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Winter’s well and truly set in and I’ve been given the nickname of Two Scarves (thanks Alannah) in my desperate attempt to keep the chill from my bones! So here’s hoping you can sit back in front of a warm fire and enjoy our June edition of YOU magazine. We have a fantastic story on Ashburton grandparents raising grandchildren. I have huge respect for these people, who should be looking at overseas trips in the sun, or relaxing at home with their hobbies and passions, or furthering their careers. Instead they are raising children, for a second time around, and it’s really hard. Rewarding, yes, but also a tough call and one that they would make time and time again! If you know grandparents raising young children, tell them they’re amazing! Cheers, Lisa Fenwick

COVER PHOTO: Simon Christensen and Nikita Hyde take their passion for music to the next level, forming duo, ToPeace.

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le Brave Fiona Cullen’s batt

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4 | YOU Magazine

The sisterhood of accidental parenting An estimated 7000 children are being raised by their grandparents in New Zealand. Despite it being the norm within many cultures for generations, it seems there is still a taboo around the issue with reports of isolation, loss of independence and freedom. YOU reporter Megan Gnad got to know three brave local women who put their lives on hold to raise their grandchildren.

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he harsh moments of reality hit at the strangest times. For Deb Hay, scrolling through Facebook brings its own unique sets of challenges, faced with pictures of people sunning themselves in the Mediterranean or long weekend breaks to Central Otago. Instead, she’s navigating the world of the pre-teen. And it’s exhausting. Raising a grandchild was not in the plan for the trained counsellor and her husband, Greg, yet they’re doing it to the very best of their ability, in the only way they know how. “People don’t get that life as we know it doesn’t exist anymore,” she explains while enjoying some down time in a local cafe. “I look on Facebook and friends have gone to Arrowtown for the weekend – they are doing what they should be doing – and I’m thinking, ‘I didn’t sign up for this life’.” Around her, two other women, huddled over warm coffees to combat the bitterly cold Mid Canterbury morning, nod in agreement. They get it. They too are raising their own grandchildren and this sisterhood provides the best support network, friendship and counselling service wrapped into one they could hope for.

Deb, 52, values the camaraderie of the Ashburton Grandparents Raising Grandchildren group, having the ability to speak freely and openly about their concerns, joys and fears. Keeping it casual means it brings structure to days that can become a rollercoaster. It brings a sense of normality to a life that seems far from the ‘normal’ that they ever imagined. But, it’s the reality she came to accept eight years ago when her beautiful grandson entered the world. Sadly, her daughter experienced a difficult delivery and the wee one was born with a birth injury. As their daughter dealt with ongoing health issues due to her caesarean, Deb and Greg stepped in to help, as would any parent and grandparent in the same situation. “As grandparents, it was about giving her a breath and providing stability for the wee fella, but from two weeks’ old he attached to me and thought I was his mother,” Deb says. “I didn’t want it to happen, I wanted my daughter to enjoy her firstborn child and I had my first baby at 18 and was step-parenting. So I thought it’s coming to an end, it’s my time soon, I can travel and build on my career and really enjoy my fabulous husband.” But things took a dramatic turn no-one saw coming, or could have planned for. It was a natural progression and not an overnight decision, but Deb and Greg have raised their grandson on and off for the past eight years. He calls her ‘NanMum’. continued over page

6 | YOU Magazine

From P5 Even though there were women her age having children, there were also people her age having time out, and it felt like ‘no man’s land’. It has not been perfect and at times Deb says she has sat on her bed and really resented it. “It’s physically and mentally challenging at times, but it just evolved and I thank God every day for my husband.” Sitting beside her is Barbara Skilling, 66, an elegant and youthful grandmother dressed in a bright pink top, who hangs on every word Deb says. When she tells her story, tears begin to well in the eyes of everyone around the table. Barbara and her husband have been raising their 11-year-old granddaughter for the past four years after a twist of fate no one could have imagined. In fact, it was every parents’, grandparents’ and children’s worst nightmare. Barbara’s daughter tragically passed away from breast cancer at the age of 38. Her daughter was four and soon moved to Tauranga with her father. Amidst their grief, the Skillings then received a call from Child, Youth and Family and suddenly they were embroiled in a battle through the courts. “I was made her caregiver and was in Tauranga with her for seven months while the paperwork was being done,” Barbara explains. “It was really, really hard. It felt like I didn’t have anyone.” Barbara and her husband were made testimonial guardians and were eventually forced to plead hardship in the long-running case. For seven months, they stayed at Barbara’s sister’s house. They were told five times they could take her home, until a judge finally made the announcement and set it in stone. While she says nothing would have separated the trio, the system made something that seemed entirely natural – to raise your grandchild, if your child could not – virtually impossible. “It was cruel,” she says. “I missed the anniversary of my daughter’s death. Everyone got together and we weren’t there.” Sitting directly opposite Barbara, Lorraine Sherratt, 68, knows all too well what it means to fight for her own flesh and blood through the courts. The immaculately-dressed, twinkly-eyed grandmother is raising her grandchildren aged 13 and 9, after her son sadly died eight years ago as the result of an epileptic seizure.

For various reasons, the children were taken to a foster home. Then they were taken to 12 foster homes in 12 months. The toll on Lorraine and her family was profound, but along with her other two sons, they agreed they would fight for them. “There had been hardly any contact, we couldn’t see them,” explains Lorraine. “I had to move from Ashburton to Christchurch for 15 months fighting the court system and once I finally got them, I wasn’t allowed to take them out of Christchurch. “Grandparents are really nothing in the court world. They could see I was a decent citizen.” Pitching in and offering their support, her son purchased a house she could live in to raise the children and she is forever grateful to them and their families for their support. But, it’s still been a long road to peace, stability and a ‘normal’ routine. “We don’t get acknowledged for it. I’m still paying lawyers’ bills. Some days you can’t carry on,” she says. “But, my son would know that the children are in a safe place and my home is full of love and we have to work on that.” The stories and immeasurable trials these women have had to (and continue to) tackle is selfless and inspiring. But they are the first to point out, the reality is, they had no choice. The most irritating comments they hear when they explain they’re raising their own grandchildren, is when people say, “that’s so lovely” and “I couldn’t possibly do that”. Or as Deb says, when someone tells her they’re raising their grandchild, too. The excitement of a mutual understanding builds, only for her to be let down when

they reveal they babysit two days a week. “Isolation is the worst,” she says. “It’s natural to have some resentment. I grieved for my old lifestyle, but sometimes I say, ‘pull your head in, you’ve got this covered, you love your grandson’. “I have got really real. You sift who is genuine and who is real within your world.” Instead, at a time when they thought they’d be putting their feet up and taking it easy in life, they’re finding themselves navigating a new world of social media, after-school activities and ever-changing trends and advice. Sure, everything today’s parents are dealing with, just the second time around, in an unfamiliar modern world. It’s fair to say, the game’s changed since it was their turn 30 years ago. “The education system,” Barbara laments. “I’m miles behind. I try to teach her one way and the school (teaches another).” Deb notices the interaction between other parents is different nowadays with so many working fulltime. Barbara allows herself and her granddaughter a night off homework a week and has to explain to her retired friends that if they go out, she has to be home by 3pm for school pick-up. But, she says, matter-of-factly, “It’s a new world and something we all have to learn”. She is also the grandmother to two other children and has step-grandchildren, which makes dividing her time difficult. She has ‘retired’ but her husband still works. She’s the ‘parent’ and he’s the ‘grandparent’. Both feel they’re learning to be parents again. It’s not ideal, but when life hands you lemons …

YOU Magazine | 7

Left – Ashburton Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support network members (from left) Deb Hay, Barbara Skilling and Lorraine Sherratt.


“I still feel angry,” she says. “She (Barbara’s daughter) should be raising her. She would do a much better job.” Lorraine too finds the struggle between identifying herself as a fun, carefree, cuddly grandmother and a parent tough. The lines are blurred and she’s mindful of how this affects her other grandchildren. “I do find it different because I wear so many hats. Fulltime grandparent to two children and there is only one of me and ‘just Nana’ when my other grandchildren come to stay. It can be a real balancing act as I try to give each grandchild the love they rightfully deserve as I don’t want to upset the apple cart.” Sadly, for Deb and Greg, they say they’ve had to “park the grandparent role”. They are his parents. Case closed. They are grateful though their grandson and his mother have a nice relationship. While these grandparents only want the very best for their grandchildren they have fought so hard for, they too feel their role in society is somewhat diminished. Not taken seriously. Not prioritised or fully understood. Not only are the children they are raising Isaac and Lulu Libby Print Dress $399

Deb, who at times misses her career and colleagues, says the Ashburton Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support group, has been a lifeline. “The hardest parts are the grief and isolation,” she says. “Some days, I have been up all night with a raging child … It’s been fantastic to hear someone else verbalise what you’re feeling. “The passion is still there, but the energy is different. “This is a sisterhood and we use humour. I want people to know we are here. There are a lot of other people in this dealing with the grief and anxiety issues, community [who are raising grandchiloften there are health conditions to add to dren] and there’s a lot of shame for them its challenges. around it. People automatically think that Many, wise beyond their years to the their child is dysfunctional, but it’s life.” harsh realities of life, live in fear of someAnd it’s at that point, I leave the group thing happening to their ageing guardian. to enjoy some well-deserved moments of Barbara is often asked, “What’s going to peace and comradeship over lattes and happen to her when I go”. Lorraine says cappuccinos. reassurance is vital as well as “making They may attempt to thrash out the sure a plan B is in place”. create your image. latest homework conundrum, understand It’s these moments that provide testithe morning’s tantrum or meltdown and mony of the fragility of life and how the lament the “system” they have found stack of dominoes can crumble out of NEW NEW SEA NEW NEW SEASON themselves in. control in theSEASON blink of an SEASON eye. create your create your image. image. But from a distance, you would be none It seems at first there is the trauma, the wiser. then the grief and then the fighting spirit Sitting in the corner of the café, the kicks in. These three warrior grandparents group of sprightly grandparents laugh and – from all walks of life – speak frankly with cry, roll their eyes and give each other an honest reality and black humour that knowing glances and compassionate makes you want to laugh and cry within smiles. the same sentence. They have found themselves in a situaAnd that’s why this group is so vitally NEW SEASON create your tion they never expected in their wildest image. important. It gets them through the tough dreams, but there’s no question, the fact times. Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm | Fri 9am - 6pm | Sat 10am – 2pm | Sun 11am – 2pm Open East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771 - www.sparrows.co.nz that they have each other to travel this They can laugh about the good times. unpredictable road with, is a sisterhood They can appreciate the random, ironic Open Mon - Thu| 9am - 5.30pm | Fri |9am 6pm | Sat 10am |–Sun 2pm 11am | Sun 11am – 2pm Open Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm Fri 9am - 6pm Sat- 10am – 2pm – 2pm Open Mon - Thu 9 East Street, Ashburton - worth Phone 5771 - www.sparrows.co.nz fighting for. East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771308 - www.sparrows.co.nz East Street and blatantly strange moments they often continued over page find themselves in.





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8 | YOU Magazine

You are not alone


iane Vivian, QSO, says all grandparents raising their grandchildren are heroes in her eyes. The national Grandparents Raising Grandchildren founder has seen and heard it all when it comes to the trials and tribulations of what people in this situation face. She says the main challenges are grandparents are unsure where to go for help and advice, but she’s done everything in her power to help put those support networks in place. “You feel like you are doing this alone,” she says. “Not knowing how to deal with challenging issues these moko have, nor getting correct information on financial support.” For more than 95 per cent of the families they work with, the grandparents have become fulltime caregivers as a result of a traumatic event or family breakdown. For most, raising a grandchild is an unexpected and traumatic event that requires a significant readjustment to their lives and their grandchildren. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ is a unique organisation that has a deep understanding of both the benefits of grandchildren being raised by their grandparents and the challenges it can present. “In the past, it was normal for Maori to raise the eldest grandchild, that is no longer the case in many circumstances due to issues of violence, neglect and or substance abuse, the parents may not be allowed to raise or care for these children,” Vivian says. “Grandparents have a natural love of the grandchildren, and, more often than not, are a stable alternative.” Her message to anyone going through

– Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is free to join and you will be sent resource packs relevant to children’s ages, DVDs on raising traumatised children and monthly newsletters packed full of information – Nationally, they have nearly 7000 carers on their database – Main reasons carers raise: Substance abuse, violence and neglect are the three top reasons. P has taken over the number one place for substance abuse in research 2016, with alcohol dropping to number six. Whereas in 2009, alcohol was listed number one – Twenty-one families on the database are from Ashburton, yet they know there are many more and would love to support them – The organisation produced research in 2005, 2009 and 2016 on issues facing its members – Members can also join their well-informed website www.grg.org.nz – The national helpline is confidential and non-judgmental – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren lobbies the government on members’ behalf – Their Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/grg.org.nz/ – The Ashburton support group meets at Columbus Coffee every Thursday at 10am. For more information, contacts and resources, visit www.grg.org.nz


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren founder Diane Vivian, QSO.


this sudden and long-term transition is that you are not alone. “We at Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust, walk your path, understand your struggles and are here to offer any help we can,” she said. “All of our localised co-ordinators are raising or have raised grandchildren.”

Honest. Trustworthy. Local.

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California a relaxing trip by train I have just returned from a great trip to California, this is my experience from the Los Angeles to San Francisco journey.

If you are looking for a scenic and relaxing way to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco then I have an idea for you. We caught the train from Anaheim, switching to an Amtrack train in Los Angeles. Once settled we sat back and relaxed in comfortable seats complete with foot rests and enjoyed the views out the window. We travelled through Simi Valley and Fillmore, orange groves and green houses. The train hugged the coastline part of the way providing some amazing views of the rugged coastline. After Santa Barbara we passed Vandenberg Space Station on the way to Pismo Beach. The views are changing all the time and we soon ended up travelling through horse ranches and pasture lands. Like most train travel you don’t have to stay in your seat with a cafe lounge and dining car on board. The hostess come

DESTINATION with Mandy Reid

through to see if we would like a lunch or dinner reservation or you can head down to the cafe lounge and stretch your legs and get a quick bite to eat. Our destination on this trip was Salinas where we had a transfer waiting for us to escort us to Monterey. You can however carry on up the coast and go as far as Seattle. Sleeping cabins are available for the longer overnight journeys if you desire or you can break the journey along the way with overnight stops in hotels that can be all prebooked. I loved Monterey. It is a small but bustling seaside town with some amazing views and restaurants. Only staying for one night there wasn’t time to see and do everything but I did enjoy a beautiful meal in a restaurant with a seaside view. The next morning I visited the Monterey

California Coast Ride.

Aquarium - filled with some great exhibits including otters, colourful jellyfish and some giant turtles, a must visit. Monterey has its own wee trolley tour which takes you out to their version of Fisherman’s Wharf and around the town centre. That afternoon we carried on by bus which took us through Cannery Row and 17 Mile Drive. Driving along we passed Pebbles Beach Golf Course — a game of golf here is just $US495 and that is without a cart or caddy! You will see some amazing homes, some belonging to famous people. Along with the flash homes and sprawling golf courses you also get to see some friendly little squirrels and wandering deer. From here we carried on up the San Andreas Fault until we got to our destination of San Francisco. This is a great destination but more on that another time. Advertising feature

From ‘Tinsel Town’ in Los Angeles to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, you’ll enjoy this independent tour that includes must see places along the Big Sur Coast of the Pacific. Along the Big Sur to Hearst Castle and from Monterey to San Francisco you’ll have a knowledgeable guide on tour and for the rest of your trip, sit back and relax on the AMTRAK Coast Starlight train.

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Pink Ribbon Breakfast A Pink Ribbon Breakfast was held as a fundraiser for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Ninety-four guests raised more than $3600. Guardian photographer Robyn Hood was there.


Above – Lana Jones (left) and Sonya Middleton.


Above (from left) – Margaret Campbell, Jenny Neilson and Steph Fechney. Below – Sharon Dunstan (left) and Ann Wise.


Above (from left) – Heather Chisnall, Carmen Foster, Ginny Barnes and Jane Moore. Below – Lynette, Dinielle and Rachel King.




Above (from left) – Heather Orr, Amanda Buxcey, Sarah Clifford (standing) and Catherine Mould.


Above (from left) – Catherine Pottinger, Eliza Waszczak and Sarah Bartlett.

YOU Magazine | 11


Above (from left) – Vicki Wong, Jane Fowles (standing), Arlene Middleton and Stacey Stewart.


Above – Ninety-four guests raised more than $3600 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation at The Lakehouse Restaurant & Bar. Below (from left) – Glenys Sloan, Heather Shearer, Mike Sloan and Melva Middleton.


Above (from left) – Kate Veint, Sonya McKerrow and Sandy Sigglekow.


Above (from left) – Sarah Stirling, Bronwyn Milne, Mel Bullers and her son Sam (18 months).

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12 | YOU Magazine

Looking after your b health naturally

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

We often forget how important a healthy digestive system is, how it can impact on us and this then reflects in our overall health. This is where food is assimilated, broken down and processed to help our bodies run effectively and efficiently. Therefore your health will shine forth if you feed your digestive system all the best nourishment it requires for it and your body to survive and thrive. Here’s some ways to help your digestive system: WATER is important for its ability to provide hydration to the digestive tract on a daily basis as it aids in the breakdown of food and is necessary to pass the broken-down byproducts through the digestive tract with ease. Drinking up to 6-8 glasses of water daily is the best option. CHEW YOUR FOOD. Chewing each mouthful well before swallowing is essential to the optimal function of the rest of your digestion. The teeth do the work in breaking down food and allowing the digestive system to do the rest. It is recommended to try and chew each mouthful to a pulp. If food is not chewed well before swallowing, a cascade of problems can occur. EAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. These foods are essential for the health of digestion. Primarily they provide core nutrients the body needs to function effectively and, secondarily, they play an important role in allowing the digestive tract to work efficiently in keeping food moving through the digestive system, reducing conditions like constipation, IBS, diverticulosis and haemorroids. EXERCISE. A weekly exercise routine is beneficial to the health of your digestive tract as movement is important to help move food through the digestive system, therefore reducing conditions such as constipation. This is important to keep

your weight down, which has a flow-on effect on good digestive health too. EAT REGULARLY. Eating meals and snacks at similar times each day can have an impact on the function of your digestive tract. The body actually loves routine, even though this can seem all rather boring at times, but the more consistently you implement this, the better your digestion will be. REDUCE STRESS. Stress and anxiety can have a huge effect on the functioning of your digestive health. It can either make it hyperactive, such as a fast motility in conditions such as IBS, or underactive, such as constipation. Reducing stress where possible can have a rebound effect on motility and healthy digestive function. REDUCE SUGAR. High amounts of sugar will ultimately lead the good bugs, which are meant to maintain the healthy functioning of the digestive tract, to become invaded by poor bacteria overgrowth. Hence a variety of conditions may occur, like bloating, constipation and IBS etc.

AVOID PROCESSED FOODS. Processed foods often contain preservatives and additives that the liver has to break down and process, putting extra work and strain on the liver, therefore having an impact on the digestive health. It is best to avoid processed foods where possible. LOOK AFTER YOUR LIVER by reducing highfat foods, stress and large amounts of alcohol and caffeine – alcohol especially. If the liver is busy detoxifying the alcohol, which is what it will do first to eradicate the toxins from the body, digestion will be delayed and sluggish and may become problematic. PROBIOTICS are already present in your digestive tract in large numbers and it is these large numbers that provide for a healthy functioning digestive tract. Their numbers can be easily reduced through alcohol, sugar, caffeine, antibiotics, processed food and stress. They are important as they aid nutrient absorption, break down milk sugar (lactose), aid immunity and irritable bowel, to name but a few important functions they un-



be he

tio fo to

r bowel



alIf , e


eir h


YOU Magazine | 13

dertake. Take a probiotic daily or include a low-fat yoghurt daily. EAT PLENTY OF FIBRE. As well as consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables, it is important to eat wholegrains regularly as well, as fibre helps move foodstuff through the digestive tract. There are two types of fibre: Insoluable fibre (whole-grains, bran and vegetables) provide roughage and bulk to the stools and soluable fibre (oat bran, nuts and seeds) draws water in and bulks up the stools preventing watery stools. Eating a good combination of the two is important for digestive health. So here are few ways to try and take good care of your digestive system. Following some of these guidelines will be a sure way to ensure you maintain healthy functioning digestion. Therefore, to achieve a healthy functioning digestive system, it is important to follow the listed protocol that fits for you, to apply when and where you can. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

One of these photos is not like the other. One is conducive to good digestive health and one isn’t ...

14 | YOU Magazine

Apple and berry crumble with vanilla cream This is a warming desert to have over the winter months. The mix of the berries, apples, oats and cinnamon make a great combination to aid digestion and it’s a tasty way to get a combination of fruit into your dietary intake. Packed with the necessary nutrients and fibre required for helping to maintain optimal digestive health.

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Makes 6 2C mixed berries (if strawberries – cut into quarters), fresh or frozen 1C raspberries, fresh or frozen 3 apples, peeled, cored and diced 2T rice flour 2C rolled oats 1/2 C light brown sugar 1 1/2 t cinnamon Pinch of salt 1/4 t vanilla bean essence 70g cold butter, cubed, small 250ml cream 1/2 t vanilla bean essence 6 small ramekin bowls – If using frozen berries, measure out and set aside and make the crumble when they are thawed. – Using six small ramekin bowls (or place filling and topping in small sized ceramic or glass bowls), for individual servings of the apple crumble. – In a separate bowl, add the berries and apples and mix through, set aside. – In another bowl add the rolled oats, rice flour, cinnamon, brown sugar, and salt. Then add the cut butter and mix through with your hands until the butter is thoroughly blended through, resembling fine crumbs. – Place the apple and berry mix into the bowls and press down. Then add the topping and press down firmly, so that the top is level with the top of each ramekin bowl. – Place the ramekins on an oven tray and cook in preheated oven at 175°C for 20 -25 minutes when it should be golden brown and bubbling on top. Give it a five-minute grill at the end if topping not browned. – Serve with boysenberry ice-cream and whipped cream with vanilla essence. Yum ... Recipe and photo by Jane Logie

Getting the best out of your staff Do you want to do as little as possible in your job? Are you only interested in the minimum you have to do to keep getting your pay cheque? If so, this article is not for you. But if you have any interest in building your career; or in knowing you have done your best; if you have any wish for meaning in your work, or want to feel valued – read on. This is what “getting the best” is all about. If your staff are focused on what is best for them and they are in the right job, then they will produce what is best for you, the employer. Why? Well, quite simply, if an employee wants to grow his/ her career they will be keen to make an impression in their current role. So the answer to how to get the best out of an employee boils down to making sure they are right for the job and providing an environment where there is no reason to be slack. In my experience by far the majority of employees want to do well. And that includes many who are clearly not performing. What makes the difference? For some, they are simply in a job that requires skills they do not have and are unable to learn; or which is so simple for them they have no challenge. For most, however, it is because the way their jobs have been set up

HR ESSENTIALS with Mike Johnson

and are monitored is either confusing or demotivating – causing them to lack drive to work and spend their time complaining instead. I am sure you all want to be in an environment where you feel you want to work your best and that you want to do what you can to create that environment. Here, then, are some simple suggestions: 1. Have clear expectations of the job from the start (and if as an employee you are unclear as to what they are – keep asking until you understand). This includes producing a job description and proper induction. Employers – if you organise these it also makes the new start much less stressful for both of you. 2. Regularly monitor how each employee is doing. Note this: the best monitoring is where you monitor your own work – you know you do well. But real value comes from employers. Mostly monitoring comes naturally – employers don’t want a new employee to cost them. What is less easy is giving feedback clearly and unemotionally.

YOU Magazine | 15

But staff need you to be available and to give them good feedback so that they learn and feel valued. Before giving feedback – think how would you like it to be given to you if you wanted to feel motivated – even by corrective feedback. 3. Manage poor performance quickly. If it’s bad enough most employers do this without thinking, but shouting an employee out for a mistake is not the best way. Learn how to call them aside the first time you see anything go wrong and teach them – don’t expect poor performance simply to improve with time. 4. Reward good performance quickly. It’s just as important to catch staff doing things right – and tell them so. It encourages repeat performances. And why not also tell your boss every timehe/she does something you like. And above all treat each employee as a valued member of your team – if you don’t, they won’t be. And that includes telling your peers. None of you can be your best without the team Next month, watch this space for some discussion around how to best manage change and redundancies.

Want to know how to deal with an employee’s poor performance? Talk to us first. We take the worry out of employment compliance and get your people management right. Who? When? What? How? – just ask. Phone Mike today on 027 280 8546 or email mike@essentialhr.co.nz June 22nd - Lunchtime Seminar, 12:00 – 1.30 Community House. “Casual or Part-time or Contractor or Volunteer - get it right!” $30 per head www.essentialhr.co.nz | PO Box 7213 Sydenham, Christchurch Room 11 Community House, Ashburton

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Battling bowel c

Fiona Cullen and her little pride and joy, Morgan, make the most of every moment together. PHOTO SUPPLIED

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cancer Last year, Fiona Cullen received the devastating news that she had bowel cancer, one of the deadliest and most common forms of the disease. Yet, being in her late 30s, receiving a much-needed colonoscopy, resulted in a drawn-out process and delays that made international news headlines. Now a mum to one-year-old Morgan, she’s fighting to be there for each and every precious moment. YOU magazine reporter Megan Gnad spent time with Fiona to discuss the stress and trauma of a cancer diagnosis, the path to recovery and her message of never taking no for an answer.

Fiona with Morgan and her mum, Gené.

The joyous celebration of a child’s first birthday is a major milestone in any family. Marking a year of growth, development and unbelievable change, it is the parents who can breathe a sigh of relief and look back at all the ups and downs they have conquered. When Fiona Cullen celebrated her son’s first birthday recently, the occasion was tinged with both disbelief and elation. There were moments over the past 12 months, when she never thought she’d have the opportunity to be there for this remarkably special moment. That preceding year had been fraught


with the sheer turmoil, agony and fight through a diagnosis of bowel cancer. But her strength and resolve meant that when it came time to celebrate Morgan’s first birthday, she was there, organising and celebrating the whole occasion. The life and soul of the party. The journey she’s had to take to make sure she can experience these special moments has been fought with a powerful determination. Fiona Cullen’s long fight began when she first started noticing a change in bowel habits at least five years ago. continued over page

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From P13 She had experienced bouts of anaemia and had recently taken up running, which she thought forced her to go to the toilet more often. But, logic swept her fears aside. Instead she experimented with different diets, was tested for coeliac disease and put changes down to work stress. She even ended up googling ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease after colleagues suggested it may have been the answer to the issues. The Whangarei native then made the move down south to take up a position at the Ashburton District Council in information management. While living in Rakaia, symptoms subsided, but never went away completely. When the bleeding started that lasted for three days, she knew she was dealing with something much more serious. “Right up until I was diagnosed, I wouldn’t have thought it would be cancer,” she says. “Up until the bleeding, I didn’t consider it to be too much of an issue, I just thought it

was running and my diet. “After a few days of being freaked out, I went to the doctor and saw the nurse and doctor who thought they felt scar tissue.” Referred to a specialist, any further investigation was declined, most probably because of her young age, she says. But when symptoms persisted, Fiona’s mum, Gené, persisted, “hassling” her to go back and be re-tested. In this short window of time, a miracle came in a bolt from the blue. Fiona was pregnant with a child she never thought she would have. The exciting news forced her to address the remaining health concerns (she was still experiencing bleeding), and, by this stage living in Ashburton, she went to a local doctor’s surgery to be checked again. “The doctor couldn’t believe I had been turned down. She did everything she could to make sure I was seen and that still got turned down,” she said. However, at the start of the pregnancy, she experienced anaemia again and was referred to a paediatrician who wrote letters

saying she needed to be seen urgently. Her doctor also persisted and managed to ensure she had an appointment by the time she was 30 weeks’ pregnant. “The specialist felt in my rectum and told me it was cancerous,” she explains, bravely and stoically. “He said, ‘I’m 98 per cent sure’.” The following week I went to Christchurch Hospital for a colonoscopy and an MRI scan. She was diagnosed with bowel cancer on May 31, 2016. By this time, the bowel tumour was 10cm and sitting down was becoming uncomfortable. The MRI also discovered spots on her lungs. “When I got the news — I got home, lit the fire and lost it,” she said. “I thought, I just have to sort it out. Someone was relying on me, and needing me, all I could think about was him, basically.” The time was a tragic bittersweet symphony of heartache, contrast with the excitement of Morgan’s impending arrival. A little fighter, he was delivered at 32-and-a-half-weeks, weighing just 5 pounds, 2 ounces.

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ch n.


YOU Magazine | 19

Fiona hopes to raise awareness that age should not be a barrier to being tested for serious health concerns.

“He was strong and had been given steroids before he was delivered to help his lungs,” says his proud mum. “He spent one day on oxygen and only four weeks in the NICU. “He almost knew he was coming early and knew he had to grow fast.” Fiona was suddenly thrown into the world of being a first-time mum to a new-born. Being a patient was pushed to the side for a moment. Oncologists gave her six weeks to recover from the caesarean and she spent time recuperating and relishing her new baby at Ranui House in Christchurch, a special “home away from home” for out-of-town families whose loved ones are undergoing hospital-based medical treatment. “I have always been a practical person,” she says, of how she dealt with the struggles at the time. “It is what it is and I can’t change it or when it’s going to happen. With cancer, you’re given the gift of time. Unlike someone having an accident or a heart attack, you know your time is limited and you can

spend your time making memories. You look at it from a different perspective.” Fiona then started chemotherapy tablets and radiation for six weeks. After an agonising six-week wait, she was re-scanned and the tumour was hardly visible. By the November, she underwent surgery to remove the growth, surgeons remarking at her bravery and attitude when she told them; “just do what you have to do”. The truth was, at this point, they didn’t know what they were going to find, but it was a success. Everything seemed to be progressing well, until she had another scan after the operation to check on the metatasis in her lungs, when results showed the cancer had sadly not reacted to treatment. “They said there were no options and they would not operate, and gave me two to five years,” she said. “That was really, really shocking to hear that. I thought we were getting on top of it and to be told that …” Her first thought was that Morgan wouldn’t remember her.


Doctors offered Fiona the option to do further chemotherapy, but it came with the alarming advice that she should carry on living her life and do the chemo when she was ‘really sick’. Stubborn and determined, she wanted to prove them wrong, and sought the help of her current Ashburton-based oncologist. She’d be taking the treatment option now, thank you very much. She underwent four rounds of chemo tablets and the IV version before another scan, which showed the tumours are shrinking. She will continue with another four rounds and then doctors will have to reassess the possibilities. For Fiona, the attitude of remaining positive and feeling like she was “actually doing something” tangible to fight the disease, helped her get through this dark time. And, of course, the bright little light that came in the form of Morgan, and the selfless, incredible support from her mum, who also moved to Ashburton in the midst of the ordeal. continued over page

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20 | YOU Magazine

From P15 “Morgan’s done really well,” says Fiona. “After the IV I’m out for three days in bed. I can control the nausea, but I’m tired, so I couldn’t have done it without her. “She’s retired and she’s been looking after him in the middle of the night.” While you would expect the young mum – who celebrates another milestone, her 40th birthday on June 26 – to be angry at the delays in her diagnosis, she says it’s more a feeling of disappointment. “Right from the start, I was never angry. People around me were angry, but it won’t help it. “I was disappointed that your age is a barrier to being seen and diagnosed. I want to try and get that out there, people really need to push to get seen.” There is still somewhat of a disconnect around how we deal with and approach bowel cancer, she says. She highlights an incident before her illness when a breast cancer scare couldn’t have been a more different experience. When she noticed bleeding, she was pushed through extremely quickly. It turned out to be a non-cancerous growth inside a duct and she went through surgery to have ducts in one breast removed. “With breast cancer, it’s become a poster child and there’s a lot of funding and it’s easier to get seen,” she says. In contrast, she remembers seeing an advertising campaign in her work bathroom, highlighting the symptoms to watch out for in relation to bowel cancer. She had already experienced four out of five symptoms and still it was a struggle. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t seem to be an isolated case. The Facebook support group she joined features many similar heart-breaking stories of difficulty in getting seen, and she estimates a good portion of members are under 50. “All cancers can happen to all people of all ages,” she says. “It really needs to change. “If you’re bleeding from your bowel, you should be given a colonoscopy, because it could be something simple like haemorrhoids or a cyst, but it could also be

Jenna Fourflax

something else more sinister. “There’s a huge demand in Canterbury, so there’s a long waiting list.” After a year of anxiety, Fiona finally feels she can start looking to the future. While she was on maternity leave from her council job for the majority of her illness, she says the team has been amazing. “It’s tricky, but once I’ve finished this and got it kicked, I would love to get back to work.” When a Givealittle crowdfunding page was set up by friends to support Fiona, her story was soon picked up by both local media, on Stuff.co.nz, and as far afield as the online Australian branch of the UK’s Daily Mail. She was overwhelmed by the reaction and was soon inundated with offers of photo shoots, glamourous pamper days, and practical support. At first it was hard to accept help from friends, let alone strangers, but she soon came to see it was a healing process for her own family, as well as a community willing to step up and help. “You don’t do it alone,” she says. “Some people like to shut down and deal with it alone, you don’t want other people to think you’re weak. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness, it’s beneficial to both those that offer as well as, more importantly, to you.” She has now been in Ashburton for three-and-a-half years and has recently bought a home in Tinwald with her mum.

Jackie Pool & Pump World

Debbie Bayleys

A fantastic support network, life-long friendships and community spirit, have made it clear that Mid Canterbury is home for the trio. Her message to anyone with concerns about their health is simple. If you have changes, get them checked out. “If you are worried about something, don’t stop and sit back and think, it’s nothing. It’s better to be checked properly. If you need to, change doctors in order to find someone who will help you fight for specialist care. “And having now done chemo, always do everything you can, even if they say to you it’s game over, don’t give up.” Sure, she says it would be easy to dwell on what might have been if her cancer had been picked up sooner, but she also knows that may have resulted in her not being blessed with gorgeous Morgan. He is her world. The reason she puts on a brave face each and every day to battle whatever life might throw at her. “Initially, I was looking far ahead, then I got the bad news and thought I might not see him do this or that, but I didn’t want to dwell on that and be sad. I’m living in the moment,” she says. “I would think, I don’t care what they say, I’m going to see him graduate and see his 21st and stay as positive as I can. “And the more you talk about it, the less of a demon cancer becomes, because you’re neutralising it. It’s a bump in the road and we are just going to get over it.”

Mike Bayleys

Mick Bayleys

YOU Magazine | 21

Key messages

Bowel cancer is one of New Zealand’s most common cancers

Why it matters

What BCNZ does


• Bowel cancer kills as many New Zealanders as breast and prostate cancers combined • It kills more than 1200 New Zealander’s per year; • That’s more than 100 per month • That’s four times the annual road toll • Each year we lose 350 more New Zealanders than we would if we shared Australia’s rates; • A key reason is they have had national screening for 10 years (50-74) • Bowel cancer is curable in more than 75 per cent of cases if caught early Bowel Cancer New Zealand is a nationwide patient and whanau-led charity working to lessen the impact of bowel cancer on New Zealanders. It is New Zealand’s leading voice on bowel cancer.

• Raise awareness of the symptoms and impact of bowel cancer in New Zealand • Support patients and whanau • Advocate for patients and whanau • Support research • BCNZ is calling for the timely rollout of the National Bowel Screening Programme and an expansion of the age range from 60-74 to 50-74

• Bleeding and/or mucous from the bottom • Seeing blood in the toilet after a bowel motion • Persistent change in bowel habits eg; diarrhoea, constipation, a sense of incomplete emptying, going to the toilet more often • A lump or severe pain or in the abdomen • Tiredness, anaemia or loss of weight for no particular reason More information on bowel cancer and BCNZ can be found at beatbowelcancer.org.nz

Breakdown of Bowel Cancer New Zealand spending At Bowel Cancer New Zealand, they believe in complete transparency in how donations are used to save lives, allowing our supporters to know exactly how they’re helping. As bowel cancer accounts for more deaths than breast and prostate cancers combined, but is the least talked, we focus a majority of our funds on awareness. The importance of generating conversations and education around bowel cancer equates to 43 per cent of our overall spending. A vital part in increasing early diagnosis and saving the lives of many New Zealanders.

2% Research ent and whanāu support 10% Pati 12% Fundraising 43% Awareness 19% Events 24% Admin

• • •

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PO Box 5044, Tinwald, Ashburton 7741 | Phone: 3072100 | Fax: 3072101

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22 | YOU Magazine

A fullt duo t


Local musicians Simon Christensen and Nikita Hyde jamming as the new duo, ToPeace.


shburton musician Simon Christensen has tasted the rock star life drumming for New Zealand band, Doppler, but he’s just as excited about his new home-grown project. Teaming up with partner Nikita Hyde, the duo is merging their combined years of stage experience to create ToPeace, a band to take their music to the next level. It’s an exciting step forward, but a long way from when Doppler was riding the top of the airwaves with their first single Oblivion. “We got to hang out with a lot of Kiwi bands and work at the renowned York St Studios, which have now closed their doors,” Simon said. “The best bits were touring and being in the car and hearing yourself on the radio and being at a gig and hearing people sing back the songs to you.” But nowadays, he’s hoping to sit in the background on the drum kit and let Nikita experience the limelight. Since meeting and developing a relationship, Nikita and Simon began experimenting with their new sound before making the band an official project. The work they were producing excited them so much, they knew it was something that needed to be taken further with a serious focus on what they needed to grow the band. “We play a bit of everything; pop, rock, country and blues, plus pub songs,” Nikita said. Simon explained they have a range of different set options, including “acoustic to play cafes and weddings; then we do a set where it’s two hours’ worth of her playing electric guitar and me playing with the full drum kit; and then backing tracks with club hits”. Nikita and Simon also perform in the local four-piece, Wishlistt, with Dan Wilson (who is also in Doppler) and Tom Klever, who is also in the band Two Bishop Church.

Sim ToP abo mu

W Lou a du as it regu “B kita con “W hav rubs “I er a Fo thro G gran corn inte H

ltime passion takes o to next level

YOU Magazine | 23

Simon Christensen and Nikita Hyde are well-known in the local band scene, but their new project ToPeace aims to take their music to the next level. YOU reporter Megan Gnad spoke with the pair about ruling the New Zealand music scene when Doppler made it big, Nikita’s lead roles in major musicals and building a fan base in a community they love.


Simon Christensen in Doppler days, 2011.

While this incarnation, as well as Couger Lounge, will continue, they discovered that a duo would allow them to accept more gigs as it’s often hard to get everyone together regularly. “Before we started Wishlistt, I hit her (Nikita) up to do a two-piece and I have slowly convinced her,” Simon said. “We started jamming at home and we have a beautiful bond together and that rubs off on what we do. “It’s fun and something we can do together as a passion.” For Simon, music is well and truly flowing through his bloodstream. Growing up in Ashburton, his father and grandfather both played the trumpet and cornet, a skill for which his grandad was internationally recognised. Handed the trumpet at the age of two, he

quickly took it to heart, but it wasn’t till he saw guys at high school “rocking out”, that he was inspired to play the drums at 15. “I loved it,” he said. He was hooked. He found his niche when he was convinced to join Doppler with other local mates. “Singer Adam (Wilson) – he’s from Methven, his voice is insane – said he really wanted to start an original band. He said, ‘come check us out, we’re playing at the Tinwald Tavern’.” In no time at all, Oblivion made it on to the radio and the band toured New Zealand between 2006 and 2011 opening for the likes of Opshop, Atlas, Elemeno P, Autozamm and Goodnight Nurse. “Sometimes it would get a bit too crazy,” he said. “You would go out and hear the same questions and kids used to come into Harvey Norman and get me to sign things. “I’m a dad now. I miss the friendships and being in Auckland and hanging out with rock stars, but I love to keep behind the drums.” It was Simon who chose to leave the independent band and shift back to Ashburton to focus on other projects. For Nikita, music has also been a driving force throughout her life. “Dad said I was humming nursery rhymes before I could talk and was always singing in the car,” she said. Starting lessons early, she soon found herself involved in country music singing competitions, which saw her travel around New Zealand. While her tastes and styles in music have changed in recent years, taking the lead in musicals through Variety Theatre Ashburton, has seen her play Sandy in Grease and Gigi in Miss Saigon. For her own music projects, she loves performing covers, but is also experimenting

with her own original music, something she hopes to break out soon. “My music is quite rocky and poppy; I love Alanis Morissette,” she said. “Sometimes I have ideas in the car and I record them. I also wrote a lot of poems in notepads in Japan sitting around on transport.” Music may be a fulltime passion for the pair, but they are also both focused on career goals outside of that world. Nikita works at Wise’s Pharmacy and is also studying a three-year pharmacy assistant course, which she has nearly finished. Simon is working part-time at Child’s Play Preschool while studying at the Open Polytechnic to become a preschool teacher. “I’m a big kid and a friend of mine works at Ashburton Baptist Preschool and taught my daughter and her sister,” he said. “I hit 30 and thought I would have a career change.” He is also the proud father to six-year-old Emma Lily, who has inherited her dad’s love of music. The music industry has changed since the mid-2000s when Doppler made it big, but he’s now enjoying harnessing the power of social media to get the message out about ToPeace. “Social media helps,” Simon said. “More people employ you and more people want to play with you. And it’s good to experiment rocking out to friends and we learn what’s working.” As they now divide their time between study, work and focusing on writing new music for both Couger Lounge and ToPeace, the months ahead are sure going to be busy. But they can’t wait to get started and are looking forward to what’s next. “I would love Nikita to experience touring,” said Simon. “I can now sit back and see her experience that.”

24 | YOU Magazine

OUT AND ABOUT @ the Harness Jewels The Queen’s Birthday weekend Harness Jewels event at the Ashburton Raceway proved to be a cracker day for punters and fun-lovers alike! Above (from left) – Aaron Winter, Chrissy Sheahan and Kerryn Winter. PHOTOS ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

Above (from left) – Roger and Pauline Paterson, and Barbara and Ken Borland. Below – Bob and Kath Bolton, and Dave Knox.

Above (from left) – Alan Neumann, Karen and Ken Breckon and Philip Kennard.

Above – Rob Reid, Jeff Hurst and Rob Harnett.

Above – Harry Singh. Above right – Sue Kenrick (left) and Leeann Johnson. Left (from left) – Mitch Robertson, Brendan Barnes and Cameron Jones.

Above – Nikki Cameron (left) and Desme Daniels enjoy the entertainment.

Above (from left) – Craig Minson, Craig Harrison and Darryl Burrowes.

Above (from left) – Willy Leferink, Kieran and Emma Breakwell.

Above – Jo Peacock (left) and Sue Newman.

From a trip to Fiji to a trip to the vet

YOU Magazine | 25


Well it’s been another eventful and, actually, award-winning month on the ranch again. And one that caught me by surprise – I didn’t even realise this existed. Is there really a competition out there for growing not much more than a paddock full of grass? Grown men all vying for this top honour like it’s a medal to be donned on their lapel? Well to be fair it’s a bit more than plain grass … it’s the stumpy green crops that get fed to the hungry cows and sheep when it’s freezing cold – and there are stacks of different ones – although they are all green, fairly short and stumpy-ish. So I found it somewhat challenging to hold my composure when the farmer arrived home grinning from ear to ear excitedly announcing to the household he was a finalist in one of the categories. The preschoolers acknowledged this mighty triumph with a slight glance in his direction before diverting their attention back to Peppa Pig (sort of farm-related educational television). So it fell all on me. Of course I oohed and aahed about … yes, exactly, vegetation. There really is – even for a well-spoken journalist – a very limited vocabulary for conversations about wild grass. As I drifted in and out of consciousness, the farmer then started talking up a big prize haul for the winners. Suddenly he had my undivided attention, as I pictured myself on a beach in the Pacific with a cocktail in hand – the sort that comes with a little pink umbrella. Now more than ever I wanted this paddock of stumpy green stuff to be the best in the district. What a marvelous competition this was! Such a clever idea. It was to be four more sleeps before we learned our fate – too soon to pack for Fiji? I had to remain cool and calm. Judgment day was upon us and I casually lingered around the farm, awaiting some news. As the ute roared up the driveway my heart was pounding, as I wondered where our passports were. The farmer was home,

and so very low key I asked about the competition. “Oh that?” He was much less enthused than the other day. “Oh yeah, we got second”. Oh. I didn’t have the heart to ask if there were only two entries. “What did we win?” I asked, trying not to be too interested. “A vet voucher,” he said handing it over.

Oh. Oh well, Bula Fiji, maybe next time. It looks like I will have to get myself a kitten instead. Meow! TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever on life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury

26 | YOU Magazine

Look after Natural your skin skincare You may often wonder ‘why should I use a cleanser to wash my face?’ There are many benefits to using a cleanser as opposed to just water, soap or nothing. Firstly it is important to use the right cleanser for your skin type and skin condition. How do you know what cleanser to use? Your beauty therapist or skin aesthetician can recommend the best one suited for you, this will ensure you are not stripping your skin of its outer protective layer, creating or aggravating an existing skin condition such as eczema, rosacea, hyper sensitive skin, acne etc. Good cleansers are designed with many purposes to suit many needs, the ultimate goal is to clean make-up, environmental pollutants, dirt etc from the outer layer of your

skin (the largest organ of your body) while maintaining the integrity of your protective layer (acid mantle/hydrolipidic film). Some cleansers and soaps are too harsh for your skin stripping way the beautiful acid mantle, this will compromise your skin allowing moisture loss (transepidermal water loss) and unable to stop pollutants or other nasties entering the skin. This can contribute to accelerated aging, rosacea, hyper sensitive skin, defused redness, eczema, acne just to name a few. While cleansers are not the whole picture of healthy glowing skin, they play a very significant part. What is your cleansing ritual? Advertising feature

The Herb Farm offers a range of natural skincare products tailored to suit different skin types, along with body care, hair care, mother and baby, and healing products. The Herb Farm was founded in 1993 by Herbalist Lynn Kirkland with a vision and passion to share the amazing properties herbs and nature have to offer. Lynn was joined in the business by former international model and daughter Sarah Cowan in 2006. The Herb Farm is now wellknown for its authenticity and highly-effective, natural products. The Herb Farm believes that skincare should be designed to suit your individual skins needs, rather than a one-sizefits-all approach. The Herb Farm skincare

B UY 2

G ET 1



SKINCARE RANGE 100 percent natural and cruelty-free skincare products

Rachelle Sowman Skin Aesthetician Swish offers a variety of treatments with a strong focus on: Skin health | Electrolysis | Special occasion make-up

ranges are created to offer a solution for different skin types, with four different ranges available: Oily and combination skin, normal (including sensitive) skin, dry skin, and ageing skin. The Herb Farm’s uncompromising values in delivering only 100 per cent natural products is ensured by handcrafting all products on site in rural Manawatu. This allows full control of their processes, from the ingredients through to production and packaging, and the guaranteed quality and freshness of every product. Advertising feature

Buy any three items from The Herb Farm range and receive the lowest-priced item for free! Offers end 30/06/2017. Always read the label and use as directed. TAPS PP9725.

Ask staff in-store for information

www.swishbeauty.co.nz 145 Smithfield Road, RD2, Ashburton P 03 308 5366 | M 027 544 2303 | E rachelle@swishbeauty.co.nz


(03) 308 1815 h2k11@xtra.co.nz

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A fresh and varied selection of food treats The Pantry was new to Methven in 2016 and is locally owned and run. Now at nearly a year old, there is a steady footfall of locals and visitors passing through and grabbing a bite to eat. The Pantry boasts a fresh and varied selection of ciabatta rolls, bagels and panninis filled with a variety of fillings mainly to takeaway, although there is a small amount of seating to allow a slower paced lunch if required. Coffee is barrista style and the beans come from a Christchurch boutique roaster called Vice Espresso. The Pantry is open in the winter from 6.30am in the morning to 2pm in the afternoon, seven days a week, allowing people to grab an early breakfast or take something for lunch on their way to work.

It’s the first port of call if you are going up the mountain skiing or for an outdoor picnic. There’s nothing like being fully prepared for a day out without the hassle of doing it yourself. Advertising feature

• Breakfast & lunch options to takeaway • Sandwiches made to order • Fresh daily chilled cabinet options • Homestyle daily baking • Barista coffee from Christchurch boutique roasters Vice Espresso • Outside catering

121 Main Street, Methven

Hours: - Monday – Friday 6.30am – 2pm | Saturday – Sunday – 7am till 2pm For orders phone 03 303 3084

EXPERIENCE MID CANTERBURY Welcome to the Mid Canterbury - there is nowhere in the world where you can experience so much, so close and so easily.

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Experience Mid Canterbury

Mid Canterbury — A district with scenery so magnificent it will take your breath away. It is also one of the country’s richest agricultural and pastoral regions that rises deep into the Southern Alps. Whatever your interests are; whether it’s fishing for salmon and trout in accessible rivers, skiing, hiking and walking, mountain biking, jet boating, rafting, scenic flights, to name a few, or simply relaxing around a hotel swimming pool, playing golf, exploring New Zealand’s high country stations, wining and dining, Mid Canterbury has it all. It is also a great venue for corporate getaways, conferences and teambuilding exercises.

Ashburton Ashburton is the bustling hub of the district which is called New Zealand’s granary. Combining city facilities and vibrancy with rural town friendliness, you’ll appreciate the high-quality shopping precincts, eclectic cafes and restaurants, craft shops, nationally recognised art gallery and museum. Looking for something to do? — then why not head out to the Ashburton Aviation Museum, home of the British Aerospace HS Harrier GR3. From the Past - For the Future Ashburton Aviation Museum tells the story, visit Trotts Gardens (a Garden of international significance), take in a live theatre or musical at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, view the range of restored Bentley and Rolls-Royce Cars at Bruce Mcllroy Ltd, visit Ashford’s handicrafts home of the spinning wheel, or pop out to CharRees Vineyard, a small family owned boutique vineyard on the outskirts of Ashburton. Or step it up a gear with a high-octane skydiving freefall at 200km/h – extreme exhilaration. Take a 4WD high country adventure and witness the unspoilt beauty that was captured in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Lake Hood Lake Hood on the outskirts of Ashburton

is a paradise for water enthusiasts, with a wide range of activities including swimming, yachting, boating and waterskiing. Enjoy coffee or dining at the stunning lakefront restaurant and watch the world go by.

Methven Nestled at the foot of Mt Hutt just one hour from Christchurch off the Inland Scenic Route — is the adventure centre of the district, and is at the heart of the Canterbury ski area and over 1000kms of New Zealand’s best heli-skiing terrain. Tranquil yet exhilarating, relaxing yet vibrant, Methven offers a perfect escape no matter what your taste or budget. This alpine themed village buzzes in winter, while in summer it is humming with events such as markets, multisport challenges and some very social golfing. Even if you are not a skier or snowboarder, there are many reasons to visit Methven at any time of the year. Within minutes of arriving you can be teeing off at a country golf course, horse trekking throughout the countryside, hiking or mountain biking scenic tracks or downhill forest runs, enjoying a relaxing massage or sampling a brew at a local pub while the warm nor’west breeze turns the sky fiery red. A hot air balloon flight gives you a bird’s-eye view of our patchwork textured landscapes and the Southern Alps. Venture into the high country for fishing, tramping or hunting experiences.

Mt Somers and High country Enter New Zealand’s dramatic backcountry. Mt Somers and the high country is an outdoor recreational paradise – Enjoy outdoor ice skating and curling surrounded by native beech forest. Stretch the legs on one of the many walkways ranging from short bush walks to two-day hikes on the Mt Somers Sub-Alpine Walkway and the

Round-the-Mountain Mt Somers Track, mountain bike the scenic tracks or hang on for a wild white-water raft ride on the Rangitata River. Journey into the remote high-country with it’s sparkling lakes and rivers and try your hand at a spot of trout and salmon fishing. Horse trek or take a Clydesdale wagon safari through the Hakatere Conservation Park, visit Mt Sunday, home of Edoras in the Lord of the Rings. For the boaties and water skiers, Lake Camp is a great day trip, while Lake Clearwater is popular for windsurfing, sailing, rowing and fishing. It is an important wildlife refuge for the rare and endangered Great Crested Grebe. The Maori Lakes and Lake Heron also offer good fishing and are also important wildlife refuges. Stay and enjoy heartland hospitality. Staveley, Mt Somers and Mayfield are located on Inland Scenic Route 72 and offer a range of accommodation and wining and dining options.

Rakaia 50 kilometres south of Christchurch, sets an immediate impact on its visitors after crossing the longest bridge in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll be welcomed by its famous landmark giant salmon heralding some of the best salmon fishing in New Zealand in one of the world’s best examples of a braided river. Fishing season is October to April and the annual Rakaia Fishing Competition attracts anglers from all over the world. If you’re travelling through take advantage of the district’s two highways – State Highway One and the Inland Scenic Route (State Highway 72) – meaning you can travel down one way and back the other, experiencing the whole district. Take time to stop, and experience our backyard. For more information visit www.midcanterburynz.com Facebook.com/experiencemidcanterbury Advertising feature

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A bit of comfort as the mercury drops

FOR FOODIES with Sarah Kingsbury

Coming into winter, we all need a bit of comfort. My favourite is the pear and berry crumble, but since more of us are becoming a bit more health conscious, I thought the banana bread would be a winner as a gluten and dairy-free option. The smoked chicken roulade is also gluten-free and can be made vegetarian. This recipe is great because you can really swap and choose with whatever flavours you like.

Roulade Handful of spinach (whizzed) 120g butter 2/3 C gluten-free flour 2C milk 8 eggs, separated 1C parmesan cheese – Melt butter in pot, cook out flour and whisk in milk. – Add in yolks and parmesan. – Whisk egg whites on high speed in a separate bowl, then add into rest of mix. – Pour into silver tray lined with baking paper. – Cook for approximately 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C. – Wait until slightly cooled, then tip on to a tea towel. – Spread with capsicum relish, cream cheese, or whatever your preference is. Cover with spinach and smoked chicken, roll up and set in fridge. – Leave to set for 2 hours. – Either serve cold or heat lightly in the microwave.

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Banana bread 3 medium ripe bananas 1/2 t pure vanilla extract 1 egg 3T coconut oil, melted 1/2 C organic cane sugar 1/2 C brown sugar 2-3T honey, depending on ripeness of bananas 3 1/2 t baking powder 3/4 t sea salt 1/2 t ground cinnamon 3/4 C unsweetened almond milk 1 1/4 C (137g) almond meal 2C gluten-free flour 1/2 C coconut 1/2 C chopped walnuts – Preheat oven to 180°C and line a loaf pan with baking paper. – Mash banana in a large bowl. Add all ingredients through to almond milk and whisk to combine. Lastly add almond meal, gluten-free flour blend and oats and stir. – Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. When ready, it should feel firm and be crackly and golden brown on top. – Let cool completely before cutting or it will be too tender to hold form. PHOTOS ALYCE LYSAGHT

Berry crumble Fruit mix: 2C mixed berries 3 pears, peeled, cored and sliced 1C sultanas 3/4 C sugar 1/2 C feijoa juice 1/4 C cornflour 1/2 C water

Crumble: 2 1/2 C rolled oats 2 1/2 C standard flour 1 3/4 C soft brown sugar 1t baking powder 300g melted butter Tiny amount of water to loosen crumble

– Boil berries, pears, sultanas, sugar and feijoa juice on stovetop. – Cook for a few minutes, until vibrant colour of berries show. – Mix cornflour and water to a smooth paste separately, then add to fruit mix. – Stir over a medium heat, until the mixed in cornflour shows a thick and glossy texture. – To make the crumble, put all dry ingredients together. – Pour melted butter over and mix until crumble forms. – Press half the crumble to make the base, into a lined tin. – Cover with fruit mix and top with the remaining crumble and press down slightly. – Bake for 30 minutes, or until slightly golden, in a preheated oven at 180°C. With the compliments of qualified chef and baker Sarah Kingsbury

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8 easy ways to eat for longevity

There are a few areas in the world, termed Blue Zones where the people live to a ripe old age, hitting 100 years of age with ease: Sardinia in the Mediterranean, Okinawa in Japan, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and Loma Linda in California. And what do these areas have in common, apart from really old people? A great diet. This is why the Mediterranean diet has long been considered one of the healthiest in the world. It is a whole diet approach, so rather than cutting out everything it’s all about balance. You eat a variety of foods from a range of food groups. It is largely based on colour, as each colour provides us with different essential nutrients. So remember, eat the rainbow! Nutritionist May Simpkin told Healthista how you can easily adopt the Mediterranean diet and stick to it. She suggests the following eight tips. How to live longer: Eat your five plus a day and make sure that you include a variety of colours as they represent different nutrients that the body needs. For example, the red colour in tomatoes and watermelon is the result of lycopene, an antioxidant which protects against prostate and breast cancers. 1. Eat your veges While the deep purple colour of aubergines and blueberries is from the anthocyanins which protect against free radicals. Beta-carotene produces

the orange colour of carrots and pumpkins, and is an antecedent of vitamin A, which is great for our eye health. 2. Eat fish and cut red meat According to the Mediterranean diet we should be eating a lot more fish, about 2-3 times a week in fact. Oily fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines are the best because they contain high levels of omega 3 and protein. Alternatively walnuts, avocado and flaxseeds are great plant-based sources. Red meat should be eaten in small amounts as it contains more saturated fats than lean cuts like chicken and fish. 3. Eat healthy fats You can get your healthy fat intake, as well as lots of protein and fibre, from lentils, chickpeas, beans, nuts and seeds. You should be eating these on a daily basis but make sure to be aware of your portion sizes. Eight to 10 nuts is a good amount. You can also get healthy fats from olive and avocado oil , about 5-6 teaspoons a day or quarter of an avocado is about right. Salads are a great way to include these healthy fats. 4. Limit dairy You only need about one to two servings of dairy a day. Fresh curd cheeses such as

feta and ricotta are better because they are easier to digest. Don’t limit your eggs! They are a great source of protein. 5. Make better choices Choose wholegrain and sourdough bread over white bread. Choose whole wheat pasta over normal pasta. Choose brown rice over white rice. Choose fresh fruit over donuts, cakes and ice cream. Choose dark chocolate over milk or white chocolate. The refined options lack nutrients and fibre. 6. Eat antioxidants Make sure to add herbs to your dishes as they are great sources of antioxidants plus they make everything taste delicious. 7. What to drink Water should be your drink of choice. Make sure to take a bottle to work with you and keep track of your intake. Coffee and green tea are okay in small amounts – about one cup a day. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. One glass of red wine a day with dinner can actually be beneficial for youas it has the antioxidant resveratrol. 8. Eat seasonally Eat seasonally is good for you and your wallet. Produce that is in season has the highest nutritional content and is the cheapest! This is also a great way to get some variation into your diet and try something new. Final tips • Choose mainly plant based foods. • Eat until you are 80 per cent full – which may possibly be the hardest rule to follow.   – NZME

FURNITURE Bowen 2.5 seater plus a short chaise




Stressless consul chair


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Andrew Martin Cushions



Seddon chair


Fir sideboard






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Ana Corner Suite




FREE IN-HOME CONSULTANCY * conditions apply


Relax in the comfort of your home. Our furniture specialist will demonstrate furnishings in your home and find the best option for your home. Call our furnishing consultants today for an in-home demonstration.



Burnett Street, Ashburton | 03 308 5269 | www.redmonds.co.nz Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm; Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

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Things we love

COUNTRY BY DESIGN Voyage cushion $185

COUNTRY BY DESIGN Green Le Monde Jug $75 Tea cups CC interiors (S/4) $33.50 Wine glasses CC interiors (S/4) $46 Plate Le Monde $35 Green pearls CC interiors $80

JOE JANDALS BONBON unicorn fluff body wash and shave mousse $29.95

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JOE JANDALS Floral skull painting on canvas block $395

ONE OFF OLD STUFF Vintage diamante earrings $24.97 Vintage diamante necklace $34.97

Country by Design 140 Forest Drive, Methven Phone 302-8062 Hours Mon-Fri 10am-4pm


Located at Ashford Village Open Wed-Sun see facebook for hours New stock weekly

ONE OFF OLD STUFF Retro Mesh Bag $34.97

ONE OFF OLD STUFF 50’s Aurora Borealis three strand necklace $59.97

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Fashion we love

SPARROWS Staple + Cloth Stella Dress $299

SPARROWS Ricochet Anna Dress $279

ALPACA CENTRE Merino Wool & Possum Fur Poncho $170

ALPACA CENTRE Merino Wool & Possum Fur Jersey $350 SPARROWS Staple + Cloth Duster Cardi $259 Staple + Cloth Cloud Jumpsuit $275

ALPACA CENTRE 100% Alpaca Wool Jersey $172

STYLE FOOTWEAR Diego Iridescent by Ziera $199.95

STYLE FOOTWEAR Umbria Red Ombre by Ziera $149.95

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Geraldine Alpaca Centre 76d Talbot Street, Geraldine website | Facebook


East Street, Ashburton www.sparrows.co.nz

Style Footwear

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton facebook.com/stylefootwearashburton www.stylefootwear.co.nz

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Rolleston – the youngest oldest town New Zealand’s ‘youngest old town’ is all grown up and discovering its place as one of Canterbury’s most sought-after destinations.

It doesn’t seem that long ago there was a sign situated on SH1 near the entrance to Rolleston, which read ‘Town of the Future’. In the space of a few years, major construction and development – amidst the destructive Canterbury earthquakes - has boomed with an ever-growing population to match. The future is now. Rolleston is the place to be. Yet, although its growth has been swift

and dramatic, it still remains a close-knit supportive community with many realising the benefits of living and working in Selwyn District’s largest town. Last year the satellite town, situated 22 kilometres south-west of Christchurch, recorded a population of 13,100, a stark rise since it reported 3,822 at the 2006 census. This makes Rolleston the 30th largest urban area in New Zealand and locals and visitors alike can’t get enough of the place. For those wanting to make the town their home, the property and building market is booming. Resource consents for nearly 1000 new sections were issued in 2016 in special housing areas being developed under the Selwyn Housing accord. Development is now under way on the

initial stages of the South Faringdon subdivision and 743 residential section resource consents have been issued for the Geddes/Dryden Trust special housing area. Ten per cent of all homes within these areas will be affordable housing, providing different options for homebuyers. This means that if you’re a small family, an older couple, or young professionals, the smaller, more compact housing options could be just the ticket. The new housing areas will also have access to new facilities, such as Rolleston’s largest new sports park, Foster Park, and the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, nearby. Two new schools also opened this year in the area – Rolleston College and Lemonwood Grove School. To help with infrastructure, developers Southern Woods

MidlandPort (Lyttelton Inland Port)

Cafe Izone Council Headquarters Izone Southern Business Hub Rolleston School

Rolleston Community Centre and Library

Viva la moda


Retail Rolleston Reserve

Helloworld Pure Style Home & Garden

New World Rolleston Haircuts

Foster Dog Park

Rolleston College

Clearview School

West Rolleston School

Selwyn Aquatic Centre

Brookside Park

Foster Park

Rolleston Christian School

New Order Pines Resource Recovery Park

Pedal Pusher

Lemonwood Grove School

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are constructing internal roads in the new housing areas as each stage occurs. Developers will also upgrade existing rural road frontages to urban standards in areas adjoining the housing areas. As more and more businesses see the value of moving into the township, the Rolleston Industrial Zone also continues to grow. Home to the Izone Southern Business Hub, one of New Zealand’s largest business parks, the venture covers an expansive 188 hectares of land. More than 60 well-known innovative businesses are already based in the area includeing Drummond and Etheridge, Westland Milk, Speciality Seeds, Pegasus Engineering and PGG Wrightson Seeds. Two inland ports, MidlandPort and Metroport have also recently been established within this area. To highlight this incredible development the Selwyn council estimates traffic volumes in the Rolleston industrial zone have increased by more than 200 per cent over the past 10 years. But, even though growth continues, getting around is going to get even easier as long-term construction work on the Christchurch Southern Motorway extension started in November 2016. The extension, which begins just north of Rolleston, will provide an improved connection between Selwyn, Christchurch city and Lyttelton Port and help

manage commuter traffic from Rolleston and vehicles travelling along State Highway 1. So, once you’ve settled on a modern, new townhouse to live in, looked at opportunities to expand your business and where to send the kids to school, now you need to explore the endless lifestyle options. The Rolleston Community Centre, which also houses the local library, is a community focused multi-purpose venue that hosts a wide range of recreational programmes, and can also be hired for weddings, community meetings and indoor sporting events. Rolleston also has some of the best restaurants around, offering a multi-cultural extravaganza to suit all palates and styles of cuisine. TripAdvisor recommends the Indian restaurant, Coriander’s, the speedy service at Robert Harris Café, Café Izone, Thai Terrace, Rolly Thai and the ever-popular The Pedal Pusher, which offers live band performances. One of the newest culinary ventures is The Silver Dollar Bar & Restaurant, which took two years to construct and comes with a funky cowboy theme. For all your day-to-day amenities and services, you will be treated to two supermarkets, two medical centres, three community pharmacies, two dental surgeries, churches, cultural groups,

A great place to escape the race...


Booking recommended

9am - 10.30pm

For a unique dining experience focused on fabulous food and great customer service head to Café Izone Stonegrill and Restaurant and Café.

veterinary services and an aquatic centre the town is proud of. And it’s a town that just keeps getting better. During October 2016, locals celebrated Rolleston’s 150th anniversary with a grand street parade allowing everyone to marvel at just how far they had come. The township was named in memory of William Rolleston (1831-1903) who led a debate over mail routes, railway gauges and the location of junctions and stations and is credited with bringing the railway to the area. Often described as “New Zealand’s Youngest Old Town” it was Prime Minister Norman Kirk who unveiled his vision for Rolleston in November 1973. A vast 4040 hectares of land was purchased and plans were put in place to develop a satellite city of 80,000, which has resulted in the impressive town we know and love today. This accelerated growth has only increased in recent years with the development of the Izone Industrial area and Christchurch’s post-quake movement to the city’s quieter neighbouring settlements. Many years of forward planning and vision have gone into developing Rolleston into the bustling community it is now. The town of the future is here, and the future sure looks bright. Advertising feature

Café & Stonegrill all day Bakery opens at 7am Al a carte from 5pm

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Phone: 03 347 4960 | bookings@cafeizone.co.nz

15 Radius Loop, Izone Business Hub, Rolleston

Opening hours: 9am til late 55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston | Ph 03 260 0866 Website: www.thepedalpusher.co.nz


Say hello to the world with helloworld Rolleston. We are your cruise gurus and local travel experts. So you thought cruising was just for a mature audience…oh how wrong you could be! Having just returned from a wonderful 7 night cruise out of Sydney, the opportunities to experience cruising at its finest is there for the taking. Remarkably cheap when you consider all main meals, accommodation and entertainment is included. The activities available during the day simply can’t all be done, which range from climbing rock walls, virtual surfing, movie theatres, Tango dancing lessons, quiz nights, Karaoke or just soaking up the sun at one of the outdoor pool bars.

Whether it’s cruising or beyond, helloworld Rolleston have got all your travel needs covered. We are locally owned and bonded by TAANZ. Bring your Fly Buys Card as you can collect and spend points with helloworld - the only Travel Agency under the Fly Buys programme. Contact us today and let us help you plan your next holiday.

Add to this the shore excursions and you have a magical cruise experience for the whole family with the balance of a variety of land destinations... the right mix at the right price.

helloworld Rolleston 03 974 2010

Shop 18, 72 Rolleston Drive rolleston@helloworld.co.nz

Making your house a home Since Pure Style Home & Garden started almost two years ago they have completed over 200 projects in the Rolleston and surrounding areas. Their clients give excellent feedback and they have a 98 per cent authenticated approval rating on NoCowboys and a 4.8 star rating on Facebook. They love what they do and they do it well! Kayne and Vickie Sheath, co-owners of Pure Style Home & Garden, have both been involved in joinery and construction for most of their working lives. They can offer you a team approach to your next project. Vickie looks after office administration and management duties and is able to offer a design consultation service from over 10 years experience specialising in

designing and project managing kitchen renovations. Kayne has over 20 years’ experience in designing, constructing and installing interior joinery and outdoor timber structures. He is a trade certified joiner with a craftsman’s eye for detail. He works on-site alongside our team and sub-contractors to effectively manage all their

“ “

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projects and communicates directly with all of their clients. They take pride in their work and stand behind their products and services. They are covered by comprehensive liability insurance and all of their work is fully guaranteed (as per their terms of trade). Advertising feature

Vickie and Kayne at Pure Style are fabulous. They promptly visited our house and put together a quote and were on site within three days of the job being confirmed. The communication was excellent throughout the whole process. Most importantly, the quality of the workmanship was excellent. I’d happily use Pure Style again and recommend highly! Thanks guys. - Kate Kennedy / Rolleston Kayne and his team were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Excellent service and very hardworking. Certainly would use them again. - Rob Kimber / Rolleston

Get it right the first time with a qualified and experienced design team. What we do outside • Full landscapes • Fences, decks, pergolas and retaining walls • Concrete, paths and paving • Earthworks, lawns and irrigation

We can offer the discerning home owner • Qualified and experienced professionals • Intuitive skilled problem solvers • Proven credibility with excellent client testimonials and authenticated ratings

Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote Phone 03 347 3324 Mobile 027 296 2714 Email info@purestyle.co.nz


What we do inside • Kitchens and bathroom renovations • Interior joinery and alterations • Project management for renovations

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Customer service the key to their success

New World Rolleston has been proudly serving the community now for 16 and a half years. Opening in December 2000 and with a major extension in 2005, the store has built up a great reputation for customer service. Owners Roy and Lynne Bridgman have been there since the start and believe a strong customer service culture is the key to their success. “Customer service is at the heart of what we do, it is embedded in every staff member,” states Roy Bridgman. When shopping at the store you will always find Lynne and Roy on the shop floor. “We like to lead by example, and there is no better way to do that than by being face-to-face with our customers.”

Proof of this success has been seen with the store recently being rated as having the best customer satisfaction in New Worlds across New Zealand in December 2016. “This is an achievement we are very

proud of as it means as a team we are looking after our customers’ needs the best we can,” states Roy. For a great full service shopping experience pop in for a visit any time. Advertising feature

Proudly part of the community

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One-stop Loving gardening Rolleston With extensive development continuing throughout Rolleston and its surrounding suburbs, Southern Woods Nursery and Garden Centre has been growing to meet demand. A new nursery site is under development, with a purpose-built garden centre opening later in 2017. Winter is a particularly busy season for specimen and fruit tree planting across the region, with many customers planning their spring plantings as well.

“Demand for hardy plants has been high, many customers are looking to tailor their plantings to suit Rolleston conditions,” says marketing manager Rico Mannall. With 30 years’ experience and nearly 40 staff, the nursery is your one-stop planting destination. Open 7 days on the corner of SH1 and Robinsons Road. Order online or call 0800 800-352. Advertising feature

Rolleston Haircuts owners Greg and Kitti Scott moved to Rolleston in 2011 for its great primary schools and solid ground. They found Rolleston to be a welcoming community. Kitti, a hairdresser of 17 plus years’ experience in Europe and New Zealand with business and accounting qualifications, and Greg with 20 years of business and management experience, took the opportunity to provide a much needed service to the people of Rolleston and wider Selwyn community. Rolleston Haircuts provides

a convenient, no-appointment service for men, women and children. Offering a quality service at reasonable prices, delivered in a warm, friendly atmosphere mirroring that of the Rolleston community itself. After two years of operation, Greg and Kitti would like to thank all of their wonderful customers and staff for their support and they look forward to continuing to support the community of Rolleston and surrounding areas for many more years to come. Advertising feature

Proudly part of the Rolleston community Your local plant specialists - Native revegetation & Landscaping - Ornamental & Specimen plants - Firewood & Shelter trees - Order fruit trees now for winter supply - New 2017 catalogue out now. Corner SH1 & Robinsons Road, Christchurch

Phone 0800 800 352


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Fabulous Perfect fashions outfit Viva La Moda is an exciting and vibrant fashion store located in Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Viva La Moda has recently celebrated its fifth birthday so has a well established reputation for providing an extensive range of fabulous fashion labels as well as footwear, jewellery, handbags, fascinators and other accessories. The spacious store is a one stop shop for fashionable ladies of all ages and caters for sizes 8-16 predominantly, with an expanding range of plus size clothing with the recent

introduction of the popular Stella Royal label. We pride ourselves on offering friendly, honest and knowledgeable advice. Kim and her experienced team (Andrea, Kylie and Debbie) share a genuine love of all things fashion and this reflects in their enthusiasm to show off all of the latest arrivals! The colourful store stocks all of the currently most popular labels such as Augustine, Charlo, Ketz-Ke, Elm, Ivyblu, Silent Theory and White Chalk as well as many more. Advertising feature


New Order in Faringdon, Rolleston offers amazing customer service in a friendly and relaxed environment. This modern, light and spacious store is full of fabulous clothes and accessories to cater to women of all ages. Owner Nikki offers a great variety of styles and has many years of retail experience to help you find the best look for you. New Order stocks a fantastic range of contemporary, classic and casual clothing, including some of your favourite labels like Home-Lee, Seeking Lola, Tuesday, Dricoper Denium,

Eva’s Sunday and Elwood. As well as clothing, shoes and accessories New Order also has a casual menswear section including brands like Elwood, Super Dry, No Excess and Levi’s. Looking for ‘Status Anxiety’ wallets and bags? Look no further, they have those too. Advertising feature

New Order Clothing & Accessories 55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston 03 347 0778 | 021 030 5157 info@neworder.co.nz www.neworderco.nz


W W W. C O R I A N D E R S . C O . N Z







Fully Licensed Delivery Available 222 St Asaph Street City Centre

BYO + Fully Licensed Delivery Available 76 Edgeware Road

Fully Licensed Bush Inn Centre Riccarton Road

BYO + Fully Licensed Rolleston Drive Rolleston Square

Fully Licensed Conical Hill Road Hanmer Springs

P. 03 365 5557

P. 03 366 7223

P. 03 347 2315

P. 03 315 7616

P. 03 420 0019

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The school holidays, enjoy them MAD MAMA with DESME DANIELS

Well, the holidays are fast approaching, as is Christmas, shhh who said that? Anyway, back to school holidays, what to do with the rug rats over the break, preferably something that won’t cost an arm and a leg. By the time the end of term comes around usually my kids are grumpy, exhausted and in need of a few duvet days. Once these are done and dusted, then the cabin fever sets in and it’s time to get out of the house and wear them out! I usually try and organise a few “big” trips interspersed with home days, where we can potter in the kitchen baking or do fun things like tidy out their wardrobes of all the clothes they insist they still fit into, or, despite of the fact there are no knees in the leggings, “but mum, don’t throw them out, they are my favourite”. During the summer months we tend to be out and about so much, it’s quite nice to be forced indoors by bad weather and catch up on the endless list of movies we meant to watch, but never did, or the new season of something that we never, ever got around to seeing. I’m usually three seasons behind in Game of Thrones, and have yet to see Broadchurch or Pretty Little Liars or something else everyone is talking about, that is new to Netflix, Lightbox or some techno gobbledegook mumbo jumbo us techotards don’t know about. Can I get it on VHS yet or is it still on Betamax ... was it Betamax? I’m regressing a few decades now! Anyway, what’s new that we should be trying out in the holidays? While I like to support local, after a few years you kind of end up having done most things and then end up looking further afield. But saying that, a trip to Methven, for a kick about and play at the park behind the medical centre, followed by a hot choc and hot chips is a nice trip on a budget. Sometimes you forget what’s on your doorstep and the lights at this time of year do make Methven seem pretty magical. For a Christchurch day trip, my kids love

Bouncy time at Mega Air.

the museum. You can spend ages there, even better if they have a treasure hunt on as they did over Easter, which gives the kids something to do. Then a picnic in the beautiful botanical gardens, take the rugby ball or frisbee and wear them out and then into the tropical planthouse and cactus display. Catching up with friends is something great to do over the holidays, especially if you’ve managed to see your friends but not their kids. Mine recently pulled me aside and said “and when do we get to see Ella and Josh”. It was a good point. I’d had a few grownup play dates with the parents, but the kids were missing out! So, fingers and cold toes crossed that the weather behaves a little bit as we head into July, and whatever you plan to do in the school holidays – you don’t need to break the bank to have fun. Kids just want the attention from us grown-ups and, yes, that includes putting our mobile phones on silent and leaving them in your handbag. We went to Mega Air in Christchurch

last weekend and I decided to not get my phone out and watch the kids instead. They must have looked at me every five minutes for the wave and the smile and thumbs up when they did an awesome flip – every second of which I would have missed if my head was focused on my phone. When I looked around, 80 per cent of parents were doing that exact thing – engaged with the phone and disengaged from their kids. Someone once said to me, always make time for a hug with your kids, never be too busy. So many times I go to rush out of the kids’ rooms on a night or morning and I remember, I’ve not hugged them, so I turn around, give them a hug and tell them I love them. Whether they be six years old or 18, they still need to know they’re loved – well sometimes, usually I’m more inclined to throttle them, but that’s on day 12 of the holidays and I’m praying for them to go back to school and get out from under my feet and stop messing my house up and eating all my God damn food!

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Daltons Premium Rose pack

Roses provide lush flowers, delicious scents and add charm to any garden. June and July are the best months to plant, relocate and prune roses (once dormant). When choosing the perfect plant for your garden or pots, choose from; Old Fashioned, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Shrub or Climber varieties. We have 1 Daltons Premium Rose packs to give away which includes everything you will need to plant and grow healthy roses. Each pack is valued at $80 and includes 2 x Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost (40l), 1 x Daltons Premium Rose Fertiliser (1.5kg) and 2 x Daltons Premium Flower Bed Mix (40l), including a pair of comfortable Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products www.omniproducts.co.nz.

Be in to win

Patience with limes Anne Reid is this month’s winner with the following question:

Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Premium Rose pack in the subject heading, or

I have a lime tree with healthy looking foliage which produces flowers but they don’t develop into fruit. What do you suggest I need to do? It is not unusual for limes to take a number of years after planting to commence regular fruiting, sometimes even five to six years! In the initial years, it is common for young lime trees to flower and form small fruit that drops before gaining any size. There is no major fix for this problem, however regular care of your tree will be beneficial in developing a strong sturdy tree. This includes watering in dry summer months, fertilising in spring, early summer and autumn, and mulching with compost. You will be well rewarded in future years as once your tree is fruiting, it will provide bucket loads of limes on a yearly basis. Other products to try: Daltons Premium Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertiliser. For more information check out our How to Grow Citrus Trees Guide at www.daltons.co.nz/home-gardening/how-to-guides.

write to Daltons Premium Rose prize pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton.


You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by July 3.

For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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Get your gumboots out While June can be a wet, cold and miserable month, there are still many important tasks to be carried out in the garden, such as harvesting winter vegetables, completing annual pruning, planting new fruit trees and watching newly planted strawberries break into growth. Winter vegetables should now start maturing and will be ready for harvesting (if they aren’t already). Results will be that much more improved where vegetable gardens have been raised to avoid waterlogging over the wet winter months. Continue distributing compost around vegetables to help absorb excess water from typical winter downfalls. Vegetables to harvest include broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, leeks, lettuce, parsnips, silverbeet and spinach. Continue sowing seeds of broad beans, onions, peas, radish and spinach directly into well prepared and drained soil. Old crowns of rhubarbs can be divided and replanted into permanent positions around 600mm apart. Rhubarb thrives in rich soil so add plenty of Daltons Compost when planting Winter displays of annuals should now be in full bloom, including alyssum, calendulas, lobelia, nemesias, pansies, poppies, primulas, snapdragons, stock and sweet peas. All these flowering annuals can also be successfully grown in containers or large tubs and brings life to dull parts of

the garden or decks during winter months. The best selection of deciduous fruit trees are now available in garden centres and it is a good time to start planting. June is the main month for pruning your existing deciduous fruit trees such as; apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums. With young trees, it’s important to develop a strong structure that will carry fruiting wood in successive years. Older trees may require more detailed pruning, especially if they have been neglected for a few years. This involves pruning out old wood that is no longer providing fruit and removing overlapping laterals or branches and any diseased wood. You can also prune raspberries, boysenberries, loganberries and gooseberries now. In very general terms, remove all old growth, selecting vigorous growing wood. With climbing berry plants, select the strongest canes and tie them to a supporting framework. In June and July, garden centres are overflowing with new season ornamental trees and shrubs. Preparation of planting sites is critical at this time of the year. Avoid overcrowding in your shrubberies or planting specimen trees too close together as plants often grow considerably larger than what is indicated on the plant label. Think about ways you can use your new trees in the garden, for example to provide shelter.

Shelter belts can radically change how you can use parts of your garden, removing or at least reducing cold winds. It is possible to create a functional and edible hedge using feijoas, guavas and bay trees. In most parts of New Zealand, the rose flowering season is finished. If leaf drop is complete, plants can now be pruned. Remove all dead wood and inward growing branches. Prune to outward facing buds and remove any wood that is narrower than pencil thick. If any plants have significant die back, remove it and burn. Apply a clean up spray of copper oxychloride after pruning. With climbing roses, train the main leaders on a horizontal axis as this promotes maximum flowering. New season’s roses are now available at garden centres. When you purchase your rose, it may be bare-rooted or potted. Bare-rooted plants are generally cheaper and will need to be planted as soon as possible. With potted varieties, be careful not to disturb the root system when you plant them. Roses can grow in a variety of soils as long as they have good drainage, so add in plenty of Daltons Compost. Give your rose a generous watering to help the roots settle in and put a generous layer (about 5cm deep) of Daltons Mulch & Grow around the base of the plant. Visit Daltons on Facebook (Daltons Ltd) or for more gardening advice visit: www.daltons.co.nz/home-gardening.

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Ashburton Kindergartens

Ashburton Pre-Schools’ Directory

At the heart of our approach is that children learn most successfully through their play.

Ashburton Kindergartens are a group of not for profit professional kindergartens, spread throughout the Ashburton community that provides quality education for 2 to 5-year-olds. We provide a high quality programme which is taught by professional teachers, who are all qualified and involved in ongoing professional development that leads the way in early childhood education. We base our programme on the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki, which is an inclusive approach to your child’s development. Your child will benefit from a wealth of experience and play resources whilst in a safe and secure, clean and comfortable environment.

Education for children

Where they are:

• Encouraged to solve problems and make choices that have meaningful outcomes for themselves. • Have time, resources and space necessary for them to discover and extend their play, and the play of others. • Are supported to become responsible for themselves and their belongings. • Are encouraged and supported to learn from each other. • Where their interests, skills and knowledge are at the forefront of extending individual programme plans.

Limited Spaces

03 308 3779

174-176 Chalmers Ave, Ashburton 03 308 0380 info@ashburtonmontessori.co.nz

We are open 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

ABC Allenton


Phone (03) 308 8461 27 Walnut Ave, Ashburton

That’s six hours a day, five days a week


At kindergarten we view all children/ tamariki as competent, capable learners.

2 - 5 year olds



122-124 Harrison Street, Allenton abc.allenton@best-start.org Phone: 307 7407 | www.best-start.org

• Where literacy, mathematics, science and technology are weaved throughout the programme. • Where they learn strategies and solutions to work with and alongside others to support life-long learning. We have five kindergartens located around the district: Allenton, Tinwald/Aubrey Mason, Hampstead, Thomas Street and Netherby/Merle Leask. For more information please check out our website www.ashburtonkindergartens.org.nz Advertising feature

• High Quality Teaching Staff • We provide healthy and nutritious meals in conjunction with the Healthy Heart Foundation • Four purpose designed rooms to provide age appropriate learning activities • Specially designed school readiness programme 80-82 Peters Street, Ashburton Phone 308 1379 ashburton@jigsawpreschools.co.nz www.jigsawpreschool.co.nz

Opening hours 7.30am - 5.30pm

TAKING ENROLMENTS NOW FOR 2017 23-25 Main South Rd, Tinwald, Ashburton, Phone 03 308 2959 Email admin.childsplay@eeg.co.nz

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YOUR FOOD GUIDE Railway Tavern A friendly, locally-owned pub, it has been owned by Craig and Helena Dunlea for three years. You can’t miss the Railway Tavern with its turquoise blue exterior, situated over the railway line on Railway Terrace West. As soon as you walk through the doors into the spacious open-plan bar area, the relaxed family friendly atmosphere welcomes you. With a wonderful weekday menu consisting of super tasty pub grub, you can enjoy nachos or a delicious burger for a great weeknight meal when you don’t feel like cooking. A restaurant area, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, boasts a separate bistro menu showcasing some good old favourites, like steak or schnitzel, finished off with a selection of delicious desserts. Craig and Helena have ensured there is a great kids’ menu available and have an array of toys and colouring-in books to keep the kids busy while Mum and Dad relax and enjoy their time. The main bar area has two pool tables, large screen TV for all the avid sports fans and an outdoor garden area.


RAILWAY TAVERN The Railway Tavern has charm. It’s not often you come across a family run pub with such a relaxing atmosphere, providing traditional pub fare. There are pool tables and gaming machines and a beautiful garden bar to relax.


Mon 3pm - Close Tues – Sat 11am – Close Sun 3.30pm – 9.30pm

124 Railway Terrace West Rakaia Phone 03 302 7005


MIYABI JAPANESE RESTAURANT The only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties. Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080 Follow us on Facebook


Conveniently located on the main road of Dunsandel is the newly refurbished Dunsandel Café and Bar. Cafe by day, restaurant by night, there is something for everyone from 8.30am until late. Whether it’s coffee and cake or a hearty country meal, you won’t be disappointed. With a family friendly atmosphere we look forward to seeing you soon. Bookings are recommended.

Fun at The Lake House at Lake Hood. Enjoy a coffee and cake, a cool beverage on the deck with one of our platters or stay and enjoy a full dining experience over lunch or dinner. You can even pull up to our dock on your boat from the lake and enjoy our hospitality. Excellent kids’ menu. Open 7 days.

Chefs are brought here from popular restaurants in Thailand. Charming Thai restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years.


Monday closed

Open daily from 8.30am Main South Road, Dunsandel Phone 03 325 4007 facebook.com/ DunsandelCountryCafeandBar

Lake Hood Drive, Lake Hood Phone 302 6064 or book online at www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz

Mon - Fri 10am - til late Sat - Sun 9am - til late

Lunch Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm

148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885 Follow us on Facebook

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Mount Hutt College Ball The recent Mount Hutt College Ball delivered a glamorous night of beauty, sparkles and the necessary red carpet. Here are more photos taken by the Guardian’s Desme Daniels.

Above – Tiaki Davis and Kate Brady.

Above (from left) – Lewis Penrose, Emma Fairweather and Joe Todd.

Above – Dylan Talbot and Olivia Bryning. Below (from left) – Pattie Ree, Josh Ree, Hannah McDougall and Jason Ree. Above (from left) – Akiko, Alisa and Anna Ikenaga.

Above – Kate O’Reilly and Blake Stockdill.

Jamee Te Moananui and Daniel Jones.


got got gotaaa or or oraaa Need Need toto fix fix it it quickly quickly Need to fix it quickly and and effectively! effectively! and effectively! Call Call Owen Owen or Wayne or Wayne at at at Call Owen or Wayne

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7 7DAYS, 242424 hours hours SERVICE SERVICE 7DAYS, DAYS, hours SERVICE WeWeare arehere here forforyour your emergency emergency We are here for your emergency Your Your premises premises ororours ours Your premises or ours

152 152 Wills Wills Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton 152 Wills Street, Ashburton ILSON’S ILSON’S ILSON’S Phone Phone 03 03308 308 8485 8485 Phone 03 308 8485 INDSCREENS INDSCREENS INDSCREENS Mobile 0274 0274 345 345 636 636 Mobile 0274 345 636 AND AND PANEL PANEL REPAIRS REPAIRS AND PANEL REPAIRS Mobile

Bulk Buy & Save!

6 Pack 17.40 12 Pack $ 33.60 18 Pack $ 48.60 $

Cold pies only

Take Home Pie Packs SAupVE Mix & Match to From our great selection! $ .60 6 Bulk Buy not available SAupVtoE with Venison or Chicken $14.4 6

SAupVE to


Phone 03 308 5774 123 Main South Road - Ashburton -

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Above – Libby Mason and Harry Fielding.

Above – Ben Mackenzie and Trinity Daniels.

Above – Jessie Jacobs and Hugh Sandlant.

Above (from left) – Travis Howden, Liam Taylor, Jackson Jones and Liviu Cojocaru. Left (from left) – Jordan Francis, Pam and Georgia Blackwell.

Above – Alex Blake and Lara Alves.

MMB Makeup Artistry NZ

Weddings | Special occasions Commercial | Tutorials

Call 0800 110 848 deb@mmbmakeupartistry.co.nz Mmb_makeupartistry

Locally owned and opearted for over 140 years CHRISTCHURCH 305 Cashel St, Ph 03 379 4750

DUNEDIN 46 Timaru St, Ph 03 466 3600


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