success and rejection. “The highs and lows were in the same place – the retailers,” she says. “Some stores supported Starla fully, wore the product, wore the t-shirts, and sold it like hotcakes. Other stores refused to put it on the shelf and, of course, it didn’t sell there. “Like every 22-year-old, I didn’t fully realise my youth – I just felt really grown up! I was engaged to be married and the world was mine for the taking. I went full steam ahead. After two years, things came to a halt. So that was the lesson: Big ego had to learn to be humble.” Moving south In 2009, Janice and husband Ricky – a Mid Canterbury local – made the move to the South Island and settled in Rolleston, with plans to focus on their motorcycle store, Spring Lynne Motorcycles, near Methven. Janice was transferred from Hamilton to Christchurch, to open the Overland store, at Hornby’s Dress-Smart. “I thought that down south was this magical, more intense version of New Zealand than the mild north,” says Janice. “I still think that, it’s so beautiful here. I couldn’t believe how close we were to a skifield with Mount Hutt. We were used to travelling three-and-a-half hours to Whakapapa on Ruapehu, from Hamilton.” As they plugged away, focusing on their family, careers and businesses, things came to a crashing halt with the arrival of the Canterbury earthquakes. With a four-month-old baby daughter, the constant shakes were too much and they headed south to settle in Ashburton in 2011 to be closer to the business. “Adjusting to parenthood with thousands of aftershocks rattling your nerves was starting to take a toll,” Janice says. “Ashburton reminded me a lot of my hometown of Cambridge. It’s really uncanny when you think about it – the layouts PHOTO TEGAN CLARK of the towns are very similar with the

bridge, lakes and supported by the farming industry.” As she settled into town – soon welcoming another baby – Janice began to see another opportunity in Mid Canterbury, and a way she could use her skills to help other local businesses. “I could not see anyone specialising entirely on PR in Ashburton,” she says. “I knew I could offer PR from the perspective of not just another consultant, but as a business owner myself.” Heart PR Trying to convince some locals what PR was, however, and how it could be applied to their business, was hard at first, coming across hurdles that made her question whether it would pay off in a rural area. “I’m not a fan of putting energy into something that isn’t working,” Janice says. “So, when I hadn’t seen growth in my business over a few months, I began to weigh up my options. But, I pivoted toward a completely digital strategy to reach clients across New Zealand, and that has changed things dramatically. I’m so much more resilient now.” She now works successfully with national and local businesses to expand their publicity, social media and marketing reach. She says communication with the media is key and Janice has worked hard to encourage companies to provide more clarity in a bid to get their message across. For many businesses, dealing with the media is a daunting process and Janice notices many untapped opportunities out there to celebrate local success. She points out that people often think that by telling an advertising representative some ‘news’, it will magically appear as a story in the paper. Classic mistake, she says. “People get really frustrated with that. Reporters need the stories, but so many people don’t think they have a story, or how to sell it. They forget they have fantastic human interest pieces, ‘how bizarre’, local stories … but they don’t know how to get that out there.” Family-work balance Running a business from home – while supporting a young family – is a tough gig and Janice has become well versed at juggling. She’s the first to acknowledge how fortunate she is. Working for herself allows her to be flexible to her family’s needs. But, she often jokes that the infamous BBC incident – whereby a professor was being interviewed live on Skype, only to be interrupted by his two boisterous children




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YOU Magazine | 7

– could very easily happen to her at any moment. Being a mum to two little ones and taking business conference calls are bound to collide at some point, but she loves the variety and challenge. Janice and Ricky have been together since Janice was just 18, becoming engaged at 21, and married when she was 24. She says her “rock for 17 years” also bears the entrepreneurial gene and understands her drive to succeed in business.

“Family and couple time is super important for us to keep the bond tight,” Janice says. “Working out of the home, with employment commitments is much, much tougher.” Her message to other mums wanting to head back to work is, if you are in a position to do so, “get as much help as you can. It will get easier”. When Janice first made the step to head back into the workforce, suddenly being an employee again felt like a marathon.

She knows she’s lucky to have support and understands the reality when extended family assistance is less accessible and grandparents, cousins and aunties do not live nearby. “You finish your day shift and begin another shift at home,” Janice says, on being a working mum. “I know a few mums who are doing night shifts, more than five consecutive days in a row, and farmers working super long hours. “I think it’s recognised (in society) but, the reality is that it’s not easy to change things. I am really heartened by the amount of cool Dads – including my husband – who are doing the school pick-up nowadays. That’s a really good sign.” Janice loves raising her young children in Mid Canterbury’s rural playground, saying they venture out on family walks and drives around the region, skiing at Mount Hutt in winter and wake-surfing at Lake Hood in summer. Empowering young women Using her own experiences, Janice now has a serious drive to help empower other young women. As a mother, she’s passionate about exposing and encouraging her children to learn and practice STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. All of which, Janice says, will help break down unconscious gender bias and help young women feel leadership, or entrepreneurial roles, are possible in the future. “We still unconsciously put women in certain roles and we don’t mean to do it,” she says. “The more we consciously try to break out of this, the stronger and less vulnerable we appear and it gives women confidence. “When other young women see a woman doing something out of the box and you identify with her, you can imagine yourself in that space, and make amazing change.”

Janice’s top three tips to business PR success – One of the things I’ve learned pretty recently, that sums up my journey as a businesswoman, is take ‘imperfect action’. If you have an idea, just try it. Why not? Think of yourself as a scientist and experiment. Let’s test it, because you want to know the results. You will prove it right, or wrong, and it might take you down another route that works. – Pick a mentor and approach them. Gather people around who you want to learn from. Go into your industry and find a mentor in that industry. I found a mentor in Nelson, who ran a similar business, with similar clients. She was more than happy to help me out. – Tell your story. People say, “I don’t have one, I’ve just had my head down working all these years and now I feel like I’m an imposter”. Really look back at your hardships and achievements, and how you have overcome them. PHOTO TEGAN CLARK

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It’s about time

“I’ve run out of time!” How often do we say or hear that? Time is this elusive thing we never seem to have enough of, yet we all get the same 24 hours of it every day. How are you spending your time? Last year my husband and I spent 12 months travelling, volunteering, visiting friends, making new ones and generally having an amazing time abroad. Having left my permanent job as a teacher to do this, the inevitable question arose – what will you do when you go home? The expected thing would have been to return to primary teaching fulltime. For me that meant 60-hour work weeks, not a lot of job satisfaction, very little time for important things like community involvement, cooking, gardening, exercise or time for friends. This was not really the life I was after. As the saying goes, time is precious and I didn’t want all my time to be swallowed up in a job. I decided to invest it into something I believed would strengthen our community and free up time for people to do the things they loved. The idea of setting up a TimeBank in Mid Canterbury grew on me as we travelled. I’d heard about the concept years ago from members of New Zealand’s first TimeBank in Lyttelton. In a TimeBank members exchange skills and services, earning and paying in time credits rather than money. One hour of help equals one time credit. Everyone’s time is valued equally – whether they’re offering companionship, dog walking, tech help or legal advice – if it’s an hour’s work you earn one time credit. Through this system, people can connect with those they might not normally meet and everyone has an opportunity to contribute to their community and feel a sense of belonging. Life can be made a bit easier and more fun by spending time on the things we enjoy doing and getting others to do things we’re not able to do or not interested in doing. It all sounded pretty good to me and I was thrilled to discover that once I returned

ABOUT TIME with Kate White

Right and below: Last year Kate White and husband Antony spent 12 months travelling, volunteering, visiting friends, making new ones and generally having an amazing time abroad. Below Kate enjoys a sunset in a desert in Iran and (right) with Antony.

to New Zealand and started speaking about TimeBanking, others agreed that it would be fantastic to have this in Mid Canterbury. A workshop was held on June 1 in the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, others in Methven and Ashburton followed. People from all walks of life wanted to join and help get it set up. A governance board – Connecting Mid Canterbury – was formed, tech people got to work on a website www.mctimebank. nz and many others got involved in varying ways to enable us to be ready to officially launch the Mid Canterbury TimeBank on October 1. Sushi, slime, and CPR all had a place at the launch. People got tips on car DIY, technology, make-up, gardening and baking – all things members could offer in the

TimeBank. Others were on hand to beautifully put up your hair, face paint, talk Spanish, sing, teach you to knit, flax weave and make kombucha. These wonderful skills can be tapped into in a TimeBank! Membership applications are now being processed, referees being rung and people are posting their offers and requests on the members’ website. Stay tuned for next month’s YOU article about the very first Mid Canterbury TimeBank exchanges taking place. I’m crossing fingers I’ll be able to write about someone responding to my request for weeding my rather neglected garden! Mid Canterbury TimeBank – it’s about time! SEE TIMEBANK LAUNCH PHOTOS P42

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Alister Argyle, Leandra Fitzgibbon and Paul Gooby are pleased to advise that Jane Argyle-Reed has been appointed as a Partner of the firm. Jane works primarily in the areas of Employment and Relationship, Property law as well as having a significant number of private clients. Jane is passionate about the Ashburton district and enjoys the community aspects of practicing law in Ashburton.

Westburn Courts, 201-203 West Street, Ashburton Ph: 03 3088228 | Fax: 033088656 Email: email@awlegal.co.nz | www.argylewelsh.co.nz

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Breast cancer – How a lump can chang

Donna Harvey in August, 2014. It’s been a long journey. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

Manny Sims Bakery

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YOU Magazine | 11


nge lives instantly by Linda Clarke When Donna Harvey’s grandson Duke was born this last August, she ticked off a very important box. Four years ago, struggling through chemotherapy following surgery for breast cancer, she was in a dark place. She wondered if she would live to see her children marry and have children of their own. Duke, a happy, healthy bundle of gorgeousness, is top of a special list of minigoals Donna has set herself to beat her breast cancer. And she is winning. Donna found a lump in her breast while showering after a day in the garden in December 2012. A month later she was in surgery to have it removed and then weeks later she went under the knife again to remove lymph nodes where her breast cancer had spread. She jokes now that 2013 was a year to forget. It included three months of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and the start of her love-hate relationship with the drug tamoxifen, designed to prevent breast cancer cells getting the oestrogen they need to grow. The side effects include unpleasant joint pain which Donna deals with daily. “But I

Donna and Phillip Harvey in August, 2014. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

have learned to live with it. I can’t do anything about it. I put it in my F-it box.” She says Christchurch Hospital oncologist Bridget Robinson will decide next year if she can come off the drug, or if she will need to continue taking it. Donna has moved from three-monthly check-ups to check-ups twice a year. She has a mammogram annually. And she has become an expert in selfchecks, noting every little change in her body, every ache or new feeling. This is important as Donna now also suffers from

lymphedema, a result of having her lymph nodes removed; she must be careful in the garden as strenuous activity or any little scratch can lead to swelling of arms. “It has been a big learning curve, especially when it comes to medication.” But Donna is no longer dark about her cancer. In a complete act of defiance, she calls herself lucky. She makes a big effort to celebrate every family occasion, keeps working in her garden and works parttime in child care. continued over page

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12 | YOU Magazine


Donna and Phillip Harvey enjoying new grandson Duke (also right). PHOTOS SUPPLIED

From P12 She has taken up aquacise, which involves workouts in the pools at EA Networks Centre, and is an enthusiastic supporter of events supporting cancer patients and research. She loved the Colour Run at Lake Hood earlier this year and will proudly line up for the Relay for Life again next year when the event is held in Ashburton. “As a family, we have just got on with it. They are my number one support fans.”

Donna’s husband Phillip grows onions for vegetable processors Greg and Jo Lovett, daughter Louise lives in Tauranga with her fiancé Mutch and new treasure Duke and son Matthew lives in Kirwee working on a sheep and cropping farm for Peter and Nicky Webster. “We have big Christmases now,” says Donna, who is also a stand-in nana for Southland friends whose grown-up children live around Canterbury. She has also become an inspiration to members of the Mid Canterbury Cancer Society’s Daffodil Group, which meets every

second month and has a walking group on the alternate months. The Ashburton Breast Cancer Support group meets every fourth Tuesday of the month – Donna says the noble women in this group are her inspiration. Cancer Society co-ordinator Annie Bonifant says Donna’s energy and positive story helped others come to terms with their own cancer path. Donna is sometimes asked to reach out to “newbies” and she says sharing her story – the highs and lows – helps them open up. “I tell them I am coming out the other side.

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Ha is po

na Sh 20 em fa

ot co sh


ry p. e.

YOU Magazine | 13


Donna Harvey now, after kicking breast cancer to the kerb. PHOTO LAURA BAGRIE 101017-LB-399

Having a great support crew around you is the main thing and you have to have a positive attitude to carry on.” Admittedly, it took a while for Donna’s naturally positive attitude to re-assert itself. She looks back at diary entries she made in 2013 and acknowledges she was tired and emotional. She cried. She drew grumpy faces. “I was reading back through them the other day and after a dose of chemo my comment was ‘I really feel like not giving a shit this week, but we’ll keep going LOL’.” Putting pen to paper was cathartic though

and reminds her how far she has come. “Four years ago when I found my lump, I thought it was a death sentence. Now I look back and there have been ups and downs, but more ups than downs.” And now she and her team of health professionals have her on a path to beating the breast cancer. Humour is one of her coping tools. Been checking the girls (code for breasts), she cheekily asks her fellow breast cancer survivors at group get-togethers. “Some might only have one girl, but it makes them smile.”

Companionship, practical advice and support are key. Celebrating milestones has become more important and Duke’s arrival on August 17 was toasted with a glass of wine. The six-pound 13-ounce baby boy had grown to a contented 11 pounds at six weeks and Donna and Phil have flown up three times to share the love for their first grandchild. “It’s been something pretty special.” She is also looking forward to turning 50 in 2019, having kicked her breast cancer to the kerb.

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14 | YOU Magazine


Early detection key to survival Mammogram A screening mammogram is the best method for the early detection of breast cancer in women with no symptoms. The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation recommends a screening mammogram for women as follows: • 40-49 years every year • 50 years onwards every two years until 74 years of age

Be breast aware From 20 years of age, the foundation recommends women become aware of how their breasts look and feel: • Know what is normal for you • Know what changes to look and feel for

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YOU Magazine | 15


l Know the signs to look for A change in the skin of the breast such as • Puckering or dimpling • Reddening or a rash

• A change in breast shape or size • A pain in the breast that is unusual

Any change in a nipple, such as • A turned-in nipple • A discharge that occurs without squeezing • Remember you are looking and feeling for any new or unusual changes. • A new lump or thickening, especially if it is only in one breast

For the slightest concern about your breasts, discuss with your family doctor • Your need for a clinical breast examination • Your personal risk, particularly if you have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer • Your need for a screening or diagnostic mammogram • Nine out of 10 breast lumps are not cancerous

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16 | YOU Magazine


Facts about breast cancer

Check your breasts

In front of a mirror - Check for changes: 1. Place your hands at your sides and look for any changes. 2. Place your hands on your hips and then press your shoulders and elbows forward. Look for changes. 3. Raise your arms and clasp your hands above your head. 4. Look again for changes. In the shower or bath 1. With the tips of your three middle fingers, use soap to glide over each

• Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, and the third most common cancer overall.

breast. The way you do this does not matter. 2. The main thing is to cover all your breast tissue from just under your collarbone to under your breast and from your mid-chest to your ribs at the side of your chest. 3. Also, with each arm by your side, press your fingers firmly up into each armpit. Breast checks may make some women feel very anxious, while others will feel reassured; so they are a personal choice.

• Seven New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer. • It affects one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime. • Most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough but tragically, more than 600 women die of the disease every year. • Some women are at greater risk of breast cancer because there is a history of close family members having the disease. • However, most women who develop breast cancer have no close relatives with the disease. Even among women who do have relatives with breast cancer, most will never develop it.

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YOU Magazine | 17


18 | YOU Magazine

Foods that don’t like breast cancer

The devastation of finding a lump in your breast, and finding out the verdict is breast cancer, must be immense for the women this becomes a reality for. To have their lives suddenly put on hold and to be looking down the barrel of a breast cancer diagnosis, must be a massive upheaval to their already busy lives. Early detection is a key factor in preventing this devastating disease. Pink Ribbon Month is extremely important to help raise awareness of breast cancer, early detection, prevention and to raise money for ongoing research. So if you see people walking the streets dressed in brightly-coloured pink clothes, put your hands in your pockets and dig deep to put towards the Pink Ribbon appeal. The women that are affected are someone’s wife, mother, aunty, grandmother, friend and they are in need of support at what can be a very frightening and uncertain time in their lives. Breast cancer is the third most common cancer in New Zealand, affecting 1 in 10 women. There are eight women diagnosed every day and over 600 women die each year of this disease, but it is considered treatable if detected early. It can affect any woman of any age. If a lump or abnormality is found, getting it checked promptly gives each woman diagnosed a fighting chance of survival and, for those who have found a non-cancerous lump, peace of mind.

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer vary. There are often no symptoms or pain associated and symptoms can include a lump in the breast tissue and/or armpit, breast abnormalities, change in the breast tissue, colour, shape or size, a pulled in nipple, discharge from the nipple, or a rash, reddening or dimpling of the breast tissue. Any unusual breast tissue changes should be checked as soon as they have been detected. Mammogram screening is an important tool to help detect breast cancer early, often well before a lump can be felt or seen. Hence the importance of raising awareness of mammograms and getting them done as part of a woman’s health checklist. Breast cancer occurs in the majority of women over the age of 50 (up to 70 per cent), but can occur at any age, so if any abnormality is found, get it checked straight away, to be on the safe side of breast cancer. Three bodily chemicals that fuel cancer growth are estrogen, progesterone and HER2. Asian countries have a low rate of this disease and that could be down to their diet. They also consume less fat compared to the western countries (14 per cent fat daily compared to 36 per cent).

Therefore following a diet that is lower in fat, higher in vegetables and fish, could also help reduce your risk. Breast cancer is considered to be particularly sensitive to dietary changes and it is believed that particular changes in the diet may help to reduce breast cancer from developing by up to 80 per cent. Foods that may help to protect against breast cancer: – Advocados and asparagus: Both contain glutathione – a major antioxidant which helps protect cells against free radical damage and detoxifying foreign substances, including carcinogens (cancer-causing cells). Great addition on top of summer salads and with BBQs. – Raspberries: A daily serve can protect against breast cancer due to its high concentration of the compound ellagic acid, known as an anti-carcinogen, anti-mutation and inhibitor of breast cancer. You can have these on breakfast cereals, porridge, salads or as a healthy dessert option. – Green tea: Contains catechins, which protect cells from damage caused by circulating free radicals that are responsible for turning rogue cells into cancer cells. Green tea is also considered to suppress urokinase, an enzyme which is often over-active in breast-cancer patients. Drink 2-4 cups daily. – Salmon: Contains the important omega

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Smoked salmon and cream cheese topping Here’s something pink to think of those women affected every year with breast cancer 50-75g smoked salmon* 1/2 C Greek yoghurt 1/4 C cream cheese * (room temperature) 1t fresh lime juice Zest of half a lime Pinch of salt (sea salt preferably)

– Stir the cream cheese to spreadable consistency, or warm ever so slightly. – In the kitchen blender, whiz up all the ingredients until it’s a smooth texture. Add salt and taste. – Scrape out with a soft spatula and place in a bowl and refrigerate until a firmer texture is formed. – Utilise any which way you prefer. The photo features the mixture on seaweed rice crackers. – Great as a pre-snack at a dinner

– Measure out all ingredients and set aside.

3 fatty acids – good fats which are low in western diets. It is found to inhibit the growth of breast tumours. The carotenoid that gives salmon its pink colour is known to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer nutrient, high amounts in wild salmon especially. – Broccoli: Contains the key anti-cancer substance sulforaphane. Broccoli is considered to contain compounds shown to eliminate carcinogenous toxins and prevent the development of benign tumours into malignant tumours. It also has the ability to prevent estrogen from stimulating the growth of breast cancer cells. Include in salads, in stir-frys, or as a side vegetable. – Garlic: Countries where there is a high consumption – eg Japan, France, China – have a reduced risk of breast cancer. Due to the compound allicin, which is said to prevent certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. It’s great added in so many dishes and in salad dressings. – Brussels sprouts: Contains indole-3-carbinol, which aids in the detoxification of harmful substances such as carcin-

ogens and may hinder overproduction of the hormones associated with the increase of breast cancer. A tasty nutrient-packed vegetable when in season. Walnuts: Considered to contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants, all having the ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Include in salads or as a snack. Cabbage: According to research, cabbage may protect women from breast cancer. It contains indole-3-carbinol that inhibit breast cancer cells from forming. Add cabbage to salads, stirfrys and curries or mince dishes. Spinach: Contains high amounts of folate. This B vitamin compound has the ability to help lower breast cancer risk. Add to salads, stir-frys and as a steamed vegetable. Mushrooms: Diets high in mushrooms offer protection from cancer. They apparently inhibit the enzyme aromatase, which is responsible for producing estrogen. White button and portabello mushrooms contain strong anti-aromatase activity, therefore try to include more mushrooms in your weekly diet.

party or special event or as a special weekend treat. – For a healthier option try smashed avocado and smoked salmon on rice crackers. * Can substitute for light cream cheese as a lower-fat option, even though the Greek yoghurt in this recipe has reduced the fat content. 1/2 C of cream cheese will give you a firmer texture * Add the extra 25g of salmon if you prefer a stronger flavour

Great added to a variety of dishes, or saute with garlic, equal parts olive oil and butter. – Blueberries: Contain a potent antioxidant, pterostibene, which is known to cause cancer cells to self-destruct, otherwise known as apoptosis. Add to desserts or salads. Above are just a small variety of food types that have the ability to help to keep your breast tissue healthy. So try to include a variety of these foods in your daily and/or weekly diet and hopefully you will want to reach for the healthy food options more often. It is amazing to see the health benefits that these foods can provide and the cancer-prevention properties they contain. Prevention is better than a cure, hence adopting a healthy and well-balanced diet with little or reduced alcohol intake can be a proactive take on keeping your body healthy and breast cancer-free. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

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Non-surgical removal of


by Jennifer Little Abnormally dilated varicose and spider veins affect the majority of adults at some time in their lives. Associated symptoms can include aching, throbbing, excessive fatigue, itching, burning, a restless feeling in the legs and cramping. The unsightly nature of the veins can also have a negative impact on self-image. With modern techniques and the use of the latest duplex ultrasound equipment, vein sclerotherapy and laser treatments are safe and effective treatments for the full range of varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by abnormal connections from the high pressure deep venous system to the usually low pressure superficial system just under the skin. These veins distend, overfill with blood and then cause symptoms. Most are hereditary.


Large varicose veins have abnormal valves that fail to keep blood flowing upwards to the heart. Downward flow causes the vein walls to blow out and bulge, with poor skin nutrition. Smaller dilated veins, including spider veins, can be hereditary or caused by hormonal factors (as in pregnancy). Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS) and endovenous laser treatments (EVLT) are safe and highly effective out-patient procedures which eliminate the deeper diseased veins hidden from view that have traditionally required surgical stripping.

Advantages of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy • • • • •

No surgery No time off work No anaesthesia No scars or sutures Continue normal daily activities

• Lower cost. Transform Clinic offers a variety of treatments for all levels of varicose veins – from the deeper system to superficial veins. Transform Clinic is affiliated with Southern Cross (other health insurance providers do cover varicose vein treatments for medical reasons). The first step is a thorough medical consultation which includes an ultrasound scan – at that time the doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment for the vein incompetence. For appointments or further information call Transform Clinic 03 343 2880 or 0800 256 654 (0800 2 LOOK GOOD) also, ask us about our Ashburton appointments (appearance medicine treatment only). Email: enquiries@2lookgood.co.nz www.transformclinic.co.nz Advertising feature

FREE vein assessment with this voucher Varicose vein treatments were made for,

with ultrasound sclerotherapy or endovenous laser

No surgery No time off work Walk in. Walk out

Call for more information

0800 256 654

52a Mandeville St, Christchurch

Southern Cross Healthcare Affiliated* (Medical criteria apply) Contact Emmily Harmer 027 310 6521 Email: emmily@goodtastephotography.co.nz


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There’s a cruise for every style and budget DESTINATION with Maxine Whiting

There is no doubt that New Zealanders love cruising – more than 90,000 Kiwis are taking a cruise holiday each year – we find when clients have enjoyed a couple of cruises locally, they start looking for something a bit more adventurous or further afield. October marks the start of the international cruise season in Australasia and it’s also a great time to plan for a cruise holiday. Cruising is booming in New Zealand, cruise ships are constantly evolving to offer facilities and experiences rivalling anything on land from celebrity chef restaurants to world-class entertainment and ships that are a destination in their own right, jampacked with activities for the young and young at heart. There has never been a better time to take a cruise. It’s hard to beat the value and ease of a cruising holiday with accommodation, transport, main meals and a range of on-board activities and entertainment included in the fare. For some, the best part is that you visit an array of destinations without the need for costly airfares and you only have to unpack once as the world comes to you. From expedition ships cruising the far reaches of the earth to super-liners offer-

ing affordable adventures to every corner of the Pacific, there really is a cruise for every style and budget.

Top five reasons to book your cruise holiday 1. A completely tailored trip Your consultant at House of Travel will not only handle bookings, but can help find the best cruise for you the traveller. We can create a perfect travel experience based on preferences, tastes, and travel goals. A great consultant can also help find unexpected activities and destinations that fit travel styles to create once-in-a-lifetime cruise experiences. 2. In expert hands House of Travel consultants have a wealth of travel knowledge with plenty of real world travel experiences. We provide incredible travel advice, as well as tips for making the most of the cruise.

3. Deals and discounts As travel agents we have the ability to book in the best deals in the market so you are sure to get the best deal. 4. Perks and personalised travel We love our cruise travellers to be happy – we make sure you have the best deals and perks. These can include on-board credits, complimentary bottles of wine, vouchers for free meals or prepaid gratuities. In addition to fun extras we make sure your cruise is personalised to you, like gluten-free dining or post-cruise travel back home. 5. A stress-free travel experience For a stress-free travel experience, House of Travel are a CLIA accredited cruise specialist. We are committed to providing the best travel experience for every client every time. For more information on cruising pop into House of Travel at 196 East Street, Ashburton. Advertising feature

Book a cruise &



1 9 6 E A S T S T R E E T I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z



House of Travel gift card.

The best holidays are created together.









Enriching Kiwis’ lives through travel for 30 years 1987 - 2017

CONDITIONS: This competition is open to New Zealand residents who are over the age of 18 years. Entrants under the age of 18 years must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to enter the competition. If the winner is under 18 years of age at the closing date of the competition, the prize will be awarded to the winner’s parent or legal guardian on the winner’s behalf • To be eligible for the ‘Buy a Cruise & Win a $5000 HoT giftcard’ Promotion, entrants must book any cruise with House of Travel between 1-31 Oct 17. Full payment must be paid before 31 Dec 17; and thus will automatically entered into the draw to win • Employees (and their immediate families) of House of Travel, its subsidiaries, related entities or agencies associated with the promotion are not eligible to participate • The competition commences 01 Oct 17 at 8am and concludes on 31 Oct 17 at 5pm. After this date no further entries to the competition will be permitted • One winner will be randomly selected from a list of entries on 25 Jan 18 and the winner will be notified by email and/or phone by 27 Jan 18 at 5pm • By participating in this competition, entrants confirm acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions of this competition • Further terms and conditions apply. For more information see instore or visit www.hot.co.nz


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Redundancy – is it fair or just an excuse? They say the one constant thing in this life is change! Certainly in any small business (and let’s face it most businesses in the Ashburton District are small) things will always be changing; and when things change, jobs cannot stay the same. It’s reality! Technology advances and some tasks become unnecessary; volumes increase and one person can no longer cope with all the tasks they previously did; volumes decrease and costs must be saved ... This can mean that an old arrangement of tasks no longer works; or that the skill set now needed by a job has changed (like an increase in IT competence). Usually these changes are absorbed by the workforce, who adapt to regularly changing jobs and train or “upskill” to cope with the new demands. But sometimes skills can’t be learnt or the employee won’t change, and sometimes a more wholesale rearrangement is needed. When this happens, a process of change is needed (see my July and August articles) meaning previously-existing jobs cease to exist. It is then that an employee may legitimately be made redundant – because the job they were doing is no longer needed by the business and they cannot (or will not) do any available jobs that are, even after reasonable training. This is fair – and it’s just the way life in business goes. It doesn’t make it any easier on the person losing their employment, but at least they

HR ESSENTIALS with Mike Johnson

are not “being shafted”. However if you are made redundant in a way that doesn’t align with this, then something may be wrong. Redundancies because the Employer doesn’t want to provide training or manage performance are just excuses and the courts do not support them. So if you are faced with the possibility of redundancy, what can you look out for? 1. Is your job really needed as it is? Given what you are told about the business and your own sense of your work area – is there a need for change? If what is proposed doesn’t seem sensible, you should say so and explain what would work better. 2. Are proposed changes logically linked to the business needs? Has the logic been explained to you? If you don’t understand it, check with someone else. And don’t wait until the end of a consultation period to ask. Consultation is for questions and answers as well as suggestions. 3. Are you happy to move with the changes? Change happens to us whether we like it or not, but we don’t have to like it and

go with it. If you don’t want to, though, it probably means it is time to look elsewhere. This is not failure for either employee or employer – it’s a natural progression. Just don’t do it every year. 4. Don’t just “take a personal grievance”. Seek first to go with the changes and “upskill”. Personal grievances are just conflict and should only be taken where conflict already exists. So first try to go with the process and open yourself up for development as the company needs you to. Only if it is clear that this is no genuine redundancy should you respond with a challenge. A final thought — Redundancy is not pleasant, but it’s better than being stuck in a job that’s has changed so much you can’t, or don’t want to, do it. A good boss will help you find your next job, but if you claim a personal grievance after a genuine process leading to redundancy, you could lose any support and make getting future work more difficult! Next month I’m going to focus on partying and celebrations!

Do you employ or want to employ someone? Talk to us first. We take the worry out of employment compliance and get your people management right. Who? When? What? How? – just ask. Phone Mike today on 027 280 8546 or email mike@essentialhr.co.nz October 19th – Lunchtime Seminar, 12.00 – 1.30 Community House. “Recruitment - addressing good practice and current day issues” $30 per head www.essentialhr.co.nz | PO Box 7213 Sydenham, Christchurch Room 11 Community House, Ashburton

Five wonderful days of action

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Riccarton Park and Addington Raceway will be gearing up to host our famous New Zealand Cup and Show week that will encompass five fantastic days of fun, fashion, partying, glamour and races. Our five-page feature will give you all the information you need to be “Cup Week ready”.

Cup Day glamour at Riccarton Park Teeming with fine fashions and lavish picnics in its famed car parks, Christchurch Casino New Zealand Cup and gavelhouse.com 1000 Guineas Day at Riccarton Park (Saturday, November 18) is always celebrated in spectacular style. Come and join a who’s who of Canterbury and beyond at this much anticipated social extravaganza which draws the biggest crowds of the year to the course again restricted in general areas to those over 18 years. One of the most popular races in the country, the $250,000 feature, 3200 metre Christchurch Casino New Zealand Cup is guaranteed to be another outstanding test of stamina and endurance. A new hospitality place is on offer, the Christchurch Casino “Stables” and is sure to be a popular destination on the course. Chic, elegant and trendy entrants will vie for fashion honours at the eagerly anticipated Riccarton Park Fashions in the Field competition supported by Mondo Travel, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Singapore Airlines, and an array of supporting sponsors. Over $20,000 in prizes is available including travel to Singapore so don’t be shy when it’s time to enter. Adding to the magic of the day will be two large infield screens, music, excellent food and refreshments plus someone on course will win $5000 in a free competition.

Top left (from left) - Westfield Riccarton Style Stakes Best Dressed Man – Gavin Borthwick of Ashburton – Best Dressed Lady 2016. Top right - Happy crowd enjoying the 2016 event. Bottom - Stacey Hanley was our Successful Lady (second from right) in 2016.

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A week of fun

The action kicks off as they race for glory at Riccarton Park (Saturday, November 11) in the $500,000, Group 1, Al Basti Equiworld New Zealand 2000 Guineas bringing the next generation of champions to the fore. Off track, the day starts with a charity luncheon for the Canterbury Neo Natal Trust and is followed by live music, the big screen, great food and fine wines.

Cup Week at Riccarton Park Where: Riccarton Park Racecourse When • First race each day at 12pm • Saturday 11, November 18, 2017 • Wednesday 15, November 18, 2017 • Saturday, November 18, 2017

Coupland’s Bakeries Mile Day (Ladies Day on Wednesday, November 15) continues the racing thrills with the thirteenth running of this $230,000, 1600 metre feature. The $100,000 Lindauer Stewards Stakes, a wonderful sprint, is also featured. On-course competitions, the big screen, a live music provide great relaxing entertainment for your Wednesday in Christchurch.

Cost November 11 and 15 (unrestricted age events) • $15 gate entry ($12 pre purchased) • $560 Cup Week Package Includes entrance/stand/racebook/Balmerino Room buffet luncheon and first drink) Pre purchase only – not available on the day • $100 Grand National Lawn Car Park • $175 Christchurch Casino Stables Cost Saturday, November 18, 2017 (an R18 event) • $40 gate entry (discounts if pre purchased online) • $100 Carriage Paddock Reserved Car Park • $250pp Christchurch Casino Stables Purchase tickets online – www.riccartonpark.co.nz Many packages/options are already sold out Hospitality inquiries to Kym Berney 03 336 0055 kym@riccartonpark.co.nz

With over 100 years experience in helping men dress for that special occasion, we make the process as easy as possible • Visit our store anytime for a chat, advice or a fitting • Book an appointment (even after hours) • We specialise in weddings • Great choice of Ready to Wear, Hire and Made to Measure

In any event Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm | Fri 9am - 6pm | Sat 10am – 2pm | Sun 11am – 2pm

East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771 - www.sparrows.co.nz

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Be Part Of The Magic! BeChristchurch Part Of The Magic! Casino NZ Trotting Cup Day

Tuesday 14 November Christchurch Casino NZ Cupfashion, Day ATrotting celebration of racing,

Cheering home a winner Cheering home a winner

food, fun and14 entertainment. Tuesday November

A celebration of racing, fashion, BE PART OF THE ULTIMATE food, fun and entertainment. LINDAUER LAWN EXPERIENCE!


 Mitch James on the Lindauer Lawn Rooftop LINDAUER LAWN EXPERIENCE!  Unreleased Lindauer Special Reserve Sparkling Wine  Lindauer and NZME hosting promotional activation areas  Mitch James on the Lindauer Lawn Rooftop  Superb views and much more

Mitch James on the Lindauer Rooftop! Mitch James on the Lindauer Rooftop!

 Unreleased Lindauer Special Reserve Sparkling Wine  Lindauer and NZME hosting promotional activation areas  Superb views and much more

Look out for details later this week of who will be headlining the PUBLIC VILLAGE STAGE - can you guess who? Look out for details later this week of who will be headlining The WestfieldVILLAGE RiccartonSTAGE Style Stakes & ZM Body Art the PUBLIC - can you guess who?

competitions have over $20,000 in prizes up for grabs, including Westfield Riccarton Style & ZM Body ArtLady. returnThe flights to Buenos Aires forStakes the Best Dressed

Hanging out with good friends Hanging out with good friends

competitions have over $20,000 in prizes up for grabs, including return LIMITED flights to HOSPITALITY Buenos Aires for the Best Dressed Lady. tickets remaining

Contact Joanne McMaster on (03) 339 7908 LIMITED HOSPITALITY tickets remaining Contact Joanne McMaster on (03) 339 7908

Show Day Races Friday 17 November Show Day Races

Fabulous Fashion Fabulous Fashion

Friday 17 November A fabulous family day out! There will be children’s entertainment and live music A fabulous family day out! There will be

Make a statement If you’re looking for classic confident dressing with a modern twist Magazine Designer Clothing is there to help you celebrate those special moments in life by looking and feeling beautiful. Their passionate in-store stylists will

help you select from the extensive range of exclusive and stunning special occasion wear whatever the season, in sizes 10-26. Magazine Designer Clothing in Christchurch is brimming with perfect raceday styles, in a gorgeous array of colours. Exquisite accessories will add that extra sparkle to complete your look. There is always something special at Magazine. Magazine Designer Clothing Shop 6 Windmill Centre, Riccarton, Christchurch 03 348 6929 www.magazineclothing.co.nz Advertising feature

magazine designer clothing

from Christchurch band, Skymachine. children’s entertainment and live music from Christchurch band, Skymachine.

The racing action The racing action

Size 10 - s 26

Perfect for your Special Occasion!

addington.co.nz/cup-week addington.co.nz/cup-week

magazine designer clothing

Size 10 - s 26

Windmill Centre 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 6929

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Raise the stakes with Ballantynes FASHION STYLIST with Anna Williams

Ballantynes fashion stylist Anna Williams talks us through some style essentials and gives us some pro tips on pulling off the hottest, on-trend looks. As a stylist, the upcoming week of Canterbury Anniversary celebrations is one I look forward to.

Where to start? Planning is key and some will suggest you start with your headpiece and find a dress to fit accordingly, however my suggestion is to start with your dress then pull together your key accessories of headpiece, clutch, shoes and hair and make-up. By planning this way, you will find the picture you wish to create will come together with less stress and more polish and with Ballantynes having in excess of over 300 fascinators, headbands and hats to choose from, so finding the perfect headpiece is a piece of cake! Fashion for me this year is about the classic feminine look for ladies with twists of personality – think detailing i.e. pops of colour in your shoes, clutches even down to your sunglasses or floral touches and subtle tones layered to create an angelic outfit. For men showcasing your style through subtle details that reflect your personality and comfort zone – think hats, rolled chinos for a more casual look, or for the classic suit inject your personality through fun pocket squares or ties and great shoes.

Advertising feature

Shop online now at ballantynes.co.nz. PHONE (03) 379 7400 OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.00am - 5.30pm SATURDAY 9.00am - 5.00pm SUNDAY 10.00am - 5.00pm

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Ease back into action Welcome back, spring! It’s time to dust off the winter cobwebs and ease any stiff and tired joints back into shape so that you can get involved in the outdoors and have fun with friends and family. It’s not always that easy of course, especially for people restricted by injuries or older people suffering from stiff, tired joints. There’s nothing you can do to stop the ageing process, but you can supplement and help your body to stay healthy and in tip-top shape as you grow older. As you age, your body loses its ability to make the natural compound, glucosamine, which preserves and supports your mobility and helps to limber up any creaky joints. Glucosamine helps to replace the building blocks of connective tissue that can be lost through injury or as a result of ageing. The great news is that you can seek support and replenish your body’s glucosamine with the help of a high-strength glucosamine supplement. Glucosamine and its buddy chondroitin help to

ase E back into

lubricate and rebuild joints, making them the first-line ingredients for joint health and flexibility. GO Healthy GO Glucosamine 1-A-Day is your go-to joint product. It helps to replace the glucosamine your body needs for optimal joint health and mobility, assisting in the repair of natural cartilage and joints, as well as supporting your natural range of motion. This highstrength glucosamine product is partnered with chondroitin to provide additional benefits for joints, and complemented by ginger, celery and turmeric. GO Glucosamine 1-A-Day is the ideal supplement that will work with your body to support joint health, repair and mobility this spring. GO Healthy NZ, Wellington. TAPS PP1321. Advertising feature

The Arcade

(03) 308 1815 h2k11@xtra.co.nz

Taking care of ourselves means many different things to each individual. For me it is nourishing my cells, tissues, body and skin with mainly whole foods, having a regular massage and healing session to keep me spiritually aligned and my body tension released. I like to keep reasonably fit and hold a high importance on a home skin care programme with a salon facial popped in there too. This to me is my investment in my health and the future health of my body and skin. I love the ritual of my home skincare programme, soaking and nourishing my skin with

quality organic products free from toxins. I love the feeling that I am doing the best I can to age gracefully, feeding my skin from the inside out. How you do and what you do at home is 80 per cent of your skin health. I am not just talking about aging or acne I am including the texture of your skin. Is it rough, tight, smooth or soft? Is it pigmented, scarred, flaky? Do you have premature lines or redness? What we put in and on our body becomes our blood, the blood that feeds and nourishes our cells, tissues, body and skin. Advertising feature

Rachelle Sowman Skin Aesthetician HOT PRICE

150s + 150s

Twin pack!

90 $89 was $99.90

Offer ends 31/10/2017 or while stocks last. Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. TAPS PP1321. GO Healthy New Zealand Limited, Hamilton.


* Free upgrade

SAVE $10


GO Glucosamine 1-A-Day is the ideal supplement that will work with your body to support joint health, repair and mobility this spring.

Investing in body health

www.Health2OOO.co.nz Follow Health2OOOGroup on:

Swish offers a variety of treatments with a strong focus on: Skin health | Electrolysis | Special occasion make-up www.swishbeauty.co.nz 149 Smithfield Road, RD2, Ashburton P 03 308 5366 | M 027 544 2303 | E rachelle@swishbeauty.co.nz

spring/summer collection MADE IN NORWAY

imagine a comfort revolution

Stress Sunrise

Introducing NEW LegComfort

People come in all shapes and sizes. So do their legs. That’s why Stressless® has developed LegComfort™ — the first automatic integrated footrest that adjusts to your own length, offering your legs ergonomic comfort and support. Exclusive to Stressless® recliners.


or more on any of the three sizes available: small, medium and large.


Choice of colours: Black, Burgundy, Cream and Mole.

Try revolutionary new LegComfort™ and take advantage of a


Stressless Consul


* Free upgrade to electronic LegComfort™ on selected models.

SAVE $500*

or more on any of the three sizes available: small, medium and large.

Choice of colours: Black, Burgundy, Cream, Mole.

Free colour consultancy





Introducing our consultancy team offering you a complete interior design service. Here to help you with interior colour schemes, curtains, blinds, wallpaper, carpet, tiles, vinyl, furniture, beds, linen, and accessories. Free making on all drapes.* Call today for a free measure and quote. * conditions apply


Burnett Street, Ashburton

Opening Hours:

03 308 5269

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm;


Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

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Fashion we love

SPARROWS Suits from $299.90

MAGAZINE CLOTHING Chocolat Oriental Beauty Kimono/Coat $339

SPARROWS Gazman shirts and chinos from $119.90

SPARROWS Linen Jackets from $250

MAGAZINE CLOTHING Chocolat Medusa Top $289 Floyd Aladdin Ballet Pant $339

STYLE FOOTWEAR Sheena by Ziera $219.95

MAGAZINE CLOTHING Zephyr Claire Pink Floral Top $289

STYLE FOOTWEAR Victor black Men’s Shoe $129.95

STYLE FOOTWEAR Miss Chloe Black $149.95

Magazine Designer Clothing Windmill Centre 188 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch www.magazineclothing.co.nz


East Street, Ashburton www.sparrows.co.nz

Style Footwear

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton facebook.com/stylefootwearashburton www.stylefootwear.co.nz

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Things we love

MACROCRAFT Macrocarpa Cubed Bookcase 1.12 x 1m $567

MACROCRAFT Pine Corner Display Cabinet 1.6m $773 REDMONDS House trained stools or footrests $550 each MACROCRAFT Macrocarpa Table with Drawer 1 x .55m $473

REDMONDS Fern lamp in gold $430

HEMINGWAY DESIGN French Bulldog Towel $25

REDMONDS Andrew Martin Design Fabric Wedgewood chair $2,299 Cushion $249

HEMINGWAY DESIGN Little Renegade Cap $27

HEMINGWAY DESIGN Design Ministry Cushion $85

macrocraft 103 SOUTH STREET ASHBURTON 03 308 0417

Mon – Fri 8am-5pm Sat 10-3pm www.macrocraftfurniture.co.nz




East to Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5269 www.redmonds.co.nz

SHOP ONLINE www.hemingway.design

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Foods to ban from the office The office environment is notorious for weight gain. A new survey in Europe by Dutch organic food maker Kallø has discovered that women who snack at work consume 100,000 extra calories each year. This is equivalent to an additional 50 days’ food intake (when you consider an adult woman’s ideal consumption is 2000 calories per day). The annual total of 100,800 extra calories – based on 45 working weeks – is the same as 193 double-stacked burgers or 502 bars of chocolate. As if it’s not bad enough that office-based jobs see us sitting for hours and hours each day, there’s also the opportunity for plenty of eating foods that are particularly conducive to weight gain. Since we also know from behavioural research that we become like the people we spend our time with, when our office mates are eating high calorie foods, we are much more likely to as well. So if you know your waistband is a little tighter since you have been at your workplace, here are the foods most likely to be doing the damage to your waistline:

Puzzled over where to hold your next corporate event?

Piece together your corporate event with help from the professional team at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre.

The only purpose-built conference facility in Mid Canterbury 03 307 2010


admin@ateventcentre.co.nz 211A WILLS ST, ASHBURTON, 7700


YOU Magazine | 33

BISCUITS The biscuits may come courtesy of the office biscuit jar, or as special treats that colleagues bring in, but those tasty morsels made from vegetable oil, sugar and white flour are a recipe for disaster when it comes to eating mindless calories and weight gain. With a single chocolate biscuit containing up to 100 calories and 3-4g of fat, and the ease at which we can eat many biscuits throughout the day without even noticing, it is no wonder that sweet biscuits are so closely linked to weight gain. If your office does offer biscuits, one of the keys to reducing your consumption is not having them in sight, so try and keep them in a cupboard or ceramic container so you are not tempted so often. Even better, create your own rule to not eat the biscuits at work in general. MILKY COFFEE Think how many cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites you routinely consume while you are at work. Chances are there is one on the way to work, another mid-morning and even a third on a particularly long day. And unlike black coffee and tea, those milky coffee calories add up, with a small cup offering

at least 80-100 calories, or the equivalent of an extra meal a day if you enjoy two or three. Therein lies the association with workday coffees and weight gain. So, if you do enjoy a milk-based coffee, try and limit yourself to just one each day and swap to tea or black coffee on other occasions. CAKE There always seem to be an abundance of cake at work – it is always someone’s birthday, or a reason to celebrate and then we have the office feeders who routinely bake treats for others who have less willpower to enjoy. With a single serve of plain cake containing 10-12g of fat and 300-400 calories, you can see that enjoying this extra sweet treat a few times each week will quickly lead to weight gain. For this reason getting into a habit of saying no more times than not when cake is offered at work is the key to success, or limit the office birthday celebrations to just once each month. CHOCOLATE BARS It may be the fundraising chocolate box situated at the front desk, or the vending machine that screams your name mid-

Your special day needs a special ride ...

Call 021-125-4821 for details


afternoon, but if you are in habit of indulging in some sweet chocolate on more afternoons than not, you have cemented a pretty strong chocolate habit at work. A 50g bar of chocolate contains as many calories as a meal. So if chocolate is your thing, you will be much better to choose a small, individual portion as opposed to an entire bar, and where possible keep daily temptations such as fundraising chocolate boxes well out of reach and sight. DRIED FRUIT AND NUTS Fresh fruit is healthy, as are nuts but when we demolish entire bags of high calorie trail mix simply because it is within easy reach on our desk we are mindlessly consuming hundreds of extra calories each week, often under the impression that we are being “healthy”. Mindless munching is an issue for a number of reasons, but specifically when we mindlessly munch on high calorie foods such as nuts and dried fruit it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to weight gain. Keep your fruit fresh and focus on one single snack of nuts each day for both good health and weight control. This means not keeping the massive bag of nuts at work, rather portion controlling them out so you cannot overeat them.  – NZME

Ashburton Pre-Schools’ Directory

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Stepping Stones @Braebrook Stepping Stones is a locally owned, purpose built pre-school catering for children from three months old until they are ready to transition to school. We are passionate about being part of our community and regularly visit our neighbours, local shops, parks and playgrounds. We also love to visit our elderly community members and have them join us at pre-school – sharing reading, songs and activities together. Our family focused philosophy ensures we are working alongside families to meet the needs of individual children. We love seeing whole families learn and grow with us!

We have a fantastic team of teachers working alongside our learners to support them to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Higher than required ratios of adults to children and dedicated teachers ensures calm, enjoyable learning settings. Our emphasis on high quality care and education shows through in our rolls – many happy families have already secured their space with us. Limited spaces are available still. We encourage you to speak to any of our current families or call us for a visit. If you would like your child to become part of our Stepping Stones @Braebrook family we strongly encourage you to get in touch

as early as possible. Twenty hours at no cost and Winz subsidies are available. We offer flexible hours, affordable rates and best of all a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where all families are welcome. We enjoy the role we play in the community and are proud of the impact we have on the children who are the future leaders of our community. Follow us on Facebook to see what we are all about and enjoy watching the learning we do within our environment each week.

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ENQUIRE EARLY TO SECURE A SPACE 1-3 Redhaven Rise, Ashbuurton

03 307 2088



Education for children

2 - 5 year olds

We are open 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Providing quality early childhood education and care for the preschool-aged children of our community; based on Christian values and principles.

www.phoenixpreschool.co.nz www.ashburtonkindergartens.org.nz

03 308 3779

Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

Phone us today on 03 308 2325 8 Eton Street, Ashburton

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Bulbs not blooming

Ann Begbie is this month’s winner with the following question: When we shifted to town about 10 years ago I brought a lot of daffodils and jonquils which had always flowered well, but ever since have not flowered at all! They were moved when dormant and conditions, soil and position are similar. They were moved to a different place two years ago, and are not flowering yet, while the others, although multiplying well and growing great masses of leaves about 40mm high, have not done anything useful! Others bought since have done well and flowered beautifully. None have been manured at all, could that be the trouble? Or would it be best to just dig them out, and plant something else? When no flowering occurs (given bulbs are growing in similar soil and light), remedial work on the bulb is required. Once the foliage has died down, dig up the non-performing bulbs (firstly marking them with stakes during the flowering season) and check them. It’s possible that the bulbs are diseased, have been attacked by some underground insect or they may simply need dividing if they have been in the ground for many years. The lack of flowers could also be because the bulbs were of poor quality or are now too old. Also check if the bulbs were planted too deep. This is particularly significant if the soil is heavy and becomes waterlogged over the dormant winter months. Alternatively, if the bulbs were planted too shallow, this can lead to dwarfed plants. You may wish to replace your non-performing bulbs with healthy new ones and either plant them back in the same location (improve the soil first as below) and see how they perform, or plant in a totally new location. Perhaps trial both and see how you get on. Select large healthy bulbs of proven varieties and plant into well prepared sites, ie friable soil with compost and/or bulb mix worked into the existing soil. When green foliage starts to push through, feed with bulb fertiliser. Dig the fertiliser in lightly and always water in well. After your bulbs have finished flowering, apply the fertiliser once again to support them in bulking up their stores for next season. Make sure you let the foliage brown and die down naturally. Some people cut this off too early and it’s a major reason for reduced flower numbers next season. Doing this will protect the plant and ensure maximum nutrients have been stored for next season’s flowering. For more tips on growing bulbs, check out How to Grow Bulbs at www.daltons.co.nz/how-to-guides.


Daltons Premium Tomato prize pack

Homegrown, juicy tomatoes are a summer favourite. There are many varieties to choose from in different shapes, colours, size and taste. We have a Daltons Tomato Pack to give away with everything you need to grow your own tasty tomatoes. This pack is valued at over $60 and contains 2 x Daltons Garden Time Tomato Mix (30l), and 1 x tub of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser, 1 x box Daltons Organic Bio fungicide granules, and includes a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products www.omniproducts.co.nz.

Be in to win Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Premium Tomato prize pack in the subject heading, or write to Premium Tomato pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton 7740.


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by November 1.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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A busy month in the garden October is sometimes an unsettled month weather-wise, but by the end of the month, temperatures have risen and the growth in the garden abounds! There are a million tasks to do in the garden; all enjoyable, especially the planting of the summer vegetable garden! It’s probably the most active month of the year in the vegetable garden. Prepare the area well by adding in new compost in significant quantities. All summer vegetables can now be safely planted, including; courgettes/ zucchini, cucumbers, beans, beetroot, carrots, celery, corn, leeks, lettuce, melons, onions, radish, pumpkin and tomato. To avoid vegetables all maturing at one time, stagger your plantings as continuous cropping and supply is much preferable. As plants become established, apply light side dressings of vegetable fertiliser to help develop strong, healthy plants. Water young plants regularly and deeply to encourage a strong root system. The last of winter flowing annuals can now be removed and the soil prepared for new plantings. As with the vegetable plot, add plenty of compost to the soil and dig it over well to create a fine tilth (breadcrumb like texture) ready for planting. Summer flowering annuals can include alyssum, asters, cornflowers, californian

poppy, cosmos, livingstone daisy, lobelia, marigolds, nemesia, petunias, portulaca, phlox, salvias, sweet peas and zinnias. The first application of fruit tree fertiliser can now be made. Repeat again in six weeks’ time. Loquarts are now ripening, filling a gap in the harvesting fruit calendar. Kiwifruit and grape vines are now growing vigorously. Trim growth where it is not required. Mulch trees with crushed bark as the soil warms up to prevent weed growth and aid water retention during the hot, dry summer months. Early varieties of strawberries will begin to ripen towards the end of October. Check plants for any signs of grey mould (botrytis). Remove any infected leaves and ensure there is enough peastraw, mulch or hay around plants to keep developing

berries clean and healthy. It’s a busy time for lawns too. The first application of lawn fertiliser can now be made; hopefully at the same time as spring rain, otherwise water the lawn thoroughly after applying. Sow seed where there are bare parts of lawn, add new topsoil before broadcasting the seed and lightly water to activate germination. Mow your lawn regularly to encourage vigorous growth. Classical winter flowering shrubs such as rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas are now coming to the end of flowering. They may require some minor pruning before they break into spring growth. Apply acid fertiliser to these plants in late October and apply mulch all around your shrubs. Now is a great time to plant containers and pots with summer flowering annuals such as petunias which are a favourite to provide colour throughout summer months. Start your new season’s display by removing existing potting mix, thoroughly cleaning the container before refilling with new container mix and planting. In the herb garden, remove any old plants from the previous season herb garden. Plant out new seasons herbs, including those that are frost tender such as basil. Clip your herb plants frequently for culinary use and to encourage fresh young growth.

We’ll get you growing. Your spring planting specialists

- Native revegetation & Landscaping - Ornamental & Specimen plants - Firewood & Shelter trees - Great range of new spring lines - New 2017 catalogue out now Corner SH1 & Robinsons Road, Christchurch

Phone 0800 800 352


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Treat yourself!

FOR FOODIES with Sarah Kingsbury

These recipes are incredibly easy to make and are sure to go down a treat. The subtle changes of ingredients to such classic recipes only enhance the dish. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. With the compliments of qualified chef and baker Sarah Kingsbury

Bacon, cranberry, brie slab – I used a 25cm by 40cm baking tin, but you can make whatever size you like and adjust ingredients accordingly. – Press pre-made savoury pastry to bottom of tin lined with baking paper. – Dice one onion, add three good handfuls of bacon, 200g brie cheese, three handfuls of spinach and one cup of cranberry sauce into a bowl. – Lightly mix in order for everything to be covered by the cranberry sauce. – Scatter over pastry sheet. – Whisk 10 eggs, 750ml cream, pinch of salt and pepper and pour over tray. – Cover with baking paper and tinfoil. – Bake for approximately 20 minutes in a preheated oven of 170°C or until just cooked.


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Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake Base Melt 150g butter. Crush 400g wine biscuits. Mix together butter and crumbs into a 10-inch round tin that is lined with baking paper. Filling 650g cream cheese 1C sugar 1C white chocolate chips 1t vanilla essence 750ml cream 250 frozen raspberries, ensure these are thawed Barkers mix berry (pre-bought) 2 1/2 T gelatine 1/4 C water – Mix together gelatine and water and set aside. – Whisk softened cream cheese, sugar, vanilla essence and 1/2 of the portion of cream on a medium speed. Once there are no lumps, mix in the remainder of the cream, raspberries and white chocolate chips. – Heat prepared gelatine in mi-

crowave for 25 seconds and let cool for 3-4 minutes. – Mix into cheesecake mix and pour into tin. – Swirl Barkers mix berry on the top. – Refrigerate overnight.

Apple and black doris plum crumble 8–10 medium-sized apples that are peeled, chopped and cooked in pot. 2 small tins black doris plums (make sure pips are out) – Mix black doris plums into cooked apples. – Pour into 15 x 25cm lined baking dish. 250g butter 1 1/2 C brown sugar 2C rolled oats 1 1/2 C flour 1T cinnamon 3/4 finely-chopped nuts of your choice (can be peanuts, walnuts, macadamias or whatever is available to you) – Soften butter in microwave and mix in all dry ingredients to a large bowl to form the crumble. – Pour crumble on top of fruit. – Bake in a preheated oven of 160°C for 15-20 minutes or until crumble is golden.

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Take the bull by the horns

There’s a lot of commuting involved in farm life. I’m always driving somewhere and it’s always miles away. But as an Aucklander that’s easy and something I have oodles of experience with. At least out here there is less gridlock, but more chance of running into a mob of some sort of animals making their way from one paddock to the next – or to the “big gardens” as my toddler calls them. So recently when I came across Farmer Pete (his real name) moving some cows on his own, I thought I’d use my car to help herd them over the bridge. A good rural deed! One at the back naturally decamped in a southerly direction, while all the rest trotted north. So the two of us attempted to get it back to the others. It bolted ... down a side road. He yelled out the window he had to go and sort the others out, so it was Donna-Marie vs cow, round one. It wasn’t that big – I’d definitely seen bigger, so the chase was on. I had to abandon the car and tried to use my arms to wave it into the right direction (this move I’ve seen


lots of farmers do and it looks absolutely ridiculous). I briefly thought, maybe this cow is a whole lot brighter than the others and I should respect its bid for freedom – or even help it to escape. But Farmer Pete, I suspect, would not agree. Finally, my own farmer arrived on the scene – he also did the arm thing and while it came to within a few inches of me, we did manage to get

Honest. Trustworthy. Local.

Call me for all your real estate needs Mick Hydes 027 437 9696 mick.hydes@bayleys.co.nz WHALAN AND PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

the naughty cow into a nearby pen until Farmer Pete could come and get it. Definitely a successful farming day for me. I returned home triumphant and promptly made a cup of tea to celebrate. Farmer Pete’s wife then messaged me to say thanks for helping with the … bulls. I momentarily froze with shock, recalling how close I’d got to the runaway beast. Bulls?! How could I have not known the difference? To me, bulls have big horns. End of story. This thing had no horns ... or did it? I’m definitely now way more farmy than I was yesterday, albeit accidently. I also think there should be a certificate handed out for successfully surviving this sort of encounter for the first time. I may just work on introducing that.

I’m coming for you Donna-Marie

TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury


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Wilson’s Wilson’s Windscreens Windscreens Wilson’s Windscreens andand get get the the best best advice advice to to repair repair and get the best advice to repair or or replace replace your your windscreen. windscreen. or replace your windscreen.


7 7DAYS, 242424 hours hours SERVICE SERVICE 7DAYS, DAYS, hours SERVICE WeWeare arehere here forforyour your emergency emergency We are here for your emergency Your Your premises premises ororours ours Your premises or ours

152 152 Wills Wills Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton 152 Wills Street, Ashburton ILSON’S ILSON’S ILSON’S Phone Phone 03 03308 308 8485 8485 Phone 03 308 8485 INDSCREENS INDSCREENS INDSCREENS Mobile 0274 0274 345 345 636 636 Mobile 0274 345 636 AND AND PANEL PANEL REPAIRS REPAIRS AND PANEL REPAIRS Mobile

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The Lake House Bar and Restaurant is a stunning and exciting social space situated on the edge of Lake Hood. Nestled in Marina Bay, you and your guests will enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Lake Hood estate and the alps beyond. They offer great indoor/outdoor areas for catching up with friends and family over lunch or dinner, boardrooms and meeting spaces for presentations and conferences or groups will enjoy one of their many function areas. Indulge meals carefully prepared for you by their fantastic team of chefs while being looked after by their front of house team who just love to make you feel at home. Advertising feature



The Lake House Bar and Restaurant is a stunning and exciting social space situated on the edge of Lake Hood. Nestled in Marina Bay, you and your guests will enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Lake Hood estate and the alps beyond. We offer beautifully cooked local produce for lunch or dinner. Boardrooms and meeting spaces for presentations and conferences are also available.

The Railway Tavern has charm. It’s not often you come across a family run pub with such a relaxing atmosphere, providing traditional pub fare. There are pool tables and gaming machines and a beautiful garden bar to relax.

Open Wed - Sun 10am - til late Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 302 6064 or book online at www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz


Mon 3pm - Close Tues – Sat 11am – Close Sun 3.30pm – 9.30pm

124 Railway Terrace West Rakaia Phone 03 302 7005




Chefs are brought here from popular restaurants in Thailand. Charming Thai restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years.

The only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury

Conveniently located on the main road of Dunsandel is the newly refurbished Dunsandel Café and Bar. Cafe by day, restaurant by night, there is something for everyone from 8.30am until late. Whether it’s coffee and cake or a hearty country meal, you won’t be disappointed. With a family friendly atmosphere we look forward to seeing you soon. Bookings are recommended.

Lunch Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Monday closed

We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties. Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm

148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885

Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080

Follow us on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook

Open daily from 8.30am Main South Road, Dunsandel Phone 03 325 4007 facebook.com/ DunsandelCountryCafeandBar

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OUT AND ABOUT @ Mid Canterbury TimeBank Workshops, information sharing and afternoon tea marked the official launch of the Mid Canterbury TimeBank recently.


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WELL FOR THOSE special party events

Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm | Fri 9am - 6pm | Sat 10am – 2pm | Sun 11am – 2pm

East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771 - www.sparrows.co.nz

Oakleys Locally owned er for ov and operated


Luxury Living



Coming to Christchurch? Call in to Oakleys Showroom with 10 concept bathrooms for design inspiration.

Over the last few years, bold design, technology, and elite fashion has shaped bathrooms into the defining 'statement rooms' of our homes. Once again Oakleys are leading the way... To show the best of emerging design, and reinforce modern classic styles, Oakleys have 10 concept bathrooms to help spark your imagination. Slick ideas are around every corner, from tapware to tiles, vanities to vessels and baths to black loo paper, you'll discover everything you ever wanted to know about bathrooms that are anything but humble. Oakleys Means Bathrooms.


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